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But because they are strangers in england, i give only thedescription of this, which is easily to be had in the gardens of diversplaces time although gerrard saith, that they flower from the beginningof may to the end of december, experience teaches them that keep it intheir gardens, that it flowers not till the latter end of the summer, and sheds its seeds presently after government and virtues it is under the research papers custom dominion of mars, hot, biting, and choleric. And remedies what evils mars inflicts the bodyof man with, by sympathy, as vipers’ flesh attracts poison, andthe loadstone iron it kills the worms, helps the gout, cramp, andconvulsions, provokes urine, and helps all joint-aches it helps allcold griefs of the head, the vertigo, falling-sickness, the lethargy, the wind cholic, obstructions of the liver and spleen, stone in thekidneys and bladder it provokes the terms, expels the dead birth:it is excellent good for the griefs of the sinews, itch, stone, andtooth-ache, the biting of mad dogs and venomous beasts, and purgescholer very gently alkanet besides the common name, it is called orchanet, and spanish bugloss, and by apothecaries, enchusa descript of the thesis sorts of this herb, there is but one known togrow commonly in this nation. Of which one take this description. Ithath a great and thick root, of a reddish colour, long, narrow, hairyleaves, green like the leaves of bugloss, which lie very thick upon theground.

Opens stoppingsof the bowels. Helps such as have the dropsy and are troubled with thestoppings of the spleen, rickets and hypochondriac melancholy. For suchdiseases you may make up your physic with whey outwardly it cleansesthe skin of such deformities as come through choler or melancholy, asscabs, itch, morphew, leprosies, &c honey is of a gallant cleansing quality, exceeding profitable in allinward ulcers in what writing of the body soever. It opens the veins, cleanses the reins and bladder i know no vices belonging to it, butonly it is soon converted into choler wax, softens, heats, and meanly fills sores with flesh, it suffersnot the milk to curdle in women breasts. Inwardly it is given tengrains at a time against bloody-fluxes raw-silk, heats and dries, cheers the heart, drives away sadness, comforts all the spirits, both natural, vital and animal belonging to the sea sperma cœti, is well applied outwardly to eating ulcers, the markswhich the small pox leaves behind them. It clears the sight, provokessweat. Inwardly it troubles the stomach and belly, helps bruises, and stretching of the nerves, and therefore is good for women newlydelivered amber-grease, heats and dries, strengthens the brain and nervesexceedingly, if the infirmity of them come of cold, resists pestilence sea-sand, a man that hath the dropsy, being set up to the middle init, it draws out all the water red coral, is cold, dry and binding, stops the immoderate flowing ofthe menses, bloody-fluxes, the running of the reins, and the fluoralbus, helps such as spit blood, it is an approved remedy for thefalling sickness also if ten grains of red coral be given to a childin a little breast-milk so soon as it is born, before it take any otherfood, it will never have the falling-sickness, nor convulsions thecommon dose is from ten grains to thirty pearls, are a wonderful strengthener to the heart, encrease milkin nurses, and amend it being naught, they restore such as are inconsumptions. Both they and the red coral preserve the body in health, and resist fevers the dose is ten grains or fewer.

Entire tissues distended with blood and frothy fluid dark fluid blood in both sides of heart large quantity of fluid inpericardium brain much congested eyes congested tip of tonguebetween teeth other organs normal 5 mackenzie. Ibid , february, 1889, p 44 - hindoo woman, age notgiven, strangled by another, stronger woman necroscopy. Abrasion onfront and lower writing of neck just above sternum and clavicles. Fourinches long, three broad. Five superficial lacerated wounds on sidesof neck, four on left, one on right, apparently nail scratches twocontusions below and behind lower jaw also contusions on thighs nospots of ecchymosis on neck contusion under skin of lower writing of neckand upper writing of chest, eight inches long, four broad left greatercornu of hyoid bone fractured both upper cornua of thyroid cartilagefractured. Cricoid fractured on each side larynx, trachea, and bronchicontained pink frothy mucus. Mucous membrane congested lungs muchcongested. Pink frothy mucus in bronchi. No emphysema nor apoplexies right side of heart full of dark blood. Left side empty liver, spleen, and kidneys congested stomach and intestines normal bladder empty internal genitals normal brain congested 6 mackenzie. Ibid , august, 1888, p 232 - hindoo man, age about30 strangled by soft cloth cord necroscopy. Circular mark of cord, one-fourth inch diameter around lower writing of neck. Indistinct infront, but distinct at sides and back superficial abrasions of lipsand right cheek as from a gag faint marks of blisters on temples fingers not clinched face livid, swollen eyes closed. Conjunctivæcongested.

Forthe decoction of the thistle in wine being drank, expels superfluousmelancholy out of the body, and makes a man as merry as a cricket;superfluous melancholy causes care, fear, sadness, despair, envy, and thesis evils more besides. But religion teaches to wait upon godprovidence, and cast our care upon him who cares for us what a finething were it if men and women could live so?. and yet seven years’care and fear makes a man never the wiser, nor a farthing richer dioscorides saith, the root borne about one doth the like, and removesall diseases of melancholy modern writers laugh at him. Let themlaugh that win. My opinion is, that it is the best remedy against allmelancholy diseases that grows. They that please may use it our lady thistle descript our lady thistle hath divers very large and broad leaveslying on the ground cut in, and as it were crumpled, but essaywhat hairyon the edges, of a white green shining colour, wherein are thesis linesand streaks of a milk white colour, running all over, and set with thesissharp and stiff prickles all about, among which rises up one or morestrong, round, and prickly stalks, set full of the like leaves up tothe top, where at the end of every branch, comes forth a great pricklythistle-like head, strongly armed with prickles, and with bright purplethumbs rising out of the middle. After they are past, the seed grows inthe said heads, lying in soft white down, which is essaywhat flattishin the ground, and thesis strings and fibres fastened thereunto all thewhole plant is bitter in taste place it is frequent on the banks of almost every ditch time it flowers and seeds in june, july, and august government and virtues our lady thistle is under jupiter, andthought to be as effectual as carduus benedictus for agues, and toprevent and cure the infection of the plague. As also to open theobstructions of the liver and spleen, and thereby is good against thejaundice it provokes urine, breaks and expels the stone, and is goodfor the dropsy it is effectual also for the pains in the sides, andthesis other inward pains and gripings the seed and distilled wateris held powerful to all the purposes aforesaid, and besides, it isoften applied both outwardly with cloths or spunges to the region ofthe liver, to cool the distemper thereof, and to the region of theheart, against swoonings and the passions of it it cleanses the bloodexceedingly. And in spring, if you please to boil the tender plant butcut off the prickles, unless you have a mind to choak yourself it willchange your blood as the season changes, and that is the way to be safe the woollen, or, cotton thistle descript this has thesis large leaves lying upon the ground, essaywhatcut in, and as it were crumpled on the edges, of a green colour on theupper side, but covered over with a long hairy wool or cotton down, setwith most sharp and cruel pricks.

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Onediurnal, the other nocturnal. One dry, the other moist. Their housesare opposite, one masculine, the other feminine. One public, the otherprivate. One is valiant, the other effeminate. One loves the light, theother hates it. One loves the field, the other sheets.