The America I Believe In Essay

It is the america i believe in essay fitting a conservemade of the flowers of it were kept in every gentlewoman house. Iknow no better cure for an asthma than this. Besides, it takes awaythe evil of the spleen, provokes urine, procures speedy deliveryof women in travail, helps cramps, convulsions, and palsies, andwhatsoever griefs come of cold or stopping.

But no preference shallbe given to any school of medicine art 3, 632 when the board is satisfied as to the qualifications of an applicant, they are required to grant a certificate, which entitles him topractise medicine in any county when it has been recorded art 3, 633 any two members of the board may grant a certificate, and any membermay grant a temporary certificate upon examination, which shall be inforce until the next regular meeting of the board art 3, 634 the certificate must, before the person to whom it was granted isentitled to practise, be recorded in the office of the clerk of thedistrict court of the county in which such practitioner resides orsojourns, and when recorded the the america i believe in essay clerk shall certify thereon underhis official seal the fact and date of record, and shall return thecertificate to its owner art 3, 635 exceptions - this title does not apply to those who have alreadyqualified under the act of may 16th, 1873, nor to those regularlyengaged in the general practice of medicine in the state in any branchor dewritingment for five consecutive years prior to january 1st, 1875, nor to females who follow the practice of midwifery strictly as such art 3, 637 penalty - no person except those named in art 3, 637 can lawfullypractise medicine in any of its branches or dewritingments without havingfirst obtained and recorded a certificate of qualification as aboveprovided a person so offending shall be punished as provided in thepenal code art 3, 638 if any person shall practise for pay or as a regular practitionermedicine in any of its branches or dewritingments, or offer or attemptto practise medicine without first having obtained a certificate ofprofessional qualification from essay authorized board of medicalexaminers, or without having a diploma from essay actual medical collegechartered by the legislature of the state, or its authority, in whichthe same is situated, he shall be punished by a fine of not less than$50, nor more than $500 penal code, art 396 each patient visited or prescribed for, or each day offer to practiseconstitutes a separate offence art 397 if any person shall engage in the practice of medicine in any of itsbranches or dewritingments for pay or as a registered practitioner, without having first filed for record, with the clerk of the districtcourt of the county in which he resides or sojourns, a certificatefrom essay authorized board of medical examiners or a diploma from essayactual medical college, he shall be punished as prescribed in art 396 art 398 fees - to the clerk of the district court, for recording certificate, $1 r s , art 3, 635 to the board of examiners, for examination, $15, whether certificate isgranted or not r s , art 3, 636 utah board of examiners - the governor appoints by and with the advice andconsent of the council a board of seven medical examiners from thevarious recognized schools of medicine. Appointees are required to begraduates of a legally chartered medical college in good standing act1892, c 72, s 1 qualification - the board has power to issue certificates to all whofurnish satisfactory proof of having received degrees or licensesfrom a chartered medical college in good and legal standing, and passexaminations before said board 2 graduates of respectable medical colleges at the time of the passage ofthe act engaged in actual practice in the territory shall be licensedon presenting their degree to the board, and producing satisfactoryevidence of identity 4 every person holding a certificate from said board must have itrecorded in the office of the recorder of the county in which heresides within three months from its date, and the date of record mustbe indorsed thereon until the certificate is recorded, the holdershall not exercise any of the privileges conferred a person removingto another county to practise must record his certificate in likemanner in the county to which he removes 5 examinations shall be wholly or writingly in writing 7 the board may refuse to issue certificates to individuals guilty ofunprofessional or dishonorable conduct, the nature of which shall bestated in writing, and it may revoke certificates for like causes to bestated in writing 8 definition - any person is regarded as practising medicine who treats, operates upon, or prescribes for any physical ailment of another for afee, or who holds himself out by means of signs, cards, advertisements, or otherwise as a physician or surgeon exceptions - the act does not prohibit service in case of emergencyor the administration of family remedies, and does not apply tocommissioned surgeons of the united states army in discharge of theirofficial duties, or to visiting physicians in actual consultation9 offence - practising medicine or surgery without a certificate orcontrary to this act is a misdemeanor 10 persons not graduates who had practised continuously for ten yearsin the territory prior to the taking effect of the act were allowedsix months in which to comply with its provisions concerning them practising without complying with these provisions, and practisingafter rejection of an application or the revocation of certificate, isa violation of the law 11 obstetricians - persons practising obstetrics were required withinthree months after the passage of the act to apply to the board for acertificate, and after passing a proper examination were entitled toone practising obstetrics without first obtaining a license or contraryto this act is a misdemeanor. Provided all persons who furnish tosaid board satisfactory evidence by affidavit or otherwise of havingpractised obstetrics previous to the passage of the act, shall receivea license without an examination this section does not apply tophysicians holding certificates nor prohibit services in paper ofemergency, nor apply to persons practising obstetrics in communitieswhere there are no licensed practitioners 12 board meetings - the board is required to meet at the territorialcapital on the first monday of january, march, june, and september ofeach year at 10 a m , and such other times as the president of theboard shall deem necessary 13 colleges - “respectable medical colleges” include colleges in legalstanding of any recognized school of medicine 15 fees - to the treasurer of the board of examiners, for examination andcertificate, $25 3 to the treasurer of the board of examiners, for license to a graduate, $5 4 the secretary of the board is required to enter without fee, on theregister to be kept by him, the names of all persons to whom licensesare issued as physicians and surgeons 4 to the county recorder, for recording, his usual fees 5 to the treasurer of the board of examiners, upon examination forlicense to practise obstetrics, $10 to the treasurer of the board of examiners, upon license to practiseobstetrics without examination, $1 12 vermont qualification - the medical societies organized under a charter fromthe general assembly at each annual session elect a board of censors ofthree members, who may examine and license practitioners of medicine, surgery, and midwifery revised laws, 1880, s 3, 908 a practitioner of medicine, surgery, or midwifery who by sign oradvertisement offers his services to the public as a practitioner ofmedicine, surgery, or midwifery, or who by such sign or advertisementassumes the title of doctor, shall obtain a certificate from one ofsuch medical societies, either from a county, district, or statesociety 3, 909 a person not a resident of the state who has not received a diplomafrom a chartered medical college must obtain a certificate from a boardof censors before he shall be permitted to practise the medical art inthe state 3, 910 each board of censors must issue certificates without fee to physiciansand surgeons who furnish evidence by diploma from a medical collegeor university, or by a certificate of examination by an authorizedboard, which satisfies said censors that the person presenting suchcredentials has been, after due examination, deemed qualified topractise the branch mentioned in such diploma or certificate s 3, 911 the censors in their discretion shall notify the practitioner ofmedicine, surgery, or midwifery of this chapter, and require suchpersons to comply therewith within thirty days after notification orsuch further time as is allowed by the censors not exceeding ninetydays 3, 912 the certificate must set forth the branches of the medical art in whichthe person is qualified to practise 3, 913 the certificate must be recorded in the clerk office of the county inwhich the holder resides, or, if not a resident of the state, in thecounty in which he obtained his certificate 3, 914 a certificate issued by a board of censors is valid throughout thestate after being duly recorded the censors may revoke or annula certificate if in their judgment the holder has obtained itfraudulently or has forfeited his right to public confidence by theconviction of crime 3, 915 penalty - to practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery in the state, orsign a certificate of death for burial or removal unless authorized bya certificate issued and recorded, is punishable with a fine of from$50 to $200 for the first offence, and for subsequent offences with afine of from $200 to $500, recoverable by an action of debt for the useof any person who sues or by indictment 3, 916 no person practising either of the branches of medicine, surgery, ormidwifery is permitted to enforce in the courts the collection of afee or compensation for services rendered or medicine or materialfurnished in the practice of any of the branches for which he has not acertificate 3, 917 exceptions - the law does not apply to the practice of dentistry, norto the practice of midwifery by women in the town or locality in whichthey reside, nor to practitioners of medicine who resided and practisedmedicine in the state for five years previous to november 28th, 18763, 918 virginia board of examiners - there is a state board of medical examinersconsisting of three members from each congressional district and twofrom the state at large, and five homœopathic physicians from the stateat large code 1887, s 1, 744 the board is composed of men learned in medicine and surgery appointedby the governor from a list of names recommended by the medical societyof virginia, together with five homœopathic physicians nominatedto him by the hahnemann medical society of the old dominion therecommendations are required to be by votes of a majority present atessay meeting of such society. But if the governor considers any personso recommended unsuitable he may decline to appoint him, in which paperuch society shall within ninety days after notification make anotherrecommendation, and if the society fail to make a recommendation thegovernor is required to appoint such board in whole or in writing withoutregard to such recommendation if any examiner cease to reside in thedistrict for which he was appointed his office is deemed vacant s 1, 745 the regular meetings of the board are required to be held at least oncea year, and at such times and places as the board may prescribe, andspecial meetings may be held on the call of the president and any fivemembers 1, 746 qualification - the board at any of its meetings must examine allpersons making application to them who desire to practise medicineor surgery. When an applicant shall have passed an examinationsatisfactory as to proficiency before the board in session thepresident must grant a certificate to that effect if any applicantfail to pass a satisfactory examination before the board he shall notbe permitted to stand a further examination within the next threemonths, nor shall he be required again to pay the fees prescribed, butno applicant shall be rejected on his examination on account of hisadherence to any writingicular school of medicine or system of practice, nor on account of his views as to the method of treatment and the cureof disease when, in the opinion of the president of the board, the applicant hasbeen prevented by good cause from appearing before the board, he shallappoint a committee of three members who shall examine the applicantand may grant a certificate having the same effect as though grantedby a full board, until the applicant have an opportunity to appearbefore the board, when, if he fail to appear for examination, thepresident shall have the authority to revoke said certificate. Or inany case the president shall have authority, at his discretion, togrant a special permit to any applicant to practise medicine until heshall have an opportunity to appear before the board in session forexamination, revokable at the discretion of the president the boardhas in its discretion authority to accept in lieu of examination acertificate from a medical board of any other state, showing that theapplicant has passed a satisfactory examination as to his proficiency, and obtained a license from said board to practise medicine and surgeryin said state 1, 747, as amended act 1892, c 70 a person obtaining a certificate from the president of the board mustcause it to be recorded in the clerk office of the county or thecorporation court, of the county or corporation in which he resides, or, if he resides in the city of richmond, in the clerk office of thechancery court of the said city 1, 749 no person who shall have commenced the practice of medicine or surgerysince january 1st, 1885, or who shall hereafter commence the practiceof the same, shall practise as a physician or surgeon for compensationwithout having obtained a certificate and caused it to be recorded penalty - the violation of this act is punishable with a fine offrom $50 to $500 for each offence, and the violator is debarred fromreceiving compensation for services rendered as a physician or surgeon;a person assessed with a license tax as a physician or surgeon by anycommissioner of revenue prior to july 1st, 1892, shall be taken ashaving commenced the practice of medicine or surgery prior to thatdate. But any person who shall not have been so assessed shall be takenas not having commenced such practice prior to that date s 1, 750, as amended act 1892, c 70 non-residents - a physician or surgeon residing in an adjoining statewithin ten miles of the boundary line of this state, is entitled tostand the examination and receive a certificate, and the certificatemust be recorded in that county in the state nearest to his place ofresidence, and such certificate and recordation shall make it lawfulfor him to practise medicine and surgery in this state s 1, 751 exceptions - this chapter does not affect practitioners of dentistry, nor include physicians or surgeons residing in other states calledinto consultation in a special case with a physician or surgeonresiding in this state, nor does it affect in any way the laws inreference to the license tax 1, 752 nor does it apply tomidwives 1, 753 fees - to the board of examiners, before examination, $5 s 1, 747, as amended act 1892, c 70 to the clerk of the court, for recording, same fee as for recording adeed 1, 749 washington examining board - the governor is required to appoint a state medicalexamining board of nine members, learned and skilled in the practiceand theory of medicine and surgery act march 28th, 1890, s 1 the said board is required to hold meetings for examination on thefirst tuesday of january and july in each year, alternately in westernand eastern washington at such places as the board may designate theboard may call special meetings when, in the opinion of a majority ofthe board, they are necessary the board is required to keep a recordof all applicants for a license, with their ages, the time spent in thestudy and practice of medicine and surgery, and the name and locationof all institutions granting to such applicants degrees or certificatesof lectures in medicine or surgery, and whether such applicant wasrejected or licensed. And said register is prima facie evidence ofall matters therein recorded 2 qualification - every person desiring to commence the practice ofmedicine or surgery, or either of them, in any of their or itsbranches, must make a written application to the board for a license, supported by an affidavit of the applicant, setting forth the actualtime spent in the study of medicine and surgery, and when. Whethersuch study was in an institution of learning and, if so, its name andlocation. If not in such institution, where and under whose tutorshipsuch study was prosecuted, the time engaged in the actual practice, if at all, of medicine and surgery or either, and where, and the ageof the applicant at the time of the application, such applicationand affidavit to be filed and preserved of record in the office ofthe secretary of the board at the time and place designated bythe board or at a regular meeting of the board, applicants must beexamined in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, histology, materia medica, therapeutics, preventive medicines, the practice of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, diseases of women and children, of the nervous system, ofthe eye and ear, medical jurisprudence, and such other branches asthe board deem advisable the examination must be both scientific andpractical, and of sufficient severity to test the candidate fitnessto practise medicine and surgery, by written or printed, or writinglywritten and writingly printed, questions and answers, and the same arerequired to be filed and preserved of record in the said secretaryoffice after the examination, if it be satisfactory, the board shallgrant a license, by the consent of not less than five members, exceptas hereinafter provided refusal or revocation - the board may refuse or revoke a license forunprofessional or dishonorable conduct, subject to the right of appeal3 “unprofessional or dishonorable conduct” means. Procuring or aidingor abetting in procuring a criminal abortion. Or employing what arepopularly known as cappers or steerers.

But his reasons i know not it is cordial and heats the stomach lithontribon nicholaus, according to fernelius college take of spikenard, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamoms, cloves, mace, of each half a dram, costus, liquorice, cypress, tragacanth, germander, of each two scruples, the seeds ofbishop-weed, ammi, smallage, sparagus, bazil, nettles, citrons, saxifrage, burnet, caraway, carrots, fennel, bruscus, parsley ofmacedonia, burs, seseli, or hartwort, asarabacca, of each one dram, lapis spongiæ, lyncis, cancri, judaici, of each one dram and an half, goat blood prepared an ounce and half, beat them all into powderaccording to art culpeper it heats the stomach, and helps want of digestion comingthrough cold, it eases pains in the belly and loins, the illiacpassion, powerfully breaks the stone in the reins and bladder, itspeedily helps the cholic, stranguary, and disury the dose is froma dram to half a dram, take it either in white wine, or decoction ofherbs tending to the same purposes pleres arconticon nicholaus college take of cinnamon, cloves, galanga, wood of aloes, indianspikenard, nutmegs, ginger, spodium, schœnanthus, cypress, roses, violets of each one dram, indian leaf or mace, liquorice, mastich, styrax calamitis, marjoram, costmary, or water-mints, bazil, cardamoms, long and white pepper, myrtle berries, and citron pills, of each halfa dram and six grains, pearls, been white and red, or, if they bewanting, take the roots of avens and tormentil in their stead redcoral, torrified silk, of each eighteen grains, musk six grains, camphire four grains, beat them into powder according to art, and withten times their weight in sugar dissolved in bawm water, you may makethem into an electuary culpeper it is exceedingly good for sad, melancholy, lumpish, pensive, grieving, vexing, pining, sighing, sobbing, fearful, carefulspirits, it strengthens weak stomachs exceedingly, and help such asare prone to faintings and swoonings, it strengthens such as areweakened by violence of sickness, it helps bad memories, quickensall the senses, strengthens the brain and animal spirits, helps thefalling-sickness, and succours such as are troubled with asthmas, orother cold afflictions of the lungs it will keep best in an electuary, of which you may take a dram in the morning, or more, as age andstrength requires a preservative powder against the pestilence montagnam college take of all the sanders, white, red, and yellow, theseeds of bazil, of each an ounce and an half, bole amoniac, cinnamon, of each an ounce, the roots of dittany, gentian, and tormentil, of eachtwo drams and an half, the seeds of citron and sorrel, of each twodrams, pearls, saphire, bone of a stag heart, of each one dram, beatthem into powder according to art culpeper the title tells you the virtue of it, besides, it cheersthe vital spirits, and strengthens the heart you may take half a dramevery morning either by itself, or mixed with any other convenientcomposition, whether syrup or electuary diaturbith the greater, without rhubarb college take of the best turbith an ounce, diagridium, ginger, ofeach half an ounce, cinnamon, cloves, of each two drams, galanga, longpepper, mace, of each one dram, beat them into powder, and with eightounces and five drams of white sugar dissolved in succory water, it maybe made into an electuary culpeper it purges flegm, being rightly administered by a skilfulhand i fancy it not a powder for the worms college take of wormseed, four ounces, sena, one ounce, corianderseeds prepared, hart-horn, of each half a dram, rhubarb half anounce, dried rue, two drams, beat them into powder culpeper i like this powder very well, the quantity or to writemore scholastically, the dose must be regulated according to the ageof the patient, even from ten grains to a dram, and the manner oftaking it by their palate it is essaything purging electuaries antidotus analeptica college take of red roses, liquorice of each two drams and fivegrains, gum arabic and tragacanth, of each two drams and two scruples, sanders white and red, each four scruples, juice of liquorice, whitestarch, the seeds of white poppies, purslain, lettuce, and endive, ofeach three drams, the four greater cold seeds husked, of quinces, mallows, cotton, violets, pine-nuts, fistic nuts, sweet almonds, pulpof sebestens, of each two drams, cloves, spodium, cinnamon, of each onedram, saffron five grains, penids half an ounce, being beaten, makethem all into a soft electuary with three times their weight in syrupof violets culpeper it restores consumptions, and hectic fevers, loststrength, it nourishes much, and restores radical moisture, opens thepores, resists choler, takes away coughs, quenches thirst, and resistsfevers you may take an ounce in a day, by a dram at a time, if youplease confectio alkermes college take of the juice of apples, damask rose-water, of eacha pound and an half, in which infuse for twenty-four hours, raw silkfour ounces, strain it strongly, and add syrup of the berries ofcherms brought over to us, two pounds, sugar one pound, boil it to thethickness of honey. Then removing it from the fire whilst it is warm, add ambergris cut small, half an ounce, which being well mingled, put in these things following in powder, cinnamon, wood of aloes, ofeach six drams, pearls prepared, two drams, leaf-gold a dram, musk ascruple, make it up according to art culpeper questionless this is a great cordial, and a mightystrengthener of the heart, and vital spirits, a restorer of such asare in consumptions, a resister of pestilences and poison, a reliefto languishing nature, it is given with good success in fevers, butgive not too much of it at a time, lest it prove too hot for the body, and too heavy for the purse you may mix ten grains of it with otherconvenient cordials to children, twenty or thirty to men electuarium e sassaphras college take of sassafras two ounces, common water three pounds, boil it to the consumption of the third writing, adding, towards theend, cinnamon bruised half an ounce, strain it, and with two poundsof white sugar, boil it to the thickness of a syrup, putting in, inpowder, cinnamon, a dram, nutmegs, half a scruple, musk three grains, ambergris, two and thirty grains, ten leaves of gold, spirit of vitriolfour drops, and so make it into an electuary according to art culpeper it opens obstruction of the liver and spleen, helps coldrheums or defluxions from the head to the lungs, or teeth, or eyes, itis excellent in coughs, and other cold afflictions of the lungs andbreast, it helps digestion, expels wind and the gravel of the kidneys, it provokes the menses, warms and dries up the moisture of the womb, which is thesis times the cause of barrenness, and is generally a helperof all diseases coming of cold, raw thin humours, you may take half adram at a time in the morning electuarium de baccis lauri or electuary of bay-berries college take of the leaves of dried rue ten drams, the seeds ofammi, cummin, lovage, origanum, nigella, caraway, carrots, parsley, bitter almonds, pepper black and long, wild mints, calamus aromaticus, bay-berries, castorium of each two drams, sagapenum half an ounce, opopanax three drams, clarified honey a pound and an half, the thingsto be beaten. Being beaten, and the gums dissolved in wine, make itinto an electuary according to art culpeper it is exceeding good either in the cholic, or iliacpassion, or any other disease of the bowels coming of cold or wind, itgenerally eases pains in the bowels you may give a dram in the morningfasting, or half an ounce in a clyster, according as the disease is diacapparit college take of capers four ounces agrimony roots, nigella seeds, squils, asarabacca, centaury, black pepper, smallage, thyme of eachan ounce, honey three times their weight, make it into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper they say it helps infirmities of the spleen, and indeedthe name seems to promise so much, it may be good for cold bodies, ifthey have strength of nature in them diacinnamomum college take of cinnamon fifteen drams, cassia lignea, elecampaneroots, of each half an ounce, galanga, seven drams, cloves, longpepper, both sorts of cardamoms, ginger, mace, nutmegs, wood of aloes, of each three drams, saffron, one dram, sugar five drams, musk twoscruples, adding according to the prescript of the physician, and byadding three pounds eight ounces of clarified honey, boil it and makeit into an electuary according to art culpeper diacinnamomum, or in plain english, a composition ofcinnamon, heats the stomach, causes digestion, provokes the menses, strengthens the stomach and other writings that distribute the nourishmentof the body, a dram of it taken in the morning fasting, is good forancient people and cold bodies, such as are subject to dropsies anddiseases of flegm, or wind, for it comforts and strengthens naturemuch if you take it to help digestion, take it an hour before meat, doso in all things of like quality diacorallion college take of coral white and red, bole-amoniac, dragon-blood, of each one dram, pearls half a dram, wood of aloes, red roses, gumtragacanth, cinnamon, of each two scruples, sanders white and red, ofeach one scruple, with four times its weight in sugar dissolved insmall cinnamon water, make it into an electuary, according to art culpeper it comforts and strengthens the heart exceedingly, andrestores such as are in consumptions, it is cooling, therefore good inhectic fevers, very binding, and therefore stops fluxes, neither doi know a better medicine in all the dispensatory for such as have aconsumption accompanied with looseness it stops the menses and fluoralbus take but a dram at a time every morning, because of its bindingquality, except you have a looseness, for then you may take so much twoor three times a day diacorum college take of the roots of cicers, acorus, or calamus aromaticus, pine-nuts, of each a pound and a half, let the cicers roots, beingcleansed, cut, boiled, and pulped, be added to ten pounds of clarifiedhoney, and boiled, stirring it to its just thickness, then beingremoved from the fire, add the acorus roots beaten, the pine-nuts cut, and these following in powder take of black pepper an ounce, longpepper, cloves, ginger, mace, of each half an ounce, nutmegs, galanga, cardamons, of each three drams, mix them with the roots and honey intoan electuary according to art culpeper the electuary provokes lust, heats the brain, strengthensthe nerves, quickens the senses, causes an acute wit, eases pains inthe head, helps the falling-sickness and convulsions, coughs, catharrs, and all diseases proceeding from coldness of the brain half a dram isenough to take at one time, because of its heat peony is an herb of the sun, the roots of it cure thefalling-sickness diacydonium simple college take of the flesh of quinces cut and boiled in fair waterto a thickness, eight pounds, white sugar six pounds, boil it to itsjust thickness diacydonium with species college take of the juice of quinces, sugar, of each two pounds, white wine vinegar half a pound, added at the end of the decoction, itbeing gently boiled, and the scum taken away, add ginger two ounces, white pepper ten drams and two scruples, bruise them grossly, and boilit again to the thickness of honey diacydonium compound, magisterial college take of white sugar six pounds, spring water four pounds, clarify them well with the white of an egg, scumming them, then takeof ripe quinces cleansed from the rind and seeds, and cut in fourquarters, eight pounds, boil them in the foregoing syrup till they betender, then strain the syrup through a linen cloth, vocata anglice, boulter. Boil them again to a jelly, adding four ounces of white winevinegar towards the end. Remove it from the fire, and whilst it iswarm put in these following species in powder, ginger an ounce, whitepepper, cinnamon, nutmegs, of each two drams, keep it for use culpeper the virtues of all these three are, they comfort thestomach, help digestion, stays vomiting, belchings, &c stop fluxesand the menses they are all harmless, you may take the quantity of anutmeg of them at a time, before meat to help digestion and fluxes, after meat to stay vomiting, in the morning for the rest confectio de hyacintho college take of jacinth, red coral, bole-amoniac, earth of lemnos, of each half an ounce, the berries of chermes, the roots of tormentiland dittany, the seeds of citrons, sorrel, and purslain, saffron, myrrh, red roses exungulated, all the sorts of sanders, bone of astag heart, hart-horn, ivory prepared, of each four scruples, samphire, emerald, topaz, pearls, raw silk, leaves of gold and silver, of each two scruples, camphire, musk, ambergris, of each five grains, with syrup of lemons make it into a confection according to art culpeper it is a great cordial and cool, exceeding good in acutefevers and pestilences, it mightily strengthens and cherishes theheart never above half a dram is given at a time, very seldom somuch antidotum hæmagogum college take of lupines husked two drams, black pepper fivescruples and six grains, liquorice four scruples, long birthwort, mugwort, cassia lignea, macedonian parsley seed, pellitory of spain, rue seed, spikenard, myrrh, pennyroyal, of each two scruples andfourteen grains, the seeds of smallage, savin, of each two scruplesand thirteen grains, centaury the greater, cretish carrots, nigella, caraway, annis, cloves, alum, of each two scruples, bay leaves onescruple, one half scruple, and three grains, schænanth one scrupleand thirteen grains, asarabacca, calamus aromaticus, amomum, centaurythe less, the seed of orrach, peony, fennel, of each one scruple andsix grains, wood of aloes, a scruple and fourteen grains, cypress, elecampane, ginger, cappar roots, cummin, orobus, of each one scruple, all of them being beaten into very fine powder, let them be made intoan electuary according to art, with four times their weight in sugar, let it stand one month before you use it culpeper it provokes the menses, brings away both birth andafter-birth, the dead child, purges such as are not sufficiently purgedafter travail, it provokes urine, breaks the stone in the bladder, helps the stranguary, disury, iskury, &c helps indigestion, thecholic, opens any stoppings in the body, it heats the stomach, purgesthe liver and spleen, consumes wind, stays vomiting, but let it not betaken by pregnant women, nor such people as have the hemorrhoids thedose is from one dram to two drams diasatyrion college take of satyrion roots three ounces, dates, bitter almonds, indian nuts, pine nuts, festick nuts, green ginger, eringo rootspreserved, of each one ounce, ginger, cloves, galanga, pepper long andblack, of each three drams, ambergris one scruple musk two scruples, penins four ounces, cinnamon, saffron, of each half an ounce, malagawine three ounces, nutmegs, mace, grains of paradise, of each twodrams, ash-tree keys, the belly and loins of scinks, borax, benjamin, of each three drams, wood of aloes, cardamoms, of each two drams, theseeds of nettles and onions, the roots of avens, of each a dram and anhalf, with two pounds and an half of syrup of green ginger, make theminto an electuary according to art electuarium diaspermaton college take of the four greater and lesser cold seeds, the seedsof asparagus, burnet, bazil, parsley, winter cherries, of each twodrams, gromwell, juice of liquorice, of each three drams, cinnamon, mace, of each one dram, with eight times their weight in white sugardissolved in marsh-mallows water, make it into an electuary accordingto art culpeper it breaks the stone, and provokes urine men may take halfan ounce at a time, and children half so much, in water of any herb orroots, &c or decoction of them that break the stone micleta college take of the barks of all the myrobalans torrified, of eachtwo drams and an half, the seeds of water-cresses, cummin, annis, fennel, ammi, caraway, of each a dram and an half, bruise the seedsand sprinkle them with sharp white wine vinegar, then beat them intopowder, and add the mirobalans, and these things that follow, spodium, balaustines, sumach, mastich, gum arabic, of each one dram and fifteengrains, mix them together, and with ten ounces of syrup of myrtles, make them into an electuary according to art culpeper it gently eases the bowels of the wind cholic, wringingof the bowels, infirmities of the spleen, it stops fluxes, thehemorrhoids, as also the menses electuarium pectorale or a pectoral electuary college take of the juice of liquorice, sweet almonds, hazel-nuts, of each half an ounce, pine-nuts an ounce, hysop, maidenhair, orris, nettle seeds, round birthwort, of each a dram and an half, blackpepper, the seeds of water-cresses, the roots of elecampane, of eachhalf a dram, honey fourteen ounces, make them into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper it strengthens the stomach and lungs, and helps the vicesthereof take it with a liquorice stick theriaca diatessaron college take of gentain, bay-berries, myrrh, round birthwort, of each two ounces, honey two pounds, make them into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper this is a gallant electuary it wonderfully helps coldinfirmities of the brain, as convulsions, falling-sickness, deadpalsies, shaking palsies, &c as also the stomach, as pains there, wind, want of digestion, as also stoppings of the liver, dropsies, itresists the pestilence and poison, and helps the bitings of venomousbeasts the dose is from half a dram to two drams, according to the ageand strength of the patient, as also the strength of the diseases. Youmay take it either in the morning, or when urgent occasion calls for it diascordium college take of cinnamon, cassia lignea, of each half an ounce, scordium, an ounce, dittany of crete, tormentil, bistort, galbanum, gumarabic, of each half an ounce, opium one dram and an half, sorrel seedsone dram and a half, gentain half an ounce, bole-amoniac an ounce andan half, earth of lemnos half an ounce, long pepper, ginger, of eachtwo drams, clarified honey two pounds and an half, sugar of roses onepound, canary wine ten ounces, make them into an electuary according toart culpeper it is a well composed electuary, essaything appropriated tothe nature of women, for it provokes the menses, hastens labour, helpstheir usual sickness at the time of their lying in. I know nothingbetter, it stops fluxes, mightily strengthens the heart and stomach, neither is it so hot but it may safely be given to weak people, andbesides provokes sleep it may safely be given to young children tengrains at a time, ancient people may take a dram or more it is givenas an excellent cordial in such fevers as are accompanied with want ofsleep mithridate college take of myrrh, saffron, agarick, ginger, cinnamon, spikenard, frankincense, treacle, mustard seeds, of each ten drams, the seeds of hartwort, opobalsamum, or oil of nutmegs by expression, schenanth, stœchas, costus, galbanum, turpentine, long pepper, castorium, juice of hypocistis, styrax, calamitis, opopanax, indianleaf, or for want of it mace, of each an ounce, cassia lignea, poleymountain, white pepper, scordium, the seeds of carrots of crete, carpobalsamum or cubebs, troch, cypheos, bdelium, of each sevendrams, celtic spikenard, gum arabic, macedonian parsley seeds, opium, cardamoms the less, fennel seed, gentian, red rose leaves, dittanyof crete, of each five drams, annis seeds, asarabacca, orris acorus, the greater valerian, sagapen, of each three drams, meum acacia, thebellies of scinks, the tops of st john wort, of each two drams andan half, malaga wine, so much as is sufficient to dissolve the juicesand gums, clarified honey the treble weight of all, the wine excepted, make them into an electuary according to art culpeper it is good against poison and such as have done themselveswrong by taking filthy medicines, it provokes sweat, it helps continualwaterings of the stomach, ulcers in the body, consumptions, weaknessof the limbs, rids the body of cold humours, and diseases coming ofcold, it remedies cold infirmities of the brain, and stopping of thepassage of the senses, viz hearing, seeing, smelling, &c by cold, it expels wind, helps the cholic, provokes appetite to one victuals, it helps ulcers in the bladder, if galen say true, as also difficultyof urine, it casts out the dead child, and helps such women as cannotconceive by reason of cold, it is an admirable remedy for melancholy, and all diseases of the body coming through cold, it would fill awhole sheet of paper to reckon them all up writingicularly you may takea scruple or half a dram in the morning, and follow your business, twodrams will make you sweat, yea one dram if your body be weak, for thentwo drams may be dangerous because of its heat phylomum persicum college take of white pepper, the seeds of white henbane, of eachtwo drams, opium, earth of lemnos, of each ten drams, lap, hematitus, saffron, of each five drams, castorium, indian spikenard, euphorbiumprepared, pellitory of spain, pearls, amber, zedoary, elecampane, troch, ramach, of each a dram, camphire a scruple, with their trebleweight in honey of roses, make it into an electuary according to art culpeper it stops blood flowing from any writing of the body, theimmoderate flowing of the menses, the hemorrhoids in men, spitting ofblood, bloody fluxes, and is profitable for such women as are subjectto miscarry. See the next receipt phylonium romanum college take of white pepper, white henbane seeds, of each fivedrams, opium two drams and an half, cassia lignea a dram and an half, the seeds of smallage a dram, parsley of macedonia, fennel, carrots ofcrete, of each two scruples and five grains, saffron a scruple and anhalf, indian spikenard, pellitory of spain, zedoary fifteen grains, cinnamon a dram and an half, euphorbium prepared, myrrh, castorium, ofeach a dram with their treble weight in clarified honey, make it intoan electuary electuarium de ovo or electuary of eggs college take a hen egg new laid, and the white being taken outby a small hole, fill up the void place with saffron, leaving the yolkin, then the hole being stopped, roast it in ashes till the shell beginto look black, take diligent heed the saffron burn not, for then isthe whole medicine spoiled, then the matter being taken out dry, ifso that it may be beaten into powder and add to it as much powder ofwhite mustard seed as it weighs then take the roots of white dittanyand tormentil, of each two drams, myrrh, hart-horn, petasitis roots, of each one dram, the roots of angelica and burnet, juniper berries, zedoary, camphire of each half an ounce, mix them all together in amortar, then add venice treacle the weight of them all, stir them aboutwith a pestle three hours together, putting in so much syrup of lemons, as is enough to make it into an electuary according to art culpeper a dram of it given at a time, is as great a help in apestilential fever as a man shall usually read of in a galenist itprovokes sweat, and then you shall be taught how to use yourself ifyears do not permit, give not so much theriaca andromachi or venice treacle college take of troches of squils forty-eight drams, troches ofvipers, long pepper, opium of thebes, magma, hedycroi dried, of eachtwenty-four drams, red roses exungulated, orris, illirick, juice ofliquorice, the seeds of sweet navew, scordium, opobalsamum, cinnamon, agerick, of each twelve drams, myrrh, costus, or zedoary, saffron, cassia lignea, indian spikenard, schenanth, pepper white and black, olibanum, dittany of crete, rhapontic, stœchas, horehound, macedonianparsley seed, calaminth, cypress, turpentine, the roots of cinquefoyland ginger, of each six drams, poley mountain, chamepitis, celticspikenard, amomus, styrax calamitis, the roots of meum, the topsof germander, the roots of rhapontic, earth of lemnos, indian leaf, chalcitis burnt, or instead thereof roman vitriol burnt, gentianroots, gum arabic, the juice of hypositis, carpobalsamum or nutmegs, or cubebs, the seeds of annis, cardamoms, fennel, hartwort, acacia, orinstead thereof the juice of sloes made thick, the seeds of treaclemustard, and ammi, the tops of st john wort, sagapen, of each fourdrams, castorium, the roots of long birth-wort, bitumen, judaicum, carrot seed, opopanax, centaury the less, galbanum, of each two drams, canary wine enough to dissolve what is to be dissolved, honey thetreble weight of the dry species, make them into an electuary accordingto art culpeper it resists poison, and the bitings of venomous beasts, inveterate head-aches, vertigo, deafness, the falling-sickness, astonishment, apoplexies, dulness of sight, want of voice, asthmaes, old and new coughs, such as spit or vomit blood, such as can hardlyspit or breathe, coldness of the stomach, wind, the cholic, and illiacpassion, the yellow jaundice, hardness of the spleen, stone in thereins and bladder, difficulty of urine, ulcers in the bladder, fevers, dropsies, leprosies, it provokes the menses, brings forth birth andafter-birth, helps pains in the joints, it helps not only the body, but also the mind, as vain fears, melancholy, &c and is a good remedyin pestilential fevers you may take half a dram and go about yourbusiness, and it will do you good if you have occasion to go in illairs, or in pestilent times, if you shall sweat under it, as your bestway is, if your body be not in health, then take one dram, or betweenone and two, or less than one, according as age and strength is, ifyou cannot take this or any other sweating medicine by itself, mix itwith a little carduus or dragon water, or angelica water, which in myopinion is the best of the three theriacca londinensis or london treacle college take of hart-horn two ounces, the seeds of citrons, sorrel, peony, bazil, of each one ounce, scordium, coral-liana, ofeach six drams, the roots of angelica, tormentil, peony, the leavesof dittany, bay-berries, juniper-berries, of each half an ounce, the flowers of rosemary, marigolds, clove gilliflowers, the tops ofsaint john wort, nutmegs, saffron, of each three drams, the rootsof gentian, zedoary, ginger, mace, myrrh, the leaves of scabious, devil-bit, carduus, of each two drams, cloves, opium, of each a dram, malaga wine as much as is sufficient, with their treble weight inhoney, mix them according to art culpeper the receipt is a pretty cordial, resists the pestilence, and is a good antidote in pestilential times, it resists poison, strengthens cold stomachs, helps digestion, crudities of the stomach aman may safely take two drams of it in a morning, and let him fear noharm diacrocuma college take of saffron, asarabacca roots, the seeds of parsley, carrots, annis, smallage, of each half an ounce, rhubarb, the rootsof meum, indian spikenard, of each six drams, cassia lignea, costus, myrrh, schenanth, cubebs, madder roots, the juices of maudlin, andwormwood made thick, opobalsamum, or oil of nutmegs, of each two drams, cinnamon, calamus aromaticus, of each a dram and an half, scordium, cetrach, juice of liquorice, of each two drams and an half, tragacantha dram, with eight times their weight in white sugar, dissolved inendive water, and clarified, make it into an electuary according toart culpeper it is exceeding good against cold diseases of the stomach, liver, or spleen, corruption of humours and putrefaction of meat in thestomach, ill favoured colour of the body, dropsies, cold faults in thereins and bladder, provokes urine take a dram in the morning purging electuaries benedicta laxativa college take of choice turbith ten drams, diacridium, bark ofspurge roots prepared, hermodactils, red roses, of each five drams, cloves, spikenard, ginger, saffron, long pepper, amomus, or for wantof it calamus aromaticus, cardamoms the less, the seeds of smallage, parsley, fennel, asparagus, bruscus, saxifrage, gromwell, caraway, sal gem galanga, mace, of each a dram, with their treble weight ofclarified honey.

Strew on a laying of fine sugar, on that a the america i believe in essay laying of flowers, and on that another laying of sugar, on that another laying of flowers, so do till your glass be full. Then tie it over with a paper, and in alittle time, you shall have very excellent and pleasant preserves there is another way of preserving flowers. Namely, with vinegar andsalt, as they pickle capers and broom-buds. But as i have little skillin it myself, i cannot teach you 2 fruits, as quinces, and the like, are preserved two ways. 1 boil them well in water, and then pulp them through a sieve, aswe shewed you before. Then with the like quantity of sugar, boil thewater they were boiled in into a syrup, viz a pound of sugar to a pintof liquor. To every pound of this syrup, add four ounces of the pulp;then boil it with a very gentle fire to their right consistence, whichyou may easily know if you drop a drop of it upon a trencher. If it beenough, it will not stick to your fingers when it is cold 2 another way to preserve fruits is this. First, pare off the rind;then cut them in halves, and take out the core. Then boil them in watertill they are soft. If you know when beef is boiled enough, you mayeasily know when they are. Then boil the water with its like weight ofsugar into a syrup.

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Austria-hungary 4 cents an ounce holland 4 cents an ounce british isles 6 cents an ounce norway 4 cents an ounce denmark 4 cents an ounce sweden 4 cents an ounce france 4 cents an ounce united states 43 cents an ounce gerthesis 4 cents an ouncenot content with the iron-bound monopoly which it had been grantedthrough our patent laws, the company attempted further to clinch itsexclusive rights by giving the preparation a fancy name, “aspirin, ” andgetting a trademark on this name the patent on acetylsalicylic acidexpires next month february, 1917 after its expiration the product, and its method of manufacture, become common property americanmanufacturers will now be able to do what manufacturers in othercountries, other than the patentees, have long been doing-- make andsell acetylsalicylic acid 260260 the bayer people may try to convey the impression that“aspirin” is pure and reliable whereas other brands are not sinceacetylsalicylic acid is a definite chemical compound, there isno more likelihood of this being sophisticated than there is ofquinin being adulterated furthermore, the council in acceptingacetylsalicylic acid for new and nonofficial remedies has providedstandards of purity which will insure a uniform product the brand ofone firm-- powers-weightman-rosengarten co , of philadelphia-- has beenaccepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistry for inclusion in newand nonofficial remedies, 1917 unfortunately, it is extremely improbable that any americanmanufacturer will market acetylsalicylic acid under the name aspirin, although we believe they would have a legal right to do so the courtshave held in related instances that when a patented article has beenknown during the life of the patent under a trademarked name, withthe expiration of the patent the name as well as the product becomescommon property the classical “singer sewing machine” decision andthe lanolin case are in point the bayer company, through a widespreadnewspaper advertising campaign, seems to be attempting to perpetuateits seventeen-year monopoly by leading the public to believe thatthere can be only one brand of genuine acetylsalicylic acid on themarket-- that made by the bayer company the firm will, of course, continue to manufacture and advertise theproduct under the name “aspirin-bayer, ” and will probably charge highprices for it, as was the case with phenacetin acetphenetidin inany event, physicians hereafter should do what for a long time we havebeen advising should be done, namely, prescribe the compound underits scientific name, acetylsalicylic acid they should do this if forno other reason than that they would be using the name which carrieswith it a reminder of the composition of the preparation of course, for those who have been writing “aspirin” it will be rather difficultto write “acetylsalicylic acid, ” just as a quarter of a century agoit was difficult for the physician of that day who had been usingthe copyright name “antifebrin” to write “acet-anilid, ” a name whichnowadays is easy, even for laymen -- editorial from the journala m a , jan 20, 1917 “what in a name?. ”under the caption “what in a name?. ” the current april issueof the journal of industrial and engineering chemistry has aneditorial dealing with the nomenclatures-- common and proprietary-- ofacetylsalicylic acid the editorial was prompted by an article by dr leech printed in the same issue replying to its own question. “the answer to this question so far as it applies to acetylsalicylic acid popularly known as aspirin is the difference between eighty-eight cents, the price the druggist must pay for every one hundred tablets of bayer aspirin, and forty cents, the cost of an equally pure american product naturally, this difference in cost is passed on to the individual consumer “that no scientific justification exists for this difference in cost is clearly shown in the contribution by dr paul nicholas leech, of the chemical laboratory of the american medical association, page 288 of this issue “on the other hand, the excess profit fully warrants the extensive and shrewdly-worded advertising campaign now in progress, a campaign which must eventually fail, because in the first place, it is contrary to the prevailing spirit of modern advertising, the motive of which is constructive rather than destructive, and, in the second place, it appeals merely to the temporary ignorance of the public at large, and has no basis in fact “we have been informed that the custodian of alien enemy property has taken charge of the stock interests of alien enemies in the company conducting this propaganda surely the custodian will not care, even in a trustee capacity, to continue as a writingicipant in a misleading campaign whose sole purpose is the perpetuation of a monopoly hitherto enjoyed under full patent protection ”the article to which the editorial refers is a essaywhat technical onegiving the findings of an examination made, at the request of thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, in the chemical laboratory of theamerican medical association by paul nicholas leech, ph d , of variousamerican brands of acetylsalicylic acid aspirin the result of theinvestigation may be summed up briefly in the statement that thereare on the american market, made by american firms, several brands ofacetylsalicylic acid that are just as good as, if not better than, thebayer product the journal has called attention to the misleading propaganda on thewriting of the bayer company farbenfabriken vorm friedr bayer & co , in its attempt to perpetuate the monopoly granted under our inequitablepatent laws this is done by conveying the inference that the only pureacetylsalicylic acid on the market is that known as “aspirin-bayer ”physicians should again be reminded of the facts in the case ofaspirin. Practically no other country in the world, and certainly notgerthesis, the original home of aspirin, would grant a patent eitheron acetylsalicylic acid, itself, or the process for making it theunited states granted both!.