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“indicated in treatment of dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia anti-abortive, with anodyne and tonic properties ” “for dysmenorrhea, suppressed menses, etc , a dessertspoonful three times daily, before or after meals ” “to relieve pain due to uterine disorders, a dessertspoonful every three hours, or increased to a what is a thesis in an essay tablespoonful, at the discretion of the attending physician ”a circular wrapped around the bottle declares that hydras is. “a valuable preparation to the physician in the treatment of dysmenorrhea, colic, cramps, spasm, palpitation incident to pregnancy, and the various pains resulting from diseases of the female sexual organs ”it is further claimed that. “in the dysmenorrhea of young girls due to essay mechanical difficulty, as anteflexion or of a congestive character, of suppressed menses from exposure to cold and other causes of a similar character, hydras will prove efficient and can be administered freely without danger ”the value of hydrastis in the treatment of the diseases and conditionsmentioned is problematical at best, and the small amount present inhydras is wholly useless as for the other constituents, cramp bark viburnum opulus, helonias false unicorn-- chamælirium luteumor helonias dioica and scutellaria skullcap-- scutellarialateriflora are drugs which are practically ignored by most writerson materia medica and therapeutics 99 dogwood cornus florida isa mildly astringent aromatic bitter for the use of which there is noscientific evidence 10099 see reports of the council, j a m a , jan 9, 1915, p 165;jan 23, 1915, p 359. Nov 27, 1919, p 1836. March 27, 1915, p 1093 100 see reports council pharm and chem , 1912, p 36 to sum up. Of the five ingredients of hydras aside from alcohol andaromatics, one hydrastis, which apparently gives the preparation itsname, is present in unimportant amounts. Three cramp bark, heloniasand scutellaria are therapeutically unimportant. The fifth dogwoodhas never been shown to have any specific action on the uterus thepotent constituent, therefore, appears to be the alcohol but, even if every one of the several drugs said to be contained inhydras were possessed of distinct therapeutic properties, and if eachwere present in known and therapeutically active amounts, still thecombination in fixed proportion would be irrational no one couldforesee the joint effect of the five drugs in the several conditionsfor which the mixture is advertised hydras is evidently meant toappeal to the thoughtless and to be used at random. Witness thesuggestion made in the advertising that “owing to its palatability, it is acceptable to patients with impaired digestion, and will serve as a stomachic tonic, promoting appetite and digestion ”a useless alcoholic nostrum “administered freely” to women and girlsis as dangerous as the recommendation for such administration isreprehensible this preparation is semisecret the recommendations for its use inspecified diseases which appear on the label and in the advertisingaccompanying the bottle are sure to lead to its ill-advised use by thepublic the claims made for its curative properties are exaggeratedand unwarranted the name, in view of the small content of hydrastis, is misleading finally, the combination of five drugs, even ifindividually they were of therapeutic value, is irrational hydras, consequently, is inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies forconflict with rules 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10, and publication of this reportis authorized editorial comment -- products like “hydras” are the bane of scientificmedicine the physician who prescribes them could with just as muchreason prescribe any of the various alcoholic “patent medicines” ofthe “women tonic” type in fact, his patients would be running lessrisk of contracting the alcohol habit if he prescribed the “patentmedicines, ” as these nostrums usually have less alcohol than iscontained in their “ethical” prototypes-- and alcohol is the only reallyimportant drug in practically all of them whatever one may think ofreputable pharmaceutical houses who put out products of the “hydras”type, the fault really lies with the profession which tolerates suchtherapeutic monstrosities -- from the journal a m a , oct 7, 1916 bromin-iodin compound report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry“bromin-iodin compound, ” according to the bromin-iodin chemicalcompany, san diego, calif , has the following “formula”.

Each of which writings is smalllike the middle rib, but broad forwards, what is a thesis in an essay pointed and round, resemblingtherein a half-moon, from whence it took the name. The uppermost writingsor divisions being bigger than the lowest the stalks rise above thisleaf two or three inches, bearing thesis branches of small long tongues, every one like the spiky head of the adder tongue, of a brownishcolour, which, whether i shall call them flowers, or the seed, i wellknow not which, after they have continued awhile, resolve into a mealydust the root is small and fibrous this hath essaytimes divers suchlike leaves as are before described, with so thesis branches or topsrising from one stalk, each divided from the other place it grows on hills and heaths, yet where there is much grass, for therein it delights to grow time it is to be found only in april and may. For in june, whenany hot weather comes, for the most writing it is withered and gone government and virtues the moon owns the herb moonwort is coldand drying more than adder tongue, and is therefore held to be moreavailable for all wounds both inward and outward the leaves boiledin red wine, and drank, stay the immoderate flux of women courses, and the whites it also stays bleeding, vomiting, and other fluxes it helps all blows and bruises, and to consolidate all fractures anddislocations it is good for ruptures, but is chiefly used, by mostwith other herbs, to make oils or balsams to heal fresh or greenwounds as i said before either inward or outward, for which it isexcellently good moonwort is an herb which they say will open locks, and unshoe suchhorses as tread upon it. This essay laugh to scorn, and those no smallfools neither. But country people, that i know, call it unshoe thehorse besides i have heard commanders say, that on white down indevonshire, near tiverton, there were found thirty horse shoes, pulledoff from the feet of the earl of essex horses, being there drawn upin a body, thesis of them being but newly shod, and no reason known, which caused much admiration. The herb described usually grows uponheaths mosses i shall not trouble the reader with a description of these, since myintent is to speak only of two kinds, as the most principal, viz ground moss and tree moss, both which are very well known place the ground moss grows in our moist woods, and at the bottomof hills, in boggy grounds, and in shadowy ditches and thesis other suchlike places the tree moss grows only on trees government and virtues all sorts of mosses are under the dominionof saturn the ground moss is held to be singularly good to break thestone, and to expel and drive it forth by urine, being boiled in wineand drank the herb being bruised and boiled in water, and applied, eases all inflammations and pains coming from an hot cause. And istherefore used to ease the pains of the gout the tree mosses are cooling and binding, and writingake of a digesting andmolifying quality withal, as galen saith but each moss writingakes of thenature of the tree from whence it is taken. Therefore that of the oakis more binding, and is of good effect to stay fluxes in man or woman;as also vomiting or bleeding, the powder thereof being taken in wine the decoction thereof in wine is very good for women to be bathed in, that are troubled with the overflowing of their courses the same beingdrank, stays the stomach that is troubled with casting, or hiccough;and, as avicena saith, it comforts the heart the powder thereoftaken in drink for essay time together, is thought available for thedropsy the oil that has had fresh moss steeped therein for a time, andafterwards boiled and applied to the temples and forehead, marvellouslyeases the head-ache coming of a hot cause.

William rabak, ph g , sc b , and a h clark, ph g , sc b g from the what is a thesis in an essay chemical laboratory of the american medical association g the first article of this series dealt with the purity ofacetylsalicylic acid leech, p n. Examination of american-madeacetylsalicylic acid, j indust & engin chem , april, 1918, p 288 “what in a name?. ” ibid , p 255 acetylsalicylic acid, or “what ina name?. ” editorial, j a m a 70. 1097 april 13 1918 before european hostilities, the united states was so dependent ongerthesis for synthetic drugs that the dependence was considered anecessity. This was strikingly manifested by the precipitous rise inprices immediately after the embargo was declared against gerthesis since then the shortage of german-made synthetics has caused twoimportant results.

Hot and dry in the second degree, cleanse and openthe stomach, break the stone in the reins and bladder, help the greensickness let such as are troubled with heart-qualms or faintings, forbear it, for it weakens the heart and spirit vital see the flowers geranium cranebill, the divers sorts of it, one of which is thatwhich is called muscata. It is thought to be cool and dry, helps hotswellings, and by its smell amends a hot brain geranium columbinum doves-foot. Helps the wind cholic, pains in thebelly, stone in the reins and bladder, and is good in ruptures, andinward wounds i suppose these are the general virtues of them all gramen grass. See the root gratiola hedge-hyssop, purges water and flegm, but works verychurlishly gesner commends it in dropsies asphodelus fœm see the root hepatica, lichen liverwort, cold and dry, good for inflammations ofthe liver, or any other inflammations, yellow jaundice hedera arborea, terrostris tree and ground-ivy tree-ivy helpsulcers, burnings, scaldings, the bad effects of the spleen. The juicesnuffed up the nose, purges the head, it is admirable for surfeits orheadache, or any other ill effects coming of drunkenness ground-ivyis that which usually is called alehoof, hot and dry, the juice helpsnoise in the ears, fistulas, gouts, stoppings of the liver, itstrengthens the reins and stops the menses, helps the yellow jaundice, and other diseases coming of stoppings of the liver, and is excellentfor wounded people herba camphorata stinking ground-pine, is of a drying quality, andtherefore stops defluxions either in the eyes or upon the lungs, thegout, cramps, palsies, aches. Strengthens the nerves herbu paralysis, primula veris primroses, or cowslips, which youwill the leaves help pains in the head and joints. See the flowerswhich are most in use herba paris herb true-love, or one-berry it is good for wounds, falls, bruises, aposthumes, inflammations, ulcers in the privities herb true-love, is very cold in temperature you may take half a dramof it at a time in powder herba roberti a kind of cranebill herba venti, anemone wind-flower the juice snuffed up in the nosepurgeth the head, it cleanses filthy ulcers, encreases milk in nurses, and outwardly by ointment helps leprosies herniaria the same with empetron helxine pellitory of the wall cold, moist, cleansing, helps thestone and gravel in the kidnies, difficulty of urine, sore throats, pains in the ears, the juice being dropped in them. Outwardly it helpsthe shingles and st anthony fire hyppoglossum horse-tongue, tongue-blade or double-tongue the rootshelp the stranguary, provoke urine, ease the hard labour of women, provoke the menses, the herb helps ruptures and the fits of the mother:it is hot in the second degree, dry in the first. Boil it in white wine hyppolapathum patience, or monk rhubarb. See the root hypposclinum alexanders, or alisanders. Provoke urine, expel theplacenta, help the stranguary, expel wind sage either taken inwardly or beaten and applied plaister-wise to thematrix, draws forth both menses and placenta horminum clary. Hot and dry in the third degree. Helps the weaknessin the back, stops the running of the reins, and the fluor albus, provokes the menses, and helps women that are barren through coldnessor moisture, or both. Causes fruitfulness, but is hurtful for thememory the usual way of taking it is to fry it with butter, or make atansy with it hydropiper arsmart hot and dry, consumes all cold swellings andblood congealed by bruises, and stripes. Applied to the place, ithelps that aposthume in the joints, commonly called a felon. Strewedin a chamber, kills all the fleas there. This is hottest arsmart, and is unfit to be given inwardly.

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2kent com , 236 in paper when the parent of the infant or the husbandof the married woman is liable, this liability obtains because theservices rendered are deemed necessary, and fall within the common-lawobligation of such persons to provide and pay for necessaries for thosewhom they are bound to support and maintain burden upon physicians treating minors to show servicesnecessary - but even in such paper the burden is upon the personperforming the services, to show that they were necessary, and it ishis duty to know, or learn, the true legal status of the patient, andthe true legal relations of the patient to the person other than thepatient from whom payment is to be claimed as said in the case ofcrain v baudouin 55 n y , 256-261, “in the case of minor childreneven, the law imposes this duty upon those who would furnish them withnecessaries, relying upon the credit of their fathers, and seekingto charge them hunt v thompson, 3 scam , 179. Van valkinburghv watson, 13 j r , 480 ” “a fortiori, it is so in the case ofan adult married daughter living with her husband ” and as to theliability of the husband of a married woman in the absence of statutegiving her legal capacity to contract and charge her separate estate consult moody v osgood, 50 barb , 628. Potter v virgil, 67 barb , 578. Crain v baudouin, 55 n y , 256-261 mother of infant probably liable after father death - it has beena much disputed question whether after the father death the motherbecomes responsible for necessaries furnished for her minor children the theory of law upon which a father is made liable proceeds upon theground that he is bound to support the child and has a right to thechild services during its minority 168 it has been held that themother after the death of the father is entitled to those services campbell v campbell, 3 stock n j , 265. Cain v dewitt, 8iowa, 116. Furman v van size, 56 n y , 435-439, disapprovingbentley v richtmeyer 4 comstock, 38, and approving in re ryder, 11 paige, 185 if she is entitled to the services of her child, shemust be bound to support and care for it. And so it was held in furmanv van size cited above estates of insane persons liable in a proper case - persons ofunsound mind are liable for necessaries furnished for their benefit, and can be made to pay therefor at reasonable and proper rates, butthey cannot make contracts for a specific rate it is always a questionof fact as to what sum should be charged against their estates, if theyhave any master not liable for services rendered servant without specialcontract - in the case of master and servant, while at common law asbetween a master and servant the master was bound to provide medicineand food for the servant when the servant was an inmate of the masterhouse, this is an obligation which a third person could not enforce, and the master can only be held liable for services rendered to theservant, upon proof of a specific contract with him to pay for them case of crain v baudouin considered - the case of crain v baudouin, supra, affords an interesting discussion before the highest court of new york state, as to the question as to how far a father calling a physician for an adult child for whom he is not bound to provide, although lying sick at the father house, can be held liable for the services rendered upon such call in that case the plaintiff attended as a physician upon the daughter of the defendant, who was sick at his house the daughter was of full age, married and living with her husband, but was brought from that of her husband to that of her father in order that she might be under the care of her mother defendant was present when plaintiff made his calls, gave the latter a history of the patient illness, and received directions as to her treatment he told others of the frequency and length of the plaintiff visits, and of his opinion of the case, without any disclaimer of liability the court held, however, that these facts were insufficient to imply a promise on the father writing to pay for the services, and that the additional facts that the defendant consented to the calling in of a consulting physician, and that a bill was sent in by the plaintiff, unless acknowledged and acquiesced in by defendant, or that he had before this employed other physicians, were also insufficient to raise an implication of law of such a promise to pay the plaintiff relied in his argument upon the fact that the patient was a daughter of the defendant, but the court held that any presumption which might arise from this had the daughter been under age, was overcome by the fact that she was past a majority, and was married and lived with her husband and children the plaintiff also relied to support his cause of action upon the interest exhibited by the defendant in the course of treatment pursued, and the other facts as to the presence of the defendant when the plaintiff made his professional calls alone and in consultation. His receiving directions as to treatment. His recognition to others of the fact that the plaintiff was in attendance. His reciting to others a knowledge of the frequency and length of the visits of plaintiff without any disclaimer on the writing of the defendant of liability the court said as to these facts. “it is true that writingicular acts will essaytimes give rise to writingicular obligations, duties and liabilities but the writingy whose acts are thus to affect him must be in such predicament as that those acts have, of legal necessity, a significance attached to them, at the time, which he may not afterward repel it has been held that a special request by a father to a physician to attend upon his son, then of full age but lying sick at the father house, raised no implied promise on the writing of the father to pay for the services rendered ” see boyd v sappington, 4 watts pa , 247.