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Lasks also, and the nocturnal involuntary flux of men the acornin powder taken in wine, provokes urine, and resists the poison ofvenomous creatures the decoction of acorns and the bark made in milkand taken, resists the force of poisonous herbs and medicines, as alsothe virulency of cantharides, when one by eating them hath his bladderexulcerated, and voids bloody urine hippocrates saith, he used thefumes of oak leaves to women that were troubled with the stranglingof the mother. And galen applied them, being bruised, to cure greenwounds the distilled water of the oaken bud, before they break outinto leaves is good to be used either inwardly or outwardly, to assuageinflammations, and to stop all manner of fluxes in man or woman thesame is singularly good in pestilential and hot burning fevers. Forit resists the force of the infection, and allays the heat. It coolsthe heat of the liver, breaking the stone in the kidneys, and stayswomen courses the decoction of the leaves works the same effects the water that is found in the hollow places of old oaks, is veryeffectual against any foul or spreading scabs the distilled water orconcoction, which is better of the leaves, is one of the best remediesthat i know of for the whites in women oats, are so well known that they need no description government and virtues oats fried with bay salt, and applied tothe sides, take away the pains of stitches and wind in the sides orthe belly a poultice made of meal of oats, and essay oil of bays putthereunto, helps the itch and the leprosy, as also the fistulas of thefundament, and dissolves hard imposthumes the meal of oats boiled withvinegar, and applied, takes away freckles and spots in the face, andother writings of the body one blade descript this small plant never bears more than one leaf, but onlywhen it rises up with his stalk, which thereon bears another, andseldom more, which are of a blueish green colour, pointed, with thesisribs or veins therein, like plantain at the top of the stalk grow thesissmall white flowers, star fashion, smelling essaywhat sweet. After whichcome small red berries, when they are ripe the root is small, of thebigness of a rush, lying and creeping under the upper crust of theearth, shooting forth in divers places place it grows in moist, shadowy and grassy places of woods, inthesis writings of this land time it flowers about may, and the berries are ripe in june, andthen quickly perishes, until the next year it springs from the sameroot again government and virtues it is a precious herb of the sun half adram, or a dram at most, in powder of the roots hereof taken in wineand vinegar, of each equal writings, and the writingy laid presently to sweatthereupon, is held to be a sovereign remedy for those that are infectedwith the plague, and have a sore upon them, by expelling the poison andinfection, and defending the heart and spirits from danger it is asingularly good wound herb, and is thereupon used with other the likeeffects in thesis compound balms for curing of wounds, be they fresh andgreen, or old and malignant, and especially if the sinews be burnt orchis it has almost as thesis several names attributed to the several sorts ofit, as would almost fill a sheet of paper. As dog-stones, goat-stones, fool-stones, fox-stones, satiricon, cullians, together with thesis otherstoo tedious to rehearse descript to describe all the several sorts of it were an endlesspiece of work. Therefore i shall only describe the roots because theyare to be used with essay discretion they have each of them a doubleroot within, essay of them are round, in others like a hand.

And essayto make it school uniform essay more gentle, do but infuse the sliced roots in ale. And essaytake the leaves, which serve well for the weaker stomach. The juicehereof put up, or snuffed up the nose, causes sneezing, and draws fromthe head much corruption. And the powder thereof doth the same thepowder thereof drank in wine, helps those that are troubled with thecramps and convulsions, or with the gout and sciatica, and gives easeto those that have griping pains in their body and belly, and helpsthose that have the stranguary it is given with much profit to thosethat have had long fluxes by the sharp and evil quality of humours, which it stays, having first cleansed and purged them by the dryingand binding property therein the root boiled in wine and drank, dotheffectually procure women courses, and used as a pessary, works thesame effect, but causes abortion in women with child half a dram ofthe seed beaten to powder, and taken in wine, doth speedily cause oneto make water abundantly the same taken with vinegar, dissolves thehardness and swellings of the spleen the root is very effectual in allwounds, especially of the head. As also to draw forth any splinters, thorns, or broken bones, or any other thing sticking in the flesh, without causing pains, being used with a little verdigrease and honey, and the great centaury root the same boiled in vinegar, and laid uponan eruption or swelling, doth very effectually dissolve and consumethem. Yea, even the swellings of the throat called the king evil;the juice of the leaves or roots heals the itch, and all running orspreading scabs, sores, blemishes, or scars in the skin, wheresoeverthey be golden rod descript this rises up with brownish small round stalks, two feethigh, and essaytimes more, having thereon thesis narrow and long darkgreen leaves, very seldom with any dents about the edges, or any stalksor white spots therein, yet they are essaytimes so found divided at thetops into thesis small branches, with divers small yellow flowers onevery one of them, all which are turned one way, and being ripe, doturn into down, and are carried away by the wind the root consists ofthesis small fibres, which grows not deep in the ground, but abides allthe winter therein, shooting forth new branches every year, the old onelying down to the ground place it grows in the open places of woods and copses, on bothmoist and dry grounds, in thesis places of this land time it flowers about the month of july government and virtues venus claims the herb, and therefore tobe sure it respects beauty lost arnoldus de villa nova commends itmuch against the stone in the reins and kidneys, and to provoke urinein abundance, whereby also the gravel and stone may be voided thedecoction of the herb, green or dry, or the distilled water thereof, is very effectual for inward bruises, as also to be outwardly applied, it stays bleeding in any writing of the body, and of wounds. Also thefluxes of humours, the bloody-flux, and women courses. And is noless prevalent in all ruptures or burstings, being drank inwardly, andoutwardly applied it is a sovereign wound herb, inferior to none, both for the inward and outward hurts. Green wounds, old sores andulcers, are quickly cured therewith it also is of especial use in alllotions for sores or ulcers in the mouth, throat, or privy writings of manor woman the decoction also helps to fasten the teeth that are loosein the gums gout-wort, or herb gerrard descript it is a low herb, seldom rising half a yard high, havingsundry leaves standing on brownish green stalks by three, snippedabout, and of a strong unpleasant savour. The umbels of the flowersare white, and the seed blackish, the root runs in the ground, quicklytaking a great deal of room place it grows by hedge and wall-sides, and often in the border andcorner of fields, and in gardens also time it flowers and seeds about the end of july government and virtues saturn rules it neither is it to be supposedgout-wort hath its name for nothing but upon experiment to heal thegout and sciatica.

In fact, three of the treated paper were much longer inclearing up than the untreated controls eight paper do not constitutea very large series from which to draw conclusions. But if thepreparation were as good as the descriptive literature would lead oneto believe, one should have expected an evident result in at least oneof these paper it has been stated that stannoxyl does not inhibit the growth ofstaphylococci, but only renders the growth less virulent it is knownthat a certain amount of tin may be absorbed from the intestine, andsalant, rieger and treuhardt have shown that in certain paper tinmay be retained for essay time in the skin. But it is questionablewhether, when preparations of tin are given by mouth, any reachesthe staphylococci in the boils, or at any rate enough materially toinfluence their growth or virulence in the paper treated by me, the results did not at all suggest thatstannoxyl was a “specific for diseases of staphylococcal origin ” j w c gunn, m a , m b , ch b , cape town professor of pharmacology, university of cape town -- correspondence in the journal a m a , nov 20, 1920 syphilodol to the council on pharmacy and chemistry:-- if you have not already done so, will you kindly examine and report on “syphilodol” advertised in the enclosed pamphlet?. b c pedersen, m d , new york to the editor:-- have you any information concerning the enclosed half page advertisement of syphilodol from the urologic and cutaneous review?. edward s newell, m d , pelham, n y to the editor:-- i am enclosing an advertisement for a substance called “syphilodol” manufactured in new york am not familiar with this article nor have i seen it advertised in the higher class journals can you tell me whether the journal dewritingment of new and nonofficial remedies has passed on this article or whether you have any data concerning it?. it looks a trifle fishy to me louis leroy, m d , memphis, tenn to the editor:-- i am sending the enclosed correspondence syphilodol letters to you as it looks as if it might have essay interesting features from the point of view of your nostrum dewritingment isadore dyer, new orleans, la answer -- these are but essay of the inquiries that have been received onthis subject and it is encouraging to note the scientifically criticalattitude of physicians toward new therapeutic agents according to thefrench medicinal company, inc , which markets this product, “syphilodolis a synthetic chemical product of silver, arsenic and antimony ”nowhere in the advertising matter is there any more definite statementas to the composition of this new “synthetic” than that just quoted the product is now under examination in the association laboratoryand when this is completed a more detailed report will doubtless beforthcoming at present the work has progressed sufficiently to showthat syphilodol tablets contain considerable quantities of mercury!. Although the advertising leaflets claim that the preparation is“the formula of the late dr alfred fournier of paris” and had beenexhaustively tested by metchnikoff, who is alleged to have foundit superior to salvarsan and neosalvarsan, yet, strange to say, acareful search of french medical journals fails to show any reports onsyphilodol verb sap -- query in the journal a m a , feb 23, 1918 thialion to the editor:-- kindly inform me regarding thialion, manufactured by the vass chemical company, danbury, conn please omit my name and address in answering in the journal h c w answer -- thialion is an heirloom of the days when lithium salts weresupported to be nature antidote for all kinds of ailments, supposedlydue to excess of uric acid it was advertised as a uric acid eliminantand therefore good for all kinds of diseases the council on pharmacyand chemistry published a report on thialion in the journal, nov 3, 1906 at that time thialion was advertised by the vass chemicalcompany as a “laxative salt of lithia” with the chemical formula“3li₂o nao so₃ 7ho, ” and an elaborate structural formula was alsofurnished the council reported that the product was not a definitechemical compound, but a mixture consisting chiefly of sodium sulphate, sodium citrate and small amounts of lithia in recent advertisements, thialion is referred to as “a non-effervescing lithiated laxativesalt, ” “a non-hygroscopic, non-deliquescent, granular salt of lithia, ”etc , but the chemical formula does not appear, nor is any definitestatement of composition furnished according to this advertisement, the “indications” for thialion are. “gout, rheumatism, uric aciddiathesis, constipation, acute and chronic, sluggish liver, brightdisease, albuminuria of pregnancy, asthma, incontinence of urine, gravel, cystitis, chronic lead poisoning, headache, neuralgia, neurasthenia and lumbago, hay fever, etc ”-- query in the journala m a , dec 6, 1919 venarsento the editor:-- the following is a copy of a letter sent to theintravenous products company, which needs no explanation. June 8, 1917 the intravenous products co , denver, colo gentlemen:-- in reply to your circular letter under date of june 3, may i say that after using a great quantity of venarsen both in clinical and private paper, i can see no more effect upon these paper than if so much water had been administered this is also the report of don r black, pathologist for bell memorial hospital, university of kansas in our experiments all bloods were tested before and after each administration of this product william a wilson, m d , kansas city, mo correspondence in the journal a m a , july 7, 1917 writing iv contributions from the journal. Miscellany albert abrams, a m , m d , ll d , f r m s “spondylotherapy, ” “electronic reactions, ” the “oscilloclast, ” the “electrobioscope, ” etc for essay time the journal has received inquiries of which thefollowing recent examples are typical this from an ohio physician. “please give me essay information concerning dr abrams and his diagnostic and therapeutic devices known as reflexaphore and oscilloclast if this is published please withhold my name ”a physician in massachusetts writes. “can you give me any information concerning dr ?. san francisco, california, who reports himself able to diagnose syphilis from a drop of blood sent him on a blotting paper?. he has caused a patient of mine a great deal of needless worry ”and from rhode island a physician facetiously inquires.

Photographic reproduction reduced of an advertisementof the school uniform essay “originator” of toxicide. It ran for thesis months in the programof a burlesque theater located in ruckel neighborhood there is no evidence, however, that any effort has been made todemonstrate the presence of a “latent immunizing active principle” byscientific methods of modern immunology the following claims for theuse of toxicide appear on the label. “acne, boils, carbuncles, furuncles and abscesses of the most virulent types usually begin to show improvement within 4 to 12 hours after beginning administration “in badly infected wounds, toxicide will check the further destruction of live tissue and should always be given for a few days before and after operations on pus paper “for gunshot wounds and other conditions difficult to sterilize or drain, toxicide is the ideal remedy “for abscesses existing or threatened in any obscure location, the middle ear, the mastoid, the frontal or any accessory sinuses, toxicide is of inestimable value “if administered early, in fractures, compound or simple, or for laceration and other injuries, inflammation, swelling, soreness and destruction of tissue will be greatly mitigated ”in support of these claims there are offered letters from physicianswho have used toxicide with good results none of these testimonialspresent evidence that the reported effects were due to toxicide the asserted-- and highly improbable-- action of toxicide could bedetermined only by an extensive series of carefully controlled clinicaltrials-- and such evidence is entirely lacking in fact, the claimsappear to have no better basis than the coincidence which is stated tohave led to the discovery of the “remedy”. Namely, that a boil on theneck disappeared shortly after the administration of toxicide!. The council finds toxicide inadmissible to new and nonofficial remediesbecause 1 the identity and amount of the potent constituent orconstituents have not been furnished. 2 the preparation is advertisedindirectly to the public.

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Physician means physician andsurgeon definitions fees - to regents, for examination, $25 145 to regents, for license without examination under sec 148, $10 s 148 to county clerk, for registering affidavit and certificate, $1 s 149 to county clerk, for registration in an additional county, 25 cents150 north carolina qualification - no person can lawfully practise medicine or surgery, orany of the branches thereof, nor in any case prescribe for the cure ofdisease for a fee or reward unless he shall have been first licensed code 1883, s 3, 122, as amended act of 1885, c 117, s 1 the board of medical examiners of the state consists of regularlygraduated physicians appointed by the medical society of the state3, 123, 3, 126 the board must examine all applicants for a license to practisemedicine or surgery, or any of the branches thereof, on anatomy, physiology, surgery, pathology, medical hygiene, chemistry, pharmacy, materia medica, therapeutics, obstetrics, and the practice of medicine, and grant to a competent applicant a license or diploma authorizing himto practise medicine and surgery or any of the branches thereof s 3, 124 where he has not been refused a license by the board, two members ofthe board may grant a temporary license to any applicant to continue inforce no longer than the next regular meeting of the board s 3, 125, as amended act of 1889, c 181, s 3 the board of examiners must assemble when and where the medical societyassembles, which society must assemble at least once a year. The boardmust remain in session from day to day till all applicants during thefirst five days after its meeting have been examined and disposed of3, 127 penalty, exceptions - a person practising without obtaining a licensefrom the board shall not be entitled to sue for or recover any medicalbill for services. And a person who has begun the practice of medicineor surgery in the state for a fee or reward since february 23d, 1885, without first obtaining such a license, shall in addition be guiltyof a misdemeanor and punishable with a fine of from $25 to $100, orimprisonment at the discretion of the court for each offence. But theact does not apply to women pursuing the avocation of midwife, nor toany reputable physician or surgeon residing in a neighboring state, coming into this state for consultation with a registered physicianresident therein, except a physician residing in a neighboring stateregularly practising in this state, nor does it apply to physicians whohave a diploma from a regular medical college prior to january 1st, 1880 3, 132, as amended act of 1885, c 117, s 2. Act of1885, c 261, s 1. Act of 1889, c 181, s 1 the board may rescind a license upon satisfactory proof that a licenseehas been guilty of grossly immoral conduct 3, 133 qualification - every person practising medicine or surgery in thestate was required before january 1st, 1892, to appear personallybefore the clerk of the superior court of the county where he residedor practised, for registration, and all persons beginning to practiseare likewise to appear and register within thirty days after obtaininga license act of 1889, c 181, s 3, as amended act of 1891, c 90 any person applying for registration must produce and exhibit beforethe clerk a license from the board of medical examiners, or make oaththat he was practising medicine or surgery in this state prior to march7th, 1885, and thereupon the clerk shall register the date, with thename and residence of the applicant, and shall issue a certificate ofregistration the certificate entitles the recipient to practise inany county in the state, but if he removes his residence to anothercounty he must exhibit his certificate to the clerk of such county andbe registered persons having a temporary license are not entitled toregister but may practise so long as the license is in force act of1889, c 181, s 4, as amended act of 1891, c 420 penalty, exceptions - to practise without registration and acertificate is a misdemeanor punishable with a fine of from $25 to$100 or imprisonment for each offence, but this act does not apply towomen pursuing the avocation of midwife nor to reputable physiciansor surgeons residing in a neighboring state coming into the state forconsultation with a registered physician of this state act of 1889, c 181, s 5 license fee - a license of $10 for each county in which he carrieson business is exacted from every itinerant?. medical practitioner, one-half for the use of the county and one-half for the use of thestate. But a state license may be obtained from the state treasurer for$30 good for twelve months, and he is then exempt from the portion ofabove tax due the state act 1891, c 323 fees - to the secretary of the board, before issuing a license ordiploma, $10 to the secretary of the board, for temporary license, $5 code, 3, 130 to clerk of the court, for registration and certificate, 25 cents to clerk of the county, for registration on removal, no fee act 1889, c 181, s 4 north dakota board of examiners - the governor appoints a state board of examinersof nine members, eight of whom are practising physicians in goodstanding. No member of any college or university having a medicaldewritingment shall be appointed two members shall be homœopathicphysicians and one a lawyer act 1890, c 93, s 1 the board must hold meetings for examination at such place or placesas it may designate on the first tuesday of january, april, july, and october of each year, and such other meetings as it may appointand must keep a record of its proceedings with a register of everyapplicant for a license with his or her age, the time spent in thestudy of medicine, and the name and location of all institutionsgranting to such applicant a degree or a certificate of lecturesin medicine or surgery, and whether the applicant was rejected orlicensed.