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Two buried in loose personal help with writing personal statement earth. Two crushed in a crowd. One by bagsof grain 48 feulard. Bull soc anat , 1883, viii , pp 384-386 - woman, age79 piece of beef in larynx necroscopy showed hematoma in dura mater 49 poupon. Bull soc clin , paris 1882, 1883, vi , pp 236-238 - boy, age 5½ years death from cheesy gland in trachea 50 pons. Jour méd , bordeaux, 1889-1890, xix , pp 57-61 - woman, age 24 death from œdema of larynx from presence of writingicles of food 51 kemény. Wien med blat , 1890, xiii , p 37 - man, age 45 suffocated by curdled milk in air-passages 52 maschka. Vier ger med , 1885, xliii , pp 11-14 - man, age 65 accidental compression of chest 53 heidenhain. Same journal, 1886, xliv , pp 96-101 - vomitedmatter passed into air-passages while subject was drunk 54 langstein.

But on the other hand from its position it is less liable toaccidents when we say that these wires should be properly protected we mean thatsuch arrangements and contrivances should be used as will prevent themwhile in their usual position from coming into contact with dangerousobjects, writingicularly with other wires this may be accomplished byguard wires or in other ways it is plainly of great importance thatthis should be specially cared for, and writingicularly in a city wherethere are thesis overhead wires, and perhaps a considerable number ofdead or non-used wires if the electricity comes into contact with oneof these no one can tell where it may be transmitted or what harm itmay do the principles which apply to these overhead wires of course applyceteris paribus to all other electric overhead wires, and in likemanner the statements made in regard to the diffusion or spreadingof currents in underground wires are applicable to all methods oftransmitting electricity mechanically through the ground so far as theconditions are similar an electric current will always follow the pathof best conduction, and where several paths are opened it will followthem proportionally according to the excellence of their conduction orinversely to the amount of their electric resistance we shall not enter here into any questions in regard to the diffusionof electricity, its transmission through fluids, water, air or othergases, nor shall we discuss the relations of good or bad conductors toelectricity except so far as this relates to certain portions of thehuman body an elementary knowledge of physics and electricity must bepresupposed we can now enter more directly upon the immediate subject of thisarticle, that is, the effect upon the human body of severe ormoderately strong currents of electricity derived from artificialsources the accidents produced by these currents may be divided intotwo classes, the direct and the indirect under the direct we placeall those conditions which are apparently produced by the actionof the electricity itself, such as the general shock, the loss ofconsciousness, the burns, etc on the other hand, all those accidentsare to be considered indirect which are not primarily due to the actionof the electric current, but are only secondary results thereof theseare largely determined by the immediate surroundings and conditions atthe time such, for example, are the surgical injuries due to fallscaused by the loss of consciousness produced by the electric shock indirect accidents these will be considered first, as they do not demand so detailed adescription as the direct they are traumatic in character and are theresult either of loss of consciousness, momentary or lasting, or ofthe involuntary muscular contraction which may be occasioned by theelectric shock they are among the most frequent effects of severeelectric shocks these accidents consist in contusions, fractures, dislocations, wounds, and any other injuries which may be produced fromsudden loss of consciousness while in a dangerous position death mayreadily occur either immediately or as the more or less delayed resultof such injuries if the person shocked falls into the water he may bedrowned, or if into the fire he will be burnt the varieties of suchaccidents dependent on the sudden loss of consciousness produced bythe electricity are, of course, innumerable, and their occurrence mustlargely depend upon the position of the victim at the moment of theshock we see, perhaps, most of these accidents in linemen on the topsof poles or houses or in other exposed places, but persons who receiveshocks when simply standing on the personal help with writing personal statement ground or when sitting are notexempt from severe surgical injuries other than burns they are oftencast to the ground with great violence, and not infrequently are thrownto a distance of several feet this is caused by the violent muscularcontraction produced by the electric shock, and it may occasion, likeany violent push or fall, severe injuries from contact with thevarious objects against which they may be forced although much rarer, it is also possible that the violence of these muscular contractionsmay be such as of themselves to cause injury, as rupture of a muscle ortendon as practically all these indirect accidents are traumatic andsurgical in character, they do not differ from other accidents similarin kind, but otherwise caused, and are to be treated on the samegeneral principles as these direct accidents quite different from the indirect are the direct accidents. Thoseproduced by the immediate direct action of the electricity theseare of various kinds, which we shall consider separately they may bedivided into immediate and late symptoms, and they vary much accordingto the severity of the shock and the constitution of the patient, and the writing of the body through which the electricity passes thecharacter of the current which gives the shock, whether constant orinterrupted, also naturally has an influence on the effect general principles - a shock may be given in three ways with anordinary galvanic battery if the current be sufficiently strong, adistinct shock will be produced when the circuit is closed and againwhen the circuit is opened, while with a current of the usual strengthfor medical purposes, the sensation while the current is passingthrough the body steadily is much less and is often limited to asensation of burning at the seat of the electrode a shock may also thirdly be produced by a reversal of the current, and the shock thuscaused is stronger for the same current than that produced in either ofthe other ways the strength of these shocks is shown both by the sensation producedand by the amount of muscular contraction caused when now a shockis caused by a continuous or constant current which starts froman ordinary dynamo or other electric generator or storer, it ispractically always caused by the opening or closing of the circuit, or, what is essentially the same, the diversion of a writing or the wholeof the current from its proper path to and through essay portion of thehuman body causes a shock at the time of the entrance of the body intothe circuit and another at the time of its exit therefrom shocksfrom reversal of current when such current arises from a constantmachine might occur, but only through essay peculiar accident hencethe shocks distinguished from any other effects of electricity whichare received by the person coming into contact with a constant currentare felt only at the moment of entering the circuit closure and ofleaving it opening if a person introduces himself between the twowires of an electric circuit in which a constant current is used, insuch a manner as to cause the current to pass through his body, hewill feel the shock only at the moment when he touches the second wireand completes the circuit, and at the moment when he lets go one ofthe wires and opens the circuit unless the current be so strong orbe so placed that he can divert to himself sufficient electricity tocause a shock, or, in other words, close a secondary circuit in essayother way while the current is passing through the body, although itmay burn and cause tingling and other unpleasant symptoms, there isno proper shock in other words, an electric shock is caused only bya change in the amount of electricity passing through the body or aportion thereof if we now consider the effects of alternating currents, we findthat we have another factor to deal with the general principles areexactly the same, but inasmuch as the reversal shock is stronger thanthe closure or opening shocks, other things being equal, we are likelyto receive a stronger shock from a current of the same force, and inaddition to this, as in alternating machines the reversals occur withconsiderable rapidity, the person who becomes connected with thiscircuit receives a number of strong shocks within a short space oftime this is a much more serious matter than to permit a current ofequal strength to flow through the body without change the effect of this form of electricity on the human body is firststimulating and then tetanizing to the muscles it consists in a veryrapidly interrupted current, the shocks being at times so frequent thatthey are not singly perceptible there is probably also a distinctdifference in the action of this current from that of the galvaniccurrent aside from its rapid interruption this is not, however, of sodefined a character as to enable us at the present time to distinguishin man the results of severe injuries and deaths caused by this formfrom those caused by other strong currents practically this form ofcurrent is but little used, except in medical batteries and for thepurposes of experimentation in laboratories static electricity has, so far as we know, rarely or never causedserious injuries or death the sparks produced in this way haveessaytimes caused burns, and it is conceivable that a strong electriccurrent produced in this way might be dangerous the symptoms could notbe distinguished from those caused by other forms of electricity summary - the greatest source of danger from electric currents is theshock produced by them in ordinary constant or continuous currentsthis is produced only at the moment of the opening and the closure ofthe circuit in alternating currents a shock is also produced at eachreversal of the machine faradic and static currents are rarely ornever used mechanically or in the arts resistance - the resistance of the human body to electric currentshas been very variously estimated the reasons for these variations are. 1 that the different tissuespresent different resistances. 2 that the resistance in the sametissue varies greatly under different circumstances the tissue which offers the greatest resistance and also practicallythe greatest variation is the skin, or, more properly speaking, theepidermis the resistance of this is thesis times as great as that of therest of the body, and when perfectly dry it is impervious to currentsof great strength witz states that in using a ruhmkorf coil with anestimated force of 250, 000 volts in guinea-pigs and rabbits, it isadvisable to cut through the skin in order to apply the electrodesdirectly to the flesh, or, at least, to wet the skin thoroughly, otherwise the shock caused by the full strength of the battery sixjars charged from the coil would not cause death various animalsoffer rates of resistance which vary essaywhat apparently according tothe nature of the animal, but are probably largely dependent on theconducting power of its tissues, that is, of its skin the variationsbetween the resistance of similar animals, according to the conditionof the skin at the time of the experiment, are much greater than thosewhich are found between animals of different species under similarconditions, or which are referable to specific susceptibility mr harold p brown testified in the kemmler case court of appeals, stateof new york state of new york ex rel william kemmler againstcharles f durston, agent and warden that he had in the course of hisexperiments seen a horse weighing 1, 320 pounds, with a resistance of11, 000 ohms, killed by an alternating current at 700 volts the resistance of the different cutaneous surfaces of the human bodyas measured by jolly in siemens’ units was from 400, 000 down to 15, 000in the male and to 8, 000 in the female siemens’ unit is to the ohm as1 06 to 1 00 tschirfew and watteville made the resistance from 80, 000 to 3, 000 ohms experiments made at the edison phonograph factory and edison laboratoryin july, 1889, on 259 males between the ages of eleven and fifty-one, showed a resistance, measured between the hands immersed to the wristsin a solution of caustic potash independent of polarization, averaging986 ohms and varying from 1, 970 to 550 ohms the resistance of 236 men employed at messrs bergmann & co electrical works in new york appears to have averaged 1, 184 ohms andto have varied from 1, 870 to 610 ohms these measurements were alsotaken between the hands, which were washed with soap and water and thendipped in jars containing a solution of caustic potash the batteryconsisted of four chromic-acid cells each having an e m f of 2 volts as shown in all the experiments on animals and more especially in thepaper of electrocution, the continuance or duration of the current hasmuch effect on the resistance as the current continues the resistancediminishes thus in the case of mcelvaine the resistance between theimmersed hands was at the beginning 800 ohms and at the end of thecontact of fifty seconds had decreased to 516 ohms in this case, whenthe current of 1, 500 volts was applied from the forehead to the leg, the resistance was practically steady at only 214 ohms of course thesmall resistance in these paper electrocutions depends largely on theperfect contact secured according to the amount of resistance offered do the effects of severeshocks of electricity differ this is shown especially well in theaction of lightning, but is also true of powerful currents producedmechanically if the resistance of the skin be slight at the moment ofentering the circuit of a strong current, the current will pass throughit with comparative ease and without causing much injury.

British journal personal help with writing personal statement of inebriety 13:9, 1915-1916 “the peace and war footing of alcohol”. Medical record 88:226, 1915 “alcohol and therapeutics”. Medical record 92:666, 1917 -- from the journal a m a , nov 30, 1918 biologic therapeutics and its commercial dominationthe danger of commercialized therapeutics has been enormously increasedby the introduction of biologic products these substances offer a richfield for the commercially minded, first, because of the remarkableresults which seem to have followed the use of certain products ofthis type. Second, because the field is new and the mode of actionof these substances not readily understood and, third-- and mostimportant-- because, by the very nature of the problems involved, fewphysicians are well informed concerning them the influenza epidemic oflast year was widespread and fatal in character it stimulated earnestresearch in methods of prevention and cure we were all in a frameof mind to grasp at any straw here and there essay worker would cry“eureka”-- only to be disappointed when his product was actually put tothe test however, there were more than enough manufacturers ready toplace any product on the market with specious claims that could notbe positively denied vaccines, serums, proteins-- all were advancedwith such glowing statements as to their properties that only thosephysicians who kept their feet firmly on solid ground could resistthe appeal now we have had another epidemic-- mild, it is true-- butthe memories of last year make the average physician ready to acceptanything which promises hope, and the manufacturers “make hay while thesun shines ” physicians have been and are being deluged with literatureon the prophylaxis and treatment of influenza so far as we know, fewpublications have contained any word of warning on these matters oneexception has just come to notice. The medico-military review, asemimonthly mimeographed publication sent to medical officers of thearmy by the surgeon general office this says. You are reminded that so far a comprehensive analysis of results obtained by the use of monovalent and polyvalent vaccines in the prevention of influenza has not demonstrated their value much carefully controlled experimental work is now being carried out on this subject both in civil institutions and in the army, and any worthwhile advances will be reported in the review from time to time if a prospective vaccine is developed, it will be prepared at the army medical school for general distribution and all medical officers will be duly notified the general use of the present commercial polyvalent protective against influenza is not considered desirable numerous telegrams and other requisitions are being received for influenza vaccine in view of the fact that no prophylactic influenza vaccine is available, such requisitions should be discontinued -- editorial from the journal a m a , feb 14, 1920 capell uroluetic test u s marine hospital, chicago to the editor:-- a member of the consultant staff of this hospital recently referred to us a “doctor” h f matthews, who was supposed to give demonstrations of a new test for syphilis-- “capell ‘uroluetic’ test ” the test was to be made of the urine of the patient the above mentioned consultant was under the impression that the said “doctor” matthews was a graduate physician “doctor” matthews came to the hospital according to the appointment made by the consultant, and proceeded to give his demonstration several of the junior officers and interns were present to witness it he was asked questions in an attempt to determine the scientific status of the test which he was demonstrating his answers were always vague and indefinite and not clothed in scientific words we became suspicious of him, and he was asked if he was a graduate physician he admitted that he was not he was further asked if he had studied chemistry and bacteriology. He stated that he had in 1888 inquiry was made as to where.

In theintra-peritoneal variety it is due to peritonitis these paper ofinjury to the bladder may die suddenly and speedily from personal help with writing personal statement shock or fromperitonitis in three to seven days, or not until fifteen days or so inpunctured and incised wounds the urine escapes more slowly, peritonitisdevelops less early, and death is longer delayed hemorrhage in injuryto the bladder is not usually serious. The blood is found writingly inthe bladder, writingly in the pelvis, where the fluid extravasated byperitonitis is also found the victim of a wound or rupture of thebladder may often walk about for essay time after the injury stomach and intestines - punctured wounds, or, more rarely, incisedwounds of the abdomen may involve these organs, or they may be rupturedby blows, crushes, and falls, or from disease stab-wounds of theseviscera may be multiple from a single stab, the instrument traversingone coil, perhaps, and then wounding others, though this is less oftenthe case than with gunshot wounds ruptures too may be multiple, though less often so than wounds the ileum is most liable to rupture, though several paper of rupture of the jejunum are on record likethe bladder, the stomach and, to a less extent, the intestines aremore liable to be ruptured when distended ruptures of the stomach orintestines are seldom attended with much hemorrhage, while wounds mayoccasionally cause a serious and fatal hemorrhage from the wounding ofa large blood-vessel the principal danger lies in the leakage of thecontents of the stomach and intestines, which almost always sets up aseptic peritonitis this may essaytimes become localized and go on tospontaneous cure, though as a rule it becomes general and is fatal insuch paper early operation may avoid the fatal peritonitis a puncturedwound may be so small as to be closed by the mucous membrane, avoidingthe escape of the contents of the gut or a wound may not entirelypenetrate the wall of the stomach or intestines, which only gives wayessay days, perhaps, after the injury, though the injury is entirelyresponsible for the delayed result these injuries are essaytimesfatal immediately or very speedily from shock, while in other paperof very extensive injury there may be almost no shock, and the victimis aware of no serious injury it is an important point to remembermedico-legally that spontaneous rupture of the stomach or intestinesmay occur owing to ulceration due to disease this can be determinedby a careful examination of the wall of the stomach or intestines atthe site of the rupture a slight injury may also cause rupture if thewall of the gut is weakened by disease, as the disease causes greaterliability to rupture here too it is to be remembered that a severeinjury causing rupture may leave no mark of violence on the abdominalwall the power of walking or other muscular exertion after suchinjuries of the stomach or intestines is not infrequently preserved, asrecorded in numerous paper 683 the prognosis in such injuries of thestomach and intestines is always extremely grave incised, punctured, and contused wounds of the genital organs these are not common as medico-legal paper self-castration ormutilation is essaytimes practised by lunatics, idiots, or evenintoxicated persons thus a man who, while intoxicated, cut off hisgenital organs and died the next day from the effects of hemorrhage wasseen by demarquay 684 circumcision in infants is also essaytimes fatalfrom phlegmonous inflammation 685incised, lacerated, or contused wounds of the female genitals may befatal from hemorrhage from thesis small vessels deeply incised woundsof the female genitals proves wilful and deliberate malice. Accidentis out of the question and suicide is improbable in such paper but weessaytimes have to determine between accidental, self-inflicted, andhomicidal wounds of these writings, as accidental wounds may occasionallyresemble those made by design and so may furnish more or lessdifficulty, unless all the circumstances are known thus taylor686relates the case of a child in whom a sharp-pointed stick entered andpassed through the posterior wall of the vagina as she fell from atree the stick was removed by a woman, and the child died in a littleover a day from peritonitis unless the circumstances were known, thiscase might have caused suspicion of homicide lunatics, idiots, and drunkards essaytimes inflict on themselves woundsunlike ordinary suicidal ones in other paper the various points wehave enumerated in a previous section to distinguish between suicide, homicide, and accident may be applied to solve the case contused wounds, such as kicks, etc , of the female genitals maybe fatal from hemorrhage due to the laceration of the writings 687like the wounds of the eyebrows, contused wounds of the vulva mayessaytimes resemble incised wounds owing to the sharp bony surfacesbeneath careful examination allows a discrimination to be made fromincised wounds if hemorrhage occurs a long time after the allegedviolence, it is probably due to natural causes, especially in paper ofmetrorrhagia, etc it may be alleged in defence that contused woundsof the female genitals were inflicted post mortem, but besides theother features which we have already seen help to distinguish betweenante-mortem and post-mortem wounds, we may add that kicks and othercontusions of the vulva, if fatal, are so from hemorrhage or effusionof blood, and no post-mortem hemorrhage is enough to cause death incised, punctured, and contused wounds of the extremities these may be fatal if a large blood vessel or vessels are opened, oressaytimes if a compound fracture or wound of a joint becomes infected they may also in essay paper be fatal from shock, from the severityof the injury as a rule they are the cause of civil suits, not ofcriminal ones the various injuries may cause disability for a longeror shorter time, or even permanently, and more or less deformity mayalso remain this may be the case with fractures, especially if theyoccur near the joints, in which case great caution should be exercisedin giving an opinion or prognosis it is a common mistaken idea of thelaity that a fractured or dislocated limb can be made in every case asgood as before the injury on the contrary, they not infrequently leavea slight deformity and impairment of function, essaytimes even under thebest treatment dislocations may also leave a lasting disability orweakness, often owing to the carelessness of the injured person wounds of an artery or vein, or both, may result in an aneurism oran arterio-venous aneurism wounds of nerves may cause paralysis andanæsthesia of the writings supplied wounds of muscles or tendons maycause weakness or complete loss of motion of writingicular joints woundsof the soft writings, if infected, may lead to cellulitis and phlegmonousinflammation, which may result in much injury wounds of joints, ifpenetrating, are serious, for without the proper treatment they mayresult in suppuration in the joint, disorganization of the joint, and final ankylosis before the use of antiseptic treatment suchwounds were not uncommonly fatal fractures, simple or compound, orcontusions of bone especially in young subjects, may be followed byosteo-periostitis and its consequences, which may require a long timefor recovery after the fracture is entirely recovered from, and a stilllonger time before the limb can be used these and thesis other of thevarious results of wounds and injuries of the extremities, causingdeformity or disability, or both, can often be cured or improved bysurgical treatment or operation the medico-legal consideration of gunshot wounds by roswell park, a m , m d , professor of surgery in the university of buffalo. Attending surgeon to the buffalo general hospital. Fellow of the german congress of surgeons. Of the american orthopædic association. Of the american genito-urinary surgeons’ association. Of the new york academy of medicine, etc , etc gunshot wounds general considerations few medical men there are who have long engaged in practice who havenot been compelled to take writing in essay medico-legal controversy inpaper of accidental or alleged homicidal gunshot wounds so soon asdeath occurs the surgeon ceases to work as such, but may continue towork as a medical jurist, and in preparation for this event must beready to answer any questions bearing upon the case which, thoughpossibly ridiculous in surgery, are or may be necessary in law hemay be called upon to testify as to the precise nature of a woundinflicted upon the body of a man seen before or after death. As to themeans by which it was inflicted. Whether the purport was suicidal orhomicidal. How much blood was lost. Whether the weapon was near to orat a distance from the body when fired. Whether it were possible thatthe deceased could have fired it himself. Whether after the receptionof the wound the person could have moved or performed any act in otherwords, whether death was instantaneous he may be asked also as togenuine or spurious blood-stains, whether genuine blood-stains werehuman or from essay other animal. Whether possibly they were from thebody of the deceased he will be expected to tell from what directionthe bullet or missile was fired. Which the wound of entrance and whichof exit, and thesis other things possible concerning the circumstancesunder which death occurred it is unnecessary to state that questionsof this nature call not only for conventional surgical skill, but forthe highest degree of shrewdness and general information, as well asessaytimes for expert knowledge with regard to small-arms and theirballistics it has been well said that the first duty of a medical jurist is tocultivate a habit of minute observation when this is combined with aknowledge of what the law requires and with the results of a technicaleducation, he will be able to meet all or nearly all of the scientificquestions which may be asked of him a learned judge once said that“a medical man when he sees a dead body should notice everything ”certainly he should make a minute scrutiny of the body to note whetherthere are upon the dress or hands of the deceased marks of blood, orwhether blood-stains are noted in different writings of the room. Whetherthe body or any writing of it is cold or warm. Whether the limbs are coldor rigid or pliant, since by these means the accurate date of death maybe more accurately determined examination and description in determining facts attending a suspicious case of gunshot wound, there should be noted, if known, 1st, the exact time of death, aswell as of infliction of the wound.

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Then they would sink one of our vessels and i would wish them doomed to eternal labour of this kind among the matunga's heterogeneous cargo were two large horses and one small pony these were taken care of by the butcher dewritingment and i suppose i ate my share i afterwards told my wife about her eating horse flesh and nearly lost a handful of hair for my information on august 26th both wolf and matunga proceeded to sea and at 1:20 p m the matunga was sunk by three bombs from the time of the first explosion until she disappeared beneath the waves was just six and a half minutes she sank stern first, and as she made the final dive the rush of air below decks blew out the forecastle bulkhead, making it appear as if there had been a fourth bomb concealed there here i am convinced was the only time during the eight months that i was a prisoner on the wolf that there was ever any serious thought on nerger's writing regarding landing the women, children and medical officers before taking the matunga to sea to sink her, they transferred one of her large life-boats to the wolf, also a small gasoline launch these were hoisted on deck and placed in such a manner that they could be put overboard again easily, also they were in such a position that it interfered with the movements of the gun crew, thus proving that they were there only temporarily one of the officers asked me if i had ever had any experience with gas engines and was familiar with this writingicular make i told him i was, having owned at one time an engine of this make after giving the officer this information he was overheard by one of the womenfolk repeating it to the chief officer we top side prisoners were essay worked up, believe me we had it all "doped out" that after sinking the matunga we should proceed off essay island that was inhabited but had no wireless or cable connections, there the women, children and medicos would be put in personal help with writing personal statement the life-boat and i would tow them with the launch to essay nearby harbour this would have been the logical thing to do if commander nerger wanted to conform to the articles of the geneva convention, which specifically states that medical officers in event of capture shall be set free at the first available opportunity nerger also told me and my wife that he would land us in essay safe place at the first opportunity, provided he could do so without jeopardising his own safety he also told the medical officers and the rest of the women the same thing i maintain that at this time nerger could have landed us with perfect safety to himself and his ship as the wolf was about to leave the pacific ocean, having finished her activities in that locality at that time nobody had information regarding the wolf's previous movements nor any knowledge of her mine-laying operations however, at the last minute he must have concluded that this was too "humane" a procedure and ordered the boats over the side. They were fastened to the matunga and went down with her i claim this to have been the acme of inhumanity he might just as well have condemned the women and children to death right there, because at that time there were ninety-nine and a half chances to a hundred that they would be either killed in action or drowned i don't believe that there were five men in all the crew of the wolf, officers included, who ever expected the wolf to win safely into gerthesis there is another point to consider. Why did nerger and his officers continually assure us that the womenfolk should be landed shortly?. if he had told the truth like an officer and a man and said he had no intention to land us, then we would have had more respect for him and would not have suffered the bitter disappointment that we did writing twoa prisoner on a passenger steamerfrom new guinea the wolf steamed southwest through the malay archipelago, then between borneo and java and sumatra, thence through the java sea. And on the night of september 6th the wolf laid over one hundred mines across the northwest approach to the entrance of the singapore harbour going up the java sea, we were continually sighting vessels, and it was only the barefaced gall of the wolf that saved her from destruction less than a month previous to this the australian government had sent wireless messages broadcast stating that there was a raider essaywhere in the south pacific or indian oceans, and giving a complete description of the wolf yet here we were, steaming calmly along as if bound for singapore, meeting thesis merchantmen, and at one time one of the officers said he could see the smoke from five torpedo boats steaming along in squadron section when the wolf would pass another vessel close to, she would usually have only a couple of men about the decks doing odd jobs of painting and repairing i believe that it was the innocent appearance of the wolf which led to her safety she ignored all signals which is characteristic of the merchantman the night before the wolf mined singapore harbour we had a narrow escape from being discovered at 11:30 p m , just as i was dozing off to sleep on my bed on the floor, i heard the call to stations and sprang up to see what it was all about i looked out-of-doors and saw the two ship's surgeons passing aft, both with their first aid kits strapped to their waists slipping to the rail i saw that all four cannon were swung into position, clear for battle, and i could also see that both of the wolf's torpedo tubes were protruding over the side just on the port bow was a small cruiser or battleship from where i stood i could see her funnels and two masts, also the outline of her hull she was travelling without lights, the same as we were i slipped back into my room, closed the door and switched on the light i dressed my little girl while my wife got into her clothes this did not take long as we always slept with our clothes in such a position that we could get into our "emergency outfit" in short order every moment while dressing i expected to hear and feel the crash of the wolf's guns, but fortunately the other fellow didn't see us, and in a few minutes the signal was given to swing the guns in the danger was past, but there was a mighty nervous crew of men on board the wolf that night on the other hand, it was perhaps just as well for the japanese cruiser that he did not spot us, because the minute he had made any signal and given us any indication that he had seen us, the wolf would have launched both torpedos and given him a broadside, and at that short range they could not have missed very well personally i was satisfied the way things turned out, as i did not like my chances of getting the family into a boat under the circumstances, neither did i have any wish to be present when the actual firing began while counting my chances of getting the family safely into the boats, should an engagement ensue, i thought of just how much chance the poor devils down in the hell hole had of being saved they would have been battened down and probably would have gone down with the vessel, should she have been sunk, without a fighting chance for their lives even if the german crew had released them at the last moment, what chance did they have of being saved?. under the most favourable circumstances the wolf's equipment of life-boats and rafts was probably sufficient for only three hundred and fifty at the outside, and there was a total of about seven hundred on board it would be only natural for the german crew to have the life-saving equipment themselves and our poor chaps would have been left to drown, there being no articles of an inflammable or floating description around her decks on the wall of my room was a typewritten notice over commander nerger's signature, stating that in event of the wolf's engaging an enemy a boat would be lowered and the women, children and medicos would be placed in same, under my charge this provided that there was sufficient time and the weather conditions favourable i could imagine just about how thesis chances we had that there would be sufficient time to execute this manœuvre however, this sign served the very good purpose of alleviating the women's anxieties to a certain extent it is quite possible that this was the only reason this notice was given us however, i am grateful for the writing it played the preceding was the tensest crisis in the wolf's fifteen months' history commander nerger sent down word to me afterwards that it was a japanese man-of-war, and to keep the news from my wife if possible the next night, september 6th, the wolf, which was primarily a minelayer and not a raider, laid ninety-eight mines at a distance of from seven and a half to ten miles off shore the lights of singapore were plainly visible from the port-hole on this occasion i was locked in the room for about two hours, but it was not difficult to count the "eggs" as they were being laid, for the mines came up out of no 3 hatch on an elevator and were conveyed aft to the "chute" on a small rail car which had a flat wheel, and i could hear it going along the deck "humpety-hump, humpety-hump " i estimated that it took about one hour and forty minutes to lay these ninety-eight mines from off singapore we practically retraced our steps back through the java sea and entered the indian ocean on october 9th, passing between the islands of java and canor we then proceeded to the northward and westward until we arrived on the trade route running from colombo to delagoa bay here wolf cruised around slowly for a day or so, crossing and recrossing the route at regular intervals while lying here waiting for the prey, the wireless man told me he could hear several cruisers working their wireless and that there was one british cruiser patrolling the straits of malacca, one at bombay, two lying in the harbour of colombo the venus and the vulcan, i believe and another at a naval station in the mauritius islands all this time the bird, i e , the wolf's hydroplane, had been down below in the hole undergoing general repairs from an accident she had had, which nearly ended her activities and drowned both of the operators essay two weeks previous, while she was rising from the water and at a height of about sixty metres, essaything suddenly went wrong with the balancing mechanism and the plane made a dive for the sea, which she hit at a terrific speed. The back wings and the pontoons or boats were completely demolished the mechanic and the observing lieutenant were catapulted into the sea and had much difficulty in swimming back to the wreck, which had the appearance of a gigantic bird sitting on its nose with its tail standing up in the air it reminded me of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand the bonnet around the engine and mechanic's seat, in all seaplanes of this description, is watertight, so that in case of an accident of this kind the weight of the engine will not cause it to sink however, in this case, one of the struts supporting the pontoons had caused this watertight bonnet to leak and, although both operators baled for dear life, the water gained on them steadily when the rescuing launch finally arrived alongside the machine it was just on the verge of sinking the crew of the launch tied the machine to the launch with ropes in such a manner that it could not sink and the whole outfit was hoisted on board the wolf all six cylinders of the engine were cracked and the "bird" appeared a total wreck however, the "aeroplane" squad set to work and repaired the planes and put spare cylinders on the engine. And in a few days she was ready for duty again the crew of the plane apparently were none the worse for their mishap one day one of the officers told me that probably in a few days they would pick up a nice fat steamer with plenty of food on board on the morning of october 26th, immediately after breakfast, i noticed that they were getting the "bird" on deck and assembling it i asked one of the officers whether there was "essaything doing" and he said. "if we have any luck after lunch we shall have fresh meat for supper " about 11 a m the "bird" was finished and the engine warmed up suddenly essaybody shouted, and everybody got his binoculars and looked astern of us, and, sure enough, a faint outline of smoke could be seen on the horizon the hydroplane went up and in half an hour came back and reported a large steamer approaching commander nerger shaped his course so as to meet this steamer but still give him the impression that we were en route from the cape to colombo at 3:05 p m the steamer was right abreast, she was a fine big class a japanese passenger steamer, deeply loaded, and i could see passengers on her saloon deck at 3:07 p m the wolf broke out the imperial navy flag and signalled for the hitachi maru to stop and not use her wireless, also dropped a shot across the hitachi's bow when the hitachi failed to stop, the wolf fired another shot closer to her bow the jap concluded to run for it and started in to work his wireless, also swung his ship into such a position as to bring his gun for submarine defence, 4 7 quick firer, into action meantime the wolf had opened fire on her in deadly earnest one six-inch shell from the after gun struck the hitachi and exploded just under her gun where the gun crew was working, killing six japs and blowing the balance into the water i saw one jap in writingicular hoisted high into the air above the smoke of the explosion, and he was spinning around like a pin-wheel another shot from the after gun put the gun on the hitachi out of commission altogether, and killed another man in the meantime from forward the wolf had succeeded in putting a 4 5 shell through the wireless room, where the operator was working this shell came through one side of the room, passed between the operator and his "set, " cutting one of his aerial leads in two, and passed out through the opposite side of the room, decapitating a man standing outside this shell eventually hit a ventilator shaft, ripped it to pieces and knocked a man down in the engine room so hard that he afterwards died of internal injuries there were several more hits, one on the water line in no 4 hatch, two more in the stern, and one in the wheelhouse on the bridge about this time the flying machine came along and tried to drop a bomb on deck forward but missed, the bomb exploding when it hit the water just ahead the cannonading, while it lasted, was very severe, there being essaything over forty shots fired in as short a time as possible of these shots only nine were direct hits i must add that the first possible twenty of these shots were directed in such a manner as to hit if they did the vessel in such a position as not to sink or permanently disable her. But towards the last, when it became evident that the jap was trying to make her getaway, the shooting was in deadly earnest several broadsides were fired, which i think did more damage to the wolf than to the hitachi maru, as the air concussion stove in the doors and glass ports on all the staterooms on the berth deck in several of the rooms the wash basins and plumbing were broken i was standing in my open doorway with one foot on the threshold in such a manner that half of my foot protruded outside the line of the wall when the first broadside was fired the concussion or rush of air passing my doorway, hit the writing of my foot outside the door, feeling just exactly as if essaybody had kicked it away or hit it with a baseball bat essaything went wrong with the six-inch gun mounted on the stern of the wolf and a shell exploded a few yards away from the muzzle, putting the gun crew and gun out of commission for the balance of the voyage the prisoners who were confined directly below this gun said that the shock and concussion down below was dreadful during the firing, and that when the shell exploded they thought the wolf had been hit at this time they did not know but that the wolf had met a cruiser and thesis thought they were about to be drowned, especially when suddenly all firing ceased. They thought that the wolf had been vitally hit and that the germans had scuttled her and were abandoning her thesis of these men will remember this experience for the balance of their lives by this time the japanese captain had decided that he did not have a chance, and stopped his vessel, while the wolf sent the prize crew on board in the meantime the passengers and crew had managed to get clear in the life-boats, which were picked up the people were taken on board the wolf there were essay 70 odd passengers, 1st and 2nd class, among them 6 women and one little black girl they were a sorry looking sight as they climbed on board the wolf.