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“in every form of leucorrhea naphey medicated uterine wafers are indicated ” “what is true of leucorrhea is also true of all other functional troubles affecting the female genital canal. They are all treated best by astringents and antiseptics and these, to be effective, must be applied in prolonged contact ”the implication that all “functional troubles affecting the femalegenital canal” are best treated by astringent tablets like napheymedicated uterine wafers is an absurdity the naming of diseaseconditions on the label, the manifestly unwarranted and exaggeratedtherapeutic claims, the name, which is non-descriptive of compositionbut suggestive of use, and the fixed formula, which cannot rationallybe expected to give uniformly satisfactory results in the wide rangeof conditions for which the product is recommended, render napheymedicated uterine wafers ineligible for new and nonofficial remediesunder rules 4, 6, 8 and 10 the report having been sent to naphey & co , the manufactureroffered, on condition that the preparation be accepted, to revise theadvertising matter in minor writingiculars, to remove disease names fromthe trade package and to adopt the name naphey wafers or napheytablets the council advised naphey & co that the proposed names donot conform to the requirements for acceptance in new and nonofficialremedies because they do not indicate the composition of thispharmaceutical mixture, and moreover, that the routine use of a complexformula such as that of these tablets is irrational -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1916, p 66 nujol report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrynujol, a liquid petrolatum standard oil company of new jersey, bayonne, n j , was submitted to the council by the manufacturers the council advised the company that, before nujol could be madeeligible for new and nonofficial remedies, the advertising claims madefor it must be revised to conform to the rules of the council and theterm “liquid petrolatum” must be used in connection with the branddesignation and given equal prominence on the labels, advertisementsand all circulars the company thereupon submitted a label on whichthe name “nujol” appeared in large red letters and under it in smallletters the words “liquid petrolatum ” this did not meet the councilrequirement with regard to the name moreover, nujol continued to beadvertised to the public under exaggerated and unwarranted claims the foregoing report was sent to the standard oil company of newjersey, which thereupon submitted revised advertising copy thiscopy was decidedly less objectionable than the previous advertisingbut still contained exaggerated statements the copy for use inlay journals writingicularly evidenced exaggeration observation onthesis occasions of a similar fact has convinced the council of theinexpediency of admitting to new and nonofficial remedies any articlewhich is advertised to the public 101101 since publication of this report the council on pharmacy andchemistry has revised its rule against recognition of articlesadvertised to the public so that this shall not apply a todisinfectants, germicides and antiseptics, provided the advertising belimited to conservative recommendations for their use as prophylacticapplications to superficial cuts and abrasions of the skin and to themucous surfaces of the mouth, pharynx and nose, and provided they arenot advertised as curative agents, and b to non-medicinal foodpreparations, except when advertised in an objectionable manner the council held that conflict with rules 3, 6 and 8 preventedthe acceptance of nujol and authorized the publication of thisreport -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1916, p 68 pulvoids natrium compound report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrypulvoids natrium compound was submitted to the council by the drugproducts company, inc , new york, with the statement that each pulvoid coated tablet, said to be made to dissolve in the intestinal tractrepresents the equivalent of. Potassium nitrate 2-1/2 grs sodium nitrite 1/2 gr sodium bicarbonate 2 grs fl ext crataegus oxycantha 1 min nitroglycerin 1/250 gr according to the advertisements the tablets are “indicated in thetreatment of high blood pressure and all forms of hypertension of thecardio-vascular system ” it is claimed that the tablets “will notirritate the kidneys ”the council, having submitted its objections to the manufacturer andconsidered the firm reply, held that pulvoids natrium compound wasinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies for the following reasons:1 the claim is made that the tablets disintegrate in the intestines;experiments conducted by the council indicated that in most paper theywould be broken up in the stomach it was found that the tablets werevisibly changed immediately after being put into gastric juice or eveninto distilled water.

See the root gratiola hedge-hyssop, purges site help in how to right assignment water and flegm, but works verychurlishly gesner commends it in dropsies asphodelus fœm see the root hepatica, lichen liverwort, cold and dry, good for inflammations ofthe liver, or any other inflammations, yellow jaundice hedera arborea, terrostris tree and ground-ivy tree-ivy helpsulcers, burnings, scaldings, the bad effects of the spleen. The juicesnuffed up the nose, purges the head, it is admirable for surfeits orheadache, or any other ill effects coming of drunkenness ground-ivyis that which usually is called alehoof, hot and dry, the juice helpsnoise in the ears, fistulas, gouts, stoppings of the liver, itstrengthens the reins and stops the menses, helps the yellow jaundice, and other diseases coming of stoppings of the liver, and is excellentfor wounded people herba camphorata stinking ground-pine, is of a drying quality, andtherefore stops defluxions either in the eyes or upon the lungs, thegout, cramps, palsies, aches. Strengthens the nerves herbu paralysis, primula veris primroses, or cowslips, which youwill the leaves help pains in the head and joints. See the flowerswhich are most in use herba paris herb true-love, or one-berry it is good for wounds, falls, bruises, aposthumes, inflammations, ulcers in the privities herb true-love, is very cold in temperature you may take half a dramof it at a time in powder herba roberti a kind of cranebill herba venti, anemone wind-flower the juice snuffed up in the nosepurgeth the head, it cleanses filthy ulcers, encreases milk in nurses, and outwardly by ointment helps leprosies herniaria the same with empetron helxine pellitory of the wall cold, moist, cleansing, helps thestone and gravel in the kidnies, difficulty of urine, sore throats, pains in the ears, the juice being dropped in them. Outwardly it helpsthe shingles and st anthony fire hyppoglossum horse-tongue, tongue-blade or double-tongue the rootshelp the stranguary, provoke urine, ease the hard labour of women, provoke the menses, the herb helps ruptures and the fits of the mother:it is hot in the second degree, dry in the first. Boil it in white wine hyppolapathum patience, or monk rhubarb. See the root hypposclinum alexanders, or alisanders. Provoke urine, expel theplacenta, help the stranguary, expel wind sage either taken inwardly or beaten and applied plaister-wise to thematrix, draws forth both menses and placenta horminum clary. Hot and dry in the third degree. Helps the weaknessin the back, stops the running of the reins, and the fluor albus, provokes the menses, and helps women that are barren through coldnessor moisture, or both. Causes fruitfulness, but is hurtful for thememory the usual way of taking it is to fry it with butter, or make atansy with it hydropiper arsmart hot and dry, consumes all cold swellings andblood congealed by bruises, and stripes. Applied to the place, ithelps that aposthume in the joints, commonly called a felon.

Thethings which ought being powdered and sifted, the rest diligently mixedin a hot mortar, make it into an ointment according to art culpeper both these ointments are appropriated to the spleen, andeases the pains thereof, the sides being anointed with them i fancynot the former unguentum e succis or, ointment of juices college take of the juice of dwarf-elder eight ounces, of smallageand parsley, of each four ounces, wormwood and orris, of each fiveounces, common oil half a pound, oil of white lilies ten ounces, ofwormwood and chamomel, of each six ounces, the fat of ducks and hens, of each two ounces, boil them together with a gentle fire till thejuice be consumed, then strain it, and with seven ounces of white wax, and a little white wine vinegar, make it into an ointment according toart see unguentum ex succis aperitivis unguentum sumach college take of sumach, unripe galls, myrtle berries, balaustines, pomegranate pills, acorn cups, cypress nuts, acacia, mastich, of eachten drams, white wax five ounces, oil of roses often washed in alumwater, a pound and ten ounces, make a fine powder of the things youcan, and steep them four whole days in juice of medlars and services, of each a sufficient quantity, then dry them by a gentle fire, and withthe oil and wax boil it into an ointment culpeper it is a gallant drying and binding ointment besides, thestomach anointed with it, stays vomiting, and the belly anointed withit stays looseness, if the fundament fall out, when you have put it upagain anoint it with this ointment, and it will fall out no more dothe like by the womb if that fall out ointment of marsh-mallows, compound nicholaus college take of marsh-mallow roots two pounds, the seeds of flaxand fœnugreek, of each one pound, pulp of squills half a pound, oilfour pounds, wax one pound, turpentine, gum of ivy, galbanum, of eachtwo ounces, colophonia, rozin, of each half a pound. Let the rootsbe well washed and bruised, as also the linseed, fœnugreek seed, andsquills, then steep them three days in eight pints of water, the fourthday boil them a little upon the fire, and draw out the mussilage, ofwhich take two pounds, and boil it with the oil to the consumption ofthe juice, afterwards add the wax, rozin, and colophonia, when theyare melted, add the turpentine, afterwards the galbanum and gum ofivy, dissolved in vinegar, boil them a little, and having removed themfrom the fire, stir them till they are cold, that so they may be wellincorporated culpeper it heats and moistens, helps pains of the breast coming ofcold and pleurises, old aches, and stitches, and softens hard swellings unguentum diapompholigos nihili nicholaus college take of oil of roses sixteen ounces, juice of nightshadesix ounces, let them boil to the consumption of the juice, then addwhite wax five ounces, ceruss washed two ounces, lead burnt andwashed, pompholix prepared, pure frankincense, of each an ounce, letthem be brought into the form of an ointment according to art culpeper it cools and binds, drys, and stays fluxes, either ofblood or humours in wounds, and fills hollow ulcers with flesh unguentum refrigerans galenus it is also called a cerecloath college take of white wax four ounces, oil of roses omphacine onepound, melt it in a double vessel, then pour it out into another, bydegrees putting in cold water, and often pouring it out of one vesselinto another, stirring it till it be white, last of all wash it in rosewater, adding a little rose water, and rose vinegar culpeper it is a fine cooling thing, to cure inflammations inwounds or tumours unguentum e succis aperitivis primum fœsius college take of the juice of smallage, endive, mints, wormwood, common parsley, valerian, of each three ounces, oil of wormwood andmints, of each half a pound, yellow wax three ounces, mix them togetherover the fire, and make of them an ointment culpeper it opens stoppages of the stomach and spleen, eases therickets, the breast and sides being anointed with it an ointment for the worms fœsius college take of oil of rue, savin, mints, wormwood, and bitteralmonds, of each an ounce and an half, juice of the flowers or leavesof peaches, and wormwood, of each half an ounce, powder of rue, mints, gentian, centaury the less, tormentil, of each one dram, the seeds ofcoleworts, the pulp of colocynthis, of each two drams, aloes hepatic, three drams, the meal of lupines half an ounce, myrrh washed in grasswater a dram and an half, bull galls an ounce and an half, with juiceof lemons, so much as is sufficient, and an ounce and an half of wax, make it into an ointment according to art culpeper the belly being anointed with it kills the worms cerecloaths ceratum de galbano or, cerecloath of galbanum college take of galbanum prepared, an ounce and an half, assafœtidahalf an ounce, bdellium a dram, myrrh two drams, wax two ounces, carrotseeds a scruple, featherfew, mugwort, of each half a dram, dissolve thegums in vinegar, and make it a cerecloath according to art culpeper being applied to the belly of a woman after labour, itcleanses her of any relicts accidently left behind, helps the fits ofthe mother, and other accidents incident to women in that case ceratum oesypatum college take of oesypus ten ounces, oil of chamomel, and orris, of each half a pound, yellow wax two pounds, rozin a pound, mastich, ammoniacum, turpentine, of each an ounce, spikenard two drams and anhalf, saffron a dram and an half, styrax calamitis half an ounce, makethem into a cerecloath according to art culpeper it molifies and digests hard swellings of the liver, spleen, womb, nerves, joints, and other writings of the body, and is agreat easer of pain ceratum santalinum college take of red sanders, ten drams, white and yellow sanders, of each six drams, red roses twelve drams, bole-ammoniac seven drams, spodium four drams, camphire two drams, white wax washed thirty drams, oil of roses omphacine six ounces. Make it into a cerecloath accordingto art culpeper it wonderfully helps hot infirmities of the stomach, liver, and other writings, being but applied to them plaisters emplastrum ex ammoniaco or, a plaister of ammoniacum college take of ammoniacum, bran well sifted, of each an ounce, ointment of marsh-mallows, melilot plaister compound, roots of briony, and orris in powder, of each half an ounce, the fat of ducks, geese, and hens, of each three drams, bdellium, galbanum, of each one dram andan half, per-rozin, wax, of each five ounces, oil of orris, turpentine, of each half an ounce, boil the fats and oil with mussilage oflin-seed, and fenugreek seed, of each three ounces, to the consumptionof the mussilage, strain it, and add the wax, rozin, and turpentine, the ointment of marsh-mallows with the plaister of melilot. When itbegins to be cold, put in the ammoniacum, dissolved in vinegar, thenthe bdellium in powder, with the rest of the powders, and make it intoa plaister according to art culpeper it softens and assuages hard swellings, and scatters thehumours offending, applied to the side it softens the hardness of thespleen, assuages pains thence arising emplastrum e baccus lauri or, a plaister of bay-berries college take of bay-berries husked, turpentine, of each two ounces, frankincense, mastich, myrrh, of each an ounce, cypress, costus, ofeach half an ounce, honey warmed and not scummed, four ounces. Make itinto a plaister according to art culpeper it is an excellent plaister to ease any pains coming ofcold or wind, in any writing of the body, whether stomach, liver, belly, reins, or bladder it is an excellent remedy for the cholic and wind inthe bowels emplastrum barbarum magnum college take of dry pitch eight pounds, yellow wax six pounds andeight ounces, per-rozin five pounds and four ounces, bitumen, judaicum, or mummy, four pounds, oil one pound and an half, verdigris, litharge, ceruss, of each three ounces, frankincense half a pound, roach alumnot burnt, an ounce and an half, burnt, four ounces, opopanax, scalesof brass, galbanum, of each twelve drams, aloes, opium, myrrh, of eachhalf an ounce, turpentine two pounds, juice of mandrakes, or else driedbark of the root, six drams, vinegar five pounds. Let the litharge, ceruss, and oil, boil to the thickness of honey, then incorporate withthem the pitch, being melted with bitumen in powder. Then add the rest, and boil them according to art, till the vinegar be consumed, and itstick not to your hands culpeper it helps the bitings of men and beasts, easesinflammations of wounds, and helps infirmities of the joints, and goutsin the beginning emplastrum de betonica or, a plaister of betony college take of betony, burnet, agrimony, sage, pennyroyal, yarrow, comfrey the greater, clary, of each six ounces, frankincense, mastich, of each three drams, orris, round birthwort, of each six drams, whitewax, turpentine, of each eight ounces, per-rozin six ounces, gum elemi, oil of fir, of each two ounces, white wine three pounds.

2, a 1 per cent solution of site help in how to right assignment mercuric iodid in oil. 3, asolution made up according to the formula of biniodol, namely, 1 percent of mercuric iodid and 2 5 per cent of guaiacol in oil all thesolutions were sterile the investigators were not informed whichpreparation was designated by the respective numbers, but they wereasked to use the preparations when intramuscular injections of a 1 percent oily solution of mercuric iodid were indicated, and to note whatdifferences, if any, were observed following the use of the differentsolutions regarding pain, discomfort, induration and any otherevidences of effects of the medicaments the cleveland investigator reports that the patients were more or lessconfused in their replies to inquiries and gave rather indefinite andconflicting answers after carefully tabulating the replies, however, the following summary resulted. 1 was worse than 2 or 3 in 6 paper 2 was worse than 1 or 3 in 5 paper 3 was worse than 2 or 1 in 1 case the report from johns hopkins records a series of 117 injectionsfollowed by the estimated reactions recorded below. 1 severe, 13.

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“take a gold site help in how to right assignment leaf and write upon it when the moon is on thewane. Mei, threu, mor, for, teux, za, zon, the, lu, chri, ge, ze, on as the sun becomes firm in this name and daily renews itself, so doesthis formation also make firm as conditions were previously quickly, quickly, rapidly, rapidly for behold!. i call the great name in whichbecomes firm again what was destined to die.