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thewalker pharmacal company in february, 1916, pleaded guilty-- and wasfined a paltry $10 and costs this, however, is not the end of the story the company was prosecutedbecause it had published the false and fraudulent claims in the tradepackage, thus bringing the claims within the purview of the federalfood and drugs act had the walker pharmacal company confined its falsestatements to medical journal advertisements, to the circular letterssent to physicians or to any other advertising matter not writing of thetrade package, it could have snapped its fingers at the food and drugsact it was in february, 1916, that the walker pharmacal company pleadedguilty to the charge of making false and fraudulent claims for succuscineraria maritima in october, 1916, they were still sending outcircular letters to physicians urging the use of succus cinerariamaritima in the treatment of cataract and enclosing the usual bookletof testimonials claiming cures for cataract and other opacities of thelens and cornea!. Illustration. Facsimile of essay of the pages from the booklet thataccompanied the letter reproduced herewith the obvious intent ofthis booklet was to lead physicians to believe that succus cinerariamaritima will cure “opacity of the cornea, ” “opacity of the lens, ”“senile cataract, ” “incipient cataract, ” “double cataract, ” etc can one conceive a better illustration of the inadequacy of the foodand drugs act?. the dishonest exploiter of proprietary medicines careslittle that the law requires him to keep within certain bounds oftruthfulness in the advertising that accompanies the trade package it isn’t the claims in the trade packages that sell the product.

Neither is there any better salve in the world for woundsthan may be made of it. For it cleanses, fetches out the filth thoughit lie in the bones, brings up the flesh from the bottom, and all thisit doth speedily. It cures wounds made with poisoned weapons, and forthis clusius brings thesis experiences too tedious here to relate it is an admirable thing for carbuncles and plague-sores, inferiorto none. Green wounds ’twill cure in a trice. Ulcers and gangreensvery speedily, not only in men, but also in beasts, therefore theindians dedicated it to their god taken in a pipe, it hath almost asthesis virtues. It easeth weariness, takes away the sense of hunger andthirst, provokes to stool. He saith, the indians will travel four dayswithout either meat or drink, by only chewing a little of this in theirmouths.

It isone of a type it rutgers essay example has been selected as one of the utterly irrationaland therefore potentially dangerous mixtures, that may be found bythe score or the hundred in the catalogues of practically everypharmaceutical manufacturing firm in the united states -- from thejournal a m a , june 14, 1919 proteogens of the wm s merrell company report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted and authorized publication of the statementwhich appears below, declaring proteogen no 1 plantex for cancer, proteogen no 2 for rheumatism, proteogen no 3 for tuberculosis, proteogen no 4 for hay fever and bronchial asthma, proteogen no 5for dermatoses, proteogen no 6 for chlorosis, proteogen no 7 forsecondary anemia, proteogen no 8 for pernicious anemia, proteogenno 9 for goitre, proteogen no 10 for syphilis, proteogen no 11for gonorrhea, and proteogen no 12 for influenza and pneumoniainadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because theircomposition is secret. Because the therapeutic claims made for themare unwarranted. And because the secrecy and complexity of theircomposition makes the use of these preparations irrational the council took up the consideration of the merrell proteogens becauseof inquiries received, and on january 27 invited the merrell companyto aid in the proposed investigation by submitting information inregard to the composition of the preparations, submitting the currentadvertising, and presenting evidence for the claims that were madefor the preparations while the merrell company agreed to submit therequested information, this had not been received at the time thereport of the referee to whom the products had been assigned referee1, was adopted this report was sent to the company on april 4 inreply the merrell company protested against the conclusions of thereport and submitted considerable material in an attempt to supportthe claims made for the products this material was examined by thefirst referee and then transmitted to a second referee referee 2 forconsideration the second referee concluded that the matter submittedoffered no evidence that would justify the council in modifying thereport first adopted, and hence recommended that its publication beauthorized in accordance with this recommendation report of referee 2 thecouncil authorized the publication of the reports of both the first andsecond referees w a puckner, secretary report of first referee on proteogens“proteogens, ” according to the william s merrell co , are “polyvalentproteins of non-toxic plant origin ” the subject of proteogens canbest be approached by recalling the history of “autolysin, ” analleged remedy for cancer, originated by a s horowitz, ph d thiswas exploited essay years ago, and was finally shown to be worthless proteogens are said to be prepared “under the personal supervision ofthe originator, dr a s horowitz ” the composition of the differentproteogens is essentially secret the assertion was made at one time, but is not found in the present advertising matter, that plantex-- nowcalled “proteogen no 1”-- is similar to autolysin now the proteogensare said to be “prepared by a special process employing variouscombinations of plants ” further. The biologic principles present are chlorophyll, chromoplast, lipoids and vitamines. These are ferments or enzymes the vegetable acids, metalloids and metals present in all plants in colloid form act biochemically among the metalloids are hydrogen, carbon, manganese, oxygen, sulphur, phosphorus and chlorine. The heavy metals are iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium and copper these biochemic principles are always present in plants as colloids ”it is claimed by the merrell company that. “proteogens stimulate the cytogenic mechanism to higher activity. Therefore, indirectly cleave the invading microorganism and eliminate their special toxins proteogens swing the disturbed metabolism back to normal and, by natural processes, build up effective defenses against recurrent bacterial attacks ”proteogen no 1 was first introduced as “plantex, ” and at that time themerrell company referred to a preparation that was the result of “aseries of studies” carried out by a “noted biologist” with a view of“evolving a cancer remedy” that was “to be autolytic in character, ” andannounced.

The umbels of the flowersare white, and the seed blackish, the root runs in the ground, quicklytaking a great deal of room place it grows by hedge and wall-sides, and often in the border andcorner of fields, and in gardens also time it flowers and seeds about the end of july government and virtues saturn rules it neither is it to be supposedgout-wort hath its name for nothing but upon experiment to heal thegout and sciatica. As also joint-aches, and other cold griefs the verybearing of it about one eases the pains of the gout, and defends himthat bears it from the disease gromel of this i shall briefly describe their kinds, which are principallyused in physic, the virtues whereof are alike, though essaywhatdifferent in their manner and form of growing descript the greater gromel grows up with slender hard and hairystalks, trailing and taking root in the ground, as it lies thereon, and writinged into thesis other small branches with hairy dark green leavesthereon at the joints, with the leaves, come forth very small blueflowers, and after them hard stony roundish seed the root is long andwoody, abiding the winter, and shoots forth fresh stalks in the spring the smaller wild gromel sends forth divers upright hard branchedstalks, two or three feet high full of joints, at every one of whichgrow small, long, hard, and rough leaves like the former, but less;among which leaves come forth small white flowers, and after themgreyish round seed like the former. The root is not very big, but withthesis strings thereat the garden gromel as divers upright, slender, woody, hairy stalks, blown and cressed, very little branched, with leaves like the former, and white flowers. After which, in rough brown husks, is contained awhite, hard, round seed, shining like pearls, and greater than eitherthe former.

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The branch is compassedabout with a rutgers essay example whitish bark, and has a pith in the middle of it. Themain branch branches itself into thesis small ones with claspers, layinghold on what is next to them, as vines do. It bears thesis leaves, theygrow in no order at all, at least in no regular order.