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Legsstretched out speech for sale. Clothing not disordered. The writing of the cord whichwas around the neck was applied to the neck of the waistcoat andshirt. On his head a woollen cap the ground had been recently swept necroscopy twenty-four hours afterward face pale. Right eye open andprominent, left closed. Mouth closed, contained food apparently fromthe stomach. Tongue retracted. Slight mark on neck under which thetissue was normal.

“katharmon represents in combination hydrastis canadensis, thymus vulgaris, mentha arvensis, phytolacca decandra, 10-1/2 grains acid borosalicylic, 24 grains sodium pyroborate to each fluid ounce of pure distilled extract of witch hazel ”a comparison of these so-called formulas shows that they have not onlyvaried from time to time, but that in no instance was a quantitativestatement with regard to all the asserted ingredients given the chemical laboratory of the a m a reports. Katharmon has analkaline reaction and therefore cannot contain boric acid, salicylicacid or “borosalicylic acid” the latter is unknown to medicalliterature except as loosely applied to a simple mixture of boric andsalicylic acids the solution gives tests for sodium, borate, andsalicylate and therefore probably contains sodium borate and sodiumsalicylate examined by the methods used for the determination ofhydrastin in goldenseal preparations, a residue giving only a fainttest for alkaloid was obtained. If present at all, hydrastis canadensis goldenseal is there only in very small amounts a circular wrapped with the trade package of katharmon contained thefollowing, palpably unwarranted, claims. “internally it is very useful in acute indigestion, gastric catarrh, diarrhoea and cholera infantum ” “ it has demonstrated its remarkable curative effects, not only in preventing unhealthy conditions of fresh wounds, but also in correcting the decaying of putrefactive processes peculiar to the body under certain circumstances it has, further, a remarkable efficacy in surface inflammations, whether produced by accident or disease, and is an indispensable remedy in the affections of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, stomach, bowels, vagina, uterus, urethra, bladder and rectum ”katharmon is in conflict with rules 1 and 4 of the council on pharmacyand chemistry because of its indefinite and secret composition andthe method of advertising it indirectly to the public. It is inconflict with rules 10, 6 and 8, in that it is an irrational shotgunmixture sold under unwarranted therapeutic claims and under a namenondescriptive of its composition -- from the journal a m a , aug 10, 1918 iodinized emulsion scott and creosotonic scott report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry“iodinized emulsion scott” and “creosotonic scott” are proprietarypreparations of the dawson pharmacal company, dawson springs, ky thelatter preparation used to be known as “iodinized emulsion scott withhypophosphites, guaiacol and creosote ” in 1907 these preparations wereconsidered by the council and found inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies examination of the preparations having been again requested, the council considered them anew because the composition and claimshad been changed essaywhat and because at the previous consideration noreport was published the reports which appear below were sent to the dawson pharmacalcompany for comment before publication in reply the company offered torevise its claims for the preparations the council replied that thereport sent explained that both preparations are irrational mixtures, and hence a revision of the claims would not make them eligible for newand nonofficial remedies it advised that publication of the reportwould be withheld sixty days and that it would be revised if newinformation or evidence was submitted permitting such revision afterexpiration of the stipulated postponement, the dawson pharmacal companywrote that no new advertising matter had been prepared, but that theold circulars were not being sent out as these irrational preparations were still sold and advertised to themedical profession and presumably used by essay physicians, the councildirected publication of its report with this explanation w a puckner, secretary iodinized emulsion scottthe label for iodinized emulsion scott declares. “each fluidram contains. Alcohol, m 4-3/4. Rectified ol of turpentine, m 3-1/2. Iodin, gr 1/8.

And those personsonly whose names are inscribed in the register shall be deemed to bequalified and licensed to practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery, except as hereinafter provided 21 the registrar is required to keep his register correct and to make thenecessary alterations in the addresses or qualifications of personsregistered and he may write to any registered person at his addresson the register, to inquire whether he has ceased to practise orhas changed his residence, and if no answer be returned within sixmonths, may erase the name of such person. The name shall be restoredon compliance with the other provisions of the act 22, asamended act 1891, c 26, s 9 it is optional for the council to admit to registration all suchpersons as are duly registered in the medical register of greatbritain, or otherwise authorized to practise medicine, surgery, andmidwifery in the united kingdom of great britain and ireland, upon suchterms as the council may deem expedient 23 1 any person actually practising medicine, surgery, or midwifery, or anyof them, in ontario prior to january 1st, 1850, and who has attendedone course of lectures at any recognized medical school, on such proofas the council may require, is entitled to register 23 2 any person actually practising medicine, surgery, or midwiferyaccording to the principles of homœopathy before january 1st, 1850, andfor the six years preceding march 24th, 1874, in ontario, may in thediscretion of the representatives of the homœopathic system of medicinebe registered 23 3 any person who possesses any of the qualifications described inschedule b, dated prior to july 23d, 1870, on the payment of the fee, is entitled to register on producing to the registrar the documentconferring or evidencing his qualification or qualifications, or ontransmitting by post to the registrar information of his name andaddress and evidence of the qualification or qualifications in respectwhereof he wishes to be registered and of the time or times at whichthe same was or were attained no one registered under the actsmentioned in sec 3 is liable to pay for registration 24 every person wishing to be registered, and not possessed before july23d, 1870, of one of the qualifications in schedule b, must presenthimself for examination as to his knowledge and skill for the efficientpractice of his profession before the board of examiners mentioned insec 28, and upon passing the examination required and proving to thesatisfaction of the board of examiners that he has complied with therules and regulations of the council, and on payment of such fees asthe council may establish, he shall be entitled to register and invirtue of his registration to practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery25 when it appears that there has been established a central examiningboard similar to that constituted by this act, or an institution dulyrecognized by the legislature of any of the provinces of the dominionof canada as the sole examining body for the purpose of grantingcertificates of qualification, and wherein the curriculum is equal tothat established in ontario, the holder of such certificate shall, upondue proof, be entitled to registration by the council of ontario if thesame privilege is accorded by such examining board or institution tothose holding certificates of ontario 26 board of examiners - the council is required at its annual meeting toelect a board of examiners whose duty it is to examine at least oncein each year all candidates for registration in accordance with theby-laws, rules, and regulations of the council. Such examinations areto be held at toronto or kingston at such times and in such manner asthe council may by by-laws direct 28 the board of examiners is composed of one member from each existingteaching body enumerated in sec 6 and one from every other schoolof medicine organized in connection with any university or collegeempowered by law to grant medical or surgical diplomas and not lessthan six members chosen from the members of the college of physiciansand surgeons of ontario unconnected with any such teaching body s 29, as amended act 1893, c 27, s 5 homœpathists - every candidate who, at the time of the examination, signifies his wish to be registered as a homœopathic practitionershall not be required to pass an examination in materia medica ortherapeutics, or the theory or practice of physic or surgery ormidwifery except the operative writings thereof, before any examinersother than those approved of by the representatives in the council ofthe homœopathic system 30 duties of council - the council is required to make orders, regulations, or by-laws for regulating the register and fees forregistration and for the guidance of the board of examiners, and mayprescribe the subjects and modes of examination and the time and placeof holding the same, and may make all such rules and regulationsfor examination not contrary to the act as they deem expedient andnecessary 31 additional qualification - every person registered who obtains a higherdegree or other qualification is, on the payment of the fee, entitledto have it inscribed in the register in substitution for or in additionto the qualifications previously registered 32 powers of registrar - no qualification is to be entered on theregister unless the registrar be satisfied by proper evidence thatthe person claiming it is entitled to it appeal from the decision ofthe registrar may be decided by the council. Any entry proved to thesatisfaction of the council to have been fraudulently or incorrectlymade may be erased from the register by order of the council in writing33 1 if the registrar be dissatisfied with the evidence adduced by a personclaiming to be registered, he has power, subject to appeal to thecouncil, to refuse registration until such evidence is furnished, dulyattested by oath or affidavit before a judge of the county court of anycounty 33 2 erasure and restoration of name - a practitioner is liable to have hisname erased from the register where he has been convicted before orafter registration of an offence which, if committed in canada, wouldbe a felony or misdemeanor, or where he has been guilty of any infamousor disgraceful conduct in a professional respect 34 1 the council may, and on the application of any four registered medicalpractitioners must, cause inquiry to be made into the case of a personalleged to be liable to have his name erased under this section, and onproof of such conviction or conduct shall cause his name to be erasedfrom the register the name of a person shall not be erased on accountof his adopting or refraining from the practice of any writingiculartheory of medicine or surgery. Nor on account of a conviction for apolitical offence out of her majesty dominions, nor of convictionfor an offence which ought not either from its trivial nature or itscircumstances to disqualify a person from practising medicine orsurgery 34 2 the council may order to be paid out of any funds at their disposalsuch costs as they may deem just to any person against whom anycomplaint has been made, which, when finally determined, is found tohave been frivolous and vexatious 34 3 when the council direct the erasure of any name or entry, it shallnot be again entered except by direction of the council or any of thedivisions of the high court of justice 35 1, as amendedact 1891, c 26, s 3 if the council think fit, they may direct the registrar to restoreany name or entry erased, without fee, or on payment of such fee notexceeding the regular fee as the council may fix 35 2 the council is required to ascertain facts, in the exercise of itspowers of erasing and restoring, by a committee of their own body ofnot more than five, and a written report of the committee may be actedon by the council 36 1, as amended act 1891, c 26, s 4 at least two weeks’ notice of the first meeting of the committee forascertaining the facts of any case must be served on a person whoseconduct is subject to inquiry, and such notice must embody a copy ofthe charges or a statement of the subject-matter of the inquiry, andspecify the time and place of meeting the testimony is under oath, andsubject to cross-examination and the full right to call evidence indefence and reply in the event of the non-attendance of such personthe committee, on the proof of personal service of the notice, mayproceed with the inquiry in his absence and without further notice36 5 no action can be brought against the council or committee for anythingdone bona fide under this act notwithstanding want of form in theproceedings any person whose name has been ordered erased may appealfrom the decision of the council to any division of the high courtat any time within six months from the date of the order of erasure, and the judge may make such order as to restoration, confirmation, orfurther inquiries by the committee or council and as to costs, as tohim shall seem right 37, as amended act 1891, c 26, s 5 the appeal may be by a summons served on the registrar to show cause, and is founded upon a copy of the proceedings before the committee, theevidence taken, the committee report, and the order of the councilcertified by the registrar the registrar is required to furnish to anyperson desiring to appeal a certified copy of all proceedings, reports, orders, and papers on which the committee acted, on payment of fivecents a folio 38, as amended act 1891, c 26, s 6 the act of 1891, c 26, s 7, provides for procuring the attendance ofwitnesses before the committee, and for payment of costs by the personwhose name has been directed to be erased rights of registered persons - every person registered is entitledaccording to his qualifications to practise medicine, surgery, ormidwifery, or any of them, as the case may be, and to demand andrecover with full costs reasonable charges for professional aid, advice, and visits and the cost of any medicine or other medical orsurgical appliances rendered or supplied by him to his patient s 39 limitations - one year after the termination of professional servicesis established as a period of limitations to an action for negligenceor malpractice by reason thereof against duly registered members ofsaid college 40 evidence - the register is required to be printed and published, and acopy thereof purporting to be so printed and published is prima facieevidence that the persons specified are registered. And, subject to theprovisions of subsection 2 of this section, the absence of the name ofany person from such copy shall be prima facie evidence that suchperson is not registered 41 1 in case of the name of a person not appearing in such copy, a certifiedcopy, under the hand of the registrar, of the entry of the name on theregister is evidence that such person is registered 41 2 annual certificate of registration - every registered medicalpractitioner is required to obtain from the registrar annually, beforedecember 31st, a certificate under seal of the college that he is aduly registered medical practitioner act 1891, c 26, s 8 on payment of all fees and dues payable by such practitioner to thecollege, the registrar is required to write his name and the date onthe margin of the certificate, and the certificate is deemed to beissued only from such date. Any fees properly charged during the timein which a name was erased from the register are legally recoverable onproduction of the certificate of registration at time of suit ib no certificate is issued to any practitioner indebted to the college, nor until the annual fee for the certificate prescribed by the statuteand the by-laws of the college is paid ib if a practitioner omits to take out such certificate, he shall not beentitled thereto until he pays the certificate fee, and any other feesor dues which he owes the college ib after twelve months’ default in taking out such certificate, and twomonths’ notice of default by registered letter to the registeredaddress of the defaulter, if payment is not made, the registrar isrequired to erase his name and the provisions as to unregisteredpractitioners forthwith apply ib such practitioner may, unless otherwise disqualified, obtainre-registration and re-instatement to full privileges by applyingto the registrar and paying up the fees and dues and taking out hiscertificate ib neglect to register - those entitled to register and neglecting soto do are not entitled to any rights or privileges conferred byregistration, and are liable to all the penalties against unqualifiedor unregistered practitioners rev st , 1887, c 148, s 42 fraudulent registration - if a person procures registration by meansof false or fraudulent representations it is lawful for the registrar, on a receipt of sufficient evidence of such falsity or fraud, torepresent the matter to the council, and on the written order of thepresident, attested by the seal of the college, to erase his name fromthe register and publish the fact and cause of erasure in the ontariogazette. And after such notice such person ceases to be a member ofsaid college and to enjoy the privileges conferred by registrationwithout the express sanction of the council 44 1 offences and penalties - wilfully procuring or attempting to procureregistration by false or fraudulent representations is punishable witha penalty not exceeding $100 knowingly aiding and assisting therein ispunishable with a penalty of from $20 to $50 for each offence s 44 2 practising without registration for hire, gain, or hope of reward ispunishable with a penalty of from $25 to $100 45 a person wilfully or falsely pretending to be a physician, doctor ofmedicine, surgeon or general practitioner, or assuming any title, addition, or description other than that he actually possesses and islegally entitled to, is punishable with a penalty of from $10 to $5046 a person taking or using a name, title, addition, or descriptionimplying or calculated to lead people to infer that he is recognized bylaw as a physician, surgeon, accoucheur, or licentiate in medicine, surgery, or midwifery is punishable by a penalty of from $25 to $10047 unregistered persons - no person is entitled to recover a charge formedical or surgical advice or attendance or the performance of anyoperation or any medicine prescribed or supplied unless he produces tothe court a certificate that he is registered. But this section doesnot extend to the sale of drugs or medicines by a licensed chemist ordruggist 48, as amended act 1891, c 26, s 2 no person shall be appointed as a medical officer, physician, orsurgeon in any branch of the public service, or in any hospitalor other charitable institution not supported wholly by voluntarycontribution, unless he be registered 49 no certificate required from any physician, surgeon, or medicalpractitioner is valid unless the signer be registered 50 costs - the justice of the peace having jurisdiction of a prosecutionmay award payment of costs in addition to the penalty, and in defaultof payment may commit to the common jail for a period not exceeding onemonth unless the penalty and costs are sooner paid 51 appeal - any person convicted who gives notice of appeal must givesatisfactory security for the amount of the penalty and the costs ofconviction and appeal 52 proof - in any trial under the act, the burden of proof as toregistration is on the person charged 53 where proof of registration is required, the production of a printed orother copy of the register certified under the hand of the registrarfor the time being is sufficient evidence of all persons who areregistered practitioners, and any certificate upon such copy purportingto be signed by any person in his capacity of registrar is primafacie evidence that such person is registrar without proof of hissignature or of his being registrar 54 limitations of prosecutions - prosecutions are limited to commencewithin one year from the date of the offence 55stay - the council may, by order signed by its president having theseal of the college appended, stay proceedings in any prosecution whendeemed expedient 56 prosecutor - any person may be prosecutor or complainant 572 qualification - schedule b referred to in the act is as follows:1 a license to practise physic, surgery, and midwifery, or either, within upper canada under the acts of upper canada, 59 g , iii , c 13, and 8 g , iv , c 3, respectively 2 a license or diploma granted under 2 vict , c 38, or under theconsolidated statutes for upper canada, c 40, or any act amending thesame 3 a license or authorization to practise physic, surgery, andmidwifery, or either, within lower canada, whether granted underordinance 28 g , iii , c 8, or act 10 and 11 vict , c 26, and actsamending the same, or under c 71 of the consolidated statutes forupper canada, or any act amending the same 4 a certificate of qualification to practise medicine, surgery, andmidwifery, or either, hereafter granted by any colleges or bodies namedor referred to in sec 6 5 a medical or surgical degree or diploma of any university or collegein her majesty dominions or of such other universities or colleges asthe council may determine 6 a certificate of registration under the imperial act 21 and 22vict , c 90, known as “the medical act, ” or any act amending the same 7 a commission or warrant as physician or surgeon in her majestymilitary service 8 certificates of qualification to practise medicine under any of theacts relating to homœopathy or the eclectic system of medicine fees - to registrar, for transfer under sec 9 2, $2 to registrar, for registration under sec 24, not more than $10, to befixed by the by-laws of council to registrar, for registration under sec 25, such fees as the councilmay by general by-law establish to registrar, for copies under sec 38, 5 cents a folio members are required to pay an annual fee to the college. The amountand means of enforcing which are in the discretion of the electedmembers of the council act 1893, c 27, s 6 prince edward island medical society - the members of the medical profession constitute abody corporate under the name of the “medical society of prince edwardisland” act 1892, c 42, s 1 persons registered under the act 34 vict , c 25, or 37 vict , or theprince edward island medical act of 1890, are members of the societyand entitled to register under this act without a fee 2 all persons registered under this act are members of the said society3 registration - there is a council of said society, composed of sevenmembers of the society elected by the society 4, which isrequired to appoint a registrar among other officers 6. Andto cause him to keep a register of the name of every person registeredunder this act, or the acts mentioned in sec 2, and from time to timeof the names of all persons who have complied with this act and therules and regulations made by the council respecting the qualificationsof practitioners of medicine, surgery, or midwifery, which is calledthe prince edward island medical register. And only those persons whosenames are inscribed therein are qualified and licensed to practisemedicine, surgery, or midwifery, except as hereinafter provided s 8 the registrar is required to keep his register correct, and to make thenecessary alterations in the addresses and qualifications of personsregistered 9 the council is required to admit to registration, on the payment of theregistration fee, all persons duly registered by the medical council ofgreat britain or otherwise authorized to practise medicine, surgery, ormidwifery in the united kingdom of great britain and ireland s 10 every person who holds a medical or surgical degree or diploma datedprior to january 1st, 1880, from any university, college, or schoolof medicine in great britain, ireland, or canada, or any of theuniversities or colleges in the united states mentioned in schedule a, is entitled to register on producing to the registrar such diploma orsatisfactory evidence of the qualification in respect whereof he seeksto be registered 11 every person desirous of being registered, not registered under theacts mentioned in sec 2, and who had not become possessed of a diplomaas provided in sec 11, must, before being entitled to register, beexamined as to his knowledge and skill for the efficient practiceof his profession before the medical council, and on passing theexamination required and producing proof of study in medicine, surgery, and midwifery four years, one of which may be with a registeredmedical practitioner, shall, subject to the next section, be entitledto register and by virtue of such registration to practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery. Provided, the council may, if it see fit, dispense with the examination in any case 12 no person commencing the study of medicine on or after september1st, 1892, shall be entitled to register unless he has passed amatriculation examination equivalent to that of the college of surgeonsof london, or shall hold a license as a first-class teacher in thisprovince, or shall have obtained from the council a certificate that hehas satisfactorily passed a matriculation examination in the subjectsspecified in schedule b any graduate or student matriculated in the arts in any university inher majesty dominions shall not be required to pass the matriculationexamination 13 the council may grant a license to practise medicine, surgery, ormidwifery to an applicant at the time of the passage of this actpractising medicine, surgery, or midwifery, or any of them, in princeedward island, on a preliminary examination as the council may thinknecessary for the public safety, provided such person shall havepractised five years in the province, but such person is not therebyentitled to registration 15 when there has been established an authorized examining body or aninstitution recognized by the legislature of any other province of thedominion of canada as the sole examining body for granting certificatesof qualification, and where the curriculum is equal to that appointedby the medical council of prince edward island, the holder of suchcertificate shall, upon due proof, be entitled to registration by thecouncil of prince edward island, if the same privilege is accorded insuch other province to those registered in prince edward island s 16 the council is required to hold examinations at least every threemonths, if required, for candidates for registration, at such placesand times and in the same manner as the council may direct s 18 every person registered who obtains a higher degree or otherqualification shall, on the payment of such fees as the council shallappoint, be entitled to have it registered in substitution for or inaddition to the qualification previously registered 19 no qualification is entered unless the registrar be satisfied, byproper evidence, that the person claiming is entitled to register it there is an appeal to the council. Any name proved to the council tohave been fraudulently or incorrectly entered may be erased by an orderin writing of the council 20 if the registrar is dissatisfied with the evidence he may, subject toappeal to the council, refuse registration until the person claimingit has furnished evidence to the satisfaction of the registrar, dulyattested by oath or affidavit before a notary public or justice of thepeace 21 a medical practitioner guilty of infamous or disgraceful conduct in aprofessional respect is liable to have his name erased, and if he applyfor registration the council may refuse it 22 the registrar may publish in a newspaper or newspapers of prince edwardisland the fact that the name of such person has been erased, and thecause of the erasure, but not until the appeal, if any has been takenwithin the time allowed, has been disposed of 23 where the council refuse to register, or direct an erasure, the entryshall not be again made except by direction of the council or the orderof the supreme court or a judge thereof 24 five days’ notice of the meeting of the council for the hearing of anappeal under sec 2 must be served on the person charged, embodyinga copy of the charges or a statement of the inquiry and the time andplace of meeting 25 rights of registered persons - every person licensed or registeredunder the act is entitled according to his qualifications to practisemedicine, surgery, and midwifery, or any of them, as the case may be, and recover with costs his reasonable charges for professional aid, advice, and visits, and the cost of medicines or medical and surgicalappliances rendered or supplied by him to his patient 26 limitations - twelve months is established as the period of limitationsfor an action from negligence or malpractice against a personregistered 27 evidence - the registrar is required, under the direction of thecouncil, to print and publish once in two years a register of thenames of all persons registered, with the residence and medical title, diploma, and qualification conferred by any college or body, with thedates thereof, as existing on the day of the publication a copy ofsuch register, for the time being, purporting to be so printed andpublished, is prima facie evidence that the persons specified areregistered the absence of a name from such copy is prima facieevidence that such person is not registered in case a name does not appear in the copy, a certified copy, underthe hand of the registrar of the council, of the entry of a name isevidence that such person is registered 28 fraudulent registration - if a person be registered by false orfraudulent representations the registrar may, on the receipt ofsufficient evidence thereof, report the matter to the council, and onthe order of the council erase his name from the register and makeknown the fact and cause by a notice in the newspaper or newspapers onprince edward island 29 1 offences and penalties - wilfully procuring or attempting to procureregistration by false or fraudulent representation is punishable witha penalty not exceeding $50 knowingly aiding and assisting therein ispunishable with a penalty of from $10 to $25 for each offence s 29 2 without registration or license, practising for hire or hope of rewardor advertising to give advice in medicine, surgery, or midwifery ispunishable with a penalty not exceeding $25 30 wilfully or falsely pretending to be a physician, doctor of medicine, surgeon, or general practitioner, or assuming a title, addition, ordescription not actually possessed, or pretending to be recognized bylaw as a physician, accoucheur, or a licentiate in medicine, surgery, or midwifery, is punishable with a penalty not exceeding $25 s 31 unregistered persons - no person is entitled to recover a charge formedical or surgical advice or attendance or for the performance of asurgical operation unless registered, licensed, or otherwise authorizedunder this act 32 no person is to be appointed as a medical officer, physician, orsurgeon in any branch of the public service, or any hospital or othercharitable institution unless registered 33 costs - on prosecution, costs may be awarded and the offender may becommitted to a common jail in default of paying the penalty and costs, for not exceeding one month 34 appeal from conviction - a person appealing from conviction is requiredto give satisfactory security for the penalty, costs of conviction, andappeal before released from custody 35 limitation of prosecutions - prosecutions are required to be commencedwithin six months from the date of the offence 36 prosecutor - any person may be prosecutor or complainant 37 appeal from registrar decision - a person aggrieved by the decisionof the registrar may appeal to the council, and persons aggrievedby the decision of the council may appeal to the supreme court ofthe province, which decision shall be final the act prescribes theprocedure on appeal 38, 39 powers of council - the council may make by-laws for carrying out theact, to be approved by the lieutenant-governor in council, but nothingshall prevent any registered medical practitioner from giving medicaltreatment or advice to any person by reason of such person havingpreviously engaged the services of any other physician 40 the council is authorized to make regulations regarding the holding ofexaminations and the subjects of examinations 41exceptions - the act does not prevent any person from giving necessarymedical or surgical aid or attendance to any one in urgent need ofit provided it be not for hire or gain, nor the giving of it be madea business or means of livelihood. Nor does it prevent women frompractising midwifery, or any person from practising dentistry ortreating paper of cancer by external application, and charging forsuch service and suing for and recovering reasonable charges. Nor doesit prevent a druggist, apothecary, or storekeeper from suing for andrecovering the price of drugs or chemicals supplied or sold by him42 the act does not prevent a person not holding a medical degree, license, or diploma from a university or college from practisingmedicine, surgery, or midwifery provided he was engaged in suchpractice in the province for five years immediately before the passageof the act, nor from recovering with costs his reasonable charges forprofessional aid, advice, and visits and the cost of medicine or othermedical or surgical appliances rendered or supplied by him to hispatients 43 appeal on prosecution - appeal from the decision on prosecution may betaken to the supreme court 44 schedule a. University of pennsylvania, philadelphia, pa jefferson medical college, philadelphia, pa bellevue medical college, new york, n y university of new york, new york, n y college of physicians and surgeons, new york, n y harvard university university of michigan schedule b specifies at length the requirements for the examinationmentioned in sec 13 fees - persons registered under sec 2 are not required to pay a fee for registration under secs 11 and 12, not exceeding $20, to be fixedby the society to the council, for a license under sec 15, $5 an annual fee is required to be paid by members of the society, notmore than $5 annually, as levied by the council 17 for registration under sec 19, such fees as the council may appoint quebec college of physicians, etc - all persons residing in the provinceauthorized to practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery therein, andregistered under this law, are constituted a corporation by the name of“the college of physicians and surgeons of the province of quebec” r s , 1888, art 3, 969 the affairs of the college are conducted by a board of governors, fortyin number, chosen as provided in the act and known as the “provincialmedical board” art 3, 972 to 3, 975 qualification - no person can lawfully practise medicine, surgery, ormidwifery unless he has obtained a license from the said board andunless he be registered art 3, 976 every person who obtains a medical degree or diploma in any universityor college mentioned in art 3, 972 is entitled to such license withoutexamination as to his medical knowledge or skill, provided such diplomahas only been given after four years of medical study from the dateof admission to study and according to the requirements of the act;provided, the said board has power to grant the same privileges toholders of degrees or diplomas of medicine and surgery from otherbritish colonial or french universities or colleges art 3, 977 the colleges referred to in art 3, 792 are.

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This appeared in a journal owned and controlled by thesecond largest state medical association of the country even granting that gentian may improve the appetite, how absurd itis to claim that this mixture “relieves congestion, ” “restores toneto weakened blood vessels, ” “gives aid to the absorptive processes, ”“reinforces cellular nutrition, ” or increases vitality!. Neither the composition of gray glycerine tonic nor the clinicalevidence warrants the belief that it has any therapeutic value otherthan that due to the psychic effect of the bitter drug gentian physicians who have prescribed it have done so because of theadvertising this nostrum has been kept so constantly before the eyesof medical men that they think of gray glycerine tonic when theycannot remember the official drugs that may be indicated in the case the moral is that liberal advertising will sell anything it is recommended that gray glycerine tonic comp be declared noteligible for inclusion in new and nonofficial remedies on account ofconflict with rules 1, 6, 8 and 10 editorial note -- an old practice in hospitals-- happily now practicallyobsolete-- was to have certain stock mixtures prepared in bulk amongthese there was usually a so-called tonic mixture, used in a more orless haphazard manner when nothing in writingicular seemed indicated sucha stock mixture was used in the state hospital for the insane at utica, n y , during the thesis years that dr john p gray was superintendent from the early fifties to the early eighties, although it is verydoubtful whether he originated the mixture after the death of dr gray-- so the story runs-- one of his sons, with a writingner, formed thefirm of purdue frederick company, and began the exploitation of theelder dr gray name, in connection, presumably, with this stockpreparation as indicated in the council report, gray glycerinetonic comp -- and what an absurd name!. -- is simply a mixture of ordinarydrugs, requiring no skill whatever in compounding if there is aphysician living who cannot write a prescription offhand as good asthis formula, that physician should either go back to a medical schoolor change his vocation there is, and can be, no excuse for prescribingsuch a ready-made mixture, for every cross-roads drugstore has theingredients and any pharmacist worthy of the name could compound it among the scores of nostrums that disgrace the medical professionof this country, none is more typical of all that is inimical toscientific medicine, to the medical profession and above all to thepublic-- for, after all is said, it is the public that ultimately ishumbugged -- from the journal a m a , july 10, 1915 tongaline and ponca compound report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council, having considered “tongaline, ” “tongaline tablets, ”“tongaline and lithia tablets, ” “tongaline and quinine tablets” and“ponca compound tablets, ” found these preparations ineligible for newand nonofficial remedies and authorized publication of the followingreport w a puckner, secretary tongalinetongaline mellier drug co , st louis is a fancy name given to whatis essentially a sodium salicylate mixture the air of mystery createdby the name permits the manufacturers to make claims for the productwhich would be ludicrous if the medical profession was fully conversantwith the very ordinary character of the preparation tongaline receives its name from tonga, an inert, long-discardedmixture of various barks and herbs said to be gathered and preparedby fiji islanders its constituents evidently tend to vary withthe collector the history of the introduction of this indefinitecombination of simples is thus given in the journal, may 10, 1913 “a supply of the crude drug was carried to england by a man who had lived for a short time in the fiji islands and it was placed in the hands of a retail house in london this occurred about 1879 in 1880, two english physicians of repute published laudatory articles on the therapeutic value of tonga in neuralgia and rheumatism this created a demand for the drug which extended to the united states ”time showed that tonga was inert therapeutically, and authoritieson pharmacology now no longer notice it as the council previouslyreported, 12 the indefinite character of the mixture should, alone, be sufficient to exclude it from practical therapeutics during thetemporary popularity of tonga, the proprietary mixture tongaline wasput on the market for physicians’ use by the mellier drug company, st louis in this, tonga was named as the active ingredient thecommercial interests thus involved have faithfully nourished and keptalive the “tonga” myth 12 reports of the council on pharm and chem , 1912, p 40 in a recent advertising booklet, “the therapeutic properties ofthe ingredients of tongaline, ” the virtues of tonga, blue cohosh, colchicum, jaborandi and salicylic acid are discussed the label of arecently purchased bottle reads. “tongaline contains tonga, cimicifuga racemosa, salicylate of sodium the salicylic acid being made from pure natural oil colchicum and pilocarpin ”it will be noticed that tongaline is “made from the pure, natural oil ”in fact, the statement is repeated in red ink, in large letters runningacross the face of the label, thus emphasizing the alleged importanceof this assertion in this connection it is only necessary to recallthat it has been proved clinically, chemically and physiologically thatthere is absolutely no difference between the salicylic acid made fromthe natural oil and the synthetic the formula was thus commented on in the article previously quoted fromthe journal.

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Vier ger öff med , xiii , 1870, pp 140-156 - woman, just delivered of child, and boy ten years old, were burnt to death ina fire which consumed their house examination of the bodies showedupon the neck speech for sale of the boy a groove, and his tongue protruded thehusband was charged with murder, was imprisoned, and committed suicide 25 weiss. Ibid , xxvii , 1877, pp 239-244 - woman strangulated bythe bands of her nightcap 26 isnard and dieu. Rev cas jud , paris, 1841, p 101 - man, age 65 marks of fingers on face and neck opinion that he had beenassaulted by two men the two murderers confessed 27 friedberg. Gericht gutacht , 1875, pp 211-224 - woman foundhanging to branch of tree, but in half-lying position, feet on ground opinion given that she had been strangled and then hung 26 tardieu. “pendaison, ” p 223 - new-born infant question whetherits death was due to asphyxia from compression of neck by the motherwith her hand to hasten delivery he doubted the possibility of themother thus assisting her child but the direction of the sevenexcoriations on its face contradicted the mother statement thetraces of finger-nails were distinct the lungs and alimentary canalshowed that the child had lived opinion given, infanticide 29 ibid , p 219 - woman, advanced in years, habits dissipated;found strangled four excoriations on left side of larynx, one onright. Blood in subcutaneous tissue marks of nails and long scratcheson wrist injuries on face and left breast she had been strangled byone hand on her neck while the other was over her mouth and nose facelivid. Eyes congested. Frothy bloody liquid flowing from mouth andnose. Tongue behind teeth. Bloody froth in larynx and trachea.