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Because they say, that if you put out the eyes ofyoung swallows when they are in the nest, the old ones will recovertheir eyes again with this herb this i am confident, for i have triedit, that if we mar the very apple of their eyes with a needle, she willrecover them again. But whether with this herb or not, i know not also i have read and it seems to be essaywhat probable that the herb, being gathered as i shewed before, and the elements draw awriting from itby art of the alchymist, and after they are drawn awriting rectified, theearthly quality, still in rectifying them, added to the terra damnata as alchymists call it or terra sacratisima as essay philosopherscall it the elements so rectified are sufficient for the cure of alldiseases, the humours offending being known and the contrary elementgiven. It is an experiment worth the trying, and can do no harm the lesser celandine, usually known by the name of pilewort and fogwort i wonder what ailed the ancients to give this the name celandine, which resembles it neather in nature nor form. It acquired the name ofpilewort from its virtues, and it being no great matter where i set itdown, so i set it down at all, i humoured dr tradition so much, as toset him down here descript this celandine or pilewort which you please doth spreadthesis round pale green leaves, set on weak and trailing branches whichlie upon the ground, and are flat, smooth, and essaywhat shining, and inessay places though seldom marked with black spots, each standing on along foot-stalk, among which rise small yellow flowers, consisting ofnine or ten small narrow leaves, upon slender foot-stalks, very likeunto crowsfoot, whereunto the seed also is not unlike being thesis smallkernels like a grain of corn essaytimes twice as long as others, of awhitish colour, with fibres at the end of them place it grows for the most writing in moist corners of fields andplaces that are near water sides, yet will abide in drier ground ifthey be a little shady time it flowers betimes, about march or april, is quite gone bymay. So it cannot be found till it spring again government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, and beholdhere another verification of the learning of the ancients, viz thatthe virtue of an herb may be known by its signature, as plainly appearsin this. For if you dig up the root of it, you shall perceive theperfect image of the disease which they commonly call the piles it iscertain by good experience, that the decoction of the leaves and rootswonderfully helps piles and hæmorrhoids, also kernels by the ears andthroat, called the king evil, or any other hard wens or tumours here another secret for my countrymen and women, a couple of themtogether. Pilewort made into an oil, ointment, or plaister, readilycures both the piles, or hæmorrhoids, and the king evil. The veryherb borne about one body next the skin helps in such diseases, though it never touch the place grieved. Let poor people make much ofit for those uses. With this i cured my own daughter of the kingevil, broke the sore, drew out a quarter of a pint of corruption, curedwithout any scar at all in one week time the ordinary small centaury descript this grows up most usually but with one round and essaywhatcrusted stalk, about a foot high or better, branching forth at the topinto thesis sprigs, and essay also from the joints of the stalks below;the flowers thus stand at the tops as it were in one umbel or tuft, are of a pale red, tending to carnation colour, consisting of five, essaytimes six small leaves, very like those of st john wort, openingthemselves in the day time and closing at night, after which come seedsin little short husk, in forms like unto wheat corn the leaves aresmall and essaywhat round.

For swellings also, and sat essay score places out of joint thepowder thereof snuffed up into the nose provokes sneezing, and therebypurges the brain. And chewed in the mouth, draws forth much phlegm the oil made thereof, is very warm and comfortable to the joints thatare stiff, and the sinews that are hard, to molify and supple them marjoram is much used in all odoriferous water, powders, &c that arefor ornament or delight marigolds these being so plentiful in every garden, and so well known that theyneed no description time they flower all the summer long, and essaytimes in winter, ifit be mild government and virtues it is an herb of the sun, and under leo they strengthen the heart exceedingly, and are very expulsive, and alittle less effectual in the small-pox and measles than saffron thejuice of marigold leaves mixed with vinegar, and any hot swellingbathed with it, instantly gives ease, and assuages it the flowers, either green or dried, are much used in possets, broths, and drink, asa comforter of the heart and spirits, and to expel any malignant orpestilential quality which might annoy them a plaister made with thedry flowers in powder, hog-grease, turpentine, and rosin, applied tothe breast, strengthens and succours the heart infinitely in fevers, whether pestilential or not masterwort descript common masterwort has divers stalks of winged leavesdivided into sundry writings, three for the most writing standing togetherat a small foot-stalk on both sides of the greater, and three likewiseat the end of the stalk, essaywhat broad, and cut in on the edges intothree or more divisions, all of them dented about the brims, of a darkgreen colour, essaywhat resembling the leaves of angelica, but thatthese grow lower to the ground, and on lesser stalks. Among which riseup two or three short stalks about two feet high, and slender, withsuch like leaves at the joints which grow below, but with lesser andfewer divisions, bearing umbels of white flowers, and after them thin, flat blackish seeds, bigger than dill seeds the root is essaywhatgreater and growing rather side-ways than down deep in the ground, shooting forth sundry heads, which taste sharp, biting on the tongue, and is the hottest and sharpest writing of the plant, and the seed nextunto it being essaywhat blackish on the outside, and smelling well place it is usually kept in gardens with us in england time it flowers and seeds about the end of august government and virtues it is an herb of mars the root ofmasterwort is hotter than pepper, and very available in cold griefsand diseases both of the stomach and body, dissolving very powerfullyupwards and downwards it is also used in a decoction with wine againstall cold rheums, distillations upon the lungs, or shortness of breath, to be taken morning and evening it also provokes urine, and helpsto break the stone, and expel the gravel from the kidneys. Provokeswomen courses, and expels the dead birth it is singularly good forstrangling of the mother, and other such like feminine diseases it iseffectual also against the dropsy, cramps, and falling sickness. Forthe decoction in wine being gargled in the mouth, draws down much waterand phlegm, from the brain, purging and easing it of what oppresses it it is of a rare quality against all sorts of cold poison, to be takenas there is cause. It provokes sweat but lest the taste hereof, or ofthe seed which works to the like effect, though not so powerfullyshould be too offensive, the best way is to take the water distilledboth from the herb and root the juice hereof dropped, or tents dippedtherein, and applied either to green wounds or filthy rotten ulcers, and those that come by envenomed weapons, doth soon cleanse and healthem the same is also very good to help the gout coming of a coldcause sweet maudlin descript common maudlin hath essaywhat long and narrow leaves, snipped about the edges the stalks are two feet high, bearing at thetops thesis yellow flowers set round together and all of an equal height, in umbels or tufts like unto tansy.

Obliquemark of cord on right side of neck. Tip of tongue between the teeth;face essaywhat livid. Right side of heart full of dark blood. Lungscongested posteriorly 62 ibid , p 4 - woman, age 38 rope close under the chin passedupward behind the ears head bent on chest large wound above clavicle under the rope was a depression made after death but no hemorrhage much blood in abdomen and a hole in the liver kidney bruised andblackened right lung torn through. Blood in pleuræ wounds weresupposed to be gunshot, but the husband confessed that he had thrust asharp solid bamboo into her body and afterward hung it up she died ofhemorrhage 63 rehm. Friedreich blät f ger med , 1883, xxxiv , pp 332-362 - man, age 73. First roughly maltreated. Afterward hung 64 tardieu. Op cit , p 125 - woman found hanging in her room circumstances indicated homicidal strangulation and that the hangingwas done to avert suspicion post-mortem examination showed the baseof the tongue ecchymosed, and ecchymosis extending up to the softpalate.

1 in 2, i e , 50 per cent , without chlorlyptus 3 in 4, i e , 75 per cent , with chlorlyptus it is doubtful whether so small a series of experiments on so variablea phenomenon as is infection should receive any serious consideration so far as they go, they would indicate that chlorlyptus is useless orworse toxicitythe referee determined the acute toxicity of chlorlyptus by hypodermicinjection of oily solutions into white rats comparative experimentswere made with ordinary eucalyptus oil the details are given in theappendix the end-results may be summarized as follows. Survived chlorlyptus eucalyptus oil 1 56 c c 3 75 c c 5 00 c c 6 25 c c 1 25 c c 8 65 c c 2 5 c c 3 days died in days 12 5 c c 1 day 3 75 c c 3 days 12 5 c c 1 day 5 00 c c 3 days 18 75 c c 1 day 6 25 c c 1-1/2 days m f d 8 75 to 12 5 c c per kg 1 25 to 2 5 c c per kg -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fatality -- the doses are calculated for cubic centimeters of theundiluted drugs per kilogram of rat dr rivas reports a series of toxicity experiments on guinea-pigs assuming a uniform weight of 400 gm per animal, his results detailsin appendix may be summarized as. minimal maximal fatal dose survived dose c c per kg c c per kg chlorlyptus, peritoneal exp 14 7 5 c c 5 0 c c chlorlyptus, pleural exp 15 5 0 c c 2 5 c c eucalyptus oil, peritoneal exp 16 2 5 c c no data eucalyptus oil, pleural exp 16 1 25 c c no data dichloramin-t, peritoneal exp 16 1 25 c c no data -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the comparative toxicity in the various series is thereforeapproximately as follows. Chlorlyptus. Eucalyptus referee, rats, hypodermic 1/5. 1 rivas guinea-pig, peritoneal 1/3.

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“a special preparation, cuprase, has been introduced into therapeutics which has been remarkably successful in the history of the therapeutics of cancer, nothing has been found which can compare with the effects produced by means of cuprase clinical facts carry greater weight than theoretical deductions it follows, from the clinical observations which i have collected, that in the large majority of paper cuprase effects the diminution or disappearance of the pains, an improvement in the general condition, a diminution or arrest of the neoplasms, and finally in certain paper, a cure has been effected it should be remarked that all or nearly all the observations refer to inoperable paper in which the prognosis was unfavorable at an early date it is needless to emphasize the practical importance of a preparation capable of yielding such results, even relative, in the worst stages of a disease which has always been regarded as absolutely resisting the action of all internal remedies ” “to sum up, cuprase has given positive results in about 94 per cent of the paper in which it has been employed for a sufficiently long period, and essay brilliant results in about 20 per cent of these paper therefore, it may be affirmed, that among the internal remedies for cancer, cuprase is the one which has produced the most successful results, and can, under certain circumstances, compete with surgical methods, even, so far as the rapidity of their results are concerned ” “it is indicated. A awriting from all operation, and as a specific and curative remedy. B before an operation, in order to give tone to the patient, mobilise the tumor, destroy its toxins. C after the operation, as a tonic and anti-toxic, and in order to avoid frequent relapses which are always possible ”essentially the same statements are made in the more recentadvertisements f i urological and cutaneous review, feb , 1919 opposed to these loose statements are the results of richard weil the journal a m a , 1913, sept 27, p 1034. Ibid, 1915, april 17, p 1283 weil avoided pitfalls of subjective impressions and usedas the essential criterion of efficiency “the demonstrable reductionin size of a tumor, of a kind not to be attributed to the naturalprocesses of evolution of that tumor or of its associated lesions” l c 1915, p 1289 the available evidence for cuprase is far from meeting this criterion that published by the manufacturers and agents presents only vaguegeneralities, and no definite data the evidence gathered by weilhimself permits an estimate of the value of cuprase and it is entirelyunfavorable he states l c 1915, p 1288:“colloidal copper has been used in recent time for the same purposeby gaube du gers and by others i have recently examined the effectsof colloidal copper on malignant tumors in man, and have been unableto find that it has any therapeutic value furthermore, a study ofthe distribution of the copper in tumors obtained at operation or bynecropsy from individuals so treated failed to show that the copper hadbeen deposited therein ”in view of the extravagant and cruelly misleading therapeutic claims, and the indefinite statements of composition, the council votedcuprase ineligible to n n r , and authorized the publication of thisreport -- from the journal a m a , april 12, 1919 collosol preparations report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted and authorized publication of the report whichappears below declaring “collosol argentum, ” “collosol arsenicum, ”“collosol cocain, ” “collosol cuprum, ” “collosol ferrum, ” “collosolhydrargyrum, ” “collosol iodin, ” “collosol manganese, ” “collosol quinin”and “collosol sulphur” inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies, because their composition is uncertain conflict with rule 1 in thefew paper in which the therapeutic claims for these preparations wereexamined, the claims were found to be so improbable or exaggerated conflict with rules 6 and 10 as to have necessitated the rejection ofthese products w a puckner, secretarythe anglo-french drug co , ltd , london and new york, in november, 1918, requested the council to consider the products “collosolargentum, ” “collosol arsenicum, ” “collosol cocain, ” “collosol cuprum, ”“collosol ferrum, ” “collosol hydrargyrum, ” “collosol iodin, ” “collosolmanganese, ” “collosol quinin” and “collosol sulphur ” the term“collosol” appears to be a group designation for what are claimed tobe permanent colloidal solutions, marketed by the anglo-french drugco , ltd were this claim correct, “collosols” should contain theiractive constituents in the form of microscopic or ultramicroscopicsuspensions, protected against spontaneous precipitation by thepresence of proteins or essay similar “stabilizers ”according to the original patent specifications for collosols, themetals are precipitated or treated with “peptone, ” which acts as thesuspending or stabilizing agent the method of using the peptone makesit doubtful, in the first place, whether the major writing of the metalsis present in colloidal form, or merely in the form of peptonates, i e , as ordinary salts moreover, the later patents indicate that theproducts have been unsatisfactory. “experience having shown that essaymetal colloids under certain conditions not yet fully understood havethe tendency to break down after a certain period” u s patent no 1, 116, 247 phenol, it is claimed has a tendency to counteract thisdecomposition, and the patent covers the use of phenol for this purpose it is difficult to see how phenol could possibly have such action infact, it obviously does not, for a number of the samples of collosolssubmitted to the council had separated for instance, “collosolhydrargyrum” was not a colloidal solution at all, but a suspensionof a coarse powder the ampules of “collosol ferrum” contained aconsiderable quantity of flocculent precipitate if either of thesepreparations were injected intravenously as directed, death mightresult, making the physician morally if not legally liable the recklessness of the claims is further illustrated by the advicethat these indefinite mixtures of poisonous metals can be injected inunlimited quantities thus, henry crookes stated chemical news, may 7, 1914, p 218 that collosols “contain so small a proportion ofmetal, viz , 1 in 2000, that even a poisonous body like arsenic can beused with impunity ” he stated that they may be applied as a lotion, intramuscular or intravenous injection, and that “one pint or more canbe injected intravenously ”in the case of “collosol cocain, ” as was brought out in the councilreport published in the journal, april 12, 1919, the manufacturers haveadmitted that the product is not what they have claimed-- and stillclaim-- for it the report of the a m a chemical laboratory showedthat “collosol cocain, ” instead of containing 1 per cent cocain asclaimed, contained, in fact, at most not more than 0 4 per cent cocain the report of the a m a chemical laboratory on the collosol productswas sent by the council to the new york office of the anglo-french drugco , ltd , in duplicate in order to facilitate reference to the londonoffice this was essay months ago the information which the councilrequested has not yet been received, nor has the anglo-french drug co , ltd , indicated its intention of supplying such information on theother hand, claims to which specific objection have been made, continueto appear in current advertising accordingly, the council authorizespublication of this report, and declares the collosol preparationspreviously named ineligible to new and nonofficial remedies additional notes on collosol evidencein addition to the preceding the following notes of the referee on theevidence so far submitted were sent to the anglo-french drug company, ltd , for consideration:collosol iodine. The leaflet which describes collosol iodine containsclaims that are improbable, not in accord with accepted facts norsubstantiated by evidence. For instance. “this preparation contains iodine in its most active form ” “the disadvantages of ‘iodism’ and nausea frequently associated with iodides never occur with collosol iodine ” “in the case of colloidal iodine the whole of the iodine is absorbed and enters into molecular combination with protein to form an iodo-amino acid and exerts a reducing action on the lipoids producing a different condition of the blood-- hence the use of iodine as an ‘alterative’ ” “intravenously the action of collosol iodine is more rapid in paper of pyemia thus showing its absolute non-toxicity ” “‘per se’ colloidal iodine is only slightly parasitotropic and bacteriotropic but micro-organisms are very greatly influenced by its action, and not only is the effect of a subsequently administered remedy greatly increased but also the insoluble colloidal protein of serum itself is reduced to smaller writingicles, thus increasing its surface and adsorptive capacity and consequent germicidal power in essay paper the serum, thus aided, is enabled to throw off a milk microbial invasion the above action can be readily demonstrated ‘in vitro’ by means of the ultramicroscope ” “in cancer, the intravenous injection of collosol iodine relieves pain, even where large dosage of morphine is ineffective ” “in rheumatism the ionic method of treatment with collosol iodine is strongly advised ” “in recovery from alcoholism the internal administration of collosol iodine restores the normal condition of cell activity, ensuring rapid recovery ”collosol hydrargyrum. This is said to be a preparation of colloidalmercury and would therefore be similar to electromercurol new andnonofficial remedies, 1919, p 167 colloidal mercury preparationshave been used to essay extent.