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Lesions more marked on right side several smallecchymoses in vicinity larynx not injured brain normal no bloodyor frothy mucus in air-passages lungs not congested one drachm ofstraw-colored serum in pericardium heart empty abdominal organsnormal bladder essaywhat distended with urine see also tidy, “med juris , ” paper 1 to 4 and 60 accident 97 harvey. Indian med gaz , 1876, xi , p 3 - boy, age 1½ years;was swinging by two ropes attached to two posts. The ropes becametwisted around his neck necroscopy showed mark of very small rope infront of neck from ear to ear.

Or in chronic paper, 1/100 to 1/30 grain per day, continued indefinitely this dosage appears high, if a really activepreparation is used finally, the name “rheumalgine” encourages thoughtless and unscientificprescribing if a mixture is used at all, the prescriber should beconstantly reminded of its composition it is therefore recommended that rheumalgine be held in conflict withrules 6 unwarranted therapeutic claims, 8 nondescriptive name and10 unscientific composition -- from the journal a m a , june 26, 1915 gray glycerine tonic report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council adopted the following report and authorized its publication w a puckner, secretary gray glycerine tonic comp purdue frederick company, new york isa mixture said to be made according to a prescription of the late dr john p gray, superintendent of the state hospital, utica, new york asto research paper help the composition, the following statement is furnished by the company. “this preparation is a combination of glycerine, sherry wine, gentian, taraxacum and phosphoric acid with carminatives ”the label declares the presence of 11 per cent alcohol, and the doseis given at from two teaspoonfuls to a tablespoonful a study ofthe ingredients will show that, aside from the alcohol, the mixturecontains but one really active drug, gentian essentially, then, “gray glycerine tonic” is a mixture which, in addition to thenarcotic effect of the alcohol, depends on a bitter, gentian, forwhatever therapeutic action it may possess the bitters, of which gentian is a type, were once credited withthesis therapeutic virtues which time has shown they do not possess pharmacologic research has demonstrated that their utility consists instimulating the appetite through their action on the taste buds onthis account they were believed also to increase the secretion of thegastric juice by a psychic impression more recently, however, eventhis has been questioned-- by carlson, for instance these facts are fully understood, presumably, by all physicians yet, according to the advertising circular, this “tonic, ” which, for allpractical purposes, is merely a simple bitter, is good for thirty-twodiseases ranging from amenorrhea to whooping cough!. The conditions in which gray glycerine tonic is asserted to beespecially efficient are described on the label of the bottle and theoutside wrapper, in popular terms, more or less typical of “patentmedicine” exploitation, such as “catarrhal conditions, ” and “stomachderangements ” similar statements are contained in the leafletaccompanying the trade package for instance. “it is, therefore, an effective, reliable tonic in nervous exhaustion, general debility, impoverished conditions of the blood and nervous system, bright disease, diseases of the liver, disorders of the urinary organs, etc ” “it is an unexcelled restorative in that very common class of paper in which there is no positive organic disease, but the patient complains that he ‘does not feel well’ or ‘is out of sorts ’”here are essay of the claims made in other advertising matter.

Inwardly taken, it helps old coughs and hoarseness, pains in the sides, kills worms, and helps a stinking breath, helps thewasting of the gums, fastens the teeth. Outwardly it helps wounds, andfills up ulcers with flesh you may take half a dram at a time mastich, strengthens the stomach exceedingly, helps such as vomit orspit blood, it fastens the teeth and strengthens the gums, being chewedin the mouth frankinsense, and olibanum, heat and bind, fill up old ulcers withflesh, stop bleeding, but is extremely bad for mad people turpentine, purges, cleanses the reins, helps the running of them styrax calamitis, helps coughs, and distillations upon the lungs, hoarseness, want of voice, hardness of the womb, but it is bad forhead-aches ammonicaum, applied to the side, helps the hardness and pains of thespleen camphire, eases pains of the head coming of heat, takes awayinflammations, and cools any place to which it is applied juices that all juices have the same virtues with the herbs or fruits whereofthey are made, i suppose few or none will deny, therefore i shall onlyname a few of them, and that briefly sugar is held to be hot in the first degree, strengthens the lungs, takes away the roughness of the throat, succours the reins and bladder the juice of citrons cools the blood, strengthens the heart, mitigates the violent heat of fevers the juice of lemons works the same effect, but not so powerfully juice of liquorice, strengthens the lungs, helps coughs and colds things bred from plants these have been treated of before, only two excepted the first ofwhich is, agaricus agarick. It purges flegm, choler, and melancholy, from thebrain, nerves, muscles, marrow, or more properly brain of the back, it cleanses the breast, lungs, liver, stomach, spleen, reins, womb, joints. It provokes urine, and the menses, kills worms, helps pains inthe joints, and causes a good colour. It is very seldom or never takenalone see syrup of roses with agarick lastly, vicus quircinus, or misleto of the oak, helps thefalling-sickness being either taken inwardly, or hung about oneneck living creatures millepedes so called from the multitude of their feet, though itcannot be supposed they have a thousand sows, hog-lice, wood-lice, being bruised and mixed with wine, they provoke urine, help the yellowjaundice, outwardly being boiled in oil, help pains in the ears, a dropbeing put into them the flesh of vipers being eaten, clear the sight, help the vices ofthe nerves, resist poison exceedingly, neither is there any betterremedy under the sun for their bitings than the head of the viper thatbit you, bruised and applied to the place, and the flesh eaten, youneed not eat above a dram at a time, and make it up as you shall betaught in troches of vipers neither any comparable to the stinging ofbees and wasps, &c than the same that sting you, bruised and appliedto the place land scorpions cure their own stingings by the same means. The ashesof them being burnt potently provokes urine, and breaks the stone earth-worms, are an admirable remedy for cut nerves being applied tothe place. They provoke urine. See the oil of them, only let me notforget one notable thing quoted by mizaldus, which is, that thepowder of them put into an hollow tooth, makes it drop out to draw a tooth without pain, fill an earthen crucible full of emmets, ants, or pismires, eggs and all, and when you have burned them, keepthe ashes, with which if you touch a tooth it will fall out eels, being put into wine or beer, and suffered to die in it, he thatdrinks it will never endure that sort of liquor again oysters applied alive to a pestilential swelling, draw the venom tothem crab-fish, burnt to ashes, and a dram of it taken every morning helpsthe bitings of mad dogs, and all other venomous beasts swallows, being eaten, clear the sight, the ashes of them beingburnt eaten, preserve from drunkenness, helps sore throats beingapplied to them, and inflammations grass-hoppers, being eaten, ease the cholic, and pains in the bladder hedge sparrows, being kept in salt, or dried and eaten raw, are anadmirable remedy for the stone young pigeons being eaten, help pains in the reins, and the diseasecalled tenesmus writings of living creatures, and excrements the brain of sparrows being eaten, provokes lust exceedingly the brain of an hare being roasted, helps trembling, it makeschildren breed teeth easily, their gums being rubbed with it, it alsohelps scald heads, and falling off of hair, the head being anointedwith it the head of a young kite, being burnt to ashes and the quantity ofa drachm of it taken every morning in a little water, is an admirableremedy against the gout crab-eyes break the stone, and open stoppings of the bowels the lungs of a fox, well dried, but not burned is an admirablestrengthener to the lungs. See the lohoch of fox lungs the liver of a duck, stops fluxes, and strengthens the liverexceedingly the liver of a frog, being dried and eaten, helps quartan agues, oras the vulgar call them, third-day agues castoreum resists poison, the bitings of venomous beasts.

It clears the sight, research paper help provokessweat. Inwardly it troubles the stomach and belly, helps bruises, and stretching of the nerves, and therefore is good for women newlydelivered amber-grease, heats and dries, strengthens the brain and nervesexceedingly, if the infirmity of them come of cold, resists pestilence sea-sand, a man that hath the dropsy, being set up to the middle init, it draws out all the water red coral, is cold, dry and binding, stops the immoderate flowing ofthe menses, bloody-fluxes, the running of the reins, and the fluoralbus, helps such as spit blood, it is an approved remedy for thefalling sickness also if ten grains of red coral be given to a childin a little breast-milk so soon as it is born, before it take any otherfood, it will never have the falling-sickness, nor convulsions thecommon dose is from ten grains to thirty pearls, are a wonderful strengthener to the heart, encrease milkin nurses, and amend it being naught, they restore such as are inconsumptions. Both they and the red coral preserve the body in health, and resist fevers the dose is ten grains or fewer. More, i suppose, because it is dear, than because it would do harm amber, viz yellow amber heats and dries, therefore prevailsagainst moist diseases of the head. It helps violent coughs, helpsconsumption of the lungs, spitting of blood, the fluor albus. It stopsbleeding at the nose, helps difficulty of urine. You may take ten ortwenty grains at a time the froth of the sea, it is hot and dry, helps scabs, itch, andleprosy, scald heads, &c it cleanses the skin, helps difficulty ofurine, makes the teeth white, being rubbed with it, the head beingwashed with it, it helps baldness, and trimly decks the head with hair metals, minerals, and stones gold is temperate in quality, it wonderfully strengthens the heart andvital spirits, which one perceiving, very wittily inserted these verses. For gold is cordial. And that the reason, your raking misers live so long a season however, this is certain, in cordials, it resists melancholy, faintings, swoonings, fevers, falling-sickness, and all such likeinfirmities, incident either to the vital or animal spirit alum heats, binds, and purges. Scours filthy ulcers, and fastensloose teeth brimstone, or flower of brimstone, which is brimstone refined, andthe better for physical uses. Helps coughs and rotten flegm.

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The leaves, flowers, and seed, all or any of them, are good toexpel pensiveness research paper help and melancholy. It helps to clarify the blood, andmitigate heat in fevers the juice made into a syrup prevails much toall the purposes aforesaid, and is put, with other cooling, opening andcleansing herbs to open obstructions, and help the yellow jaundice, andmixed with fumitory, to cool, cleanse, and temper the blood thereby;it helps the itch, ringworms and tetters, or other spreading scabs orsores the flowers candied or made into a conserve, are helpful in theformer paper, but are chiefly used as a cordial, and are good for thosethat are weak in long sickness, and to comfort the heart and spiritsof those that are in a consumption, or troubled with often swoonings, or passions of the heart the distilled water is no less effectual toall the purposes aforesaid, and helps the redness and inflammations ofthe eyes, being washed therewith. The herb dried is never used, butthe green. Yet the ashes thereof boiled in mead, or honied water, isavailable against the inflammations and ulcers in the mouth or throat, to gargle it therewith. The roots of bugloss are effectual, being madeinto a licking electuary for the cough, and to condensate thick phlegm, and the rheumatic distillations upon the lungs blue-bottle it is called syanus, i suppose from the colour of it. Hurt-sickle, because it turns the edge of the sickles that reap the corn.