When Elaborating A Persuasive Essay, You Should _____.

Mix them, and make them into a plaister culpeper it assuages swellings, takes away old aches coming ofbruises, and applied to the belly, is an excellent remedy for the windcholic this i have often proved, and always with good success emplastrum diacalciteos college take of hog grease fresh and purged from the skins twopounds, oil of olives omphacine, litharge of gold beaten and sifted, of each three pounds, white vitriol burnt and purged four ounces. Letthe litharge, grease, and oil boil together with a gentle fire, witha little plantain water, always stirring it, to the consistence of aplaister, into which being removed from the fire put in the vitrioland make it into a plaister according to art culpeper it is a very drying, binding plaister, profitable in greenwounds to hinder putrefaction, as also in pestilential sores after theyare broken, and ruptures, and also in burnings and scaldings diachylon simple college take of mussilage of linseed, fenugreek seed, marsh-mallowroots, of each one pound, old oil three pounds. Boil it to theconsumption of the mussilage, strain it, and add litharge of gold infine powder, one pound and an half. Boil them with a little water overa gentle fire always stirring them to a just thickness culpeper it is an exceeding good remedy for all swellings withoutpain, it softens hardness of the liver and spleen, it is very gentle diachylon ireatum college add one ounce of orris in powder to every pound ofdiachylon simple diachylon magnum college take of mussilage of raisins, fat figs, mastich, mallow-roots, linseeds, and fenugreek-seeds, bird-lime, the juice oforris and squills, of each twelve drams and an half, œsypus or oilof sheep feet an ounce and an half, oil of orris, chamomel, dill, of each eight ounces, litharge of gold in fine powder one pound, turpentine three ounces, per-rozin, yellow wax, of each two ounces, boil the oil with the mussilages and juices to the consumption of thehumidity, strain the oil from the faces, and by adding the lithargeboil it to its consistence. Then add the rozin and wax. Lastly, itbeing removed from the fire, add the turpentine, œsypus and birdlime, make of them a plaister by melting them according to art culpeper it dissolves hardness and inflammations diachylon magnum cum gummi college take of bdellium, sagapenum, amoniacum, of each two ounces, dissolved in wine, and added to the mass of diachylon magnum.

Formula b. Substance c. Melting point, u s p d. Ductility limit e. Plasticity limit f. a adhesiveness and detachability b strength of film at 38 c a b c d e f 1 “parowax, ” 50 8 32 5 29 0 a adheres and stand oil co of ind detaches well. rather hard b pliable and strong 3 “paraffin 118-120 f , ” 46 8 28 5 24 5 a does not adhere stand oil co of ind well. Detaches easily b pliable but not strong 4 “paraffin 120-122 f , ” 47 2 29 0 24 5 a adheres well.

But since the available data against the efficiencywere at least equally unreliable, the council deemed it best to retainthem in n n r pending a thorough investigation of the subject thiswas undertaken by p j hanzlik, at the suggestion of the therapeuticresearch committee of the council a reliable judgment of hemostatic efficiency can be formed only on abasis of strictly controlled conditions, which can best be furnished inthe laboratory hanzlik repeated the principal experiments publishedby previous investigators, and applied a number of new or improvedmethods the results published in the journal of pharmacologyand experimental therapeutics 10:523, 1918. 12:71, 1919 show thefollowing:direct application to wounds -- the widely quoted results of thegynecologist k abel, on the footpad of cats, were found to be quiteunreliable when the experiment is properly controlled, the resultsare either negative or the bleeding may be increased quantitativeexperiments on wounds of the footpad of dogs showed that cotarnininvariably increased the bleeding equally negative or unfavorableresults were obtained with wounds to the comb of roosters, and to theliver and spleen direct action on vessels -- the results of perfusion experiments werevariable, but, in general, showed a vasodilation action instead ofconstriction this holds true also of the uterine vessels the vesselsin the living animal rabbit ear were also unaffected systemic administration -- the bleeding from an irrigated wound wasnot modified directly by intravenous injection of cotarnin salts, butvaried merely with the state of the blood pressure the evidence for the inefficiency of cotarnin salts as hemostaticsseemed so conclusive as to warrant the council in rescinding theacceptance of styptol, and directing the omission of the generalarticle on cotarnin salts and the description of styptol from new andnonofficial remedies -- from the journal a m a , nov 22, 1919 micajah wafers and micajah suppositories report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry“micajah medicated wafers” and “micajah suppositories, ” sold bymicajah & co , warren, pa , are declared inadmissible to “new andnonofficial remedies” because 1 their composition is essentiallysecret rule 1. 2 name of neither of these mixtures is indicativeof its composition rule 8. 3 of exaggerated and unwarrantedtherapeutic claims rule 6, and 4 the therapeutic advice whichaccompanies the trade packages constitutes an indirect advertisement tothe public rule 4 w a puckner, secretary micajah medicated wafers formerly called “micajah medicateduterine wafers” were analyzed in the a m a chemical laboratory in1910 they were found to consist essentially of dried “burnt” alum, boric acid and borax, in approximately the following proportions. Alum, dried 59 86 per cent borax, dried 15 62 per cent boric acid 5 67 per cent water of hydration 18 85 per cent there are a number of drugs that are more or less effective in thetreatment of local lesions of mucous membranes and the skin theyare classed as astringents among these are included alum, boraxand boric acid every physician has used them to say that a waferconsists of alum, borax and boric acid inspires but little awe butthere is essaything much more mysterious and impressive in declaringthat a wafer “consists of an astringent and antiseptic base, in whichare incorporated certain medicaments which both locally and afterabsorption, contribute to the astringent, antiphlogistic, depletive, soothing and healing action of the product ” this gives the impressionthat essay powerful and almost incomprehensible factors are at work yet, after all is said and done, the substances contained in micajahmedicated wafers are just the homely old alum, boric acid and borax in addition to “micajah medicated wafers, ” micajah & co also put out“micajah suppositories for hemorrhoids ” these have been examined inthe a m a chemical laboratory and, like the “medicated wafers” havebeen found to contain alum, boric acid and borax-- and these substancespractically alone-- incorporated in cocoa butter the company claimsthat “to these have been added ammonii ichthyosulphonate, balsam ofperu, ext belladonae ” the a m a chemists report, however, that ifextract of belladonna is present at all it is in amounts too small tobe detected by the method commonly employed in the chemical examinationof alkaloidal drugs the chemists report further that while ammoniumichthyosulphonate and balsam of peru both have a decided odor and aredark in color, the suppositories have but little color and the odor ofthe cocoa butter that forms their base is not covered by these drugs;obviously, therefore, if ammonium ichthyosulphonate and balsam of peruare present at all it is in amounts utterly insufficient to exert anytherapeutic effect it would be hard to find better examples of mischievous proprietarymedicines than these two products of the micajah company “twinsof efficiency, ” they are called in an advertising pamphlet thecomposition is not stated a physician using the “twins” does soabsolutely in the dark to him they are secret preparations he isencouraged to use them in a great variety of conditions in which otherdrugs are much more useful inevitably, physicians using them will belikely to overlook, or pass over, new growths, specific infections anddiseases that require radical remedial measures in addition to misleading and exaggerated claims, there is a referenceto a report from the usual “well-known and reliable bacteriologicallaboratory ” the excerpts published from this report of an unnamedlaboratory are sufficiently vague to incriminate no one from time to time it is worth while to emphasize facts regardingproprietary medicines that while obvious are essaytimes forgotten forthis reason attention is directed to micajah uterine wafers andmicajah suppositories -- from the journal a m a , nov 29, 1919 alkalithia report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryalkalithia was introduced at a time when it was believed that theadministration of lithium salts served to remove uric acid from thesystem the product was considered by the council in 1906, and foundineligible for new and nonofficial remedies no report, however, waspublished at that time because of inquiries received, the council examined the current claimsfor alkalithia, and authorized publication of the report which appearsbelow w a puckner, secretary keasbey and mattison company effervescent alkalithia is sold with thefollowing statement of composition. “each dose or heaping teaspoonful contains 1 grain of caffeine, 10 grains each of bi-carbonates of soda and potash, and 5 grains of carbonate of lithia ”the a m a chemical laboratory reports that alkalithia is aneffervescent mixture which contains alkaline carbonates andbicarbonates together with caffein, free tartaric acid and free citricacid the major portion of the alkali carbonates and bicarbonatesis converted into citrates and tartrates when the preparation isdissolved in water-- as is done before it is taken an excess of alkaliis present, however, as the solution has an alkaline reaction each“heaping teaspoonful” which was found to be about 4 85 gm containsabout 0 044 gm of caffein the manufacturers claim 0 0648 gm perheaping teaspoonful as taken, alkalithia, therefore, representscaffein in a solution of alkali tartrate, citrate and bicarbonatecontaining free carbonic acid if it is assumed that all of thetartrate and citrate in alkalithia is converted into carbonate inthe organism, a “heaping teaspoonful” of alkalithia would representabout 2 9 gm of sodium bicarbonate this assumption is, however, notcorrect, for it is known that tartrates are not completely convertedinto carbonates in the organism according to the label on the bottle, this mixture of caffein andalkali salts is “a common sense remedy for the relief and treatmentof conditions dependent upon perverted metabolism as manifested byneuralgic, rheumatic, cardiac and renal symptoms ” wrapped with a tradepackage is a circular in which is discussed the “uric acid diathesis”as “a cause of rheumatism in its various forms, calculus, gravel andinflammation of the bladder and kidneys, asthma, hay fever, catarrh, quinsy and bronchitis, eczema, hives, itching and burning of the skin, palpitation of the heart and cold hands and feet, dizziness, mentaldepression, melancholia, neuralgia, chorea, hysteria, numbness and agreat variety of purely nervous symptoms ” the arguments for the useof alkalithia as “a safe and scientific treatment for the uric aciddiathesis” found in the circular constitute an indirect appeal to thelaity conflict with rule 4 in the circular matter sent direct to the physicians, keasbey andmattison claim that in rheumatism, alkalithia is prescribed by themedical profession more often than any other remedy the claim is madethat, “in five minutes the urine will be discolorized and analysis willshow it to be loaded with urates ” the manufacturers further assert. “you can change the character of the urinary secretion in a few minutes completely” by alkalithia, and “in nine paper out of ten, when the doctor prescribes ‘alkalithia’ his patient greatly improves, or gets well ”the firm advises that “renal insufficiency” be determined by the oldmethod of multiplying the ounces of urine in twenty-four hours by thelast two numbers of the specific gravity, adding 10, which gives thenumber of grains of solids excreted in the twenty-four hours if thisis low, no matter what the cause, they advise alkalithia, “that idealeliminant ”the council declared alkalithia inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies because the claims made on the label and the circularaccompanying the trade package lead the public to its detriment todepend on this preparation rule 4. And because the therapeutic claimsare unwarranted rule 6 -- from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1919, p 65 arhovin omitted from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryarhovin is a solution of dephenylamine, thymol benzoate and ethylbenzoate, marketed by schering and glatz, inc it was omitted fromnew and nonofficial remedies because the therapeutic claims made forthe preparation were unwarranted and because the firm had refused todiscontinue the distribution of the advertising which contained theobjectionable claims prior to jan 1, 1919 when the report whichappears below explaining the dismissal was submitted to schering andglatz, inc , the firm again promised a revision of its advertising, but refused discontinuance of the objectionable circular before jan 1, 1920 since arhovin is still marketed with unwarranted therapeuticclaims, the council has authorized publication of this report w a puckner, secretary the attention of the firm schering and glatz, inc , was called tomisleading statements in its booklet for arhovin in 1915, and in 1918the firm was informed that unless the misleading statements werewithdrawn before jan 1, 1919, arhovin would be omitted from new andnonofficial remedies the following quotations are taken from the circular in question, andillustrate the character of the claims to which objection was made. “striking also is the antiphlogistic and anesthetic effect of arhovin on the inflamed mucosae, an effect which, as all authorities agree, is far greater than that of all other internal anti-gonorrheaics ” “under its influence vesical and prostatic complications, gonorrheal arthritis, endocarditis, etc , are rarely incurred ”references to the indexes of leading textbooks, including thoseof meyer and gottlieb, cushny, sollman and bastedo, fails to showthat arhovin is so much as mentioned by those authors. Hence, it isobviously false to state, as is done in the first of the quotationsabove, that all authors agree concerning the striking effects ofarhovin thesis of the statements are objectionable by reason of the actionsimplied, rather than stated directly the following are examples. “arhovin in gonorrheal infections of the male genito-urinary organs anterior urethritis this is the class of paper in which the most favorable results from arhovin have been reported ” “posterior urethritis “here also the striking effects from arhovin medication, both in acute and chronic paper, are rapid decrease of discharge, disappearance of gonococci from the secretion, and cessation of subjective difficulties, such as strangury ”while the firm did not agree to withdraw the objectionable advertisingbefore jan 1, 1919, which made necessary the omission of arhovin fromnew and nonofficial remedies, 1919, it did submit a proposed folder inwhich the most objectionable of the claims are still made the following statement, which was in the proposed “folder” and isincluded in an advertising pamphlet sent out during 1919, serves toillustrate those points. “its action is three-fold. “strong antiseptic and bactericidal effect upon the urethral and vesical mucosae, highly conducive to shortening and palliation of the acute disease course ”no evidence has been presented that arhovin is capable of destroyingthe gonococcus in the urethra, and consequently, the councildeclared the recommendation for the use of arhovin in the treatmentof gonorrhea, by means of claims such as those just cited, is bothmisleading and dangerous -- from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1919, p 66 chloron, chlorax and number “3” report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe report which appears below was sent to the chlorine productscompany, inc , may 14, 1919 in reply to an inquiry sent the chlorineproducts company, july 8, the company wrote that it could send no replybecause the medical director was still in france however, chloron andchlorax are being advertised in medical journals. Also essentially thesame advertising as that discussed in the report was recently receivedby a physician from the chlorine products company the preceding facts having been reported to the council, publication ofthe report was authorized w a puckner, secretary chloron, chlorax and number “3” are preparations of essentially similarcomposition put out by the chlorine products company, inc , new york chloronchloron, according to the label, is “a stable chlorine remedy for thereduction of inflammation, relief of pain and for all wounds, burns, scalds and every description of sores except cancer and lupus ” itscomposition is given as.

“if dietetic and other requirements are complied with, even the most obstinate chronic paper will frequently readily yield to treatment with anusol suppositories ”the council declared medeol suppositories inadmissible to new andnonofficial remedies because when elaborating a persuasive essay, you should _____. their composition is secret rules 1 and2 Because unwarranted therapeutic claims are made for these rule 6;because the name is objectionable rule 8, and because the combinationis unscientific rule 10 in those paper of hemorrhoids in which palliative measures may beexpected to enable the patient to avoid surgical interference andafford relief from attacks, the object should be to secure cleanliness, to avoid irritation, whether it be by friction or irritating fecalmatter, to reduce inflammation by astringents and, when necessary, to relieve pain by analgesics if an antiseptic dusting powder isdesired, boracic acid in impalpable powder with talc may be employed;if an astringent, finely powdered oxid of zinc may be added. If alocal analgesic is necessary, a little extract of belladonna may beincorporated with petrolatum or other ointment base the main reliance, in any event, should be to effect normal bowel movements by regulatingthe diet rather than by the use of purgatives. The use of warm waterto insure cleanliness. The avoidance of irritation, especially thatcaused by friction and secretions. A mild astringent to reduceinflammation -- from the journal a m a , march 9, 1918 guaiodine report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report on guaiodine, marketed by the intravenous productscompany, denver, has been adopted by the council and its publicationauthorized w a puckner, secretary a referee of the committee on pharmacology, in submitting to thecouncil a report from the a m a chemical laboratory on guaiodine, advises that the laboratory examination shows that instead ofcontaining free “colloidal” iodin as claimed, the preparation isessentially an iodated fatty oil, containing only combined iodin equally misleading, in view of the laboratory findings, are theimplied claims that the antiseptic action of guaiodine corresponds tothat of free iodin guaiodine is advertised mainly for the treatment of gonorrhea whileit may be true that the guaiacol contained in guaiodine has essaybeneficial effect, especially when preceded by potassium permanganateirrigation as advised, the advertised claim that “guaiodine acts as aspecific for gonorrhea in a majority of paper” is utterly false the “case records” offered to establish the therapeutic value ofguaiodine are in themselves sufficient to condemn the “evidence ” thefollowing are fair samples. “the second boy came a day or so later with a slight discharge with the characteristic burning and itching, and with symptoms of a beginning gonorrhea, and judging from the source of the infection, it was believed to be so two injections of guaiodine were given when the discharge ceased ” “i have several paper that were completely cured in a very short time i note this, that the first dose causes a cessation of the discharge and the second seems to increase the flow, but the color is changed i give three doses, and then use a mild wash, and in ten days they are well i am very pleased with this preparation and very truly believe that it is the best there is to date for the positive cure of gonorrhea ” report of the chemical laboratoryguaiodine is manufactured by the intravenous products company, denver, colorado the “literature” which accompanies the product describesguaiodine as. “ an electro-chemically prepared iodin, suspended in oil, containing iodin, the same strength as the u s p tincture of iodin, or 7 per cent , together with a therapeutic dose of guaiacol ”the intravenous products company claims that guaiodine is made by an“electro-chemical process of preparing colloidal iodine, ” discoveredby one e b page, and that by this process the tendency of iodin toproduce iodism has been “overcome ” it is said to be “pre-eminentlyan antiseptic and germicide ” guaiodine is a dark brown, oily liquidwith a specific gravity of 0 9845 at 15 6 c and an odor suggestiveof guaiacol its solubilities were those of a fat free iodin wasabsent in the recently purchased specimen traces were presentin an older one steam distillation indicated that the productconsisted of volatile and nonvolatile constituents the volatilematter was concluded to consist, in the main, of guaiacol or essayguaiacol-like body, and the nonvolatile matter to be an iodized fattyoil quantitative determinations indicated that guaiodine containedabout 7 25 per cent of iodin in combination, and that it is composedapproximately of 3 per cent volatile matter and 97 per cent nonvolatile matter hence guaiodine appears to be an iodized fatty oilto which a small amount of guaiacol or essay guaiacol-like substance hasbeen added the council actionon the recommendation of the referee, the council voted that guaiodinebe declared inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because offalse statements as to composition and action -- from the journala m a , april 6, 1918 several “mixed” vaccines not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe “mixed” vaccines which are discussed in the reports that followwere considered by the council during the past year because inquirieshad been received in regard to them in publishing these reports it is desirable that the attitude of thecouncil toward “mixed” vaccines again be stated in view of the rapiddevelopment of bacterial therapy, the possibility for harm that attendsthe use of bacterial vaccines and the skepticism among experiencedclinicians as to the value of vaccines representing a combination oforganisms, the council has felt that it should scrutinize the claimsfor such agents with exceptional care and that there should be admittedto new and nonofficial remedies only those vaccine mixtures for whichthere is acceptable evidence to indicate that the use of the writingicularmixtures is rational in considering the subject the council has borne in mind the fact thatin thesis institutions in which paper are studied and the results oftherapeutic measures carefully observed and controlled, vaccines of anysort are practically never used-- certainly here the stock mixed vaccinehas no recognition experienced clinicians have generally come to theconclusion that mixed vaccines have no specific action and that anyeffect they may produce is due to a non-specific protein reaction as set forth in the reports, in no case was the evidence submittedby the proprietors sufficient to establish the claims made for thepreparations hence none was accepted for new and nonofficial remedies the preparations that form the basis for the accompanying reports areonly a few of the thesis that are being made and sold by essay biologicalhouses doubtless thesis of those not dealt with in this report areequally irrational and sold under claims equally-- or probably evenmore-- unwarranted than those with which the present report deals w a puckner, secretary mixed vaccines-abbottin response to inquiry the council undertook a consideration of thefollowing “mixed{”} vaccines sold by the abbott laboratories:m catarrhalis-combined-bacterin, said to contain killed micrococcuscatarrhalis, bacillus friedländer, pneumococci, streptococci, staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus albus b coli-combined-bacterin, said to contain killed streptococcusviridans, streptococcus hemolyticus and bacillus coli pertussis-combined-bacterin, said to contain killed bacilluspertussis, pneumococci, streptococci, staphylococcus albus, staphylococcus aureus and micrococcus catarrhalis streptococcus-rheumaticus-combined-bacterin, said to contain killed“streptococci rheumaticus, viridans, etc ” and pneumococci streptococcus-viridans-combined-bacterin, said to contain killedstreptococcus viridans, streptococcus hemolyticus, pneumococcus andstaphylococcus albus the abbott laboratories were asked to assist in the investigation ofthese products and to submit evidence to establish their eligibilityfor admission to new and nonofficial remedies the manufacturer wasinformed that the council accepts “mixed” vaccines or bacterins, provided the usefulness of these products is established by acceptableclinical evidence, and references to the literature bearing on thevalue of the preparations were requested the abbott laboratories submitted specimens of the products, theadvertising matter therefor and a considerable list of references tocurrent literature. All of which was transmitted to the committee onserums and vaccines for consideration in due time a referee of thecommittee submitted the following report. The committee reportthe referee has studied the literature covered by the referencessubmitted in general the articles are favorable to the use ofvaccines, though thesis of these papers do not consider “mixed”vaccines. Indeed, a number of the articles do not discuss treatmentat all, but are devoted entirely to the consideration of etiologyof the disease thesis of the papers are by those who are obviouslyoverenthusiastic on the subject of the use of biologic preparations one paper-- not included in the references submitted by the abbottlaboratories-- records an alarming reaction following a dose of mixedvaccine. No claim is made that improvement followed the following comments on the submitted references are offered:m catarrhalis-combined-bacterin -- only four of the nine referencesgiven deal with the therapeutic use of the vaccine the reportedresults in general were favorable, but essaytimes in the discussionevoked by certain of the papers, views the reverse of those expressedby the author were brought forward the enthusiasm of one writer isshown in his statement that following the use of vaccine in paper ofcarbuncle complicating diabetes the sugar in the urine disappearedor was reduced one observer, who reports excellent results in nasalpharyngeal catarrh, speaks of certain vaccines as “bulk goods, ” whileanother considers “-- -- no 7” as the proper thing it is evidentthat the reports are not based on careful, scientific data, or suchunscientific definition of the product employed would not be used b coli-combined-bacterin -- in the references cited in support ofthis preparation the following general statements are noted. Oneenthusiastic writer says, “it must be recognized that we have nosatisfactory explanation of the action of vaccines, and their useat present is empirical ” one author dwelt on the superiority ofautogenous vaccines but admits that occasionally stock vaccines areindicated one vaccine therapist in concluding an article states, “itis simply impossible to practice modern urology without our modernbiologic products ” yet it is a well-known fact that thesis successfuland capable genito-urinary surgeons avoid the use of vaccines, mixed orsimple pertussis-combined-bacterin -- these reports are uniformly favorable, but are not controlled and their value is not to be compared witha recent report from the new york city dewritingment of health whichindicates that the vaccine is practically valueless it is noted, further, that one of the articles cited which dealt rather fully withthe treatment of pertussis did not mention vaccines streptococcus-rheumaticus-combined-bacterin -- the references citedin support of the preparations by the manufacturer give no supportwhatever for the use of mixed stock vaccines the first reference dealswith the relation of streptococcus viridans to arthritis deformans andendocarditis and reports the following paper. Case 1 -- vaccine case-- improvement after eight months case 2 -- slight improvement following use of vaccine case 3 -- slight improvement following use of vaccine case 4 -- marked improvement case 5 -- prompt improvement case 6 -- vaccine not mentioned case 7 -- vaccine followed by slight improvement in each of the paper other methods of treatment were used the papershows the etiologic relation of streptococcus viridans rather thanthe value of vaccines there is no indication that stock vaccineswere used, though the paper is not clear on this point the secondpaper deals with the application of vaccine therapy in the treatmentof arthritis this paper is by a man who is avowedly an enthusiast onvaccine therapy the indications are that he generally used a mixedautogenous vaccine, but the reports of paper are not always clear this writer apparently makes no serious attempt at the classificationof the joint conditions he treats the third reference is a purelyexperimental study and has no bearing on the use of vaccines intreatment the fourth article was admitted by the manufacturer to be“negative as regards evidence ” the fifth reference specifically statesthat “the vaccine must be autogenous ” the sixth reference deals withthe experimental production of appendicitis by the use of diplococci, and has not the most remote bearing on the use of vaccines in thetreatment of rheumatism streptococcus-viridans-combined-bacterin -- the article which bearsevidence of more care than the others admits that we are not inposition to state the value of vaccines in pyorrhea but the authorbelieves they may have value supplementary to local treatment it is not surprising that a large number of favorable reports canbe accumulated when we appreciate how promptly men report what theyconsider to be their successes and how commonly they leave theirfailures unrecorded bearing in mind the fact that these stock mixedvaccines, though before the profession for thesis years, have notbeen used, or continued in use, in hospitals where work is rigidlycontrolled and that they are used practically not at all in the largegovernment hospital service, a candid critic must hold that there isno substantial evidence in favor of the therapeutic use of a mixedvaccine, certainly not for stock “goods” and that probably there is buta limited field for the employment of autogenous vaccines the referee calls attention to a shift in the advertising matter onvaccines-- the tendency to recommend vaccines to be used in conjunctionwith drugs a heading in the abbott booklet reads, “the biologics donot replace drugs”. And the paragraph speaks of serums and bacterins as“new tools, supplemental to those we already have, but not replacingthem ” “we need them both ”the referee recommends that the several mixed vaccines discussed inthis report be not accepted on the grounds that satisfactory evidenceof their value is wanting having been endorsed by the committee on serumsand vaccines the council adopted the report anddeclared m catarrhalis-combined-bacterin, b coli-combined-bacterin, pertussis-combined-bacterin, streptococcus-rheumaticus-combined-bacterin andstreptococcus-viridans-combined-bacterin ineligible for admission tonew and nonofficial remedies catarrhal vaccine combined-lilly and influenza mixed vaccine-lillybecause of inquiry received, the council requested eli lilly andcompany to aid in determining the acceptability of the followingproducts for new and nonofficial remedies. “catarrhal vaccinecombined, ” said to contain killed cultures of the bacillus offriedländer, micrococcus catarrhalis, staphylococcus aureus andalbus, pneumococcus and streptococcus.

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Moisture having theodor of urine on the shirt. Large ecchymosis and infiltration of leftcheek. Extensive contusions on scrotum, with hemorrhagic infiltration, especially around right testicle veins of head engorged with blackfluid blood brain normal essay black fluid blood in right cavities ofheart, left side empty lungs black other organs normal causse andorfila concluded that the man had been suffocated and then hung thewife and son confessed that they had injured the testicle through thepantaloons. He then fainted. They then suffocated him with the woollencap placed over the mouth and nose. The son kneeled on the man belly, the body was then hung up and the head violently twisted 69 passauer. Viert f ger med und öff san , 1876, xxiv , pp 26-49 - woman found hanging in a kneeling position the ligature onthe neck was loose the necroscopy showed the following. Tongue betweenthe teeth. Eyelids swollen and livid. Livid spots on face and left ear;lower lip torn. A number of marks on neck. One red stripe not sharplylimited.