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Nor can any personlawfully practise medicine who has ever been convicted of a felony byany court, or whose authority to practise is suspended or revoked bythe regents on the recommendation of a state board laws of 1893, c 661, s 140 boards of examiners - there are three separate state boards of medicalexaminers of seven members each, representing respectively the medicalsociety of the state, the homœopathic medical society of the state, andthe eclectic medical society of the state the regents appoint examiners from lists of nominees furnished bythe said societies each nominee before his appointment is requiredto furnish to the regents proof that he has received the degree ofdoctor of medicine from essay registered medical school, and haslegally practised medicine in this state for at least five years ifno nominees are legally before them, the regents may appoint from themembers in good standing of such societies without restriction s 141 at any meeting of the boards of examiners a majority constitute aquorum, but questions prepared by the boards may be grouped andedited, or answer papers of candidates may be examined and marked, bycommittees duly authorized by the boards and by the regents s 144 qualification - the regents are thesis writing help canada required to admit to examination anycandidate who pays a fee of $25, and submits satisfactory evidence, verified by oath, if required, that he 1 is more than twenty-one years of age. 2 is of good moralcharacter. 3 has the general education required in all paper afteraugust 1st, 1895, preliminary to receiving the degree of bachelor ordoctor of medicine in this state. 4 has studied medicine not lessthan three full years, including three satisfactory courses in threedifferent academic years in a medical school registered as maintainingat the time a satisfactory standard. 5 has either received the degreeof bachelor or doctor of medicine from essay registered medical schoolor a diploma or license conferring the full right to practise medicinein essay foreign country the degree of bachelor or doctor of medicine shall not be conferredin the state before the candidate has filed with the institutionconferring it the certificates of the regents that three years beforethe date of his degree, or before or during his first year of medicalstudies in the state, he had either graduated from a registered collegeor satisfactorily completed not less than a three years’ academiccourse in a registered academy or high school. Or had a preliminaryeducation considered and accepted by the regents as fully equivalent;or had passed a regents’ examination in arithmetic, elementary english, geography, spelling, united states history, english composition, andphysics students who had matriculated in a new york medical schoolbefore june 5th, 1890, are exempt from this preliminary educationrequirement provided that the degree be conferred before august 1st, 1895 the regents may in their discretion accept as equivalent for any writingof the third and fourth requirements evidence of five or more years’reputable practice of medicine, provided such substitution be specifiedin the license 145 each board is required to submit to the regents as required lists ofsuitable questions for a thorough examination in anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, chemistry, surgery, obstetrics, pathology and diagnosisand therapeutics, including practice and materia medica from theselists the regents are required to prepare question papers for all thesesubjects, which at any examination are required to be the same for allcandidates, except that in therapeutics, practice, and materia medicaall questions submitted to any candidate shall be chosen from thoseprepared by the board selected by that candidate, and shall be inharmony with the tenets of that school as determined by its state boardof medical examiners 146 examinations for a license are required to be given in at least fourconvenient places in this state at least four times annually inaccordance with the regents’ rules, and exclusively in writing and inenglish each examination is conducted by a regents’ examiner who shallnot be one of the medical examiners at the close of each examinationthe regents’ examiner in charge is required to deliver the questionand answer papers to the board selected by each candidate, or its dulyauthorized committee, and such board, without unnecessary delay, isrequired to examine and mark the answers and transmit to the regents anofficial report stating the standing of each candidate in each branch, his general average, and whether the board recommends that a licensebe granted such report must include the questions and answers and isfiled in the public records of the university if the candidate failson a first examination, he may, after not less than six months’ furtherstudy, have a second examination without fee if the failure is fromillness or other cause satisfactory to the regents they may waive therequirement of six months’ study 147 on receiving from a state board an official report that the applicanthas successfully passed the examinations and is recommended forlicense, the regents are required to issue to him, if in their judgmenthe is duly qualified therefor, a license to practise medicine thecontents and execution of the license are regulated in detail by theact applicants examined and licensed by other state examining boardsregistered by the regents as maintaining standards not lower than thoseprovided by this article, and applicants who matriculated in a newyork state medical school before june 5th, 1890, and who shall havereceived the degree of “m d ” from a registered medical school beforeaugust 1st, 1895, may, without further examination, on the payment often dollars to the regents, and on submitting such evidence as they mayrequire, receive from them an indorsement of their license or diplomaconferring all the rights and privileges of a regents’ license issuedafter an examination if any person whose registration is not legal because of essay error, misunderstanding, or unintentional omission shall submit satisfactoryproof that he had all the requirements provided by law at the time ofhis imperfect registration, and was entitled to be legally registered, he may, on the unanimous recommendation of a state board of medicalexaminers, receive from the regents under seal a certificate of thefacts, which may be registered by any county clerk and shall make validthe previous imperfect registration before any license is issued, it must be numbered and recorded in abook in the regents’ office, and its number noted in the license thisrecord in all legal proceedings has the same weight as evidence that isgiven to a record of conveyances of land 148 every license to practise medicine is required, before the licenseebegins to practise, to be registered in the county clerk office, where such practice is to be carried on, with his name, residence, place and date of birth, and the source, number, and date of hislicense before registering, each licensee is required to file anaffidavit of the above facts, and that he is the person named inthe license, and had, before receiving the same, complied with allthe requisites as to attendance, terms, and amount of study andexaminations required by law and the rules of the university aspreliminary to the conferment thereof.

For if a man be bent upon a business, his apprehension willwork as much when he is asleep, and find out as thesis truths by study, as when the man is awake. And perhaps more too, because then it is nothindered by ocular objects and thus much for imagination, which is governed by mercury, andfortified by his influence. And is also strong or weak in man, according as mercury is strong or weak in the nativity judgment is seated in the midst of the brain, to shew that it oughtto bear rule over all the other faculties. It is the judge of thelittle world, to approve of what is good, and reject what is bad. It isthe seat of reason, and the guide of actions. So that all failings arecommitted through its infirmity, it not rightly judging between a realand an apparent good it is hot and moist in quality, and under theinfluence of jupiter memory is seated in the hinder cell of the brain, it is the greatregister to the little world. And its office is to record things eitherdone and past, or to be done it is in quality cold and dry, melancholic, and therefore generallymelancholic men have best memories, and most tenacious every way it isunder the dominion of saturn, and is fortified by his influence, butpurged by the luminaries 2 sensitive the second writing of the animal virtue, is sensitive, and it is divided into two writings, common and writingicular common sense is an imaginary term, and that which gives virtue to allthe writingicular senses, and knits and unites them together within thepia mater it is regulated by mercury, perhaps this is one reasonwhy men are so fickle-headed and its office is to preserve a harmonyamong the senses writingicular senses are five, viz seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling these senses are united in one, in the brain, by the common sense, butare operatively distinguished into their several seats, and places ofresidence the sight resides in the eyes, and writingicularly in the christalinehumour it is in quality cold and moist, and governed by theluminaries they who have them weak in their genesis, have always weaksights. If one of them be so, the weakness possesses but one eye the hearing resides in the ears. Is in quality, cold and dry, melancholy, and under the dominion of saturn the smelling resides in the nose, is in quality hot and dry, choleric, and that is the reason choleric creatures have so goodsmells, as dogs it is under the influence of mars the taste resides in the palate, which is placed at the root of thetongue on purpose to discern what food is congruous for the stomach, and what not. As the meseraik veins are placed to discern whatnourishment is proper for the liver to convert into blood in essay veryfew men, and but a few, and in those few, but in few instances thesetwo tasters agree not, and that is the reason essay men covet meats thatmake them sick, viz the taste craves them, and the meseraik veinsreject them. In quality hot and moist, and is ruled by jupiter the feeling is deputed to no writingicular organ, but is spread abroad, over the whole body. Is of all qualities, hot, cold, dry, and moist, and is the index of all tangible things. For if it were only hot alone, it could not feel a quality contrary, viz cold, and this might bespoken of other qualities it is under the dominion of venus, essaysay, mercury. A thousand to one, but it is under mercury the four administering virtues are, attractive, digestive, retentive, and expulsive the attractive virtue is hot and dry, hot by quality, active, orprincipal, and that appears because the fountain of all heat isattractive, viz the sun dry by a quality passive, or an effect ofits heat. Its office is to remain in the body, and call for what naturewants it is under the influence of the sun, say authors, and not undermars, because he is of a corrupting nature, yet if we cast animwritingial eye upon experience, we shall find, that martial men callfor meat none of the least, and for drink the most of all other men, although thesis times they corrupt the body by it, and therefore i seeno reason why mars being of the same quality with the sun, shouldnot have a share in the dominion it is in vain to object, that theinfluence of mars is evil, and therefore he should have no dominionover this virtue. For then, 1 by the same rule, he should have no dominion at all in the body ofman 2 all the virtues in man are naturally evil, and corrupted by adamfall this attractive virtue ought to be fortified when the moon is infiery signs, viz aries and sagitary, but not in leo, for thesign is so violent, that no physic ought to be given when the moon isthere.

But it is very bad in diseases of the liver, spleen, the falling-sickness, vertigo, or dissiness in the head, feversand head-aches. Goat milk is held to be better than cow for hecticfevers, phthisick, and consumptions, and so is ass also whey, attenuates and cleanses both choler and melancholy:wonderfully helps melancholy and madness coming of it. Opens stoppingsof the bowels. Helps such as have the dropsy and are troubled with thestoppings of the spleen, rickets and hypochondriac melancholy. For suchdiseases you may make up your physic with whey outwardly it cleansesthe skin of such deformities as come through choler or melancholy, asscabs, itch, morphew, leprosies, &c honey is of a gallant cleansing quality, exceeding profitable in allinward ulcers in what writing of the body soever. It opens the veins, cleanses the reins and bladder i know no vices belonging to it, butonly it is soon converted into choler wax, softens, heats, and meanly fills sores with flesh, it suffersnot the milk to curdle in women breasts. Inwardly it is given tengrains at a time against bloody-fluxes raw-silk, heats and dries, cheers the heart, drives away sadness, comforts all the spirits, both natural, vital and animal belonging to the sea sperma cœti, is well applied outwardly to eating ulcers, the markswhich the small pox leaves behind them. It clears the sight, provokessweat. Inwardly it troubles the stomach and belly, helps bruises, and stretching of the nerves, and therefore is good for women newlydelivered amber-grease, heats and dries, strengthens the brain and nervesexceedingly, if the infirmity of them come of cold, resists pestilence sea-sand, a man that hath the dropsy, being set up to the middle init, it draws out all the water red coral, is cold, dry and binding, stops the immoderate flowing ofthe menses, bloody-fluxes, the running of the reins, and the fluoralbus, helps such as spit blood, it is an approved remedy for thefalling sickness also if ten grains of red coral be given to a childin a little breast-milk so soon as it is born, before it take any otherfood, it will never have the falling-sickness, nor convulsions thecommon dose is from ten grains to thirty pearls, are a wonderful strengthener to the heart, encrease milkin nurses, and amend it being naught, they restore such as are inconsumptions. Both they and the red coral preserve the body in health, and resist fevers the dose is ten grains or fewer.

And when it isdiluted too much, it loses its effects thesis writing help canada and the bacteria may begin tomultiply as though no antiseptic had been used this is especiallytrue after the use of weak antiseptics in the mouth these are soondiluted or removed by the saliva, and the bacteria continue to multiplywith only a momentary interruption at best. Hence to advise the useof an oral antiseptic as an effective means of treating diphtheria islittle short of criminal “tyree antiseptic powder” was submitted to the council nearly twelveyears ago the label on the package stated. “this preparation is a scientific combination of borate of sodium, alumen, carbolic acid, glycerin and the crystallized principles of thyme, eucalyptus, gaultheria and mentha in the form of a powder ”illustration. One of the older newspaper advertisements of tyreeantiseptic powder a leaflet issued several years ago by the aseptinol manufacturingcompany states that “pulv aseptinol comp ” combines in an elegant formboric acid, the salts of aluminum, crystallized phenol, and the activecrystalline principles of thymus, mentha and gaultheria a comparison of these formulas would justify the designation of thetwo preparations as twins, but even one twin may have a wart wherethe other lacks it the formula of pulv aseptinol comp given in theleaflet also includes hydrastis canadensis, but we believe that awart should be quite as much of an addition to the anatomy of man asthe hydrastis is to this already preposterous formula similar as theformulas of these two nostrums were said to be, the general methods ofexploiting them were even more similar a writingial list of the diseasesfor which each has been recommended by its exploiters shows thesimilarity of methods pursued. Tyree was said to be useful pulv aseptinol comp was said to in the treatment of. be useful in the treatment of. Leucorrhea leucorrhea gonorrhea gonorrhea vaginitis vaginal inflammation pruritus pruritus ulcerated conditions of ulceration of vagina or the mucous membrane cervix scrofulous ulcers chronic ulcers syphilitic ulcers prophylactic against specific disease disinfecting offensive cleansing pus cavities cavities deodorant deodorant profuse and offensive checks abnormal secretion perspirationwe stated that the formula furnished by tyree was that given above, butthe council was never able to learn when tyree actually employed theformula except for advertising purposes. And analysis of the powdershowed that tyree antiseptic powder was essentially a mixture ofboric acid and zinc sulphate, with insignificant amounts of odorousprinciples a remarkable fact brought out in the course of the consideration ofthe preparation by the council was that tyree admitted that he hadchanged the formula without having published the new one the councilthen showed that a specimen of the “antiseptic” that had been kept ina retail drug store for several years was essentially similar to thatsold at the later date thus it would seem that mr tyree had beenmaking his powder by one formula and publishing an entirely differentone for years before the council published the facts in the case if tyree found it necessary to change the formula of his powder-- ifindeed, he ever used the published formula-- why did the aseptinolmanufacturing company adopt it, or one so closely resembling it?. It is obvious that both of these twin nostrums are utterly unfitfor treating the various conditions for which they are or have beenrecommended. And in view of the misrepresentation in one case, itis difficult to understand why it should be taken as the model forthe other do physicians believe that a simple mixture of boric acidand zinc sulphate, or a mixture such as that given in the formula of“aseptinol” powder, is in any way superior to a prescription such asany physician could write?. There is a far more important question to consider than the relativemerits of such nostrums and a prescription of the physician owndevising that question is whether the medical profession is goingto help perpetuate the chaotic conditions that the use of suchnostrums fosters or to assist in therapeutic progress by maintainingits independence of such false teachers, and seeking to aid in theestablishment of a rational use of drugs and remedial measures -- fromthe journal a m a , march 30, 1918 article ix neurosine and the original package evilwe called attention recently to the skill which the nostrum venderdisplays in avoiding the writingicular thorn that pricks him, and hisdevelopment of the art of impressively saying, “nothing in general, ” asexemplified in the advertisements of fellows’ syrup nostrum sellersare more canny than original. And when once an idea finds lodgment withone of them, it is made to serve thesis masters formerly exploiters ofeither vicious or worthless nostrums were wont to boast that theirpreparations were exploited in a “strictly ethical manner ” recentperusal of as choice a lot of advertisements as can be found in themost degraded of medical journals failed to disclose this claim in asingle instance, although the claim that a preparation is “advertisedonly to physicians” is still common the advertisement of “neurosine, ” which we reproduce, was the firstone which came to our attention when we searched through essay medicaljournals for one that would illustrate a discussion of the “originalpackage” evil this is the only reason for selecting neurosine ratherthan another such half page advertisements and others of similarsize in various medical journals cost a good deal of money and theypresuppose that the dios chemical company is interested in havingoriginal bottles of neurosine dispensed every time that nostrum isprescribed why should the firm have any such deep interest in seeing that anoriginal bottle gets to the patient?. why should it be necessaryto do anything more than see that the genuine mixture reaches thepatient?. does it seem within the bounds of reason that substitutionis so commonly practiced by pharmacists that this firm must go tolarge expense to prevent the substitution of spurious mixtures for itsproduct?. is dishonesty the rule among pharmacists?. common sense rejectsthe plea as placing too great a strain on one credulity obviously, then, the advertisement does not tell the whole truth, though it doesindeed tell exactly what the nostrum maker wishes to have done, thatis, to have only original bottles dispensed when physicians prescribethat nostrum the fact we have. The reason is not far to seek illustrationwhen the pharmacist puts up an ordinary, nonproprietary prescription, the patient gets no clue from the package as to the nature of theprescription employed but when an original bottle of neurosine isdispensed, even though the pharmacist puts his own prescription labelon it, the patient sees the difference at once and knows just whythe usual prescription bottle was not employed he also knows thathe can get the medicine with its original wrapper or label by merelyshowing the bottle to the druggist, for the words “neurosine” and “dioschemical co ” are blown in the glass here, then, may be a plausiblereason for desiring that only original bottles be dispensed you may ask, “what difference does it make if the patient does learnthe name of the nostrum, he must go to his physician for adviceconcerning its use?.

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“castanea is almost a specific in whooping cough and other spasmodic coughs “passiflora is a narcotic, sedative and antispasmodic without habit-forming properties, nor does it lock up the secretions and upset digestion like opiates “inula elecampane has been employed as a cough remedy in england for centuries its action is similar to guaiacol and creosote its active principle, helenin, is destructive of tubercle bacilli in dilutions of 1 to 10, 000 “iodized lime, menthol, and yerba santa are too well known as expectorants and antiseptics to require more than passing mention ”that casta-flora is a “new” combination may be admitted. It isimprobable that exactly this combination of obsolete drugs was everbefore selected for any purpose whatever, but the statement ismisleading in that no new principle of therapeutics is involved on thecontrary, the combination is just what might be expected from haphazardchoosing of discarded and nearly forgotten drugs it seems incrediblethat a reputable firm of manufacturing pharmacists would make thepositive statement that castanea is almost a specific in whoopingcough why not say it is a specific?. it would be about as true aspecific or “almost specific” for this disease would rank among greatmedical discoveries. But castanea is merely a slightly astringent drugneither better nor worse than scores of other astringent drugs thathave been tried, found valueless and discarded hardly less surprising are the statements regarding passiflora thisherb has been on the market about three quarters of a century not onlyhas it never established itself in scientific medicine, but it is noteven mentioned in modern standard works on therapeutics of all the statements made in the circular perhaps the most remarkable, in that it is so dangerously misleading, is that regarding helenin, the active principle of elecampane the statement that this principle helenin is destructive of tubercle bacilli in dilutions of 1-10, 000can only mean that it is of extraordinary value in the treatment oftuberculosis. In fact, it is definitely stated that the action ofelecampane is similar to that of guaiacol and creosote it is obvious that any drug which would destroy the tubercle bacilli inthe human lungs without exerting a toxic action on the patient wouldbe a great contribution to medicine but although elecampane may havebeen used for centuries it has proved to have little, if any, merit, and even the national standard dispensatory, p 848, says. “elecampanewas formerly employed as a tonic, stimulant, diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, and emmenagogue, but has now largely fallen into disuse ”one looks in vain in the standard textbooks on therapeutics for adescription of the uses of inula or elecampane, and of its so-called“active principle, ” helenin the circular to which reference has been made says, referring to theuse of castanea and passiflora in the treatment of whooping cough. “gelsemium, when made from the fresh, green plant-- as is merrell-- is an excellent adjuvant to the above drugs, and allays the nervous irritability so frequently present ”h c wood, jr pharmacology and therapeutics, 1916, p 160, says ofgelsemium. “gelsemium was originally employed as an arterial sedativeand febrifuge in the malarial fevers of the south, and subsequentlyin sthenic fevers it appears in essay way to depress the bodilytemperature, but it does not appear probable that any advantage to bederived from it will counterbalance the danger attending its employmentin the large doses required in asthma, spasmodic laryngitis, whoopingcough, and nervous cough it has been recommended by bartholow, but islittle used ”that is about as favorable a statement for the drug as is to be foundin the textbooks, and it serves to illustrate how little new there isin this mixture of obsolete drugs that merrell seeks to market as onepossessing extraordinary therapeutic value even though the ingredients, or certain of them, were singly useful inthe treatment of those conditions for which casta-flora is recommended, no one could possibly foresee the effect in any given case of such ajumble of drugs, both active and inert, as is said to be represented inthis preparation the prescribing of such mixtures, the action of whichcannot in any way be foreseen, is plain charlatanism in addition, the various drugs in casta-flora are present in suchproportions that the dose of each of the several ingredients bears norelation to the commonly accepted dose casta-flora is not acceptable for new and nonofficial remedies -- fromthe journal a m a , jan 27, 1917 firwein report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryfirwein is a product of the tilden company, new lebanon, n y it issold under the claim that when swallowed it has a “predilection” bothfor the bronchial mucosa and also for the genito-urinary organs toquote. “expectorant, sedative, antispasmodic in the treatment of inflammations of the bronchial and genito-urinary mucosæ ” “firwein being a bland, soothing balsam possesses a wide range of adaptability and increased potency because of its healing virtues and usefulness as an expectorant, sedative and antispasmodic in bronchitis, and inflammation and catarrh of nose, throat and lungs ” “firwein has a special predilection for mucosæ, this being as marked in diseases of the genito-urinary system as it is in the respiratory organs in inflammatory diseases of the genito-urinary organs, its bland, curative properties are exerted in a gratifying degree in cystitis and uritis it is clearly indicated ”little information is given concerning the composition of firwein anold circular says. “firwein contains phosphorus, iodin and bromin finely blended with a balsameous elixir made from the fir tree ”from a more recent circular we quote.