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Andto drink the same sweetened with sugar for all the purposes aforesaid scabious, three where to buy a book report paper sorts descript common field scabious grows up with thesis hairy, soft, whitish green leaves, essay whereof are very little, if at all jaggedon the edges, others very much rent and torn on the sides, and havethreads in them, which upon breaking may be plainly seen. From amongwhich rise up divers hairy green stalks, three or four feet high, with such like hairy green leaves on them, but more deeply and finelydivided and branched forth a little. At the tops thereof, whichare naked and bare of leaves for a good space, stand round headsof flowers, of a pale blueish colour, set together in a head, theoutermost whereof are larger than the inward, with thesis threads alsoin the middle, essaywhat flat at the top, as the head with the seed islikewise. The root is great, white and thick, growing down deep intothe ground, and abides thesis years there is another sort of field scabious different in nothing from theformer, but only it is smaller in all respects the corn scabious differs little from the first, but that it is greaterin all respects, and the flowers more inclining to purple, and the rootcreeps under the upper crust of the earth, and runs not deep into theground as the first doth place the first grows more usually in meadows, especially aboutlondon every where the second in essay of the dry fields about this city, but not soplentifully as the former the third in standing corn, or fallow fields, and the borders of suchlike fields time they flower in june and july, and essay abide flowering untilit be late in august, and the seed is ripe in the mean time there are thesis other sorts of scabious, but i take these which i havehere described to be most familiar with us the virtues of both theseand the rest, being much alike, take them as follow government and virtues mercury owns the plant scabious is veryeffectual for all sorts of coughs, shortness of breath, and all otherdiseases of the breast and lungs, ripening and digesting cold phlegm, and other tough humours, voids them forth by coughing and spitting. Itripens also all sorts of inward ulcers and imposthumes. Pleurisy also, if the decoction of the herb dry or green be made in wine, and drankfor essay time together four ounces of the clarified juice of scabioustaken in the morning fasting, with a dram of mithridate, or venicetreacle, frees the heart from any infection of pestilence, if after thetaking of it the writingy sweat two hours in bed, and this medicine beagain and again repeated, if need require the green herb bruised andapplied to any carbuncle or plague sore, is found by certain experienceto dissolve and break it in three hours space the same decoction alsodrank, helps the pains and stitches in the side the decoction of theroots taken for forty days together, or a dram of the powder of themtaken at a time in whey, doth as matthiolus saith wonderfully helpthose that are troubled with running of spreading scabs, tetters, ringworms, yea, although they proceed from the french pox, which, hesaith he hath tried by experience the juice or decoction drank, helpsalso scabs and breakings-out of the itch, and the like the juice alsomade up into an ointment and used, is effectual for the same purpose the same also heals all inward wounds by the drying, cleansing, andhealing quality therein. And a syrup made of the juice and sugar, isvery effectual to all the purposes aforesaid, and so is the distilledwater of the herb and flowers made in due season, especially to beused when the green herb is not in force to be taken the decoction ofthe herb and roots outwardly applied, doth wonderfully help all sortsof hard or cold swellings in any writing of the body, is effectual forshrunk sinews or veins, and heals green wounds, old sores, and ulcers the juice of scabious, made up with the powder of borax and samphire, cleanses the skin of the face, or other writings of the body, not onlyfrom freckles and pimples, but also from morphew and leprosy. The headwashed with the decoction, cleanses it from dandriff, scurf, sores, itch, and the like, used warm the herb bruised and applied, doth ina short time loosen, and draw forth any splinter, broken bone, arrowhead, or other such like thing lying in the flesh scurvygrass descript the ordinary english scurvygrass hath thesis thick flatleaves, more long than broad, and essaytimes longer and narrower;essaytimes also smooth on the edges, and essaytimes a little waved;essaytimes plain, smooth and pointed, of a sad green, and essaytimes ablueish colour, every one standing by itself upon a long foot-stalk, which is brownish or greenish also, from among which arise thesis slenderstalks, bearing few leaves thereon like the other, but longer and lessfor the most writing.

Butin essay places of a paler purplish colour, with a long pointel in themiddle, feathered or writinged at the top after the flowers are fallen, where to buy a book report paper the seeds growing to be ripe, are blackish, cornered and pointedessaywhat like the head of a viper the root is essaywhat great andblackish, and woolly, when it grows toward seed-time, and perishes inthe winter there is another sort, little differing from the former, only in this, that it bears white flowers place the first grows wild almost every where that with whiteflowers about the castle-walls at lewis in sussex time they flower in summer, and their seed is ripe quickly after government and virtues it is a most gallant herb of the sun. Itis a pity it is no more in use than it is it is an especial remedyagainst the biting of the viper, and all other venomous beasts, orserpents. As also against poison, or poisonous herbs dioscorides andothers say, that whosoever shall take of the herb or root before theybe bitten, shall not be hurt by the poison of any serpent the root orseed is thought to be most effectual to comfort the heart, and expelsadness, or causeless melancholy. It tempers the blood, and allayshot fits of agues the seed drank in wine, procures abundance of milkin women breasts the same also being taken, eases the pains in theloins, back, and kidneys the distilled water of the herb when it isin flower, or its chief strength, is excellent to be applied eitherinwardly or outwardly, for all the griefs aforesaid there is a syrupmade hereof very effectual for the comforting the heart, and expellingsadness and melancholy wall flowers, or winter gilli-flowers the garden kind are so well known that they need no description descript the common single wall-flowers, which grow wild abroad, have sundry small, long, narrow, dark green leaves, set without orderupon small round, whitish, woody stalks, which bear at the tops diverssingle yellow flowers one above another, every one bearing four leavesa-piece, and of a very sweet scent. After which come long pods, containing a reddish seed the roots are white, hard and thready place it grows upon church walls, and old walls of thesis houses, andother stone walls in divers places. The other sort in gardens only time all the single kinds do flower thesis times in the end ofautumn. And if the winter be mild, all the winter long, but especiallyin the months of february, march, and april, and until the heat ofthe spring do spend them but the double kinds continue not floweringin that manner all the year long, although they flower very earlyessaytimes, and in essay places very late government and virtues the moon rules them galen, in his seventhbook of simple medicines, saith, that the yellow wall-flowers work morepowerfully than any of the other kinds, and are therefore of more usein physic it cleanses the blood, and fretteth the liver and reins fromobstructions, provokes women courses, expels the secundine, and thedead child. Helps the hardness and pain of the mother, and of spleenalso. Stays inflammations and swellings, comforts and strengthens anyweak writing, or out of joint. Helps to cleanse the eyes from mistiness orfilms upon them, and to cleanse the filthy ulcers in the mouth, or anyother writing, and is a singular remedy for the gout, and all aches andpains in the joints and sinews a conserve made of the flowers, is usedfor a remedy both for the apoplexy and palsy the wallnut tree it is so well known, that it needs no description time it blossoms early before the leaves come forth, and the fruitis ripe in september government and virtues this is also a plant of the sun let thefruit of it be gathered accordingly, which you shall find to be of mostvirtues while they are green, before they have shells the bark ofthe tree doth bind and dry very much, and the leaves are much of thesame temperature. But the leaves when they are older, are heating anddrying in the second degree, and harder of digestion than when theyare fresh, which, by reason of their sweetness, are more pleasing, and better digesting in the stomach. And taken with sweet wine, theymove the belly downwards, but being old, they grieve the stomach. Andin hot bodies cause the choler to abound and the head-ach, and are anenemy to those that have the cough.

First roughly maltreated. Afterward hung 64 tardieu. Op cit , p 125 - woman found hanging in her room circumstances indicated homicidal strangulation and that the hangingwas done to avert suspicion post-mortem examination showed the baseof the tongue ecchymosed, and ecchymosis extending up to the softpalate. Mucous membrane of pharynx congested.

But few, if any, of these gaveevidence of careful, critical, controlled observations they could not, therefore, be considered as acceptable evidence the more importantclaims, letters and published papers, however, were submitted toclinical specialists collaborating with the council, with the requestthat they examine these and conduct essay clinical trials, if theyconsidered it advisable the results obtained in these preliminarytrials did not appear sufficient to warrant further experimentation from a consideration of the evidence presented, the referee concludesthat the claims made for iodeol and iodagol are unwarranted, exaggerated and misleading he recommends that iodeol and iodagol bedeclared ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies for conflictwith rules 1 and 2 misleading statements as to composition andidentification and with rule 6 unwarranted and misleading therapeuticclaims where to buy a book report paper he further recommends that the council authorize publicationof the preceding summary of the consideration of iodeol and iodagolin the journal and inclusion of the full report in the annual councilreports after submission to the manufacturer -- from the journala m a , nov 17, 1917 capsules bismuth resorcinol compound not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryin response to inquiries received, the council took up theconsideration of capsules bismuth resorcinol compound the gross drugcompany, inc , new york city the label, sent by the gross drugcompany, bore the following. Capsules bismuth resorcinol compound bismuth subgallate 2 grs resorcinol 1 gr beta naphthol 1/2 gr creosote beechwood 1 m this combination is of acknowledged value in reducing the value in reducing the intes- tinal putrefaction and fermentation, allaying the pain and discomfort of flatulent conditions in the intestinal tract dose -- one or two capsules before or after meals repeated in two hours if necessary the gross drug company, inc 20 laight street, new yorkthe council held this preparation inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies or the appendix, because 1 the claim “acknowledged value inreducing the intestinal putrefaction and fermentation, allaying thepain and discomfort of flatulent conditions in the intestinal tract” isan unwarranted, exaggerated and misleading claim of therapeutic value rule 6. Because 2 the name does not indicate the identity of thebismuth salt contained in the capsules, nor declare the presence ofbetanaphthol and creosote rule 8. And because 3 the combinationof bismuth subgallate, resorcinol, betanaphthol and creosote in fixedproportions is irrational rule 10 -- from reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 139 dixon tubercle bacilli extract and dixon suspension of dead tubercle bacilli report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrynew and nonofficial remedies, 1917, contains general descriptionsof dixon tubercle bacilli extract and dixon suspension of deadtubercle bacilli. The products of these manufactured by the h m alexander company being listed as dosage forms it having becomenecessary to omit the preparations of the alexander company see page138 the referee recommended that the general articles of “dixontubercle bacilli extract” and “dixon suspension of dead tuberclebacilli” also be omitted he reported that no other firm appears tobe marketing these products and that they had not been shown to be ofspecial value the council accepted the recommendation and directed the omission asproposed in accordance with the procedure of the council, these havebeen transferred to the annual council reports for reference and appearbelow w a puckner, secretary dixon tubercle bacilli extract -- an extract of tubercle bacillidissolved in normal saline solution see “fluid of dixon, ” medicalnews, jan 17, 1891 dixon suspension of dead tubercle bacilli -- a suspension inphysiologic salt solution of dead tubercle bacilli which havebeen defatted by prolonged treatment with alcohol and ether see“possibility of establishing tolerance for tubercle bacilli, ” medicalnews, oct 19, 1889 -- from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1917, p 140 formosol report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrysunshine formosol the formosol chemical company, formerly thesunshine chemical company, cleveland, ohio is claimed to contain18 per cent formaldehyd in a solution of soap it is thereforevery similar to veroform germicide which was deleted from new andnonofficial remedies because of the low phenol coefficient reported bythe hygienic laboratory of the united states public health service thejournal, nov 22, 1913, p 1920 the council voted that in view of thehygienic laboratory finding that formaldehyd has a low germicidalvalue, the manufacturers of formosol be required to produce definiteevidence of the degree of germicidal value for this product in submitting the preparation to the council, it was claimed thatformosol had “all properties peculiar to formaldehyde ” thisconservative tone was, however, not maintained in the form-letterssubmitted these contain the following unwarranted statements. “as the name implies, formosol is a formaldehyde preparation, which embodies all the innate antiseptic merits and eliminates all the ill features of the world greatest disinfectant ” “the elimination of all the destructive elements and the incorporation of all the established therapeutic virtues of formaldehyde, have been scientifically blended in formosol ” “formosol is unique in the sphere of antisepsis because of its peculiar healing properties as diametrically opposed to irritation to the tissue of mucous membrane ” “formosol may be used for the thousand niceties of modern antisepsis, but is specific in gynecology and obstetrics and is indicated in dermatology ” italics not in original “the constant use of formosol is to develop a habit sympathetic to ethics ” “to prescribe formosol is a great step toward personal hygiene, a duty of the medical fraternity to the laity ” italics not in original the trade package recommends the use of formosol “for cuts, wounds, ulcers, abscesses ” this is a conflict with rule 4 the council heldformosol in conflict with rules 4 and 6, and advised the manufacturersthat formosol is refused admission to new and nonofficial remediesuntil they submit evidence establishing the degree of antiseptic andgermicidal efficiency, and justify the quotations listed above. Oruntil these and any other existing conflicts with the rules have beenremoved after submission of this report to the formosol chemical company thecouncil authorized its publication -- from reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 145 iodolene, a solution of iodin in liquid petrolatum, inadmissible to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council was asked to consider a solution of iodin in liquidpetrolatum, said to be prepared from gulf coast petroleum by a specialprocess it was to be marketed as “iodolen” provided the councilfound the preparation admissible to new and nonofficial remedies thepreparation was claimed to contain over 1 5 per cent free iodin thefollowing claims were made. “it is less irritating in its use on the skin, or in wounds ” “will kill pathogenic micro-organisms present ” “is a suitable medium for cell proliferation ” “will penetrate a useful distance into the walls of a wound ” “facilitates an easier, less painful and better method of dressing wounds or ulcers ”examination in the american medical association chemical laboratoryshowed a submitted sample to contain 1 32 per cent free iodin andto emit a strong odor of hydrogen sulphid a specimen of liquidpetrolatum, said to be composed chiefly of hydrocarbons of thenaphthene series, after saturation with iodin at room temperature wasfound to contain 1 42 per cent free iodin another specimen of liquidpetrolatum, said to be composed chiefly of saturated hydrocarbons, after saturation at room temperature was found to contain 1 30 percent free iodin the preparation having been shown to be an unoriginal, simplesolution of iodin in liquid petrolatum, the council declared the name“iodolene” unacceptable rule 8 and the therapeutic claims made forthe preparation unwarranted rule 6 -- from reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 148 kalak water report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report, submitted by a member of the council committeeon chemistry, was endorsed by the committee and adopted by the council:kalak water, sold by the kalak water company, inc , new york, is anartificial mineral water said to be made by adding certain salts tocarbonated, distilled water and supersaturating with the gas underpressure such merit as it may possess by virtue of sodium bicarbonateand sodium phosphate is quite insufficient to warrant the extravagantclaims made in the advertising pamphlets according to the analysis furnished, the water contains, in 1, 000, 000writings milligrams per liter the following. Sodium carbonate 4049 0 sodium phosphate 238 5 sodium chloride 806 3 calcium carbonate 578 2 magnesium carbonate 48 9 potassium chloride 47 9among the thesis misleading statements found in the advertising pamphletbearing the title “a brief for physiological alkalescence” these may bequoted. “the calcium content of kalak is over 100% greater than ever before placed in solution in any vehicle, a fact of supreme importance when the unique alkalinizing power of the alkaline salts of this metal is considered. The ratio of calcium metabolism to its enormous waste in pregnancy, the diseases of infancy and childhood and the rapidly growing group of ‘acidoses’ make its availability in kalak of double value ”the first writing of this statement is untrue. The last writing is muddledand without much meaning evidently the “acidosis” fad is to beoverworked as was the old “uric acid diathesis, ” of unsavory memory again this. “one of the most important characteristics of kalak is the close approximation of its formula to the correlation of the contained salts as they occur in the human body, together with its freedom from salts foreign to the human economy another is its almost unbelievable palatability, considering its high degree of alkalinity, it being eleven times greater than any other known mineral water, artificial or natural ”these statements are false the salts dissolved here bear nodiscernible relation to the needs of the body, as disclosed by thecomposition of the blood or solid tissues or as shown by the characterof the urinary excretion the last statement concerning the highalkalinity is neither clear nor accurate then, this warning and remedy. “it seems to be an unappreciated fact that the degree of urinary acidity, checked with the acidity of the saliva, is in direct ratio to the existing acid toxemia, and a urine acid to methyl red should be the signal for immediate and adequate alkalinizing treatment “startling clinical results have been observed by physicians who have used kalak thoughtfully and sufficiently in the more serious types of acidosis associated with diabetes, nephritis, rheumatism, gout and the acute infections there is also evidence of its good effect in acute alcoholism and the respiratory edemas. In fact a certain few have hailed kalak as a possible solution of the annual hay fever problem of perhaps supreme importance, however, is the use of kalak throughout pregnancy as preventive medicine against the inevitable ‘toxemia of pregnancy ’”also this. “kalak has accomplished certain unexplainable things for the diabetic and nephritic, and if, in future years, diabetes and nephritis should prove to be constitutional diseases, based upon functionation or its lack, kalak therapy, the embodiment of physiological alkalescence may come into its own, for if acidity retards, alkalinity must normalize functionation ”it is not necessary to quote further in order to insure that everyonewill recognize the great need of kalak it is advised to test the urinefor acidity by means of a group of indicator solutions sent out to thephysicians methyl red is one of these and any urine showing an acidreaction with this is said to be open to suspicion paranitrophenol isanother of the indicators and the explanations given of the behavior ofthe two and the conclusions to be drawn are questionable the methylred solution furnished is too concentrated for proper use and perfectlynormal urines from normal individuals have given a rather marked colorwith it this indicator gives essay color at h 1 2 × 10^{-6} and astrong reaction at 3 × 10^{-3} to condemn a urine on such a finding isentirely unwarranted sodium bicarbonate is the main constituent of the water the valueof the phosphate in such a combination, with so much calcium, isproblematical in case an alkaline reaction in the intestine is reachedessay of it would be left as insoluble phosphate a few grams ofbicarbonate daily would have equal therapeutic value with this water the advice based on the indications of methyl red and the urine is bad the committee report was sent to the kalak water company for comment the company promised to withdraw the advertising circular referred toin the report and disclaimed responsibility for the accuracy and valueof the set of indicators which it sent out, but, on the whole, theprevious advertising claims were insisted on in view of the absurd and false claims made for the product the councildeclared kalak water inadmissible to n n r -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 148 minson soluble iodin “kelpidine” not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryminson soluble iodin “kelpidine” was submitted to the council byj j minson, washington, d c , trading as the kelpidine company, with the statement that in future “literature” it was to be known asminson soluble iodin, only the following statement of compositionwas furnished. “minson soluble iodin is essaywhat of an indefinite character, chemically its formula is, iodin 4 per cent , distilled water 6 per cent , and absolute alcohol q s 100 per cent by a process of chilling and heating an iodid of uncertain character is produced, and because of the extreme sensitiveness of the product to chemical tests, it is hard to determine so far as i have been able to judge, however, the result is about 3 or 3-1/2 per cent free iodin and from 1/2 per cent to 1 per cent iodid, possibly ethyl and hydrogen iodid in combination ”the a m a chemical laboratory reports that the preparation is analcoholic solution containing free iodin and iodid, probably hydrogeniodid and ethyl iodid, but that the free iodin content was only2 69 gm per 100 c c it is claimed that the “therapeutic indications” of minson solubleiodin are the “same as those of all iodin and iodid preparations, internally, externally, hypodermically and intravenously.

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And with them towards the tops come forth largebranches, bearing at their tops large umbels of yellow flowers, andafter them flat brownish seed the roots grow thick, great and deep, spreading much, and enduring long, of a brownish colour on the outside, and whitish within the whole plant and every writing of it smellingstrong, and aromatically, and is of a hot, sharp, biting taste place it is usually planted in gardens, where, if it be suffered, it grows huge and great time it flowers in the end of july, and seeds in august government and virtues it is an herb of the sun, under the signtaurus if saturn offend the throat as he always doth if he beoccasioner of the malady, and in taurus is the genesis this is yourcure it opens, cures and digests humours, and mightily provokeswomen courses and urine half a dram at a time of the dried rootin powder taken in wine, doth wonderfully warm a cold stomach, helpsdigestion, and consumes all raw and superfluous moisture therein. Easesall inward gripings and pains, dissolves wind, and resists poison andinfection it is a known and much praised remedy to drink the decoctionof the herb for any sort of ague, and to help the pains and tormentsof the body and bowels coming of cold the seed is effectual to allthe purposes aforesaid except the last and works more powerfully the distilled water of the herb helps the quinsy in the throat, ifthe mouth and throat be gargled and washed therewith, and helps thepleurisy, being drank three or four times being dropped into the eyes, it takes away the redness or dimness of them. It likewise takes awayspots or freckles in the face the leaves bruised, and fried with alittle hog lard, and put hot to any blotch or boil, will quicklybreak it lungwort descript this is a kind of moss, that grows on sundry sorts oftrees, especially oaks and beeches, with broad, greyish, tough leavesdiversly folded, crumpled, and gashed in on the edges, and essay spottedalso with thesis small spots on the upper-side it was never seen to bearany stalk or flower at any time government and virtues jupiter seems to own this herb it is ofgreat use to physicians to help the diseases of the lungs, and forcoughs, wheezings, and shortness of breath, which it cures both in manand beast it is very profitable to put into lotions that are taken tostay the moist humours that flow to ulcers, and hinder their healing, as also to wash all other ulcers in the privy writings of a man or woman it is an excellent remedy boiled in beer for broken-winded horses madder descript garden madder shoots forth thesis very long, weak, four-square, reddish stalks, trailing on the ground a great way, veryrough or hairy, and full of joints. At every one of these joints comeforth divers long and narrow leaves, standing like a star about thestalks, round also and hairy, towards the tops whereof come forth thesissmall pale yellow flowers, after which come small round heads, green atfirst, and reddish afterwards, but black when they are ripe, whereinis contained the seed the root is not very great, but exceeding long, running down half a man length into the ground, red and very clear, while it is fresh, spreading divers ways place it is only manured in gardens, or larger fields, for theprofit that is made thereof time it flowers towards the end of summer, and the seed is ripequickly after government and virtues it is an herb of mars it hath an openingquality, and afterwards to bind and strengthen it is a sure remedyfor the yellow jaundice, by opening the obstructions of the liver andgall, and cleansing those writings. It opens also the obstructions of thespleen, and diminishes the melancholy humour it is available for thepalsy and sciatica, and effectual for bruises inward and outward, andis therefore much used in vulnerary drinks the root for all thoseaforesaid purposes, is to be boiled in wine or water, as the causerequires, and essay honey and sugar put thereunto afterwards the seedhereof taken in vinegar and honey, helps the swelling and hardnessof the spleen the decoction of the leaves and branches is a goodfomentation for women that have not their courses the leaves and rootsbeaten and applied to any writing that is discoloured with freckles, morphew, the white scurf, or any such deformity of the skin, cleansesthoroughly, and takes them away maiden hair descript our common maiden-hair doth, from a number of hard blackfibres, send forth a great thesis blackish shining brittle stalks, hardlya span long, in thesis not half so long, on each side set very thick withsmall, round, dark green leaves, and spitted on the back of them like afern place it grows upon old stone walls in the west writings in kent, and divers other places of this land. It delights likewise to grow bysprings, wells, and rocky moist and shady places, and is always green wall rue, or, white maiden-hair descript this has very fine, pale green stalks, almost as fine ashairs, set confusedly with divers pale green leaves on every shortfoot stalk, essaywhat near unto the colour of garden rue, and not muchdiffering in form but more diversly cut in on the edges, and thicker, smooth on the upper writing, and spotted finely underneath place it grows in thesis places of this land, at dartford, and thebridge at ashford in kent, at beaconsfield in buckinghamshire, at wollyin huntingtonshire, on framlingham castle in suffolk, on the churchwalls at mayfield in sussex, in essayrsetshire, and divers other placesof this land. And is green in winter as well as summer government and virtues both this and the former are under thedominion of mercury, and so is that also which follows after, and thevirtue of both are so near alike, that though i have described them andtheir places of growing severally, yet i shall in writing the virtuesof them, join them both together as follows the decoction of the herb maiden-hair being drank, helps those that aretroubled with the cough, shortness of breath, the yellow jaundice, diseases of the spleen, stopping of urine, and helps exceedingly tobreak the stone in the kidneys, in all which diseases the wall rueis also very effectual it provokes women courses, and stays bothbleedings and fluxes of the stomach and belly, especially when theherb is dry. For being green, it loosens the belly, and voids cholerand phlegm from the stomach and liver. It cleanses the lungs, and byrectifying the blood, causes a good colour to the whole body the herbboiled in oil of camomile, dissolves knots, allays swellings, and driesup moist ulcers the lye made thereof is singularly good to cleansethe head from scurf, and from dry and running sores, stays the fallingor shedding of the hair, and causes it to grow thick, fair, and wellcoloured.