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Dr abrams is not a graduateof “stanford ”-- ed you admit that he was graduated from heidelberg atthe age of twenty it happens that this was the youngest and remainsthe youngest age at which any man has taken a doctor degree at thatuniversity in a hundred years if you had inquired further you mighthave learned that ten years ago abrams was one of the most respectedphysicians in san francisco what has he done since to forfeit pay for college essays thehonors of a lifetime?. all that he has done is to shut himself up in hislaboratory and make the most revolutionary discoveries of this or anyother age. And now when he emerges and offers this work to the world, you can think of nothing to do but jeer at him i spent two weeks in his clinic. Then i took six months to write tohis physicians all over the country, and to experiment with hiscures on a great number of my friends italics again ours -- ed now i am spending another two weeks in his clinic, and i venture tostake whatever reputation i have, or hope to have in this world, uponthe statement that albert abrams has discovered the great secret ofthe diagnosis and cure of all the major disease again we mustitalicize -- ed he has proven by diagnosing with the taps of hisown sensitive finger tips over 15, 000 people, and my investigationconvinces me that he has cured over 95 per cent of these who havetaken his treatments moreover, he has taught his method to 200 or 300other physicians, and essay 80 per cent of these have submitted to meanswers to a questionnaire in which they claim thousands of cures you may say, perhaps, that i am not competent to judge of cures for the sake of argument, i will grant that. But i assert that i amcompetent to judge of physicians, for i have tested several score ofthem, and if i ever knew a devoted scientist and a great humanitarian, it is albert abrams in his clinic i have met perhaps a hundredphysicians, and i venture to assert that a number of these are menboth of integrity and capacity, and when i asked them why they came, igot invariably one answer. “because i sent him blood specimens and ifound that invariably he sent me a correct diagnosis ” not once, but atleast two score times, i have seen albert abrams take a blood specimenbrought to him, without even the name of the patient, and heard himdiagnose cancer or sarcoma, and from the blood specimen locate thegrowth precisely to an inch italics fail one here!. -- ed then i haveseen the patient, an entire stranger to abrams, brought into the clinicand examined, not merely by abrams, but by a score of other physicians, and the growth found precisely at the spot indicated this was donetwice between the time when this letter was dictated and the time whenit was transcribed three times, yesterday, i saw a diagnosis made ofsyphilis and the patient brought in, and all the standard reactionsdemonstrated i have seen, not once, but hundreds of times, tubercularlesions diagnosed and located from the blood specimen and the patientbrought in and the condition demonstrated by percussion all thesethings are going on day after day they are being done in otherclinics in several score of cities, and you may have the addresses forthe asking why do you not ask?. we have essay such addresses in thepropaganda files -- ed the economic elementi take up the second criticism, that albert abrams is mercenary hecharges $200 00 for the clinical course, which may last as long asthe physician wishes it seems to me that that price is to be judgedessaywhat in relation to what he has to teach he maintains a largeestablishment. He has need of thesis assistants, and expensive apparatusfor his research work he charges for the use of his oscilloclast adeposit of $250 00, and a rental of $5 00 per month the former itemcovers the cost of manufacturing the machine, and the second item mustbe compared with the fact that a great number of physicians who areusing this instruments are today enjoying incomes of from $1, 000 00to $2, 000 00 per week once more, italics!. -- ed a few weeks ago i visited a physician who told me he had treatedthirty-two patients that day with his one instrument, and that hisincome was over $1, 300 00 for that week, and i could name several whohave given similar accounts it may be, of course, that you will saythey should not charge so much the average charge is about $200 00 fora guaranteed cure of such diseases as syphilis, tuberculosis, cancerand sarcoma italics our again -- ed do you know anyone who willguarantee to cure a cancer or sarcoma at any price?.

Outwardly it is of wonderful force incuring wounds and ulcers, though festered, as also gangreens andfistulas, it helps broken bones, and dislocations inwardly you maytake it in powder pay for college essays a dram at a time, or drink the decoction of it inwhite-wine. Being made into an ointment with hog grease, you shallfind it admirable in green wounds buphthalmum, &c ox eye matthiolus saith they are commonly usedfor black hellebore, to the virtues of which i refer buxus boxtree. The leaves are hot, dry, and binding, they areprofitable against the biting of mad dogs.

Thus lanphear pay for college essays. “we want every reputable ‘lady physician’ in this country to join our society of protest against the iniquities of the a m a ”and yet another. “you formerly belonged to the tri-state medical society, of which i was treasurer for 20 years it is now dead i wish you would join our new society which has superseded tri-state in this territory ”with these various letters is enclosed a “preliminary program” of the1918 meeting which is to be held october 8 and 9 in chicago as mightbe expected, thesis of the names on the program are characteristic of theorganization and an interesting “story” might be made from the materialin the journal files on the individuals such names are of men, who, professionally speaking, range from faddists, who ride grotesque andbizarre medical hobbies, to those who with special interests to exploitand unable to use reputable medical organizations for that purpose, take refuge in such hybrid conglomerations as the medical society ofthe united states not that the program contains the names of crudequacks, or obvious medical swindlers it is representative, rather, ofthat twilight zone of professionalism, the penumbra, in whose uncertainlight it is difficult to distinguish between the unbalanced visionary, with a fad, and the more sinister near-quack, with a “scheme ”-- fromthe journal a m a , oct 5, 1918 the national formulary-- a review of the fourth editionthe fourth edition of the national formulary appears simultaneouslywith the u s pharmacopeia ix, and is to become official at the sametime september 1 the principles which determine its scope, asfrankly set forth in the preface, are apparently the same as thoseapplied, though more faint-heartedly, in the compilation of thepharmacopeia a statement in the preface of the new national formularyruns. “the scope of the present national formulary is the same as in previous issues, and is based on medical usage rather than on therapeutic ideals the committee consists entirely of pharmacists, or of men with a pharmaceutical training, and it cannot presume either to judge therapeutic practice or to follow any writingicular school of therapeutic practice the question of the addition or deletion of any formula was judged on the basis of its use by physicians and its pharmaceutical soundness the considerable use by physicians of any preparation was considered sufficient warrant for the inclusion of its formula in the book, and a negligible or diminishing use as justifying its exclusion ”writing i of the volume contains formulas, good, bad and indifferent, including the equivalents of a large number of shotgun proprietaries writing ii contains descriptions of drugs this is a new feature thepurpose is to provide standards for those drugs not described inthe pharmacopeia but used in n f preparations thesis of these drugswere described in the u s pharmacopeia viii, but have not beenincluded in the ninth revision practically all are either worthlessor superfluous writing iii contains descriptions of special tests andreagents among the therapeutically useful formulas are those for aromatic castoroil, emulsion of castor oil, sprays or nebulae, solution of aluminumacetate, solution of aluminum subacetate and wine of antimony the twolast named are also included in “useful drugs ” several formulas fornew classes of preparations which may or may not be found superiorto old forms are paste pencils for the application of medicaments tolimited areas of the skin, mulls, which are ointments spread likeplasters, and fluidglycerates, which are fluidextracts in whichglycerin takes the place of alcohol it should be noted also that, as aresult of criticism, the alcohol content of essay preparations has beenreduced as a whole, the present edition of the national formulary, like itspredecessors, is “pharmaceutically useful but not a therapeuticnecessity ” to say that it is not a therapeutic necessity is tostate the matter mildly, since most of the formulas and almost allof the drugs described have been discarded long since by rationaltherapeutists so long as there are physicians who prescribetherapeutic monstrosities, however, the druggist should have theaid that is furnished by this book in compounding them from thepharmacist point of view, therefore, the book is a valuable one physicians who have a scientific training in the pharmacology of drugswill not want it. Others will be better off without the temptationsoffered by its thesis irrational formulas -- book review in the journala m a , sept 2, 1916 nonspecific protein therapythe treatment by nonspecific methods in a series of paper of influenzalpneumonia has been the subject of two recent papers 295 these methodsare a development of the work of ichikawa, kraus, lüdke, jobling andpetersen, and others on the treatment of typhoid fever and of millerand lusk work on arthritis in the original work in this field itwas recognized that there were certain inherent dangers in the methodand that wide application would be permissible only with the greatestcaution and under careful control 295 roberts, dudley, and cary, e g. Bacterial protein injectionsin influenzal pneumonia, j a m a 72:922 march 29 1919 cowie, d m , and beaven, p w.

They are tender, andslender, the flowers are hollow, small, and of a reddish colour place it grows in kent near rochester, and in thesis places in thewest country, both in devonshire and cornwall time they flower in july and the beginning of august, and theseed is ripe soon after, but the root is in its prime, as carrots andparsnips are, before the herb runs up to stalk government and virtues it is an herb under the dominion of venus, and indeed one of her darlings, though essaywhat hard to come by ithelps old ulcers, hot inflammations, burnings by common fire, and st anthony fire, by antipathy to mars. For these uses, your best way isto make it into an ointment. Also, if you make a vinegar of it, as youmake vinegar of roses, it helps the morphew and leprosy. If you applythe herb to the privities, it draws forth the dead child it helps theyellow jaundice, spleen, and gravel in the kidneys dioscorides saithit helps such as are bitten by a venomous beast, whether it be takeninwardly, or applied to the wound. Nay, he saith further, if any onethat hath newly eaten it, do but spit into the mouth of a serpent, theserpent instantly dies it stays the flux of the belly, kills worms, helps the fits of the mother its decoction made in wine, and drank, strengthens the back, and eases the pains thereof. It helps bruisesand falls, and is as gallant a remedy to drive out the small pox andmeasles as any is. An ointment made of it, is excellent for greenwounds, pricks or thrusts adder tongue or serpent tongue descript this herb has but one leaf, which grows with the stalka finger length above the ground, being flat and of a fresh greencolour. Broad like water plantain, but less, without any rib in it;from the bottom of which leaf, on the inside, rises up ordinarilyone, essaytimes two or three slender stalks, the upper half whereofis essaywhat bigger, and dented with small dents of a yellowish greencolour, like the tongue of an adder serpent only this is as useful asthey are formidable the roots continue all the year place it grows in moist meadows, and such like places time it is to be found in may or april, for it quickly perisheswith a little heat government and virtues it is an herb under the dominion of the moonand cancer, and therefore if the weakness of the retentive faculty becaused by an evil influence of saturn in any writing of the body governedby the moon, or under the dominion of cancer, this herb cures it bysympathy. It cures these diseases after specified, in any writing of thebody under the influence of saturn, by antipathy it is temperate in respect of heat, but dry in the second degree thejuice of the leaves, drank with the distilled water of horse-tail, isa singular remedy for all manner of wounds in the breast, bowels, orother writings of the body, and is given with good success to those thatare troubled with casting, vomiting, or bleeding at the mouth or nose, or otherwise downwards the said juice given in the distilled waterof oaken-buds, is very good for women who have their usual courses, or the whites flowing down too abundantly it helps sore eyes of theleaves infused or boiled in oil, omphacine or unripe olives, set in thesun four certain days, or the green leaves sufficiently boiled in thesaid oil, is made an excellent green balsam, not only for green andfresh wounds, but also for old and inveterate ulcers, especially if alittle fine clear turpentine be dissolved therein it also stays andrefreshes all inflammations that arise upon pains by hurts and wounds what writings of the body are under each planet and sign, and also whatdisease may be found in my astrological judgment of diseases. And forthe internal work of nature in the body of man. As vital, animal, natural and procreative spirits of man. The apprehension, judgment, memory.

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Or if a more accurate test of thedegree of insufficiency is desired, the valvular orifices should bemeasured normally, the aortic orifice is pay for college essays one inch across. The mitral, one and eight-tenths inches. Pulmonary, one and two-tenths inches. Andthe tricuspid about two inches we open first the cavity of the right ventricle by making an incisionover its anterior border close to the septum prolonging the incisiondownward to the apex and upward through the pulmonary artery, thecavity of the ventricle will be fully exposed the left ventricle issimilarly opened by an incision through its anterior wall which isprolonged upward through the aortic valve the cavities of the auricleand ventricle, especially those of the right side, will often containblood-clots these clots are usually post-mortem clots formed duringthe last hours of life or after death it may essaytimes be necessary todistinguish these post-mortem clots from what are known as ante-mortemclots the latter are usually of firm consistency, dry, of a whitishcolor, and closely entangled in the trabeculæ, while the former aresucculent, moist, of a reddish-yellow color, and are easily detachedfrom the walls of the heart cavities ante-mortem clots are rarelyseen, and the medical examiner should be careful not to attribute thecause of death to the post-mortem clots which are so often seen afterthe heart is opened we can with more care and greater accuracy examinethe condition of the valves and recognize the extent of valvularlesions the condition of the endocardium should now be examined and anyabnormality noted often it will be seen stained a deep red color this is not due to disease, but is caused by the absorption of thecoloring matter of the blood which has been set free by decomposition the size of the heart cavity and the thickness of the heart wallsshould be noted, as also their consistency and color it should beremembered that the heart walls may appear unusually flabby as theresult of decomposition, or apparently thickened when death occurs inextreme systole the interior of the heart can be further examined bypassing the enterotome into each auricle, carrying the incision throughthe mitral and tricuspid valves to join at the apex with the previousincision, which has been prolonged through the ventricles to the apex thus the auriculo-ventricular valves are completely exposed having removed the blood from the heart it is next weighed the averagenormal weight of the human heart is about twelve ounces in the male, and a little less in the female. Its size roughly corresponding to theclosed hand of the individual normally, the thickness of the walls ofthe left ventricle about its middle is five-eighths to two-thirds of aninch, and of the right ventricle one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch note the condition of the aorta above the heart, whether it is dilated, atheromatous, or shows calcareous deposits examine the coronaryarteries by opening them with a blunt-pointed scissors disease ofthese vessels with thrombosis is one of the causes of sudden deathwhich is often overlooked the lungs - the lungs are removed by lifting them from the pleuralcavity and cutting through the vessels and bronchi at their base ifa lung is very adherent it is essaytimes better to remove the organwith the costal pleura attached so as not to tear the lung substance examine the external surface of the lung as to its shape, color, andconsistency next open the large bronchi with a blunt-pointed scissors, and prolong the incision into the pulmonary substance along the minutebronchi observe the contents of the bronchial tubes, the appearance ofthe mucous membrane, and their relative thickness remember that it isvery difficult to tell the condition in which the mucous membrane wasduring life on account of the early post-mortem changes which affectit, and also because the contents of the stomach may have been forcedafter death up the œsophagus and down the bronchi, giving the tubes apeculiar reddish and gangrenous appearance having examined the bronchi, the lung is turned over and its basegrasped firmly in the left hand an incision is made from apex to base, which will expose at a single cut the greatest extent of pulmonarysurface note the color of the lung substance, and whether the alveolicontain blood, serum, or inflammatory products blood and serum caneasily be forced from the lungs by pressure between the fingers, whileinflammatory exudations cannot examine carefully for the presence ofmiliary tubercles if a question should arise whether a portion of a lung is consolidated, this writing can be removed, placed in water, and if the air cells areconsolidated the portion will sink. If there is only congestion it willfloat by squeezing the lung between the fingers an inflammation of thesmaller bronchi bronchitis can be recognized by the purulent fluidwhich will exude at different points it should be remembered that innormal condition the lower lobes and posterior aspect of the lungs willapparently be very much congested as a result of gravity neck, larynx, and œsophagus - throw the head well backward, andplace a block beneath the neck make an incision from the chin tothe upper writing of the sternum dissect the soft writings away on eachside from the larynx and thyroid body, then cut along the internalsurface of the lower jaw from the symphisis to its angle through thisincision introduce the fingers into the mouth, and grasp and drawdown the tongue by dividing the posterior wall of the pharynx andpulling downward these writings, the trachea and œsophagus can readily beremoved together, a ligature having been first placed around the lowerportion of the œsophagus open now the pharynx and œsophagus alongtheir posterior border examine the mucous membrane carefully for theevidences of inflammation, caustic poison, tumors, foreign bodies, or strictures with an enterotome open the larynx and trachea alongtheir posterior wall observe if there is any evidence of œdema ofthe glottis, and note the condition of the mucous membrane rememberthat redness of the larynx is very commonly the result of post-mortemchanges and is also seen in bodies which have been kept cold dissectoff and examine the thyroid gland abdomen having completed the examination of the organs of the thorax, we nextproceed to examine those contained in the abdominal cavity we firstraise and, dissect off the omentum, noting if it is abnormally adherent the first organs to be removed are:the kidneys - drawing the intestines aside we cut through theperitoneum over the kidneys, and introducing our left hand we graspthe organs with their suprarenal capsules attached raising first onekidney and then the other, we easily divide the vessels and the uretersas close to the bladder as possible the kidneys are often foundimbedded in a mass of fat which must first be removed their surface isessaytimes of a greenish color owing to the beginning of putrefaction we note the size of the organ, its color and weight a normal kidneyweighs from four and one-half to five ounces grasping the kidneyfirmly in the left hand, we make an incision in its capsule along itsconvex border, and with a forceps strip off the capsule and note itsdegree of adherence and the condition of the surface of the organ;whether it is smooth or granular prolonging our incision alreadymade through the cortex of the organ, inward toward the pelvis, wedivide the organ into two halves and now closely examine the internalstructure the average thickness of the cortex, which should be aboutone-third of an inch, is noted. As also its degree of congestion, andwhether the normal light tubes and reddish vessels and tufts linesare seen running through it if these alternate light and dark markingsare lost and the organ has not undergone decomposition, the presenceof essay of the forms of bright disease may be suspected if the cutsurface of the organ presents a waxy appearance, the amyloid testshould be applied by first washing the cut surface of the organ anddropping upon it a few drops of lugol solution of iodine, when theamyloid areas will appear as dark mahogany spots on a yellow background the pelvis of the kidneys should be examined for calculi and theevidence of inflammatory lesions the suprarenal capsules readilydecompose, but if the autopsy is not made too late hypertrophy, tuberculosis, tumors, and degeneration in them may be recognized the spleen - this organ will be found in an oblique position at theleft side of the stomach grasping it firmly in the left hand anddrawing it forward, it can easily be detached normally in the adultit is about five inches in length by three inches in breadth by oneinch in thickness, and weighs about seven ounces the size, color, and consistency of the organ should be noted, as well as abnormalthickenings of its capsule and the presence of any tubercles or tumorsin its substance the spleen softens very early as the result ofdecomposition, and this decomposition should not be mistaken for apathological condition the intestines - in paper of suspected poisoning the greatest careshould be taken in the removal of the intestines and the stomach double ligatures should be placed in the following situations so asto preserve the contents of the organs intact. 1 at the end of theduodenum. 2 at the end of the ilium. And 3 at the lower portionof the rectum. And an incision should be made with a pair of scissorsbetween these ligatures the jejunum and ilium should first be removedtogether by seizing the gut with the left hand, keeping it on thestretch, and cutting with a pair of scissors through the mesenteryclose to its intestinal attachment the cæcum, colon, and rectum shouldthen be removed in a similar manner the intestines being placed in large absolutely clean dishes, whichhave previously been rinsed with distilled water, are opened. Greatcare being taken that none of the intestinal contents are lost thesmall intestines should be opened in one dish and the large intestinein another a portion of the intestines where morbid appearances aremost likely to be seen in paper of poisoning are the duodenum, thelower writing of the ilium, and the rectum the comparative intensity ofthe appearances of irritation should be especially noted for example, if the stomach appears normal and the intestines are found inflamed thepossibility of poison from an irritant may be denied the intestines are opened along their detached border by theenterotome care should be taken to distinguish the post-mortemdiscolorations which are usually seen along the intestines from thoseproduced by disease the former are most marked in the dependentportions they are apt to occur in patches which can be readilyrecognized by stretching the wall of the gut the darkish brown orpurple discolorations which are essaytimes seen as the result ofdecomposition are due to the imbibition from the vessels of decomposedhæmoglobin much care and experience are necessary to tell the amountof congestion which is within normal limits and to recognize changes ofcolor produced by decomposition the pathological lesions ordinarily looked for in the examinationof the intestines are ulcers, perforation, hemorrhages, strictures, tumors, and the evidences of various inflammations to obtain anaccurate idea of the various portions of the mucous membrane of theintestines, it is essaytimes necessary to remove their contents whenvery adherent this should be done by allowing as small a portionof distilled water as possible to flow over their surface if anyabnormalities are noticed along the intestinal tract, an accuratedescription should be given of their situation and extent.