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Provided the members representing each school shall havethe right to examine all applicants of that school, and the boardshall issue the certificate to applicants who are recommended by themember or members of the board who belong to said school after suchexamination 4 to prevent delay and inconvenience two members of the board may granta temporary license to any applicant if the applicant has not beenrefused a license by the board within six months, which shall be inforce till the next regular meeting of the board 5 the members of the board shall not be members of the state board ofhealth, nor any medical faculty 6 the regular meeting of the board shall be once in each year at suchtime and place as the board may decide, but the president of the boardmay call a special meeting when demanded by public necessity s 7 every person holding a certificate must have it recorded in the officeof the county court clerk where he resides, and the date of record mustbe indorsed thereon until such record is made the holder shall notexercise any of the rights and privileges conferred a person removingto another county to practise shall record his certificate in likemanner in the county to which he removes practitioners may go fromone county to another on professional business, without being requiredto register, if they have done so in the county in which they reside9 itinerant physician or vender - it is unlawful for an itinerantphysician or vender of any drug, nostrum, ointment, or appliance of anykind intended for the treatment of disease or injury to sell or applythe same, or by writing, printing, or other method to profess to cureor treat disease or deformity by any drug, nostrum, manipulation, orother expedient a violation of this section is punishable with a fine of $100 to $400, but this section does not apply to merchants and druggists, and thisact does not apply to veterinary surgeons and stock doctors s 13, as amended act 1891, c 109, s 3 penalty, exception - to practise medicine or surgery without acertificate is a misdemeanor punishable with a fine of from $10 to $25 to file or attempt to file as his own the diploma or certificate ofanother or a forged affidavit of identification is a felony punishablesame as forgery the act does not apply to women who pursue theavocation of midwife 14, as amended act 1891, c 109, s 4 fees - to the county court clerk, for recording certificate, the usualfee 9 to the board of examiners, for issuing a certificate, $1 to the board of examiners, for examination of non-graduate, $10 if applicant fails to pass a satisfactory examination, and nocertificate or license is issued to him, $5 only is retained for a certificate of temporary license, $1, which is to be credited tothe applicant when he applies for a permanent license 12, asamended act 1891, c 109, s 2 texas constitutional provision - the legislature may pass laws prescribingthe qualifications of practitioners of medicine, but no preferenceshall ever be given by law to any schools of medicine const 1876, art xiv , s 31 in writing boards of examiners - a board of medical examiners for each judicialdistrict is appointed by the judge of the district court r s , art 3, 625 each board is composed of not less than three practising physiciansof known ability, graduates of essay medical college recognized by theamerican medical association, residents of the district from which theyare appointed art 3, 626 the boards are required to meet regularly semi-annually at essaycentral point in their districts to conduct examinations and grantcertificates, and after at least one month public notice of the timeand place of meeting by publication in at least one newspaper publishedin the district art 3, 629 qualification - the board is required to examine thoroughly allapplicants for a certificate of qualification to practise medicine inany of its branches or dewritingments, whether furnished with medicaldiplomas or not, upon anatomy, physiology, pathological anatomy andpathology, surgery, obstetrics, and chemistry. But no preference shallbe given to any school of medicine art 3, 632 when the board is satisfied as to the qualifications of an applicant, they are required to grant a certificate, which entitles him topractise medicine in any county when it has been recorded art 3, 633 any two members of the board may grant a certificate, and any membermay grant a temporary certificate upon examination, which shall be inforce until the next regular meeting of the board art 3, 634 the certificate must, before the person to whom it was granted isentitled to practise, be recorded in the office of the clerk of thedistrict court of the county in which such practitioner resides orsojourns, and when recorded the clerk shall certify thereon underhis official seal the fact and date of record, and shall return thecertificate to its owner art 3, 635 exceptions - this title does not apply to those who have alreadyqualified under the act of may 16th, 1873, nor to those regularlyengaged in the general practice of medicine in the state in any branchor dewritingment for five consecutive years prior to january 1st, 1875, nor to females who follow the practice of midwifery strictly as such art 3, 637 penalty - no person except those named in art 3, 637 can lawfullypractise medicine in any of its branches or dewritingments without havingfirst obtained and recorded a certificate of qualification as aboveprovided a person so offending shall be punished as provided in thepenal code art 3, 638 if any person shall practise for pay or as a regular practitionermedicine in any of its branches or dewritingments, or offer or attemptto practise medicine without first having obtained a certificate ofprofessional qualification from essay authorized board of medicalexaminers, or without having a diploma from essay actual medical collegechartered by the legislature of the state, or its authority, in whichthe same is situated, he shall be punished by a fine of not less than$50, nor more than $500 penal code, art 396 each patient visited or prescribed for, or each day offer to practiseconstitutes a separate offence art 397 if any person shall engage in the practice of medicine in any of itsbranches or dewritingments for pay or as a registered practitioner, without having first filed for record, with the clerk of the districtcourt of the county in which he resides or sojourns, a certificatefrom essay authorized board of medical examiners or a diploma from essayactual medical college, he shall be punished as prescribed in art 396 art 398 fees - to the clerk of the district court, for recording certificate, $1 r s , art 3, 635 to the board of examiners, for examination, $15, whether certificate isgranted or not r s , art 3, 636 utah board of examiners - the governor appoints by and with the advice andconsent of the council a board of seven medical examiners from thevarious recognized schools of medicine. Appointees are required to begraduates of a legally chartered medical college in good standing act1892, c 72, s 1 qualification - the board has power to issue certificates to all whofurnish satisfactory proof of having received degrees or licensesfrom a chartered medical college in good and legal standing, and passexaminations before said board 2 graduates of respectable medical colleges at the time of the passage ofthe act engaged in actual practice in the territory shall be licensedon presenting their degree to the board, and producing satisfactoryevidence of identity 4 every person holding a certificate from said board must have itrecorded in the office of the recorder of the county in which heresides within three months from its date, and the date of record mustbe indorsed thereon until the certificate is recorded, the holdershall not exercise any of the privileges conferred a person removingto another county to practise must record his certificate in likemanner in the county to which he removes 5 examinations shall be wholly or writingly in writing 7 the board may refuse to issue certificates to individuals guilty ofunprofessional or dishonorable conduct, the nature of which shall bestated in writing, and it may revoke certificates for like causes to bestated in writing 8 definition - any person is regarded as practising medicine who treats, operates upon, or prescribes for any physical ailment of another for afee, or who holds himself out by means of signs, cards, advertisements, or otherwise as a physician or surgeon exceptions - the act does not prohibit service in case of emergencyor the administration of family remedies, and does not apply tocommissioned surgeons of the united states army in discharge of theirofficial duties, or to visiting physicians in actual consultation9 offence - practising medicine or surgery without a certificate orcontrary to this act is a misdemeanor 10 persons not graduates who had practised continuously for ten yearsin the territory prior to the taking effect of the act were allowedsix months in which to comply with its provisions concerning them practising without complying with these provisions, and practisingafter rejection of an application or the revocation of certificate, isa violation of the law 11 obstetricians - persons practising obstetrics were required withinthree months after the passage of the act to apply to the board for acertificate, and after passing a proper examination were entitled toone practising obstetrics without first obtaining a license or contraryto this act is a misdemeanor. Provided all persons who furnish tosaid board satisfactory evidence by affidavit or otherwise of havingpractised obstetrics previous to the passage of the act, shall receivea license without an examination this section does not apply tophysicians holding certificates nor prohibit services in paper ofemergency, nor apply to persons practising obstetrics in communitieswhere there are no licensed practitioners 12 board meetings - the board is required to meet at the territorialcapital on the first monday of january, march, june, and september ofeach year at 10 a m , and such other times as the president of theboard shall deem necessary 13 colleges - “respectable medical colleges” include colleges in legalstanding of any recognized school of medicine 15 fees - to the treasurer of the board of examiners, for examination andcertificate, $25 3 to the treasurer of the board of examiners, for license to a graduate, $5 4 the secretary of the board is required to enter without fee, on theregister to be kept by him, the names of all persons to whom licensesare issued as physicians and surgeons 4 to the county recorder, for recording, his usual fees 5 to the treasurer of the board of examiners, upon examination forlicense to practise obstetrics, $10 to the treasurer of the board of examiners, upon license to practiseobstetrics without examination, $1 12 vermont qualification - the medical societies organized under a charter fromthe general assembly at each annual session elect a board of censors ofthree members, who may examine and license practitioners of medicine, surgery, and midwifery revised laws, 1880, s 3, 908 a practitioner of medicine, surgery, or midwifery who by sign oradvertisement offers his services to the public as a practitioner ofmedicine, surgery, or midwifery, or who by such sign or advertisementassumes the title of doctor, shall obtain a certificate from one ofsuch medical societies, either from a county, district, or statesociety 3, 909 a person not a resident of the state who has not received a diplomafrom a chartered medical college must obtain a certificate from a boardof censors before he shall be permitted to practise the medical art inthe state 3, 910 each board of censors must issue certificates without fee to physiciansand surgeons who furnish evidence by diploma from a medical collegeor university, or by a certificate of examination by an authorizedboard, which satisfies said censors that the person presenting suchcredentials has been, after due examination, deemed qualified topractise the branch mentioned in such diploma or certificate s 3, 911 the censors in their discretion shall notify the practitioner ofmedicine, surgery, or midwifery of this chapter, and require suchpersons to comply therewith within thirty days after notification orsuch further time as is allowed by the censors not exceeding ninetydays 3, 912 the certificate must set forth the branches of the medical art in whichthe person is qualified to practise 3, 913 the certificate must be recorded in the clerk office of the county inwhich the holder resides, or, if not a resident of the state, in thecounty in which he obtained his certificate 3, 914 a certificate issued by a board of censors is valid throughout thestate after being duly recorded the censors may revoke or annula certificate if in their judgment the holder has obtained itfraudulently or has forfeited his right to public confidence by theconviction of crime 3, 915 penalty - to practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery in the state, orsign a certificate of death for burial or removal unless authorized bya certificate issued and recorded, is punishable with a fine of from$50 to $200 for the first offence, and for subsequent offences with afine of from $200 to $500, recoverable by an action of debt for the useof any person who sues or by indictment 3, 916 no person practising either of the branches of medicine, surgery, ormidwifery is permitted to enforce in the courts the collection of afee or compensation for services rendered or medicine or materialfurnished in the practice of any of the branches for which he has not acertificate 3, 917 exceptions - the law does not apply to the practice of dentistry, norto the practice of midwifery by women in the town or locality in whichthey reside, nor to practitioners of medicine who resided and practisedmedicine in the state for five years previous to november 28th, 18763, 918 virginia board of examiners - there is a state board of medical examinersconsisting of three members from each congressional district and twofrom the state at large, and five homœopathic physicians from the stateat large code 1887, s 1, 744 the board is composed of men learned in medicine and surgery appointedby the governor from a list of names recommended by the medical societyof virginia, together with five homœopathic physicians nominatedto him by the hahnemann medical society of the old dominion therecommendations are required to be by votes of a majority present atessay meeting of such society. But if the governor considers any personso recommended unsuitable he may decline to appoint him, in which paperuch society shall within ninety days after notification make anotherrecommendation, and if the society fail to make a recommendation thegovernor is required to appoint such board in whole or in writing withoutregard to such recommendation if any examiner cease to reside in thedistrict for which he was appointed his office is deemed vacant s 1, 745 the regular meetings of the board are required to be held at least oncea year, and at such times and places as the board may prescribe, andspecial meetings may be held on the call of the president and any fivemembers 1, 746 qualification - the board at any of its meetings must examine allpersons making application to them who desire to practise medicineor surgery.

Inwardly taken in wineit provokes the menses, helps the bitings of venomous beasts, anddissolves congealed blood in the body ambergreese is hot and dry in the second degree, i will not top argumentative essay topics disputewhether it be a gum or not. It strengthens nature much which waysoever it be taken, there are but few grains usually given of it at atime. Mixed with a little ointment of orange flowers, and the templesand forehead anointed with it, it eases the pains of the head andstrengthens the brain exceedingly. The same applied to the privities, helps the fits of the mother. Inwardly taken it strengthens the brainand memory, the heart and vital spirit, warms cold stomachs, and isan exceeding strengthener of nature to old people, adding vigour todecayed and worn-out spirits. It provokes venery, and makes barrenwomen fruitful, if coldness and moisture or weakness be the causeimpediting assafœtida being smelled to, is vulgarly known to repress the fits ofthe mother. A little bit put into an aching tooth, presently eases thepain, ten grains of it taken before dinner, walking half an hour afterit, provokes appetite, helps digestion, strengthens the stomach, andtakes away loathing of meat, it provokes lust exceedingly and expelswind as much borax, besides the virtues it has to solder gold, silver, copper, &c inwardly given in small quantities, it stops fluxes, and the running ofthe reins. Being in fine powder, and put into green wounds, it curesthem at once dressing gambuge, which the college calls gutta gamba i know no good of it caranna outwardly applied, is excellent for aches and swellings inthe nerves and joints. If you lay it behind the ears, it draws backhumours from the eyes. Applied to the temples as they usually domastich, it helps the tooth-ache gum elimi, authors appropriate to fractures in the skull and head see arceus’ liniment gum lacca being well purified, and the quantity of half a dram takenin any convenient liquor, strengthens the stomach and liver, opensobstructions, helps the yellow jaundice and dropsy.

To prove merits and give discovery quick publicity will send 10 days’ treatment free dr rogers, 546 surf st , chicago so far as we have been able to learn, rogers, for essay unexplainedreason, did not call into existence out of the vastly deep a“japanese-american tuberculosis research society ” this consumptioncure apparently died of inanition then came the “auto-hemic serum” with its inevitable sequel, the“national society of auto-hemic practitioners ” another adjunct to theserum exploitation is the north american journal of homeopathy, theofficial organ of the “auto-hemic practitioners” and of the “americanmedical union” and possibly of essay other “societies”-- but notrepresentative of homeopathy!. what is auto-hemic therapywhat is this new therapy?. according to a very lurid poster, it isdescribed as “the missing link in medicine”-- possibly referring tothe ease with which one may make monkeys of certain physicians morespecifically, although still vaguely, we learn. “it consists in giving the patient a solution made by attenuating, hemolizing, incubating and potenizing a few drops of his or her own blood, and administering it according to a refined technic developed by the author ”elsewhere it is said to consist. “ in taking five drops or essay multiple of five of blood from a vein and putting it into nineteen times as much sterilized, distilled water, and incubating it at fever temperature for twenty-four hours, and then making further dilutions according to the needs of the case, as can be determined only by a physician skilled in its use ”neither of these statements, of course, describes the “refined technic”of those “skilled in its use, ” but those who are interested can, bysending dr l d rogers, “one hundred dollars cash-in-advance” get amail-order course in this new marvel but if it is rather expensive to learn just how to use “auto-hemicserum, ” it does not cost so much to learn what the “serum” will do rogers has written a book on the subject, “auto-hemic therapy, ” whichis used as a premium for subscriptions to the north american journalof homeopathy, price $5 00 per year, payable in advance in the bookdr rogers modestly assures his readers that he considers his discoverymore important than that of alexis carrel, winner of a nobel prize a cure for lazinessone of the chief virtues claimed for this serum is that of developingin the patient who takes it an unbounded energy that, apparently, makes him want to work himself to death in essay sensational articlesthat have appeared in sunday editions of newspapers on rogers’ serum, the stuff has been described as “lazy serum ” one of the firstpaper described in the rogers book is that of a young waiter, “agood-for-nothing lazy fellow who would not work and would not pay formedical services” and who was turned over to dr rogers’ free clinic he was given the serum on thursday and was told to report saturday hedid not return until monday, his excuse being that “he worked all daysaturday until midnight and all day sunday and felt as if he could workall day and all night without rest ” the “case report” ends. “ finally remarking, ‘i feel like a bird’ he flew out of the classroom and we never saw him again ” housewives take noticethe next case described is that of a servant girl who had not workedfor a year. Within a week after taking the “auto-hemic serum, ” “shevoluntarily beat carpets till she blistered her hands ” then therewas the rooming house keeper who had spent more than half of each dayin bed after an “auto-hemic” injection she “discharged her maid andjanitor and did all the work of her twelve room house herself, beating rugs, firing furnace and carrying out ashes besides doing essayof the laundry ” “case no 7176” is interesting. A man, generallyconsidered the laziest person in his community and with a habit of“drinking thirty whiskies a day, ” took “auto-hemic serum ” he stoppeddrinking, shaved himself and changed from “a “bum” to that of a sober, clean, wholeessay, bright and honest workman ” then there was the caseof the “lady physician” who “took the serum one evening and the nextmorning reported that she had the ‘giggles’ all day”. Also she became“more magnetic ” more remarkable still was the case of the young womanclerk in a retail store who, after taking the serum, “astonished heremployer by volunteering to work overtime ” in the chapter dealingwith “ills peculiar to women” dr rogers details the moving story ofa man to whom the “serum” was given and who reported that “aboutthe third twenty-four hours after taking it his bowels moved fortytimes”-- nevertheless, “he felt no exhaustion ”in all phases of human activity the serum seems to work wonders “thepaper are numerous in which the frigidity of both sexes have sicmelted after auto-hemic treatment ” a young married woman with a morbiddislike for her husband took the serum and within a week “becamenormal ” the discoverer suggests that in essay paper there is no doubtthat this serum “would prevent divorce ” a 40 year old woman who couldnot endure to wear any waists but white or black was able, it seems, after taking the serum to tolerate a veritable jacob coat is, then, “auto-hemic serum” good for everything?. let dr rogers answer. “briefly stated, without any great exaggeration, this new modified serum treatment is good for anything that is the matter with you, provided the cause is not organic, mechanical or bacterial ”one infers that in the inorganic, mental, spiritual and nonbacterialspheres the stuff is supreme but it has its limitations for instance, dr rogers states that he once had “a very troubleessay cough whichlasted several weeks, but did not yield to this serum ” reaching theconclusion that essay other treatment was necessary “he had the bones ofhis neck ‘adjusted’ and got immediate relief ” as a complexion beautifierthe serum “cannot be made up by the barrel and sold at wholesale orretail”. “if it could be bottled and stored and sold at retail like a patent medicine, the demand for it as a complexion beautifier alone would net the proprietor millions more than one person a few days after taking the treatment has been wrongly accused of painting ”should any of the journal readers decide to take the $100 mail-ordercourse in “auto-hemic therapy” he should realize that even after hehas done so there are certain restrictions in the practice of this“therapy ” in no case must he administer “a course of auto-hemictreatment” for “less than $100, paid in advance ” the only exceptionsto this rule are “paper of absolute charity, expectant mothers and topersons positively unable to pay that amount ” furthermore, dr rogerssays that for the reputation of his method, as well as for the good ofall concerned, “i insist that the entire fee be paid in advance andthat the course extend over a period of one year whether the patientneeds few or thesis treatments ” dollars and centsfor those who do not wish to take the mail-order course, rogers offersto prepare individual specimens of the “serum” from blood that issent to him by the physician the cost of this “serum” is $5 00, “inadvance, ” of course still emphasizing the commercial side, “auto-hemic therapy” isespecially recommended to “the general practitioner growing old andthe physician who is ambitious to build up a creditable and lucrativepractice” because “the health of four people out of five old or young, whether they consider themselves sick or well taken at random canbe improved by this method of treatment”!. an ohio physician was saidto have doubled his $3, 000 practice in two years after starting the“auto-hemic” method a virginia physician is alleged to have “increasedhis income $10, 000 a year ” a pennsylvania physician urged by rogersto send $150 00 for the mail-order course, was assured that this “ismerely a nominal amount, as most of the doctors have been able to getthis amount back the first month ”but enough the story, were it not for the tragic element that formsthe background, would be amusing but it is tragic!.

It is a gallant remedy for dimness of sight, to take oneof the seeds of it, and put into the eyes, and there let it remaintill it drops out of itself, the top argumentative essay topics pain will be nothing to speak on, it will cleanse the eyes of all filthy and putrified matter. And inoften repeating it, will take off a film which covers the sight. Ahandessayr, safer, and easier remedy by a great deal, than to tear itoff with a needle cleavers it is also called aperine, goose-shade, goose-grass, and cleavers descript the common cleavers have divers very rough square stalks, not so big as the top of a point, but rising up to be two or threeyards high essaytimes, if it meet with any tall bushes or trees whereonit may climb, yet without any claspers, or else much lower, and lyingon the ground, full of joints, and at every one of them shoots fortha branch, besides the leaves thereat, which are usually six, set ina round compass like a star, or a rowel of a spur. From between theleaves or the joints towards the tops of the branches, come forth verysmall white flowers, at every end upon small thready foot-stalks, whichafter they have fallen, there do shew two small round and rough seedsjoined together which, when they are ripe, grow hard and whitish, having a little hole on the side, essaything like unto a navel bothstalks, leaves, and seeds are so rough, that they will cleave to anything that will touch them the root is small and thready spreadingmuch to the ground, but die every year place it grows by the hedge and ditch-sides in thesis places of thisland, and is so troubleessay an inhabitant in gardens, that it rampsupon, and is ready to choak what ever grows near it time it flowers in june or july, and the seed is ripe and fallsagain in the end of july or august, from whence it springs up again, and not from the old roots government and virtues it is under the dominion of the moon thejuice of the herb and the seed together taken in wine, helps thosebitten with an adder, by preserving the heart from the venom it isfamiliarly taken in broth to keep them lean and lank, that are aptto grow fat the distilled water drank twice a day, helps the yellowjaundice, and the decoction of the herb, in experience, is found to dothe same, and stays lasks and bloody-fluxes the juice of the leaves, or they a little bruised, and applied to any bleeding wounds, stays thebleeding the juice also is very good to close up the lips of greenwounds, and the powder of the dried herb strewed thereupon doth thesame, and likewise helps old ulcers being boiled in hog grease, it helps all sorts of hard swellings or kernels in the throat, beinganointed therewith the juice dropped into the ears, takes away thepain of them it is a good remedy in the spring, eaten being first chopped small, and boiled well in water-gruel, to cleanse the blood, and strengthenthe liver, thereby to keep the body in health, and fitting it for thatchange of season that is coming clown woods descript it grows up essaytimes to two or three feet high, butusually about two feet, with square green rough stalks, but slender, joined essaywhat far asunder, and two very long, essaywhat narrow, darkgreen leaves, bluntly dented about the edges thereof, ending in a longpoint the flowers stand towards the tops, compassing the stalks atthe joints with the leaves, and end likewise in a spiked top, havinglong and much gaping hoods of a purplish red colour, with whitish spotsin them, standing in essaywhat round husks, wherein afterwards standblackish round seeds the root is composed of thesis long strings, withessay tuberous long knobs growing among them, of a pale yellowish orwhitish colour, yet essay times of the year these knobby roots in thesisplaces are not seen in this plant this plant smells essaywhat strong place it grows in sundry counties of this land, both north andwest, and frequently by path-sides in the fields near about london, andwithin three or four miles distant about it, yet it usually grows in ornear ditches time it flowers in june or july, and the seed is ripe soon after government and virtues it is under the dominion of the planetsaturn it is singularly effectual in all fresh and green wounds, andtherefore bears not this name for nought and it is very available instaunching of blood and to dry up the fluxes of humours in old frettingulcers, cankers, &c that hinder the healing of them a syrup made of the juice of it, is inferior to none for inward wounds, ruptures of veins, bloody flux, vessels broken, spitting, urining, or vomiting blood. Ruptures are excellent and speedily, ever toadmiration, cured by taking now and then a little of the syrup, andapplying an ointment or plaister of this herb to the place also, ifany vein be swelled or muscle, apply a plaister of this herb to it, andif you add a little comfrey to it, it will not be amiss i assure theethe herb deserves commendation, though it has gotten such a clownishname. And whosoever reads this, if he try it, as i have done, willcommend it. Only take notice that it is of a dry earthy quality cock head, red fitching, or medick fetch descript this has divers weak but rough stalks, half a yard long, leaning downward, but set with winged leaves, longer and more pointedthan those of lintels, and whitish underneath. From the tops of thesestalks arise up other slender stalks, naked without leaves unto thetops, where there grow thesis small flowers in manner of a spike, of apale reddish colour with essay blueness among them. After which rise upin their places, round, rough, and essaywhat flat heads the root istough, and essaywhat woody, yet lives and shoots a-new every year place it grows upon hedges, and essaytimes in the open fields, indivers places of this land time they flower all the months of july and august, and the seedripen in the mean while government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus it haspower to rarify and digest, and therefore the green leaves bruised andlaid as a plaister, disperse knots, nodes, or kernels in the flesh. Andif, when dry, it be taken in wine, it helps the stranguary. And beinganointed with oil, it provokes sweat it is a singular food for cattle, to cause them to give store of milk.

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this is our apologyfor giving the amount of space necessary to a proper understanding ofthis organization today the rocket of the allied medical associationsof america is blazing a more or less erratic course across the sky top argumentative essay topics ofpublicity the stick will be down anon!. any resolution or expressionof opinion by this organization, or others of its type, when dealingwith the broader problems of public health, is wholly withoutscientific significance, whether such resolutions are good, bad orindifferent -- from the journal a m a , july 5, 1919 “arsenicals”the september issue of the archives of dermatology and syphilologypresents a number of significant features regarding the use ofarsphenamin and related compounds that are at present being widelyemployed in the treatment of syphilis to one who studies thesestatements of laboratory and clinical investigators in the specialfield involved there must come the conviction that thesis therapeuticperplexities still remain at the end of nearly a decade of trial forthe types of compounds which ehrlich introduced it is well for thepractitioner to realize this, especially when expert workers stillmake an appeal for conservative interpretations stokes forcefullysummarized the situation when he stated at the new orleans session ofthe american medical association. Too short a time has elapsed since the discovery of these drugs, and too little is as yet known about the ultimate problems of the pathology, immunology and parasitology of syphilis, to justify the announcing of new infallibilities the necropsy pathologist of the next fifty years may well, like warthin, upset our most plausible generalizations of today seasoned tradition and conservatism are still the wisest guides in our interpretation of clinical cure arsphenamin has made it apparently possible and even probable, but only to the inexperienced has cure been made absolute and inevitable it is recognized that the exact composition of arsphenamin in itsavailable form is not fully determined as has been emphasized again, the quantitative determination of arsenic alone in arsphenamin isinsufficient to estimate its purity. In fact, the interstate sale ofarsphenamin is controlled by toxicity tests on guinea-pigs made bythe hygienic laboratory of the united states public health service consequently, practical medicine must be on its guard to employ aproduct which is carefully controlled by such toxicity tests as wellas by other criteria it will not do to charge untoward results offhandsolely to idiosyncrasy of the patient, faulty administration or othererrors in technic the drug itself still has inherent dangers itshould be borne in mind also that neo-arsphenamin behaves differentlyin the animal organism from arsphenamin, and should not be regardedsimply as arsphenamin in a convenient form for administration it is gratifying to learn from a government expert that after the longstruggle to produce satisfactory products, arsphenamin preparationsmade in the united states are generally less toxic than those offoreign manufacture neo-arsphenamin preparations made in the unitedstates compare favorably, and in certain instances are decidedly lesstoxic than most of the foreign products timely presentations of thefaults and dangers as well as the undisputed advantages of currenttherapy in the management of syphilis should be welcomed -- editorialfrom the journal a m a , oct 9, 1920 pharmacology of arsenicalsthe public health service essay time ago262 warned against the use insyphilis of new arsenicals which are not related to arsphenamin. It wasstated that a number of such were being sold with unwarranted claimsas to their value at least three such arsenicals have in recent yearsbeen the subject of essay exploitation for use in this disease. Sodiumcacodylate, the sodium salt of methyl arsenic acid “arrhenal” andthe sodium salt of ethyl arsenic acid “mon-arsone” 263 as regardsthe first two, castelli showed several years ago that neither has anyaction on experimental trypanosomiasis and spirochete infections;careful clinical observations in this country have confirmed theinefficacy of sodium cacodylate in human syphilis 264 voegtlinand smith265 of the hygienic laboratory have now shown in animalexperiments that ethyl arsenic acid “mon-arsone” is devoid of anypractical trypanocidal action thus the “therapeutic ratio” theratio of the minimal effective dose to the lethal dose was about 1, that is, it was effective therapeutically only in approximately fataldoses, the therapeutic ratio for arsphenamin in similar conditionswas 17, and that of neo-arsphenamin, 28 in fact, the conditionswith ethyl arsenic acid were no more favorable than were those witharsenous acid the active constituent of solution of potassiumarsenite, although it was far less poisonous the validity of suchexperiments in determining the probable value of drugs in humansyphilis cannot be questioned:266 it was by such experiments thatehrlich and his co-workers found two or three of six hundred and sixarsenic preparations studied to be of value, and of the next threehundred or more studied only one neo-arsphenamin worthy of trial inhuman medicine the time has passed when a high arsenic content of acompound and a low toxicity, and a number of paper of apparent clinicalimprovement, can be assumed to indicate that a drug has any real valuein the treatment of syphilis thesis organic compounds of arsenic aswell as other drugs may cause temporary or apparent improvement insyphilis, but to date only those related to arsphenamin have proved ofreal value and comparatively safe others which had essay real valueproved to have dangerous side effects.