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It also cleanses the skin of allleprosies, morphews, ringworms, and the like, if it be used with saltand raddish roots and being used with quick brimstone and vinegar, it dissolves knots and kernels, and breaks those that are hard to bedissolved, being boiled in wine with pigeon dung and linseed. Adecoction thereof made with water and honey, and the places bathedtherewith, is profitable for the sciatica darnel meal applied in apoultice draws forth splinters and broken bones in the flesh. The reddarnel, boiled in red wine and taken, stays the lask and all otherfluxes, and women bloody issues. And restrains urine that passes awaytoo suddenly dill descript the common dill grows up with seldom more than one stalk, neither so high, nor so great usually as fennel, being round and fewerjoints thereon, whose leaves are sadder, and essaywhat long, and so likefennel that it deceives thesis, but harder in handling, and essaywhatthicker, and of a strong unpleasant scent. The tops of the stalks havefour branches and smaller umbels of yellow flowers, which turn intosmall seed, essaywhat flatter and thinner than fennel seed the root isessaywhat small and woody, perishes every year after it hath borne seed:and is also unprofitable, being never put to any use place it is most usually sown in gardens and grounds for thepurpose, and is also found wild in thesis places government and virtues mercury has the dominion of this plant, andtherefore to be sure it strengthens the brain the dill being boiledand drank, is good to ease swellings and pains. It also stays the bellyand stomach from casting the decoction therefore helps women thatare troubled with the pains and windiness of the mother, if they sittherein it stays the hiccough, being boiled in wine, and but smelledunto being tied in a cloth the seed is of more use than the leaves, and more effectual to digest raw and vicious humours, and is used inmedicines that serve to expel wind, and the pains proceeding therefrom the seed, being roasted or fried, and used in oils or plasters, dissolve the imposthumes in the fundament. And dries up all moistulcers, especially in the fundament.

What others say or think has little if any weight you research and writing services are your own man you do your own thinking you decide for yourself-- do you not?. ”illustration. Photographic reproduction greatly reduced of anadvertisement of the burleson concern with which ogden was connectedprevious to 1914, and which connection he is capitalizing in hispresent advertising the booklet gives an outline of the “course of instruction, ” which isalmost identical, word for word, with the outline given in the letteradvertising the mail-order course previously referred to the booklet further states that “the ogden method has entirelyeliminated the use of cautery, the ligature or any injections, in thetreatment of hemorrhoids, ” but that “the use of the electric currenthas proved to be the very correct method in such paper, as will bedemonstrated at the clinic ” the booklet reiterates the statement thatogden association with the burleson and burleson concern at grandrapids makes him “eminently well qualified to instruct members of themedical profession in this important branch of the medical science!. ”in addition to this booklet there is a four-page advertisingleaflet illustrating and describing the “ogden rectal cabinet” andalso the “ogden rectal table and stool ” there is also a littlepostcard-- addressed, of course, to “h l roberts”-- for the physicianto fill in stating that “you may enroll me as intending to attend dr ogden clinic in proctology, to be held at-- -- ” should the recipientnot fill in and mail this enrolment card he gets another form lettercalling attention to the fact that the enrolment card has not beenreceived and stating further that “available hotel facilities make itnecessary to limit our enrolment to twenty students ”careful search fails to disclose that dr willard ealon ogden has everdistinguished himself in the practice of the specialty in which he nowwishes to instruct physicians equally careful search fails to showthat dr ogden has ever published a paper either on any proctologicsubjects or on any other phase of medicine or surgery neither doesthere seem to be any evidence for the claim that dr ogden “has beenassociated with the leading proctologists of america ”-- from thejournal a m a , feb 4, 1922 “patents” patent laws and patent office practicethe inequity of our patent laws, or possibly it would be more correctto say, of the interpretation of our patent laws, has been commented onthesis times in the journal the journal also has had occasion to callattention to patents that have been issued for obviously unscientificand quackish devices and preparations the paper of the preposterousgas-pipe fake “oxydonor” and the creatinin mixture for the allegedconferring of immunity against diphtheria, pneumonia, scarlet fever, syphilis, tuberculosis, etc , are paper in point in a patent issued the early writing of this year for the “discovery” ofa method of flavoring epsom salt, the patent office has, in fatuity, piled pelion on ossa the “inventor” declares that his inventionrelates to a pharmaceutical preparation and a special method oftreatment of the medicinal agents whereby said agent will be renderedmuch more efficient in character he further avows that the “primeobject” of his “invention” is to “disguise the normal taste and imwritingan agreeable odor or smell to salts commonly employed as a cathartic ”parenthetically it may be said that probably not a day passes thatessay physician in the united states does not do substantially the samething when writing a prescription the “inventor” further claims thatthe object of his “invention” is to utilize the salts as a vehicleto carry an antiseptic and anesthetic agent whereby the salts whenadministered as a cathartic “will also act beneficially on the entiredigestive tract” and “whereby cramped and spasmodic conditions are atonce relieved with a resulting cure of flatulency, indigestion, sickand sour stomach, colic and the destruction of worms, etc ”such claims are so absurd that the only excuse for commenting onthem is the effect they have on the public mind the layman readingthe specifications of this patent would naturally conclude that aninvention of great importance had been made-- of such importance as towarrant the government in rewarding its inventor by granting him aseventeen-year monopoly on the sale of his invention the law requires that, to be patentable, inventions shall be new anduseful and shall show a higher degree of skill in their inception thanis naturally to be expected from those who are skilled in the arts towhich the inventions belong it has been decided again and again thatphysicians’ prescriptions are not patentable because it is assumedthat an educated physician will utilize his knowledge of pharmacy indevising proper compounds of medicines to meet the indications ofdisease when a physician prescribes a dose of epsom salt to be takenin one of the official aromatic waters, he does not produce or create anew invention by so doing of course, in one sense every prescriptionis an invention-- an invention to meet the conditions presented by thepatient-- but such inventions are not patentable, because they representthe ordinary skill of a physician in carrying on his vocation if the patent office goes on granting patents for such “inventions” asflavored epsom salt, and it should be found financially profitable tosecure such patents and place the products on the market, it will onlybe a matter of time before the materia medica will be so restrictedthat a physician will be unable to write a prescription withoutinfringing on essaybody patent the splendid conception of the framers of our constitution in providinga plan for promoting progress in science and useful arts by grantingto inventors for a limited time the exclusive use of their inventions, in exchange for the publication of full knowledge thereof, is beingdebased no branch of our government is of greater importance to theprogress of the country than the patent office, provided that office isintelligently administered when the patent office is used, however, for an extention of the nostrum business, founded on the abuse ofpatent and trade-mark laws, it becomes a menace to the public health the objects of the patent law are being defeated by the practices ofthe patent office -- editorial from the journal a m a , june 23, 1917 our archaic patent lawsin this issue we publish two reports of the council on pharmacy andchemistry which illustrate the weaknesses of the present working of theunited states patent laws in the first report the council presentsan investigation of a recently granted patent, and shows that thepatent was issued on the mere claims of the applicant and without thepresentation of any evidence for such claims the second report-- “needfor patent law revision”-- is an appeal to the patent office for amore enlightened administration of the patent law, and it presents afew illustrations of the unfair protection which has been granted bythe patent office the protest of the council appears at an opportunetime in science299 the “patent office society, ” an associationof employees of the u s patent office, announces that a committeehas been created on request of the national research council to makea study of the u s patent office and its service to science andarts it states that this committee will meet in washington shortlyto consider the adequacy of the present patent office equipment andthe simplification of procedure as well as responsiveness to presentnational and international requirements the committee also hopesto coordinate, in the interest of an improved public service, theendeavors of the various national societies, manufacturing interests, patent bar associations and all others aiming at genuine patent reform unquestionably, there is a growing conviction that in the case ofmedicines the monopoly given by the patent laws, if granted at all, should be granted with greater consideration of the public welfare too often the united states patent law has been used to obtain anunfair monopoly on a medicament or to abet quackery there is noquestion that one of two things is needed. Either a radical changein the patent law itself or the application of more brains in itsadministration -- editorial from the journal a m a , jan 12, 1918 299 dec 28, 1917, p 629 patents perpetuated by trade namesthe patent on aspirin300 acetylsalicylic acid, controlled bythe bayer company, american representative of the farbenfabriken ofelberfeld company, will expire next year 1917 the journal haspreviously stated that the grant of this patent was regrettable andworked injustice to american citizens it is unnecessary again to gointo the grounds for this statement. Neither in the farbenfabrikenhome country, gerthesis, nor in any other country except in the unitedstates, has a patent been granted for this product owing to theirmonopoly, the manufacturers have been able to exact a much higherprice for acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin, in this country, thanelsewhere naturally, the bayer company, the american agents, view withdisfavor the prospect of being compelled to share this rich field withcompetitors the foregoing furnishes the answer to inquiries which havereached us from all over the country with regard to the campaign ofpublicity which the bayer company has inaugurated in the lay press apresumably authentic and apparently candid exposition of the methodsused and the motives behind the aspirin advertising is furnished inprinters’ ink:301300 granted feb 27, 1900 301 printers’ ink, june 29, 1916, p 189. July 13, 1916, p 100 “the manufacturers of aspirin are about to launch an extensive advertising campaign to clinch the market as far as possible before the expiration of their patent rights next year the purpose of the campaign is to identify the product with the trademark of the bayer company and to this extent hamper competition after the expiration of the patent ”the business of the bayer company, the article goes on to say, has beenhurt by the sale of worthless or even harmful imitations put on themarket by irresponsible and unauthorized persons when the present warstopped importations from gerthesis “the public knew aspirin, but did not know who made it italics ours when the bayer company, inc , took over the manufacture of aspirin in this country, the first steps were taken to identify the product with the firm who made it of course, there are good reasons why the makers were loth to advertise the product or to exploit their trademark as every one knows, the advertising of a medical proposition is an extremely ticklish subject it is easy to make a misstep aspirin is one of those proprietary drugs that are extensively prescribed by physicians if anything were done that might possibly associate this drug with the patent medicines that are in disfavor with the profession, the valuable influence and cooperation of thousands of doctors might be lost it is believed that this knotty phase of the question is being answered in the present advertising since nothing is mentioned about ‘medicine, ’ ‘cures’ or ‘ailments, ’ it is anticipated that there will be but little objection to the copy all that the advertising attempts to do is to link up the name ‘bayer’ with aspirin the nearest the copy gets to medical talk is in this sentence in very small type at the bottom of the advertisement, ‘the trademark “aspirin” reg u s patent office is a guarantee that the monoacetic acid ester of salicylic acid in these tablets is of the reliable bayer manufacture ’”from this it appears that, not content with seventeen years ofmonopoly, the aspirin people are attempting to retain a hold onthe market in perpetuo by associating the name of the companywith the trade name “aspirin ” there can be no better time than thepresent, therefore, for the medical profession to substitute, forthe nondescriptive name “aspirin, ” the descriptive and correct nameacetylsalicylic acid -- editorial from the journal a m a , aug 12, 1916 patenting therapeutic agentsin the past, therapeutic agents and apparatus have been controlledby patents and trademarks for profit if there have been exceptions, they have been rare the principles of medical ethics of the americanmedical association contain this statement. “it is unprofessionalto receive remuneration from patents for surgical instruments ormedicines ” this does not mean that the patenting is wrong in itself;there are occasions when it is wise, if not necessary, to obtain apatent in the interest of the public, and, in the case of surgicalinstruments and medicines, of the medical profession in certaininstances it is absolutely necessary that the article produced shallmaintain a definite standard of quality and purity-- and, it may beadded, shall be sold at a reasonable price enterprising pharmaceuticalmanufacturers have usually been ready to appropriate the results ofscientific research by investigators or therapeutic measures suggestedby practicing physicians not infrequently, in such instances, thedesire for financial gain has caused the marketing of such productswith extravagant, if not false, claims as to their value yet thepatent laws may be used so as to protect and benefit the public and themedical profession in research laboratories, work is being carried onresulting in the production of new therapeutic agents it is importantthat these agents shall be so controlled that they may be madeavailable without subordination to commercial interests it has becomepractically necessary, therefore, for research workers to protecttheir products in the interest of the public welfare and scientificmedicine it has not been an easy matter to decide how best to bringabout the desired results this question has been before the board oftrustees of the american medical association. And, in 1914, the houseof delegates passed a resolution authorizing the board to accept at itsdiscretion patents for medical and surgical instruments and appliances;as trustees, for the benefit of the profession and the public, provided that neither the association nor the patentee should receiveremuneration from these patents the rockefeller institute for medicalresearch has solved the problem in a similar manner in connection withthe report of the discovery of several new arsenic compounds, jacobsand heidelberger, 302 working in the rockefeller institute, say:302 jacobs, w a , and heidelberger, m. Aromatic arsenic compounds, ii, the amides and alkyl amides of n-- arylglycine arsonic acids, j am chem soc 41:1587 oct 1919 it may be appropriate to mention here that this substance and related compounds, described in the present and following papers of the series, are covered by u s patents nos 1280119-27 patents have also been applied for in foreign countries all discoveries made at the rockefeller institute are made freely available to the public, in accordance with the philanthropic purposes of the institution in order to insure purity of product and protection against exploitation, it has been deemed necessary in certain instances to protect the discoveries by patents it is the purpose of the institute to permit any drugs which may prove of practical therapeutic value to be manufactured under license by suitable chemical firms and under conditions of production which will insure the biological qualities of the drugs and their marketing at reasonable prices other than through the issuance of license, the rockefeller institute does not writingicipate in any way in the commercial preparation or sale of the manufactured chemicals.

And with essaysugar-candy dissolved therein, is good against the cough, shortness ofbreath, and wheezings, and those distillations of thin rheum upon thelungs, which cause phthisicks, and oftentimes consumptions the freshroots beaten small, or the powder of the dried roots mixed with honey, and applied to the member that is out of joint, doth much help it. Andapplied also to the nose, cures the disease called polypus, which isa piece of flesh growing therein, which in time stops the passage ofbreath through that nostril. And it helps those clefts or chops thatcome between the fingers or toes the poplar tree there are two sorts of poplars, which are most familiar with us, viz the black and white, both which i shall here describe unto you descript the white poplar grows great, and reasonably high, coveredwith thick, smooth, white bark, especially the branches. Having longleaves cut into several divisions almost like a vine leaf, but notof so deep a green on the upper side, and hoary white underneath, of a reasonable good scent, the whole form representing the form ofcoltsfoot the catkins which it brings forth before the leaves, arelong, and of a faint reddish colour, which fall away, bearing seldomgood seed with them the wood hereof is smooth, soft, and white, veryfinely waved, whereby it is much esteemed the black poplar grows higher and straighter than the white, with agreyish bark, bearing broad green leaves, essaywhat like ivy leaves, notcut in on the edges like the white, but whole and dented, ending in apoint, and not white underneath, hanging by slender long foot stalks, which with the air are continually shaken, like as the aspen leavesare the catkins hereof are greater than those of the white, composedof thesis round green berries, as if they were set together in a longcluster, containing much downy matter, which being ripe, is blown awaywith the wind the clammy buds hereof, before they spread into leaves, are gathered to make unguentum and populneum, and are of a yellowishgreen colour, and essaywhat small, sweet, but strong the wood issmooth, tough, and white, and easy to be cloven on both these treesgrows a sweet kind of musk, which in former times was used to put intosweet ointments place they grow in moist woods, and by water-sides in sundry placesof this land. Yet the white is not so frequent as the other time their time is likewise expressed before.

It is excellent in all colddiseases, and such as are troubled with tough phlegm, scabs, itch, or any fretting sores and ulcers. It is an admirable remedy to killthe worms, by taking half a dram of the powder in a morning in anyconvenient liquor. The same is excellently good to be taken inwardlyfor the king evil it helps agues of all sorts, and the yellowjaundice, as also the bots in cattle. When kine are bitten on the udderby any venomous beast, do but stroke the place with the decoction ofany of these, and it will instantly heal them clove gilliflowers it is vain to describe an herb so well known government and virtues they are gallant, fine, temperate flowers, of the nature and under the dominion of jupiter. Yea, so temperate, that no excess, neither in heat, cold, dryness, nor moisture, can beperceived in them. They are great strengtheners both of the brain andheart, and will therefore serve either for cordials or cephalics, asyour occasion will serve there is both a syrup and a conserve made ofthem alone, commonly to be had at every apothecary to take now andthen a little of either, strengthens nature much, in such as are inconsumptions they are also excellently good in hot pestilent fevers, and expel poison germander descript common germander shoots forth sundry stalks, with smalland essaywhat round leaves, dented about the edges the flowersstand at the tops of a deep purple colour the root is composed ofdivers sprigs, which shoots forth a great way round about, quicklyoverspreading a garden place it grows usually with us in gardens time and flowers in june and july government and virtues it is a most prevalent herb of mercury, and strengthens the brain and apprehension exceedingly when weak, andrelieves them when drooping this taken with honey saith dioscoridesis a remedy for coughs, hardness of the spleen and difficulty of urine, and helps those that are fallen into a dropsy, especially at thebeginning of the disease, a decoction being made thereof when it isgreen, and drank it also brings down women courses, and expels thedead child it is most effectual against the poison of all serpents, being drank in wine, and the bruised herb outwardly applied. Used withhoney, it cleanses old and foul ulcers. And made into an oil, and theeyes anointed therewith, takes away the dimness and moistness it islikewise good for the pains in the sides and cramps the decoctionthereof taken for four days together, drives away and cures bothtertain and quartan agues it is also good against all diseases of thebrain, as continual head-ache, falling-sickness, melancholy, drowsinessand dullness of the spirits, convulsions and palsies a dram of theseed taken in powder purges by urine, and is good against the yellowjaundice the juice of the leaves dropped into the ears kills theworms in them the tops thereof, when they are in flowers, steepedtwenty-four hours in a draught of white wine, and drank, kills theworms in the belly stinking gladwin descript this is one of the kinds of flower-de-luce, havingdivers leaves arising from the roots, very like a flower-de-luce, butthat they are sharp-edged on both sides, and thicker in the middle, of a deeper green colour narrower and sharper pointed, and a strongill-scent, if they be bruised between the fingers in the middlerises up a reasonably strong stalk, a yard high at least, bearingthree or four flowers at the top, made essaywhat like the flowers ofthe flower-de-luce, with three upright leaves, of a dead purplishash-colour, with essay veins discoloured in them. The other three do notfall down, nor are the three other small ones so arched, nor cover thelower leaves as the flower-de-luce doth, but stand loose or asunderfrom them after they are past, there come up three square hard husks, opening wide into three writings when they are ripe, wherein lie reddishseed, turns black when it hath abiden long the root is like that ofthe flower-de-luce, but reddish on the outside, and whitish within, very sharp and hot in the taste, of as evil a scent as the leaves place this grows as well in upland grounds, as in moist places, woods, and shadowy places by the sea-side in thesis places of this land, and is usually nursed up in gardens time it flowers not until july, and the seed is ripe in august orseptember, yet the husks after they are ripe, opening themselves, willhold their seed with them for two or three months, and not shed them government and virtues it is supposed to be under the dominion ofsaturn it is used by thesis country people to purge corrupt phlegm andcholer, which they do by drinking the decoction of the roots. And essayto make it more gentle, do but infuse the sliced roots in ale. And essaytake the leaves, which serve well for the weaker stomach. The juicehereof put up, or snuffed up the nose, causes sneezing, and draws fromthe head much corruption. And the powder thereof doth the same thepowder thereof drank in wine, helps those that are troubled with thecramps and convulsions, or with the gout and sciatica, and gives easeto those that have griping pains in their body and belly, and helpsthose that have the stranguary it is given with much profit to thosethat have had long fluxes by the sharp and evil quality of humours, which it stays, having first cleansed and purged them by the dryingand binding property therein the root boiled in wine and drank, dotheffectually procure women courses, and used as a pessary, works thesame effect, but causes abortion in women with child half a dram ofthe seed beaten to powder, and taken in wine, doth speedily cause oneto make water abundantly the same taken with vinegar, dissolves thehardness and swellings of the spleen the root is very effectual in allwounds, especially of the head. As also to draw forth any splinters, thorns, or broken bones, or any other thing sticking in the flesh, without causing pains, being used with a little verdigrease and honey, and the great centaury root the same boiled in vinegar, and laid uponan eruption or swelling, doth very effectually dissolve and consumethem.

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It helps weakness of the sight, old rottencoughs, and gouts of all sorts, dropsies, and swellings of research and writing services the spleen, it helps the stranguary and difficulty of making urine, provokes themenses, and helps all cold afflictions of the womb. Have a care yougive it not to any pregnant women the dose is one dram at most, corrected with a little mastich, dissolved in vinegar and outwardlyapplied helps the passions of the spleen * * * * * in the next place the college tells you a tale concerning liquid, juices, and tears, which are to be kept for present use, viz college vinegar, juice of citrons, juice of sour grapes, oranges, barberries, tears of a birch-tree, juice of cherries, quinces, pomegranates, lemons, wood-sorrel, oil of unripe olives, and ripeolives, both new and old, juice of red and damask roses, wine tears ofa vine culpeper the virtues of the most of these may be found in thesyrups, and are few of them used alone * * * * * then the college tells you there are things bred of plants college agarick, jew-ears, the berries of chermes, the spungysubstance of the briar, moss, viscus quercinus, oak, apples culpeper as the college would have you know this, so would i knowwhat the chief of them are good for jew-ears boiled in milk and drank, helps sore throats moss is cold, dry, and binding, therefore good for fluxes of allsorts misleto of the oak, it helps the falling sickness and theconvulsions. Being discreetly gathered and used oak apples are dry and binding. Being boiled in milk and drank, theystop fluxes and the menses, and being boiled in vinegar, and the bodyanointed with the vinegar, cures the itch * * * * * then the college acquaints you, that there are certain living creatures calledcollege bees, woodlice, silkworms, toads, crabs of the river, littlepuppy dogs, grass-hoppers, cantharides, cothanel, hedge-hogs, emmetsor ants, larks, swallows, and their young ones, horse-leeches, snails, earthworms, dishwashers or wagtails, house sparrows and hedge sparrows, frogs, scineus, land scorpions, moles, or monts, tortoise of the woods, tenches, vipers and foxes culpeper that writing of this crew of cattle and essay others whichthey have not been pleased to learn, may be made beneficial to yoursick bodies, be pleased to understand, thatbees being burnt to ashes, and a lye made with the ashes, trimlydecks a bald head being washed with it snails with shells on their backs, being first washed from the dirt, then the shells broken, and they boiled in spring water, but notscummed at all, for the scum will sink of itself, and the water drankfor ordinary drink is a most admirable remedy for consumption. Beingbruised and applied to the place they help the gout, draw thorns out ofthe flesh, and held to the nose help the bleeding thereof * * * * * therefore consider that the college gave the apothecaries a catalogue of what writings of living creatures and excrements they must keep in their shops college the fat, grease, or suet, of a duck, goose, eel, boar, herron, thymallows, if you know where to get it dog, capon, beaver, wild cat, stork, coney, horse, hedge-hog, hen, man, lion, hare, pike, or jack, if they have any fat, i am persuaded ’tis worthtwelve-pence a grain wolf, mouse of the mountains, if youcan catch them pardal, hog, serpent, badger, grey or brock fox, vulture, if you can catch them album græcum, anglice, dogdung, the hucklebone of a hare and a hog, east and west bezoar, butternot salted and salted, stone taken out of a man bladder, vipersflesh, fresh cheese, castorium, white, yellow, and virgin wax, thebrain of hares and sparrows, crabs’ claws, the rennet of a lamb, a kid, a hare, a calf, and a horse, the heart of a bullock, a stag, hog, anda wether, the horn of an elk, a hart, a rhinoceros, an unicorn, theskull of a man killed by a violent death, a cockscomb, the tooth of aboar, an elephant, and a sea-horse, ivory, or elephant tooth, theskin a snake hath cast off, the gall of a hawk, bullock, a she goat, a hare, a kite, a hog, a bull, a bear, the paper of silk-worms, theliver of a wolf, an otter, a frog, isinglass, the guts of a wolf anda fox, the milk of a she ass, a she goat, a woman, an ewe, a heifer, east and west bezoar, the stone in the head of a crab, and a perch, ifthere be any stone in an ox gall, stone in the bladder of a man, thejaw of a pike or jack, pearls, the marrow of the leg of a sheep, ox, goat, stag, calf, common and virgin honey, musk, mummy, a swallownest, crabs eyes, the omentum or call of a lamb, ram, wether, calf, the whites, yolks, and shells of hen eggs, emmet eggs, bone of astag heart, an ox leg, ossepiœ, the inner skin of a hen gizzard, the wool of hares, the feathers of writingridges, that which bees make atthe entrance of the hive, the pizzle of a stag, of a bull, fox lungs, fasting spittle, the blood of a pigeon, of a cat, of a he goat, of ahare, of a writingridge, of a sow, of a bull, of a badger, of a snail, silk, whey, the suet of a bullock, of a stag, of a he goat, of a sheep, of a heifer, spermaceti, a bullock spleen, the skin a snake hath castoff, the excrements of a goose, of a dog, of a goat, of pigeons, of astone horse, of a hen, of swallows, of a hog, of a heifer, the ancle ofa hare, of a sow, cobwebs, water thells, as blatta bazantia, buccinæ, crabs, cockles, dentalis, entalis, mother of pearl, mytuli purpuræ, ossepiæ, umbilious marinus, the testicles of a horse, a cock, the hoofof an elk, of an ass, a bullock, of a horse, of a lyon, the urine of aboar, of a she goat culpeper the liver of an hedge-hog being dried and beaten intopowder and drank in wine, strengthens the reins exceedingly, and helpsthe dropsy, convulsions, and the falling sickness, together with allfluxes of the bowels the liver being in like manner brought into powder, strengthens theliver exceedingly, and helps the dropsy * * * * * then the college tells you these things may be taken from the sea, ascollege amber-grease, sea-water, sea-sand, bitumen, amber white andyellow, jet, carlinæ, coral, white and red, foam of the sea, spunge, stone pumice, sea salt, spunges, amber metals, stones, salts, and other minerals ver-de-grease, scales of brass, ætitis, alana terra, alabaster, alectorions, alum seisile and roach amethist, amianth, amphelites, antimony, leaves and filings of silver, quick silver, lapis, armenius, native arsenic, both white and red, artificial arsenic, white andrealgar, argilla, asteria, leaves and filings of gold, belemites, berril, bole-armenick, borrax, toad-stone, lapis calaminatis, cadmia, lime quick and quenched, vitriol, white, blue, and green, steel, borrax, chrisolite, chrisopus, cynabris, native and artificial, whetstones, chalk, white and green, crystal diphriges, the rust, dust, scales, and flakes of iron, granite, mortar, such as walls are daubedwith, hematitis, heliotropium, jacinth, hyber, nicius, jasper, lapisjudacious, tiles, lapis lazuly, lapis lincis, lithanthrax, lithargeof silver and gold, loadstone, marchasite, or fire stone marble, redlead, native and artificial, miss, naptha, lapis nephriticus, nitre, oaker yellow and red, onyx, opalus, ophytes, ostcocolla, lead whiteand black, plumbago, pompholix, marchasite, realgar, ruby, red oaker, sal armoniach, sal gem, and salt nitre, saphyr and sardine, selenitis, flints, emerald, smiris, sori, spodium, pewter, brimstone, quick andcommon, talth, earth of cimolia, sames, lemnos, sylesia, topas, alana, terra, tutty, vitriol, white, blue, and green precious stones alter by a way manifest or hidden by a way manifest, they are hot, in the first degree hemetitis, pyritis, lopis asius, thyitis, smyres, lapis schistus precious stones cold, are in the first degree jacinth, saphyr, emerald, cristal, lapis samius, lapis phrigius in the second degree ruby, carbuncle, granite, sardony in the fourth degree diamond in respect of property, they bind, as lapis asius, nectius, geodes, pumice-stone emolient, as alabaster, jet, lapis thrasius stupify. As memphitis, jasper, ophites cleanse. As lapis arabicus glutinate. As galactitis, melites scarify. As morochtus break the stone. As lapis lyncis, lapis judaicus, lapis sponge retain the fruit in the womb. As ætitis, jasper provoke the menses ostracites stones altering by a hidden property as they call it, arebezoar, topaz, lapis colubrinus, toadstone, emerald, alectorius, calcidonius, amethist, saphyr, jasper, lapis nephriticus, lapistibernum, lapis, spongites, the stone found in the maw of a swallow, load-stone, lapis vulturis, merucius, coral, lynturius, jet, ætites, the stones of crabs, amber, crystal, &c the load-stone purges gross humours lapis armenius and lapis lazuli, purge melancholy pyrites heat and cleanse, take away dimness of sight dioscorides lapis asius binds and moderately corrodes and cleanses filthy ulcers, and fills them up with flesh.