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Not swollen muscles ofneck uninjured trachea uninjured lungs congested right side of heartfull of dark fluid blood. Left side empty liver and spleen congested other organs, including brain, normal 8 ibid , p 235 - hindoo woman, age about 25 piece of cloth twistedtightly twice around mouth double cord made of two twists of thin coirrope tied tightly around middle of neck just below thyroid cartilage;beneath the cord the skin was “parchment” like no injury to muscles ofneck nor windpipe eyes closed face not flushed tongue not rupturednor bitten hands not clinched larynx, trachea, and lungs congested right side of heart full of dark fluid blood. A little fluid blood inleft liver, spleen, and kidneys congested other organs, includingbrain, normal dr mackenzie considered death to be due to “asphyxia orsuffocation ”9 harvey. Ibid , january 1st, 1876, p 2 - hindoo woman, age 12or 13 faint mark on front of neck. None at back severe bruise on topof head, under which was much clotted blood, but no fracture lungscongested clots in right ventricle.

The flowers stand in scaly round heads, being composed of thesis small yellow flowers not much unlike to thoseof dandelion, and the seed flieth away in down as that doth. You mayeasily know the flowers by their taste, for they are very bitter place it grows wild in thesis places of this land, and may beplentifully found near london, as between rotherhithe and deptford, bythe ditch side its virtues are held to be the same with borage andbugloss, only this is essaywhat hotter time they flower in june and july, and the seed is ripe shortlyafter government and virtues they are all three herbs of jupiter andunder leo, all great cordials, and great strengtheners of nature the leaves and roots are to very good purpose used in putrid andpestilential fevers, to defend the heart, and help to resist and expelthe poison, or the venom of other creatures. The seed is of the likeeffect. And the seed and leaves are good to increase milk in womenbreasts. The leaves, flowers, and seed, all or any of them, are good toexpel pensiveness and melancholy. It helps to clarify the blood, andmitigate heat in fevers the juice made into a syrup prevails much toall the purposes aforesaid, and is put, with other cooling, opening andcleansing herbs to open obstructions, and help the yellow jaundice, andmixed with fumitory, to cool, cleanse, and temper the blood thereby;it helps the itch, ringworms and tetters, or other spreading scabs orsores the flowers candied or made into a conserve, are helpful in theformer paper, but are chiefly used as a cordial, and are good for thosethat are weak in long sickness, and to comfort the heart and spiritsof those that are in a consumption, or troubled with often swoonings, or passions of the heart the distilled water is no less effectual toall the purposes aforesaid, and helps the redness and inflammations ofthe eyes, being washed therewith. The herb dried is never used, butthe green. Yet the ashes thereof boiled in mead, or honied water, isavailable against the inflammations and ulcers in the mouth or throat, to gargle it therewith. The roots of bugloss are effectual, being madeinto a licking electuary for the cough, and to condensate thick phlegm, and the rheumatic distillations upon the lungs blue-bottle it is called syanus, i suppose from the colour of it.

And not only minor practitioners, but even theleaders of the entire movement, what is an argumentative essay preferred banishing disease by meansof various kinds of magic formulæ to all other specially medicalmethods of treatment thus, for instance, eunapius of sardis about400 recounts how plotinus, one of the most gifted of the neo-platonicschool, repeatedly proved himself to be a medical miracle-worker, mostconspicuously during the sickness of porphyrius when the latter, afavorite disciple of plotinus, was traveling through sicily he becamedangerously ill in fact, according to the description of eunapius, he was actually breathing his last then plotinus appeared, and bymagic words cured the dying man instantly it appears, moreover, that plotinus did not only operate with wonder-working words, but heemployed still other agencies as, for instance, mysterious figures ὁχήματα villoison, anecd græca, vol ii , page 231 plotinus waseven said to possess his own demon, who was at his disposal alone, andby the aid of whom he performed other wonders as, for instance, that ofprophesying porphyrius, probably the most notable disciple of the neo-platonicschool after plotinus, claimed even that the demons personally taughthim to expel, with certainty and despatch, those pathogenic demons it was claimed by him that chaldean and hebrew words and songs werethe promptest means of turning out all these evil spirits. In fact, the philosopher, alexander of abonoteichos, in paphlagonia, was of theopinion that a pestilence, which was devastating italy, could not bechecked by any better means than that of affixing to the doors of theinfected towns and villages the sentence. “phœbus, the hair unshorn, dispels the clouds of disease ”thus the last great system into which the ancient philosophy developedwas attended by the unfortunate result of a very material increaseof superstition in the healing art this recrudescence of medicalsuperstition was by no means a transitory one, but proved exceedinglypersistent. In fact, we may unhesitatingly maintain that from thattime superstition never again disappeared from our science this isprincipally the fault of the position which christianity took withregard to demonology and the other fantastic ideas of neo-platonism early christianity, from the outset, was subjected to the influenceof ancient false ideas on the subject of demons without making anymodifications whatever, it had appropriated this false doctrine, andhad deduced from it the same medical notions as paganism had done the new testament exhibits numerous examples of a prevailing beliefthat supernatural beings i e , demons were frequently the cause ofbodily ailments.

“‘wheeler tissue phosphates’ is an unscientific shotgun mixture whose most active and powerful drug is the alcohol it contains that it was not years ago relegated to the realms of obsolete and discarded preparations is a commentary alike on the lack of scientific discrimination and on the power of advertising ”here we have “wheeler tissue phosphates” stripped of the verbalcamouflage with which its exploiters have invested it -- editorialfrom the journal a m a , sept 22, 1917 briefer paragraphs alcresta lotion to the editor:-- what is the composition of alcresta lotion?. l t a hotten, m d , paris, idaho according to a circular in our files, “alcresta dental lotion-libby”contains “emetin, the active amebicidal principle of ipecac, togetherwith benzoic acid, thymol, eucalyptol and aromatics ” the theorythat emetin is an active amebicide against pyorrhea alveolaris hasbeen exploded in this connection, it is interesting to note thatthe firm does not list the product in the latest catalogue in ourfiles -- query from the journal a m a , oct 29, 1921 calcidin tablets abbott to the editor:-- what is the composition of calcidin tablets abbott and what is their value?. j s answer -- calcidin is claimed to be a mixture of iodin, lime and starch in contact with water, the iodin and lime react to form calcium iodidand calcium iodate by the acid of the gastric juice, the calcium iodidand calcium iodate are decomposed with liberation of free iodin theadministration of calcidin tablets amounts to giving free elementaryiodin in the past, the advertising for calcidin has contained theunwarranted claim more or less directly that it was the most effectiveand only noninjurious preparation of iodin for internal use, and thatit possesses all of the valuable properties of the iodin with all ofthe objectionable effects left out so far as we know, the effectsproduced by the administration of free iodin do not differ from thoseproduced by the administration of iodids and, therefore, calcidin hasno advantage over the iodids, such as sodium iodid -- query in thejournal a m a , sept 25, 1920 di-crotalin treatment of epilepsy to the editor:-- do you have any literature or information relative to the di-crotalin treatment for epilepsy?. i will be very grateful if you can furnish information as to method of preparation, rationale of the treatment, etc r c decker, captain, m r c , u s soldiers’ home, washington, d c answer -- di-crotalin is a rattlesnake venom preparation sold by theswan-myers company of indianapolis as a “treatment for epilepsy, chorea, bronchial asthma, chronic or hereditary nervous headache, nervous prostration incident to change of life, hysteria-mania, insomnia, neurasthenia, etc ” dr thomas j mays of philadelphiaadvocated the use of rattlesnake venom for tuberculosis later hisformer assistant, dr r h spangler, used the same material in thetreatment of epilepsy that any measure of success sufficient tojustify the adoption of the rattlesnake venom or crotalin treatmentfor epilepsy has resulted is not to be concluded from the availablereports still less evidence is there for the use of rattlesnakevenom in the list of conditions for which the swan-myers company hasrecommended its preparation there are a number of good reasons why acautious physician will shun the administration of this treatment andadvise against it j f anderson, working in the hygienic laboratoryof the united states public health service, reported a death from thecrotalin treatment in consequence of infection, and reports that themarket supply of crotalin solution and crotalin tablets is highlycontaminated he also found both crotalin and crotalin solution tovary in activity the use of rattlesnake venom was discussed in thejournal, march 15, 1913, p 850 -- query in the journal a m a , aug 17, 1918 estivin to the editor:-- what is “estevin, ” or essaything like that?. it is said to be good in hay-fever constant reader answer -- the product called “estivin” is sold by schieffelin andcompany, new york a request for a statement of the composition of thispreparation sent to schieffelin and company by the council on pharmacyand chemistry brought the indefinite and, therefore, meaninglessstatement that “‘estivin’ is an extract of rosa gallica containing noalcoholic or foreign ingredients ”-- query from the journal a m a , nov 12, 1921 iron arsenite to the editor:-- can you inform me how iron arsenite can be prepared for subcutaneous injection?. a commercial firm furnishes physicians with ampules of arsenite of iron is this really arsenite of iron?. s h kempner, m d , new york answer -- ferric arsenite iron arsenite is in itself relativelyinsoluble in water, but may be treated with ammonium citrate, theresulting product thus being soluble. The latter substance wasat one time described in new and nonofficial remedies as “ferricarsenite, soluble” and is essaytimes sold as a solution in ampuleform in 1912, the council on pharmacy and chemistry deleted “ferricarsenite, soluble” from new and nonofficial remedies because “onecannot, in administering ferric arsenite, soluble, give a usefuldose of iron without giving too much arsenic. And, vice versa, onecannot give a safe dose of arsenic without giving too little iron ”the council, therefore, held the preparation to be irrational andunscientific -- query in the journal a m a , feb 19, 1921 k-y lubricating jelly to the editor:-- 1 what is the composition of “k-y lubricating jelly”?.

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The use of liquid petrolatum in chronic constipation, what is an argumentative essay which hasrecently become the vogue, has naturally been commercialized. As aresult, also naturally, claims of superiority of one brand over anotherhave been made essay of these claims may have been well founded. Otherscertainly are not essay have claimed superiority for those productsmade from russian oil over those made from american oils as naphthenehydrocarbons predominate in russian crude petroleums, and paraffinhydrocarbons in thesis or most american crude petroleums, it was assumedthat the petrolatums derived from these sources differed from oneanother in like manner both the naphthenes and the paraffins arechemically inert. But essay unexplained therapeutic superiority has beenassumed to reside in the naphthenes consequently, it has been urgedthat the american liquid petrolatums should not be used internally sofar these claims and counterclaims have been based on much theory andlittle fact the journal publishes this week a contribution by benjamint brooks, senior fellow in charge of petroleum investigations atmellon institute, pittsburgh brooks calls attention to the fact thatmarcusson, in 1913, pointed out that most of the so-called “mineraloils” used for therapeutic purposes contain no paraffin hydrocarbonswhatever.