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“attention must be paid to the rise of the stars, especially to that of sirius, 4 as well as to the rise of arcturus, and, further, to the setting of the pleiades, for most diseases reach acrisis during such periods, essay of them abating in these days, othersceasing entirely, or developing into other symptoms and differentconditions ” these words indicate a distinct intention of bringingprognosis and course of diseases into the closest relations with online statistics homework help themotions of the celestial bodies in the second chapter of the same booksimilar expressions occur. “he who knows how the change of seasons andthe rising and setting of stars take place will also be able to foreseehow the year is going to be therefore, any one who investigates thesesubjects and predicts coming events will be thoroughly informed as toeach detail of the future. He will enjoy the best of health, and takeas much as possible the right road in art however, if any one shouldbe of the opinion that these questions belong solely in the realm ofastronomy, he will soon change his opinion as he learns that astronomyis not of slight, but of a very essential, importance in medical art ”stars and diseases are also brought into mutual relations in the letterto king ptolemy emerins, page 293 4 this star, in writingicular, played a rôle in the astrologic prognosis of the egyptians. In fact, in various systems it was made the starting-point of medical predictions. For instance, in the method of hermes trismegistus the above quotations refer exclusively to the course of diseases inrelation to the stars, but we find in other passages also distinctreferences are made to therapeutic methods. For instance, in“aphorisms, ” § 4, paragraph 5, we read. “purging is very difficultduring or before the dog-days ”it would, indeed, be most remarkable if no astrologic remarks of anykind were found in the corpus hippocraticum, as the idea of closerelation between the celestial bodies and matters terrestrial hadcommon currency during the hippocratic period the songs of stesichorusand of pindar show, for instance as is also stated by pliny, book 3, chapter xii , vol i , page 118, that eclipses of certain stars wereconsidered to be pregnant with mischief this superstitious conceptionhas, in essay paper, actually caused severe general calamities thus, for instance, the sicilian campaign ended unfortunately for theathenians only because their general, nicias, under a superstitiousapprehension concerning an eclipse, failed to put to sea and as thiscampaign was the cause to athens of a writingial loss of greek hegemony, we may safely say that astrology had a decisive share in the fall ofathens pliny, book 2, chapter xxiii the appearance of comets, like eclipses of the sun and the moon, werealso reputed to be ominous among the ancients comets were consideredheavenly mischief-makers of the worst kind, and almost every sortof calamity was ascribed to them a calamity was supposed to assumevarious aspects, according to the position and form of the comet under essay circumstances, however, they were said to prognosticatethesis events advantageous to mankind pliny, book 2, chapter xxiv thus augustus considered a comet, which was seen for an entire week atthe northern quarter of the heavens at the onset of his rule, duringperformances which were given in honor of venus genetrix, to be hislucky star however, not only such extraordinary appearances in the sky as comets, eclipses of the sun and the moon, played a conspicuous writing in medicalsuperstitions of the ancients even those celestial phenomena whichoccur with a regularity fixed by natural law, such as the revolutionof the sun and the moon, were considered highly important events intherapeutic art thus, affections of the eye in man and beast were saidto increase and to decrease with the moon pliny, book 2, chapter xli all acute diseases were believed to be controlled by the moon, whereaschronic affections were thought to be under the influence of the sun in fact, everything that happened to man was brought in immediaterelationship with appearances in the canopy of heaven thus, forinstance, it is stated by marcus manilius, the well-known author of anastronomical didactic poem dedicated to the emperor augustus. “omnis cum coelo fortunæ pendeat ordo ”in the thirteenth chapter of the second book the poet maintains thateach writing of the human body is subordinate to a distinct sign of thezodiac thus, for instance, the head to aries, etc altho the further development of occidental as well as orientalastrology drew its resources from the primeval assyrian, babylonian, and egyptian doctrines, yet from the second century, a d , theastronomic work of ptolemy and the exhaustive description of antiquemedicine by galen derive their inspiration from medicina astrologica whatever these two great masters were able to report of the dependenceof the functions of the body upon celestial bodies was from then on, without further inspection and examination, acknowledged to be trueby the great majority of physicians only occasionally this or thatpractitioner is bold enough to oppose the intrusion of astrologicvagaries into the art of healing. Among these radicals was thephilosophically trained physician, sextus empiricus, who lived aboutthe year 193, a d however, this protest of brave sextus, as well asall subsequent ones, scarcely had any influence upon the astrologicaldevelopment of medicine astrology could not be arrested on its roadto the domination of the world, and until the seventeenth century itcontrolled the thought of physicians with the same invincible sway thatit exercised over the mental life of all other professions and classes medico-astrological superstition had become legalized, and this inspite of the fact that galen himself at last expressed his distrust ofthe medicina astrologica, and at least endeavored to extenuate hiswriting in its dissemination let us now scrutinize more minutely the condition of medicinaastrologica in the second century, a d the works of ptolemy, the“iatromathematica” of the mysterious hermes trismegistus, and the thirdbook of galen writing on the “critical days” furnish sufficientmaterial for outlining the medico-astrological system of that period in the first place, the method by which the authors of thatperiod instilled their astrologic dotage into the minds of theircontemporaries varied considerably either astrological remarks werehere and there interspersed in a work on medical or on astronomicalsubjects, as was the case, for instance, in the “opus quadriwritingitum”of ptolemy and also in galen book on the “critical days, ” orastrology was treated as a special science in the form of a connectedsystem, as is done, for instance, in the “iatromathematica” of hermestrismegistus such textbooks of astrology obtained publicity in largenumbers from about the fourteenth century on whoever may be inclinedto cast a glance into the learned work of sudhoff will be astonished toobserve the extent to which iathromathematics flourished in the secondhalf of the middle ages and at the turning-point of the renaissance still another form was to imwriting to the public their astrologicaldoctrines in the form of short sentences we find nothing in such worksregarding the intricate calculations and methods by which endeavorswere made to fathom the language of the stars, but astrological resultswere communicated in concise, aphoristic sentences this was done inthe “centiloquium” of ptolemy, a work which in a hundred brief sayingsbrings an epitome of astrological wisdom to market the work enjoyedthe highest esteem in the middle ages such a book, therefore, wouldcorrespond to that form of modern literary production, which, underthe title “method of acquiring this or that accomplishment within ashort period, ” is advertised to us modern people in the daily press moreover, the “centiloquium” of ptolemy had thesis imitators sucha work is found, for instance, in arabic literature, and containsastrologic wisdom condensed into 150 brief sentences by the astrologeralmansor, who furnished the handbook upon request of his ruler. Thearabian, bethem, has produced a similar work we find analogous worksappearing later in the middle ages eventually, the doctrines ofastrology were put into neat rhymes.

Specimen no 1 2 74 per cent specimen no 2 2 85 per cent specimen no 3 2 62 per cent specimen no 4 2 48 per cent specimen no 5 2 53 per cent specimen no 6 2 79 per cent fried192 prepared iodine ointment according to the u s p viiiformula, and assayed it at intervals his results are tabulatedherewith:192 pharm jour , 1912, 89, 610 per cent iodine introduced 4 00 iodine found immediately after making 3 89 iodine found one hour after making 3 51 iodine found one day after making 3 48 iodine found five days after making 3 06 iodine found ten days after making 2 84 iodine found thirty days after making 2 81 iodine found ninety days after making 2 81 iodine found eight months after making 2 81iodine ointment has been official in the u s pharmacopeia since 1870 briefly, the method now used for making the preparation is as follows. Four gm of iodine, 4 gm of potassium iodide and 12 gm of glycerin are weighed into a tared mortar and the mixture triturated until the iodine and potassium iodide are dissolved and a dark, reddish-brown, syrupy liquid is produced eighty gm of benzoinated lard are then added in small portions and with trituration after each addition the mass is then triturated until of uniform consistence 193193 the time required to complete the process after the initialportion of lard has been added should be about twenty minutes paraffins and paraffin preparations-- table a key. A. Formula b. Substance c. Melting point, u s p d. Ductility limit e. Plasticity limit f. a adhesiveness and detachability b strength of film at 38 c a b c d e f 1 “parowax, ” 50 8 32 5 29 0 a adheres and stand oil co of ind detaches well.

No reaction from tickling feet. No respiration. Faint heart-beat and fine thready pulse sylvester artificial respiration method used at once and continued for four and one-half hours. Tongue held forward by forceps one hundred and fifteen minutes after body was first seen there was spontaneous movement of legs one hundred and forty-five minutes, conjunctivæ sensible one hundred and seventy-five minutes, retching two hundred and five minutes, free vomiting she recovered but remembered nothing of the hanging keen832 reports the results of experiments upon a criminal who was executed by hanging he was cut down about half an hour after the drop faradization and galvanization of pneumogastric and recurrent laryngeal nerves caused movements of left vocal cord, but not the right. There was no reflex motion in the larynx the left phrenic nerve made no response to stimulus the internal intercostal nerves caused the raising of the cartilage below them inspiratory, the external intercostals depressed the upper seven ribs expiratory, and raised the eighth the other four not examined the muscles of the face retained their contractility very few, comparatively, however, have been restored after hanging forpaper of recovery see medical times and gazette, london, 1871, vol i , p 669 paper 12, 13, 42, 44, 47, 49, 66 post-mortem appearances the post-mortem appearances are external and internal the external appearances are those due to the action of the ligatureon the neck and to other violence, if any has been done, and those dueto asphyxia or syncope the marks of the ligature if the suspension be very brief and theligature soft and supple, and the body instantly cut down after death, there may be no mark allison833 questions the value of the mark, contending that it is post mortem, and reports paper. Says it ispresent only if the drop be considerable or the suspension continueafter death tidy says that the mark is, in a measure, independent ofthe ligature and duration of suspension, and does not usually acquireits color for essay hours after death. Essaytimes, however, it hasoccurred in a much shorter time it may be slight because the ligaturehas been placed over the clothing the longer a body hangs after death, the more the mark shows it can be produced upon the cadaver harvey834 says. “the characteristic mark is essaytimes found innon-fatal paper in eight instances in the present returns ofnearly 1, 500 paper of hanging there was a distinct mark ” coutagne, 835 in twenty-four necroscopies on subjects hung, found only slight or doubtful lesions in five paper. But of these, one was in a condition of advanced putrefaction, another was apparently weakened by loss of blood from wounds, and in the other three there were marks of violence in seventeen paper the lesions of the neck were plain. Hemorrhage in connective tissue or muscle the direction of the mark is usually oblique, following the line ofthe lower jaw upward and backward behind the mastoid processes. Itmay, however, be horizontal if the ligature encircles the neck morethan once, one mark may be circular, the other oblique if a runningnoose is used the mark may be circular, and be seen all the way aroundthe neck, looking like the mark of a strangulation taylor836 statesthat if the noose should be in front, the mark may be circular, thejaw preventing the ligature from rising upward in front as much as itdoes behind if it encircles the neck but once, its continuity is aptto be broken by the prominence of the hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage, sterno-mastoid muscles, etc in four-fifths of the paper 117 out of 143, tardieu the mark is foundbetween the chin and larynx. In nearly all the remaining fifth, overthe larynx. In a very few below the larynx. The last position is dueto the protection of the neck by a handkerchief or beard, or wherethere is essay anatomical or pathological peculiarity which prevents theligature from going higher hofmann837 had seen two paper of tumor of neck.

But the organ of a house which has alwaysappealed to the honor as well as to the progressiveness of the medicalprofession its publishers could not afford to resort to deception inadvertising their products, through this or any other medium the profession is indebted to parke, davis & co for pituitrin amongother medicaments, and it is to the profession that the manufacturerslook for the ultimate verdict the contraindications are quite asimportant as the indications, and, as the excerpts submitted show, wehave taken account of these, not only in forming our own estimate, butin presenting the evidence to the readers of therapeutic notes we cite these facts that you may give us a square deal in an earlyissue of the journal if so disposed parke, davis online statistics homework help & co , detroit comment -- the journal has no desire to discuss parke, davis andcompany motives in omitting certain writings of dr mundell paper what the journal did was to publish those writings of dr mundell paperon the “present status of pituitary extract in labor” that parke, davisand company left out of their circular that it is not practicable, as parke, davis and company points out, for the manufacturers ofproprietary products to reproduce in full all clinical papers dealingwith such products is obvious it is not so obvious why such concernsin abstracting or quoting papers of this kind should delete those writingsthat are unfavorable to the products dealt with rather than thosethat are favorable curiously, however, whenever an author is quotedonly in writing those writings are almost invariably those favorable to theproduct -- ed -- correspondence in the journal a m a , dec 8, 1917 why proprietaries flourishto the editor:-- the following experiences seem to add one more tothe thesis reasons offered to explain why proprietaries and ready-madepreparations flourish at the expense of the official drugs andpreparations. A few days ago i prescribed troches of ammonium chloride, u s p , for a patient of exceptional perseverance the next day hehad not yet secured the troches and told me that he had submitted theprescription to seven pharmacies, including the largest, and three ofthe best known and admittedly the best equipped in new york all toldhim that these troches were “not being made any more, ” and that theywere therefore unable to supply him he thereupon communicated withone of the largest wholesale manufacturing pharmaceutical houses inamerica and received precisely the same answer i then took the matterup with a first class pharmacist whom i knew and induced him to preparethis difficult !. troche, for which the u s pharmacopeia givesthe following directions. “rub the powders together until they arethoroughly mixed. Then form a mass with syrup of tolu and divide ”seven pharmacists declined to fill a prescription for an officialpreparation because they could not buy the preparation from awholesaler, and it required essay persuasion to get the eighth to makethe preparation but even worse, several of the pharmacists offered mypatient essay ready-made troche more or less resembling the official, oroffered compressed tablets of ammonium chlorid that this is not an isolated example of what often poses as pharmacyis shown by the fact that i have found it extremely difficult to finda pharmacist who would extemporaneously coat pills with gelatin most want the physician to alter his prescription so that one of theready-made gelatin coated pills can be dispensed, if a gelatin coatingis necessary essay gelatin, hot water, a large cork, and a few domesticsewing needles are all that is required for very satisfactory coatingof pills with gelatin, yet few pharmacists seem willing to perform thissimple procedure two other illustrations, not so recent, have come to me from acolleague a few years ago he was unable to obtain from either of twopharmacists an emulsion of cod liver oil without the hypophosphitesbecause, as both said, “it does not come without hypophosphites ”on another occasion four of the best drug stores in boston wereasked for the compound laxative pill, u s p , then official in thepharmacopeia in every case he was told that he must have meant thecompound cathartic pill, which in no way resembles the pill he sought with this attitude on the writing of the men supposed to be serving thepublic and the medical profession by the practice of pharmacy, is itany wonder that it is difficult to induce the medical profession toprescribe official preparations or combinations of official drugs inplace of ready-made commercial substitutes largely drawn from among theproprietaries or specialties?. real pharmacy by real pharmacists is anecessity if we are to succeed in combating the proprietary evil cary eggleston, m d , new york -- correspondence in the journal a m a , aug 21, 1920 philip rahtjen and his discoveriesrecent newspaper reports regarding the alleged “discovery of the germof pernicious anemia” and the development of “an antitoxin and serum”by dr philip rahtjen of pasadena, california, have brought inquiriesof which the two that follow are typical this from a physician inindiana. “please let me know about the supposed recent discovery of dr philip rahtjen concerning pernicious anemia the information i have is from a newspaper clipping of october 21, pasadena, california kindly omit my name ”a new york physician writes. “if you could send me any information as to the enclosed i would appreciate it the article impresses one as absolutely inconclusive however, i promised the patient i would investigate the matter ”the enclosures referred to consisted of a reprint and a letter from“ph rahtjen, m a , ph d , ” pasadena, calif , both of which hadbeen sent to a layman who had written to rahtjen the reprint wasa translation of a brief article by rahtjen “on the etiology ofidiopathic anemia, ” translated from the centralblatt für bakteriologieparasitenkunde und infektionskrankheiten rahtjen letter to thelayman read. “your inquiry relative to my isolation and classification of the germ of anemia received “i herein enclose my paper published in august in the central magazine of bacteriology “i have succeeded in immunizing goats against the germ therein described five thousand injections of the serum have been given three hundred paper diagnosed as anemia and chlorosis were treated under observation six paper of pernicious anemia were observed under treatment all responded favorably “the serum is at your disposal from my laboratory here for the use of your physician the price is five dollars for twelve ampoules each containing 1 ccm , the amount of one injection “the treatment consists of intramuscular injection every second day accompanied with a nitrogenous free diet, preferably milk diet your attending physician should very easily give them ”just what rahtjen serum is we do not know nor have we been ableto find any information on the subject in any available medicalliterature in fact, a rather careful search of american medicalliterature for essay years past fails to reveal any article by rahtjenon any subject philip rahtjen is not a physician in the propaganda files is acircular issued in 1917 by the “rahtjen tuberculosis sanatorium” of sanfrancisco, calif this exploits “the rahtjen cure for tuberculosis” andtells of “the discovery of dr philip rahtjen ” the circular statesthat. “dr rahtjen studied in heidelberg, berlin, munich, marburg, and rostock, gerthesis, from which latter school in 1904, he graduated in chemical pathology as doctor of philosophy he became assistant professor of pathology at the imperial biological station at heligoland, and was later appointed assistant to dr piorkowsky, head of the deutsche schutz und heilserum gesellschaft ”the same circular summarizes the potentialities of “rahtjen cure fortuberculosis” thus. “the remedy seems to cure tuberculosis in all its forms with equal celerity and certainty the evidences indicate that it does not matter how far the disease has progressed, if there be tissue of the attacked organ remaining sufficient to sustain life, the disease can be wholly eradicated and the patient restored to health this is indicated alike in tuberculosis of the lungs, of the throat, of the bladder, of the kidneys ”the booklet stated further that patients might be treated at one of twoplaces. At the offices of the sanatorium in the city of san francisco, or at the sanatorium itself near glenwood the cost of treatment atthe sanatorium was to be $1, 000, which would entitle “the patientto residence and attention there for four months ” according to theleaflet, “this is regarded as a period sufficient to restore thepatient to health whatever be the stage of his disease. Provided only, as we remark, that he has enough left of the infected organ to sustainlife with the t b expelled ” “at the end of four months the patient is sent to his home, not alone relieved of his disease, but in a highly vigorous state of health ”all this, as stated previously, was in 1917 and yet people are stilldying of tuberculosis!. In march, 1920, rahtjen so the newspapers have it was offering a“new-life fluid ” according to a san francisco paper, dr philiprahtjen “announces the discovery that by the injection of secretionsfrom the ductless glands the human body may be reinvigorated ” thepaper described the discovery “as a long step forward in the fightto counteract old age” and stated that a syndicate was being formedby rahtjen and others to “produce the extract in such quantity thatit may be available for every one ” the newspaper article showed thelearned doctor in a laboratory apron in the characteristic pose ofthe newspaper “scientist” pouring essaything from a beaker into a testtube-- and gazing intently at the camera while doing it!. this was inmarch, 1920. Yet people still grow old within the last month the los angeles examiner has heralded essay morewonderful accomplishments of rahtjen according to this paper rahtjenhas:1 isolated the “germ of pernicious anemia ”2 found the “serum” for the cure of this disease 3 discovered the secret of human virility 4 evolved a fluid “from the glands of selected bulls and cows” whichwill “restore ‘pep’ for worn-out human bodies!. give added weight, clearer eyes, brighter minds, quicker bodies and a generally ‘firmergrip’ on oneself!. ”this “amazing discovery” was, according to the los angeles paper, theculmination of “five years of continuous study” and had only just beenrevealed by rahtjen “dr rahtjen has for years been working silently in a bio-chemical laboratory in pasadena, surrounded by microscopes, scales, test-tubes, acids, alkalis, reagents and all the accompanying stage settings that spell bio-chemical science ”all of these wonders might still have been a closed book to the publichad not “friends” of dr rahtjen brought the matter to the attention ofthe examiner “dr rahtjen yesterday, with the usual reserve of the ethical scientist, was disinclined to talk of his work until publication of it in a scientific journal ”fortunately for a palpitating public, the los angeles examiner “wasable to learn the essence of his study” and pass the information on itseems from this newspaper report that rahtjen first made his extractsfrom the glands of goats and sheep but these extracts “were found tobe too strong ” as a result “dr rahtjen is now using the glands ofspecially selected mexican bulls and cows ” the male patients who are“weak, uninterested in life, unable to concentrate in thought” aregiven the extract of bull. The female patients who are in a similarlydeplorable condition receive an “injection of the cow gland extract ”we have not yet learned whether the los angeles examiner hasdeprecated dr rahtjen use of mexican bovines remembering theattitude of the hearst papers toward all things mexican, one may lookfor the suggestion that mr rahtjen use 100 per cent americanbull -- from the journal a m a , nov 26, 1921 sodium cacodylate in syphilisto the editor:-- i was much interested in the study of this subject bydr h n cole the journal, dec 30, 1916, p 2012 in 1913 i treated a series of paper of syphilis with sodium cacodylate;but, not getting the desired results, i discontinued its use in 1915, i became interested again because of the writings of dr j b murphy, and applied it in three paper in which the patients had initial lesions:case 1 -- j m , man aged 21, single, shoeworker, came to me withan initial lesion of the penis to the right of the frenum i beganintramuscular injections of sodium cacodylate, 5 grains, in ampulesmade by parke, davis & co , every day for ten days then i haltedfor ten days and repeated ten more injections the sore on the penisentirely disappeared about the ninth day there was a slight, faintlymacular eruption of the forearms and abdomen, which soon disappeared there was no alopecia when he returned, after the last series often injections, there were mucous patches in the throat and essayinvolvement of the left tonsil i put the patient on mixed treatment, which cleared his throat he had, at end of twenty doses of 5 grains ofsodium cacodylate each, a positive wassermann reaction after mercuryand potassium iodid for two months there was a positive wassermannreaction to date, after three salvarsan treatments intravenously therehave been two negatives case 2 -- f s , man, aged 28, married, machinist, had an initial lesionon the penis treatment with sixty injections of 5 grains of sodiumcacodylate gave results as follows.

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“uricsol rheumatic remedy, uric acid solvent, kidney and liver stimulant, manufactured by the uricsol chemical co , los angeles, cal ”this package was wrapped in a circular entitled “the great californiaremedy-- uricsol ” the preparation is a viscid, slightly turbid lightbrown liquid, with a faintly aromatic odor and a salty, bittertaste the diluted solution is acid in reaction toward litmus andphenolphthalein and alkaline toward methyl orange qualitative tests showed a presence of phosphate, citrate, nitrate, sodium, glycerin, and a small amount of lithium in aqueous solution besides these a small amount of essay organic, nonalkaloidal substancewas found, which from its bitter taste suggested gentian from thequalitative tests it appeared that the phosphate was the predominatingingredient and accordingly a phosphate determination was made theresults, calculated to sodium phosphate, u s p , indicated thepresence of 64 20 gm per 100 c c , held in solution by citric acid andsodium nitrate uricsol evidently is a solution containing a large amount of sodiumphosphate with small amounts of lithium, nitrate, citric acid andglycerin, with probably essay vegetable extract in general uricsol is similar to the once widely exploited proprietary“melachol, ” which has been frequently imitated a preparationessentially identical is in the united states pharmacopeia, under thetitle “compound solution of sodium phosphate ”the uricsol company calls its preparation “ the latest word in the treatment of rheumatism and that allied group of ailments which is caused by an excess of uric acid ”hay fever, bronchial asthma and neuritis are conditions in which it isrecommended the claim is made that “uricsol quickly controls vasomotor rhinitis and eliminates such conditions from the system ” “in fact, it will correct faulty metabolism ”to a few practitioners of an older generation the pharmacologic basisof a remedy for rheumatism was sufficiently defined online statistics homework help by saying that itincreased the solubility of uric acid or affected it in essay way thistheory is obsolete. There is not, and never was, any reliable evidenceon which to base the theory that rheumatism is in any way caused byuric acid the exploitation of uricsol as a “uric acid solvent” ismerely another illustration of the way in which nostrum manufacturersplay on disproved theories of course the claim that sodium phosphatehas any writingicular power to control vasomotor rhinitis, hay fever, asthma, and to correct faulty metabolism is foolish to summarize. Uricsol is a mixture of well-known drugs, marketed withfalse claims as to therapeutic action, with misleading and meaninglessstatements as to composition and under a name which invites uncriticalprescribing uricsol is held ineligible to inclusion in new andnonofficial remedies jubolthe following ridiculous statements are addressed, not to the laity, but to the medical profession. Do you suffer from constipation-- hemorrhoids-- enteritis-- mucous discharge-- pituita-- acidity of the stomach-- vertigo-- sick headache-- disturbed sleep-- insomnia-- sallow complexion-- coated tongue-- offensive breath-- fatigue and depression-- boils-- pimples?. “one of these symptoms alone shows that there is defective or insufficient function of the intestines, even if the stools are regular “excrements remain too long in the intestine and set up fermentation the harmful poisons and ptomains which they produce are re-absorbed by the blood and poison the whole system “the intestines must be cleared and re-educated with jubol “jubolise your intestines ”jubol tablets are sold in the united states by geo j wallau, inc , new york, and are said to be prepared by j l chatelain, paris, france the following incomplete and nonquantitative “formula” isfurnished. “ compounded chiefly !. of agar-agar, biliary extracts and pure extracts from all the intestinal glands ”it is asserted that “the tablets are coated with a protective covering in order that they may act on the intestine only ”the tablets contained in a regular-size trade package, obtained directfrom the agent, readily separated into two halves and disintegratedwithin a few minutes when agitated with water it is thus evidentthat, under ordinary conditions, the intestinal ferments in jubol ifthey are present, as claimed would be destroyed during their passagethrough the stomach in direct tests, however, practically no trypticactivity was demonstrated the composition of jubol is not declared. Grossly unwarranted andincorrect claims are made for its therapeutic actions. The name doesnot indicate the alleged ingredients and so much of the composition asis declared indicates an unscientific mixture the council decided thatjubol should be held ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies, andthat this report should be published urodonalurodonal is said to be “produced in the laboratory of j l chatelain, ”paris, france it is marketed in this country by geo j wallau, inc , new york the preparation is claimed to be a chemical compound, and theadvertising matter furnishes a “formula, ” which consists of theformulas of lysidin, sidonal and hexamethylenamin, connected by plussigns. {h₂c az  } co₂h-- c-- oh azh az {h₂c c-- ch₃} { h₂c choh } {h₂c  ch₂} {h₂c ch₂   ch₂} { azh  } {ohhc ch₂ } {h₂c  ch₂} {az ch₂ az ch₂ az}  { cho  } { azh } {  ch₃ }that the substance is a chemical compound is highly improbable, and noevidence has been submitted to substantiate the claim on the contrary, in the following statement the phrase “based on” is a virtual admissionthat the preparation is merely a mixture. “urodonal is a granular effervescent preparation based on methylglyoxalidine lysidine, quinate of diethylene-diamine sidonal and hexamethylene-tetramine formin, urotropine ”mystery is added by the mention of undefined “special products” in thefollowing.