Translation of the relics of St Clement

Translation of relics of St Clement



            This fresco gives an eleventh-century impression of the transfer from St Peter’s Basilica to San Clemente in 868 of the body of St Clement which SS Cyril and Methodius had brought with them from the Crimea.

The two brothers, with the Pope between them, are accompanying the body, but the artist has erred in giving the Pope’s name as Nicholas, for it was Pope Adrian II who received the missionaries.

This fresco, too, is the gift of the Rapiza family: I, Maria Macellaria, for the reverence of God and the salvation of my soul, had this painted.

The fresco is being restored by the Central Institute of Restoration in collaboration with the Irish Dominican Fathers, and the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali.