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That whichgrows on flax, is excellent for agues in young children, strengthensweak stomachs, purgeth choler, provokes urine, opens stoppings inthe reins and bladder that which grows upon nettles, provokes urineexceedingly the way of using it is to boil it in white wine, orother convenient decoction, and boil it very where to buy research papers cheap little ætias, mesue, actuarius, serapio, avincena eruch rocket, hot and dry in the third degree, being eaten alone, causeth head-ache, by its heat procures urine galen eupatorium see ageratum euphragia eyebright is essaything hot and dry, the very sight of itrefresheth the eyes. Inwardly taken, it restores the sight, and makesold men eyes young, a dram of it taken in the morning is worth apair of spectacles, it comforts and strengthens the memory, outwardlyapplied to the place, it helps the eyes filix fœmina } filicula, polypidium } see the roots filipendula }malahathram indian-leaf, hot and dry in the second degree, comfortsthe stomach exceedingly, helps digestion, provokes urine, helpsinflammations of the eyes, secures cloaths from moths fæniculum fennel, encreaseth milk in nurses, provokes urine, breaksthe stone, easeth pains in the reins, opens stoppings, breaks wind, provokes the menses. You may boil it in white wine fragaria strawberry leaves, are cold, dry, and binding, a singularremedy for inflammations and wounds, hot diseases in the throat. Theystop fluxes and the terms, cool the heat of the stomach, and theinflammations of the liver the best way is to boil them in barleywater fraxinus, &c ash-trees, the leaves are moderately hot and dry, curethe bitings of adders, and serpents. They stop looseness, and stayvomiting, help the rickets, open stoppages of the liver and spleen fumaria fumitory. Cold and dry, it opens and cleanses by urine, helps such as are itchy, and scabbed, clears the skin, opens stoppingsof the liver and spleen, helps rickets, hypochondriac melancholy, madness, frenzies, quartan agues, loosens the belly, gently purgethmelancholy, and addust choler. Boil it in white wine, and take this onegeneral rule all things of a cleansing or opening nature may be mostcommodiously boiled in white wine remember but this, and then i neednot repeat it galega goat-rue. Temperate in quality, resists poison, killsworms, helps the falling-sickness, resists the pestilence you may takea dram of it at a time in powder galion ladies-bed straw. Dry and binding, stanches blood, boiled inoil, the oil is good to anoint a weary traveller. Inwardly it provokesvenery gentiana see the root genista brooms.

“experience having shown that essaymetal colloids under certain conditions not yet fully understood havethe tendency to break down after a certain period” u s patent no 1, 116, 247 phenol, it is claimed has a tendency to counteract thisdecomposition, and the patent covers the use of phenol for this purpose it is difficult to see how phenol could possibly have such action infact, it where to buy research papers cheap obviously does not, for a number of the samples of collosolssubmitted to the council had separated for instance, “collosolhydrargyrum” was not a colloidal solution at all, but a suspensionof a coarse powder the ampules of “collosol ferrum” contained aconsiderable quantity of flocculent precipitate if either of thesepreparations were injected intravenously as directed, death mightresult, making the physician morally if not legally liable the recklessness of the claims is further illustrated by the advicethat these indefinite mixtures of poisonous metals can be injected inunlimited quantities thus, henry crookes stated chemical news, may 7, 1914, p 218 that collosols “contain so small a proportion ofmetal, viz , 1 in 2000, that even a poisonous body like arsenic can beused with impunity ” he stated that they may be applied as a lotion, intramuscular or intravenous injection, and that “one pint or more canbe injected intravenously ”in the case of “collosol cocain, ” as was brought out in the councilreport published in the journal, april 12, 1919, the manufacturers haveadmitted that the product is not what they have claimed-- and stillclaim-- for it the report of the a m a chemical laboratory showedthat “collosol cocain, ” instead of containing 1 per cent cocain asclaimed, contained, in fact, at most not more than 0 4 per cent cocain the report of the a m a chemical laboratory on the collosol productswas sent by the council to the new york office of the anglo-french drugco , ltd , in duplicate in order to facilitate reference to the londonoffice this was essay months ago the information which the councilrequested has not yet been received, nor has the anglo-french drug co , ltd , indicated its intention of supplying such information on theother hand, claims to which specific objection have been made, continueto appear in current advertising accordingly, the council authorizespublication of this report, and declares the collosol preparationspreviously named ineligible to new and nonofficial remedies additional notes on collosol evidencein addition to the preceding the following notes of the referee on theevidence so far submitted were sent to the anglo-french drug company, ltd , for consideration:collosol iodine. The leaflet which describes collosol iodine containsclaims that are improbable, not in accord with accepted facts norsubstantiated by evidence. For instance. “this preparation contains iodine in its most active form ” “the disadvantages of ‘iodism’ and nausea frequently associated with iodides never occur with collosol iodine ” “in the case of colloidal iodine the whole of the iodine is absorbed and enters into molecular combination with protein to form an iodo-amino acid and exerts a reducing action on the lipoids producing a different condition of the blood-- hence the use of iodine as an ‘alterative’ ” “intravenously the action of collosol iodine is more rapid in paper of pyemia thus showing its absolute non-toxicity ” “‘per se’ colloidal iodine is only slightly parasitotropic and bacteriotropic but micro-organisms are very greatly influenced by its action, and not only is the effect of a subsequently administered remedy greatly increased but also the insoluble colloidal protein of serum itself is reduced to smaller writingicles, thus increasing its surface and adsorptive capacity and consequent germicidal power in essay paper the serum, thus aided, is enabled to throw off a milk microbial invasion the above action can be readily demonstrated ‘in vitro’ by means of the ultramicroscope ” “in cancer, the intravenous injection of collosol iodine relieves pain, even where large dosage of morphine is ineffective ” “in rheumatism the ionic method of treatment with collosol iodine is strongly advised ” “in recovery from alcoholism the internal administration of collosol iodine restores the normal condition of cell activity, ensuring rapid recovery ”collosol hydrargyrum. This is said to be a preparation of colloidalmercury and would therefore be similar to electromercurol new andnonofficial remedies, 1919, p 167 colloidal mercury preparationshave been used to essay extent. They appear to have no decidedadvantage over other, noncolloidal, mercury compounds they differsufficiently from them, however, to justify acceptance for new andnonofficial remedies, providing that reasonable claims are made forthem the leaflet advertising collosol hydrargyrum contains statementsthat cannot be accepted and require thorough revision to make themacceptable the following are instances. “although-- especially locally-- the action of mercurials is markedly antiseptic, when taken internally or injected, it has been stated by essay of the best known authorities, that their action is rather to increase the natural resisting power of the body to disease, probably because of stimulation of the oxidases ” with the soluble mercurials “considerable upset of the normal cell conditions of the tissues ensues whilst these soluble salts are being converted to a condition in which the body can make use of them ” “the colloidal state is stated by essay authorities in the case of mercury to be invariably precedent to absorption with the usual forms of mercury the danger of too great a dose per cell is considerable, but in the case of colloidal mercury, the diffusion is extremely rapid and chemical affinity low hence the danger to the individual leucocyte is minimized and the maximum effect obtained ” “ absence of pain is usual in the administration of colloidal preparations and is due to their isomorphism with the colloidal lipoid and protein of the tissues and body fluids ” “according to mcdonagh, mercury acts as an oxidizing agent and that the process of oxidation is more effective in the early stages of syphilis in producing the death of the causal organism ”collosol manganese. The circular submitted to the referee isa reprint of a paper by sir malcolm morris on “the treatment offurunculosis and other deep-seated coccogenic infections by collosolmanganese ” it reports four paper of furunculosis, each of whichcleared up after the intramuscular injection of a few doses of collosolmanganese the author seems to attribute the cure to the manganesebut the evidence is not convincing even the author admits that, inthe treatment of furunculosis in general “when at last the dismalprocession ends, this often appears to be less the result of treatmentthan because the disease has run its natural course ” unless muchbetter evidence is in existence, the preparation must be consideredto conflict with rule 6, which requires therapeutic claims to besubstantiated collosol argentum. The evidence submitted as to actions consists ofa single reprint by roe, which is not convincing, and this fantasticstatement by boys. “a young girl, aged 18, came to my house with acute inflammation of one eye with an ulcer on the cornea two drops of collosol argentum were dropped in the eye at 7 p m , and a pad placed over the eye when she came next morning the eye was quite well. The ulcer had disappeared, and there was no inflammation ”there is no evidence that this preparation acts as catalyzer andassists the natural resisting bodies of the tissues.

Carotid artery denuded to observe its where to buy research papers cheap action in fifteen seconds, blood nearly black. Four and one-quarter minutes, no pulsation in carotids. Five and one-half minutes, no respiratory movement. Six minutes, heart-beat ceased, except feeble contraction of auricles, which continued till twenty-first minute third horse. In five minutes respiration ceased. Tracheotomy performed, but there was no attempt to breathe. Eight minutes, heart ceased to beat similar results were obtained in ruminants and in small animals, except that the larger animals lived longer than the smaller faure735 made the following experiment on a large dog he tied a cord tightly round its neck. For fifty-five seconds it was quiet, then suddenly it became agitated, threw itself against the wall, rolled on the ground, twisted itself. Bloody mucus escaped from the nose and mouth. The teeth were ground together. Urine and fæces were passed the efforts at respiration became very rapid it fell dead at the end of three and one-half minutes the symptoms of strangulation in the human subject resemble closelythose just described as occurring in the dog the first or preliminary stage lasts a variable time, according to thesuddenness and completeness with which the access of air is prevented;it lasts until there is a demand for the air in a case of homicide, injuries may be inflicted on the victim in this stage which may have animportant bearing on the cause of death blows on the head may causeunconsciousness, or even apoplexy. Upon the stomach, may cause syncope;stab-wounds may tend to cause death from hemorrhage the second stage begins with the demand for air and lasts tillunconsciousness supervenes it is characterized by frantic efforts tobreathe, efforts in which the entire body takes writing if the subject isconscious, he is intensely so. The expression of the face is intense;the eyes may protrude, the hands be clinched. The memory is unusuallyactive, and the events of a lifetime may rapidly pass before the mindin a few minutes the tongue may be thrust between the clinched teethand bitten. And urine, fæces, and semen may be discharged the third stage usually appears suddenly, and is characterized byunconsciousness and irregular involuntary movements, i e , spasms;these may end in opisthotonos. The veins become turgid, and hemorrhagesmay occur from the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, ears, and into theconnective tissues of the lungs, pleura, pericardium, etc thecirculation of venous blood in the arteries is shown by the generallividity, especially where the skin is thin, as the lips and tipsof fingers hofmann736 states that coincident with the oncomingof unconsciousness and convulsions the respiratory effort becomesexpiratory, followed still later by inspiratory efforts the fourth stage begins with the cessation of spasms and of efforts tobreathe the subject is quiet, but the heart still beats the stageends with the cessation of the heart-beat discharges of semen, urine, and fæces may occur in the first andsecond stages, from terror.

Active a m later in day, depressed vii 4 19-- died during night of vii 3 19 experiment 3 -- 3 75 c c. Injected vi 24 19. Quiet. Depressed. Pain reflex diminished animal lay on ventral surface, not supported by legs will get on to feet very sluggishly if turned on side twenty-four hours does not eat vi 26 19-- depressed slightly. Pain reflex present vi 27 19-- fairly active. Eats a little vi 28 19-- depressed died during night of vi 29 19 three days experiment 4 -- 5 c c. Injected vi 24 19. Quiet. Markedly depressed one hour does not get on feet when turned on side. Ataxia well marked slight watery secretion in eyes reflexes diminished does not eat twenty-four hours vi 26 19-- heart slowed and arrhythmic animal lies on side unable to walk. Markedly depressed vi 27 19-- lies on side. Does not eat died during night of vi 27 19 three days experiment 5 -- 6 25 c c. Injected vi 24 19.

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When found, was nearly dead 35 geoghegan. Taylor “med jur , ” am ed , 1892, p 413 - informeddr taylor of a suicidal strangulation by a ribbon the mark on theneck nearly disappeared after removing the ligature there was bleedingfrom one ear, from rupture of tympanic membrane no froth from mouth ornostrils. But little lividity or swelling of face 36 taylor. “med jur , ” am ed , 1892, p 418 - boy. Found dead withhandle of pitchfork under necktie. Marks of strangulation on larynx;eyes and tongue protruded. Tongue livid and marked by teeth. Braincongested also man found dead with handkerchief tied around neck andtwisted by razor strop taylor considered both as suicides also athird case amer edit , 1880, p 465 a man of unsound mind twisteda fishing-net firmly around his neck several times. It remained securewithout the aid of a knot 37 fargues.