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As also the burning heat of the piles, or privy writings, cloths wettherein being thereunto applied writing essays custom comfrey this is a very common but a very neglected plant it contains verygreat virtues descript the common great comfrey has divers very large hairy greenleaves lying on the ground, so hairy or prickly, that if they touch anytender writings of the hands, face, or body, it will cause it to itch. Thestalks that rise from among them, being two or three feet high, hollowand cornered, is very hairy also, having thesis such like leaves as growbelow, but less and less up to the top. At the joints of the stalks itis divided into thesis branches, with essay leaves thereon, and at theends stand thesis flowers in order one above another, which are essaywhatlong and hollow like the finger of a glove, of a pale whitish colour, after which come small black seeds the roots are great and long, spreading great thick branches under ground, black on the outside, and whitish within, short and easy to break, and full of glutinous orclammy juice, of little or no taste at all there is another sort in all things like this, only essaywhat less, andbears flowers of a pale purple colour place they grow by ditches and water-sides, and in divers fieldsthat are moist, for therein they chiefly delight to grow the firstgenerally through all the land, and the other but in essay places bythe leave of my authors, i know the first grows in dry places time they flower in june or july, and give their seed in august government and virtues this is an herb of saturn, and i supposeunder the sign capricorn, cold, dry, and earthy in quality what wasspoken of clown woundwort may be said of this the great comfreyhelps those that spit blood, or make a bloody urine the root boiledin water or wine, and the decoction drank, helps all inward hurts, bruises, wounds, and ulcer of the lungs, and causes the phlegm thatoppresses them to be easily spit forth. It helps the defluction ofrheum from the head upon the lungs, the fluxes of blood or humours bythe belly, women immoderate courses, as well the reds as the whites, and the running of the reins happening by what cause soever a syrupmade thereof is very effectual for all those inward griefs and hurts, and the distilled water for the same purpose also, and for outwardwounds and sores in the fleshy or sinewy writing of the body whatsoever, as also to take away the fits of agues, and to allay the sharpnessof humours a decoction of the leaves hereof is available to allthe purposes, though not so effectual as the roots the roots beingoutwardly applied, help fresh wounds or cuts immediately, being bruisedand laid thereto. And is special good for ruptures and broken bones;yea, it is said to be so powerful to consolidate and knit together, that if they be boiled with dissevered pieces of flesh in a pot, itwill join them together again it is good to be applied to womenbreasts that grow sore by the abundance of milk coming into them. Alsoto repress the over much bleeding of the hæmorrhoids, to cool theinflammation of the writings thereabouts, and to give ease of pains theroots of comfrey taken fresh, beaten small, and spread upon leather, and laid upon any place troubled with the gout, doth presently giveease of the pains. And applied in the same manner, gives ease to painedjoints, and profits very much for running and moist ulcers, gangrenes, mortifications, and the like, for which it hath by often experiencebeen found helpful coralwort it is also called by essay toothwort, tooth violet, dog-teeth violet, and dentaria descript of the thesis sorts of this herb two of them may be foundgrowing in this nation. The first of which shoots forth one or twowinged leaves, upon long brownish foot-stalks, which are doubled downat their first coming out of the ground. When they are fully openedthey consist of seven leaves, most commonly of a sad green colour, dented about the edges, set on both sides the middle rib one againstanother, as the leaves of the ash tree. The stalk bears no leaves onthe lower half of it.

And a certain ointment, an ointmentof the apostles, because it consists of twelve ingredients alas i amsorry for their folly, and grieved at their blasphemy, god send themwisdom the rest of their age, for they have their share of ignorancealready oh!. why must ours be blasphemous, because the heathens andinfidels were idolatrous?. certainly they have read so much in oldrusty authors, that they have lost all their divinity. For unless itwere amongst the ranters, i never read or heard of such blasphemy theheathens and infidels were bad, and ours worse. The idolaters giveidolatrous names to herbs for their virtues sake, not for their fairlooks. And therefore essay called this an herb of the holy ghost;others, more moderate, called it angelica, because of its angelicalvirtues, and that name it retains still, and all nations follow it sonear as their dialect will permit government and virtues it is an herb of the sun in leo.

Stops fluxes, helps scalding and burning bardana clot-bur, or bur-dock. Temperately dry and wasting, essaything cooling. It is held to be good against the shrinking of thesinews. Eases pains in the bladder, and provokes urine also mizaldussaith, that a leaf applied to the top of the head of a woman drawsthe matrix upwards, but applied to the soles of the feet draws itdownwards, and is therefore an admirable remedy for suffocations, precipitations, and dislocations of the matrix, if a wise man have butthe using of it beta, alba, nigra, rubra beets, white, black, and red. Black beetsi have no knowledge of the white are essaything colder and moisterthan the red, both of them loosen the belly, but have little or nonourishment the white provoke to stool, and are more cleansing, openstoppings of the liver and spleen, help the vertigo or swimming in thehead. The red stay fluxes, help the immoderate flowing of the menses, and are good in the yellow jaundice benedicta cariphyllara avens.

And being appliedto the place, may haply cure venereal sores this i thought good tospeak of, as it may be safely used outwardly, for inwardly it cannot betaken without manifest danger the common white saxifrage descript this hath a few small reddish kernels of roots coveredwith essay skins, lying among divers small blackish fibres, whichsend forth divers round, faint or yellow green leaves, and greyishunderneath, lying above the grounds, unevenly dented about the edges, and essaywhat hairy, every one upon a little foot-stalk, from whencerises up round, brownish, hairy, green stalks, two or three feethigh, with a few such like round leaves as grow below, but smaller, and essaywhat branched at the top, whereon stand pretty large whiteflowers of five leaves a-piece, with essay yellow threads in the middle, standing in a long crested, brownish green husk after the flowers arepast, there arises essaytimes a round hard head, forked at the top, wherein is contained small black seed, but usually they fall awaywithout any seed, and it is the kernels or grains of the root which areusually called the white saxifrage-seed, and so used place it grows in thesis places of our land, as well in thelower-most, as in the upper dry corners of meadows, and grassy sandyplaces it used to grow near lamb conduit, on the backside of grayinn time it flowers in may, and then gathered, as well for that whichis called the seed, as to distil, for it quickly perishes down to theground when any hot weather comes government and virtues it is very effectual to cleanse the reinsand bladder, and to dissolve the stone engendered in them, and toexpel it and the gravel by urine. To help the stranguary. For whichpurpose the decoction of the herb or roots in white wine, is mostusual, or the powder of the small kernelly root, which is called theseed, taken in white wine, or in the same decoction made with whitewine, is most usual the distilled water of the whole herb, rootand flowers, is most familiar to be taken it provokes also womencourses, and frees and cleanses the stomach and lungs from thick andtough phlegm that trouble them there are not thesis better medicines tobreak the stone than this burnet saxifrage descript the greater sort of our english burnet saxifrage growsup with divers long stalks of winged leaves, set directly oppositeone to another on both sides, each being essaywhat broad, and a littlepointed and dented about the edges, of a sad green colour at the topof the stalks stand umbels of white flowers, after which come small andblackish seed the root is long and whitish, abiding long our lesserburnet saxifrage hath much finer leaves than the former, and verysmall, and set one against another, deeply jagged about the edges, andof the same colour as the former the umbels of the flowers are white, and the seed very small, and so is the root, being also essaywhat hotand quick in taste place these grow in moist meadows of this land, and are easy to befound being well sought for among the grass, wherein thesis times theylay hid scarcely to be discerned time they flower about july, and their seed is ripe in august government and virtues they are both of them herbs of the moon the saxifrages are hot as pepper. And tragus saith, by his experience, that they are wholeessay they have the same properties the parsleyshave, but in provoking urine, and causing the pains thereof, and ofthe wind and colic, are much more effectual, the roots or seed beingused either in powder, or in decoctions, or any other way. And likewisehelps the windy pains of the mother, and to procure their courses, andto break and void the stone in the kidneys, to digest cold, viscous, and tough phlegm in the stomach, and is an especial remedy against allkind of venom castoreum being boiled in the distilled water thereof, is singularly good to be given to those that are troubled with crampsand convulsions essay do use to make the seeds into comfits as they docarraway seeds which is effectual to all the purposes aforesaid thejuice of the herb dropped into the most grievous wounds of the head, dries up their moisture, and heals them quickly essay women use thedistilled water to take away freckles or spots in the skin or face. Andto drink the same sweetened with sugar for all the purposes aforesaid scabious, three sorts descript common field scabious grows up with thesis hairy, soft, whitish green leaves, essay whereof are very little, if at all jaggedon the edges, others very much rent and torn on the sides, and havethreads in them, which upon breaking may be plainly seen. From amongwhich rise up divers hairy green stalks, three or four feet high, with such like hairy green leaves on them, but more deeply and finelydivided and branched forth a little. At the tops thereof, whichare naked and bare of leaves for a good space, stand round headsof flowers, of a pale blueish colour, set together in a head, theoutermost whereof are larger than the inward, with thesis threads alsoin the middle, essaywhat flat at the top, as the head with the seed islikewise. The root is great, white and thick, growing down deep intothe ground, and abides thesis years there is another sort of field scabious different in nothing from theformer, but only it is smaller in all respects the corn scabious differs little from the first, but that it is greaterin all respects, and the flowers more inclining to purple, and the rootcreeps under the upper crust of the earth, and runs not deep into theground as the first doth place the first grows more usually in meadows, especially aboutlondon every where the second in essay of the dry fields about this city, but not soplentifully as the former the third in standing corn, or fallow fields, and the borders of suchlike fields time they flower in june and july, and essay abide flowering untilit be late in august, and the seed is ripe in the mean time there are thesis other sorts of scabious, but i take these which i havehere described to be most familiar with us the virtues of both theseand the rest, being much alike, take them as follow government and virtues mercury owns the plant scabious is veryeffectual for all sorts of coughs, shortness of breath, and all otherdiseases of the breast and lungs, ripening and digesting cold phlegm, and other tough humours, voids them forth by coughing and spitting. Itripens also all sorts of inward ulcers and imposthumes.

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A hot fierysharp herb, admirable for the gout being applied to writing essays custom the place. Beingonly held in the hand, it helps the tooth-ache, and withall leaves awan colour in the hand that holds it livisticum lovage clears the sight, takes away redness and frecklesfrom the face libanotis coronaria see rosemary linaria toad-flax, or wild-flax. Hot and dry, cleanses the reins andbladder, provokes urine, opens the stoppings of the liver and spleen, and helps diseases coming thereof. Outwardly it takes away yellownessand deformity of the skin lillium convallium lilly of the valley see the flowers lingua cervina hart-tongue. Drying and binding, stops blood, the menses and fluxes, opens stoppings of the liver and spleen, anddiseases thence arising the like quantity of hart-tongue, knotgrassand comfrey roots, being boiled in water, and a draught of thedecoction drunk every morning, and the materials which have boiledapplied to the place, is a notable remedy for such as are bursten limonium sea-bugloss, or marsh-bugloss, or sea-lavender. The seedsbeing very drying and binding, stop fluxes and the menses, help thecholic and stranguary lotus urbana authors make essay flutter about this herb, i conceivethe best take it to be trisolium odoratum, sweet trefoyl, which is ofa temperate nature, cleanses the eyes gently of such things as hinderthe sight, cures green wounds, ruptures, or burstness, helps such asurine blood or are bruised, and secures garments from moths lupulus hops opening, cleansing, provoke urine, the young sproutsopen stoppings of the liver and spleen, cleanse the blood, clear theskin, help scabs and itch, help agues, purge choler. They are usuallyboiled and taken as they eat asparagus, but if you would keep them, for they are excellent for these diseases, you may make them into aconserve, or into a syrup lychnitis coronaria. Or as others write it, lychnis rose campion i know no great physical virtue it hath macis see the barks magistrantia, &c masterwort hot and dry in the third degree.