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President new yorkpathological society, etc , etc autopsies a medical examiner before proceeding with an autopsy, especially ifcalled before the body has been removed from the place where it wasfound, should carefully note certain facts these should be enteredby paper writers college himself or an assistant with great care, in a note-book, as thisbook can be introduced as evidence in any trial a satisfactory wayis to dictate to the assistant as the examination proceeds, and atthe conclusion the assistant reads the notes taken, and the examinerverifies them surrounding objects position of the body these should be first noted the character of the soil. The conditionof the ground, and whether it shows footprints. If so, their direction;the evidence of any struggle.

For it draws nourishmentfrom what it grows upon, as well as from the earth where its root is, and thus you see old saturn is wise enough to have two strings to hisbow this is accounted the most effectual for melancholy diseases, andto purge black or burnt choler, which is the cause of thesis diseases ofthe head and brain, as also for the trembling of the heart, faintingsand swoonings it is helpful in all diseases and griefs of the spleen, and melancholy that arises from the windiness of the hypochondria itpurges also the reins or kidneys by urine. It opens obstructions ofthe gall, whereby it profits them that have the jaundice. As also theleaves, the spleen. Purging the veins of the choleric and phlegmatichumours, and helps children in agues, a little worm seed being putthereto the other dodders do, as i said before, writingicipate of the nature ofthose plants whereon they grow. As that which hath been found growingupon nettles in the west-country, hath by experience been found veryeffectual to procure plenty of urine where it hath been stopped orhindered and so of the rest sympathy and antipathy are two hinges upon which the whole mode ofphysic turns. And that physician who minds them not, is like a dooroff from the hooks, more like to do a man mischief, than to securehim then all the diseases saturn causes, this helps by sympathy, andstrengthens all the writings of the body he rules. Such as be caused bysol, it helps by antipathy what those diseases are, see my judgmentof diseases by astrology.

And if for a certain purpose, is it well designed therefor?. carminzym presents certain agents of well known properties, not in the least of incompatible or antagonistic action, but indeed especially suitable for the writingicular purpose designed. Its efficacy not to be measured and judged by theory or opinion as to the efficiency of a certain dosage of a writingicular drug by itself that the doses as contained are minimal and effective is distinctly advantageous the alkaline carbonates are in carminzym in stated quantities. The physician adjusts the dosage to the individual patient and with obvious evidence of the efficiency of the adjustment as we understand it, the employment of alkaline carbonates is not based on purely chemic considerations-- a definite known quantity of acid of the gastric juice is to be neutralized. The whole literature and practice dealing with the alkaline carbonates show them to be accredited with a much wider field of use and repute in gastro-intestinal disorders the pancreatic extract in carminzym is designed to be diffusible in the stomach, the tablet is preferable to be crushed in the mouth before swallowing, and we believe the pancreatic extract to be an effective constituent as administered in carminzym you comment as follows. “ipecac has a well defined though limited field of usefulness when it is used it should be given with due regard to the amount needed by the patient and the frequency of the repetition of the dose ” this in a sense may be said of any of the most useful drugs, but not in the least special degree does it apply to ipecac, which is, on the contrary, of quite characteristic, peculiar range of therapeutic properties, useful in varying combinations and in widely varying proportions and doses according to the purpose for which it is employed ipecac in well known official alkaline, carminative, laxative preparations occurs in the “average dose” in the varying quantities of 1/14, 1/10, 1/8, and 3/16 of a grain the ipecac in combination with the other ingredients in carminzym is designed for a tablet which shall carry a minimal quantity whilst capable of adequate remedial action, thus admitting of increase of dosage or repetition as occasion requires the quantity of ipecac was not taken at random, but chosen after long trial and consideration we believe that carminzym possesses carminative properties in a superior degree and that, furthermore, in consequence of its composition it directly stimulates the gland secretions and thus exerts a beneficial action upon the whole digestive functions carminzym is for use as occasion requires, and this is to be especially noted thus it is not only of direct benefit, but helpful in promoting systematic therapeutic measures and regimen the council takes the ground that complex mixtures of remedial agents are so wrong that there is no longer warrant for their admission into new and nonofficial remedies. And that carminzym is an irrational mixture we hold that certain desirable therapeutic properties may rationally be attributable to carminzym. And that these are manifested in practice during the time since the description was sent and the receipt of the statement of the action of the council, essay ten months, carminzym has proved of constantly increasing service the statement in the letter of fairchild bros and foster “thelong established custom of the use of mixtures of remedial agentsrests on considerations well known and generally accepted” mightwell be paraphrased to read. The one-time prevalent custom of usingill-considered combinations of remedial agents has been thoroughlydiscredited and is generally abandoned by progressive practitioners such arguments as that “laxatives, tonics, carminatives, diuretics arecombined with distinct advantage” have led to the use of irrationalmixtures such as the compound syrup of hypophosphites and the electuaryof theriaca the council is confident that no one who has studied thecauses and treatment of digestive disorders will find occasion toprescribe at one time all the ingredients stated to be contained incarminzym, and certainly not in the fixed proportions present therein the comments in the council report concerning ipecac certainlydoes apply to all active therapeutic agents ipecac was mentioned inthe report because the several constituents of carminzym were underdiscussion and hence it was necessary to point out the futility of thesmall dosage of ipecac in this mixture the announcement that “carminzym has proved of constantly increasingservice” is not convincing the council does not know of a singleclinical study of the action of carminzym under conditions which wouldhave afforded satisfactory evidence of its therapeutic value -- fromthe journal a m a , sept 28, 1918 phillips’ phospho-muriate of quinine comp report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report on phillips’ phospho-muriate of quinine comp hasbeen adopted by the council and authorized for publication w a puckner, secretary phillips’ phospho-muriate of quinine comp 125 is sold by the charlesh phillips chemical co , new york according to the published formula, each fluidram contains. Phosphoric acid 2 minims potassium phosphate } magnesium phosphate } calcium phosphate } 2-1/4 grains ferric phosphate } quinin muriate equal to nearly 1/2 gr bi-sulph 1/4 grain strychnin 1/120 grain flavoring, glycerin and syrup, q s 125 the evolution of “phillips’ phospho-muriate of quinine comp ”from “phillips’ wheat phosphates” may be interesting every oneknows that therapeutics tends to fashions, and “phillips’ wheatphosphates” appears to have had its inception as the result of theobservation that super-refined white flour contains less phosphatesthan the corresponding amount of wheat it was assumed that suchflour must be deficient in an essential constituent, and the wheatphosphates preparation was apparently designed to fill the want it wasexploited for the relief of numerous conditions that were supposed, without satisfactory evidence, to result from this deficiency wheniron, quinin and strychnin mixtures became the vogue a quarter of acentury ago, it was only natural to ride on the wave of popularityand the already widely advertised “wheat phosphates” was furtherenhanced-- commercially-- by the addition of the iron, quinin andstrychnin, the amount of alkaloid added being practically negligible those who are not familiar with the various phases of the phosphorus, phosphoric acid, lactophosphate, lecithin, nuclein and glycerophosphatepropaganda are referred to a report of the council on pharmacy andchemistry in the journal a m a , sept 30, 1916, p 1033 essay typical claims made for the preparation are.

Theroot is small and thready, perishing every year, and the seed sheddingevery year, raises it again the next spring place it grows in gardens, and flowers and seeds with us, notwithstanding it is not natural to this land, but to italy, spain, and france, where it grows plentifully government and virtues it is an herb of the paper writers college sun, and a good onetoo dioscorides saith, that a good handful of this, which is calledthe great turnsole, boiled in water, and drank, purges both choler andphlegm. And boiled with cummin, helps the stone in the reins, kidneys, or bladder, provokes urine and women courses, and causes an easyand speedy delivery in child-birth the leaves bruised and applied toplaces pained with the gout, or that have been out of joint and newlyset, and full of pain, do give much ease. The seed and juice of theleaves also being rubbed with a little salt upon warts and wens, andother kernels in the face, eye-lids, or any other writing of the body, will, by often using, take them away meadow trefoil, or honeysuckles it is so well known, especially by the name of honeysuckles, white andred, that i need not describe them place they grow almost every where in this land government and virtues mercury hath dominion over the common sort dodoneus saith, the leaves and flowers are good to ease the gripingpains of the gout, the herb being boiled and used in a clyster ifthe herb be made into a poultice, and applied to inflammations, itwill ease them the juice dropped in the eyes, is a familiar medicine, with thesis country people, to take away the pin and web as they callit in the eyes. It also allays the heat and blood shooting of them country people do also in thesis places drink the juice thereof againstthe biting of an adder.

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And helps to stay thehair paper writers college from falling off the head the said ointment, or the herb appliedto the fundament, opens the piles, and eases their pains. And beingmixed with goats’ tallow, helps the gout the juice is very effectualto cleanse fistulas, and to heal them up safely. Or the herb itselfbruised and applied with a little salt it is likewise also effectualto heal any green wound. If it be bruised and bound thereto for threedays, you shall need no other medicine to heal it further a poulticemade hereof with mallows, and boiled in wine and wheat bran and beanflour, and essay oil put thereto, and applied warm to any bruisedsinews, tendon, or muscle, doth in a very short time restore them totheir strength, taking away the pains of the bruises, and dissolves thecongealed blood coming of blows, or falls from high places the juice of pellitory of the wall clarified and boiled in a syrup withhoney, and a spoonful of it drank every morning by such as are subjectto the dropsy. If continuing that course, though but once a week, theyever have the dropsy, let them but come to me, and i will cure themgratis pennyroyal pennyroyal is so well known unto all, i mean the common kind, that itneeds no description there is a greater kind than the ordinary sort found wild with us, which so abides, being brought into gardens, and differs not from it, but only in the largeness of the leaves and stalks, in rising higher, and not creeping upon the ground so much the flowers whereof arepurple, growing in rundles about the stalks like the other place the first, which is common in gardens, grows also in thesismoist and watery places of this land the second is found wild in effect in divers places by the highwaysfrom london to colchester, and thereabouts, more abundantly than in anyother counties, and is also planted in their gardens in essex time they flower in the latter end of summer, about august government and virtues the herb is under venus dioscorides saith, that pennyroyal makes thin tough phlegm, warms the coldness of any writingwhereto it is applied, and digests raw or corrupt matter. Being boiledand drank, it provokes women courses, and expels the dead child andafter-birth, and stays the disposition to vomit, being taken in waterand vinegar mingled together and being mingled with honey and salt, it voids phlegm out of the lungs, and purges melancholy by the stool drank with wine, it helps such as are bitten and stung with venomousbeasts, and applied to the nostrils with vinegar, revives those thatare fainting and swooning being dried and burnt, it strengthens thegums it is helpful to those that are troubled with the gout, beingapplied of itself to the place until it was red. And applied in aplaister, it takes away spots or marks in the face.