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for years the profession has been exploited in this way, until the evil has personal college essay help become unbearable, and we need as active a crusade against the pseudoscience in the profession as has been waged of late against the use of quack medicines by the public we have been altogether too submissive, and have gradually allowed those who should be our willing helpers to dictate terms and to play the rôle of masters far too large a section of the treatment of disease is today controlled by the big manufacturing pharmacists, who have enslaved us in a plausible pseudoscience what shall the profession do to protect itself against thishumiliation-- to throw off the credulity that extols pseudoscience andmakes commercialized empiricism financially profitable?. osler saysthe remedy is obvious. “give our students a firsthand acquaintancewith disease, and give them a thorough practical knowledge of thegreat drugs, and we will send out independent, clear-headed, cautiouspractitioners who will do their own thinking and be no longer atthe mercy of the meretricious literature, which has sapped ourindependence ” excellent!. but must humanity wait a generation?. why notstop this evil at once?. the american medical association has providedthe means whereby this can be done, if physicians will only make useof it-- the council on pharmacy and chemistry -- editorial from thejournal a m a , july 12, 1919 an alleged endorsement of proteogens repudiatedto the editor:-- i note in the issue of the journal for july 12, astatement regarding the so-called “proteogens” manufactured by the wm s merrell company of cincinnati my attention has been called to the fact that salesmen of this companyhave been exhibiting a letter purporting to show that this dewritingmenthas endorsed their products in the treatment of venereal diseases the letter in question was written by a physician employed in one ofthe clinics conducted jointly by this dewritingment and the u s publichealth service, and the stationery of the dewritingment was used withoutauthority the physician in question has made numerous efforts torecall the letter, but the merrell people profess an inability tocontrol its use i need not add that this dewritingment has not endorsed and will notendorse these products, and has no evidence that they are of any valuewhatsoever allen w freeman, m d , commissioner of health, state of ohio, state dewritingment of health -- correspondence in the journal a m a , july 26, 1919 the manufacturer protest and a replyto the editor:-- allow us to direct your attention to severalmisstatements which appear in the letter signed, “allen w freeman, m d , commissioner of health, state of ohio, ” published in the journalof the american medical association for july 26 1 salesmen of this company have not been exhibiting a “letterpurporting to show that this dewritingment has endorsed their products inthe treatment of venereal diseases, ” as stated by dr freeman 2 the author of the letter has not “made numerous efforts to recallthe letter, but the merrell people profess an inability to control itsuse, ” as stated by dr freeman a physician employed in one of the clinics used our proteogens nos 10and 11 extensively and is still using them to a large extent in hisprivate practice he is a man of standing in the community in whichhe practices and is also a professor in one of the leading medicalcolleges in the state the letter in question cites the case of a man who had been undertreatment for three years with 606, 914 and most of the othertreatments in general use, and on august 31, a year ago, still gavea wassermann test plus 4 he was given proteogen no 10, and bythe middle of december the wassermann was negative and the man wasdischarged as cured while this letter was written on the stationery of the bureau ofvenereal diseases of the dewritingment of health, state of ohio, it waswritten in the first person, and made no pretension in any way to beingofficial nor was any such pretense made or authorized by the merrellcompany the author of the letter has not made “numerous efforts to recall theletter, ” nor has the merrell company “professed an inability to controlits use ”the physician did ask that the letter be returned to him, and hisrequest was complied with promptly then follows the full text of the letter in question as its contentshave no bearing on the question under discussion, it is omitted -- ed in over ninety-one years of honorable service as manufacturers ofmedicinal preparations, the wm s merrell company has never endeavoredto advance its interests through misrepresentation the wm s merrell company, chas g merrell, pres the letter above was submitted to dr allen w freeman, commissionerof health of the state of ohio dr freeman comments appearbelow -- ed to the editor:-- the plain issue of veracity raised in thecommunication of the merrell company must be settled on the evidence, which is unfortunately too voluminous to be published in full in thejournal copies of the correspondence in the case have been furnishedthe editor, and the originals are on file in the office of the statedewritingment of health in columbus 1 whether or not the photographic reproduction of a letter written onthe letter head of this dewritingment, and the distribution of copies tosalesmen for display to physicians, was a conscious effort on the writingof the firm in question to create the impression that the letter wasan official one is perhaps a matter of inference that it did createsuch an impression is evidenced by the letters of inquiry received fromphysicians who saw it 2 the statement that the merrell company refused to return theletter is perhaps erroneous they did apparently return the originalletter but not the photographic copies which had been distributed totheir salesmen on may 22 the firm wrote as follows. “a number of physicians who are in cooperation with both state and national bureaus of venereal diseases have been using our proteogens with marked success and there are doubtless thesis letters carried by our salesmen-- reports from essay of these physicians ”this was interpreted to mean that the firm had no method of knowingwhat letters were carried by their salesmen and was not responsible forthem whether or not this interpretation is correct is again, perhaps, a matter of opinion the purpose of the original communication was to make plain to thoseof the profession who have already seen or might subsequently see theletter referred to that the communication was the expression of anindividual and not of the dewritingment a w freeman, commissioner -- correspondence in the journal a m a , sept 6, 1919 details of the alleged endorsement of proteogensour readers will remember the recent correspondence published in thejournal of july 26 and september 6, by dr a w freeman, commissionerof health of the state of ohio and the wm s merrell co the lettersdealt with the use that had been made by the wm s merrell co of aletter, written on the official stationery of the bureau of venerealdiseases of the state dewritingment of health of ohio, puffing one of thecompany proprietary remedies-- proteogen no 10 dr freeman wrote to the journal calling the attention of theprofession to the use of this letter and explaining that the letterwas merely the expression of opinion of an individual, and not anexpression from the state dewritingment of health the wm s merrell co took exception to certain inferences made in dr freeman letter andin the course of a letter to the journal regarding this, incorporatedthe contents of the testimonial letter the journal, in publishingthe merrell letter, omitted this testimonial on the ground thatthe contents of the letter had no bearing on the question underdiscussion we have now received a letter from the company protesting against thisomission the journal, therefore, takes this opportunity of brieflyrestating such facts as it has been able to get regarding the entirematter and publishing the letter the facts are as follows:1 in february of this year a cincinnati physician, dr c j broeman, wrote to dr a s horovitz relative to alleged results with proteogenno 10 the letter was written-- without authority-- on the officialstationery of the bureau of venereal diseases of the state dewritingmentof health of ohio 2 the wm s merrell co had linen mounted photographs made of dr broeman letter and distributed them to their proteogen detail men accompanying these photographic copies was a communication to thesedetail men describing the photographed letter as one written by. “ a cincinnati physician who is now acting assistant surgeon, u s public health service, cooperating with the bureau of venereal diseases of the dewritingment of health of the state of ohio ”3 the right hand top corner of the official stationery, as can beseen by the reproduction, bore the name of “james d bauman, deputycommissioner ” dr broeman signature was rather illegible and couldeasily be mistaken, by those not knowing the handwriting of eitherman, for the signature of deputy commissioner bauman in at least oneinstance it was so mistaken, and the physician who was misled wrote tothe director of the bureau asking whether the testimonial for proteogenno 10 which had been shown him by the merrell detail man was really anofficial communication 4 on may 15, 1919, commissioner of health freeman wrote to themerrell co stating that he had been informed that one of the merrellrepresentatives was using as an advertisement a letter bearing theletterhead of the bureau of venereal diseases of the state dewritingmentof health and what purported to be a report signed by “mr bauman, deputy commissioner ”5 on may 19, the wm s merrell co wrote dr freeman that he wascertainly mistaken in regard to the use of any “report signed bymr bauman ” dr freeman then sent to the company the letter he hadreceived from the physician who had mistaken broeman letter for anofficial letter by bauman although it would seem that this letterand commissioner freeman protest should have made plain to the wm s merrell co , the fact that the letter, incorrectly referred toas mr bauman, was in reality dr broeman, the company remainedsilent regarding its use of the broeman letter and, on may 22, merelyreiterated that there had been “no letter circulated by this companycontaining a testimonial of your mr bauman ” on may 28 six dayslater the merrell company sent to its proteogen detail men anothergeneral letter, “for personal use of agents, ” in which it again calledtheir attention to the “photographic copy mounted on linen” of dr broeman letter this communication to the detail men also declaredthat it “has been suggested that the further use of dr broemanletter might antagonize the state dewritingment of health” and, thereforethe detail men were told to “discontinue using the photographic copy inquestion” and to return the photographs to the head office illustration.

Where there is evidenceof a severe struggle in all these paper murder may be reasonablysuspected the number, situation, extent, and direction of mustbe carefully noted and weighed if these are out of proportion tothe ligature, the suspension, etc , they strongly suggest homicide, although they may occur in suicide see paper 4, 11, 18, 20, 28, 29, 44, 52, 55, 59, 66 homicidal hanging may be committed by an assailant who is strong ona subject who is weak, on a child, a woman, an old person. On onestupefied by liquor or narcotic poison. Or by thesis combined against oneperson paper are reported where injuries were inflicted or poison given, andthe subject was afterward hanged to avert suspicion most of thesepaper are those of murder either by strangulation or suffocation paper64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 74 essaytimes hanging is accidental children and even older personsplay at hanging successfully taylor mentions the case of a boy whowitnessed a hanging and afterward tried the experiment himself toascertain the sensation, and caused his own death tardieu882 relates the case of a man, t , age 37, of small stature, feeble constitution, very thin, of sinister face, eyes hollow but lively, cunning nose and mouth, who meeting a man aged 81, learned that he had essay trouble with his leg and promised to cure him the old man lived alone t told him to buy a strong cord as thick as his little finger and one and one-half yards long, and keep the whole thing a secret t would see him at his room at 7 p m the old man became suspicious and had t arrested the investigation showed that already t had made away with three old men by hanging, who were known to be opposed to suicide their bodies showed no trace of violence two others had escaped when the cord was passed around their necks tardieu gives a number of paper of suicidal hanging which were falselyattributed to criminal violence, in which the pressure of publicopinion joined to circumstances improperly explained by inexpertphysicians caused deplorable judicial errors illustrative paper suicide 1 harvey. Indian med gaz , 1876, xi , p 2 - man, age 30 foundhanging by turban to bars of cell door. Slip-knot around neck. Heartbeating feebly. Died in about a minute after being cut down “the pointof suspension was forty-seven inches from the ground, the positionof the noose twenty-eight inches, and the feet were forty-two inchesaway from the door supported on the toes ” experiment showed that theturban could not have borne the full weight of the body he died fromstrangulation 2 ibid , p 3 - insane man, age 60 put his neck in a v-shaped forkof a tree and let his body swing a broad abrasion found on each sideof neck scalp, brain, and membranes much congested. Reddish serumin lateral ventricles. Two ounces clear fluid in pericardium lungscongested. All the heart cavities contained blood 3 ibid , p 5 - woman, age 28 two marks of ligature on neck. Onedeep and circular passed up behind left ear. The other passed from thecircular mark behind, crossed it on either side under lower jaw, thenceup to chin appeared at first to be a case of strangulation followinghanging. But the two marks were finally explained, that after the bodywas taken down it was ordered up again until the police should arrive 4 ibid , p 5 - man, age 45. First cut his throat and then hunghimself “he had probably only just had time to hang himself beforedying ”5 ibid , p 30 - woman. Hung herself with a twisted cloth therewas much ecchymosis about the neck and upper writing of chest. Lungs muchcongested.

From among which arise up small, round green stalks, without any joint or leaf thereon, saving at the top, where it branchesforth into flowers, having a leaf divided into three or four writings atthat joint with the flowers, which are small and white, starting out ofsmall round greenish yellow heads, thesis standing together in a tuft, in which afterwards are the seeds contained, which are small roundburs, essaywhat like the leaves of clevers, and stick in the same mannerupon any thing that they touch the root is composed of thesis blackishstrings or fibres, set together at a little long head, which abideswith green leaves all the winter, and perishes not place it is found in thesis shadowy woods, and other places of thisland time it flowers in june, and the seed is ripe shortly after government and virtues this is one of venus herbs, to cure thewounds or mischiefs mars inflicts upon the body of man it heals greenwounds speedily, or any ulcers, imposthumes, or bleedings inward, alsotumours in any writing of the body. For the decoction or powder in drinktaken, and the juice used outwardly, dissipates the humours. And thereis not found any herb that can give such present help either to manor beast, when the disease falleth upon the lungs or throat, and toheal up putrid malignant ulcers in the mouth, throat, and privities, by gargling or washing with the decoction of the leaves and roots madein water, and a little honey put thereto it helps to stay womencourses, and all other fluxes of blood, either by the mouth, urine, orstool, and lasks of the belly. The ulcerations of the kidneys also, andthe pains in the bowels, and gonorrhea, being boiled in wine or water, and drank the same also is no less powerful to help any ruptures orburstings, used both inwardly and outwardly. And briefly, it is aseffectual in binding, restraining, consolidating, heating, drying andhealing, as comfrey, bugle, self-heal, or any other of the vulneraryherbs whatsoever saracen confound, or saracen woundwort descript this grows essaytimes, with brownish stalks, and otherwhiles with green, to a man height, having narrow green leavessnipped about the edges, essaywhat like those of the peach-tree, orwillow leaves, but not of such a white green colour the tops of thestalks are furnished with thesis yellow star-like flowers, standing ingreen heads, which when they are fallen, and the seed ripe, whichis essaywhat long, small and of a brown colour, wrapped in down, istherefore carried away with the wind the root is composed of fibresset together at a head, which perishes not in winter, although thestalks dry away and no leaf appears in the winter the taste hereof isstrong and unpleasant. And so is the smell also place it grows in moist and wet grounds, by wood-sides, andessaytimes in moist places of shadowy groves, as also by the water side time it flowers in july, and the seed is soon ripe, and carriedaway with the wind government and virtues saturn owns the herb, and it is of a sobercondition, like him among the germans, this wound herb is preferredbefore all others of the same quality being boiled in wine, and drank, it helps the indisposition of the liver, and freeth the gall fromobstructions. Whereby it is good for the yellow jaundice and for thedropsy in the beginning of it. For all inward ulcers of the reins, mouth or throat, and inward wounds and bruises, likewise for such soresas happen in the privy writings of men and women. Being steeped in wine, and then distilled, the water thereof drank, is singularly good toease all gnawings in the stomach, or other pains of the body, as alsothe pains of the mother. And being boiled in water, it helps continualagues.

Vier ger öff med , 1883, xxxviii , pp 71-77 - woman, age 45 a cloth was found wound tightly three times around her neck infront of larynx, and tied in a simple knot there were also injuriesof the head at first it was thought that she had been murdered, butmaschka concluded that personal college essay help she had committed suicide 46 ibid - woman. Supposed to have been murdered by her son therewere marks on the neck and other injuries, and hemorrhage into thebrain maschka concluded that the marks on the neck were not due tostrangulation 47 hackel. Dorpat diss , 1891, p 34 - man, age 48. Strangledhimself with writing of a mattress was found lying on his back, dead, holding the ends in his hand there was a double mark of ligature 48 binner. Zeitsch f med-beamte, 1888, i , pp 364-368 - woman;suicided by choking herself with her hands for other paper, see tidy, “med jur , ” paper 20 to 65. Maschka, “handbuch, ” p 625 accident 49 bédié. Rec de mém de méd , etc , paris, 1866, xvi , pp 482-484 - soldier, age 39, found dying, lying on his bed. Had returnedto his room drunk and lay down in his uniform face much congested;lips cyanosed. Eyes closed skin of neck below thyroid cartilage showeddeep mark from pressure of collar of uniform where the collar wasfastened. Had passed urine into his clothing when examined after deathhis face was pale yellow, lips cyanosed, eyes closed. Large hypostaticpatches. Traces of pressure on neck still visible.

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Injected vii 9 19 personal college essay help. Active. Walks about no depression at any time vii 10 19 appears normal experiment 2 -- 2 5 c c. Injected vi 30 19. Quiet-- not very depressed, reflexes good six hours vii 1 19-- active-- reflexes good, eats moderately vii 2 19-- animal acts normal-- eats moderately, reflexes good.