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It stays all thebleedings of wounds, if either the green herb be bruised, or the powderof the dry be applied thereto it hath been accounted, and certainly itis, a sovereign herb to heal either wound or sore, either outwardly orinwardly, and therefore always used in drinks, lotions, balms, oils, ointments, or any other sorts of green wounds, ulcers, or old sores, inall which the continual experience of former ages hath confirmed theuse thereof to be admirably good, though it be not so much in use now, as when physicians and surgeons were so wise as to use herbs more thannow they do garden valerian descript this hath a thick short greyish root, lying for the mostwriting above ground, shooting forth on all other sides such like smallpieces of roots, which have all of them thesis long green strings andfibres under them in the ground, whereby it draws nourishment fromthe head of these roots spring up thesis green leaves, which at firstare essaywhat broad and long, without any divisions at all in them, ordenting on the edges. But those that rise up after are more and moredivided on each side, essay to the middle rib, being winged, as made ofthesis leaves together on a stalk, and those upon a stalk, in like mannermore divided, but smaller towards the top than below. The stalk risesto be a yard high or more, essaytimes branched at the top, with thesissmall whitish flowers, essaytimes dashed over at the edges with a palepurplish colour, of a little scent, which passing away, there followssmall brownish white seed, that is easily carried away with the wind the root smells more strong than either leaf or flower, and is of moreuse in medicines place it is generally kept with us in gardens time it flowers in june and july, and continues flowering until thefrost pull it down government and virtues this is under the influence of mercury dioscorides saith, that the garden valerian hath a warming faculty, and that being dried and given to drink it provokes urine, and helpsthe stranguary the decoction thereof taken, doth the like also, andtakes away pains of the sides, provokes women courses, and is usedin antidotes pliny saith, that the powder of the root given in drink, or the decoction thereof taken, helps all stoppings and stranglingsin any writing of the body, whether they proceed of pains in the chestor sides, and takes them away the root of valerian boiled withliquorice, raisins, and anniseed, is singularly good for those that areshort-winded, and for those that are troubled with the cough, and helpsto open the passages, and to expectorate phlegm easily it is given tothose that are bitten or stung by any venomous creature, being boiledin wine it is of a special virtue against the plague, the decoctionthereof being drank, and the root being used to smell to it helpsto expel the wind in the belly the green herb with the root takenfresh, being bruised and applied to the head, takes away the pains andprickings there, stays rheum and thin distillation, and being boiledin white wine, and a drop thereof put into the eyes, takes away thedimness of the sight, or any pin or web therein it is of excellentproperty to heal any inward sores or wounds, and also for outward hurtsor wounds, and drawing away splinters or thorns out of the flesh vervain descript the common vervain hath essaywhat long broad leaves nextthe ground deeply gashed about the edges, and essay only deeply dented, or cut all alike, of a blackish green colour on the upper side, essaywhat grey underneath the stalk is square, branched into severalwritings, rising about two feet high, especially if you reckon the longspike of flowers at the tops of them, which are set on all sides oneabove another, and essaytimes two or three together, being small andgaping, of a blue colour and white intermixed, after which come smallround seed, in small and essaywhat long heads the root is small andlong place it grows generally throughout this land in divers places ofthe hedges and way-sides, and other waste grounds time it flowers in july, and the seed is ripe soon after government and virtues this is an herb of venus, and excellentfor the womb to strengthen and remedy all the cold griefs of it, asplantain doth the hot vervain is hot and dry, opening obstructions, cleansing and healing it helps the yellow jaundice, the dropsy and thegout. It kills and expels worms in the belly, and causes a good colourin the face and body, strengthens as well as corrects the diseasesof the stomach, liver, and spleen.

It succours the liver and spleen, and helps want of digestion and evil disposition of the body thencearising. It hastens travail in women with child, and is excellentagainst the bitings of venomous beasts distil sage whilst the flowers be on it, the water strengthens thebrain, provokes the menses, helps nature much in all its actions marjoram is in its prime in june, distilled water is excellent forsuch whose brains are too cold, it provokes urine, heats the womb, provokes the menses, strengthens the memory and helps the judgment, causes an able brain distil camomel water about the beginning of june it eases thecholick and pains in the belly. It breaks the stone in the reins andbladder, provokes the menses, expels the dead child, and takes awaypains in the head fennel water strengthens the heart and brain. Dilates the breast, thecough, provokes the menses, encreases milk in nurses, and if you washyour eyes with it, it clears the sight the hooves of the fore feet of a cow dried and taken any away, encrease milk in nurses, the smoke of them drives away mice mizaldus calaminth water heats and cleanses the womb, provokes the menses, andeases the pains of the head, distil it in may the distilled water of rosemary flowers, helps such as are troubledwith the yellow jaundice, asthmas, it cleanses the blood, helpsconcoction, strengthens the brain and body exceedingly water of the flowers of lilies of the valley, strengthens the brainand all the senses the water of cowslip flowers helps the palsey. Takes away pains inthe head, the vertigo and megrim, and is exceeding good for pregnantwomen the eyes being washed every morning with eyebright water, moststrangely clears and strengthens the sight maidenhair distilled in may, the water cleanses both liver and lungs, clarifies the blood, and breaks the stone hyssop water cleanses the lungs of flegm, helps coughs and asthmas, distil it in august the water of hore-hound, helps the cough and straitness of thebreast. It strengthens the breast, lungs and stomach, and liver, distilit in june carduus water succours the head, strengthens the memory, helps suchas are troubled with vertigoes and quartan agues, it provokes sweat, strengthens the heart, and all other fevers of choler it is in itsprime in may and june scabious water helps pleurises and pains, and pricking in the sides;aposthumes, coughs, pestilences, and straitness of the breast water of flower-de-luce is very profitable in dropsies, an ouncebeing drank continually every morning and evening. As also pains andtorments in the bowels bawm water distilled in may, restores memory, it quickens all thesenses, strengthens the brain, heart, and stomach, causes a merry mindand a sweet breath the water of comfrey solders broken bones, being drank, helpsruptures, outwardly it stops the bleeding of wounds, they being washedwith it wormwood water distilled cold, about the end of may, heats andstrengthens the stomach, helps concoction, stays vomiting, kills wormsin the stomach and bowels, it mitigates the pains in the teeth, and isprofitably given in fevers of choler mint water strengthens the stomach, helps concoction and staysvomiting, distil it in the latter end of may, or beginning of june, asthe year is in forwardness or backwardness, observe that in all therest chervil water distilled about the end of may, helps ruptures, breaksthe stone, dissolves congealed blood, strengthens the heart and stomach the water of mother of time strengthens the brain and stomach, gets aman a good stomach to his victuals, provoke urine and the menses, heatsthe womb it is in its prime about the end of june the water of marigold flowers is appropriated to most cold diseasesof the head, eyes, and stomach. They are in their vigour when the sunis in the lion the distilled water of centaury comforts a cold stomach, helps infever of choler, it kills worms, and provokes appetite maudlin and costmary water distilled in may or june, strengthens theliver, helps the yellow jaundice, opens obstructions, and helps thedropsy water-cresses distilled in march, the water cleanses the blood, andprovokes urine exceedingly, kills worms, outwardly mixed with honey, itclears the skin of morphew and sunburning distil nettles when they are in flower, the water helps coughs andpains in the bowels, provokes urine, and breaks the stone saxifrage water provokes urine, expels wind, breaks the stone, cleanses the reins and bladder of gravel, distil them when they are inflower the water of pellitory of the wall, opens obstructions of the liverand spleen, by drinking an ounce of it every morning. It cleanses thereins and bladder, and eases the gripings of the bowels coming of wind distil it in the end of may, or beginning of june cinquefoil water breaks the stone, cleanses the reins, and is ofexcellent use in putrified fevers distil it in may the water of radishes breaks the stone, cleanses the reins and bladder, provokes the menses, and helps the yellow jaundice elicampane water strengthens the stomach and lungs, provokes urine, and cleanses the passages of it from gravel distil burnet in may or june, the water breaks the stone, cleansesthe passages of urine, and is exceeding profitable in pestilentialtimes mugwort water distilled in may, is excellent in coughs and diseasesproceeding from stoppage of the menses, it warms the stomach, and helpsthe dropsy distil penny-royal when the flowers are upon it. The water heats thewomb gallantly, provokes the menses, expels the afterbirth. Cuts, andcasts out thick and gross humours in the breast, eases pains in thebowels, and consumes flegm the water of lovage distilled in may, eases pains in the head, andcures ulcers in the womb being washed with it.

“ in taking five drops or essay multiple of five of blood from a vein and putting it into nineteen times as much sterilized, distilled water, and incubating it at fever temperature for twenty-four hours, and then making further dilutions according to the needs of the case, as can be determined only by a physician skilled in its use ”neither of these statements, of course, describes the “refined technic”of those “skilled in its use, ” but those who are interested can, bysending dr l d rogers, “one hundred dollars cash-in-advance” get amail-order course in this new marvel but if it is rather expensive to learn just how to use “auto-hemicserum, ” it does not cost so much to learn what the “serum” will do rogers has written a book on the subject, “auto-hemic therapy, ” whichis used as a premium for subscriptions to the north american journalof homeopathy, price $5 00 per year, payable in advance in the bookdr rogers modestly assures his readers that he considers his discoverymore important than that of alexis carrel, winner of a nobel prize a cure for lazinessone of the chief virtues claimed for this serum is that of developingin the patient who takes it an unbounded energy that, apparently, makes him want to work himself to death in essay sensational articlesthat have appeared in sunday editions of newspapers on rogers’ serum, the stuff has been described as “lazy serum ” one of the firstpaper described in the rogers book is that of a young waiter, “agood-for-nothing lazy fellow who would not work and would not pay formedical services” and who was turned over to dr rogers’ free clinic he was given the serum on thursday and was told to report saturday hedid not return until monday, his excuse being that “he worked all daysaturday until midnight and all day sunday and felt as if he could workall day and all night without rest ” the “case report” ends. “ finally remarking, ‘i feel like a bird’ he flew out of the classroom and we never saw him again ” housewives take noticethe next case described is that of a servant girl who had not workedfor a year. Within a week after taking the “auto-hemic serum, ” “shevoluntarily beat carpets till she blistered her hands ” then therewas the rooming house keeper who had spent more than half of each dayin bed after an “auto-hemic” injection she “discharged her maid andjanitor and did all the work of her twelve room house herself, beating rugs, firing furnace and carrying out ashes besides doing essayof the laundry ” “case no 7176” is interesting. A man, generallyconsidered the laziest person in his community and with a habit of“drinking thirty whiskies a day, ” took “auto-hemic serum ” he stoppeddrinking, shaved himself and changed from “a “bum” to that of a sober, clean, wholeessay, bright and honest workman ” then there was the caseof the “lady physician” who “took the serum one evening and the nextmorning reported that she had the ‘giggles’ all day”. Also she became“more magnetic ” more remarkable still was the case of the young womanclerk in a retail store who, after taking the serum, “astonished heremployer by volunteering to work overtime ” in the chapter dealingwith “ills peculiar to women” dr rogers details the moving story ofa man to whom the “serum” was given and who reported that “aboutthe third twenty-four hours after taking it his bowels moved fortytimes”-- nevertheless, “he felt no exhaustion ”in all phases of human activity the serum seems to work wonders “thepaper are numerous in which the frigidity of both sexes have sicmelted after auto-hemic treatment ” a young married woman with a morbiddislike for her husband took the serum and within a week “becamenormal ” the discoverer suggests that in essay paper there is no doubtthat this serum “would prevent divorce ” a 40 year old woman who couldnot endure to wear any waists but white or black was able, it seems, after taking the serum to tolerate a veritable jacob coat is, then, “auto-hemic serum” good for everything?. let dr rogers answer.

That in the two first mentioned theamounts of protein are less than the amounts claimed. That exaggeratedclaims are made on all the labels and in the advertising literature, and that the company prescribes directly to the patient the following report was sent to the kellogg food company forconsideration in reply the firm stated that a revision of itsadvertising was under consideration but would make no statementas to how soon this revision would be carried into effect as theconsideration had already consumed two years, the council decided togive the profession the facts and authorized publication of the report at the same time the kellogg food company was advised that its productswould be considered further whenever any submitted evidence warrantedthis w a puckner, secretary referee reporti submit herewith my report on certain foods offered by the kelloggfood company for the use of diabetics i shall discuss these productsfrom the standpoint of the claims made on the label, from thestandpoint of the company toward nonmedical treatment as revealed in aletter to a layman, and lastly, on the basis of the claims made for thefoods in the company literature claims made on the label pure gluten biscuit referee company water 8 30 5-10 ash 2 04 1-2 protein n × 5 7 73 87 75-80 fiber 0 12 2 4-3 carbohydrates 14 84 0-5 fat 0 81 0 25-0 70 starch 4 02 0-5the sample analyzed does not contain the amount of protein claimedfor it it also contains more starch than one might suspect from thecompany analysis a more conservative claim would be “starch lessthan 5 per cent ” the company makes the error of using the terms“starch” and “carbohydrates” as synonymous if the maximum figures ofthe company analysis are used, the carbohydrates would amount to5 per cent , whereas i find 14 84 per cent the claim on the label“guaranteed to contain less than 5 per cent of carbohydrates” isincorrect the next claim, “each ounce of this gluten contains 23 gramsof protein and represents 95 calories” is approximately correct, as myanalysis shows 20 9 grams of protein and 103 calories the following remarks under “vegetable proteins” are in my judgmentexaggerated. “leading authorities are now agreed that meat, fish, eggs and other animal proteins are greatly inferior to vegetable proteins in diabetes, often increasing the sugar output and the dangerous acidosis which leads to diabetic coma after thesis years of experimentation, we have succeeded in perfecting a process whereby the carbohydrates are excluded ”in this connection, von noorden, whom the company constantly quotes, says. “in the slighter forms of diabetes, the influence of meat albumins is not great and it is difficult to demonstrate the reaction of the patient to different forms of albumin it may be necessary to add more albumin than the patient can actually take before glycosuria indication is reacted once a medium amount of albumin is exceeded, say 70 to 80 grams, the glycosuria increases, no matter what the type of albumin is ”my analysis also shows that the carbohydrates are not excluded fromthis food as claimed above 40 per cent gluten biscuit referee water 8 50 ash 1 48 protein n × 5 7 41 15 fiber 0 08 carbohydrates 47 81 fat 0 98 starch 36 98no analysis is supplied by the company, but this may be called properlya “40 per cent gluten biscuit ” the company claims, however, that thisis “best for diabetics, ” which is not true here, as in the case of “40 per cent gluten flour, ” the companylabel attributes to “dr wm osler in ‘practice of medicine, ’” thefollowing quotation. “of gluten foods, thesis are very unpalatable, others are frauds a good gluten flour is made by the battle creeksanatarium co , mich ” i have no way of knowing to which gluten flourof the company dr osler had reference the “pure gluten meal” might becalled properly a “good gluten flour, ” but this “40 per cent glutenflour” is no better, and no worse, than the average gluten flour on themarket the quotation from osler gives an entirely false impression 40 per cent gluten flour referee company water 8 62 5-10 ash 0 89 0 5-1 protein n × 5 7 33 63 40-45 fiber 0 08 1-3 carbohydrates 55 35 40-45 fat 1 43 0 2-0 5 starch 48 04 my analysis shows 6 37 per cent less protein than the companyminimum, and 10 35 more carbohydrates than their maximum in past yearsi have found the protein in this brand to range from 35 0 to 42 9 percent using the factor 5 7 it is true that the manufacturer doesnot state what protein factor is used in his reported analysis, but asin four other brands 5 7 is used, it is fair to assume that the samefactor applies to this as well at least such should be the case, asotherwise the manufacturer analyses would be meaningless even usingthe factor 6 25 this later sample contains only 36 88 per cent ofprotein the following statement, in my judgment, as applied to a foodcontaining over 48 per cent of starch, does not hold water. “thisfood is of special service in paper of glycosuria and in the milderforms of diabetes ” with this brand as with “40 per cent glutenbiscuit” the manufacturer again uses the misleading quotation fromosler 40 per cent gluten meal referee company water 7 30 5-10 ash 1 36 1-2 protein n × 5 7 41 55 40-45 fiber 0 10 1-2 carbohydrates 48 58 40-45 fat 1 11 0 2-0 5 starch 36 59 40-45the claimed analysis is justified by my findings i must takeexception, however, to the following statement. “prepared with greatcare from a good grade of spring wheat, by our special process, whichpreserves the natural food properties of the product ” the companyevidently tries to carry water on both shoulders, on the one handclaiming a reduction in the starch content, while on the other claimingthe preservation of all “the natural food properties ”20 per cent gluten meal referee company water 7 65 5-10 ash 1 22 1-2 protein n × 5 7 24 68 20-30 fiber 0 12 1-2 carbohydrates 65 41 65-70 fat 0 92 1-2 starch 51 24 65-70the company analysis is confirmed as the company claims directlythat this is “not a diabetic food, ” any criticism of its use forthat purpose is disarmed however, again exception must be taken tothe statement that “the natural food properties of the product” arepreserved pure gluten meal referee company water 4 60 5-10 ash 0 96 1-2 protein n × 5 7 76 78 75-80 fiber 0 08 1-3 carbohydrates 16 77 0-5 fat 0 81 0 25-0 70 starch 6 77 0-5the minimum claim as to protein is justified again the companyconfuses carbohydrates and starch, and the food instead of containingfrom 0 to 5 per cent of “carbohydrates starch” actually contains16 77 per cent of carbohydrates, of which 6 77 per cent is starch once more the statement that “the natural food properties” arepreserved is untrue as applied to a wheat product deprived of most ofits starch in justice to the company, it should be noted that on the labels of“pure gluten biscuit” and “pure gluten meal” appears the warning:“every person suffering from diabetes should be under the care ofan experienced physician, ” and on the label of “40 per cent glutenmeal, ” “persons suffering from diabetes should use this food only onthe advice of a physician ” on the other hand, the suggestion on thelabel of “pure gluten meal, ” “write for a copy of diabetic foods andhow to use them” is a more or less direct invitation to self-treatment moreover, a letter dated may 9, 1916, apparently dictated for thekellogg food company by one ruth french, in reply to an inquiry from alayman, gives direct advice with no reference whatever to a physician claims made in a letter to a laymanin addition to this inconsistent attitude the letter makes certainclear misstatements, as follows:“40 per cent gluten flour actually contains 40 per cent of puregluten, making it a perfectly safe article of diet in all but thegravest paper of diabetes from our gluten flour excellent bread, gemsand puffs are made that perfectly satisfy the craving for bread with noharmful results ” this flour contains 33 63 per cent of gluten, not 40per cent.

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Then form a mass with syrup of tolu and divide ”seven pharmacists declined to fill a prescription for an officialpreparation because they could not buy the preparation from awholesaler, and it required essay persuasion to get the eighth to makethe preparation but even worse, several of the pharmacists offered mypatient essay ready-made troche more or less resembling the official, oroffered compressed tablets of ammonium chlorid that this is not an isolated example of what often poses as pharmacyis shown by the fact that i have found it extremely difficult to finda pharmacist who would extemporaneously coat pills with gelatin most want the physician to alter his prescription so that one of theready-made gelatin coated pills can be dispensed, if a gelatin coatingis necessary essay gelatin, hot water, a large cork, and a few domesticsewing needles are all that is required for very satisfactory coatingof pills with gelatin, yet few pharmacists seem willing to perform thissimple procedure two other illustrations, not so recent, have come to me from acolleague a few years ago he was unable to obtain from either of twopharmacists an emulsion of cod liver oil without the hypophosphitesbecause, as both said, “it does not come without hypophosphites ”on another occasion four of the best drug stores in boston wereasked for the compound laxative pill, u s p , then official in thepharmacopeia in every case he was told that he must have meant thecompound cathartic pill, which in no way resembles the pill he sought with this attitude on the writing of the men supposed to be serving thepublic and the medical profession by the practice of pharmacy, is itany wonder that writing services for college papers it is difficult to induce the medical profession toprescribe official preparations or combinations of official drugs inplace of ready-made commercial substitutes largely drawn from among theproprietaries or specialties?. real pharmacy by real pharmacists is anecessity if we are to succeed in combating the proprietary evil cary eggleston, m d , new york -- correspondence in the journal a m a , aug 21, 1920 philip rahtjen and his discoveriesrecent newspaper reports regarding the alleged “discovery of the germof pernicious anemia” and the development of “an antitoxin and serum”by dr philip rahtjen of pasadena, california, have brought inquiriesof which the two that follow are typical this from a physician inindiana. “please let me know about the supposed recent discovery of dr philip rahtjen concerning pernicious anemia the information i have is from a newspaper clipping of october 21, pasadena, california kindly omit my name ”a new york physician writes. “if you could send me any information as to the enclosed i would appreciate it the article impresses one as absolutely inconclusive however, i promised the patient i would investigate the matter ”the enclosures referred to consisted of a reprint and a letter from“ph rahtjen, m a , ph d , ” pasadena, calif , both of which hadbeen sent to a layman who had written to rahtjen the reprint wasa translation of a brief article by rahtjen “on the etiology ofidiopathic anemia, ” translated from the centralblatt für bakteriologieparasitenkunde und infektionskrankheiten rahtjen letter to thelayman read. “your inquiry relative to my isolation and classification of the germ of anemia received “i herein enclose my paper published in august in the central magazine of bacteriology “i have succeeded in immunizing goats against the germ therein described five thousand injections of the serum have been given three hundred paper diagnosed as anemia and chlorosis were treated under observation six paper of pernicious anemia were observed under treatment all responded favorably “the serum is at your disposal from my laboratory here for the use of your physician the price is five dollars for twelve ampoules each containing 1 ccm , the amount of one injection “the treatment consists of intramuscular injection every second day accompanied with a nitrogenous free diet, preferably milk diet your attending physician should very easily give them ”just what rahtjen serum is we do not know nor have we been ableto find any information on the subject in any available medicalliterature in fact, a rather careful search of american medicalliterature for essay years past fails to reveal any article by rahtjenon any subject philip rahtjen is not a physician in the propaganda files is acircular issued in 1917 by the “rahtjen tuberculosis sanatorium” of sanfrancisco, calif this exploits “the rahtjen cure for tuberculosis” andtells of “the discovery of dr philip rahtjen ” the circular statesthat. “dr rahtjen studied in heidelberg, berlin, munich, marburg, and rostock, gerthesis, from which latter school in 1904, he graduated in chemical pathology as doctor of philosophy he became assistant professor of pathology at the imperial biological station at heligoland, and was later appointed assistant to dr piorkowsky, head of the deutsche schutz und heilserum gesellschaft ”the same circular summarizes the potentialities of “rahtjen cure fortuberculosis” thus. “the remedy seems to cure tuberculosis in all its forms with equal celerity and certainty the evidences indicate that it does not matter how far the disease has progressed, if there be tissue of the attacked organ remaining sufficient to sustain life, the disease can be wholly eradicated and the patient restored to health this is indicated alike in tuberculosis of the lungs, of the throat, of the bladder, of the kidneys ”the booklet stated further that patients might be treated at one of twoplaces. At the offices of the sanatorium in the city of san francisco, or at the sanatorium itself near glenwood the cost of treatment atthe sanatorium was to be $1, 000, which would entitle “the patientto residence and attention there for four months ” according to theleaflet, “this is regarded as a period sufficient to restore thepatient to health whatever be the stage of his disease.