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They are meanly hot and dry, cleansing, help the bitings of venomous beasts, keep men bodies fromgrowing too fat, help the yellow jaundice, stay bleeding, fluxes, andhelp green opinion essay outline wounds dioscorides, pliny, galen, tragus aspergula odorata wood-roof. Cheers the heart, makes men merry, helps melancholy, and opens the stoppings of the liver aquilegia columbines. Help sore throats, are of a drying, bindingquality argentina silver-weed, or wild tansy. Cold and dry almost in thethird degree. Stops lasks, fluxes, and the menses, good against ulcers, the stone, and inward wounds. Easeth gripings in the belly, fastensloose teeth. Outwardly it takes away freckles, morphew, and sunburning, it takes away inflammations, and bound to the wrists stops the violenceof the fits of the ague artanita sow-bread. Hot and dry in the third degree, it is adangerous purge. Outwardly in ointments it takes away freckles, sunburning, and the marks which the small pox leaves behind them:dangerous for pregnant women aristolochia, longa, rotunda birth-wort long and round see theroots artemisia mugwort. Is hot and dry in the second degree.

1 how it is possible for the solution to be astringent, and at the same time nonirritant and noncoagulant?. 2 that intestinal irrigation with a silvol solution containing 10 to 15 grains to the pint is sufficiently bactericidal to “be used in the abortive treatment of such infectious processes as dysentery, cholera infantum, and colitis ” 3 what evidence have you as to the degree of antiseptic and germicidal power of silvol solutions?. 4 what evidence have you as to the degree of antiseptic and germicidal power of 5 per cent silvol ointment?. A reply to the above questions and any other information in regardto silvol will receive careful consideration -- from the journala m a , july 13, 1918 katharmon report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryfollowing inquiries, the council took up “katharmon” for considerationand authorized publication of the following report w a puckner, secretary the katharmon chemical company of st louis in advertising itskatharmon appeals especially to a profession whose members, shouldthey live up to their ethical code, could not prescribe it 124 in1893 when the publication of “a formula” for proprietary preparationswas thought to satisfy the requirements of scientific medicine anadvertisement in the journal of the american medical association gavethe following “formula” for katharmon:124 “ it is equally unethical to prescribe or dispense secretmedicines or other secret remedial agents, ” sec 6, art i, chapterii, principles of medical ethics “hydrastis canadensis, phytolacca decandra, acid salicylous c p from oil of wintergreen, acid boric c p , mentha arvensis, thymus vulgaris, dist ext hamamelis virg conc ”in 1907 an advertisement in the kansas city medical index-lancetdeclared that. “katharmon represents in chemical combination the active principles of hydrastis canadensis, gaultheria procumbens, hamamelis virginica, phytolacca decandra, mentha arvensis, thymus vulgaris, with two grains c p boric acid to each fluid drachm ”now the advertisements which appear in essay medical journals state. “katharmon represents in combination hydrastis canadensis, thymus vulgaris, mentha arvensis, phytolacca decandra, 10-1/2 grains acid borosalicylic, 24 grains sodium pyroborate to each fluid ounce of pure distilled extract of witch hazel ”a comparison of these so-called formulas shows that they have not onlyvaried from time to time, but that in no instance was a quantitativestatement with regard to all the asserted ingredients given the chemical laboratory of the a m a reports. Katharmon has analkaline reaction and therefore cannot contain boric acid, salicylicacid or “borosalicylic acid” the latter is unknown to medicalliterature except as loosely applied to a simple mixture of boric andsalicylic acids the solution gives tests for sodium, borate, andsalicylate and therefore probably contains sodium borate and sodiumsalicylate examined by the methods used for the determination ofhydrastin in goldenseal preparations, a residue giving only a fainttest for alkaloid was obtained. If present at all, hydrastis canadensis goldenseal is there only in very small amounts a circular wrapped with the trade package of katharmon contained thefollowing, palpably unwarranted, claims. “internally it is very useful in acute indigestion, gastric catarrh, diarrhoea and cholera infantum ” “ it has demonstrated its remarkable curative effects, not only in preventing unhealthy conditions of fresh wounds, but also in correcting the decaying of putrefactive processes peculiar to the body under certain circumstances it has, further, a remarkable efficacy in surface inflammations, whether produced by accident or disease, and is an indispensable remedy in the affections of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, stomach, bowels, vagina, uterus, urethra, bladder and rectum ”katharmon is in conflict with rules 1 and 4 of the council on pharmacyand chemistry because of its indefinite and secret composition andthe method of advertising it indirectly to the public. It is inconflict with rules 10, 6 and 8, in that it is an irrational shotgunmixture sold under unwarranted therapeutic claims and under a namenondescriptive of its composition -- from the journal a m a , aug 10, 1918 iodinized emulsion scott and creosotonic scott report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry“iodinized emulsion scott” and “creosotonic scott” are proprietarypreparations of the dawson pharmacal company, dawson springs, ky thelatter preparation used to be known as “iodinized emulsion scott withhypophosphites, guaiacol and creosote ” in 1907 these preparations wereconsidered by the council and found inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies examination of the preparations having been again requested, the council considered them anew because the composition and claimshad been changed essaywhat and because at the previous consideration noreport was published the reports which appear below were sent to the dawson pharmacalcompany for comment before publication in reply the company offered torevise its claims for the preparations the council replied that thereport sent explained that both preparations are irrational mixtures, and hence a revision of the claims would not make them eligible for newand nonofficial remedies it advised that publication of the reportwould be withheld sixty days and that it would be revised if newinformation or evidence was submitted permitting such revision afterexpiration of the stipulated postponement, the dawson pharmacal companywrote that no new advertising matter had been prepared, but that theold circulars were not being sent out as these irrational preparations were still sold and advertised to themedical profession and presumably used by essay physicians, the councildirected publication of its report with this explanation w a puckner, secretary iodinized emulsion scottthe label for iodinized emulsion scott declares. “each fluidram contains. Alcohol, m 4-3/4. Rectified ol of turpentine, m 3-1/2. Iodin, gr 1/8.

Sodium bicarbonate, bismuth subcarbonate, magnesium carbonate, of each 10 grains. Mucilage of tragacanth 15 minims, and enough peppermint water to make an ounce these are only a few of the conditions that are discussed by hutchisonand saundby, but they serve to show that the treatment of indigestionby a single prescription or combination is wholly irrational bell-ans, both under its present name and under its older name, “pa-pay-ans bell, ” has always been alleged by its manufacturers tocontain papain or to be a preparation of the digestive juice fromthe fruit of carica papaya papaw with other substances variouschemists have attempted to find papain present and to determine thedigestive power of the tablets, but without success for this reasonthe journal suggested that the change of name from “pa-pay-ans bell”to “bell-ans” was probably not made entirely for euphonious reasons, as alleged, especially when one considers that the name of a nostrumis its most valuable asset it is much more likely that as analysesindicated there was not and probably never had been any papain presentin the product, the name was changed for fear that essay day themisleading term “pa-pay-ans” might bring the preparation in conflictwith the federal food and drugs act pa-pay-ans bell was examined for the council on pharmacy andchemistry in 1909 and the tablets were found to consist of charcoal, sodium bicarbonate, ginger, saccharin and oil of gaultheria nodigestive ferment could be detected in the tablets sodium bicarbonateis antacid and serves to dissolve mucus. Ginger, if in sufficientamount, causes the expulsion of flatus, and charcoal, while anabsorbent in the dry state, is probably useless for any therapeuticpurpose whatever after it becomes saturated with gastric juice bell-ans, then, has all of the virtues, which are few, and all ofthe limitations, which are thesis, of a tablet of sodium bicarbonateand ginger its value in the treatment of acute indigestion would belimited to the value of a tablet of such a composition it is absurd tosuppose that it could have the slightest value in the far more seriousconditions attended with intestinal indigestion, with the toxemia andautointoxication to which they give rise bell-ans is now advertised directly to the public-- but it is no lessvaluable on that account true, it is a “patent medicine” in thecommonly accepted sense of the term, but it is no more a “patentmedicine” today than it was fifteen years ago when it reached thepublic, not through the direct medium of the newspapers but the moreindirect route of the medical journals and undiscriminating physicians it is true that, in view of the serious nature of thesis conditionswhich are loosely spoken of by the public as “indigestion, ” its presentmethod of exploitation is likely to make it just that much moredangerous because of the larger publicity that will be given the pointto be borne in mind is that bell-ans is now in fact what it has alwaysbeen in essence, a “patent medicine ”illustration. - - - - - - - | business notice | | | bell-ans | | absolutely removes | | indigestion one | | package proves it | | 25c at all druggists | - - - - - - - typical of bell-ans advertisements as appearing in newspapers again we ask the question. How do you wish to be classified, doctor-- among those who follow blindly the lead of a firm of nostrummakers, or among the intelligent members of the profession who studytheir paper carefully and prescribe intelligently?. the manufacturers ofbell-ans claim that 100, 000 american physicians now prescribe bell-ans, and that 600, 000, 000 of the tablets are sold annually if this iseven approximately true it is a serious reflection on the medicalprofession, for the council examined bell-ans and reported its findingsnearly eight years ago j a m a 53:569 aug 14 1909, and thestatements made in that report are as incontrovertible today as theywere then -- from the journal a m a , nov 24, 1917 article ii anasarcin and anedemin“anasarcin” and “anedemin” are the twin nostrums of cardiacpseudotherapy they are dubbed “twin nostrums” not so much because ofany similarity in their formulas, that being a minor considerationin the average nostrum, but because of the close similarity in theirmethods of exploitation, the therapeutic claims made for them, and thetime and place of their birth it may be remembered that they both claim winchester, tenn , as theirbirthplace, and they appeared on the market at about the same time;furthermore, a comparison of the claims formerly made for both of themindicated that one mind conceived the main idea that lies back of theirexploitation while anasarcin is especially dealt with in this article, much of the discussion applies with equal force to anedemin a lush field for nostrumscardiac disease, with its resultant renal involvement, is frequentlyencountered. And running, as it does, a chronic course, it offers analmost ideal field of exploitation for the typical nostrum vender bya typical nostrum vender we mean one whose knowledge of his productis far below that of his appreciation of a certain element of humancharacter on this element rests the whole secret of the nostrumvender success it is variously termed credulity, gullibility andchildlike simplicity, but it is that which often causes even the mostconscientious clinician to turn aside from the use of the best knownand most dependable drugs at his command, in the face of disappointmentand failure, and employ essay vaunted mixture which, in his sanermoments, he scorns to use anedemin is said to consist of a “scientific combination of three ofthe more recently investigated members of the digitalis series, withsambucus”. That is, of apocynum, strophanthus and squill with elder it is difficult to know just what idea the statement that it is a“scientific combination” of these drugs is intended to convey, forit is unscientific to mix three drugs of this group for use in fixedproportion in a wide range of conditions, if indeed, there is ever anyindication for their use the great disadvantages of strophanthus and apocynum pertain to theextreme uncertainty of their absorption from the gastro-intestinaltract strophanthus is occasionally absorbed promptly, essaytimesso slowly that the therapeutic effects are not induced until anamount equal to several times that which would prove fatal if all ofit were absorbed into the circulation has been administered, and, unfortunately, one cannot control the absorption which may continueuntil a fatal effect is induced this is true to an even greater degreeof apocynum, and it was due to the recognition of this fact thatapocynum was not admitted to the u s pharmacopeia ix, the committeeon dosage having agreed that no safe and effective dose could be given the council previous findingsin 1907 the council on pharmacy and chemistry examined the literatureused in the exploitation of anasarcin and anedemin and published itsreport anasarcin tablets, it was pointed out, were said to containthe active principles of oxydendron arboreum sour wood, sambucuscanadensis elder and urginea scilla squill, and the followingclaims were made for the nostrum.

“forprophylaxis and to ‘double cross’ disease, ” with the claims. “free iodine ” “rub through skin ” “does not irritate nor stain ”on other pages of the same issue these claims appeared. “there is no therapeutic virtue in iodex which is not inherent-- though often latent-- in free iodine. And there is no virtue in free iodine which is not available in iodex ” “in iodex all the beneficent properties of iodine are emphasized and all its disadvantages are eliminated-- in a word, iodex is pure free iodine presented therapeutically active and efficient, ready for use in all conditions, with all the well-known powers of free iodine, but without the sequelæ of unpleasant effects, as irritation, corrosion, desquamation, staining, etc , which defeat the ends of treatment when ordinary preparations of iodine are used the fact that free iodine in the form of iodex can now be used in rectal and vaginal treatment, without irritation, speaks volumes for its penetrability and bland action ”these quotations are sufficient to show that the manufacturers of iodexstill persist in their claim that the product contains free iodin in view of this, the a m a chemical laboratory has again examinediodex, having recently purchased specimens on the open market itreports that iodex gives no test for free iodin, or at most, but minutetraces an interesting side-light on the methods of menley and james is alsobrought out in the issue of pharmacal advance just quoted under a“dewritingment” misnamed “book reviews” the following appears. “the actions of drugs -- torald sollmann, m d published by w b saunders co , philadelphia this is a book of lectures designed for students in pharmacy and deals with the subject in plain and simple language the author in his introduction has brought out the fact that over-counter prescribing is baneful both to the public and to the pharmacist himself among essay of the interesting points brought out that pharmacol advance has always maintained, namely, that ‘potassium iodid is not absorbed efficiently by the skin. Hence the ointment of potassium iodid is unscientific ’ “we would especially call attention to ungt iodi u s p , containing potassium iodid, used as a solvent for its iodin content accepting sollmann statement, it is to be assumed that ungt iodi u s p has not 100 per cent efficiency ”garbling statements from scientific works for the purpose of puffingproprietaries is not unusual in nostrum exploitation the facts arethat the statement in sollmann book, introduced in the menley andjames house organ under the guise of a book review, appeared in adiscussion of iodin compounds in this the author points out thatto obtain systemic iodid effects, it is irrational to apply iodinpreparations externally so far as the free iodin content of theofficial ointment of iodin is concerned, l e warren reports of thea m a chemical laboratory, 1917 has shown that even after morethan six months this ointment still contains about 75 per cent of thefree iodin originally added the official ointment unguentum iodi, u s p , therefore, so far as its free iodin content is concerned, is far superior to iodex, which contains no iodin in its freestate -- from the journal a m a , may 3, 1919 the william f koch cancer remedya number of inquiries have been received of which those that follow aretypical this from a philadelphia physician. “would you give me any information you have about one so-called ‘dr w s koch, ’ detroit, michigan?. this man is said to claim to have in his possession a cure for cancer, the nature of which i do not know i know, however, that he obtained a very large fee not very long ago in treating a case, but without success ”while a chicago physician writes. “i have at hand a pamphlet from wm f koch, m d , ph d , of detroit, mich , which is supposed to be a reprint from the medical record of oct 30, 1920, entitled ‘a new and successful diagnosis and treatment of cancer ’ will you kindly advise me what you know about this man work on this subject and how much stock i can put in the claims he makes in this article?. ”and this from a physician in seattle, received a few days ago. “has your office any knowledge of the cancer cure devised by dr william f koch, ph d , m d , of detroit?. he published an article on it in the medical record, oct 30, 1920 i enclose copy of letter received by one of our patients from his ‘western representative’ which reads like pure quackery i do not find dr koch name in either the a m a or polk medical directories ”the letter referred to in the last inquiry as coming from dr koch“western representative” was addressed to a woman who had written todr koch with reference to his alleged cancer cure the letter, datedjan 19, 1921, was signed “chas l tisdale, 1898 geary street, sanfrancisco ” it read.

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Farewell, all worldly glories. Adieu, readers, nicholas culpeper * * * * *nicholas culpeper, the author of this work, was son of nicholasculpeper, a clergyman, and grandson of sir thomas culpeper, bart hewas essay time a student in the university of cambridge, and soon afterwas bound apprentice to an apothecary he employed all his leisurehours in the study of physic and astrology, which he afterwardsprofessed, and set up business in spitalfields, next door to thered lion, formerly known as the half-way house between islingtonand stepney, an exact representation of which we have given underour author portrait, where he had considerable practice, and wasmuch resorted to for his advice, which he gave to the poor gratis astrological doctors have always been highly respected. And thosecelebrated physicians of the early times, whom our author seems tohave writingicularly studied, hippocrates, galen, and avicen, regardedthose as homicides who were ignorant of astrology paracelsus, indeed, went farther. He declared, a physician should be predestinated to thecure of his patient. And the horoscope should be inspected, the plantsgathered at the critical moment, &c culpeper was a writer and translator of several works, the mostcelebrated of which is his herbal, “being an astrologo-physicaldiscourse of the common herbs of the nation. Containing a completemethod or practice of physic, whereby a man may preserve his body inhealth, or cure himself when sick, with such things only as grow inengland, they being most fit for english constitutions ”this celebrated, and useful physician died at his house inspitalfields, in the year 1654 this book will remain as a lastingmonument of his skill and industry “culpeper, the man that first ranged the woods and climbed the mountains in search of medicinal and salutary herbs, has undoubtedly merited the gratitude of posterity ” dr johnson theenglish physicianenlarged amara dulcis considering divers shires in this nation give divers names to one andthe same herb, and that the common name which it bears in one county, is not known in another.