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“your inquiry relative to my isolation and classification of the germ of anemia received “i herein enclose my paper published in august in the central magazine of bacteriology “i have succeeded in immunizing goats against the germ therein described five thousand injections of the serum have been given three hundred paper diagnosed as anemia and chlorosis were treated under observation six paper of pernicious anemia were observed under treatment all responded favorably “the serum is at your disposal from my laboratory here for the use of your physician the price is five dollars for twelve ampoules each containing 1 ccm , the amount of one injection “the treatment consists of intramuscular injection every second day accompanied with a nitrogenous free diet, preferably milk diet your attending physician should very easily give them ”just what rahtjen serum is we do not know nor have we been ableto find any information on the subject in any write my essay wiki available medicalliterature in fact, a rather careful search of american medicalliterature for essay years past fails to reveal any article by rahtjenon any subject philip rahtjen is not a physician in the propaganda files is acircular issued in 1917 by the “rahtjen tuberculosis sanatorium” of sanfrancisco, calif this exploits “the rahtjen cure for tuberculosis” andtells of “the discovery of dr philip rahtjen ” the circular statesthat. “dr rahtjen studied in heidelberg, berlin, munich, marburg, and rostock, gerthesis, from which latter school in 1904, he graduated in chemical pathology as doctor of philosophy he became assistant professor of pathology at the imperial biological station at heligoland, and was later appointed assistant to dr piorkowsky, head of the deutsche schutz und heilserum gesellschaft ”the same circular summarizes the potentialities of “rahtjen cure fortuberculosis” thus. “the remedy seems to cure tuberculosis in all its forms with equal celerity and certainty the evidences indicate that it does not matter how far the disease has progressed, if there be tissue of the attacked organ remaining sufficient to sustain life, the disease can be wholly eradicated and the patient restored to health this is indicated alike in tuberculosis of the lungs, of the throat, of the bladder, of the kidneys ”the booklet stated further that patients might be treated at one of twoplaces. At the offices of the sanatorium in the city of san francisco, or at the sanatorium itself near glenwood the cost of treatment atthe sanatorium was to be $1, 000, which would entitle “the patientto residence and attention there for four months ” according to theleaflet, “this is regarded as a period sufficient to restore thepatient to health whatever be the stage of his disease.

The right eye ofa man, and the left eye write my essay wiki of a woman the sun claims dominion over. Theleft eye of a man, and the right eye of a woman, are privileges of themoon, wormwood, an herb of mars cures both. What belongs to the sunby sympathy, because he is exalted in his house. But what belongs tothe moon by antipathy, because he hath his fall in hers suppose a manbe bitten or stung by a martial creature, imagine a wasp, a hornet, a scorpion, wormwood, an herb of mars, gives you a present cure. Thatmars, choleric as he is, hath learned that patience, to pass by yourevil speeches of him, and tells you by my pen, that he gives you noaffliction, but he gives you a cure. You need not run to apollo, noræsculapius. And if he was so choleric as you make him to be, he wouldhave drawn his sword for anger, to see the ill conditions of thesepeople that can spy his vices, and not his virtues the eternal god, when he made mars, made him for public good, and the sons of men shallknow it in the latter end of the world et cælum mars solus babet you say mars is a destroyer. Mix a little wormwood, an herb of mars, with your ink, neither rats nor mice touch the paper written with it, and then mars is a preserver astrologers think mars causes scabs anditch, and the virgins are angry with him, because wanton venus toldthem he deforms their skins. But, quoth mars, my only desire is, theyshould know themselves.

After which come small blackish berries, full ofjuice while they are fresh, wherein is small hard kernels, or seed the root doth creep under the upper crust of the ground, springing indivers places, being of the bigness of one finger or thumb essaytimes place the elder-tree grows in hedges, being planted there tostrengthen the fences and writingitions of ground, and to hold the banksby ditches and water-courses the dwarf elder grows wild in thesis places of england, where being oncegotten into a ground, it is not easily gotten forth again time most of the elder trees, flower in june, and their fruit isripe for the most writing in august but the dwarf elder, or wall-wort, flowers essaywhat later, and his fruit is not ripe until september government and virtues both elder and dwarf tree are under thedominion of venus the first shoots of the common elder boiled likeasparagus, and the young leaves and stalks boiled in fat broth, dothmightily carry forth phlegm and choler the middle or inward barkboiled in water, and given in drink, works much more violently. Andthe berries, either green or dry, expel the same humour, and are oftengiven with good success to help the dropsy. The bark of the root boiledin wine, or the juice thereof drank, works the same effects, but morepowerfully than either the leaves or fruit the juice of the roottaken, doth mightily procure vomitings, and purges the watery humoursof the dropsy the decoction of the root taken, cures the biting ofan adder, and biting of mad dogs it mollifies the hardness of themother, if women sit thereon, and opens their veins, and brings downtheir courses. The berries boiled in wine perform the same effect. Andthe hair of the head washed therewith is made black the juice of thegreen leaves applied to the hot inflammations of the eyes, assuagesthem. The juice of the leaves snuffed up into the nostrils, purgesthe tunicles of the brain. The juice of the berries boiled with honeyand dropped into the ears, helps the pains of them. The decoction ofthe berries in wine, being drank, provokes urine.

The herb itself, when the seed is not to behad either boiled, or the juice thereof drank, is effectual to allthe purposes aforesaid, but not so powerful or speedy in operation gooseberry bush called also feapberry, and in sussex dewberry-bush, and in essaycounties wineberry government and virtues they are under the dominion of venus theberries, while they are unripe, being scalded or baked, are good tostir up a fainting or decayed appetite, especially such whose stomachsare afflicted by choleric humours. They are excellently good to staylongings of women with child you may keep them preserved with sugarall the year long the decoction of the leaves of the tree cools hotdwellings and inflammations. As also st anthony fire the ripegooseberries being eaten, are an excellent remedy to allay the violentheat both of the stomach and liver the young and tender leaves breakthe stone, and expel gravel both from the kidneys and bladder allthe evil they do to the body of man is, they are supposed to breedcrudities, and by crudities, worms winter-green descript this sends forth seven, eight, or nine leaves from a smallbrown creeping root, every one standing upon a long foot stalk, whichare almost as broad as long, round pointed, of a sad green colour, andhard in handling, and like the leaf of a pear-tree. From whence arisesa slender weak stalk, yet standing upright, bearing at the top thesissmall white sweet-smelling flowers, laid open like a star, consistingof five round pointed leaves, with thesis yellow threads standing in themiddle about a green head, and a long stalk with them, which in timegrows to be the seed-vessel, which being ripe is found five square, with a small point at it, wherein is contained seed as small as dust place it grows seldom in fields, but frequent in the woodsnorthwards, viz in yorkshire, lancashire, and scotland time it flowers about june and july government and virtues winter-green is under the dominion ofsaturn, and is a singularly good wound herb, and an especial remedyfor healing green wounds speedily, the green leaves being bruisedand applied, or the juice of them a salve made of the green herbstamped, or the juice boiled with hog lard, or with salad oil andwax, and essay turpentine added to it, is a sovereign salve, and highlyextolled by the germans, who use it to heal all manner of wounds andsores the herb boiled in wine and water, and given to drink to themthat have any inward ulcers in their kidneys, or neck of the bladder, doth wonderfully help them it stays all fluxes, as the lask, bloodyfluxes, women courses, and bleeding of wounds, and takes away anyinflammations rising upon pains of the heart. It is no less helpfulfor foul ulcers hard to be cured.

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bar steward!. bring me a bottle of whiskey, quick!. " i could hear him mumbling. "you don't get me into a life-boat without a bottle of essaything to keep me warm " this same man lost his trousers while climbing out of the life-boat onto the wolf when the hitachi was first captured essaybody sent him a package a few days afterwards containing an old pair of suspenders, and i think that "father" would have murdered the sender if he could have found out who it was i have often regretted that the sender did not enclose lieut rose's calling card just about the time i reached the deck there was an order given from the bridge of the wolf in a very disgusted voice, which was shortly followed by a very choice assortment of cuss words, essay of which were in english i looked to the westward and saw that our rescuing cruiser was only a cloud, and at that time was about five degrees up from the horizon later on i kidded essay of the german officers about it, and they each passed the blame on to essaybody else. But just as this cloud had fooled me it had fooled them as well "father" cross, however, averred that he knew what it was all the time, and that it was only a "sandy" on his writing to get an extra bottle of whiskey on october 7th both ships sailed from the maldive islands, the wolf going in search of a vessel loaded with coal, so that both wolf and hitachi could fill their bunkers with coal which would enable them to get "home" to gerthesis we on the hitachi loafed along at a slow speed in a southwesterly direction, meeting the wolf again on the 19th, when we both steamed to the chagos archipelago, arriving there on october 20th, when we both tied up together and dropped anchor during this time the wolf had not been able to pick up a vessel, but the "bird" came back one day from an observation trip and reported a large steamer essay 180 miles distant. Later in the day she again went up and reported this steamer to be a big b b liner of about 16, 000 tons, and that she was equipped with 4 or 5 big guns needless to say, the wolf wasn't looking for anything that could bite back, so the commander decided to pass her up, and, returning to the chagos group, take the balance of the hitachi's coal and provisions on board the wolf and sink the hitachi, relying on getting another steamer in the atlantic to furnish him with enough coal to complete his voyage it was during this cruise that mr johnson, second officer on my vessel, died on board the wolf from heart trouble so they reported to me the germans gave him a burial at sea with full naval honours, capt oleson, of the american schooner encore, reading the burial service, the commander and his officers standing by in full dress uniforms the corpse was covered with an american flag and launched overboard from under the muzzle of one of the cannon burialthe burial of a johnson, second officer of the american bark "beluga, " who died on the "wolf" before shifting all the prisoners from the hitachi to the wolf, essay arrangement for accommodation had to be made the germans cleaned out and fitted up no 3 hold between decks for the ex-passengers of the hitachi and also for the japanese crew, a total of 170 odd persons iron berths were taken from the hitachi along with washstands and other furnishings. And one corner of this "glory hole" was set aside for the whites and the fittings installed there the japs had wooden bunks built in the opposite corner for them, and rough wooden tables were knocked together for all hands to eat from and to play cards on also one of the pianos from the hitachi was installed there to the best of my knowledge this piano was never played, and my chief mate, mr buckard, who was quartered there, used the top of the piano to keep his clothes in, while the cover of the keyboard was used as a kind of mantelpiece or shelf by all hands the whole place below was lighted by three clusters of electric light, at night, and three fans were installed and the whole given a coating of white paint the ventilation down below was very poor, and it was tough on the white men being forced to breathe this air as it was full of all kinds of oriental odours, and no doubt also oriental germs a couple of armed sentinels were on guard below, continually, and also four on deck in the immediate vicinity of the hatch, at such times when the german crew were not at their almost continual gun drill and practice. At which times all hands were chased below, as also on the appearance of any vessel the greatest hardship these men had to contend with was the lack of drinking water, as there seemed to be an unequal division of it between the japs and the whites, with the latter getting the worst of it immense quantities of iron piping and pipe fittings were taken from the hitachi to be used later in fitting the prisoners' quarters under the poop and in no 3 hatch, with heaters against the cold weather that was to be encountered before they finally reached gerthesis auction bridge, poker and a german game called "mussel" were the favourite card games and the stakes were very small. One pfennig ante and five pf limit considering that it takes 100 pfennigs to make 25 cents, nobody won or lost a fortune, although on several occasions diplomatic relations were temporarily severed between essay of the players it was laughable, for instance, to hear an australian chap named mcenally, who is very well off, owning plantations and big manufacturing concerns, squabbling over who would shy a penny in the pot taking it all in all, these men, amongst whom were essay splendid fellows, adapted themselves to conditions as only the britisher and the american can writing threebound for gerthesis the rescueon november 7th, the transfer of cargo being complete, and everything movable or floatable on the hitachi being secured so that it would not float off when she sunk and leave any trace to make a passing steamer suspicious, we steamed out well clear of the chagos islands and at 1:30 p m the hitachi maru was bombed she sank in 29 minutes we on the wolf were quite close to the hitachi maru and could see everything very clearly first the "bombing squad" were very busy placing their bombs. Two amidships and one each in no 1 hatch forward and no 2 hatch, aft the fuses from these bombs were all led on to the deck and brought to one centre after everything was in readiness and all of the men, excepting the mine lieutenant, were in the launch, the lieutenant lighted the fuse and ran for the boat usually the fuses are set for 12 minutes, which gives the launch ample time to get away we all stood there gazing intently at the steamer, expecting every minute to see the explosion the twelve minutes' wait in a case of this kind seems nearer half an hour suddenly there was a dull boom sound, and the water was convulsed, and smoke from the burnt powder appeared and that was all, as the explosions all take place below the water line the vessel sinks very rapidly at first, and in the case of the hitachi maru, the vessel settled evenly.