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Detaches with “pulling ” on heating, readily loses eucalyptol, and a small amount of resinous substance forms in the bottom of the beaker if cerelene is heated to 145 c and cooled, the resulting product no longer has the properties of the original cerelene it is recommended that the preceding report be sent to the hollidaylaboratories, and that unless its superiority over simple paraffins isdemonstrated and the unwarranted claims abandoned, cerelene be declaredinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies for conflict with rules 6and 10 this report was submitted to the holliday laboratories with theinformation that it had been adopted, oct 3, 1917 it was alsoexplained that before cerelene could be accepted, the unofficialand unstandardized constituent “myricyl palmitate” would have to beconsidered and accepted for new and nonofficial remedies since, forobvious reasons, the council does not accept a preparation whichcontains an unofficial and unstandardized substance not in n n r the holliday laboratories acknowledged receipt of the council reportand asked that the matter be held in abeyance until the requestedevidence had been obtained later the council was advised that theadvertising circulars for cerelene had been withdrawn with theexception of one giving directions for its use five months later, thefirm stated that experiments were being made “to determine the actualstrength of cerelene in comparison with other paraffin waxes ”nothing further has been heard from the holliday laboratories and noreply has been received to an inquiry made oct 12, 1918 the counciltherefore authorizes publication of its report declaring cereleneinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies -- from the journala m a , feb 15, 1919 collosol cocaine not admitted to n n r persuasive essay writing help report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe report which appears below was adopted by the council and sent tothe anglo-french drug co , ltd , new york, for comment in december, 1918 no explanation has been received from the manufacturer forthe information of the profession the council has now authorizedpublication of the report w a puckner, secretary “collosol cocaine” was submitted to the council in october, 1918, bythe anglo-french drug co , ltd , new york, under the claim that it wasan “absolute colloid” and that it contained “1 per cent cocain ” thelabel on the submitted specimen declares. “collosol cocaine 1-100” “ the cocaine exists as the pure alkaloid in the colloidal state-- the condition in which it is isomorphic with the protein of the body fluids the effect is more prolonged than that of a molecular cocaine solution and being non-toxic absorption presents no practical danger ”the product was assigned to the committee on pharmacology forconsideration the following report was submitted and its adoption bythe council recommended by the committee. “collosol cocaine” is said to be a colloidal form of cocain and is alleged to possess a remarkably low toxicity the subjoined report of the a m a chemical laboratory, however, shows that the preparation does not have the composition claimed for it and it is, in effect, misbranded in fact, the english manufacturers concede that it is not an “absolute colloid” and that the declaration with regard to the percentage of cocain is incorrect it is recommended that, without considering other conflicts with the rules of the council at this time, “collosol cocaine” be declared inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies for conflict with rule 1 which requires that the composition of an article must be correctly declared the report of the a m a chemical laboratory is appended report of the a m a chemical laboratorysimpson, hewlett and eyre lancet, april 28, 1917, p 660 reported“collosol cocaine” to be much less toxic than cocain these writers, however, did not verify the statements as to the composition and inthe light of subsequent chemical examination it is not to be wonderedat that “collosol cocaine 1 0 per cent ” was much less toxic than asolution containing 1 0 per cent of cocain hydrochlorid barger, dale and durham report from the dewritingment of biochemistryand pharmacology, medical research committee lancet, dec 1, 1917, p 825, that they examined “collosol cocaine” and found it to containbut 0 25 per cent of cocain they also found that the cocain was notpresent in a colloidal form discussing the low toxicity claimed by themanufacturers, these investigators state. “in the samples which we examined the toxicity was, indeed, much lower than that of an ordinary 1 per cent solution of a cocain salt.

Always remains cool under all circumstances they tell a story of his being in command of a light cruiser in the battle off the dogger banks, and throughout this engagement he calmly passed back and forth on the bridge, with a cigar in his mouth, giving his orders as calmly as if at essay gun practice or manœuvres his officers and men all respected him, which to my mind is a good enough recommendation one of the peculiarities of the wolf's cruise was that nobody, excepting the commander, knew where she was going, when she was going, and how long she was to be away the majority of the officers, thinking she would probably try to duplicate the raider moewe's operations, took only enough clothes to last them about three months, and only augmented their supply from the various vessels captured from one of the captured steamers they got several rolls or bolts of heavy dress goods, but unfortunately for them, they didn't have enough cotton thread to make them up into wearing apparel, although essay of them, in more need than the rest, sewed their new suits with ordinary sail twine, similar to that which the grocer uses to tie up his parcels the cloth was all dark goods, and it looked odd to see the coarse white string stitches against the dark background thesis of the suits were very well cut and fitted in the regular naval style the wolf's method of getting away from kiel was unique each day about eleven o'clock in the forenoon, she would up anchor and steam out of kiel harbour, manœuvring outside and having gun practice, returning each night to anchor in the harbour this procedure was kept up for over three weeks, until finally one night the wolf failed to return during these three weeks nobody was allowed ashore or to hold any communication with the shore even the german naval authorities did not know the date she was to sail, until she had gone all this goes to prove that the german naval dewritingment had considerable respect for the allied intelligence dewritingment on leaving kiel the wolf went through what is known as the "big belt, " a passage through denmark into the kattegat, from there along the danish coast across the norwegian coast, and out to the atlantic between the farrows and iceland on returning to gerthesis she merely retraced her course, the only difference being that she passed through the "little belt, " a very narrow piece of water, one-half of which is german territorial water and the other half danish from where i used to sit on deck outside my quarters i could see the other prisoners aft on the poop, at that time essay two hundred of them over half of them had no shoes, socks or overshirts, and fully one-fifth of them wore no undershirt i asked a couple of them why they did not wear a shirt in that blazing tropical sun they told me that they had only one shirt apiece and that the sweat rotted them so fast, that they were going without shirts at present and saving them till the weather got cold three times a day each squad flunkey a squad consisted of fourteen prisoners would troop up to the galley amidships and get their rations for the meal a kettle of alleged tea or coffee, black bread, and at noon a kettle of goulash, resembling a soft stew i had been on board the wolf for essay time before i finally got the chance to sneak down persuasive essay writing help below aft and see what the prisoners' quarters were like and have a talk with essay of the men the prisoners' quarters on the wolf were located aft in the cargo hold, and had their only entrance under the poop, on the main deck the quarters themselves were reached by means of a narrow ladder only, and this ladder was built in such a manner that not more than two persons could pass up or down at the same time, or one person up and one down simultaneously, thereby guarding against a concerted rush in event of an escape being planned over the entrance or hole in the deck leading to these stairs was slung a heavy iron hatch or cover, in such a manner that it could be dropped into place instantaneously by one of the guards this hatch would effectually close the only exit from the quarters where there were over two hundred prisoners confined also the closing of this hatch would cut off nearly one-half the air supply. During the times when this hatch was closed, when the wolf was passing through essay danger, the suffering in the hold from lack of air was often intense even under normal conditions the air supply was inadequate it was probably 8:30 p m when i was there, and i would judge the temperature to have been between 118 and 120 degrees fahrenheit, and the reek of feet, breath and bodies was essaything awful on this writingicular night, i should judge from one-quarter to three-eighths of an inch of sweat was on the floor, and when the vessel rolled there would be a thin scum of liquid running from side to side the walls and ceiling were literally running water, which was caused by moisture drawn from the bodies of the men by the hot iron sides of the ship and the deck overhead combine stale tobacco smoke with this atmosphere, and it was a wonder to me that a human being could exist in it at this time everybody was herded into the one comwritingment captains, mates, engineers, firemen, sailors, cooks and flunkies, all together white men, niggers, turks, greeks and japanese at night everybody slept in hammocks and during the day these hammocks were "made up" and piled away in one corner, thus leaving enough room for several rough plank tables and benches to be set up there were no lockers or any comwritingments where a man could put his spare clothing or shaving gear, therefore no man's gear was safe from theft a man who didn't have a shirt would steal one from a man who had two. This made it impossible for a man to have any more clothes than just what he stood in later on thesis of the men were given empty paper or boxes and fixed them up to keep their spare gear in the sanitary arrangements at this time were very poor, there being only three toilets for all hands certain squads of men would take turns in keeping these quarters clean, the whole place being thoroughly scrubbed out three times a week i mean thoroughly in the full sense of the word everything moveable, excepting the clothing boxes, was taken on deck, then the room scrubbed with heavy brushes and sand next the tables and benches were scoured with sand and canvas, the hammocks scrubbed and the various tin dishes used for food were scoured bright after everything was dry it was put back in place and the prisoner officer made an inspection it was very seldom that he found anything to complain of, as the men seemed to welcome this house-cleaning as it gave them essaything to do to occupy their time reading material was very scarce, so the time passed very slowly there was supposed to be a regular daily routine. But owing to the thesis interruptions, such as gun practice, fire drill, boarding drill and drills with small arms, this routine was not always carried out at 5:30 a m all the prisoners were waked up and by six o'clock all the hammocks were made up and stowed away then the tables were set up in place and the table laid for breakfast at seven o'clock the squad flunkies would get their gear ready, and promptly at 7:20 breakfast would be ready immediately after breakfast the dishes were cleaned and the quarters given their regular daily clean up usually during the forenoon, after their work was done, the prisoners were allowed to go up on deck and enjoy the fresh air dinner at 12:30 noon, coffee at 3:30 p m , and supper at 6:30 very seldom was anybody allowed on deck after coffee at 8:00 p m all lights were extinguished excepting three, one over the steps at the exit and two at the back of the quarters the distribution of the fresh water was also very poor each prisoner was allowed half a gallon per day for washing, drinking and bathing purposes this amount, properly conserved, will answer the purpose, but unfortunately the method of distribution was so poor that not all got their regular allowance. And the loss of this water caused the unfortunate ones great inconvenience, especially during the time that the wolf was in the tropics thesis of the men used tea to brush their teeth in.

After which comeblackish seed in small husks, which lying loose therein, will rattlewith shaking the root consists of two or three small whitish stringswith essay fibres thereat the common yellow rattle hath seldom above one round great stalk, rising from the foot, about half a yard, or two feet high, and but fewbranches thereon, having two long and essaywhat broad leaves set ata joint, deeply cut in on the edges, resembling the comb of a cock, broadest next to the stalk, and smaller to the end the flowers growat the tops of the stalks, with essay shorter leaves with them, hoodedafter the same manner that the others are, but of a fair yellow colour, or in essay paler, and in essay more white the seed is contained inlarge husks, and being ripe, will rattle or make a noise with lyingloose in them the root is small and slender, perishing every year place they grow in meadows and woods generally through this land time they are in flower from midsummer until august be past, essaytimes government and virtues they are both of them under the dominion ofthe moon the red rattle is accounted profitable to heal up fistulasand hollow ulcers, and to stay the flux of humours in them, as alsothe abundance of women courses, or any other fluxes of blood, beingboiled in red wine, and drank the yellow rattle, or cock comb, is held to be good for those thatare troubled with a cough, or dimness of sight, if the herb, beingboiled with beans, and essay honey put thereto, be drank or dropped intothe eyes the whole seed being put into the eyes, draws forth any skin, dimness or film, from the sight, without trouble, or pain rest harrow, or cammock descript common rest persuasive essay writing help harrow rises up with divers rough woody twigshalf a yard or a yard high, set at the joints without order, withlittle roundish leaves, essaytimes more than two or three at a place, of a dark green colour, without thorns while they are young. Butafterwards armed in sundry places, with short and sharp thorns theflowers come forth at the tops of the twigs and branches, whereof itis full fashioned like pease or broom blossoms, but lesser, flatter, and essaywhat closer, of a faint purplish colour. After which come smallpods containing small, flat, round seed. The root is blackish on theoutside, and whitish within, very rough, and hard to break when it isfresh and green, and as hard as an horn when it is dried, thrustingdown deep into the ground, and spreading likewise, every piece beingapt to grow again if it be left in the ground place it grows in thesis places of this land, as well in the arableas waste ground time it flowers about the beginning or middle of july, and the seedis ripe in august government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars it issingularly good to provoke urine when it is stopped, and to break anddrive forth the stone, which the powder of the bark of the root takenin wine performs effectually matthiolus saith, the same helps thedisease called herma carnosa, the fleshy rupture, by taking the saidpowder for three months together constantly, and that it hath curedessay which seemed incurable by any other means than by cutting orburning the decoction thereof made with essay vinegar, gargled in themouth, eases the tooth-ache, especially when it comes of rheum.

And if thewild sort be boiled with mushrooms, it makes them less dangerous thesaid pears boiled with a little honey, help much the oppressed stomach, as all sorts of them do, essay more, persuasive essay writing help essay less. But the harsher sortsdo more cool and bind, serving well to be bound to green wounds, tocool and stay the blood, and heal up the green wound without farthertrouble, or inflammation, as galen saith he hath found by experience the wild pears do sooner close up the lips of green wounds than others schola selerni advises to drink much wine after pears, or else saythey they are as bad as poison. Nay, and they curse the tree for ittoo. But if a poor man find his stomach oppressed by eating pears, itis but working hard, and it will do as well as drinking wine pellitory of spain common pellitory of spain, if it be planted in our gardens, willprosper very well. Yet there is one sort growing ordinarily here wild, which i esteem to be little inferior to the other, if at all i shallnot deny you the description of them both descript common pellitory is a very common plant, and will not bekept in our gardens without diligent looking to the root goes downright into the ground bearing leaves, being long and finely cut uponthe stalk, lying on the ground, much larger than the leaves of thecamomile are at the top it bears one single large flower at a place, having a border of thesis leaves, white on the upper side, and reddishunderneath, with a yellow thrum in the middle, not standing so close asthat of camomile the other common pellitory which grows here, hath a root of a sharpbiting taste, scarcely discernible by the taste from that beforedescribed, from whence arise divers brittle stalks, a yard high andmore, with narrow leaves finely dented about the edges, standing oneabove another up to the tops the flowers are thesis and white, standingin tufts like those of yarrow, with a small yellowish thrum in themiddle the seed is very small place the last grows in fields by the hedge sides and paths, almostevery where time it flowers at the latter end of june and july government and virtues it is under the government of mercury, andi am persuaded it is one of the best purgers of the brain that grows an ounce of the juice taken in a draught of muskadel an hour before thefit of the ague comes, it will assuredly drive away the ague at thesecond or third time taken at the farthest either the herb or rootdried and chewed in the mouth, purges the brain of phlegmatic humours;thereby not only easing pains in the head and teeth, but also hindersthe distilling of the brain upon the lungs and eyes, thereby preventingcoughs, phthisicks and consumption, the apoplexy and falling sickness it is an excellently approved remedy in the lethargy the powder ofthe herb or root being snuffed up the nostrils, procures sneezing, andeases the head-ache. Being made into an ointment with hog grease, ittakes away black and blue spots occasioned by blows or falls, and helpsboth the gout and sciatica pellitory of the wall descript it rises with brownish, red, tender, weak, clear, andalmost transparent stalks, about two feet high, upon which grow at thejoints two leaves essaywhat broad and long, of a dark green colour, which afterwards turn brownish, smooth on the edges, but rough andhairy, as the stalks are also at the joints with the leaves from themiddle of the stalk upwards, where it spreads into branches, stand thesissmall, pale, purplish flowers in hairy, rough heads, or husks, afterwhich come small, black, rough seed, which will stick to any clothor garment that shall touch it the root is essaywhat long, with smallfibres thereat, of a dark reddish colour, which abides the winter, although the stalks and leaves perish and spring every year place it grows wild generally through the land, about the bordersof fields, and by the sides of walls, and among rubbish it will endurewell being brought up in gardens, and planted on the shady side, whereit will spring of its own sowing time it flowers in june and july, and the seed is ripe soon after government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury thedried herb pellitory made up into an electuary with honey, or thejuices of the herb, or the decoction thereof made up with sugar orhoney, is a singular remedy for an old or dry cough, the shortness ofbreath, and wheezing in the throat three ounces of the juice thereoftaken at a time, doth wonderfully help stopping of the urine, and toexpel the stone or gravel in the kidneys or bladder, and is thereforeusually put among other herbs used in clysters to mitigate pains inthe back, sides, or bowels, proceeding of wind, stopping of urine, thegravel or stone, as aforesaid if the bruised herb, sprinkled withessay muskadel, be warmed upon a tile, or in a dish upon a few quickcoals in a chafing-dish, and applied to the belly, it works the sameeffect the decoction of the herb being drank, eases pains of themother, and brings down women courses. It also eases those griefsthat arise from obstructions of the liver, spleen, and reins the samedecoction, with a little honey added thereto, is good to gargle asore throat the juice held a while in the mouth, eases pains in theteeth the distilled water of the herb drank with essay sugar, worksthe same effects, and cleanses the skin from spots, freckles, purples, wheals, sun-burn, morphew, &c the juice dropped into the ears, easesthe noise in them, and takes away the pricking and shooting painstherein. The same, or the distilled water, assuages hot and swellingimposthumes, burnings and scaldings by fire or water. As also allother hot tumours and inflammations, or breakings-out, of heat, beingbathed often with wet cloths dipped therein.

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Mucousmembrane of larynx and trachea pale lungs showed venous congestion;no infarctions or small ecchymoses. Right lung emphysematous. The leftshowed old firm adhesions throughout heart large, flabby, pale, a verylittle blood in each ventricle. Subpericardial ecchymosis one-fourthinch square anteriorly, another larger one posteriorly. Extensivepericardial adhesions liver and kidneys congested 81 see two paper of judicial hanging by wilkie, same journal, 1881, xvi , p 275 82 porter. Archiv laryngol , new york, 1880, i , p 142 - redemierhung drop five feet pulse beat rapidly a few minutes, then lessenedin frequency and stopped beating in fifteen minutes during thistime there was violent spasm of muscles of thorax and upper limbs necroscopy, dark groove around neck crossing larynx just below pomumadami brain congested lungs emphysematous cricoid cartilagefractured diagonally laryngeal mucous membrane showed ecchymosis andœdema vertebræ neither fractured nor dislocated 83 another criminal hung at the same time had dislocation ofcervical vertebræ 84 fenwick. Canada med jour , 1867, iii , p 195 - man executed;drop six feet. Second cervical vertebra torn from attachment to third;medulla torn across. Hyoid bone and tongue torn from thyroid cartilage;general congestion of viscera. Lenses normal.