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“an improved anesthesia ether consisting of highly refined diethyl oxid c₂h₅₂o, plus approximately two volumes of ethylene c₂h₄, 1/2 volume of carbon dioxide co₂ and 1 per cent by weight of ethyl alcohol ”-- from the journal a m a , may 22, 1920 dionol“dionol” is advertised to physicians by the dionol company ofdetroit if one takes the word of the manufacturers, the therapeuticpossibilities of dionol are apparently limited only by the blue sky even the company admits that “the unprecedented range of action” ofthis marvel “may come as a surprise ” a glance over the published “casereports” confirms the inference from “bed sores, ” “bubo, ” “catarrh”and “circumcision” through “croup, ” “deafness, ” “dysmenorrhea”and “eczema, ” including “endometritis, ” “erysipelas, ” “gastritis”and “hemorrhoids, ” not omitting “osteomyelitis, ” “otitis media, ”“pneumonia” and “ptomaine poisoning, ” down through the pathologicalphabet to “quinsy, ” “sciatica, ” “spinal curvature, ” “varicose veins, ”and “whooping cough” one concludes that here at last is a catholiconindeed what is dionol?. first it should be said that the preparation comes intwo forms. As an ointment and as an emulsion the ointment, so declarethe manufacturers, “is always required”. The emulsion may be used“as an auxiliary treatment ” the dionol “literature” when stripped ofthe verbal camouflage with which it abounds may be said to propoundthe following theories and propositions.

And that they are often the signal for theneed of a thorough physical examination and diagnosis it is true thatthey are often also the symptoms of very minor derangements, which willright themselves spontaneously. And that, in such paper, drugs likeaspirin may give relief and may do no harm the patient, however, isnot educated to distinguish one class from the other, and thereforeanything that tends to promote the indiscriminate use of such remediesas aspirin is detrimental to the public health furthermore, aspirinitself is not always harmless alarming idiosyncrasies are sufficientlycommon that the use of the first doses, at least, should requiremedical supervision with these considerations in mind, the referee isof the opinion that the direct and indirect advertising of aspirin isto be condemned -- from the journal a m a , jan 20, 1917 pil cascara compound-robins report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrya circular issued by the a h robins company of richmond, va , contains the following statement. “pil cascara compound-robins is a rational therapeutic formula, composed of cascara, podophyllin, colocynth and hyoscyamus, which promotes a natural flow of secretions, which is, in turn, the physiologic stimulant of peristalsis thus, a normal evacuation is produced without subsequent inhibition “they contain no mercury, strychnia nor belladonna “an ideal aid to any remedial agent, when a mild, medium or strong alimentary stimulant is needed sic “made in two strengths, the dosage may be easily regulated so as to obtain the effects of an anti-dyspeptic, aperient, laxative or cathartic, as desired they never cause discomfort unless given in larger dose than needed ”this preparation is another example of the innumerable mixtures ofwell-known drugs having nothing in the way of originality or of specialtherapeutic value to recommend them the advertising implies that this writingicular combination has a specialaction on the secretions of the gastro-intestinal tract. Otherwiseit would be hard to explain the claim that the preparation isantidyspeptic, if that means anything more than a laxative or cathartic the claim is made that this preparation contains no belladonna-- yetit admittedly contains hyoscyamus!. this manifests either ignorance onthe writing of the manufacturers, or an effort to impose on the medicalprofession both belladonna and hyoscyamus contain variable amountsof similar alkaloids, chiefly hyoscyamin hyoscyamus is feeblerthan belladonna in its action, as it contains less alkaloid thequalitative differences between the two drugs, with reference to theiruse as laxatives, is so slight as to make the company claim forhyoscyamus appear either deliberately misleading or to be the resultof crass ignorance promoting this mixture of well-known laxatives andcathartics as an “ideal aid to any remedial agent when a mild, mediumor strong alimentary stimulant is needed” is a slur on the intelligenceof physicians pil cascara compound-robins is not acceptable for new and nonofficialremedies -- from the journal a m a , jan 27, 1917 casta-flora report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrycasta-flora is one of those complex preparations which are offeredto the medical profession, with plausible arguments in support ofthe claims made it is put out by the wm s merrell chemical co , cincinnati each fluidounce is said to represent. “castanea, fresh leaves, 40 gr. Passiflora, fresh plant, 40 gr.

Drop five feet in one there was atlo-axoid dislocation 93 dercum. Phila med times, 1886-87, xvii , p 368 - descriptionof the brain of a man executed by hanging 94 kirtikar. Trans m and p soc , bombay, 1885, vi , pp 104-107 - man, age 25, and woman, age 35 both hanged drop nine feet knot tied over cricoid cartilage, a little to left side in falling, the knots slipped to below the ear there was fracture of the body ofthird cervical vertebra and rupture of ligaments the cord was rupturedin each. In the woman in two places once at the third cervical, theother at the dorso-lumbar junction 95 lamb. Med news, philadelphia, 1882, xli , pp 42-45 - executionof guiteau drop six feet. Knot placed under left ear, but slippedto back of head yellowish furrow a few lines wide around the neck, directed downward and forward sterno-mastoid muscles torn transverselyabout midway of their length thyro-hyoid ligament ruptured. Hyoidbone and thyroid cartilage widely separated large blood-vessels notinjured no fracture or dislocation of vertebræ 96 thomson and allen. Catalog surg sec army med mus.

The diagnostico-theoretical method, bymeans of which antiquity, the middle ages, and even the greatest writingof more modern times, had seen the natural sciences treated, wasradically wrong man did not feel his way carefully from experimentto experiment, from observation to observation, until the generalprinciple was found which inductively comprised a number of phenomenaunder one uniform principle of law, but the principle which was atthe bottom of phenomena was fixed upon a speculative basis, and inaccordance with this principle the phenomena were interpreted as wasdone, for instance, in medicine in the case of humoral pathology andas this speculatively constructed principle was obtained exclusively bya method dangerous to the cognition of natural sciences, by conclusionfrom analogy, naturally the most fantastic and adventurous conceptionssoon became accepted in the realm of natural philosophy but naturalphilosophy once lost in such a labyrinth, an aberration of theperceptive powers can not fail to follow at least, in certain domainsof nature as a matter of fact, this fallacious perception promptlymade its appearance, and has proved the stumbling-block of sciencefrom its earliest days up to the present times occultism, mysticism, or whatever the names may be of the various forms of superstition, have sprung from these erroneous conceptions of natural science itmay even be contended that no variety of superstition exists which isnot essayhow connected with a distorted observation or explanation ofnature however interesting these considerations may be, we can nothere pursue them any further such investigations belong to the history of superstition in general, and any one who desires more detailed information is referred to theenormous literature of the professional essay help subject we can here consider only thoserelations which prevail, or have prevailed, between superstition andnatural science, and principally the influence which was thus exertedupon the art of healing by astronomy astronomy and medicine became most intimately connected during theearliest periods of human civilization the literature of cuneiforminscriptions shows us that the attempt to bring the stars intoconnection with human destinies is primeval, and reaches back to theancient babylonian age, even to the sumero-accadic period sudhoff, med woche 1901, no 41 how primeval peoples came to connecttheir destinies with the heavenly bodies and their orbits is explainedso lucidly by troels-lund page 28, etc that we shall cite hisdescriptions, even if they are rather long for quotation he says. “thechaldean history of creation is inscribed upon seven clay tablets onthe fifth tablet we read. ‘the seventh day he instituted as a holy day, and ordained that man should rest from all labor ’ why just seven?. Because the holy number seven of the planets imperceptibly shonethrough the work of creation, and was imperceptibly impressed upon theentire order of thought we are here at the decisive epoch at whichthe planets for the first time gave an impetus to human conception, the effects of which were to persist for thousands of years this wasrepeated a second time when copernicus, in dealing especially with theorbit of the planets, founded the still-prevailing conception of theuniverse “for the theory of creation could be reconciled with the phenomenon ofsun and moon moving in their regular courses they were in this caseno longer, as had been assumed until then, individual living beingsand divinities, but lights kindled by a mighty god, and intended tomove day and night, in an established order, under the dome of heaven but the other five planets!. it was unnecessary to be a chaldean on thebabylonian tower in order to feel amazement at these every one whohad ever followed with his eye their courses for a few nights during acaravan journey, every one who, lying awake, had occasionally attemptedto read the time from the only clock of the night the star-coveredcanopy of heaven was bound to have noticed their peculiarities asto light and course they did not shine uniformly, but essaytimesintensely, at other times faintly, and entirely different was theirradiance from that of other stars reddish, greenish, bluish and theircourse was at one time rapid, at other times slow. Then backward oroblique.

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The nature of this relation is unknown adiposis is a frequentsign of disturbed pineal function, but observers are not agreed whetherto interpret this as indicating hypofunction or hyperfunction, orpossibly a concurrent disturbance of the pituitary in essay instancesintravenous injections of pineal extract have seemed to cause adistinct fall in blood pressure it has been inferred from observationsin paper of pineal tumors in the young that the gland in youngindividuals furnishes a secretion which inhibits growth, writingicularlythe development of the reproductive glands, but the results ofexperimental administration of pineal substance orally have led otherobservers to infer that the pineal secretion favors physical andpossibly mental and sexual development it has been suggested that, asall evidence points to the fact that the function of the pineal glandis one of early life, extract of adult pineal glands might be expectedto be inert experiment has also indicated greater activity in glandsobtained from young animals than in those obtained from older ones thecouncil has decided to admit preparations of pineal gland to new andnonofficial remedies simply for experimental purposes red bone-marrowred bone-marrow consists largely more than 90 per cent of fat innew-born animals a third or more of this professional essay help fat consists of lecithin the marrow of the bones of new-born animals contains iron up to 1per cent or more in various forms of organic combination bothlecithin and iron decrease rapidly in the first weeks after birth the commercial preparations contain very variable amounts of theseconstituents actions and uses -- red bone-marrow is supposed to stimulate theformation of red blood corpuscles. Whatever action it may have in thisdirection is probably due largely to the iron and lecithin which itcontains it is said to be useful in simple and pernicious anemias thymus glandlittle is known as to the functions of the thymus, but it is believedto have an important relation to growth there also seems to be essayrelation between the thymus and thyroid, for the former is frequentlyabnormal in diseases involving the latter hyperthyroidism the use of thymus is purely empirical it has been employed in thetreatment of hyperthyroidism, rickets, tuberculosis, hemophilia, andinfantile marasmus and atrophy. Its use in the latter conditionsis said to be the most promising it is claimed on very doubtfulgrounds to exert a essaywhat favorable effect in certain paper ofcancer -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1918, p 69 piperazine and lycetol omitted from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report explaining the omission from new and nonofficialremedies of piperazine and lycetol has been authorized for publication w a puckner, secretary piperazine diethylenediamene and lycetol a methyl derivative ofdiethylenediamene were accepted for new and nonofficial remedies in1906 both piperazine and lycetol were asserted to be efficient uricacid solvents and efficacious remedies in the treatment of gout andrheumatism these products have been retained until now because therewas no investigation which definitely showed their uselessness as uricacid solvents, though their use is generally admitted to have beendisappointing from an exhaustive and critical study of the available evidence, hanzlik jour lab & clin med , february, 1917 concluded thatscientific evidence, though limited, and clinical opinion indicate thatpiperazine is valueless in gout and that there is sufficient scientificevidence to indicate the worthlessness of lycetol the referee in charge of piperazine and lycetol recommended that theseproducts be omitted from new and nonofficial remedies for the reasonthat they have been sufficiently tried to justify the conclusion thatthey are not of value the period of acceptance having expired, thecouncil directed that piperazine and piperazine tablets the bayercompany, inc and lycetol the bayer company, inc be omitted fromnew and nonofficial remedies -- from reports of council on pharmacyand chemistry, 1918, p 70 stanolind liquid paraffin omitted from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryas explained in the report which follows, “stanolind liquid paraffin”was omitted from new and nonofficial remedies at the request of theproprietors announcement of this omission was made in the preface tonew and nonofficial remedies, 1918, but publication of the councilreport was postponed pending actual conflict with the rules thecouncil now authorizes publication of the report because a circularindirectly advertising the product to the public was found enclosedwith the trade package of stanolind liquid paraffin w a puckner, secretary stanolind liquid paraffin was admitted to new and nonofficial remediesin 1916, when its method of marketing conformed to the rules of thecouncil this brand of liquid petrolatum, by action of the council, has been omitted from new and nonofficial remedies on request of thestandard oil company of indiana, its manufacturer, who wrote to thesecretary of the council stating that. “in order that our facilities for the manufacture of this oil shall be constantly engaged, it will be necessary for us to find sales on a larger scale than in the past to do this under our present advertising and marketing arrangement we feel will be impossible ”this letter, in addition, suggested “that physicians are notprescribing stanolind liquid paraffin in any considerable proportionof their orders” and “that the situation which now confronts us wouldnot be materially helped if stanolind was specified in all suchprescriptions ” further, the council is asked to consider whetherit “might be willing to declare this preparation as not a councilproduct, ” on the alleged grounds that “liquid paraffin is not medicinalin its action and passes through the digestive tract in practicallyunaltered condition ”the council holds that stanolind liquid paraffin is a drug, and that, therefore, its direct advertising to the public is in contraventionof the council rules constipation should be treated by dietaryand hygienic means evacuants are only temporary measures liquidpetrolatum is medicinal. It greatly modifies the intestinal flora. Itacts as a lubricant and emollient. It modifies the absorptive powersof the intestinal mucous membrane. It is capable of influencing thedigestion of fats in short, liquid petrolatum, being a drug, itsindiscriminate and excessive use should not be encouraged -- fromreports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1918, p 72 westerfield digitalis tablets report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following report and authorized itspublication w a puckner, secretary westerfield digitalis tablets the westerfield pharmacal co , dayton, ohio are claimed to represent a fat free tincture of digitalis and tobe “enteric coated ” it is claimed that because of this coating thesetablets pass the stomach unchanged and dissolve in the intestine, andthat this obviates any possibility of gastric disturbance the circular which sets forth the asserted advantages of the tabletsstates that digitalis contains a fat which is an irritant to thegastric membrane it also contains the following.