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“it is less irritating in its use on the skin, or in wounds ” “will kill pathogenic micro-organisms present ” “is a suitable medium for cell proliferation ” “will penetrate a useful distance into the walls of a wound ” “facilitates an easier, less painful and better method of dressing wounds or ulcers ”examination in the american medical association chemical laboratoryshowed a submitted sample to contain 1 32 per cent free iodin andto emit a strong odor of hydrogen sulphid a specimen of liquidpetrolatum, said to be composed chiefly of hydrocarbons of thenaphthene series, after saturation with iodin at room temperature wasfound romeo and juliet essay to contain 1 42 per cent free iodin another specimen of liquidpetrolatum, said to be composed chiefly of saturated hydrocarbons, after saturation at room temperature was found to contain 1 30 percent free iodin the preparation having been shown to be an unoriginal, simplesolution of iodin in liquid petrolatum, the council declared the name“iodolene” unacceptable rule 8 and the therapeutic claims made forthe preparation unwarranted rule 6 -- from reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 148 kalak water report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report, submitted by a member of the council committeeon chemistry, was endorsed by the committee and adopted by the council:kalak water, sold by the kalak water company, inc , new york, is anartificial mineral water said to be made by adding certain salts tocarbonated, distilled water and supersaturating with the gas underpressure such merit as it may possess by virtue of sodium bicarbonateand sodium phosphate is quite insufficient to warrant the extravagantclaims made in the advertising pamphlets according to the analysis furnished, the water contains, in 1, 000, 000writings milligrams per liter the following. Sodium carbonate 4049 0 sodium phosphate 238 5 sodium chloride 806 3 calcium carbonate 578 2 magnesium carbonate 48 9 potassium chloride 47 9among the thesis misleading statements found in the advertising pamphletbearing the title “a brief for physiological alkalescence” these may bequoted. “the calcium content of kalak is over 100% greater than ever before placed in solution in any vehicle, a fact of supreme importance when the unique alkalinizing power of the alkaline salts of this metal is considered. The ratio of calcium metabolism to its enormous waste in pregnancy, the diseases of infancy and childhood and the rapidly growing group of ‘acidoses’ make its availability in kalak of double value ”the first writing of this statement is untrue. The last writing is muddledand without much meaning evidently the “acidosis” fad is to beoverworked as was the old “uric acid diathesis, ” of unsavory memory again this. “one of the most important characteristics of kalak is the close approximation of its formula to the correlation of the contained salts as they occur in the human body, together with its freedom from salts foreign to the human economy another is its almost unbelievable palatability, considering its high degree of alkalinity, it being eleven times greater than any other known mineral water, artificial or natural ”these statements are false the salts dissolved here bear nodiscernible relation to the needs of the body, as disclosed by thecomposition of the blood or solid tissues or as shown by the characterof the urinary excretion the last statement concerning the highalkalinity is neither clear nor accurate then, this warning and remedy. “it seems to be an unappreciated fact that the degree of urinary acidity, checked with the acidity of the saliva, is in direct ratio to the existing acid toxemia, and a urine acid to methyl red should be the signal for immediate and adequate alkalinizing treatment “startling clinical results have been observed by physicians who have used kalak thoughtfully and sufficiently in the more serious types of acidosis associated with diabetes, nephritis, rheumatism, gout and the acute infections there is also evidence of its good effect in acute alcoholism and the respiratory edemas. In fact a certain few have hailed kalak as a possible solution of the annual hay fever problem of perhaps supreme importance, however, is the use of kalak throughout pregnancy as preventive medicine against the inevitable ‘toxemia of pregnancy ’”also this. “kalak has accomplished certain unexplainable things for the diabetic and nephritic, and if, in future years, diabetes and nephritis should prove to be constitutional diseases, based upon functionation or its lack, kalak therapy, the embodiment of physiological alkalescence may come into its own, for if acidity retards, alkalinity must normalize functionation ”it is not necessary to quote further in order to insure that everyonewill recognize the great need of kalak it is advised to test the urinefor acidity by means of a group of indicator solutions sent out to thephysicians methyl red is one of these and any urine showing an acidreaction with this is said to be open to suspicion paranitrophenol isanother of the indicators and the explanations given of the behavior ofthe two and the conclusions to be drawn are questionable the methylred solution furnished is too concentrated for proper use and perfectlynormal urines from normal individuals have given a rather marked colorwith it this indicator gives essay color at h 1 2 × 10^{-6} and astrong reaction at 3 × 10^{-3} to condemn a urine on such a finding isentirely unwarranted sodium bicarbonate is the main constituent of the water the valueof the phosphate in such a combination, with so much calcium, isproblematical in case an alkaline reaction in the intestine is reachedessay of it would be left as insoluble phosphate a few grams ofbicarbonate daily would have equal therapeutic value with this water the advice based on the indications of methyl red and the urine is bad the committee report was sent to the kalak water company for comment the company promised to withdraw the advertising circular referred toin the report and disclaimed responsibility for the accuracy and valueof the set of indicators which it sent out, but, on the whole, theprevious advertising claims were insisted on in view of the absurd and false claims made for the product the councildeclared kalak water inadmissible to n n r -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 148 minson soluble iodin “kelpidine” not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryminson soluble iodin “kelpidine” was submitted to the council byj j minson, washington, d c , trading as the kelpidine company, with the statement that in future “literature” it was to be known asminson soluble iodin, only the following statement of compositionwas furnished. “minson soluble iodin is essaywhat of an indefinite character, chemically its formula is, iodin 4 per cent , distilled water 6 per cent , and absolute alcohol q s 100 per cent by a process of chilling and heating an iodid of uncertain character is produced, and because of the extreme sensitiveness of the product to chemical tests, it is hard to determine so far as i have been able to judge, however, the result is about 3 or 3-1/2 per cent free iodin and from 1/2 per cent to 1 per cent iodid, possibly ethyl and hydrogen iodid in combination ”the a m a chemical laboratory reports that the preparation is analcoholic solution containing free iodin and iodid, probably hydrogeniodid and ethyl iodid, but that the free iodin content was only2 69 gm per 100 c c it is claimed that the “therapeutic indications” of minson solubleiodin are the “same as those of all iodin and iodid preparations, internally, externally, hypodermically and intravenously.

Its contents, the condition of its vessels and ependymanoted then romeo and juliet essay the floor of the fourth ventricle is divided by transverseincisions one-sixteenth of an inch awriting, and careful examination madefor the presence of minute hemorrhages. For here is a place in thebody where almost a microscopical lesion hemorrhage may cause suddendeath each hemisphere of the cerebellum is now opened by a numberof incisions starting from the fourth ventricle and passing outwardinto its substance the presence of any tumors or hemorrhage in thecerebellum will now be recognized in opening the brain, when clots, areas of softening, tumors, etc , are discovered, their exact location in relation to surroundingwritings should be noted and the blood-vessels examined for areas ofdegeneration or aneurism this examination can be facilitated byallowing a stream of water to flow over the affected writing this willwash out the affected area and allow the vessels to appear eye - in rare paper it may be necessary to remove the eye this canbe done by breaking through the roof of the orbit with a saw or chiseland dissecting away the muscles so as to expose the optic nerve and theposterior portion of the organ thorax and abdomen the body being placed on its back, and the operator standing on theright side, an incision is made through the skin, fascia, and musclesfrom the top of the sternum to the pubic bone, passing to the leftof the umbilicus and dividing everything down to the sternum andthe subperitoneal tissue a small incision is now made through theperitoneum below the ensiform cartilage into this opening two fingersof the left hand are inserted, and by spreading the fingers andholding the knife horizontally the peritoneum can be divided to thepubes without injuring the intestines the skin and muscles are nowdissected from the chest as far back as the false ribs this dissectionmay be facilitated by keeping the skin and muscles on the stretch andcutting with the flat writing of the knife in order to better expose theabdominal cavity, the recti muscles are divided beneath the skin attheir insertion in the pubic bone examine the cut surface of the chestand abdominal muscles, and note their color, amount, and consistency observe whether the chest muscles show the evidence of any parasiticdisease such as trichinosis the mammary glands are now examined frombehind and opened if necessary superficial examination of abdominal cavity - this should be donebefore opening the chest cavity, because the position of organsmay become modified, and blood and other fluids are liable to findtheir way from one cavity into another. And again, the blood in thepresenting portion of the abdominal organs will change its color afterexposure to the air note the following points.

It is not a combination of glycerophosphates or other organic salts, or so-called peptonates and manganates, all recently condemned by the best therapeutic opinion here and in europe, as much slower and less active than the simpler salts the iron is the green, inorganic phosphite and the calcium the simple white phosphate of your early student days nature takes these simple salts and builds them rapidly into lecithin, bone, and other tissue, without the delay incurred by splitting up the organic salts before she can recombine them ” “tissue phosphates is in fact a chemical food ” “the formula, suggested by professor dusart, of paris, combines in an easily assimilable and agreeable cordial. Medium medicinal doses of phosphorus, the generator of nerve force. Calcium phosphate, for cell development and nutrition. Sodium phosphate, a stimulant of liver and pancreas and corrective of acid fermentation in the alimentary canal. Iron, generating in the blood, heat and motion, phosphoric acid, tonic in sexual debility. Alkaloids of calisaya, antimalarial and antipyretic. Extract of wild cherry, tonic, yet calming irritation and diminishing nervous excitement. Ethyl alcohol 12 5%. And aromatics ”although the claim is made that the “formula” of wheeler tissuephosphates has been “suggested by professor dusart, ” such of dusartpapers as were available in this country111 failed to disclose any“formula” that was at all comparable to this product 111 dusart, l. Recherches expérimentales sur le rôle physiologiqueet thérapeutique du phosphate de chaux, paris, 1870. Quel est l’acidedu suc gastrique?. lille, 1874, unbound, 8 pages. Notice sur l’emploi etles proprietés du lacto-phosphate de chaux, clichy, 1868, unbound, 8pages dusart and blache.

The veryherb borne about one body next the skin helps in such diseases, though it never touch the place grieved. Let poor people make much ofit for those uses. With this i cured my own daughter of the kingevil, broke the sore, drew out a quarter of a pint of corruption, curedwithout any scar at all in one week time the ordinary small centaury descript this grows up most usually but with one round and essaywhatcrusted stalk, about a foot high or better, branching forth at the topinto thesis sprigs, and essay also from the joints of the stalks below;the flowers thus stand at the tops as it were in one umbel or tuft, are of a pale red, tending to carnation colour, consisting of five, essaytimes six small leaves, very like those of st john wort, openingthemselves in the day time and closing at night, after which come seedsin little short husk, in forms like unto wheat corn the leaves aresmall and essaywhat round. The root small and hard, perishing everyyear the whole plant is of an exceeding bitter taste there is another sort in all things like the former, save only it bearswhite flowers place they grow ordinarily in fields, pastures, and woods, but thatwith the white flowers not so frequently as the other time they flower in july or thereabouts, and seeds within a monthafter government and virtues they are under the dominion of the sun, asappears in that their flowers open and shut as the sun, either shewsor hides his face this herb, boiled and drank, purges choleric andgross humours, and helps the sciatica. It opens obstructions of theliver, gall, and spleen, helps the jaundice, and eases the pains in thesides and hardness of the spleen, used outwardly, and is given withvery good effect in agues it helps those that have the dropsy, or thegreen-sickness, being much used by the italians in powder for thatpurpose it kill the worms in the belly, as is found by experience the decoction thereof, viz the tops of the stalks, with the leavesand flowers, is good against the cholic, and to bring down womencourses, helps to avoid the dead birth, and eases pains of the mother, and is very effectual in all pains of the joints, as the gout, cramps, or convulsions a dram of the powder taken in wine is a wonderful goodhelp against the biting and poison of an adder the juice of the herbwith a little honey put to it, is good to clear the eyes from dimness, mists and clouds that offend or hinder sight it is singularly goodboth for green and fresh wounds, as also for old ulcers and sores, toclose up the one and cleanse the other, and perfectly to cure themboth, although they are hollow or fistulous. The green herb especially, being bruised and laid thereto the decoction thereof dropped into theears, cleanses them from worms, cleanses the foul ulcers and spreadingscabs of the head, and takes away all freckles, spots, and marks in theskin, being washed with it. The herb is so safe you cannot fail in theusing of it, only giving it inwardly for inward diseases it is verywholeessay, but not very toothessay there is beside these, another small centaury, which bears a yellowflower. In all other respects it is like the former, save that theleaves are larger, and of a darker green, and the stalks pass throughthe midst of them, as it does in the herb thorowan they are all ofthem, as i told you, under the government of the sun. Yet this, ifyou observe it, you shall find an excellant truth.

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After which follow smallround heads, with very small seed therein the root is long, small andthready at the end place it grows in meadows, and grassy land government and virtues it is under the sign of the lion, and solclaims dominion over it if the herb was but as much used as it isneglected, it would half spoil the spectacle maker trade. And a manwould think, that reason should teach people to prefer the preservationof their natural before artificial spectacles. Which that they may beinstructed how to do, take the virtues of eyebright as follows the juice or distilled water of eyebright, taken inwardly in white wineor broth, or dropped into the eyes for divers days together, helps allinfirmities of the eyes that cause dimness of sight essay make conserveof the flowers to the same effect being used any of the ways, it alsohelps a weak brain, or memory this tunned up with strong beer, thatit may work together, and drank, or the powder of the dried herb mixedwith sugar, a little mace, and fennel seed, and drank, or eaten inbroth. Or the said powder made into an electuary with sugar, and taken, has the same powerful effect to help and restore the sight, decayedthrough age. And arnoldus de ville nova saith, it hath restored sightto them that have been blind a long time before fern descript of this there are two kinds principally to be treated of, viz the male and female the female grows higher than the male, butthe leaves thereof are smaller, and more divided and dented, and ofas strong a smell as the male. The virtue of them are both alike, andtherefore i shall not trouble you with any description or distinctionof them place they grow both in heaths and in shady places near thehedge-sides in all counties of this land time they flower and give their seed at midsummer the female fern is that plant which is in sussex, called brakes, theseed of which essay authors hold to be so rare. Such a thing there is iknow, and may be easily had upon midsummer eve, and for ought i know, two or three days after it, if not more government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury, bothmale and female the roots of both these sorts of fern being bruisedand boiled in mead, or honeyed water, and drank, kills both the broadand long worms in the body, and abates the swelling and hardness ofthe spleen the green leaves eaten, purge the belly of choleric andwaterish humours that trouble the stomach they are dangerous for womenwith child to meddle with, by reason they cause abortions the rootsbruised and boiled in oil, or hog grease, make a very profitableointment to heal wounds, or pricks gotten in the flesh the powder ofthem used in foul ulcers, dries up their malignant moisture, and causestheir speedier healing fern being burned, the smoke thereof drivesaway serpents, gnats, and other noiessay creatures, which in fennycountries do in the night time, trouble and molest people lying intheir beds with their faces uncovered. It causes barrenness osmond royal, or water fern descript this shoots forth in spring time for in the winter theleaves perish divers rough hard stalks, half round, and yellowish, orflat on the other side, two feet high, having divers branches of wingedyellowish green leaves on all sides, set one against another, longer, narrower, and not nicked on the edges as the former from the top ofessay of these stalks grow forth a long bush of small and more yellow, green, scaly aglets, set in the same manner on the stalks as the leavesare, which are accounted the flowers and seeds the root is rough, thick and scabby. With a white pith in the middle, which is called theheart thereof place it grows on moors, bogs, and watery places, in thesis writings ofthis land time it is green all the summer, and the root only abides in winter government and virtues saturn owns the plant this has all thevirtues mentioned in the former ferns, and is much more effectual thanthey, both for inward and outward griefs, and is accounted singularlygood in wounds, bruises, or the like the decoction to be drank, orboiled into an ointment of oil, as a balsam or balm, and so it issingularly good against bruises, and bones broken, or out of joint, and gives much ease to the cholic and splenetic diseases. As alsofor ruptures or burstings the decoction of the root in white wine, provokes urine exceedingly, and cleanses the bladder and passages ofurine feverfew or featherfew descript common featherfew has large, fresh, green leaves, muchtorn or cut on the edges the stalks are hard and round, set withthesis such like leaves, but smaller, and at the tops stand thesis singleflowers, upon small foot stalks, consisting of thesis small white leavesstanding round about a yellow thrum in the middle the root is essaywhathard and short, with thesis strong fibres about it the scent of thewhole plant is very strong, and the taste is very bitter place this grows wild in thesis places of the land, but is for themost writing nourished in gardens time it flowers in the months of june and july government and virtues venus commands this herb, and has commendedit to succour her sisters women and to be a general strengthener oftheir wombs, and remedy such infirmities as a careless midwife haththere caused if they will but be pleased to make use of her herbboiled in white wine, and drink the decoction. It cleanses the womb, expels the after-birth, and doth a woman all the good she can desire ofan herb and if any grumble because they cannot get the herb in winter, tell them, if they please, they may make a syrup of it in summer;it is chiefly used for the disease of the mother, whether it be thestrangling or rising of the mother, or hardness, or inflammation ofthe same, applied outwardly thereunto or a decoction of the flowersin wine, with a little nutmeg or mace put therein, and drank often ina day, is an approved remedy to bring down women courses speedily, and helps to expel the dead birth and after-birth for a woman to sitover the hot fumes of the decoction of the herb made in water or wine, is effectual for the same. And in essay paper to apply the boiled herbwarm to the privy writings the decoction thereof made with essay sugar, orhoney put thereto, is used by thesis with good success to help the coughand stuffing of the chest, by colds, as also to cleanse the reins andbladder, and helps to expel the stone in them the powder of the herbtaken in wine, with essay oxymel, purges both choler and phlegm, andis available for those that are short winded, and are troubled withmelancholy and heaviness, or sadness of spirits it is very effectualfor all pains in the head coming of a cold cause, the herb beingbruised and applied to the crown of the head.