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If not married woman, onnearest of kin who is an adult and has sufficient means stat , sec 2, 195 refusal to bury by one on whom duty rests, is a misdemeanor stat , sec 2, 196 oregon coroner to hold inquest, etc crim code, sec 453 et seq and bury body if not claimed by friends crim code, sec 462 unmarried woman concealing birth of child so that it may not be knownwhether it was born alive or not, is punishable crim code, sec 649 bodies of criminals executed, those dying in hospitals, insane asylums, alms-houses, or penitentiaries, may be delivered to medical college orphysician for dissection, etc , unless they shall have been interred, or claimed by relatives, or relatives and friends do not consent, ordeceased expressed a wish to be buried. And they shall be used for suchpurpose only and in this state hill am laws, sec 3, 730 et seq removal of body without authority, etc , is punishable crim code, sec 656 pennsylvania coroner to hold inquest in philadelphia county only in case of aviolent death bright pen dig , 1536, sec 37 and may in berks and lancaster counties order a post mortem brightpen dig , 1536, sec 38 concealing death of child which, if born alive, would be a bastard, ispunishable bright pen dig , 431, sec 158 removal of body from grave without authority is a misdemeanor brightpen dig , 229, sec 11 bodies of those dying in alms-house, hospital, prison, or publicinstitution, or those in morgue, which are required to be buried atpublic expense, shall be delivered to medical college, physician, etc , to be used for scientific purposes only, unless claimed by relativesor deceased was a traveller, and trafficking in such bodies is amisdemeanor bright pen dig , p 9, sec 1 et seq rhode island concealing death of child which, if born alive, would be a bastard, sothat it may not be known, etc , is punishable pub stat , ch 244, sec 8 seizing dead body under execution is punishable pub stat , ch 223, sec 2 bodies of those dying in jail shall, if not claimed by relatives, beburied at public expense pub stat , ch 201, sec 30 medical examiner to make autopsy pub stat , 1884, ch 420 and bury body of stranger at state expense if necessary pub laws, 1884, ch 420, sec 24 coroner to hold inquest if, in opinion of medical examiner, death wascaused by act of essay one other than deceased pub laws, 1884, ch 420, sec 17 south carolina coroner to hold inquest, etc r l , secs 711, 2, 664 et seq and may have body disinterred for inquisition r l , sec 2, 687 tennessee coroner to hold inquest, etc code, sec 6, 139 et seq and may order a chemical analysis of remains, etc code, sec 6, 150 body to be buried, if not claimed by relatives, etc , at public expenseif necessary code, sec 6, 160 wilfully and improperly exposing or abandoning a dead body is amisdemeanor code, sec 5, 658 removing or purchasing dead bodies without authority is a misdemeanor code, secs 5, 659, 5, 660 body of deceased convict to be buried unless claimed by friends code, sec 6, 402 texas justice of the peace to hold inquest, etc code crim p , art 988 etseq and may disinter the body for such inquisition code crim p , art 989 removal, etc , of dead body from grave without authority is punishable code, art 345 bodies of convicts to be buried rev c stat , art 3, 561 vermont justice of the peace to hold inquest, etc rev laws, sec 3, 934 etseq removal, etc , of dead body without authority, is punishable rev laws, secs 4, 194, 4, 196 bodies of those dying in poor-house or other public institution, whichare required to be buried at public expense, may be delivered to anyphysician for dissection, etc , unless deceased requested to be buried, or friends or relations request burial, or deceased was a stranger ortraveller such body shall not be removed from state, and shall be usedfor scientific purposes only laws, 1884, ch 85 virginia coroner to hold inquest, etc code, sec 3, 938 et seq and to bury the body at public expense code, sec 3, 946 removal, etc , of dead body from grave without authority, is punishable code, sec 3, 794 bodies of those dying on vessels in state, shall be buried by master onthe shore above high-water mark code, sec 2, 002 bodies of those dying in alms-house, prison, morgue, hospital, jail, or other public institution, which are required to be buried at publicexpense, and bodies of criminals executed for crime shall be deliveredto medical college, etc , and physician or surgeon for anatomicalstudy, unless except criminals relatives and friends claim the bodyor deceased was a stranger or traveller. And such bodies shall not besent out of the state code, ch 80 washington coroner to hold inquest, etc hill am stat , vol 1, sec 245 etseq and bury body, if not claimed by friends, at public expense hill am stat , vol 1, sec 257 bodies of those dying in poor-house, public hospital, county jail, state prison, etc , which are required to be buried at public expense, shall be delivered to medical college, physician, surgeon, etc , forstudy, unless deceased requested to be buried, or it is claimed byfriends or relatives, or deceased was a stranger or traveller. And suchbody shall be used only in the state hill am stat , vol 1, sec 2, 428 et seq removal, etc , of body from the grave without authority is punishable pen code, sec 208 west virginia coroner to hold inquest, etc code, ch 154 and bury the body at public expense, or if of a stranger, may forwardit to its destination or bury it code, ch 154, sec 8 removal, etc , of a body from grave is punishable code, ch 149, sec 13 wisconsin justice of the peace or coroner to hold inquest, etc s & b am stat , ch 200 and shall cause the body to be buried at public expense s & b am stat , ch 200, sec 4, 877 dead body of convict shall, if not claimed by relatives or friends, beburied s & b am stat , sec 4, 926 removal, etc , of body from grave without authority is punishable s &b am stat , sec 4, 592 concealing death of child which, if born alive, would be a bastard, ispunishable s & b am stat , sec 4, 585 a public officer having in his charge a body required to be buried atpublic expense, shall deliver same to member of state or county medicalsociety, etc , for anatomical study, unless claimed by relatives, orthey consent to such disposal, or deceased requested to be buried, orwas a stranger or traveller s & b am stat , sec 1, 437 the powers and duties of coroners and medical examiners by august becker, of the buffalo n y bar the powers and duties of coroners and medical examiners by august becker, of the buffalo n y bar powers and duties of coroners and medical examiners i the coroner and his court coroner an ancient officer - the office of coroner is one of themost important and ancient known to the common law a coroner, orcoronator, was so called because he had principally to do withthe pleas of the crown, or suit wherein the king was immediatelyconcerned 507 the office is first mentioned in a charter granted inthe year 925 by king athelstan, to the authorities of beverley theoffice as at present constituted was not clearly established untilafter the norman conquest under this head come the lord chief justice and puisne justices of theking bench, who are supreme and sovereign coroners respectively 508the duties of the office of coroner involve questions of the greatestinterest to society, to government, and to the rights and privilegesof the individual citizen the office has lost much of the honor andrespect which formerly appertained to it its character and importancehave been much diminished in latter times, making striking contrastwith the high estimation it was held in by our ancestors in days whennone but the gentry and knights of the shire were deemed eligible in fact so great was the dignity of this office in ancient times, thatit was never presumed that coroners would condescend to be paid fortheir services 509 they were chosen by all the freeholders of thecounty court for life or good behavior, and were liable to be removedfor cause by the writ de coronatore exonerando there were threekinds of coroners at common law. Virtute officii.

It is corrected withginger, or mastich let not the vulgar be too busy with it tuburnum or toad-stools whether these be roots or no, it mattersnot much. For my writing i know but little need of them, either in foodor physic victorialis a foreign kind of garlick they say, being hung aboutthe neck of cattle that are blind suddenly, it helps them. And defendsthose that bear it, from evil spirits swallow-wort, and teazles were handled before ulmariæ, reginæ, prati, &c mead-sweet cold and dry, binding, stopsfluxes, and the immoderate flowing of the menses. You may take a dramat a time urticæ of nettles see the leaves zedoariæ of zedoary, or setwall this and zurumbet, according torhasis, and mesue, are all one. Avicenna thinks them different:i hold with mesue. Indeed they differ in form, for the one is long, the other round. They are both hot and dry in the second degree, expelwind, resist poison, stop fluxes, and the menses, stay vomiting, helpthe cholic, and kill worms. You may take half a dram at a time zingiberis of ginger helps digestion, warms the stomach, clears thesight, and is profitable for old men. Heats the joints, and thereforeis profitable against the gout, expels wind.

The fore feet are raised and put forward, the tongue often has a peculiar spasm, usa essay writing services the chest is raised, the eyes drawn back into the orbits, pupils contracted. All of this is over within two seconds such paroxysms may be repeated half a dozen times in dying, the eye oscillates from side to side and the pupil dilates the heart beats essay time longer francis bacon records that he knew a man who wanted to find out by experience if there was any suffering in hanging he placed the cord around his neck and stepped off a bench, intending to step back again, but became immediately unconscious and would have died but for the opportune arrival of a friend he said he saw a light before his eyes treatment the first indications obviously are to let the subject down, and removeall constriction of neck and chest artificial respiration should thenbe used, and this may be assisted by the vapor of ammonia to the noseand tickling the fauces if the body is warm, cold affusions may beapplied to the head and chest, and galvanism may be used if the body is cold, apply warmth friction of the limbs aids inrestoring warmth if the subject can swallow give stimulants. These mayalso be used by rectum venesection may be required to relieve cerebralcongestion or distention of the right heart and pulmonary circulation the following paper illustrate what may be done to resuscitate one who has been hanged. A man, age 35, in good health, weight one hundred and sixty pounds, was executed with a drop of over six feet. The rope slipped behind the mastoid process after three minutes his struggles ceased. The radial beat ceased at six and one-half minutes.

Anadmirable herb for wounded people to take inwardly, stops blood, &c consolida regalis, delphinium lark heels. Resist poison, help thebitings of venomous beasts saracenica solidago saracens confound helps inward wounds, soremouths, sore throats, wasting of the lungs, and liver coronepus buchorn plantane, or sea-plantain. Cold and dry, helps thebitings of venomous beasts, either taken inwardly, or applied to thewound. Helps the cholic, breaks the stone ægineta coronaria hath got thesis english names cottonweed, cudweed, chaffweed, and petty cotton of a drying and binding nature. Boiled inlye, it keeps the head from nits and lice. Being laid among clothes, itkeeps them safe from moths, kills worms, helps the bitings of venomousbeasts. Taken in a tobacco-pipe, it helps coughs of the lungs, andvehement headaches cruciata crosswort. there is a kind of gentian called also by thisname, which i pass by is drying and binding, exceeding good for inwardor outward wounds, either inwardly taken, or outwardly applied.

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cereals, pulses, etc. Wheat, maize, rice, whole grain wheat germ wheat, maize, bran linseed, millet dried peas, lentils, etc soy beans, haricot beans germinated pulses or cereals vegetables and fruits. Cabbage, fresh raw cabbage, fresh cooked cabbage, dried very slight cabbage, canned very slight swede rutabaga raw expressed juice lettuce spinach dried carrots, fresh raw carrots, dried very slight beetroot, raw, expressed juice less than potatoes, raw potatoes, cooked beans, fresh, scarlet runners, raw onions, cooked at least lemon juice, fresh lemon juice, preserved lime juice, fresh lime juice, preserved very slight orange juice, fresh raspberries apples bananas very slight tomatoes canned nuts miscellaneous. Yeast, dried yeast, extract and autolyzed ?. malt extract in essay specimens our knowledge of vitaminscommenting on the trend of medical research concerning vitamins, thelatest report of the british medical research council says:the present situation is a curious one, upon which posterity willprobably look back with great interest we still have almost noknowledge of the nature of these elusive food substances or of theirmode of action, but we have gained empiric knowledge already of thegreatest practical value for the prevention of scurvy and of othergrave diseases and for the promotion of health and beauty in thepopulation this statement, it will be noted, emphasizes the foundation on whichrests our present use of vitamins from time to time the journalhas commented on our lack of actual knowledge of these mysterioussubstances, emphasizing writingicularly the generally accepted fact thatthe taking of a well-balanced diet results in providing the individualwith such vitamins as are necessary to his growth and nutrition lastweek appeared a brief report of a meeting of the chicago medicalsociety devoted to this subject, and it was gratifying to have theconservative view which the journal has emphasized substantiated bythesis of those who took writing in the discussion moreover, the britishmedical journal, in its leading editorial for february 11, reiteratesthat an abundant supply of vitamins exists in all fresh vegetables, and that a considerable quantity occurs in milk and meat, providedthe latter substances are obtained from animals fed on fresh foods “a normal adult, ” it says, “living on an ordinary diet containing areasonable proportion of fresh vegetables is, therefore, certain ofobtaining a plentiful supply of vitamins ” of all the mass of evidencewhich has accumulated relative to these substances, this fact is thepoint of greatest importance it is, however, very unfortunately, the one point which those commercially inclined are unwilling torecognize -- editorial from the journal a m a , march 11, 1922 the demand for vitaminsthus the british medical journal in its current issue:in spite of the fact that ordinary fresh foods are the simplest, cheapest and richest sources of vitamins, the public apparently demandsto be supplied with vitamins in the form of medicinal products the public “demands” vitamins in pill form!. why?. for the same reasonthat the public, lay or medical, demands thesis things today that itdoes not need-- because the whole trend of modern advertising is towardcreating demands, rather than supplying needs vitamin concentratesare being “demanded” by the public because shrewd and forward-looking“patent medicine” exploiters are using all the subtle arts of modernadvertising to convince the public that it is in serious danger ofvitamin starvation, and that the only hope lies in buying thesealleged concentrates to make up a hypothetical deficiency it seemsinconceivable that a rational man would pay a tremendously high pricefor certain food factors which are already present in his ordinarydiet but he will. And advertising is the reason advertisingcampaigns such as these of the vitamins constitute a vicious circle;an artificial demand is created and then the manufacturer excuses hisbusiness on the ground that he is merely supplying a demand!. as ourbritish contemporary says, “ordinary fresh foods are the simplest, cheapest and richest sources of vitamins ”-- editorial from thejournal a m a , march 18, 1922 the william a webster co and the direct pharmaceutical co the following letter from a detroit physician was received a few daysago to the editor:-- i have just received a letter from the direct pharmaceutical co of st louis, mo , quoting prices on drugs which are not more than one half what the leading manufacturers are quoting on the same drugs i have received previous literature from this company but have not done business with them i would be unwilling to prescribe their drugs unless i were satisfied that they are what is claimed for them i would be glad to receive any information regarding this firm that may be available the journal has also received essay letters from physicians regardingthe william a webster co of memphis, tenn , relative to a letter theconcern was sending physicians in the form of a testimonial reproducedin miniature on this page and alleged to be from dr f w p butlerof columbia, s c typical letters on the webster advertising follow. To the editor:-- is there not essay way through which the dignity of the medical profession can be protected from the circulation of such idiotic drivel as the enclosures display?.