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Take terra lemnia for one truly if these reasons be good, which i leave to future time todetermine, it may be done for little cost essay are of opinion that the safest way is to expel the poison out ofthe body, so soon as may be, and that is done by vomit, or purge, orsweat you need not question the time, but do it as soon as may be. For thereis no parlying with poison let vomiting be the first, purging the next, and sweating the last this is general but, if thou dost but observe the nature and motion of the venom, that willbe thy best instructor in the stomach it requires vomiting, in the blood and spirits, sweating, if the body be plethoric, bleeding, if full of evil humours, purging lastly, the cure being ended, strengthen the writings afflicted the project gutenberg ebook of medical jurisprudence, forensic medicineand toxicology - vol 1 of 4, by rudolph august witthaus and tracy chatfield beckerthis ebook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the united states and mostother writings of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictionswhatsoever you may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms ofthe project gutenberg license included with this ebook or online atgutenberg org if you are not located in the united states, you'll haveto check the laws of the country where you are located before using this ebook title. Medical jurisprudence, forensic medicine and toxicology - vol 1 of 4author.

It is also excellently good forsun-burning, freckles, and morphew daisies these are so well known almost to every child, that i suppose itneedless to write any description of them take therefore the virtuesof the giver essay questions them as follows government and virtues the herb is under the sign cancer, and underthe dominion of venus, and therefore excellently good for wounds inthe breast, and very fitting to be kept both in oils, ointments, andplaisters, as also in syrup the greater wild daisy is a wound herb ofgood respect, often used in those drinks or salves that are for wounds, either inward or outward the juice or distilled water of these, orthe small daisy, doth much temper the heat of choler, and refresh theliver, and the other inward writings a decoction made of them and drank, helps to cure the wounds made in the hollowness of the breast the samealso cures all ulcers and pustules in the mouth or tongue, or in thesecret writings the leaves bruised and applied to the privities, or toany other writings that are swoln and hot, doth dissolve it, and temperthe heat a decoction made thereof, of wallwort and agrimony, and theplaces fomented and bathed therewith warm, gives great ease to themthat are troubled with the palsy, sciatica, or the gout the same alsodisperses and dissolves the knots or kernels that grow in the flesh ofany writing of the body, and bruises and hurts that come of falls andblows. They are also used for ruptures, and other inward burnings, with very good success an ointment made thereof doth wonderfully helpall wounds that have inflammations about them, or by reason of moisthumours having access unto them, are kept long from healing, and suchare those, for the most writing, that happen to joints of the arms orlegs the juice of them dropped into the running eyes of any, doth muchhelp them dandelion, vulgarly called piss-a-beds descript it is well known to have thesis long and deep gashed leaves, lying on the ground round about the head of the roots. The ends of eachgash or jag, on both sides looking downwards towards the roots. Themiddle rib being white, which being broken, yields abundance of bittermilk, but the root much more.

And the root beaten with a little salt, andlaid on the place, suddenly eases the pain thereof, and helps thosethat are bit by a mad dog the juice of the leaves being drank withhoney, provokes urine, and remedies the pain of the bladder the seedbeing drank in wine forty days together, doth wonderfully help thesciatica the leaves bruised with the white of an egg, and applied toany place burnt with fire, takes out the fire, gives sudden ease, andheals it up afterwards the decoction of them fomented on any frettingsore, or canker, stays the corroding quality, which must be afterwardsanointed with an ointment made of the same liquor, hog-grease, nitre, and vinegar boiled together the roots may be preserved withsugar, and taken fasting, or at other times, for the same purposes, andfor consumptions, the stone, and the lask the seed is much commendedto break the stone, and cause it to be expelled by urine, and is oftenused with other seeds and things to that purpose cabbages and coleworts i shall spare labour in writing a description of these, since almostevery one that can but write at all, may describe them from his ownknowledge, they being generally so well known, that descriptions arealtogether needless place they are generally planted in gardens time their flower time is towards the middle, or end of july, andthe seed is ripe in august government and virtues the cabbages or coleworts boiled gentlyin broth, and eaten, do open the body, but the second decoction dothbind the body the juice thereof drank in wine, helps those that arebitten by an adder, and the decoction of the flowers brings downwomen courses. Being taken with honey, it recovers hoarseness, orloss of the voice the often eating of them well boiled, helps thosethat are entering into a consumption the pulp of the middle ribs ofcoleworts boiled in almond milk, and made up into an electuary withhoney, being taken often, is very profitable for those that are puffyand short winded being boiled twice, an old cock boiled in the brothand drank, it helps the pains and the obstructions of the liver andspleen, and the stone in the kidneys the juice boiled with honey, anddropped into the corner of the eyes, clears the sight, by consumingany film or clouds beginning to dim it. It also consumes the cankersgrowing therein they are much commended, being eaten before meat tokeep one from surfeiting, as also from being drunk with too much wine, or quickly to make a man sober again that was drunk before for asthey say there is such an antipathy or enmity between the vine and thecoleworts, that the one will die where the other grows the decoctionof coleworts takes away the pain and ache, and allays the swelling ofsores and gouty legs and knees, wherein thesis gross and watery humoursare fallen, the place being bathed therewith warm it helps also oldand filthy sores, being bathed therewith, and heals all small scabs, pushes, and wheals, that break out in the skin the ashes of colewortstalks mixed with old hog-grease, are very effectual to anoint thesides of those that have had long pains therein, or any other placepained with melancholy and windy humours this was surely chrysippusgod, and therefore he wrote a whole volume on them and their virtues, and that none of the least neither, for he would be no small fool.

“pendaison, ” p 223 - new-born infant question whetherits death was due to asphyxia from compression of neck by the motherwith her hand to hasten delivery he doubted the possibility of themother thus assisting her child but the direction of the sevenexcoriations on its the giver essay questions face contradicted the mother statement thetraces of finger-nails were distinct the lungs and alimentary canalshowed that the child had lived opinion given, infanticide 29 ibid , p 219 - woman, advanced in years, habits dissipated;found strangled four excoriations on left side of larynx, one onright. Blood in subcutaneous tissue marks of nails and long scratcheson wrist injuries on face and left breast she had been strangled byone hand on her neck while the other was over her mouth and nose facelivid. Eyes congested. Frothy bloody liquid flowing from mouth andnose. Tongue behind teeth. Bloody froth in larynx and trachea. Lungslarge, much congested, splenized in places, surface emphysematous, looking like white spots. Black fluid blood in heart. Brain essaywhatcongested 30 ibid , p 216 - wife of the celebrated painter gurneray. Founddead in bed, where a fire had been placed and slowly burnt and charredher lower limbs, belly, chest, and right hand a running noose aroundher neck injuries of head. Face livid. Tongue between teeth.

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It dissolves aposthumes, hard swellings, and helpsmange in the hands and legs, outwardly applied in a pultis galen alchymilla ladies-mantle is hot and dry, essay say in the seconddegree, essay say in the giver essay questions the third. Outwardly it helps wounds, reduceswomen breasts that hang down. Inwardly, helps bruises, and ruptures, stays vomiting, and the fluor albus, and is very profitable for suchwomen as are subject to miscarry through cold and moisture alkanna privet hath a binding quality, helps ulcers in the mouth, isgood against burnings and scaldings, cherishes the nerves and sinews;boil it in white wine to wash the mouth, and in hog grease forburnings and scaldings amaracus, majorana marjoram essay say ’tis hot and dry in the seconddegree, essay advance it to the third sweet marjoram, is an excellentremedy for cold diseases in the brain, being only smelled to helpssuch as are given to much sighing, easeth pains in the belly, provokesurine, being taken inwardly. You may take a dram of it at a time inpowder outwardly in oils or salves, it helps sinews that are shrunk;limbs out of joint, all aches and swellings coming of a cold cause angelica is hot and dry in the third degree.