Procedures and rules

procedures and rules


Modalities, procedures and rules for visits to the

Basilica S.Clemente and the excvations


On the day of the visit you must observe with extreme precision the time on the booking email (for example: those who have booked for 10.00 am may enter no earlier than 10.00 a.m. and no later than 10.00).

To enter the Cloister, Basilica and the excavations it is obligatory to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth. The mask be worn for the entire duration of the visit.

Each visitor will be subject to a body temperature check using suitable thermometric instruments. The control is mandatory.

Access will be denied to all those with a bod tempreture of 37,5° or more.

Within the complexe monumentali t will be necessary to maintain an interpersonal distance of over 1 metre and to avoid gatherings. Visitors are reminded to observe carefully the health rules, intended to guarantee the health and safety of all and set out at the end of this document. It is the duty of every visitor to read these rules carefully before the visit, and hten to observe them for the duration of their stay in the complex monumenatl.

In addiction:

- Due due to insurmountable architectural barriers, the excavations cannot be visited in a wheelchair

- Photography and filming is not allowed in the church and in the excavations. Staff may expel offenders.

- it is forbidden to bring in bulky objects (luggage, musical instruments …)

- smoking is prohibited

-it is forbidden to bring in food and/or drinks

At the time of booking the isit it is understood that all people who have access to the Basilica S.Clemente and who received the booking email will have rea, understood and fully accepted all these rule, without excaption.

Every violation will be brought tto the ttention of the competent Athorities. Those who do not follow the rules may be required to leave the site.


Tour of the excavations will be possible for groups made up of a maximum od 15 people (plus guide).

It will be the responsability of the guide to ensure that the interpersonal distance is maintaned between the members of the group , and of all other rules and regulations in force. 

Opening hours and price of ticket on page “information/excavations