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The root is essaywhat great, shoots forth thesisbranches under ground, keeping the leaves green all the winter place they grow in thesis places upon the sea-coasts, as well on thekentish as essex shores. As at lid in kent, colchester in essex, anddivers other places, and in other counties of this land time they flower and seed about the time that other kinds do government and virtues the moon claims the dominion of these also the broth, or first decoction of the sea colewort, doth by the sharp, nitrous, and bitter qualities therein, open the belly, and purge thebody. It cleanses and digests more powerfully than the other kind. Theseed hereof, bruised and drank, kills worms the leaves or the juice ofthem applied to sores or ulcers, cleanses and heals them, and dissolvesswellings, and takes away inflammations calamint, or mountain-mint descript this is a small herb, seldom rising above a foot high, with square hairy, and woody stalks, and two small hoary leaves set ata joint, about the height of marjoram, or not much bigger, a littledented about the edges, and of a very fierce or quick scent, as thewhole herb is. The flowers stand at several spaces of the stalk, fromthe middle almost upwards, which are small and gaping like to those ofthe mints, of a pale bluish colour. After which follow small, roundblackish seed the root is small and woody, with divers small stringsspreading within the ground, and dies not, but abides thesis years place it grows on heaths, and uplands, and dry grounds, in thesisplaces of this land time they flower in july and their seed is ripe quickly after government and virtues it is an herb of mercury, and a strongone too, therefore excellent good in all afflictions of the brain the decoction of the herb being drank, brings down women courses, and provokes urine it is profitable for those that are bursten, ortroubled with convulsions or cramps, with shortness of breath, orcholeric torments and pains in their bellies or stomach. It also helpsthe yellow-jaundice, and stays vomiting, being taken in wine takenwith salt and honey, it kills all manner of worms in the body ithelps such as have the leprosy, either taken inwardly, drinking wheyafter it, or the green herb outwardly applied it hinders conceptionin women, but either burned or strewed in the chamber, it drives awayvenomous serpents it takes away black and blue marks in the face, andmakes black scars become well coloured, if the green herb not thedry be boiled in wine, and laid to the place, or the place washedtherewith being applied to the hucklebone, by continuance of time, itspends the humours, which cause the pain of the sciatica the juicebeing dropped into the ears, kills the worms in them the leaves boiledin wine, and drank, provoke sweat, and open obstructions of the liverand spleen it helps them that have a tertian ague the body beingfirst purged by taking away the cold fits the decoction hereof, withessay sugar put thereto afterwards, is very profitable for those thatbe troubled with the over-flowing of the gall, and that have an oldcough, and that are scarce able to breathe by shortness of their wind;that have any cold distemper in their bowels, and are troubled withthe hardness or the spleen, for all which purposes, both the powder, called diacaluminthes, and the compound syrup of calamint are the mosteffectual let no women be too busy with it, for it works very violentupon the feminine writing camomile it is so well known every where, that it is but lost time and labour todescribe it the virtues thereof are as follow a decoction made of camomile, and drank, takes away all pains andstitches in the side the flowers of camomile beaten, and made up intoballs with gill, drive away all sorts of agues, if the writing grieved beanointed with that oil, taken from the flowers, from the crown of thehead to the sole of the foot, and afterwards laid to sweat in his bed, and that he sweats well this is nechessor, an egyptian, medicine itis profitable for all sorts of agues that come either from phlegm, ormelancholy, or from an inflammation of the bowels, being applied whenthe humours causing them shall be concocted. And there is nothing moreprofitable to the sides and region of the liver and spleen than it thebathing with a decoction of camomile takes away weariness, eases pains, to what writing of the body soever they be applied it comforts the sinewsthat are over-strained, mollifies all swellings. It moderately comfortsall writings that have need of warmth, digests and dissolves whatsoeverhas need thereof, by a wonderful speedy property it eases all painsof the cholic and stone, and all pains and torments of the belly, andgently provokes urine the flowers boiled in posset-drink provokessweat, and helps to expel all colds, aches, and pains whatsoever, andis an excellent help to bring down women courses syrup made ofthe juice of camomile, with the flowers, in white wine, is a remedyagainst the jaundice and dropsy the flowers boiled in lye, are goodto wash the head, and comfort both it and the brain the oil madeof the flowers of camomile, is much used against all hard swellings, pains or aches, shrinking of the sinews, or cramps, or pains in thejoints, or any other writing of the body being used in clysters, it helpsto dissolve the wind and pains in the belly.

Then take of this writing paper services yahoo answers cassia so drawn, andboil it to its consistence, a pound, sugar a pound and a half, boilthem to the form of an electuary according to art culpeper you may take it in white wine, it is good for gentlebodies, for if your body be hard to work upon, perhaps it will notwork at all. It purges the reins gallantly, and cools them, therebypreventing the stone, and other diseases caused by their heat electuarium amarum magistrale majus or the greater bitter electuary college take of agarick, turbith, species hiera simplex, rhubarb, of each one dram, choice aloes unwashed two drams, ginger, crystal oftartar, of each two scruples, orris, florentine, sweet fennel seeds, of each a scruple, syrup of roses solutive as much as is sufficient tomake it into an electuary according to art electuarium amarum minus or the lesser bitter electuary college take of epithimum half an ounce, the roots of angelicathree drams, of gentian, zedoary, acorus, of each two drams, cinnamonone dram and an half, cloves, mace, nutmegs, saffron, of each one dram, aloes six ounces, with syrup of fumitory, scabious and sugar so much asis sufficient to make it into a soft electuary culpeper both these purge choler, the former flegm, and thismelancholy, the former works strongest, and this strengthens most, andis good for such whose brains are annoyed you may take half an ounceof the former, if your body be any thing strong, in white wine, if verystrong an ounce, a reasonable body may take an ounce of the latter, the weak less i would not have the unskilful too busy about purgeswithout advice of a physician diacassia with manna college take of damask prunes two ounces, violet flowers a handfuland an half, spring water a pound and an half, boil it according to arttill half be consumed, strain it, and dissolve in the decoction sixounces of cassia newly drawn, sugar of violets, syrup of violets, ofeach four ounces, pulp of tamarinds an ounce, sugar candy an ounce andan half, manna two ounces, mix them, and make them into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper it is a fine cool purge for such as are bound in the body, for it works gently, and without trouble, it purges choler, and maysafely be given in fevers coming of choler. But in such paper, if thebody be much bound, the best way is first to administer a clyster, andthen the next morning an ounce of this will cool the body, and keep itin due temper cassia extracta sine soliis senæ or cassia extracted without the leaves of sena college take twelve prunes, violet flowers a handful, frenchbarley, the seed of annis, and bastard saffron, polypodium of the oak, of each five drams, maiden-hair, thyme, epithimum, of each half ahandful, raisins of the sun stoned half an ounce, sweet fennel seedstwo drams, the seeds of purslain, and mallows, of each three drams, liquorice half an ounce, boil them in a sufficient quantity of water, strain them and dissolve in the decoction, pulp of cassia two pounds, of tamarinds an ounce, cinnamon three drams, sugar a pound, boil itinto the form of an electuary cassia extracta cum soliis senæ or cassia extracted with the leaves of sena college take of the former receipt two pounds, sena in powder twoounces, mix them according to art culpeper this is also a fine cool gentle purge, cleansing thebowels of choler and melancholy without any griping, very fit forfeverish bodies, and yet the former is gentler than this they bothcleanse and cool the reins.

Then if your liver be weak, it is none of thewisest courses to plague it with an enemy if the writing paper services yahoo answers liver be weak, aconsumption follows. Would you know the reason?. it is this, a manflesh is repaired by blood, by a third concoction, which transmutes theblood into flesh, it is well i said, concoction say i, if i had said boiling every cook would have understood me the liver makes blood, and if it be weakened that if it makes not enough, the flesh wastes;and why must flesh always be renewed?. because the eternal god, when hemade the creation, made one writing of it in continual dependency uponanother. And why did he so?. because himself only is permanent. To teachus, that we should not fix our affections upon what is transitory, butwhat endures for ever the result of this is, if the liver be weak, andcannot make blood enough, i would have said, sanguify, if i had writtenonly to scholars, the seriphian, which is the weakest of wormwoods, isbetter than the best i have been critical enough, if not too much place it grows familiarly in england, by the sea-side descript it starts up out of the earth, with thesis round, woody, hairy stalks from one root its height is four feet, or three at least the leaves in longitude are long, in latitude narrow, in colour white, in form hoary, in similitude like southernwood, only broader andlonger. In taste rather salt than bitter, because it grows so near thesalt-water.

Fig 5 - nine suicidal stab-wounds in the region of theheart made by a knife used for cutting rubber this variety of punctured wounds may resemble the former class in thedirection of its long axis, if the cutting edge of the instrument isblunt the regularity and smoothness of the edges distinguish them fromcertain contused wounds 3d wounds made by instruments with ridges or edges, files, foils, etc if the edges are cutting the wound presents more or less the writing paper services yahoo answers shapeof the weapon fig 6 but this is not always so, probably from theinstrument puncturing obliquely or from the tissues being unequallystretched fig 7 if the edges are not cutting the wound resemblesthose of the first class, though the edge often presents little tears, and the wound may thus be more or less elliptical with two unequalangles the wound of entrance and exit may be different illustration. Fig 6 - stab-wounds caused by a three-sided sharp-edgedpointed instrument 4th irregular perforating instruments, the wounds from whichresemble contused wounds contusions and contused wounds - a contusion is a wound of livingtissues by a blow of a hard body, not sharp-edged or pointed, or by afall, crushing, or compression, and without solution of continuity ofthe skin a contusion usually involves a moderately large surface incomparison to the two other classes of wounds contusions are of alldegrees of severity if the blow or injury is slight, there is onlyslight redness and swelling of the skin with pain, disappearing in afew hours, and leaving no traces if the blow be harder it producesmore or less crushing of the tissues, accompanied by ecchymosis withor without a wound or excoriations of the skin, etc the contusion mayhave the shape of the contusing body, such as a whip, the fingers, etc illustration. Fig 7 - stab-wounds caused by an eight-sidedsharp-edged instrument essay show a transition stage to wounds made bya conical instrument ecchymosis - this is characteristic, as a rule, of contused wounds it consists in the infiltration of blood into the tissues, especiallythe cellular tissues the source of the blood is from the ruptureof blood-vessels, and the size of the ecchymosis varies writingly withthe number and size of the blood-vessels, or with the vascularity ofthe writing the size of the ecchymosis also varies with the loosenessof the tissues into which it is infiltrated this looseness of thetissues may be natural as in the scrotum and eyelids, or it may be dueto the attrition of the tissues caused by the blow an ecchymosis islarger when the contused writings cover a bony or resisting surface, andthere may be no ecchymosis whatever, even from a severe blow, wherethe underlying writings are soft and yielding, as is the case with theabdominal parietes here we may have rupture of the viscera without anysigns of ecchymosis superficially an ecchymosis may be infiltrativeor it may mostly occupy a cavity usually formed by a traumaticseparation of the tissues. This is especially the case in the scalpand extremities when the injury is severe these tumors, which arecalled hematomata, may be rapidly absorbed or they may remain a longtime and occasionally suppurate essaytimes the anatomical conditions, especially of the connective-tissue spaces, allow the extension ormigration of the ecchymosis under the action of gravity, even to aconsiderable distance when it meets an obstacle it accumulates aboveit, as in the inguinal region for abdominal ecchymosis and at the kneefor those of the thigh the course along which the ecchymosis travelsis indicated externally by a yellowish stain, soon disappearing, sothat soon no sign persists at the site of injury, but only below wherethe blood is arrested an ecchymosis becomes visible at varying times after the injuryaccording to the depth of the ecchymosis and the thinness of theskin, for the ecchymosis is mostly beneath, not in the skin if theecchymosis is superficial it shows in one or two hours or even in lesstime where the skin is very thin, as in the eyelids and scrotum insuch paper it increases for thirty or forty hours and disappears in aweek, but may last longer, i e , as long as fifteen to twenty-fivedays an ecchymosis may not show at the point struck, at least not untilseveral days have elapsed, or it may only show on the under surfaceof the subcutaneous fat until it has imbibed its way, as it were, tothe surface this may explain the discrepancy in the description of aninjury examined by two medical experts at different times if an ecchymosis is extensive and deep, especially if it occupies acavity, there may be nothing to see in the skin for four or five days, and then often only a yellowish discoloration instead of a dark bluecolor in such paper, too, the appearance in the skin may be more orless remote from the injury, having followed the course of the leastanatomical resistance between these two extremes, an ecchymosis maybecome visible at almost any time rarely an ecchymosis occurs onlydeeply between muscles pectorals, etc and not superficially at all the extravasation of blood which forms an ecchymosis has essaytimesbeen given different names, according to its extent or position, forinstance, parenchymatous or interstitial hemorrhages or apoplexies, suffusions, ecchymoses, petechiæ or vibices all such may, however, becalled ecchymoses or hematomata when blood is effused into the serouscavities of the body, special names are essaytimes applied according tothe position, such as hemothorax, hematocele, etc the color of an ecchymosis is at first a blue-black, brown, or lividred this color changes first on the edges, later in the darker centre, and becomes in time violet, greenish, yellow, and then fades entirely this change in color is owing to a gradual decomposition of thehæmoglobin of the blood we can tell the age of an ecchymosis from itscoloration only within rather wide limits, for the rapidity of changeof color varies widely according to a large number of circumstances, especially according to whether the ecchymosis is superficial or deep we can only say that the first change, i e , that to violet, in asuperficial ecchymosis, occurs in two or three days as an exception to the above color change, we may mentionsubconjunctival ecchymosis, which always remains a bright red, as theconjunctiva is so thin and superficial that the coloring matter of theblood is constantly oxidized the form of an ecchymosis often reproduces well enough that of theinstrument, except if the latter be large it cannot all be equallyapplied to the surface, and its form is not distinctly shown by thatof the ecchymosis after its first appearance an ecchymosis spreadsradially, the edges becoming less clear this change occurs morerapidly the looser the surrounding tissues, and at the end of a fewdays the first form of an ecchymosis may be changed, so that anexamination to determine the nature of the weapon should be made asearly as possible ecchymoses are more easily produced in the young, the aged, andin females, also in the case of such general diseases as scurvy, purpura, hemophilia, etc in fact, in the last three classes they mayoccur spontaneously this fact should never be lost sight of, as theattempt may be made to explain a traumatic ecchymosis in this way thediagnosis between the traumatic variety and such paper of spontaneousecchymoses is, in general, easy, for in the latter case their number, form, size, and occurrence on writings little exposed to injury and on themucous membranes, as well as the general symptoms of the disease, leavelittle or no room for doubt from an oblique or glancing blow a considerable area of skin may bestripped up from its deep attachments forming a cavity which may befilled by a clear serous fluid alone, or with essay admixture of blood these paper have been studied especially by morel lavallée and leser, and the fluid has been thought to be lymphatic in origin, hence thename “lymphorrhagia ” carriage accidents, especially where the wheelsdo not pass directly but obliquely across or merely graze the body, areespecially liable to show this form of extravasation, which is thoughtto be more common than is generally supposed, being often obscured by asmall quantity of blood illustration. Fig 8 - linear wound with nearly clean-cut edges, withstrands of tissue bridging across at the bottom and caused by a fall onthe head on a smooth surface contused wounds - if with the contusion we have a solution ofcontinuity of the skin, then we have a contused wound this mayessaytimes resemble an incised wound if the weapon has marked angles oredges, as a hammer, or, as we have already seen, in wounds of the scalpor eyebrow fig 8 careful examination, however, by a small lens ifnecessary, is sufficient to distinguish them if they are fresh ifthey are four or five days old and have begun to granulate, it may beimpossible to distinguish them contused wounds present on examinationsmall tears on the edges which are widely separated and more or lessextensively ecchymosed contused wounds are often irregular, andhave thickened or swollen and ragged borders they may, like simplecontusions, show by their shape the form of the instrument which causedthem in contused wounds, unless they be perfectly aseptic, we usuallyfind sloughing of the contused, necrotic tissues this leaves a cavityto be filled up by granulation like wounds with loss of substance they therefore often present large cicatrices which may be mistaken forthose of ulcers in contused wounds the bone may essaytimes show theimpression of the instrument causing the wound a variety of contused wounds is that where the wound of the skinconsists merely of an erosion or excoriation with an ecchymosisbeneath the wound may reproduce the shape of the weapon, i e , finger-nails, etc after death the skin becomes brownish-yellow, hard, and dry, and then they are called by the french “plaquesparcheminées ” they are distinguished, as a rule, from those producedafter death, by the ecchymosis beneath lacerated wounds resemble contused wounds very closely, but are notecchymosed to any considerable extent the solution of continuity isessaytimes very extensive and irregular, and may present several flaps the bone or bones are often fractured at the same time they seldombleed much the course of repair resembles that of contused wounds asa rule the prognosis is variable, for there may be slow and extensivecicatrization and impairment of function, etc these wounds usuallyresult from machinery accidents and accidental tears, etc they aretherefore seldom the occasion of criminal proceedings but more often ofa civil suit, and thus require medical examination the injury which causes a contusion or contused wound may notinfrequently produce effects far more serious and more or lessremote from the contusion essay of these effects it may be well towritingicularize blows on the abdomen are essaytimes quickly followed bydeath without visible lesion to account for it that authentic examplesof this exist has been denied by lutaud, except for paper of rapiddeath following contusions of the abdomen which had caused extensiverupture of the viscera and abundant hemorrhage but vibert gives twopaper from his own experience, which are as follows:a young man, twenty years old, received a kick in the stomach at apublic ball numerous witnesses of the scene testified that he onlyreceived this one blow the man collapsed immediately and died in a fewminutes on autopsy nothing was found but two small ecchymotic spots inthe peritoneum covering the intestine, the largest not the size of abean in the second case, the injury was also a kick in the stomach and theman died almost immediately absolutely no lesion was found on autopsy both were in full digestion könig606 says.

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“ the only systemic treatment that is considered necessary today is rest, plenty of water and neutralize the acidity of the urine with bicarbonate of soda or essay sodium salt ”dr y , mass , wrote:“sandal wood oil during the acute stage of gonorrhea certainly tends tomake the patient more comfortable and undoubtedly does lend essay tho ibelieve slight gonococcidal action that it plays any considerablewriting in actual cure i think is doubtful the statement as quotedis true in so far as it states that local treatment plus internalmedication with a balsam comprises most of the modern treatment ofgonorrhea but it is grossly misleading in that it lets one draw theinference that the balsam plays a large if not the principal writing ”dr h , new york, wrote. “for a period of at least three years in my hospital, dispensary and private practice, i conscientiously tried out most of the balsamics on the market including gonosan, which i favored for essay time both alone, and combined with local injections as a result of this study, i have come to the conclusion that the balsamics have little, if any value in the treatment of gonorrhea during the past few years i have relied almost entirely on local therapy, and seldom prescribed any of the balsams in my private practice, certainly in not more than 5 per cent of the paper my results i find are just as satisfactory, and my patients appreciate the fact that they are not loaded up with disagreeable medication instead of the balsamics, i am using sodium bicarbonate more and more, and feel convinced that the proper use of this drug is of more value than all of them combined ”dr k , cal , wrote. “the statement that the combined treatment with local injections and internal administration of natural balsamic products completely eliminates modern gonorrheal therapy, would at present not be justifiable even with reference to the initial or acute stage of gonorrhea, while in the subacute and chronic forms of the disease local injections and balsams play an almost insignificant rôle as compared with various other recognized therapeutic measures ”-- from the journal a m a , oct 13, 1917 alcresta ipecac report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following report and authorized itspublication w a puckner, secretary in 1915 alcresta ipecac tablets eli lilly and co were admittedto new and nonofficial remedies as a preparation of ipecac thatis insoluble in the stomach but soluble in the intestines it wassupposed that this property would permit the administration of ipecacwithout the accompanying nausea and vomiting, and that this would beof especial advantage when using the drug in amebic dysentery thesystemic effects, of course, would be those of ipecac more recently, the manufacturers of alcresta ipecac have been advisingits use in conditions which were not contemplated by the council whenthe preparation was accepted for new and nonofficial remedies theynow claim that ipecac alkaloids have been shown to be useful in thetreatment of typhoid fever, flatulence, diarrhea and constipationand that alcresta ipecac has these properties such a statementis misleading while it is true that at one time ipecac was usedpromiscuously against “flatulence, diarrhea and constipation” therenever has been and is not now any scientific evidence of its efficiencyin such conditions except, of course, in diarrhea of the amebic type as to the alleged usefulness of ipecac in typhoid fever. This has noteven the sanction of tradition and the claim certainly should not beaccepted until there is strong evidence to support it the advertising matter on alcresta ipecac also contained statementsto the effect that ipecac alkaloids have a demonstrated usefulnessin pyorrhea such an unequivocal statement is unwarranted in spiteof the enthusiastic advocacy, in the past, of ipecac alkaloids asa specific in pyorrhea alveolaris the preponderance of scientificevidence indicates that ipecac is of questionable value in thiscondition neither is there any substantial evidence to warrant theclaim that ipecac alkaloids, when absorbed through the intestines, aredemonstrably useful in amebic infections of the tonsils the reputation of the best drugs, whether unofficial or official, is bound to suffer if extravagant claims for them are permitted togo unchallenged the referee of the council, therefore, believed itnecessary to call the attention of the manufacturers of alcresta ipecactablets to the statements made for the product and suggested that theysubmit evidence to substantiate the claims this the manufacturers haverefused to do their attitude in the matter, as well as their attitudetoward the council work is expressed in the following letter. “responding to your letter of march 10th, we beg to suggest that literature covering the different matters at issue are readily available to your referee, and all statements emanating from us are made advisedly “if you cannot satisfy yourselves that this preparation is a scientific product, ethically advertised, and a desirable advance in therapeutics, you can only delete it from your next issue of new and nonofficial remedies ”it is to be regretted that eli lilly and co refuse either to withdrawor modify their claims or to substantiate these claims by scientificevidence the statements as they stand are exaggerated, misleadingand harmful as such they conflict with rule 6 of the council andnecessitate the omission of alcresta ipecac from new and nonofficialremedies the referee recommended the adoption and publication of thisreport -- from the journal a m a , oct 20, 1917 iodeol and iodagol report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryiodeol and iodagol formerly called iodargol are products of viel andcompany, rennes, france, widely advertised in this country by david b levy, incorporated, new york the claim made for both preparations isthat they depend on “colloidal iodin” for their action they are put upin a number of forms, for instance.