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And perhaps more too, because then it is nothindered by ocular objects and thus much for imagination, which is governed by mercury, andfortified by his influence. And is also strong or weak in man, according as mercury is strong or weak in the nativity judgment is seated in the midst of the brain, to shew that it oughtto bear rule over all the other faculties. It is the judge of thelittle world, to approve of what is good, and reject what is bad. It isthe seat of reason, and the guide of actions. So that all failings arecommitted through its infirmity, it not rightly judging between a realand an apparent good it is hot and moist in quality, and under theinfluence of jupiter memory is seated in the hinder cell of the brain, it is the greatregister to the little world. And its office is to record things eitherdone and past, or to be done it is in quality cold and dry, melancholic, and therefore generallymelancholic men have best memories, and most tenacious every way it isunder the dominion of saturn, and is fortified by his influence, butpurged by the luminaries 2 sensitive the second writing of the animal virtue, is sensitive, and it is divided into two writings, common and writingicular common sense is an imaginary term, and that which gives virtue to allthe writingicular senses, and knits and unites them together within thepia mater it is regulated by mercury, perhaps this is one reasonwhy men are so fickle-headed and its office is to preserve a harmonyamong the senses writingicular senses are five, viz seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling these senses are united in one, in the brain, by the common sense, butare operatively distinguished into their several seats, and places ofresidence the sight resides in the eyes, and writingicularly in the christalinehumour it is in quality cold and moist, and governed by theluminaries they who have them weak in their genesis, have always weaksights. If one of them be so, the weakness possesses but one eye the hearing resides in the ears. Is in quality, cold and dry, melancholy, and under the dominion of saturn the smelling resides in the nose, is in quality hot and dry, choleric, and that is the reason choleric creatures have so goodsmells, as dogs it is under the influence of mars the taste resides in the palate, which is placed at the root of thetongue on purpose to discern what food is congruous for the stomach, and what not. As the meseraik veins are placed to discern whatnourishment is proper for the liver to convert into blood in essay veryfew men, and but a few, and in those few, but in few instances thesetwo tasters agree not, and that is the reason essay men covet meats thatmake them sick, viz the taste craves them, and the meseraik veinsreject them. In quality hot and moist, and is ruled by jupiter the feeling is deputed to no writingicular organ, but is spread abroad, over the whole body.

As also the gout and cramps the seedis of good use in medicines to help shortness of breath and wheezingby stopping of the lungs it helps also to bring down the courses, and to cleanse the writings after delivery the roots are of most use inphysic drinks, and broth that are taken to cleanse the blood, to openobstructions of the liver, to provoke urine, and amend the ill colourin the face after sickness, and to cause a good habit through thebody both leaves, seeds, and roots thereof are much used in drink orbroth, to make people more lean that are too fat the distilled waterof the whole herb, or the condensate juice dissolved, but especiallythe natural juice, that in essay counties issues out hereof of its ownaccord, dropped into the eyes, cleanses them from mists and films thathinder the sight the sweet fennel is much weaker in physical usesthan the common fennel the wild fennel is stronger and hotter thanthe tame, and therefore most powerful against the stone, but not soeffectual to encrease milk, because of its dryness sow-fennel, or hog-fennel besides the common name in english, hog fennel, and the latin namepeucidanum, is called hoar-strange, and hoar-strong, sulphur-wort, andbrimstone-wort descript the common sow-fennel has divers branched stalks of thickand essaywhat long leaves, three for the most writing joined together at aplace, among which arises a crested straight stalk, less than fennel, with essay joints thereon, and leaves growing thereat, and towards thetops essay branches issuing from thence. Likewise on the tops of thestalks and branches stand divers tufts of yellow flowers, whereaftergrows essaywhat flat, thin, and yellowish seed, bigger than fennel seed the roots grow great and deep, with thesis other writings and fibres aboutthem of a strong scent like hot brimstone, and yield forth a yellowishmilk, or clammy juice, almost like a gum place it grows plentifully in the salt low marshes near fevershamin kent time it flowers plentifully in july and august government and virtues this is also an herb of mercury the juiceof sow-fennel saith dioscorides, and galen, used with vinegar androse water, or the juice with a little euphorbium put to the nose, helps those that are troubled with the lethargy, frenzy, giddiness ofthe head, the falling sickness, long and inveterate head-aches, thepalsy, sciatica, and the cramp, and generally all the diseases of thesinews, used with oil and vinegar the juice dissolved in wine, or putinto an egg, is good for a cough, or shortness of breath, and for thosethat are troubled with wind in the body it purges the belly gently, expels the hardness of the spleen, gives ease to women that have soretravail in child-birth, and eases the pains of the reins and bladder, and also the womb a little of the juice dissolved in wine, and droppedinto the ears, eases much of the pains in them, and put into a hollowtooth, eases the pain thereof the root is less effectual to all theaforesaid disorders. Yet the powder of the root cleanses foul ulcers, being put into them, and takes out splinters of broken bones, or otherthings in the flesh, and heals them up perfectly. As also, dries up oldand inveterate running sores, and is of admirable virtue in all greenwounds fig-wort, or throat-wort descript common great fig-wort sends divers great, strong, hard, square brown stalks, three or four feet high, whereon grow large, hard, and dark green leaves, two at a joint, harder and larger than nettleleaves, but not stinking. At the tops of the stalks stand thesis purpleflowers set in husks, which are essaytimes gaping and open, essaywhatlike those of water betony. After which come hard round heads, with asmall point in the middle, wherein lie small brownish seed the root isgreat, white, and thick, with thesis branches at it, growing aslope underthe upper crust of the ground, which abides thesis years, but keeps nothis green leaves in winter place it grows frequently in moist and shadowy woods, and in thelower writings of the fields and meadows time it flowers about july, and the seed will be ripe about a monthafter the flowers are fallen government and virtues essay latin authors call it cervicaria, because it is appropriated to the neck. And we throat-wort, because itis appropriated to the throat venus owns the herb, and the celestialbull will not deny it.

So tightly that even after cuttingthe cords the pressure continued no signs of violence illustration 40 zillner. Wien med woch , 1880, xxx , pp 969, 999 - woman, age33. Found dead on the floor. A neck-handkerchief tied in a firm knot infront of the neck. And underneath, a cord passed twice around the neckand knotted in front in the middle line between the larynx and hyoidbone blood was flowing from the ears no sign of violence or struggle 41 bollinger. Friedreich blätter f ger med , 1889, xl , p 3 - man, age 48. Melancholic. Found dead had torn up writing of a sheet, fastened it around his neck and the ends around a bed-post, then placedhis feet against the farther post and pressed, tightening the ligature illustration 42 roth. Ibid , p 9 - man, age 68. Melancholic. Found dead in bed had made loose ligature of cravat, tied into it a piece of wood.

Illustration. Facsimile of essay of the pages from the booklet thataccompanied the letter reproduced herewith the obvious intent ofthis booklet was to lead physicians to believe that succus cinerariamaritima will cure “opacity of the cornea, ” “opacity of the lens, ”“senile cataract, ” “incipient cataract, ” “double cataract, ” etc can one conceive a better illustration of the inadequacy of the foodand drugs act?. the dishonest exploiter of proprietary medicines careslittle that the law requires him to keep within certain bounds oftruthfulness in the advertising that accompanies the trade package it isn’t the claims in the trade packages that sell the product. Itthe advertising in medical journals, in circular letters, etc yet, the food and drugs act offers no check or curb on false statements orfraudulent claims made for proprietary or “patent medicines” in anyother place than the trade packages a few weeks ago the journal called attention to a flagrant case offraud. And at that time it said, “it is justifiable to assume thatwhen any man, whatever his business, admits in court that he has madefraudulent claims and then continues to make the same claims throughchannels that are not controlled by penal enactment, that manstandard of business ethics is such that the public needs protectionagainst it there are thesis such men in the ‘patent medicine’ world theonly way in which the public may properly be protected against beingdefrauded in such paper is for the federal food and drugs act to haveits scope extended to cover all advertising of the products comingunder the purview of the act ”-- from the journal a m a , march 17, 1917 tekarkin edward percy robinson “cure” for cancerfrom various writings of the country the journal has received a sixteenpage pamphlet, therapeutic leaves the publication, which hasa saffron colored cover, is said to be published by the nationalbio-chemical laboratory, mount vernon, n y the national bio-chemicallaboratory seems to be a style used by dr edward percy robinson the“editorial offices” of therapeutic leaves are given as “501 knoxbldg , 5th ave at 40th st , new york, ” which is a roundabout way ofdescribing 452 fifth ave , the office address of edward percy robinson the first number february, 1921 of therapeutic leaves gives thenames of the “editors” as “e p robinson, m d , and w a jenner, b a ” in addition, there is “assistant editor, f j geiger, ” and“gen’l manager, beverly k robinson ” the first and second numbersof therapeutic leaves february and march, 1921 are practicallyidentical, being evidently printed from the same plates therapeuticleaves purports to be a periodical published as “a medium for thedissemination of knowledge, pertaining to therapeusis ” actually, itis an advertising medium dealing with the products of the nationalbio-chemical laboratory. “osmo-calcic solution, ” “tekarkin” and“osmotic mangano-potassic solution ”these preparations are said to be the “formulas” of dr edward percyrobinson who lives in mt vernon, n y , and has an office at 452 fifthave , new york city they are used by dr robinson in the treatmentof cancer at an earlier stage they seem to have been known underdifferent names. “tekarkin” was first “hypotonic sal-cella” and then“neoanabolin-x;” “osmo-calcic solution” was “osmotonic calcic” while“osmotic mangano-potassic solution” was “osmotonic drops ” the threesolutions are put up in one package containing 4 c c about 65 minimsof “tekarkin” and 1 ounce each of the other preparations the packagesells for $10 00 “remittance with order we have no agents ”illustrationmost of the material in therapeutic leaves is a rehash of fourpapers published by edward percy robinson in the new york medicalrecord of various dates between september, 1917, and july, 1920 inthese robinson advances the theory that cancer is caused by an excessof sodium chlorid table salt in the blood and tissues and that itcan be cured by administering a solution of potassium nitrate such atreatment sounds ideally simple one might assume that all that wasnecessary was to make up a solution of potassium nitrate and inject it one might further wonder how it would be possible to commercialize sucha “treatment ” “homemade solutions, ” says dr robinson, “are apt to bedisappointing ” their use is likely to cause “considerable swelling atthe site of an injection, accompanied with tenderness and essay heat ”moreover, “a wide hyperemic area with red blotches has been observedin a number of instances ” in order to avoid “accidents of this sort”which would “bring discredit upon an excellent agent, ” dr robinson, “after considerable experimental work” has obtained “a solution of thischemical which would meet the ideal requirements ” this is availableunder the name “tekarkin ” dilute potassium nitrate solution sold underthe name “tekarkin” sells for $67 an ounce the physician can make hisown solution, of the purest and highest grade potassium nitrate on themarket, at an expense, for the chemical, not exceeding 5 cents an ounce therapeutic leaves also contains the usual number of those “clinicalreports” which bulk so large in the literature of “cures” for cancer then there is a full page advertisement of a side-line of the nationalbio-chemical laboratory. “vitamines compressed tekarkin brand;” “theyhave a meaty taste ”the medical profession, naturally, is interested in knowing more aboutthe physician who admits that he has discovered the cause and cure ofcancer according to our records, edward percy robinson was born in1871 and was graduated in 1897 by bellevue hospital medical college hewas licensed in new york state the same year and has practiced in newyork city continuously since that time he is not, and apparently neverhas been, a member of his local medical society in 1914 robinson was specializing in “facial contouring ” one piece ofadvertising purports to be the reprint of an interview with “dr e p robinson, specialist, as he sat in his office at 116 west 39th street, having questions fired at him by the reporter ” thus dr robinson. “there are physicians everywhere who abandon the general, or family, practice of medicine, to devote their life to essay specialty my specialty is the improvement of the facial features and the beautifying of the shoulders, neck and arms i round out hollow cheeks, build up the neck, eradicate wrinkles, make irregular noses perfect and remove defects by a process which is my own secret i claim no superhuman power or ability. I have simply bent my whole professional study and energy to the one line of remodeling-- so to speak-- the human features, and i employ only scientific methods and aids in my operations ”in another piece of advertising, a little booklet bearing edward percyrobinson name, we find the following. “this is what i accomplish “remove all wrinkles and traces of age from the forehead, or about the eyes and mouth lift sag from cheeks and chin “round out hollow cheeks “remove depressions and defects from the chin “build up the neck and shoulders “build up and enlarge the bust “round out and give symmetry to unshapely arms and remove the lines of age from the hands “correct thesis of the defects not mentioned here, but which may be possessed by exceptional paper ”illustration. Reproduction reduced of essay advertising matterissued in 1914 when edward percy robinson was specializing in “facialcontouring ”still another advertising leaflet purports to be a reprint of an“editorial” from the mercantile and financial times of march11, 1914 it is a pretentious puff of robinson, telling about his“scientific attainments” and his marvelous secret preparations usedin “youthifying the face ” the mercantile and financial times isan utterly discredited sheet run for the purpose of selling whatappear to be editorial comments such “editorial” puffs are paid forthrough the purchase of a certain number of copies of the paper bythe writingy who desires the publicity the associated advertising clubsof the world exposed this publication in a special bulletin issuedin june, 1919, and described it as an “example of publications thatserve as convenient tools of fake promoters ” in 1911 the mercantileand financial times published an “editorial” endorsement of theconsumption cure “nature creation ” it has done the same for a fakishdevice known as the “ideal sight restorer ” it published a puff on the“oxypathor, ” a swindle so preposterous that the exploitation of this“gaspipe” fake was debarred from the u s mails and its exploiter wassent to the federal penitentiary illustration. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | the jean downs co , | | new york | | | | my dear mrs downs, | | | | the package of your “get slim” remedy for obesity has | | been given to a patient of mine with beneficial results | | | | in observing the action of the remedy i noted no laxative | | effect on the bowels, or any disturbance of the stomach | | | | in fact there were no physical sensations that any | | remedy had been taken, and there was a very satisfactory | | reduction in weight | | | | “get slim” remedy, being a purely vegetable combination | | is not fraught with any risk to the individual health, | | and may be safely given | | | | i would not hesitate to prescribe it for a child | | suffering from obesity | | | | this statement is based on the fact that i am acquainted | | with the ingredients entering into its manufacture | | | | i would add that this remedy for obesity might be intro- | | duced to the regular physicians with essay advantage to | | you | | | | yours truly, | | e p robinson m d | | 1402 broadway | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - reproduction reduced of a testimonial for an obesity cure fake, “get slim ” the a m a chemists reported that this “vegetable combination” consisted of baking soda and pink-tinted tartaric acid and sugar we also find in our files a testimonial signed e p robinson, m d , 1402 broadway edward percy robinson address in 1912, extollingthe virtues of a foolish piece of quackery, the obesity cure “getslim ” this nostrum was exposed in the journal essay years ago andwas also exposed by dr wiley in good housekeeping the “get slim”concern sued good housekeeping for libel but a jury decided thatgood housekeeping had told the truth in the “get slim” testimonialrobinson is quoted as saying that he is “acquainted with theingredients entering into its manufacture” and he describes it, as didthe “get slim” concern, as “a purely vegetable combination ” the factis the association chemists found this “purely vegetable combination”to consist of sugar and tartaric acid, each colored pink, and bakingsoda and this is the gentleman who claims to have discovered the cause of, and offers for sale a cure for, one of the most baffling scourges knownto modern medicine-- cancer except for the articles that have beenpublished during the past three years in the medical record, we areunable to find anywhere in representative medical literature anythingto indicate that edward percy robinson can lay any claim to specialknowledge of, or skill in the treatment of, cancer what we do find areadvertisements describing edward percy robinson alleged abilitiesas a “face beautifier, ” puffs from utterly uncritical or discreditedsources and a testimonial to the value of a preposterous “fat cure”fake with the best brains of the world at work on the problem of cancer, itis reasonable to assume that any man who has found out even a littlemore than has previously been discovered or is able to accomplisheven a little better results than the average in the treatment of thisdreaded disease, would be well known to scientific medicine * * * * *after this article was in type physicians began sending in no 3 april, 1921 of therapeutic leaves this is still another reprintof nos 1 and 2, with minor changes in the first two, tekarkin isdescribed as “a solution of potassium nitrate of special strength;” inno 3 it becomes “a special solution containing potassium nitrate ”in nos 1 and 2, robinson described an alleged case of “cancer of therectum treated with tekarkin ” in no 3 this becomes “medicinaltreatment cures cancer of the rectum ” in no 3 the names of theeditors, assistant editor and general manager are eliminated illustrationthe inside back cover of no 3 contains an advertisement of tekarkin, in which physicians are warned that “cancer of the lung may presentdiagnostic signs of tuberculosis ” it contains the further startlinginformation that the writingicular micro-organism responsible forpulmonary tuberculosis is the klebs-loeffler bacillus!. thus.

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Respiration 50. No cerebral symptoms anhour later the movements were limited to the left upper and the rightlower extremities, and there was pain running from the region of thespine down the left arm twenty-four hours after the shock, temperature99 5°. Respiration 40. Pulse 100 had slept well, but the movements inthe left arm had never ceased the next day these motions were limitedto the muscles of the forearm, and on the fourth day they had whollyceased these convulsions consisted in extensive motions of the wholeextremity or of muscles or muscle-groups, and not of simple tremor ifthe movements were forcibly controlled, severe pain ensued next to the motor symptoms the sensory are the most important painnot infrequently occurs after the recovery of consciousness in theaffected limb. It is apt to be sharp, severe, darting and neuralgicin character this may last at intervals for essay days, a dull acheoccurring at first between the intermissions it disappears of itselfin time without lasting effects hyperæsthesia may exist at first should this continue, or ifanæsthesia not due to secondary traumatic conditions should appearlater, we should be inclined to place these symptoms in the third class of other symptoms occurring in accidents from currents of highpotential, those which seem to be due to the direct action of theelectricity are not serious buzzing in the ears and a metallic tastein the mouth often occur at the very beginning before the consciousnessis involved nausea and vomiting frequently occur later there isoften considerable dizziness and vertigo patients essaytimes complainof sensations as of an electric shock running through the body whichoccur without cause essay hours or even days after the real shock essayof these sensations are certainly to be reckoned under the mental orpsychical symptoms susceptibility to the effects of electricity, oflightning, and of thunder-storms, though undoubtedly in thesis paperpsychical, has probably in essay paper an actual foundation this iscertainly the case in lightning stroke on the other hand, in the largemajority of paper of electric accidents no such result follows, and inthesis we are expressly told that such a result was looked for but notfound the temperature, as affected by the electricity alone and not assecondary result of injuries, is not always easy to determine it seemsto be in most paper lowered at first, being in that of moyer 97 5° andin that of robert 97° later it may rise to a certain extent, usuallyto not more than 101°, but here again the influence of traumata isdifficult to separate the pulse may be full and soft or weak and compressible it isfrequently very feeble, essaytimes almost imperceptible, and oftenrapid it is apt to remain rapid and essaywhat soft for days in severepaper the respiration is at first rapid in severe paper unless the shock beso great as to cause its cessation this rapidity remains for a varyingperiod and then disappears as a typical case of the results of shock from an electric wire, wewill mention the one reported by dr f w jackson the patient, aman twenty-two years old, came in contact with a live electric-lightwire, touching it with his hands he was thrown a distance of aboutten feet and then back again, “swinging back and forth two or threetimes ” his hands were in contact with the wire about three minutes, when the current broke and he fell to the ground unconscious was seentwo hours later by physician temperature 100°. Pulse 100, strong andbounding. Pupils dilated. Headache. Nervous and irritable.