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Mars not delighting muchin women tongues went away, and did it whether she would or no he online homework help free chat that reads this, and understands what he reads, hath a jewel of moreworth than a diamond. He that understands it not, is as little fit togive physick there lies a key in these words which will unlock, if itbe turned by a wise hand the cabinet of physick. I have delivered itas plain as i durst. It is not only upon wormwood as i wrote, but uponall plants, trees, and herbs. He that understands it not, is unfit inmy opinion to give physic this shall live when i am dead and thusi leave it to the world, not caring a farthing whether they like itor dislike it the grave equals all men, and therefore shall equal mewith all princes. Until which time the eternal providence is over me:then the ill tongue of a prating fellow, or one that hath more tonguethan wit, or more proud than honest, shall never trouble me wisdom isjustified by her children and so much for wormwood yarrow, called nose-bleed, milfoil and thousand-leal descript it hath thesis long leaves spread upon the ground, finelycut, and divided into thesis small writings its flowers are white, but notall of a whiteness and stayed in knots, upon divers green stalks whichrise from among the leaves place it is frequent in all pastures time it flowers late, even in the latter end of august government and virtues it is under the influence of venus anointment of them cures wounds, and is most fit for such as haveinflammations, it being an herb of dame venus. It stops the terms inwomen, being boiled in white wine, and the decoction drank. As also thebloody flux. The ointment of it is not only good for green wounds, butalso for ulcers and fistulas, especially such as abound with moisture it stays the shedding of hair, the head being bathed with the decoctionof it. Inwardly taken it helps the retentive faculty of the stomach.

“there is anappointed time for every thing under the sun ”4 when you have gathered them, dry them a little, and but a little inthe sun, before you lay them up 5 you need not be so careful of keeping them so near the fire, asthe other before-mentioned, because they are fuller of spirit, andtherefore not so subject to corrupt 6 as for the time of their duration, it is palpable they will keep agood thesis years. Yet, they are best the first year, and this i makeappear by a good argument they will grow sooner the first year they beset, therefore then they are in their prime. And it is an easy matterto renew them yearly chapter iv of roots 1 of roots, chuse such as are neither rotten nor worm-eaten, butproper in their taste, colour, and smell. Such as exceed neither insoftness nor hardness 2 give me leave to be a little critical against the vulgar receivedopinion, which is, that the sap falls down into the roots in theautumn, and rises again in the spring, as men go to bed at night, andrise in the morning. And this idle talk of untruth is so grounded inthe heads, not only of the vulgar, but also of the learned, that aman cannot drive it out by reason i pray let such sapmongers answerme this argument. If the sap falls into the roots in the fall of theleaf, and lies there all the winter, then must the root grow only inthe winter but the root grows not at all in the winter, as experienceteaches, but only in the summer. Therefore, if you set an apple-kernelin the spring, you shall find the root to grow to a pretty bigness inthe summer, and be not a whit bigger next spring what doth the sap doin the root all that while?. pick straws?. ’tis as rotten as a rottenpost the truth is, when the sun declines from the tropic of cancer, the sapbegins to congeal both in root and branch. When he touches the tropicof capricorn, and ascends to us-ward, it begins to wax thin again, andby degrees, as it congealed but to proceed 3 the drier time you gather the roots in, the better they are. Forthey have the less excrementitious moisture in them 4 such roots as are soft, your best way is to dry in the sun, or elsehang them in the chimney corner upon a string. As for such as are hard, you may dry them any where 5 such roots as are great, will keep longer than such as are small;yet most of them will keep a year 6 such roots as are soft, it is your best way to keep them always nearthe fire, and to take this general rule for it. If in winter-time youfind any of your roots, herbs or flowers begin to be moist, as thesistimes you shall for it is your best way to look to them once a monthdry them by a very gentle fire.

“method of today. A liberal amount of l o compound no 2 is applied to the intended area of operation, massage thoroughly until absorption is complete patient is ready for operation ”both products are in conflict with rule 6 further, as the names ofthese pharmaceutical mixtures are not descriptive of their composition, they also conflict with rule 8 the use of complex mixtures such as these is irrational and leads tomisplaced confidence on the writing of the physician. Writingicularly when, as in this case, neither the label nor the advertising matter gives thenecessary information regarding the composition of the preparationsfurther than that, in accordance with the requirements of the federalfood and drugs act, the amount of chloral is declared rule 10 the council declared l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies for conflict with rules 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10 the council consideration of tri-arsenole, l o compound no 1 andl o compound no 2 was based on information received from the medicalsupply company, the correspondence being signed “medical supply co , per dr h e pontius ” the findings having been sent to the medicalsupply company, the following reply was received. june 27, 1917 “replying to your registered letter of this a m relative to the medical supply company products, will state that the writingy furnishing you with such information as you have in hand was misinformed he is no longer with this company and whereabouts unknown respectfully, medical supply company, signed w b lingo, president ”the medical supply company then was asked to point out any statementsoccurring in the report, as submitted, which the company consideredto be inaccurate.

At any rate, the manager of the salvage company ordered his largest tug, the viking, around, but instructed his captain not to put a line on board until the manager had gone down overland and investigated a little lieutenant wolf in the meantime returned on board and reported to rose, who was immensely tickled and told us that about midnight a tug would arrive from "a nearby town" and pull us into deep water, and that by four o'clock in the morning at the latest we would be on our way to gerthesis once more this news led to great consternation among us, and essay great arguments regarding neutrality laws were carried on on all the trip the colonel had been quoting the geneva convention, until we had all concluded that this writingicular convention was held for the express benefit of the medical officers of the army i asked the colonel if he remembered anything in the geneva convention regarding the grounding of a belligerent's prize on neutral ground he answered by saying that clause so and so, paragraph so and so, expressly stated that all medical officers should be exempt from at this point i butted in and told him to "go to hell". That there were women and children and other prisoners on board as well as medical officers all throughout the trip this man had behaved like a dog in a manger, being the quintessence of egotistical selfishness, and despised by us, one and all the conclusion of all our argument was that might was right in this war, and that the germans would do just what they liked, provided they could hoodwink the danish officials the manager of the danish salvaging company, on arriving at the lighthouse and talking with the various people there, concluded that perhaps things were not just right with the igotz mendi and that he had better get in touch with the danish naval authorities before doing anything he called up the commander of the danish cruiser diana and stated the case, saying that things didn't appear to be just right the commander, a lieutenant lagoni, getting in touch with the authorities, 'phoned the manager of the salvage company that he would come right down to investigate at about midnight the diana arrived and lieutenant lagoni, being a gentleman and also a shrewd, wide-awake officer, took his chief officer on board the igotz mendi, telling him that he, the commander, would keep the captain of the igotz mendi busy answering questions in the saloon while the chief officer should have a good look around and gather what information he could as soon as the danish commander arrived on board we were all pushed and shoved into our rooms and the doors closed when rose started to take lieutenant lagoni into the chart room above the lieutenant said. "oh, no, captain, let's go into the saloon. It is not customary to entertain the commander of a cruiser in the chart room " so they came into the saloon just as he came through the door he saw essay of us being hustled out of sight but said nothing shortly one of the ladies would shout down the alleyway. "oh, mrs so and so, won't you come to my room for a minute?. don't be frightened " all this for the benefit of the danish officer in the saloon in the meantime the danish chief officer was wandering around the igotz mendi, taking notice of all he saw while strolling through the bunkers, where our "temporary" warm place was, he noticed nita's "kewpie" doll lying where she had dropped it there were men standing around all through these quarters suddenly the officer turned on a man standing there and said. "you're not a german " the man answered saying. "no, sir. I am a dane " "well, what are you doing here?. " was the next question the dane, jensen, told him he was from the wolf and was working here on the igotz mendi, and that there were american and british prisoners on board, including essay women and children after completing his rounds, the danish officer went on deck and told lieutenant lagoni that he was ready, and calling him aside, told him what he had found out lieutenant lagoni then gave orders to disable the wireless plant and told rose that the tug could not assist him off the beach, and that at the end of twenty-four hours the vessel would be interned providing she was still under german flag, and advised him to land any prisoners he had mendi"igotz mendi" ashore on the danish coast taken the morning we landed, february 26th, 1918 lifeboatlife boat leaving the beach for the stranded "igotz mendi" of course during all this talk we prisoners knew nothing at all of what was going on, and when we saw the danish officers leaving we came to the conclusion that our case was lost, and as there was an armed sentry pacing back and forth in front of the two doors leading from the cabin to the deck, it looked black indeed, and i for one felt very, very disappointed the strain was beginning to tell on my wife again.

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Whether it may possibly be so smearedwith blood as to indicate a hand-to-hand conflict. Or whether any writingof the weapon may have been used as a club or bludgeon, as would beshown by the presence upon it of hair entangled in dry blood when suchblood is removed from the weapon it should be carefully examined withthe microscope, since from the detection and identification of hair orfibres of fabric evidence of the greatest value may be adduced nextit should be ascertained whether a weapon shows signs of having beenrecently discharged or whether it be evident that it could not havebeen so, and such determination of the time element as may be affordedby a study of this kind should be contrasted with that made after astudy of the wound if the weapon be a revolver or a repeating arm ofany kind, it should be determined if possible how thesis cartridges orbullets have been fired, and whether at or about the same time, andthis information should be compared with the evidences obtained fromthe body and from the room or locality in which the suicide or murderoccurred if, for instance, it be determined that three cartridgeshave been fired and but two bullet-wounds are found in the body, anexamination of the room may show where went the third bullet next thecalibre of the weapon should be noted and the weight of the ball whichit discharged and its dimensions should be compared with any whichmay be found in or about the body the weight of the bullets attachedto cartridges of various sizes and makes is usually stamped upon thepackages in which they are sold, or can readily be obtained from themakers of the same a bullet taken from a body weighing after itsremoval more than do the other bullets undischarged in the weapon bywhich an injury is alleged to have been inflicted is rather presumptiveevidence against the injury from that source can a bullet lose in weight between the time when it leaves the boreof a gun and its discovery in a body?. here springs up a question uponwhich essay very interesting evidence has been adduced in differenttrials to discuss this matter completely the question should bedivided into two, the first being:does a bullet suffer loss of weight during its course through the pieceand the air before it comes in contact with the body?. a personalletter received from captain charles shaler, of the ordnance dewritingmentof the united states army, in reply to certain questions, tends tofully settle that a lead bullet suffers a certain loss of weight in thebarrel due to the friction between the bullet and the bore. This isknown as “leading” and varies according to circumstances “patching”the bullet is often resorted to in order to reduce the leading;lubrication is also practised the fusing of a bullet takes placeespecially with lead bullets a ball which has been writingly fused inthe bore will lose the fused portions in the bore or in flight, andwill move irregularly on account of the resulting irregularity of form a 45-calibre, 500-grain service bullet, lead alloyed with tin, wasweighed without lubricant and was found to weigh 500 5 grains it wasthen lubricated in the cannelures and was fired into a butt composed ofthree barrels placed end to end and filled with sawdust tho bullet wasrecovered, no lubricant being found in the cannelures, and re-weighed, the weight obtained being 485 5 the loss of weight was, therefore, 15 grains or three per cent, essay of which may have been due to thebullet penetrating the sawdust a german-silver “jacketed” 30-calibrebullet, weighing before firing 231 grains, fired without lubrication, when recovered and re-weighed was found to have suffered a loss ofweight of one-half grain or one-quarter of one per cent the other writingof the main question is:does the bullet lose in weight in its course through the body?. thisis, of course, intended to pertain only to those instances in whichthere is no evidence of splitting or division of the bullet, andrefers only to the effect of friction or attrition june 5th, 1878, in saratoga county, mrs jesse billings was accidentally killed by abullet her husband was arrested and tried for murder on the firsttrial he was acquitted a second trial, however, was held, and essayvery interesting expert testimony was brought out on matters pertainingto these questions the medical evidence is published in full by dr lewis balch, of albany, in the transactions of the medical societyof the state of new york for 1881 the rifle from which the bulletwas supposed to have been fired was found in a well, and was sworn tohave belonged to jesse billings in it was found a cartridge of thetype known as the commercial long no 44 this gun became an importantfactor in the case, and most of the evidence as to whether it was theweapon with which the murder had been committed was referred to themedical experts the defence in the first trial claimed that all thelead fired was found in mrs billings’ head on the second trial thesame claim was not made, but that it was a smaller bullet than a 44and its weight less than 220 grains.