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The veryherb borne about one body next the skin helps in such diseases, though it never touch the place grieved. Let poor people make much ofit for those uses. With this i cured my own daughter of the kingevil, broke the sore, drew out a quarter of a pint of corruption, curedwithout any scar at all in one week time the ordinary small centaury descript this grows up most usually but with one round and essaywhatcrusted stalk, about a foot high or better, branching forth at the topinto thesis sprigs, and essay also from the joints of the stalks below;the flowers thus stand at the tops as it were in one umbel or tuft, are of a pale red, tending to carnation colour, consisting of five, essaytimes six small leaves, very like those of st john wort, openingthemselves in the day time and closing at night, after which come seedsin little short husk, in forms like unto wheat corn the leaves aresmall and essaywhat round. The root small and hard, perishing everyyear the whole plant is of an exceeding bitter taste there is another sort in all things like the former, save only it bearswhite flowers place they grow ordinarily in fields, pastures, and woods, but thatwith the white flowers not so frequently as the other time they flower in july or thereabouts, and seeds within a monthafter government and virtues they are under the dominion of the sun, asappears in that their flowers open and shut as the sun, either shewsor hides his face this herb, boiled and drank, purges choleric andgross humours, and helps the sciatica. It opens obstructions of theliver, gall, and spleen, helps the jaundice, and eases the pains in thesides and hardness of the spleen, used outwardly, and is given withvery good effect in agues it helps those that have the dropsy, or thegreen-sickness, being much used by the italians in powder for thatpurpose it kill the worms in the belly, as is found by experience the decoction thereof, viz the tops of the stalks, with the leavesand flowers, is good against the cholic, and to bring down womencourses, helps to avoid the dead birth, and eases pains of the mother, and is very effectual in all pains of the joints, as the gout, cramps, or convulsions a dram of the powder taken in wine is a wonderful goodhelp against the biting and poison of an adder the juice of the herbwith a little honey put to it, is good to clear the eyes from dimness, mists and clouds that offend or hinder sight it is singularly goodboth for green and fresh wounds, as also for old ulcers and sores, toclose up the one and cleanse the other, and perfectly to cure themboth, although they are hollow or fistulous. The green herb especially, being bruised and laid thereto the decoction thereof dropped into theears, cleanses them from worms, cleanses the foul ulcers and spreadingscabs of the head, and takes away all freckles, spots, and marks in theskin, being washed with it. The herb is so safe you cannot fail in theusing of it, only giving it inwardly for inward diseases it is verywholeessay, but not very toothessay there is beside these, another small centaury, which bears a yellowflower. In all other respects it is like the former, save that theleaves are larger, and of a darker green, and the stalks pass throughthe midst of them, as it does in the herb thorowan they are all ofthem, as i told you, under the government of the sun. Yet this, ifyou observe it, you shall find an excellant truth. In diseases of theblood, use the red centaury.

First let them sublimate and exungia, then the oils, juices, andpowders, be mixed, and so made into an ointment according to art unguentum citrinum or, a citron ointment college take of borax an ounce, camphire a dram, white coral halfan ounce, alum plume an ounce, umbilicus marinus, tragacanth, whitestarch, of each three drams, crystal, dentalis utalis, olibanum, niter, white marble, of each two drams, gersa serpentaria an ounce, cerusssix ounces, hog grease not salted, a pound and an half, goat suetprepared, an ounce and an half, hen fat two ounces and an half powder the things as you ought to do both together, and by themselves, melt the fats being cleansed in a stone vessel, and steep in them twocitrons of a mean bigness cut in bits, in a warm bath, after a wholeweek strain it, and put in the powders by degrees, amongst which letthe camphire and borax be the last, stir them, and bring them into theform of an ointment unguentum martiatum college take of fresh bay leaves three pounds, garden rue twopounds and an half, marjoram two pounds, mints a pound, sage, wormwood, costmary, bazil, of each half a pound, sallad oil twenty pounds, yellowwax four pounds, malaga wine two pounds, of all of them being bruised, boiled, and pressed out as they ought, make an ointment according toart culpeper it is a great strengthener of the head, it being anointedwith it. As also of all the writings of the body, especially the nerves, muscles, and arteries unguentum mastichinum or, an ointment of mastich college take of the oil of mastich, wormwood, and nard, of each anounce, mastich, mints, red roses, red coral, cloves, cinnamon, wood ofaloes, squinanth, of each a dram, wax as much as is sufficient to makeit into an ointment according to art culpeper this is like the former, and not a whit inferior to it;it strengthens the stomach being anointed with it, restores appetiteand digestion before it was called a stomach ointment unguentum neapolitanum college take of hog grease washed in juice of sage a pound, quick-silver strained through leather, four ounces, oil of bays, chamomel, and earthworms, of each two ounces, spirit of wine an ounce, yellow wax two ounces, turpentine washed in juice of elecampane threeounces, powder of chamepitys and sage, of each two drams, make theminto an ointment according to art culpeper a learned art to spoil people. Hundreds are bound to cursesuch ointments, and those that appoint them unguentum nervinum college take of cowslips with the flowers, sage, chamepitys, rosemary, lavender, bay with the berries, chamomel, rue, smallage, melilot with the flowers, wormwood, of each a handful, mints, betony, pennyroyal, parsley, centaury the less, st john wort, of each ahandful, oil of sheep or bullock feet, five pounds, oil of spike, half an ounce, sheep or bullock suet, or the marrow of either, twopounds. The herbs being bruised and boiled with the oil and suet, makeit into an ointment according to art culpeper it is appropriated to the nerves, and helps theirinfirmities coming of cold, as also old bruises, make use of it in deadpalsies, chilliness or coldness of writingicular members, such as thearteries perform not their office to as they ought. For wind anointyour belly with it.

On the seventeenth day, however, the hearing was still dull the deafness may be permanent with deafness tinnitus is apt to occur hyperacustia, or extreme sensitiveness to noise, has also been reportedin several paper smell and taste - the person affected essaytimes has noticed a smellresembling that of sulphur, and this has also been said to have beenapparent to others a metallic taste in the mouth is not rare general symptoms - when first struck by lightning and while stillunconscious, the patient has usually a flushed and reddened face, with dilated pupils immediately following, or perhaps without thispreliminary stage, appear the symptoms of collapse cyanosis may occur, and the patient may appear to be asphyxiated fever, not caused by injuries, may essaytimes occur, but certainly notto any extreme degree in thesis paper the temperature when taken wasnormal, and even in paper of severe stroke without serious surgicalinjury the temperature has not risen above 101° in these latter paperit is hard to say how far the temperature is affected by the burnswhich are always present the pulse is essaytimes slow, essaytimes rapid and feeble, or almostimperceptible. At times it is irregular the respiration is apt to be labored in paige case there was markeddyspnœa it may be almost imperceptible it is essaytimes slow andessaytimes rapid nausea and vomiting occur often after recovery of consciousness vertigo and reeling may exist from various causes it is probable that seminal emissions may occur at the moment of shock menstruation, when present, may be checked or may continue pregnantwomen do not necessarily abort pathology and pathological anatomy a few words must be said in regard to the pathological conditions whichmay be directly produced by lightning and can be detected during life the burns, wounds, ecchymoses, dendritic marks, and other externalsigns have already been fully considered certain pathological changes, however, have been found in the eyeswhich are capable of being verified during life in addition toswelling and œdema of the lids, to the injuries from burns and to thevarious paralyses of the ocular muscles, changes in the tissues of theeye itself may occur in the first place we may find corneal opacitiesand adhesive iritis iridocyclitis may occur cataract formation isnot rare, and its causation has given rise to thesis theories opticneuritis and neuro-retinitis are essaytimes found. And we have essaytimesoptic atrophy structural changes in the choroid may also be causedby lightning rupture of the choroid, hemorrhage from the choroid andretina, and writingial detachment of the retina may occur from the shockwithout the patient being struck by the lightning and without ruptureof the external tissues ears - perforation of the tympanum is reported in more than one case autopsies we shall consider here the pathological conditions found in deaths fromelectricity, whether due to artificial or to atmospheric sources theresults are or may be the same in either, so far as we now know, and itis probable that the action of the electricity is practically the samein either case, only varying as regards the strength and tension of thecurrent rigor mortis - this has generally been found in paper of death fromartificial electricity in the case of jugigo, who was executed byelectricity, it was present four and one-half hours after death asregards its occurrence in death by lightning and the rapidity of itsonset, there has been much discussion it is certainly present in thesispaper, and the probability is there is nothing diagnostic in regard toit in deaths by lightning when absent, its absence is probably due tothe presence of essay external factor and has no relation to the form ofdeath we have, on the other hand, no proof that the rapidity of itsonset is increased coagulation of the blood - it has been observed frequently thatthe blood of persons struck by lightning does not coagulate readily sullivan states that in certain paper of complete disorganization afterlightning shock the blood is left fluid and incoagulable and its colorchanged to a deep black in one of the paper of death from artificialelectricity reported by grange, the heart was found sixty-two hoursafter death to be filled with liquid blood of a rosy vermilion color, which quickly became darker on contact with the air a spectroscopicexamination of the blood showed the normal lines of oxidized bloodreducible by sulphydrate of ammonium in a case reported by matzingerthe blood as submitted was black and perfectly fluid, the corpuscles, both red and white, were normal, and no fibrin was detected in thoseexecuted by electricity the blood seems to have been fluid and not inany way remarkable there seems to be no evidence that the bodies of those dying fromelectricity in any form suffer unusually rapid decomposition the only absolute sign of death from electricity is decomposition ofthe tissues, but the usual signs are to be relied upon to the sameextent as in ordinary paper of death internal organs - in the paper of death from mechanical electricityno changes in the internal organs other than those due to accidentaltraumata have been found, except a considerable degree of congestionand essaytimes minute hemorrhages in the heart substance beneath thepericardium and into the pulmonary air-vesicles and pleura in one ofgrange paper the heart was filled with liquid blood. In the other itwas completely empty, the right ventricle collapsed, the walls of theleft ventricle hard and contracted careful autopsies were made in the paper of the criminals executed byelectricity, but no important changes caused by the electric currenthave been detected either macroscopically or microscopically a fewpetechial spots tardieu spots are apt to be found underneath thepericardium in the heart tissue and essaytimes beneath the pleura theorgans were not extremely congested in the case of jugigo the vesselsof the spinal cord and its membranes contained if anything less bloodthan usual in this case the amount of blood found in the brain seemsto have been about normal, the vessels of the dura were moderatelydilated and those of the pia “in a medium state of congestion ” in thecase of kemmler the portion of the intracranial contents underneaththe head-electrode was essaywhat affected directly by the heat, themeningeal vessels in the dura were carbonized, and the brain cortexwas sensibly hardened to one-sixth of its depth, “where there was abroken line of vascularity ” the post-mortem temperature in this papereems to have remained unusually high, being 97° f in the fourthventricle and 99° f at the back of the neck three hours after death ina room where the temperature was only 83° in autopsies after death by lightning the results are in generalanalogous the brain and its membranes may be anæmic or congested effusions of blood may be found beneath the dura or in the brainsubstance itself, due to the laceration or injury of vessels ruptureof the brain is said to have occurred, and phayre reports a case inwhich the left hemisphere was entirely destroyed and changed into adark gray homogeneous fluid mass, only a small portion of the corpuscallosum remaining no extravasation of blood, laceration of thevessels or membranes, or injury of the bones was detected ecchymotic spots are frequently found beneath the serous membranes, pericardium, pleura, and peritoneum schmitz states that parenchymatous inflammation of the internal organsmay occur, and sullivan reports a case where the stomach was found tobe gangrenous over a large surface, the patient having lived severaldays paper of rupture of the heart, the liver, and the spleen arereported the medico-legal consideration of death by mechanical suffocation including hanging and strangulation by daniel smith lamb, a m , m d , pathologist army medical museum, washington, d c. Professor of anatomy medical dewritingment howard university, washington. Secretary association of american anatomists. Late acting assistant surgeon united states army.

And thatantivenereals are the best cure for that disease, far better and saferthan to torment them with the flux, divers foreign physicians haveconfessed the spirit of it is excellently good for the convulsions inchildren, as also for the falling sickness, and a gallant remedy forthe inflammation of the lungs and breasts, pleurisy, scabs, itch, &c it is under the celestial sign cancer artichokes the online writers latins call them cinera, only our college calls them artichocus government and virtues they are under the dominion of venus, andtherefore it is no marvel if they provoke lust, as indeed they do, being essaywhat windy meat. And yet they stay the involuntary course ofnatural seed in man, which is commonly called nocturnal pollutions andhere i care not greatly if i quote a little of galen nonsense in histreatise of the faculties of nourishment he saith, they contain plentyof choleric juice, which notwithstanding i can scarcely believe, ofwhich he saith is engendered melancholy juice, and of that melancholyjuice thin choleric blood but, to proceed. This is certain, that thedecoction of the root boiled in wine, or the root bruised and distilledin wine in an alembic, and being drank, purges by urine exceedingly hart-tongue descript this has divers leaves arising from the root, everyone severally, which fold themselves in their first springing andspreading. When they are full grown, are about a foot long, smooth andgreen above, but hard and with little sap in them, and streaked on theback, athwart on both sides of the middle rib, with small and essaywhatlong and brownish marks. The bottoms of the leaves are a little bowedon each side of the middle rib, essaywhat small at the end the root isof thesis black threads, folded or interlaced together time it is green all the winter. But new leaves spring every year government and virtues jupiter claims dominion over this herb, therefore it is a singular remedy for the liver, both to strengthen itwhen weak, and ease it when afflicted, you shall do well to keep itin a syrup all the year. For though authors say it is green all theyear, i scarcely believe it hart tongue is much commended againstthe hardness and stoppings of the spleen and liver, and against theheat of the liver and stomach, and against lasks, and the bloody-flux the distilled water thereof is also very good against the passionsof the heart, and to stay the hiccough, to help the falling of thepalate, and to stay the bleeding of the gums, being gargled in themouth dioscorides saith, it is good against the stinging or biting ofserpents as for the use of it, my direction at the latter end will besufficient, and enough for those that are studious in physic, to whettheir brains upon for one year or two hazel-nut hazel nuts are so well known to every body, that they need nodescription government and virtues they are under the dominion of mercury the writinged kernels made into an electuary, or the milk drawn from thekernels with mead or honeyed water, is very good to help an old cough;and being parched, and a little pepper put to them and drank, digeststhe distillations of rheum from the head the dried husks and shells, to the weight of two drams, taken in red wine, stays lasks and womencourses, and so doth the red skin that covers the kernels, which ismore effectual to stay women courses and if this be true, as it is, then why should the vulgar so familiarlyaffirm, that eating nuts causes shortness of breath, than which nothingis falser?. for, how can that which strengthens the lungs, causeshortness of breath?. i confess, the opinion is far older than i am. Iknew tradition was a friend to error before, but never that he wasthe father of slander. Or are men tongues so given to slander oneanother, that they must slander nuts too, to keep their tongues in use?. If any writing of the hazel nut be stopping, it is the husks and shells, and no one is so mad as to eat them unless physically. And the red skinwhich covers the kernel, you may easily pull off and so thus have imade an apology for nuts, which cannot speak for themselves hawk-weed there are several sorts of hawk-weed, but they are similar in virtues descript it has thesis large leaves lying upon the ground, much rentor torn on the sides into gashes like dandelion, but with greaterwritings, more like the smooth sow thistle, from among which rises ahollow, rough stalk, two or three feet high, branched from the middleupward, whereon are set at every joint longer leaves, little or nothingrent or cut, bearing on them sundry pale, yellow flowers, consisting ofthesis small, narrow leaves, broad pointed, and nicked in at the ends, set in a double row or more, the outermost being larger than the inner, which form most of the hawk-weeds for there are thesis kinds of them dohold, which turn into down, and with the small brownish seed is blownaway with the wind the root is long and essaywhat great, with thesissmall fibres thereat the whole plant is full of bitter-milk place it grows in divers places about the field sides, and thepath-ways in dry grounds time it flowers and flies away in the summer months government and virtues saturn owns it hawk-weed saithdioscorides is cooling, essaywhat drying and binding, and thereforegood for the heat of the stomach, and gnawings therein. Forinflammations and the hot fits of agues the juice thereof in wine, helps digestion, discusses wind, hinders crudities abiding in thestomach, and helps the difficulty of making water, the biting ofvenomous serpents, and stinging of the scorpion, if the herb be alsooutwardly applied to the place, and is very good against all otherpoisons a scruple of the dried root given in wine and vinegar, isprofitable for those that have the dropsy the decoction of the herbtaken in honey, digests the phlegm in the chest or lungs, and withhyssop helps the cough the decoction thereof, and of wild succory, made with wine, and taken, helps the wind cholic and hardness of thespleen. It procures rest and sleep, hinders venery and venerous dreams, cooling heats, purges the stomach, increases blood, and helps thediseases of the reins and bladder outwardly applied, it is singularlygood for all the defects and diseases of the eyes, used with essaywomen milk. And used with good success in fretting or creepingulcers, especially in the beginning the green leaves bruised, and witha little salt applied to any place burnt with fire, before blistersdo rise, helps them. As also inflammations, st anthony fire, andall pushes and eruptions, hot and salt phlegm the same applied withmeal and fair water in manner of a poultice, to any place affectedwith convulsions, the cramp, and such as are out of joint, doth givehelp and ease the distilled water cleanses the skin, and takes awayfreckles, spots, morphew, or wrinkles in the face hawthorn it is not my intention to trouble you with a description of this tree, which is so well known that it needs none it is ordinarily but ahedge bush, although being pruned and dressed, it grows to a tree of areasonable height as for the hawthorn tree at glastonbury, which is said to floweryearly on christmas-day, it rather shews the superstition of thosethat observe it for the time of its flowering, than any great wonder, since the like may be found in divers other places of this land. As inwhey-street in romney marsh, and near unto nantwich in cheshire, by aplace called white green, where it flowers about christmas and may ifthe weather be frosty, it flowers not until january, or that the hardweather be over government and virtues it is a tree of mars the seeds in theberries beaten to powder being drank in wine, are held singularly goodagainst the stone, and are good for the dropsy the distilled waterof the flowers stay the lask the seed cleared from the down, bruisedand boiled in wine, and drank, is good for inward tormenting pains ifcloths or sponges be wet in the distilled water, and applied to anyplace wherein thorns and splinters, or the like, do abide in the flesh, it will notably draw them forth and thus you see the thorn gives a medicine for its own pricking, andso doth almost every thing else hemlock descript the common great hemlock grows up with a green stalk, fouror five feet high, or more, full of red spots essaytimes, and at thejoints very large winged leaves set at them, which are divided intothesis other winged leaves, one set against the other, dented about theedges, of a sad green colour, branched towards the top, where it isfull of umbels of white flowers, and afterwards with whitish flat seed:the root is long, white, and essaytimes crooked, and hollow within thewhole plant, and every writing, has a strong, heady, and ill-savouredscent, much offending the senses place it grows in all counties of this land, by walls andhedge-sides, in waste grounds and untilled places time it flowers and seeds in july, or thereabouts government and virtues saturn claims dominion over this herb, yeti wonder why it may not be applied to the privities in a priapism, or continual standing of the yard, it being very beneficial to thatdisease. I suppose, my author judgment was first upon the oppositedisposition of saturn to venus in those faculties, and therefore heforbade the applying of it to those writings, that it might not causebarrenness, or spoil the spirit procreative.

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The peculiar online writers conformationof the idiot skull. The prognathous skull of the negro. The pyramidalskull of essay of the yellow races, and the oval head of the whiteman.