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The vertebral andcarotid arteries may be ruptured the medulla oblongata is also likelyto be fatally injured death may also occur from hemorrhage upon thecord, causing pressure besides the ropes used as ligatures order philosophy paper in judicial hanging, almost everyconceivable article that could be made into the semblance of a cord hasbeen used by suicides. Usually, however, essay portion of the beddingor clothing when one resolves on suicide, all the precautions of themanagers of prisons and asylums fail to prevent the secondary effects in those who recover involve the respiratoryorgans dyspnœa, cough, bloody sputa, bronchial rles, and fever;or the nervous system aphonia, dysphagia, numbness, chilliness, spasms, pains in neck, face, or shoulder. Essaytimes paralysis ofbladder and rectum, and loss of memory the marks on the neck slowlydisappear 818 verse819 collated a number of paper in which thehanging was not completed and the subjects lived for varying periodsafterward wagner and möbius820 discuss the spasmodic seizures andamnesia, which often appear after the restoration from hanging symptoms in hanging obviously these will be in essay respects identical with those ofstrangulation in considering the latter, essay of the similaritiesand dissimilarities of symptoms and post-mortem appearances ofstrangulation and hanging were mentioned death may be immediate and without symptoms there is, of course, no preliminary or “waiting” stage, as instrangulation, except in those rare paper of suicide where the subjectinclines his body forward with his neck against the ligature, hisbody being near the floor or ground the absence of a drop makes thiscondition very similar to ordinary strangulation the body of a victimof homicide might be similarly placed for the purpose of deception, andalso that of a subject previously made unconscious.

Wien med presse, 1880, xxi , p 201 - man, age 68, suicide by hanging there order philosophy paper was profuse hemorrhage from both ears 28 ibid. 1878, xix , pp 489-493 - woman, found dead sitting inbed she first tried to poison herself with arsenic, then hung herself 29 ibid - man, tried to poison himself with phosphorus and sulphuricacid, then hung himself there was a transverse rupture of thesterno-cleido mastoid muscle and suffusion in its sheath 30 maschka. Wien med woch , 1880, xxx , pp 714, 747, 1075 - man, age 63 it was at first a question of suicide by hanging or homicide bystrangling he concluded that it was the former 31 ibid - also man, age 58 similar case same opinion 32 ibid 1883, xxxiii , pp 1118-1120 - woman age 23 questionwhether she committed suicide by hanging or was strangled and thenhung opinion, that it was a case of suicide 33 hofmann. Allg wien med zeit , 1870, xv , pp 192-214 - man, age 60 suicide by hanging or homicide. Opinion, that it was the former 34 van haumeder. Wien med woch , 1882, xxxii , pp 531-533 - suicide by hanging or homicide there were thesis wounds inthe head. These occurred during the delirium of typhus 35 maschka. “sammlung gericht gutacht , ” etc prag, leipzig, 1873, p 137 - boy, age 9. Found dead in sitting position injuries on neckand elsewhere question, had he hung himself or been choked?. were theinjuries inflicted before or after death?. opinion, suicide 36 ibid , p 144 - boy, age 13 found hanging in sitting position question whether murder, suicide, or accident opinion, suicide 37 ibid , p 149 - woman, age 60. Found hanging, sitting position suicide or homicide opinion, suicide 38 ibid , p 156 - woman, age 30. Found hanging opinion, suicide 39 ibid , p 165 - man, age 63 suicide by hanging, or homicide bystrangling?. opinion, suicide 40 berliner. Viert f ger med und öff san , 1874, xx , pp 245-253 - woman, age 30.

A boy as young as nine and a man asold as ninety-seven burger877 fully discusses the question whether the hanging order philosophy paper is beforeor after death hanging suicidal, homicidal, or accidental?. Hanging is usually suicidal lesser878 states that for threeyears, 1876-79, there were admitted to the berlin morgue 274 bodies of“hanged, ” of which 272 were suicidal. 2 infants of three and eighteenmonths, homicidal one man had first tried to kill himself withsulphate of copper. Another by cutting his throat. A woman by cuttingher arm the other paper were uncomplicated pellier states that thenumber of suicides in france from 1876-1880 was 13, 445, and nearlyall were by hanging taylor879 states that 2, 570 persons committedsuicide by hanging in england in five years, 1863-67. Four-fifths ofthese were males harvey880 reports for three years 1, 412 paperof hanging in india, of which 2 were accidental, in 3 there waspresumption of homicide, the rest probably all suicidal feebleness of body does not preclude subjects taking their lives inthis way they essaytimes also wound or poison themselves first andhang themselves afterward a subject being found suspended in a roomfastened on the inside, would be suggestive of suicide the absence ofsigns of struggling or of any marks of injury also favors the idea ofsuicide the possibility of a suicide breaking a rope, being injured by thefall, and rehanging himself successfully, must be admitted paper 57, 58 the possibility of blood flowing after death must not be forgotten it is worthy of note that after beating or other violence children andwomen may commit suicide from shame again, as tardieu says, thesis havehung themselves while writingially intoxicated, and it is likely thatessay such have just previous to the suicide met with falls or otheraccidents which have left marks like those of violence he also recordsthe case of a woman who fastened a cord to a bed-post, put her head ina noose while kneeling on the bed, and made a deep wound in her armwith a razor she closed the razor, laid it aside, and fainted fromloss of blood she must then have fallen forward and died from thepressure of the cord on her neck 881homicidal hanging is rare but does occur where the hands are tiedtogether. Where the injuries produced by the cord are severe. Wherethere are contusions and well-marked ecchymoses. Where the laryngealcartilages and hyoid bone are fractured or the cervical vertebrædislocated or fractured. Or where the carotids are injured or thereis hemorrhage into their walls. Where there are severe wounds, thehemorrhage from which would be sufficient to threaten syncope. Wherethere are thesis marks of violence on the body.

The juice dropped into theeye, helps the inflammations thereof order philosophy paper cygnoglossam hound-tongue, cold and dry. Applied to the fundamenthelps the hemorrhoids, heals wounds and ulcers, and is a present remedyagainst the bitings of dogs, burnings and scaldings cypressus, chamœ cyparissus cypress-tree the leaves are hot andbinding, help ruptures, and polypus or flesh growing on the nose chamæ cyparissus is lavender cotton resists poison, and kills worms disetamnus cretensis dictamny, or dittany of creet, hot and dry, brings away dead children, hastens delivery, brings away the placenta, the very smell of it drives away venomous beasts, so deadly an enemyit is to poison. It is an admirable remedy against wounds and gunshot, wounds made with poisoned weapons, it draws out splinters, brokenbones, &c the dose from half a dram to a dram dipsacus, sativ sylv teazles, garden and wild, the leaves bruisedand applied to the temples, allay the heat in fevers, qualify the ragein frenzies. The juice dropped into the ears, kills worms in them, dropped into the eyes, clears the sight, helps redness and pimples inthe face, being anointed with it ebulus dwarf elder, or walwort hot and dry in the third degree;waste hard swellings, being applied in form of a poultice. The hair ofthe head anointed with the juice of it turns it black. The leaves beingapplied to the place, help inflammations, burnings, scaldings, thebitings of mad dogs. Mingled with bulls suet is a present remedy forthe gout.

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And thereis not found any herb that can give such present help either to manor beast, when the disease falleth upon the lungs or throat, and toheal up putrid malignant ulcers in the mouth, throat, and privities, by gargling or washing with the decoction of the leaves and roots madein water, and a little honey put thereto it helps to stay womencourses, and all other fluxes of blood, either by the mouth, urine, orstool, and lasks of the belly. The ulcerations of the kidneys also, andthe pains in the bowels, and gonorrhea, being boiled in wine or water, and drank the same also is no less powerful to help any ruptures orburstings, used both inwardly and outwardly. And briefly, it is aseffectual in binding, restraining, consolidating, heating, drying andhealing, as comfrey, bugle, self-heal, or any other of the vulneraryherbs whatsoever saracen confound, or saracen woundwort descript this grows essaytimes, with brownish stalks, and otherwhiles with green, to a man height, having narrow green leavessnipped about the edges, essaywhat like those of the peach-tree, orwillow leaves, but not of such a white green colour the tops of thestalks are furnished with thesis yellow star-like flowers, standing ingreen heads, which when they are fallen, and the seed ripe, whichis essaywhat long, small and of a brown colour, wrapped in down, istherefore carried away with the wind the root is composed of fibresset together at a head, which perishes not in winter, although thestalks dry away and no leaf appears in the winter the taste hereof isstrong and unpleasant. And so is the smell also place it grows in moist and wet grounds, by wood-sides, andessaytimes in moist places of shadowy groves, as also by the water side time it flowers in july, and the seed is soon ripe, and carriedaway with the wind government and virtues saturn owns the herb, and it is of a sobercondition, like him among the germans, this wound herb is preferredbefore all others of the same quality being boiled in wine, and drank, it helps the indisposition of the liver, and freeth the gall fromobstructions. Whereby it is good for the yellow jaundice and for thedropsy in the beginning of it. For all inward ulcers of the reins, mouth or throat, and inward wounds and bruises, likewise for such soresas happen in the privy writings of men and women. Being steeped in wine, and then distilled, the water thereof drank, is singularly good toease all gnawings in the stomach, or other pains of the body, as alsothe pains of the mother. And being boiled in water, it helps continualagues. And the said water, or the simple water of the herb distilled, or the juice or decoction, are very effectual to heal any green wound, or old sore or ulcer whatsoever, cleansing them from corruption, andquickly healing them up. Briefly, whatsoever hath been said of bugle orsanicle, may be found herein sauce-alone, or jack-by-the-hedge-side descript the lower leaves of this are rounder than those that growtowards the top of the stalks, and are set singly on a joint beingessaywhat round and broad, pointed at the ends, dented also about theedges, essaywhat resembling nettle leaves for the form, but of a freshergreen colour, not rough or pricking. The flowers are white, growingat the top of the stalks one above another, which being past, followsmall round pods, wherein are contained round seed essaywhat blackish the root stringy and thready, perishes every year after it hath givenseed, and raises itself again of its own sowing the plant, or any writingthereof, being bruised, smells of garlic, but more pleasantly, andtastes essaywhat hot and sharp, almost like unto rocket place it grows under walls, and by hedge-sides, and path-ways infields in thesis places time it flowers in june, july, and august government and virtues it is an herb of mercury this is eaten bythesis country people as sauce to their salt fish, and helps well todigest the crudities and other corrupt humours engendered thereby itwarms also the stomach, and causes digestion the juice thereof boiledwith honey is accounted to be as good as hedge mustard for the cough, to cut and expectorate the tough phlegm the seed bruised and boiledin wine, is a singularly good remedy for the wind colic, or the stone, being drank warm.