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“what is auto-hemic therapy?. i have a handessay red and yellow circular from the ideal life extension press, 2812 north clark st , chicago, soliciting subscriptions to their publication, offering as a bonus this book, ‘auto-hemic therapy’ by l d rogers, a m , m d , ll d , chicago, and membership in the american medical union ” the national medical universityin order better to appreciate the probable scientific status of“auto-hemic serum, ” it is well briefly to sketch essay of the previousactivities of its discoverer, dr l d rogers for thesis years rogerswas the head and chief owner of the national medical university ofchicago, a low-grade school of the “sun-down” variety the “university”is now out of existence and for essay time before it went out ofexistence was not recognized either by the board of health of the statein which it operated or by the boards of the majority of the otherstates in the union the report of the carnegie foundation on medicaleducation had this to say about the laboratory facilities of rogers’school. “the school occupies a badly lighted building, containing nothing that can be dignified by the name of equipment there has been no dissecting thus far october to the middle of april, 1909, anatomy being didactically taught persistent inquiry for the ‘dissecting-room’ was, however, finally rewarded by the sight of a dirty, unused, and almost inaccessible room containing a putrid corpse, several of the members of which had been hacked off there is a large room called the chemical laboratory, its equipment ‘locked up, ’ the tables spotless ‘about ten’ oil-immersion microscopes are claimed-- also ‘locked up in the storeroom ’ there is not even a pretense of anything else classes in session were all taking dictation ”dr rogers is, or was, if he is not still, “permanent secretary” ofthe “national association of panpathic physicians”-- whatever that is in fact, one of dr rogers’ specialties seems to be the founding ofquasimedical organizations-- organizations, apparently, which may proveuseful in the promulgation of such projects as he may, at the time, be interested in a few years ago, rogers was exploiting a “cancerserum” and, presto, the “american cancer research society” came intobeing, l d rogers, president soon thereafter certain members of theprofession were circularized urging them to purchase shares in the“cancer research laboratory and hospital, ” par value $10 apparently, the profession did not invest a few years ago, also, l d rogers’ name appeared on the “faculty”list of the “american post-graduate school, ” a concern whichgranted-- on the mail-order plan-- a long line of sonorous degrees and anequally complete line of ornate diplomas the japanese consumption curethen, in 1915, there appeared in the classified columns of certainnewspapers the following advertisement. Tuberculosis-- new japanese treatment. To prove merits and give discovery quick publicity will send 10 days’ treatment free dr rogers, 546 surf st , chicago so far as we have been able to learn, rogers, for essay unexplainedreason, did not call into existence out of the vastly deep a“japanese-american tuberculosis research society ” this consumptioncure apparently died of inanition then came the “auto-hemic serum” with its inevitable sequel, the“national society of auto-hemic practitioners ” another adjunct to theserum exploitation is the north american journal of homeopathy, theofficial organ of the “auto-hemic practitioners” and of the “americanmedical union” and possibly of essay other “societies”-- but notrepresentative of homeopathy!. what is auto-hemic therapywhat is this new therapy?. according to a very lurid poster, it isdescribed as “the missing link in medicine”-- possibly referring tothe ease with which one may make monkeys of certain physicians morespecifically, although still vaguely, we learn. “it consists in giving the patient a solution made by attenuating, hemolizing, incubating and potenizing a few drops of his or her own blood, and administering it according to a refined technic developed by the author ”elsewhere it is said to consist. “ in taking five drops or essay multiple of five of blood from a vein and putting it into nineteen times as much sterilized, distilled water, and incubating it at fever temperature for twenty-four hours, and then making further dilutions according to the needs of the case, as can be determined only by a physician skilled in its use ”neither of these statements, of course, describes the “refined technic”of those “skilled in its use, ” but those who are interested can, bysending dr l d rogers, “one hundred dollars cash-in-advance” get amail-order course in this new marvel but if it is rather expensive to learn just how to use “auto-hemicserum, ” it does not cost so much to learn what the “serum” will do rogers has written a book on the subject, “auto-hemic therapy, ” whichis used as a premium for subscriptions to the north american journalof homeopathy, price $5 00 per year, payable in advance in the bookdr rogers modestly assures his readers that he considers his discoverymore important than that of alexis carrel, winner of a nobel prize a cure for lazinessone of the chief virtues claimed for this serum is that of developingin the patient who takes it an unbounded energy that, apparently, makes him want to work himself to death in essay sensational articlesthat have appeared in sunday editions of newspapers on rogers’ serum, the stuff has been described as “lazy serum ” one of the firstpaper described in the rogers book is that of a young waiter, “agood-for-nothing lazy fellow who would not work and would not pay formedical services” and who was turned over to dr rogers’ free clinic he was given the serum on thursday and was told to report saturday hedid not return until monday, his excuse being that “he worked all daysaturday until midnight and all day sunday and felt as if he could workall day and all night without rest ” the “case report” ends. “ finally remarking, ‘i feel like a bird’ he flew out of the classroom and we never saw him again ” housewives take noticethe next case described is that of a servant girl who had not workedfor a year.

Jour de physiol et de path gén 6:32, 50, 1904 42 wertheimer and lepage. Jour de physiol et de path gén 4:1061, 1070, 1902 43 stepp. Jour physiol 43:441, 1912 action -- secretin is an excitant not only of the pancreatic juicebut also of the liver and the intestinal mucosa the flow of bile ismarkedly accelerated henri and portier, 44 enriquez and hallion45, likewise that of succus entericus delezenne and frouin, 46 bottazziand gabrielli47, and intestinal peristalsis is stimulated enriquezand hallion, 48 falloise49 injections of secretin produce a markedvasodilatation, but the secretory effect is independent of the bloodpressure changes the pancreas is not readily fatigued by secretin bayliss and starling50 have obtained undiminished flow after eighthours of continuous injection our experience confirms this result also, equal doses of secretin give corresponding results at variousintervals moreover, anesthesia does not affect the flow secretinis unrecoverable from the glands even after two hours of continuousinjection 51 the juice obtained by secretin has been subject to thesisstudies 52 it is of high alkalinity about seventh normal, containsall the pancreatic ferments, and corresponds in all respects to thejuice obtained in digestion from permanent pancreatic fistulas 5344 henri and portier. Compt rend soc de biol 54:620, 1902 45 enriquez and hallion. Presse méd 1:105, 1903 46 delezenne and frouin. Compt rend soc de biol 56:319, 1904 47 bottazzi and gabrielli. Arch internat de physiol 111:156, 1905 48 enriquez and hallion. Bull gén de thér 162:202, 1911 49 falloise. Bull de l’acad roy de belgique 5:945, 1902 50 bayliss and starling note 2 matuso note 6 arch internat dephysiol 10:335, 1911 51 dixon and hamill.

Leftside nearly empty he concluded that the case was one of accidentalstrangulation 51 friedberg. Gericht gutacht , p 240 - new-born child found deadin closet mother stated that she had taken the child by the neckand drew it into the world opinion given that the child had beenaccidentally choked to death by the hand for other paper, see tidy, “med jur , ” paper 15 to 19, 59, and 62;maschka, “handbuch, ” p 623 hanging hanging is a form of mechanical suffocation by ligature of the neck, in which the constricting force is the weight of the body itself thefrench call it “pendaison” or “suspension, ” preferably the former. Thegermans, “erhängen ” the expression “incomplete hanging” is appliedto those paper in which the subject is writingially supported. Kneeling, sitting, or otherwise the same expression has also been used for paperwhich did not prove fatal the pathological effects of hanging are writingly those of strangulation, to which must be added the effects of the weight or fall of the body, sustained as it is only by essay form of ligature around the neck theseadditional injuries will, of course, be proportioned to the weight ofthe body, length of rope, and suddenness of the fall in essay countries, as the united states, england, gerthesis, and austria, hanging is a mode of capital punishment it is desirable that for judicial purposes it should be divested, as far as possible, of unnecessarily cruel features. The victim should quickly be made insensible, and death be speedy thesis suggestions to this end have been made, among which is that of haughton he recommended that the drop be long, say ten feet, so that the cervical vertebræ may be dislocated he also advised that the knot be placed under the chin others advise that it be placed under the left ear. And others yet, as barker, of melbourne, 798 near the spine in any event the rope should be “freely elastic ” g m hammond799 thinks that the object in judicial hanging should be strangulation, and that the criminal should be pulled up and left to hang thirty minutes. The rope should be soft and flexible so as to closely fit the neck. A weight should be attached to the feet of persons under 150 pounds larimore800 also advocates strangulation instead of attempting dislocation of the vertebræ porter801 suggests that for dislocation the noose be drawn tightly around the neck at the last moment, the knot being either at one side or, still better, in front dislocation may be still further assured if a hollow wooden or leaden ball be placed over the knot close to the neck, thus forming a fulcrum to throw the spinal column out of the perpendicular line at the point of pressure hanging is a common mode of suicide, especially in insane asylums andprisons it is essaytimes accidental, and rarely homicidal it is saidto have been attempted for erotic purposes the compression of the neck acts in line with the axis of the body;while in strangulation it acts perpendicularly to that axis the final cause of death will depend on. 1 the suddenness andcompleteness of interference with the access of air. Asphyxia 2 pressure on the large veins of the neck, preventing the return of bloodfrom the head, causing congestion of brain and coma 3 pressure on thelarge arteries of the neck, preventing access of blood to the brain;causing anæmia of the brain and syncope 4 injury to spinal cord orpneumogastric nerves or all of them. Causing paralysis a combinationof numbers 1 and 2 is usually found in suicidal hanging. And probablyall of them in homicidal and judicial hanging the more protected theair-passages are from pressure the greater writing will coma or syncopehave in the cause of death mackenzie, 802 as the result of examination of 130 suicidal hangings, says that 119 died of asphyxia, 8 of asphyxia and apoplexy, 2 ofsyncope, and 1 of apoplexy alone coutagne803 thinks œdema of thelungs, “œdema carminé, ” has an important writing in causing death the following conditions tend to produce asphyxia. A tight ligature, or a loose ligature above the hyoid bone to produce coma, a looseligature pressing against the hyoid bone or larynx, especially acretified larynx to both asphyxia and congestion of brain, a ligaturejust beneath the lower jaw, or around lower writing of neck hofmann804 states that when the ligature is placed between the larynxand hyoid bone, the base of the tongue is pushed upward against theposterior wall of the pharynx, completely stopping respiration andcausing asphyxia taylor805 states that if the rope presses on orabove the larynx, the air-passages are not so completely closed aswhen pressure is below the larynx in the latter case death would beimmediate. In the former a slight amount of respiration might continue the instantaneous loss of consciousness is due, not to asphyxia alone, but to compression of the large vessels, especially the carotids, against the transverse processes of the vertebræ, causing rupture ofthe middle and inner coats, and at the same time compression of thejugular veins and pneumogastric nerves immediate unconsciousness willalmost certainly follow compression of the pneumogastrics he alsobelieves that the loss of consciousness and of power of self-helpoccur at the moment that the noose is tightened around the neck thereis no record of any one who attempted suicide by hanging seeking torecover himself, although no doubt essay would have done so if thespeedy unconsciousness had not prevented hofmann mentions the case ofa man who was found hanging, and with a loaded revolver in his hand, apparently having intended to shoot as well as hang himself, but lostconsciousness before he had time to discharge the revolver accordingto him the causes of death are three. Occlusion of the air-passages, interruption of passage of blood to brain, and compression ofpneumogastric nerves von buhl806 experimented on cadavers and concluded that in hanging, the epiglottis and arytenoids are pressed over the glottis, and thetongue and the œsophagus against the vertebræ, causing death byapnœa when the trachea was isolated from the vessels and tied, theair-passages below became dilated and the lungs emphysematous andanæmic the heart continued to beat and blood to circulate the vertebral arteries being much smaller than the carotids, thecirculatory disturbance in the brain is not adjusted with sufficientpromptness compression of the pneumogastrics, according towaller, 807 has caused subjects to fall to the ground as if struck bylightning he holds that the unconsciousness in hanging is the resultof the compression of the pneumogastric nerves and not of the arteries thanhöfer808 knew a student who had acquired a certain dexterity incompressing these nerves one day he compressed the two nerves, hispulse stopped and he became unconscious thanhöfer809 tried bilateralcompression of pneumogastrics in a young man sentenced to be executed the pulse fell at once and the heart soon stopped. The eyes were fixedand glassy it was essay time before he regained consciousness and fortwo days there was malaise hofmann says that the compression irritates and, in a higher degree, paralyzes the pneumogastric nerves and causes disturbance of the actionof the heart faure810 denies that the constriction of the vessels of the neck hasany effect in the production of symptoms811 coutagne believes that the pressure on the pneumogastric nerve is a factor in causing death he hung two dogs.

And for the hæmorrhoids, or piles an ointmentmade hereof may be used at all times when the fresh herb is not to behad the distilled water of the whole plant, roots and all, is usedfor the same purposes, and dries up the superfluous, virulent moistureof hollow and corroding ulcers. It takes away all redness, spots, and freckles in the face, as also the scurf, and any foul deformitytherein, and the leprosy likewise filipendula, or drop-wort descript this sends forth thesis leaves, essay larger, essay smaller, set on each side of a middle rib, and each of them dented about theedges, essaywhat resembling wild tansy, or rather agrimony, but harderin handling. Among which rise up one or more stalks, two or three feethigh, with the leaves growing thereon, and essaytimes also divided intoother branches spreading at the top into thesis white, sweet-smellingflowers, consisting of five leaves a-piece, with essay threads in themiddle of them, standing together in a pith or umble, each upon asmall foot stalk, which after they have been blown upon a good while, do fall away, and in their places appear small, round, chaffy headslike buttons, wherein are the chaffy seeds set and placed the rootconsists of thesis small, black, tuberous pieces, fastened together bythesis small, long, blackish strings, which run from one to another place it grows in thesis places of this land, in the corners of dryfields and meadows, and the hedge sides time they flower in june and july, and their seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus iteffectually opens the passages of the urine, helps the stranguary. Thestone in the kidneys or bladder, the gravel, and all other pains of thebladder and reins, by taking the roots in powder, or a decoction ofthem in white wine, with a little honey the roots made into powder, and mixed with honey in the form of an electuary, doth much help themwhose stomachs are swollen, dissolving and breaking the wind which wasthe cause thereof. And is also very effectual for all the diseases ofthe lungs, as shortness of breath, wheezing, hoarseness of the throat, and the cough. And to expectorate tough phlegm, or any other writingsthereabout the fig-tree to give a description of a tree so well known to every body that keepit in his garden, were needless they prosper very well in our englishgardens, yet are fitter for medicine than for any other profit which isgotten by the fruit of them government and virtues the tree is under the dominion of jupiter the milk that issues out from the leaves or branches where they arebroken off, being dropped upon warts, takes them away the decoctionof the leaves is excellently good to wash sore heads with. And thereis scarcely a better remedy for the leprosy than it is it clears theface also of morphew, and the body of white scurf, scabs, and runningsores if it be dropped into old fretting ulcers, it cleanses out themoisture, and brings up the flesh.

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Noevidence of catamenia 34 harris. Ibid - woman. Made a loop of her hair around her neck, knelt down so as to put it on the stretch. When found, was nearly dead 35 geoghegan. Taylor “med jur , ” am ed , 1892, p 413 - informeddr taylor of a suicidal strangulation by a ribbon the mark on theneck nearly disappeared after removing the ligature there was bleedingfrom one ear, from rupture of tympanic membrane no froth from mouth ornostrils.