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Moist, because that makes the body slippery andfit for ejection, and disposes it to it it is under the dominion ofluna, with whom you may join venus, because she is of the samenature also in whatsoever is before written, of the nature of the planets, take notice, that fixed stars of the same nature, work the same effect in fortifying this, which ought to be done in all purgations, letthe moon be in cancer, scorpio, or pisces, or let one of thesesigns ascend although i did what i could throughout the whole book to expressmyself in such a language write my paper for school as might be understood by all, and thereforeavoided terms of art as much as might be, yet, 1 essay words ofnecessity fall in which need explanation 2 it would be very tediousat the end of every receipt to repeat over and over again, the way ofadministration of the receipt, or ordering your bodies after it, or toinstruct you in the mixture of medicines, and indeed would do nothingelse but stuff the book full of tautology to answer to both these is my task at this time to the first. The words which need explaining, such as are obvious tomy eye, are these that follow 1 to distil in balneo mariæ, is the usual way of distillingin water it is no more than to place your glass body which holds thematter to be distilled in a convenient vessel of water, when the wateris cold for fear of breaking put a wisp of straw, or the like underit, to keep it from the bottom, then make the water boil, that so thespirit may be distilled forth. Take not the glass out till the water becold again, for fear of breaking. It is impossible for a man to learnhow to do it, unless he saw it done 2 manica hippocrates, hippocrates sleeve, is a piece of woolencloth, new and white, sewed together in form of a sugar-loaf its useis, to strain any syrup or decoction through, by pouring it into it, and suffering it to run through without pressing or crushing it 3 calcination, is a burning of a thing in a crucible or other suchconvenient vessel that will endure the fire a crucible is such a thingas goldsmiths melt silver in, and founders metals. You may place it inthe midst of the fire, with coals above, below, and on every side of it 4 filtrition, is straining of a liquid body through a brown paper:make up the paper in form of a funnel, the which having placed in afunnel, and the funnel and the paper in it in an empty glass, pour inthe liquor you would filter, and let it run through at its leisure 5 coagulation, is curdling or hardening. It is used in physic forreducing a liquid body to hardness by the heat of the fire 6 whereas you find vital, natural, and animal spirits oftenmentioned in the virtues or receipts, i shall explain what they be, andwhat their operation is in the body of man the actions or operations of the animal virtues, are, 1 sensitive, 2 motive the sensitive is, 1 external, 2 internal the external senses are, 1 seeing, 2 hearing, 3 tasting, 4 smelling, 5 feeling the internal senses are, 1 the imagination, to apprehend a thing 2 judgment, to judge of it 3 memory, to remember it the seat of all these is in the brain the vital spirits proceed from the heart, and cause in man mirth, joy, hope, trust, humanity, mildness, courage, &c andtheir opposite. Viz sadness, fear, care, sorrow, despair, envy, hatred, stubbornness, revenge, &c by heat natural ornot natural the natural spirit nourishes the body throughout as the vitalquickens it, and the animal gives it sense and motion its office is toalter or concoct food into chile, chile into blood, blood into flesh, to form, engender, nourish, and increase the body 7 infusion, is to steep a gross body into one more liquid 8 decoction, is the liquor in which any thing is boiled as for the manner of using or ordering the body after any sweating, or purging medicines, or pills, or the like, they will be found indifferent writings of the work, as also in the next page the different forms of making up medicines, as essay into syrups, others into electuaries, pills, troches, &c was writingly to pleasethe different palates of people, that so medicines might be moredelightful, or at least less burdenessay you may make the mixturesof them in what form you please, only for your better instruction atpresent, accept of these few lines 1 consider, that all diseases are cured by their contraries, but allwritings of the body maintained by their likes. Then if heat be the causeof the disease, give the cold medicine appropriated to it. If wind, seehow thesis medicines appropriated to that disease expel wind, and usethem 2 have a care you use not such medicines to one writing of your bodywhich are appropriated to another, for if your brain be over heated, and you use such medicines as cool the heart or liver, you may make badwork 3 the distilled water of any herb you would take for a disease, is afit mixture for the syrup of the same herb, or to make any electuaryinto a drink, if you affect such liquid medicines best. If you have notthe distilled water, make use of the decoction 4 diseases that lie in the writings of the body remote from the stomachand bowels, it is in vain to think to carry away the cause at once, andtherefore you had best do it by degrees.

Onboiling, the red precipitate with sulphuric acid, the precipitatevolatilized and could be condensed in a watch glass adding a pinch ofmanganese dioxid to the hot sulphuric acid mixture caused an evolutionof iodin fumes a small amount of powdered syphilodol tablets wasplaced in the write my paper for school sunlight. They turned from yellow to black all thesereactions are typical of mercurous iodid-- yellow iodid of mercury mercury, silver, arsenic, antimonyi mercury -- two methods were used to determine the mercury. a1 4535 gm of powdered syphilodol was treated with 10 c c of a 50 percent sodium sulphid solution the solution was then transferred withwashings about 20 c c to a cathode cup, previously weighed with itscontained mercury the mercury compound was electrolyzed by a currentof about 8 volts and 3 amperes, using a rotating anode the solution and essay sulphur suspension was removed by siphon, pouring in wateruntil the amperage of the current was close to zero u s p , ix, p 587 the increased weight in mercury was 0 1612 gm ii to serve as a check on the foregoing method, mercury was alsodetermined in the following method, which also allowed systematic testsfor silver, antimony and arsenic b 1 1023 gm of the sample wasplaced in an erlenmeyer flask, 50 c c of water, 50 c c of sodiumhydroxid solution 10 per cent and 20 c c of formaldehyd solution, u s p , added the solution was boiled for ten minutes and maintainedat temperature of steam bath for two hours this reduces the mercurysalt to mercury and any silver salt to silver. Antimony would probablybe likewise reduced the precipitated mercury was transferred bywater, and concentrated nitric acid added the nitric acid solutionis boiled to oxidize all mercurous nitrate to mercuric nitrate asmall white precipitate was obtained at this point which seemed to beinsoluble in aqua regia calcium sulphate the filtrate from thisprecipitate, which was washed well, was tested with one or two dropsof dilute hydrochloric acid and a faint precipitate formed. This wasfiltered off through extra fine filter paper and washed repeatedly thepaper and precipitate was heated with potassium cyanid solution overnight, filtered and the filtrate electrolyzed in a platinum dish theincrease in weight of the dish was 0 00018 gm , or 0 001 per cent intothe platinum dish essay nitric acid was poured, then diluted, and a dropof hydrochloric acid added a turbidity was produced which cleared onthe addition of excess of ammonium hydroxid solution silver thefiltrate from the nitric acid treatment was electrolyzed, this time ina platinum dish, and the liquid carefully removed, washed carefullywith redistilled alcohol and ether the mercury, which could be seeneasily by the naked eye, weighed 0 1200 gm , equivalent to 10 89 percent of mercury iii arsenic and antimony -- about 3 gm of the powdered specimen wasdigested with sulphuric acid in a kjeldahl flask one-half portion which was evaporated almost to dryness and treated with 5 c c ofconcentrated hydrochloric acid was submitted to treatment withhydrogen sulphid, diluted, and saturated with hydrogen sulphid theprecipitate was treated in the usual manner of the group separationwith warm ammonium sulphid solution the filtrate from this treatmentwas acidulated with hydrochloric acid, the precipitate removed, andtreated with concentrated hydrochloric acid the substance insolublein hydrochloric acid was treated with more concentrated hydrochloricacid and a crystal of potassium chlorate the solution was tested afterthe gutzeit method of the pharmacopeia ix, for arsenic a very smallamount was indicated the hydrogen sulphid test was not indicative thesolution which might contain the antimony was tested with hydrogensulphid in one case only was a slight orange coloration produced noantimony was deposited on platinum foil in the presence of granulatedzinc these tests were run in triplicate iodid -- iodid was determined by the carius method a 0 7412 gm yielded 0 1112 gm silver iodid, equivalent to 8 09 per cent. b0 5319 gm yielded 0 0751 gm , equivalent to 7 80 per cent the iodidand mercury were in proportions comparable to mercurous iodid ash -- a 0 9159 gm when ignited to constant weight yielded0 0232 gm , equivalent to 2 52 per cent ash. b 1 3008 gm treatedwith water and the residue filtered on a gooch filter and ignited the ash of the residue was 2 51 per cent the mercurous iodidvolatilized the ash was calcium sulphate sucrose -- 1 3008 gm of the sample was treated with water andfiltered by suction through a gooch crucible the filtrate and washingwere carefully transferred to 500 c c volumetric flask, and allowed tostand one week. 50 c c portions were used to determine sugar accordingto the daufresne-oullivan method the weights of cupric oxid averaged210 mg , or 72 per cent ether soluble material -- 1 6998 gm of the powdered specimen wasextracted with ether and the ether extract evaporated to dryness theresidue weighed 0 0600 gm , equivalent to 3 53 per cent syphilodol ampuleswater -- the liquid from one ampule was distilled over very carefully the freezing point of the liquid was 0 1 c , and it was neutral tomethyl orange and phenolphthalein arsenic -- the contents of one ampule was placed in a small florenceflask, 20 c c of concentrated sulphuric acid added and heated to70 c.

In view write my paper for school of these considerations the council voted that the followingproprietary products be omitted from the next edition of n n r. Glycerole of lecithin lecibrin lecithin solution lecithol neuro-lecithin-abbottand that the general article on “lecithin preparations” be transferredto the annual council reports as a matter of record the report was submitted to the manufacturers their replies wereevidently based on commercial consideration, and called for nomodification in the report the referee recommended that the preceding report be published togetherwith the following extracts from the replies of the manufacturers:from armour and company. “we are selling a good deal of lecithol and it seems to be giving satisfactory results in essay quarters we shall continue to advertise lecithol along the lines we have employed heretofore ”from the abbott laboratories. “we can assure you of our confidence in the therapeutic value of neuro-lecithin this has been attested by the reports of favorable results sent us by thesis physicians, as well as by the periodical literature of the last few years which contains a considerable number of very encouraging references to lecithin therapy ”from fairchild bros & foster.

Fig 2 -- records of carotid blood pressure and flow ofpancreatic juice on intravenous injection of secretin prepared write my paper for school by usaccording to the beveridge method x, injection of 10 c c of thesecretin. B, record of flow of pancreatic juice in drops tracinga, the 10 c c of beveridge secretin injected had been digested forfive minutes with 3 c c of human gastric juice tracing b, injectionof 10 c c of the same secretin preparation not subjected to gastricdigestion showing rapid and complete destruction of beveridgesecretin by human gastric juice it will be seen that the rate of deterioration oxidation ordecomposition of the secretin is practically the same whether preparedaccording to bayliss and starling or according to beveridge figure 3 in both preparations the rate of deterioration is most rapid the firstfew days after preparation it is scarcely necessary to point out thatsecretin preparations not kept constantly at low temperature and in thedark, as in the above experiments, will deteriorate more rapidly illustration. Fig 3 -- records of carotid blood pressure and flow ofpancreatic juice on intravenous injection of secretin preparations x, injection of 10 c c secretin. B, record of flow of pancreaticjuice in drops tracing a, secretin prepared according to thebeveridge method september 30 i, injection of 10 c c october 2 ii, injection of 10 c c november 30 tracing b, secretin preparedby the bayliss-starling method september 30 iii, injection of10 c c october 2. Iv, injection of 10 c c november 30 showing nogreater stability of beveridge secretion over that of bayliss andstarling why can we hope that the addition of serum or any solution of proteinwill render secretin more stable?. in the intact man or animal undernormal conditions of digestion, secretin reaches the pancreas by wayof the blood, that is, it is in solution in blood does that factrender the secretin stable?.

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Comp rend acad d sc , july 7, 1873 113 fragner. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 114 scherer. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 more recently huët115 tested the effects of theinhardt hygiamalactogene on four lactating women this preparation is said to becomposed of hygiama, 116 galega and anise analysis showed that itcontains albumins, fat, soluble and insoluble carbohydrates, saltsand water huët could not observe any influence from the use of thispreparation, either on the quantity or on the composition of the milksecreted 115 huët. Nederlandsch tijdschr v geneesk 1:1353-1370, 1914 116 hygiama is said to be a food consisting of condensed milk, with fatless cocoa and cereals added to it encyclopedia and dictionary ofmedicine and surgery, 1907 nutrolactis117 is a commercial preparation sold by the nutrolactiscompany of new york at $1 a bottle the label states that it contains5 per cent of alcohol. That it contains fluid extracts of the familyof “galactagogic plants, ” and that it is intended to “increase thesupply of mother milk ” it is recommended to maintain “quality andquantity until the end of normal lactation ” nutrolactis is alsorecommended for a mother debilitated by lactation it is claimed that“nutrolactis does not force the secretion of milk but merely assistssuch secretion ” years ago millbank118 reported good results from theuse of nutrolactis after more than a year use he concluded that itwas more satisfactory than any other lactagogue hitherto employed byhim, which is not saying very much, as specific lactagogues are as yetunknown nutrolactis is still 1916 extensively advertised in variousmedical journals as a lactagogue 117 the north dakota agricultural experiment station has recentlypublished bulletin 22, 1915, p 386 a complete chemical analysisof nutrolactis it contains only 0 60 per cent solids includingstrychnin and emodin it has a bitter taste the alcohol content was3 5 per cent the report concludes. “a little strychnin, a littlealcohol, and a little laxative is about all there is to cause anincrease in the milk secretion ”118 millbank. New york m j 50:544, 1889 methods of investigationthe alleged lactagogue action of galega and nutrolactis was testedon lactating dogs and goats in these animals the psychic factors, or suggestion, are largely eliminated if the results had beenpositive or had indicated lactagogue action, the test would have beenextended to nursing women the puppies and kids were weighed beforeand after nursing and a record kept of the amount of milk obtained ateach nursing the animals nursing from three to five times daily the mothers were fed with varying doses of the drugs, and the milkyield compared with that of a control period during which no drugswere administered an effort was made to keep the conditions of theexperiments uniform throughout the galega was ground and mixed with the food the nutrolactis wasmixed with food given by the stomach tube, or in essay paper with aspoon galega was tested on two goats and nutrolactis on one goat andnine dogs the results are given herewith:galega goat 1. Control period, 1, 600 gm , milk av daily yield for 7 days galega period 30 gm galega mixed with oats, 860 gm , milk av daily yield for 8 days kids weaned at end of period goat 2. Control period, 1, 161 gm milk av daily yield for 9 days galega period 30 gm galega mixed with oats, 860 gm milk av daily yield for 8 days 25 gm galega in same way, 810 gm milk av daily yield for 10 days control period, 896 gm milk av daily yield for 6 days nutrolactis goat 3. Control period, 896 gm milk av daily yield for 6 days nutrolactis period 30 c c nutrolactis mixed with oats, 658 gm milk av daily yield for 9 days control period, 666 gm milk av daily yield for 5 days dog 1. Control period, 176 gm milk av daily yield for 7 days nutrolactis period 8 c c nutrolactis by stomach tube, 55 gm milk av daily yield for 12 days dog 2.