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1 how it is possible for the solution to be astringent, and at the same time nonirritant and noncoagulant?. 2 that intestinal irrigation with a silvol solution containing 10 to 15 grains to the pint is sufficiently bactericidal to “be used in the abortive treatment of such infectious processes as dysentery, cholera infantum, and colitis ” 3 what evidence have you as to the degree of antiseptic and germicidal power of silvol solutions?. 4 what evidence have you as to the degree of antiseptic and germicidal power of 5 per cent silvol ointment?. A reply to the above questions and any other information in regardto silvol will receive careful consideration -- from the journala m a , july 13, 1918 katharmon report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryfollowing inquiries, the council took up “katharmon” for considerationand authorized publication of the following report w a puckner, secretary the katharmon chemical company of st louis in advertising itskatharmon appeals especially to a profession whose members, shouldthey live up to their ethical code, could not prescribe it 124 in1893 when the publication of “a formula” for proprietary preparationswas thought to satisfy the requirements of scientific medicine anadvertisement in the journal of the american medical association gavethe following “formula” for katharmon:124 “ it is equally unethical to prescribe or dispense secretmedicines or other secret remedial agents, ” sec 6, art i, chapterii, principles of medical ethics “hydrastis canadensis, phytolacca decandra, acid salicylous c p from oil of wintergreen, acid boric c p , mentha arvensis, thymus vulgaris, dist ext hamamelis virg conc ”in 1907 an advertisement in the kansas city medical index-lancetdeclared that. “katharmon represents in chemical combination the active principles of hydrastis canadensis, gaultheria procumbens, hamamelis virginica, phytolacca decandra, mentha arvensis, thymus vulgaris, with two grains c p boric acid to each fluid drachm ”now the advertisements which appear in essay medical journals state.

Quiet for one-half hour. 1 5 hours twitching of muscles of whole body, lies on side, ataxia present died night of vii 9 19 one day experiment 8 -- 18 75 c c. Injected vi 25 19. Quiet. Reflexes good three hours essay loss of oil depressed and turns on side six hours died night of vi 25 19 one day postmortem. Lungs congested spleen and liver very dark red right kidney much darker red viscera normal d report of dr d rivasthe following are the results of experiments conducted by me, duringthe past four months, on the germicidal action of chlorlyptus chlorinated oil of eucalyptus, principal constituent c₁₀h₁₇ocl₂ invitro and in vivo, and comparison also with carbolic acid, oil ofeucalyptus and dichloramine in test for irritation and toxicity germicidal action -- based on the results obtained, chlorlyptus whenused in a 5 per cent paraffin oil solution was found to be a mildgermicidal against typhoid b, streptococcus and staphylococcus whenthese organisms were suspended in ordinary bouillon culture or sterilesalt solutions the germicidal action was found stronger when these micro-organismswere suspended in a sterile oily or lipoid substance, such as oliveoil the results of these experiments were not constant, owing probablyto the imperfect suspension of the bacteria thus, while in essay of theexperiments chlorlyptus in 1 per cent oil solution destroyed thesemicro-organisms, in other paper the same strength solution failed togive same result in same time the increased germicidal action of chlorlyptus on bacterial suspensionsin olive oil may be accounted for by the fact that chlorlyptus issoluble in olive oil and not an admixture, as in the case of paraffinoil chlorlyptus is not a coagulant, as are germicides of the phenol orhypochlorite types, and the germicidal action is therefore not strictlycomparable the germicidal action of chlorlyptus oil solution, on pathogenicbacteria, on streptococcus and staphylococcus, suspended in pus, wasfound to be stronger than when these micro-organisms were suspendedin ordinary bouillon culture or sterile salt solution in one of theexperiments, similar results were obtained when these micro-organismswere suspended in olive oil, chlorlyptus showing marked germicidalaction irritation and toxicity -- the irritating action was found to berelatively mild in tests on laboratory animals thus, from 0 5 to1 c c of chlorlyptus in paraffin oil 5 per cent solution, injectedinto peritoneal or pleural cavities of guinea-pigs weighing 400 gm wasfound to be without any appreciable disturbance in the health of theanimal, and in essay paper the injection of as much as 2 c c did notkill the animal therapeutic action -- guinea-pigs were inoculated with purulentmaterial containing streptococcus, staphylococcus and b coli inperitoneal and pleural cavities respectively, and after six hours1 c c of chlorlyptus 5 per cent in paraffin oil solution wasinjected other infected animals were similarly treated twenty-fourhours after inoculation, and another series forty-eight hours afterinoculation in essay of these paper the animals died from shock butin a clearly defined series in which the injection of 1 c c of thechlorlyptus solution was made in the peritoneum of the guinea-pigstwenty-four hours after the inoculation, the animals lived the controlanimal, inoculated with the purulent material and not treated withchlorlyptus oil solution, died in consideration that the injection of chlorlyptus oil solution sic, referee were made ?. referee in the peritoneal cavity this substanceis apt to affect the vital organs in the abdominal cavity it ismy belief that in case of wall abscess of chronic inflammation, bylimiting the action of chlorlyptus to the infected area, preventing atthe same time the infection of the vital organs, chlorlyptus, becauseof its non-irritating quality, can be used effectively as an antiseptic conclusions1 chlorlyptus is a mild and relatively nonirritating antiseptic ofmarked action on pus and suppuration 2 when bacteria were suspended in olive oil or in pus, chlorlyptusshowed marked germicidal action 3 chlorlyptus can be injected into the peritoneum or the pleuralcavities of guinea-pigs in the proportion of 1 c c per 400 gm of bodyweight without detriment to the animal 4 chlorlyptus in 5 per cent oil solution taking clause 3 ascomparison can perhaps be injected in man as an antiseptic agent whenthere is a walled-in abscess in the peritoneum or pleural cavity wherethere is drainage, in the proportion of 0 5 to 1 c c per pound of bodyweight with good result report on the germicidal action of chlorlyptus on pathogenic bacteria in vitro and in vivo experiment 1 -- the germicidal action of eucalyptus oil -- typhoid bacillus was destroyed in less than five minutes when exposed to the action of a 5 per cent suspension of oil of eucalyptus the exposure for four hours in a 5 per cent suspension of chlorlyptus in paraffin oil was without effect on typhoid bacillus it requires an exposure of two to four hours in a 10 per cent suspension of chlorlyptus in paraffin oil to destroy typhoid bacillus experiment 2 -- bacilliary action of chlorlyptus on the growth of pathogenic bacteria -- typhoid and anthrax bacilli were selected for the experiment two series of five tubes each were made the culture medium used was nutrient bouillon chlorlyptus was added in the following proportions. Tube 1, 1:10. Tube 2, 1:100. Tube 3, 1:1, 000. Tube 4, 1:10, 000, and tube 5, 1:100, 000 one series was inoculated with typhoid bacillus all tubes were incubated for three days at 37 c chlorlyptus inhibited the growth of typhoid bacillus when added to the bouillon in the proportions of 1:10 the growth of anthrax bacillus was inhibited by chlorlyptus when it was added in the proportions of 1:10, 1:100 and 1:1, 000, as shown in the accompanying table the table was not submitted -- ed in one instance the growth was markedly inhibited by chlorlyptus when added in the proportion of 1:10, 000 experiment 3 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on typhoid bacillus -- bouillon cultures of typhoid bacillus forty-eight hours old, and a suspension of forty-eight-hour agar cultures of typhoid bacillus in sterile salt solution were used for the experiment chlorlyptus was added in the proportion of 1:1, 000. 1:1, 500. 1:100. 2 per cent.

” and this “open mind, ” that of aman who was practicing in a small town in arkansas and needed “severalthousand copies” of the sinclair article to distribute to his patients!. After his “fasting cure” experience, mr sinclair had the “raw food”fad-- also abandoned in due time in one of his recent books “the brasscheck” he refers to his outgrown fads in the following words. “i was willing to try anything in the hope of solving the health problem, which i have since realized is insolvable-- there being no diet orsystem of any sort which will permit a man to overwork with impunity ”he states further in this same connection:“i look back in retrospect and have not a little fun over my ‘monkeydiet’ days ”who shall say that ten years hence mr sinclair may not be able tolook back, good humoredly, in retrospect, to another time when he was“monkeying” with a subject that was beyond his ken?. -- from the journala m a , april 29, 1922 acetylsalicylic acid, not aspirinthe council on pharmacy and chemistry publishes a report in thisissue giving its reasons for deleting “aspirin-bayer” from new andnonofficial remedies in order that a standard may be provided, thedrug acetylsalicylic is retained259 in n n r under its scientificname, acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin appearing as a synonym theattempt on the writing of the bayer company to perpetuate the monopoly ithas had for seventeen years in the united states was briefly discussededitorially in the journal, aug 12, 1916 we quoted from printers’ink, a magazine devoted to advertising, in writing as follows:259 see index for additional article “the manufacturers of aspirin are about to launch an extensive advertising campaign to clinch the market as far as possible before the expiration of their patent rights next year the purpose of the campaign is to identify the product with the trademark of the bayer company and to this extent hamper competition after the expiration of the patent ”it is worth while reminding physicians of the privileges the bayercompany has enjoyed for so thesis years, owing largely to our inequitableand crude patent laws, or to their construction first, it should beremembered that practically no other country in the world, not eventhe original home of the preparation, would grant a patent on eitheracetylsalicylic acid, the product, or on the process for making thatproduct the united states granted both!. as a result, for seventeenyears it has been impossible in this country for anybody except thebayer company to manufacture or sell acetylsalicylic acid, either underits chemical name or under any other name neither was it possible forindividuals, hospitals or any other institutions to import it, legally, for their own use needless to say, the american people have been made to pay exorbitantlyfor the monopoly our patent office granted this firm three orfour years ago the journal, through the american consuls, obtainedinformation regarding the price at which acetylsalicylic acid was soldin foreign countries at that time, acetylsalicylic acid, as “aspirin, ”was costing american druggists-- and of course the american public hadto pay still more for it-- 43 cents an ounce just across the borderin canada it sold for one-third the price asked here in essay of theforeign countries, acetylsalicylic acid under its scientific name couldbe purchased by the druggists of those countries at from one-sixth toless than one-tenth the price that it cost american druggists here areessay of the figures. Austria-hungary 4 cents an ounce holland 4 cents an ounce british isles 6 cents an ounce norway 4 cents an ounce denmark 4 cents an ounce sweden 4 cents an ounce france 4 cents an ounce united states 43 cents an ounce gerthesis 4 cents an ouncenot content with the iron-bound monopoly which it had been grantedthrough our patent laws, the company attempted further to clinch itsexclusive rights by giving the preparation a fancy name, “aspirin, ” andgetting a trademark on this name the patent on acetylsalicylic acidexpires next month february, 1917 after its expiration the product, and its method of manufacture, become common property americanmanufacturers will now be able to do what manufacturers in othercountries, other than the patentees, have long been doing-- make andsell acetylsalicylic acid 260260 the bayer people may try to convey the impression that“aspirin” is pure and reliable whereas other brands are not sinceacetylsalicylic acid is a definite chemical compound, there isno more likelihood of this being sophisticated than there is ofquinin being adulterated furthermore, the council in acceptingacetylsalicylic acid for new and nonofficial remedies has providedstandards of purity which will insure a uniform product the brand ofone firm-- powers-weightman-rosengarten co , of philadelphia-- has beenaccepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistry for inclusion in newand nonofficial remedies, 1917 unfortunately, it is extremely improbable that any americanmanufacturer will market acetylsalicylic acid under the name aspirin, although we believe they would have a legal right to do so the courtshave held in related instances that when a patented article has beenknown during the life of the patent under a trademarked name, withthe expiration of the patent the name as well as the product becomescommon property the classical “singer sewing machine” decision andthe lanolin case are in point the bayer company, through a widespreadnewspaper advertising campaign, seems to be attempting to perpetuateits seventeen-year monopoly by leading the public to believe thatthere can be only one brand of genuine acetylsalicylic acid on themarket-- that made by the bayer company the firm will, of course, continue to manufacture and advertise theproduct under the name “aspirin-bayer, ” and will probably charge highprices for it, as was the case with phenacetin acetphenetidin inany event, physicians hereafter should do what for a long time we havebeen advising should be done, namely, prescribe the compound underits scientific name, acetylsalicylic acid they should do this if forno other reason than that they would be using the name which carrieswith it a reminder of the composition of the preparation of course, for those who have been writing “aspirin” it will be rather difficultto write “acetylsalicylic acid, ” just as a quarter of a century agoit was difficult for the physician of that day who had been usingthe copyright name “antifebrin” to write “acet-anilid, ” a name whichnowadays is easy, even for laymen -- editorial from the journala m a , jan 20, 1917 “what in a name?. ”under the caption “what in a name?. ” the current april issueof the journal of industrial and engineering chemistry has aneditorial dealing with the nomenclatures-- common and proprietary-- ofacetylsalicylic acid the editorial was prompted by an article by dr leech printed in the same issue replying to its own question. “the answer to this question so far as it applies to acetylsalicylic acid popularly known as aspirin is the difference between eighty-eight cents, the price the druggist must pay for every one hundred tablets of bayer aspirin, and forty cents, the cost of an equally pure american product naturally, this difference in cost is passed on to the individual consumer “that no scientific justification exists for this difference in cost is clearly shown in the contribution by dr paul nicholas leech, of the chemical laboratory of the american medical association, page 288 of this issue “on the other hand, the excess profit fully warrants the extensive and shrewdly-worded advertising campaign now in progress, a campaign which must eventually fail, because in the first place, it is contrary to the prevailing spirit of modern advertising, the motive of which is constructive rather than destructive, and, in the second place, it appeals merely to the temporary ignorance of the public at large, and has no basis in fact “we have been informed that the custodian of alien enemy property has taken charge of the stock interests of alien enemies in the company conducting this propaganda surely the custodian will not care, even in a trustee capacity, to continue as a writingicipant in a misleading campaign whose sole purpose is the perpetuation of a monopoly hitherto enjoyed under full patent protection ”the article to which the editorial refers is a essaywhat technical onegiving the findings of an examination made, at the request of thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, in the chemical laboratory of theamerican medical association by paul nicholas leech, ph d , of variousamerican brands of acetylsalicylic acid aspirin the result of theinvestigation may be summed up briefly in the statement that thereare on the american market, made by american firms, several brands ofacetylsalicylic acid that are just as good as, if not better than, thebayer product the journal has called attention to the misleading propaganda on thewriting of the bayer company farbenfabriken vorm friedr bayer & co , in its attempt to perpetuate the monopoly granted under our inequitablepatent laws this is done by conveying the inference that the only pureacetylsalicylic acid on the market is that known as “aspirin-bayer ”physicians should again be reminded of the facts in the case ofaspirin. Practically no other country in the world, and certainly notgerthesis, the original home of aspirin, would grant a patent eitheron acetylsalicylic acid, itself, or the process for making it theunited states granted both!.

Also all running scabs and manginess are healedby the powder of the dried root, or the juice thereof, but especiallyby the fine white hardened juice the distilled water of the rootworks the phd thesis help same effects, but more weakly. The root bruised and appliedof itself to any place where the bones are broken, helps to draw themforth, as also splinters and thorns in the flesh. And being appliedwith a little wine mixed therewith, it breaks boils, and helps whitlowson the joints - for all these latter, beginning at sores, cancers, &c apply it outwardly, mixing it with a little hog grease, or otherconvenient ointment as for the former diseases where it must be taken inwardly, it purgesvery violently, and needs an abler hand to correct it than most countrypeople have brook lime, or water-pimpernel descript this sends forth from a creeping root that shoots forthstrings at every joint, as it runs, divers and sundry green stalks, round and sappy with essay branches on them, essaywhat broad, round, deepgreen, and thick leaves set by couples thereon. From the bottom whereofshoot forth long foot stalks, with sundry small blue flowers on them, that consist of five small round pointed leaves a piece there is another sort nothing different from the former, but that it isgreater, and the flowers of a paler green colour place they grow in small standing waters, and usually nearwater-cresses time and flower in june and july, giving seed the next month after government and virtues it is a hot and biting martial plant brook-lime and water-cresses are generally used together in diet-drink, with other things serving to purge the blood and body from all illhumours that would destroy health, and are helpful to the scurvy theydo all provoke urine, and help to break the stone, and pass it away;they procure women courses, and expel the dead child being friedwith butter and vinegar, and applied warm, it helps all manner oftumours, swellings, and inflammations such drinks ought to be made of sundry herbs, according to the malady i shall give a plain and easy rule at the latter end of this book butcher broom it is called ruscus, and bruscus, kneeholm, kneeholly, kneehulver, andpettigree descript the first shoots that sprout from the root of butcherbroom, are thick, whitish, and short, essaywhat like those of asparagus, but greater, they rise up to be a foot and half high, are spread intodivers branches, green, and essaywhat creased with the roundness, toughand flexible, whereon are set essaywhat broad and almost round hardleaves and prickly, pointed at the end, of a dark green colour, two atthe most writing set at a place, very close and near together. About themiddle of the leaf, on the back and lower side from the middle rib, breaks forth a small whitish green flower, consisting of four smallround pointed leaves, standing upon little or no footstalk, and in theplace whereof comes a small round berry, green at the first, and redwhen it is ripe, wherein are two or three white, hard, round seedscontained the root is thick, white and great at the head, and fromthence sends forth divers thick, white, long, tough strings place it grows in copses, and upon heaths and waste grounds, andoftentimes under or near the holly bushes time it shoots forth its young buds in the spring, and the berriesare ripe about september, the branches of leaves abiding green all thewinter government and virtues it is a plant of mars, being of a gallantcleansing and opening quality the decoction of the root made withwine opens obstructions, provokes urine, helps to expel gravel and thestone, the stranguary and women courses, also the yellow jaundice andthe head-ache. And with same honey or sugar put thereunto, cleansesthe breast of phlegm, and the chest of such clammy humours gatheredtherein the decoction of the root drank, and a poultice made of theberries and leaves applied, are effectual in knitting and consolidatingbroken bones or writings out of joint the common way of using it, is toboil the root of it, and parsley and fennel and smallage in white wine, and drink the decoction, adding the like quantity of grass-root tothem. The more of the root you boil, the stronger will the decoctionbe. It works no ill effects, yet i hope you have wit enough to give thestrongest decoction to the strongest bodies broom, and broom-rape to spend time in writing a description hereof is altogether needless, it being so generally used by all the good housewives almost throughthis land to sweep their houses with, and therefore very well known toall sorts of people the broom-rape springs up in thesis places from the roots of the broom but more often in fields, as by hedge-sides and on heaths the stalkwhereof is of the bigness of a finger or thumb, above two feet high, having a shew of leaves on them, and thesis flowers at the top, of areddish yellow colour, as also the stalks and leaves are place they grow in thesis places of this land commonly, and ascommonly spoil all the land they grow in time they flower in the summer months, and give their seed beforewinter government and virtues the juice or decoction of the youngbranches, or seed, or the powder of the seed taken in drink purgesdownwards, and draws phlegmatic and watery humours from the joints;whereby it helps the dropsy, gout, sciatica, and pains of the hips andjoints. It also provokes strong vomits, and helps the pains of thesides, and swelling of the spleen, cleanses also the reins or kidneysand bladder of the stone, provokes urine abundantly, and hinders thegrowing again of the stone in the body the continual use of the powderof the leaves and seed doth cure the black jaundice the distilledwater of the flowers is profitable for all the same purposes. It alsohelps surfeit, and alters the fit of agues, if three or four ouncesthereof, with as much of the water of the lesser centaury, and alittle sugar put therein, be taken a little before the fit comes, andthe writingy be laid down to sweat in his bed the oil or water that isdrawn from the end of the green sticks heated in the fire, helps thetooth-ache the juice of young branches made into an ointment of oldhog grease, and anointed, or the young branches bruised and heatedin oil or hog grease, and laid to the sides pained by wind, as institches, or the spleen, ease them in once or twice using it the sameboiled in oil is the safest and surest medicine to kill lice in thehead or body of any.

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Only for lucre of money they cheat you, and tell you itis a kind of tear, or essay such like thing, that drops from poppieswhen they weep, and that is essaywhere beyond the seas, i know not wherebeyond the moon the garden poppy phd thesis help heads with seeds made into a syrup, is frequently, and to good effect used to procure rest, and sleep, inthe sick and weak, and to stay catarrhs and defluxions of thin rheumsfrom the head into the stomach and lungs, causing a continual cough, the fore-runner of a consumption. It helps also hoarseness of thethroat, and when one have lost their voice, which the oil of the seeddoth likewise the black seed boiled in wine, and drank, is said alsoto dry the flux of the belly, and women courses the empty shells, or poppy heads, are usually boiled in water, and given to procurerest and sleep. So doth the leaves in the same manner.