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And applied to what is an outline for an essay the temples, stays inflammations ofthe eyes. It helps burnings, being used with oil, and with a littlealum put to it, is good for st anthony fire it is good for allwheals, pushes, blisters, and blains in the skin. The herb boiled, and laid upon chilblains or kibes, helps them the decoction thereofin water and essay vinegar, heals the itch, if bathed therewith.

Its office is tonourish the body, and is dispersed through the body by the veins from this are bred four writingicular humours, blood, choler, flegm, andmelancholy blood is made of meat perfectly concocted, in quality hot and moist, governed by jupiter. It is by a third concoction transmuted intoflesh, the superfluity of it into seed, and its receptacle is theveins, by which it is dispersed through the body choler is made of meat more than perfectly concocted. And it isthe spume or froth of blood. It clarifies all the humours, heats thebody, nourishes the apprehension, as blood doth the judgment. It is inquality hot and dry. Fortifies the attractive faculty, as blood doththe digestive. Moves man to activity and valour. Its receptacle is thegall, and it is under the influence of mars flegm is made of meat not perfectly digested. It fortifies the virtueexpulsive, makes the body slippery, fit for ejection. It fortifies thebrain by its consimilitude with it. Yet it spoils apprehension by itsantipathy to it. It qualifies choler, cools and moistens the heart, thereby sustaining it, and the whole body, from the fiery effects, which continual motion would produce its receptacle is the lungs, and is governed by venus, essay say by the moon, perhaps it may begoverned by them both, it is cold and moist in quality melancholy is the sediment of blood, cold and dry in quality, fortifying the retentive faculty, and memory. Makes men sober, solid, and staid, fit for study.

ifyou answer this in the journal, kindly omit my name ”the recent history of bayer & co what is an outline for an essay , is essaywhat as follows. Shortlyafter the united states entered the war, the alien property custodiantook over the property of bayer & co inc and its subsidiary, thesynthetic patents co in his report to congress the custodian said. “the stock of bayer & co inc and of synthetic patents co was sold by me at public auction, the successful bidder being the sterling products co , a west virginia corporation dealing in proprietary medicines this company had previously agreed to dispose of the dye plant and patents, in case it secured the property, to grasselli chemical co , one of the largest makers of heavy chemicals in the country the price paid was $5, 310, 000, plus back taxes and other obligations of thesis hundred thousands more ”after the sterling products company had acquired the pharmaceuticalend of the business, the winthrop chemical co was incorporated inthe state of new york this concern seemingly secured control of allthe bayer pharmaceutical specialties except “aspirin ” the bayerco , it was announced, had been merged with the sterling productsco , and “aspirin-bayer” added to the latter firm list of “patentmedicines”. Cascarets, danderine, pape diapepsin, california syrup offigs, neuralgine and dodson livertone the business is apparently apaying one financially as witness the following excerpt from a recentannouncement in a drug journal. “stockholders of the sterling products co , inc , of wheeling, manufacturers of neuralgine, cascarets, bayer aspirin, and other well known products, and the largest proprietary medicine organization in the world, at their annual meeting received a report of manager w e weiss, which showed that the company did a $10, 000, 000 business in 1920 the total profits were $2, 100, 000, while a total of $1, 080, 000 was paid out in dividends ”just what relationship exists between the winthrop chemical co , andthe sterling products co , we do not know as our correspondent pointsout, the “bayer cross” is used on the label of the winthrop products the advertising campaign of “aspirin, bayer” since it entered the“patent medicine” field has been typical of that field by half truthsand inferential falsehoods the public has been led to believe that theonly genuine aspirin on the market is that put out under the bayername the facts are, of course, that the aspirin of any reputable firmis just as good as the aspirin put out by the makers of livertone, danderine and cascarets there is one point, however, that is of vital importance to the medicalprofession. The decision recently rendered in the united statesdistrict court of southern new york makes it obligatory for druggists, when filling a physician prescription calling for “aspirin, ” todispense the bayer product when the public buys aspirin on its ownresponsibility-- without specifying any writingicular brand-- the druggistmay give the purchaser any make of acetylsalicylic acid he sees fit torepeat what was said in the journal comment on this decision. “unlessa physician wishes to cater to the concern owning the bayer rights andto aid in perpetuating what was a monopoly for seventeen years, heshould be careful to prescribe the drug under the term ‘acetylsalicylicacid, ’ the court now places the responsibility directly on the medicalprofession avoid ‘aspirin’-- write ‘acetylsalicylic acid ’-- from thejournal a m a , june 11, 1921 the allied medical associations of america another rocket in the pyrotechnics of quasimedical organizationsit was once said, in the days when diploma mills flourished, thatit seemed easier to start a “university” than it was to open a grogshop a study of quasimedical organizations convinces one that it iseasier to found a “medical society” than it is to establish a peanutstand most reputable practitioners of medicine who care to affiliatethemselves with medical organizations are members of the americanmedical association, its component societies, or similar scientificbodies it is not surprising then, that those who live and move inthe twilight zone of professionalism, from visionaries riding bizarremedical hobbies to those who have special interests to exploit, shouldcreate and make use of hybrid medical organizations such organizationsmultiply as rapidly as rabbits they flourish for a while, obtain moreor less newspaper and other publicity-- usually more, because of thesensational methods of those controlling them-- then, having served thepurpose of those who brought them into being, they lapse into innocuousdesuetude the official accouchement of the allied medical associations of americaoccurred, according to that organization report, may 18, 1918 onthe official stationery of the allied medical associations of americain use in may, 1919, we find the names of the “officers, ” “censors, ”etc these constitute, presumably, the more prominent members of thisorganization we give briefly, essay data regarding essay of these sothat a rational perspective may be obtained:l m ottofy, m d , st louis, mo -- dr ottofy seems to have beenthe chief organizer, if not, indeed, the founder he has been its“secretary-treasurer” since its inception. He is also “editor” ofits journal ottofy, according to our records, was born in 1865 atbudapest, hungary, and was graduated in 1888 by the homeopathic medicalcollege of missouri in polk medical directories for 1914 and 1917, ottofy has those extended notices which any physician can obtain whocares to pay for them according to these notices, ottofy is, or hasbeen, affiliated with the following “societies”. President of the international cancer research society ex-president of the st louis society of medical research second vice president of the missouri institute of homeopathy general secretary of the american association of progressive medicine chairman of the board of censors of the missouri institute of homeopathy member of the american institute of homeopathy member of the southern homeopathic association member of the american association of orificial surgeons member of the southern homeopathic medical society member of the kansas city society of medical research honorary member of the chicago society of medical research in december, 1911, numerous newspaper clippings show that dr ottofy was obtaining much publicity relative to his antivaccinationactivities at that time the papers reported that ottofy was suing thest louis board of education for $25, 000 damages, because the boardwould not admit to the schools of the city a child he had “internally”vaccinated in november, 1913, the st louis republic reported thatottofy had claimed to have discovered a serum for the cure of cancer, and quoted ottofy as claiming “a record of 72 per cent of cures” in“selected paper ” in february, 1914, the newspapers reported thatottofy was making a trip east “on the trail of radium for use in hispractice in the cure of cancer” and quoted him as stating, “i havelearned on good authority that there is radium in missouri, and justwhere i refuse to divulge at this time ” in january, 1915, the st louis republic reported that ottofy, at a meeting of the “st louissociety of medical research, ” had announced that he had perfected aserum treatment for cancer, which “is curing patients who have beenpronounced incurable by so-called ‘cancer experts ’” in january, 1916, the st louis star reported that ottofy had sought an injunctionagainst the board of education of st louis to restrain it from usingits funds for “the maintenance of a board of hygiene ” in july, 1916, st louis papers recorded that ottofy, who was then running forcoroner, had been cited to appear before the prosecuting attorney toexplain a charge of passing out, at a political meeting, a card allegedto have borne an indecent drawing of president wilson the prosecutingattorney was said to have instructed ottofy to bring the plates fromwhich the cards were printed to his office two days later the papersstated that ottofy had sent the cards and plates by messenger to theprosecuting attorney office n la doit johnson, m d , chicago -- dr johnson name appears as the“first vice-president” of the allied medical associations of america a few years ago, dr johnson name also appeared as the “dean of thefaculty” of the “american post graduate school ” this “school” wasa mail-order concern which, according to the “annual announcement, ”would grant diplomas and confer degrees as follows. “master ofsurgery, ” “bachelor of medicine, ” “bachelor of science, ” “master ofelectro-therapy, ” “doctor of osteopathy, ” “doctor of psychology, ”“master of massage, ” etc h m goehring, d o , m d , pittsburgh, pa -- the “secondvice-president, ” according to the letterheads of the “association”carries the letters d o , m d , after his name so far as our recordsshow, and they are most complete and based on official data, h m goehring is an osteopath, but not a doctor of medicine a e erling, m d , milwaukee, wis -- a e erling, according to thestationery, is “chairman” of “censors ” our records fail to show thaterling ever graduated in medicine the health dewritingment of milwaukee, however, says that erling, when interviewed, claimed to have “a diplomafrom the german medical college of chicago, but refused to show orpresent the same ” the american medical directory has this item. German medical college, chicago chartered dec 28, 1891, by johann malok fraudulent extinct a few years ago erling was in la crosse, wis.

The leaves bruised andlaid to the brow or forehead are good for their eyes that are red andswollen. As also to take away a pin and web growing in the eye. Thisis a tried medicine. Take a small handful of this herb, and half somuch bay salt, beaten together, and applied to the contrary wrist ofthe hand, for 24 hours, doth remove it in thrice dressing if the rootthereof be roasted under the embers, wrapped in double wet paper, untilit be soft and tender, and then applied to the gout in the hands orfingers, it will quickly help this evil if any through mistake eatthe herb hemlock instead of parsley, or the roots instead of a parsnip both of which it is very like whereby happens a kind of frenzy, orperturbation of the senses, as if they were stupid and drunk, theremedy is as pliny saith to drink of the best and strongest purewine, before it strikes to the heart, or gentian put in wine, or adraught of vinegar, wherewith tragus doth affirm, that he cured a womanthat had eaten the root hemp this is so well known to every good housewife in the country, that ishall not need to write any description of it time it is sown in the very end of march, or beginning of april, and is ripe in august or september government and virtues it is a plant of saturn, and good foressaything else, you see, than to make halters only the seed of hempconsumes wind, and by too much use thereof disperses it so much thatit dries up the natural seed for procreation. Yet, being boiled inmilk and taken, helps such as have a hot dry cough the dutch make anemulsion out of the seed, and give it with good success to those thathave the jaundice, especially in the beginning of the disease, if therebe no ague accompanying it, for it opens obstructions of the gall, and causes digestion of choler the emulsion or decoction of the seedstays lasks and continual fluxes, eases the cholic, and allays thetroubleessay humours in the bowels, and stays bleeding at the mouth, nose, or other places, essay of the leaves being fried with the bloodof them that bleed, and so given them to eat it is held very good tokill the worms in men or beasts. And the juice dropped into the earskills worms in them. And draws forth earwigs, or other living creaturesgotten into them the decoction of the root allays inflammations ofthe head, or any other writings. The herb itself, or the distilled waterthereof doth the like the decoction of the root eases the pains of thegout, the hard humours of knots in the joints, the pains and shrinkingof the sinews, and the pains of the hips the fresh juice mixed with alittle oil and butter, is good for any place that hath been burnt withfire, being thereto applied henbane descript our common henbane has very large, thick, soft, woollyleaves, lying on the ground, much cut in, or torn on the edges, ofa dark, ill greyish green colour. Among which arise up divers thickand short stalks, two or three feet high, spread into divers smallbranches, with lesser leaves on them, and thesis hollow flowers, scarceappearing above the husk, and usually torn on one side, ending in fiveround points, growing one above another, of a deadish yellowish colour, essaywhat paler towards the edges, with thesis purplish veins therein, and of a dark, yellowish purple in the bottom of the flower, with asmall point of the same colour in the middle, each of them standing ina hard close husk, which after the flowers are past, grow very likethe husk of asarabacca, and essaywhat sharp at the top points, whereinis contained much small seed, very like poppy seed, but of a dusky, greyish colour the root is great, white, and thick, branching forthdivers ways under ground, so like a parsnip root but that it is not sowhite that it has deceived others the whole plant more than the root, has a very heavy, ill, soporiferous smell, essaywhat offensive place it commonly grows by the way-sides, and under hedge-sides andwalls time it flowers in july, and springs again yearly of its own seed i doubt my authors mistook july for june, if not for may government and virtues i wonder how astrologers could take onthem to make this an herb of jupiter. And yet mizaldus, a man ofa penetrating brain, was of that opinion as well as the rest.

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Injected vi 24 19. Quiet. Defecation in four hours rather quiet for six hours eats well reflexes good.