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Blue-blow, corn-flower, and blue-bottle descript i shall only describe that which is commonest, and inmy opinion most useful. Its leaves spread upon the ground, beingof a whitish green colour, essaywhat on the edges like those ofcorn-scabious, amongst which rises up a stalk divided into diversbranches, beset with long leaves of a greenish colour, either but verylittle indented, or not at all. The flowers are of a blueish colour, from whence it took its name, consisting of an innumerable company offlowers set in a scaly head, not much unlike those of knap-weed. Theseed is smooth, bright, and shining, wrapped up in a woolly mantle. Theroot perishes every year place they grow in cornfields, amongst all sorts of corn pease, beans, and tares excepted if you please to take them up from thence, and transplant them in your garden, especially towards the full of themoon, they will grow more double than they are, and thesis times changecolour time they flower from the beginning of may, to the end of theharvest government and virtues as they are naturally cold, dry, andbinding, so they are under the dominion of saturn the powder ordried leaves of the blue-bottle, or corn-flower, is given with goodsuccess to those that are bruised by a fall, or have broken a veininwardly, and void much blood at the mouth. Being taken in the water ofplaintain, horsetail, or the greater confrey, it is a remedy againstthe poison of the scorpion, and resists all venoms and poison theseed or leaves taken in wine, is very good against the plague, andall infectious diseases, and is very good in pestilential fevers thejuice put into fresh or green wounds, doth quickly solder up the lipsof them together, and is very effectual to heal all ulcers and soresin the mouth the juice dropped into the eyes takes away the heat andinflammation of them the distilled water of this herb, has the sameproperties, and may be used for the effects aforesaid brank ursine besides the common name brank-ursine, it is also called bear-breach, and acanthus, though i think our english names to be more proper. Forthe greek word acanthus, signifies any thistle whatsoever descript this thistle shoots forth very thesis large, thick, sadgreen smooth leaves on the ground, with a very thick and juicy middlerib. The leaves are writinged with sundry deep gashes on the edges. Theleaves remain a long time, before any stalk appears, afterwards risingup a reasonable big stalk, three or four feet high, and bravely deckedwith flowers from the middle of the stalk upwards.

The use of foreign protein in the treatment us based essay writing company of arthritis, ibid 67. 2010 dec 30 1916 as with other new therapeutic measures, there is still essay uncertaintyas to the proper dosage, which is a matter of considerable importance, in order to arrive at a just estimate of the relative advantage ordanger in the treatment typhoid vaccines have been extensively usedbecause they are readily procured and give a prompt and sharp reaction however, they have the disadvantage of inexactitude in the bacterialcount, as well as being of varying degrees of toxicity, the latterfactor depending not only on the use of different strains of bacteriain their preparation but on the age of the vaccine synder, 297as well as other workers, is of the opinion that the primary doseshould be small-- from five to ten million organisms-- and that thedose of typhoid bacilli injected should never exceed two hundred andfifty million while a sharp reaction on the writing of the patientis apparently a desideratum, a sufficient response can usually beelicited with a relatively small dose there is no object in subjectingthe patient to the risk of the profound depression that followsoccasionally in the wake of large doses indeed, the only seriousresults so far ascribed as due to this form of therapy have followedvery large doses or the use of relatively large doses in moribundpatients. Or such unreasonable procedures as the intravenous injectionof milk it is true that milk injections were recommended by essay ofthe german investigators, but they were always used intramuscularly 297 snyder, r g. A clinical report of nonspecific protein therapyin the treatment of arthritis, arch int med 22. 224 aug 1918 in the treatment of pneumonia, roberts and cary4 have employed avaccine made up of 100 million of each of the following organisms percubic centimeter. Influenza bacilli, pneumococci, staphylococci andstreptococci of this vaccine they injected, intravenously, first0 5 c c , later 1 c c in the series of 200 patients so treated therewas no evidence of injury to the patients in any way the mortality inthis series was 9 5 per cent. In a series of eighty-six patients nottreated with vaccine, the mortality was 31 2 per cent in the untreatedseries, 20 per cent recovered by crisis. In the treated, 36 per cent so recovered before any reliance is placed on such statistics theyshould be analyzed and compared carefully according to age periods, asthe death rate may vary at different ages cowie and beaven298 usedtyphoid vaccine in the treatment of their patients, and they considerthe vaccine shock as indicated only in the early stages of pneumonia 298 report of international health board, social medicine, medicaleconomics and miscellany, j a m a 72. 751 march 8 1919 before applying the treatment to such diseases as pneumonia it wouldseem that prudence would demand a thorough familiarity with the rangeof the reaction and the degree of toxicity of the preparation it isintended to use by first employing it in essay arthritic paper inpneumonia we must ever keep before us the vital factor of cardiacimpairment.

“please give me essay us based essay writing company information concerning dr abrams and his diagnostic and therapeutic devices known as reflexaphore and oscilloclast if this is published please withhold my name ”a physician in massachusetts writes. “can you give me any information concerning dr ?. san francisco, california, who reports himself able to diagnose syphilis from a drop of blood sent him on a blotting paper?. he has caused a patient of mine a great deal of needless worry ”and from rhode island a physician facetiously inquires. “i am interested to know of the ‘reactions of abrams ’ have you any information that you can give me in regard to this matter?. they apparently do wonderful things in the west ”while a new york physician acknowledges his failure to keep up with thetimes thus.

“will you us based essay writing company please give me your opinion on thisjunk?. ”the “junk” referred to comprised, in writing, an advertising leaflet on“eli 606 capsules, ” another leaflet on “eli vaginal capsules, ” stillanother on “eli ‘vim’ restorative;” then there was reference to theinevitable nostrum for intravenous use. “ampoules eli venhydrarsen ” afour-page leaflet, headed in large and very black letters “confidentialguide to live wire physicians only, ” expressed its key-note in theopening paragraph. “how to make money as well as reputation in the treatment of all chronic ailments and all types, forms and sequella of venereal diseases ”the “eli ‘vim’ restorative” is said to be a “tonic aphrodisiac ” the“action” of the product is to “arouse sexual ardor and desire influxblood supply to the genital organs ” a postscript to the “guide” urgesphysicians. “if you do not already use intravenous serums, by all means get an outfit, if for no other reason than to meet the popular demand ”a “special note” in the “confidential guide” advises physicians who“have to deal with hysteria” to “write the author of this guide, whowill explain by personal letter a method of cooperation by which suchconvulsions may be at once and forever stopped there will be $100for you from every case treated ” one physician wrote to the “author ofthis guide”-- eli h dunn, m d -- asking for further information on thistreatment for hysteria he received in reply two letters both signedeli h dunn. One was to be shown to the patient, the other was for thedoctor own information the letter for the patient to see describedthe marvelous effects of “dunn intravenous and restorative treatment”in hysteria and recommended it “with the utmost confidence in everycase able to pay you the fee commensurate with the service you render ”then followed these two paragraphs. “the cost of the treatment when administered by yourself is $300 cash with orders which includes one complete outfit and technique for administering “should you call me personally in consultation an additional fee of $150 per diem covering the time i am away from my kansas city office. Fees to be collected and held until i arrive ”the letter that was intended only for the doctor eye declared. “you are to have $100 of the fee and $50 of the per diem ”it explained that the “complete outfit” referred to in the “patientletter” would “consist in writing of a tube of intravenous medication” anddoses of “restorative capsules” and “eli 606 capsules ”eli h dunn seems to have had a essaywhat varied and spectacular career after being graduated in 1885 he apparently started practice in orion, ill during the nineties he was practicing at elma, iowa, and about1900 he seems to have moved to kansas city, mo during 1906 and 1908, he also had an additional office at denver, col about this time he wasexploiting “dunn uterine evacuant” which was “a strictly legitimate”product which could “be injected within the uterus with perfect safetyand immediate effect ” this stuff was advertised both from the kansascity and the denver offices the “personal column” of a kansas citypaper in 1910 carried the message to “ladies” that “dr dunn” was a“regular physician for women only, ” dunn violation of the postal lawsin 1911 and of the federal food and drugs act in 1912 need not be goneinto at this time the journal would feel like apologizing for devoting space to such apreposterous scheme were it not for the fact that physicians, beinghuman, essaytimes “fall for” preposterous schemes essay, we know, havenibbled at dunn bait. Others may do so the gross commercialism thatpermeates the advertising matter sent out by dunn again emphasizesthe fact that the fad for intravenous medication offers an attractivefield for those who would exploit our profession -- from the journala m a , nov 22, 1919 glover cancer serumscores of letters have reached-- and are reaching-- the journal officesimilar in effect to the following. “i am enclosing ‘literature’ received from the ‘t j glover research laboratory ’ though purporting to come from toronto, where the $25 00 are to be sent, if you please, the envelope bears the 448 new york postmark ”the above is from new jersey while the two following are from michiganand illinois, respectively. “have you any information in regard to this writingy and his treatment for cancer?. this is the first i have heard of any such work having been done one wonders if it is presented in good faith or if the money god has overcome the gentleman scientific spirit ” “is this just one more of them?. why a roan horse?. essay people might want serum from a nice bay or calico cow pony ”the literature referred to comes in an envelop bearing the name of“t j glover, research laboratory, toronto, canada, ” but mailed, apparently, from new york city the enclosures are a single sheetcircular signed thomas joseph glover and entitled “etiology of cancer, ”a “directions” slip and a card quoting prices in the circular dr glover states that he has prepared a serum from immunized horses, “between ages of seven and nine years, of the roan type, ” and hasinjected this intramuscularly “into patients in the advanced stages ofcancer and noticed that it has a specific action on every known type ofcancer ” further.

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And it may safely be said that acoroner has no power to appoint a deputy coroner, except where specialprovision is made therefor by statute 516 in england, a coronercourt is a court of record, and it has accordingly been held thattrespass cannot be maintained for turning a person out of a room wherethe coroner is about to take an inquisition 517 but in this us based essay writing company country, it may safely be said that a coroner court is not one of record, but of inferior jurisdiction 518 the performance of the functionsof a coroner are judicial in their character. So judicial that he isprotected under the principles which protect judicial officers fromresponsibility in a civil action brought by a private person hisproceedings amount to entries concerning matters of public interest, made under the sanction of an official oath, and in compliance orpresumed compliance of the law 519of his authority to hold an inquest - his authority to hold aninquest is not confined to the body of a person who may have diedwithin his territorial jurisdiction, but extends to all bodiesbrought within his jurisdiction, no matter where death may have takenplace 520 so in any case where, after burial, an inquest becomesnecessary to determine the manner of the death of a person who, dyingin one, is buried in another county, the coroner of the latter countyis the proper officer to hold the inquest 521 a coroner cannot holda second inquest while the first is existing as we have seen, inholding an inquest the coroner performs a judicial duty, and he isfunctus officio as soon as the verdict has been returned he can holdno second inquest in the same case unless the first has been quashedby a court of competent jurisdiction, and a new inquiry ordered hecannot set aside or quash his own inquest if he were allowed to holdtwo inquests, not only might the greatest inconvenience arise from theinconsistent findings of the respective juries, but such a practicewould be liable to great abuse, and as the object of the proceeding ismerely preliminary, the main purpose being to ascertain whether it isprobable that a crime has been committed, and to examine the facts andcircumstances and preserve the evidence, all the ends of this inquiryare answered by one inquisition, super visum corporis we believe noreported case is to be found in this country where a second inquisitionhas been held, the first remaining undischarged, nor is any suchpractice known to or recognized by our laws 522the inquest must be held upon view of the body the coroner can in no case hold an inquest except upon view of thebody this is jurisdictional and cannot be waived by any one he isnot bound to hold an inquest before burial of the body takes place when it has been buried, and he believes an inquest necessary, heis vested with authority to have the body disinterred and hold hisinquest, and if necessary direct a post-mortem examination to bemade, but after having done so, he must cause it to be reburied 523deep interests are involved in the proper discharge of the duties ofcoroners. The character, liberty, and perhaps the life of a citizenaccused of crime on the one hand, and on the other the aiding of publicjustice in establishing the guilt and securing the punishment of theactual criminal thesis of the questions which fall within the scopeof a coroner inquisition are of an intricate and most perplexingcharacter, a correct solution of which can only be arrived at by mindsthe best instructed and habituated to their investigation in thesispaper essay of these questions can be satisfactorily settled by theevidence of persons having cognizance more or less direct of the facts;in others, however, they can only be solved by the facts deduced frompathological anatomy, and other circumstances connected with the deadbody, the cause of the extinction of life in which is the subject ofthe inquest in massachusetts office of coroner abolished - indeed, inmassachusetts the office of coroner was abolished in 1877, and thegovernor was invested with power, and it is his duty, to appoint, byand with the advice and consent of the council, able and discreet men, learned in the science of medicine, to be medical examiners, whoseduties are to make examinations as provided in the statute upon theview of the dead bodies of such persons only as are supposed to havecome to their death by violence 524coroner may employ professional skill - a thorough examination aidedby professional skill is in general absolutely necessary to the properadministration of justice it would no doubt be strange if a coronerhad no authority to pledge the responsibility of the county for thecompensation of all auxiliary services which are necessary to theproper execution of his office, and which he can by no other meanscommand. For instance, when his duty requires him to disinter a body, he cannot be expected to do it with his own hands, or by hands paidfor with his means indeed it has been said that, in this enlightenedage, a coroner who would consign to the grave the body over which hehad held an inquest, without availing himself of the lights which themedical science has placed within his reach, would in most paper fallshort of what his official duty requires 525 it is the generallyaccepted view of the law now that it is the duty of a coroner holdingan inquest super visum corporis to avail himself of professionalskill and aid, and his contract will bind the county to the payment ofa reasonable compensation for making a post-mortem examination 526post-mortem examination whether such examination should take place before the coroner hasempanelled a jury seems to be an open question we would venture theopinion that it should not, inasmuch as the jury ought to see andview the body in the same condition, as near as may be, as it waswhen found, and not after it has been mutilated, as it must need beby a post-mortem examination it is, however, settled that the postmortem should not be in the presence of the jury, and that they are tobe instructed by the testimony of the physicians who are designatedby the coroner to make the examination 527 the coroner right todissect the dead body of a human being does not extend to all paper such a power could be wielded with the most injurious effects upon acommunity his power to dissect is confined to those paper where he isauthorized by law to hold an inquest upon the body but a post-mortemexamination, conducted by surgeons employed by a coroner holding aninquest, is not a writing of the inquest in such a sense as that everycitizen has a right freely to attend it at common law it was essentialto the validity of a coroner inquisition that the jury should viewthe body and so is our law but it was never required that the bodyshould be dissected in any case it is discretionary with the coronerto cause a dissection to be made, and to select the surgeons he hasalso a discretion to determine whether any person, and what persons, may be present besides the surgeons not even the jurors have aright to witness the examination they are to be informed of what itdiscloses by the testimony of the surgeons indeed, no person has aright to be present at the post-mortem examination upon the ground thathe is suspected of having caused the death he loses no legal right bybeing excluded he has no right to dissect the body if the coronerjury pronounce him guilty, the inquest, like the indictment of a grandjury, simply makes him liable to arrest 528massachusetts statutory provisions the statute law of massachusetts has already been referred to ithas abolished the office of coroner and in its place put medicalexaminers, so called, who are presumed to be learned in the scienceof medicine their powers, however, are not co-extensive with thoseof coroners a medical examiner cannot hold an inquest he cannothold an autopsy without being thereto authorized in writing by thedistrict attorney, mayor, or selectmen of the district, city, or townwhere a dead body lies he can only upon receiving notice that therehas been found, or is lying within the county, the dead body of aperson who is supposed to have come to his death by violence, repairto the place where such body lies, view and take charge of the same if he deems a further examination necessary and is authorized so todo, he must make an autopsy in the presence of two or more discreetpersons, whose attendance he may compel by subpœna if necessary, andhe must then carefully reduce or cause to be reduced to writing everyfact and circumstance tending to show the condition of the body andthe cause and manner of death, together with the names and addressesof the witnesses if he deems it necessary, he may employ a chemistto aid in the examination of the body or of substances supposed tohave caused or contributed to the death, 529 the record of whichhe must subscribe 530 such an autopsy does not, however, uponthe trial of an accused render other competent evidence, as to thecondition and appearance of the dead body at the time of the autopsy, inadmissible 531 the autopsy may be followed by an inquest held, notby the examiner, but by a justice of the district, police, or municipalcourt for the district or city in which the body lies, or a trialjustice one of these functionaries must hold an inquest upon beingnotified by a medical examiner that in his opinion a death was causedby violence, and after hearing the testimony draw up and sign a reportand issue process for apprehension of a person charged by the reportwith the commission of an offence, if he is not in custody 532even though a medical examiner reports that a death was not causedby violence, and the district attorney or the attorney-general isof a contrary opinion, either one may, notwithstanding such report, direct an inquest to be held in accordance with the provisions of thestatute 533new york statutory provisions in new york the powers and duties of coroners are defined by statute coroners in the city of new york are governed by a special act relatingto that city exclusively for the state at large it is providedthat whenever a coroner is informed that a person has been killedor dangerously wounded by another, or has suddenly died under suchcircumstances as to afford a reasonable ground to suspect that hisdeath has been occasioned by the act of another by criminal means, orhas committed suicide, he must go to the place where the person is, andforthwith inquire into the cause of the death or wounding, and summonnot less than nine nor more than fifteen persons, qualified by law toserve as jurors, if such death or wounding be of a criminal nature, toappear before him forthwith at a specified place, to inquire into thecause of death or wound, and if it appears from the evidence taken orduring the inquisition, that any person or persons are chargeable withthe killing or wounding, or that there is probable cause to believethat any person or persons are chargeable therewith, and if they arenot in custody the coroner must forthwith issue a warrant for thearrest of the person or persons charged with such killing or wounding, who must be arraigned before the coroner for examination, and thecoroner has power to commit the person or persons so arrested to awaitthe result of the inquisition a coroner is disqualified from actingas such in any case where the person killed or dangerously wounded isa co-employee with the coroner of any person or persons, associationor corporation, or where it appears that the killing or woundinghas been occasioned, directly or indirectly, by the employer of thecoroner 534 it is further provided that whenever a convict shalldie in any state prison, it shall be the duty of the inspector havingcharge of the prison and of the warden, physician, and chaplain of theprison, if they or either of them shall have reason to believe thatthe death of the convict arose from any other than ordinary sickness, to call upon the coroner having jurisdiction to hold an inquest uponthe body of such deceased convict 535 the new york criminal codefurther provides that when six or more of the jurors appear, they mustbe sworn by the coroner to inquire who the person was, and when, where, and by what means he came to his death or was wounded as the case maybe, and into the circumstances attending the death or wounding, andto render a true verdict thereon according to the evidence offered tothem or arising from the inspection of the body 536 the coroner mayissue subpœnas for and summon and examine as witnesses every personwho in his opinion, or that of any of the jury, has any knowledge ofthe facts.