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An uncritical english endorsementunder the auspices of the british association for the advancement ofscience, there has just appeared a report on the present status ofcolloid chemistry 247 the work has been recognized as sufficientlyimportant to receive the endorsement of the government dewritingmentof scientific and industrial research of writingicular interest tophysicians is the chapter on “administration of colloids in disease”written by alfred b searle, “consulting chemist, sheffield ” after aessaywhat academic generalization of colloidal drugs, the “thesis” isdevoted largely to the “collosols”-- proprietary preparations made bythe crookes laboratories the “scientific” evidence presented by searlefor colloids in medicine reads as if the advertising literature of thecrookes concern had been considered ample source of information thus:“colloidal manganese, ” besides having been “used with remarkable andsurprising results in the treatment of coccogenic skin diseases, gives excellent results in impetigo, chronic seborrheic eczema andacute folliculitis when employed in conjunction with intramine”!. thegrave danger of the intramine therapy has been known for more than twoyears, both here and abroad, 248 in fact, one author stated that inpaper of intramine injections, “the pain is undiluted torture ” in astyle as bombastic and verbose as the usual house-organ write-up, thereport recklessly details all sorts of conditions in which so-calledcolloids-- and writingicularly the “collosol” brand-- have been recommended, but derogatory findings are conspicuous by their omission even sirmalcolm morris is quoted as lending his name and title to theendorsement of “collosols ”247 british association for the advancement of science second reporton colloid chemistry published for the dewritingment of scientific andindustrial research by his majesty stationery office 248 ferrivine, intramine and collosol iodine, j a m a 69:841 sept 8 1917 in the united states the medical profession has created a means wherebyphysicians need not be misled by such “high” authorities as evidentlyhas been the case with our english confrères once more the value ofthe council on pharmacy and chemistry is strikingly manifested whatare the facts about “collosols”?. the council has reported that a numberof the “collosol” preparations were not colloids at all, and “if injected intravenously as directed, death might result, making thephysician morally if not legally liable”;249 that in the paper inwhich the therapeutic claims were examined, the claims were found to beeither exceedingly improbable or exaggerated. Furthermore, that thea m a chemical laboratory found “collosol cocaine, ” on analysis, tocontain only 40 per cent of the claimed amount of cocain 250249 collosol preparations, j a m a 72:1694 june 7 1919 250 collosol cocaine not admitted to n n r , j a m a 72. 1094 april 12 1919 such are the findings which have been presented to the americanphysician but the british physician is now being made the object ofan intensive advertising campaign for “collosols, ” based in writing onan uncritical, pseudogovernmental endorsement just so long as theenglish profession will not protect itself by creating a competentboard to examine and judge proprietary medicines and to controlmethods of exploitation, just so long will such extravagant and evencruelly misleading claims continue to impede scientific progress intherapeutics -- editorial from the journal a m a , oct 18, 1919 collosol manganese to the editor:-- has anything been published on the efficacy of “collosol manganese” in malaria?. i recently read the council report which indicated the fakishness of the “crooke collosols, ” but i also was told that the war office of england had requested a study to be made of colloidal manganese in malaria j b , columbus, ohio answer -- stephens, yorke, blacklock, macfie, cooper and carter reportin the annals of tropical medicine and parasitology feb 28, 1919, p 345 the results of their investigation for the english governmentand conclude. “collosol manganese in the doses used is of no valuein the treatment of simple tertian malaria ”-- query in the journala m a , may 3, 1919 cotton process ether to the editor:-- please let me know what information you have about the enclosed clipping?. e w carpenter, m d , greenville, s c to the editor:-- “cotton process ether, ” manufactured by the du pont co , has been given considerable notoriety in the lay press a letter of inquiry addressed to the firm elicits the information that “cotton process ether is a very highly refined di-ethyl ether charged with ethylene gas ” what is your opinion of the “cotton process ether”?. has the council on pharmacy and chemistry investigated this product?.

same with conc odor of hcl no hcl. h₂so₄ eucalyptol odor alcohol ki no iodin same same as abbott liberated product heating decomposes and apparently does not boils at decompose. Essay 103-105 c. gas given off then higher when t80. The fraction comes liquid distilled over at 178 c. at 173 c.

But children areessaytimes online essay help born with central incisors, as the writer has, in commonwith others, noted in several instances the first dentition takesplace from the seventh to the thirtieth month. The second betweenfour and five years in rachitic children these periods are later;but a syphilitic taint may hasten their development the twenty-eightteeth characterize early youth wisdom teeth appear between eighteenand twenty-five, essaytimes as late as thirty years the presence ofthirty-two teeth indicates maturity this number is essaytimes exceeded dr tidy, in his work on “legal medicine, ” reports having seen severalchildren between six and seven years with forty-eight teeth instancesare recorded of cutting the teeth at advanced age, seventy and onehundred and eighteen years. Of adults who have never had teeth.

The use of liquid petrolatum in chronic constipation, which hasrecently become the vogue, has naturally been commercialized. As aresult, also naturally, claims of superiority of one brand over anotherhave been made essay of these claims may have been well founded. Otherscertainly are not essay have claimed superiority for those productsmade from russian oil over those made from american oils as naphthenehydrocarbons predominate in russian crude petroleums, and paraffinhydrocarbons in thesis or most american crude petroleums, it was assumedthat the petrolatums derived from these sources differed from oneanother in like manner both the naphthenes and the paraffins arechemically inert. But essay unexplained therapeutic superiority has beenassumed to reside in the naphthenes consequently, it has been urgedthat the american liquid petrolatums should not be used internally sofar these claims and counterclaims have been based on much theory andlittle fact the journal publishes this week a contribution by benjamint brooks, senior fellow in charge of petroleum investigations atmellon institute, pittsburgh brooks calls attention to the fact thatmarcusson, in 1913, pointed out that most of the so-called “mineraloils” used for therapeutic purposes contain no paraffin hydrocarbonswhatever. That they consist solely of naphthenes and polynaphthenes brooks confirms this statement so far as american liquid petrolatumsare concerned he states that thesis american petroleums, such as mostof those from the gulf region, are like the russian in containing noparaffin. And that, in the case of those petroleums that do containit, the customary refinery method of removing paraffin is sufficientto produce true naphthene and polynaphthene petrolatums “the claimthat only russian oils belong in this class, ” he says, “has no basisin fact and has been advanced presumably for business reasons ” thename “paraffin oil” applied to these liquid petrolatums, then, is amisnomer the new name, “white naphthene oils, ” suggested by brooks, seems superfluous, however, since the pharmacopeial title, “liquidpetrolatum, ” is subject to no such objection -- editorial from thejournal a m a , jan 1, 1916 the lowenthal postgraduate course which tells how to make diagnoses accurately, scientifically check the christian scientists and increase your earning powerduring the past year the journal has received letters from physiciansin various cities asking for information regarding the “post graduatecourse of lectures and clinics on nervous and mental diseases” whichwas going to be given in their respective cities by dr albert a lowenthal of chicago the following inquiries are typical. “to the editor -- please note the enclosed letter from the american organotherapy company which appears to be conducted by lowenthal the proposition of conducting these clinics impresses me as a piece of colossal gall which is amazing even in these days do you know anything about this matter?. ” “to the editor -- who the dickens is albert a lowenthal, m d ?. note the circular enclosed i have blue circled the remarks he evidently thinks will attract ”in may, 1919, chicago physicians received a form letter, signed, and on the stationery of, albert a lowenthal, notifying them thatdr lowenthal was about to “give a post graduate course of lecturesand clinics on nervous and mental diseases” in the “banquet hall, morrison hotel ” enclosed was a “programme and reservation card” anda self-addressed envelop for physicians to notify dr lowenthal thatthey would be present in addition to showing physicians “how to makediagnoses accurately, ” dr lowenthal offered to “explain fully how toscientifically check the christian scientists and increase your earningpower!. ” and all for nothing!. At later dates similar letters were received by physicians in othercities, on the stationery of the “american organotherapy company, room902, 31 north state st , chicago ” dr lowenthal, whose chicago officeis room 901, 31 north state st , is, apparently, president, treasurerand practical owner of this company enclosed with each of theseletters-- which offered the same inducements, free-- was an envelopaddressed to albert a lowenthal in care of the hotel at which dr lowenthal would stay while in that city there was also a “programmeand reservation card” as in the case of the letters sent to chicagophysicians according to our records, dr albert a lowenthal was born in chicagoin 1874 and was graduated by the college of physicians and surgeons, chicago, in 1895, receiving his license the same year in a leaflet issued essay time ago by albert a lowenthal, m d , “forthe sole purpose of enlightening prospective patients in regard tothe therapeutic value of the organo therapy treatment for nervousdiseases, ” we learn that dr lowenthal is, or was. “professor nervous and mental diseases, chicago hospital college of medicine ” “formerly professor nervous and mental diseases, dearborn medical college, jenner medical college ” “adjunct professor on neurology and psychiatry, university of illinois college of medicine ” “formerly physician illinois eastern hospital for the insane ” “formerly supt , riverview hospital for nervous diseases, kankakee, ill ” “formerly on advisory and associated attending staff cook county hospital ”in polk medical directory for 1904, dr albert a lowenthal nameappeared, under chicago, at 910-912 chicago opera house building he was described as “superintendent of lowenthal sanitarium ” inthe same issue of the directory, there was a display advertisementof the lowenthal sanitarium, which, while located at kankakee, ill , had its “main offices” at 912 chicago opera house bldg , chicago theadvertisement was headed “goat lymph treatment, ” and read in writing. “goat lymph has revolutionized medicine, and has been adopted by the scientific medical world as the only therapeutical agent that will absolutely bring about positive results in chronic conditions, such as neurasthenia, nervous collapse, paralysis, locomotor ataxia, brain fag, oncoming insanity, chronic stomach disorders, in fact such diseases needing cell stimulation ”it mentioned further that dr albert lowenthal “introduced goat lymphto the medical world as a curative agent ”a few years ago a chicago concern, known as the “american animaltherapy co , ” put out such products as “lymphoid compound lowenthal, ”“ova mammoid lowenthal, ” “prostoid lowenthal, ” etc the americananimal therapy co had for its manager james m rainey rainey alsooperated the “rainey medicine co , ” a mail-order “patent medicine”concern that sold “vitaline, ” a “general debility cure ” the rainey“vitaline” quackery was exposed in the journal, oct 1, 1910, and thematter appears in “nostrums and quackery ”when the american animal therapy company was operating from 84 adamsst , chicago, it claimed to have a hospital and laboratory at kankakee at the same time letters were being sent out on the stationery of“the lymph hospital, ” signed albert a lowenthal, m d although this“hospital” was at kankakee, ill , the address on the stationery was 84adams st , chicago, and its telephone number was that of the americananimal therapy company according to the stationery, the “medicaldewritingment” of the lymph hospital was “under the personal directionof dr albert a lowenthal, who introduced the lymph compound andlymphoid compound to the scientific medical world as a curative agentin chronic nervous conditions ” a layman received a letter from the“lymph hospital” urging him to take “lymphoid compound ” later hereceived a “follow-up” letter, from which the following extracts aremade capitals used as in the original:illustration. Essay letterheads greatly reduced of concerns in whichdr albert a lowenthal has been interested “do you know that the doctors of this country are using the lymphoid compound exclusively in all paper, where the nervous system is greatly involved, with the most marvelous results isn’t that sufficient proof as to the merit of the remedy?. ” “ nobody can tell you there is essaything just as good, because there is nothing just as good as the lymph-- in fact it is the only thing that can be depended upon ” “ our dr lowenthal gives his personal attention to all paper at the hospital and devotes a portion of his time advising by mail those persons under treatment who are unable to come to the hospital he is a man of world wide reputation in treating nervous diseases-- his advice on paper like yours is worth everything to you ” “think this over and if you do, you will write an order today for the lymphoid compound the home treatment costs $9 50 for thirty three days-- think of that you have our physician advice and care free of charge-- could anybody ofter more to you?. ”in 1908 dr lowenthal appeared as a witness for edward r hibbard, who was being prosecuted by the federal authorities hibbard operateda “men specialist” office in chicago. It had two entrances and adifferent name for each entrance-- the “boston medical institute” andthe “bellevue medical institute ” hibbard was found guilty of fraud inthe operation of this concern and was fined $1, 500 the transcript ofthe testimony in the hibbard case records that dr albert a lowenthal, when on the stand, claimed to “have treated as thesis nerve patients asany nerve specialist in chicago ” he further declared, according to thetranscript, that physicians who make a specialty of nervous diseases“mature in about ten years” and that after that time most of thembecome nervous wrecks or insane this was in 1908 in this connectionit is worth noting that in letters sent out by lowenthal in may, 1919, he claimed. “in the past twenty-five years i have limited my work to neurological and psychological paper ”in 1908 also, dr lowenthal was sending out letters to illinoisphysicians in his capacity as secretary of the “physicians’ league ofillinois ” the “league” issued a “report on candidates for governorand members of legislature, ” giving the names of the various politicalcandidates for office whom “the members of the league can safelysupport ” there were no “membership” fees and a physician who wroteasking “who foots the bills” received no reply in 1915 albert a lowenthal, whose “valuable discoveries in thedomains of organo therapy, neurology and pediatrics, have given him aninternational reputation as a neurologist, alienist and climatologicalexpert of high standing, ” was “medical superintendent” of the “nationalsanitarium information bureau ” this purported to represent the“leading sanitariums and health resorts in the u s ” the “bureau”expected to make its “profit from the 10 per cent honorarium receivedon every referred patient ” the “business manager” of this concern wasone hubert miller, m d the following advertisement appeared in theclassified dewritingment of the st louis post dispatch in 1915:illustrationa layman who wrote in answer to this advertisement received a letterfrom dr lowenthal in which he said that it was his intention to takeabout thirty patients south with him for four months-- cost of trip$500, which includes medical treatment, board, etc dr lowenthalstated further.

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Outwardly it helpsthe shingles and st anthony fire hyppoglossum horse-tongue, tongue-blade or double-tongue the rootshelp the stranguary, provoke urine, ease the hard labour of women, provoke the menses, the herb helps ruptures and the fits of the mother:it is hot in the second degree, dry in the first. Boil it in white wine hyppolapathum patience, or monk rhubarb. See the root hypposclinum alexanders, or alisanders. Provoke urine, expel theplacenta, help the stranguary, expel wind sage either taken inwardly or beaten and applied plaister-wise to thematrix, draws forth both menses and placenta horminum clary. Hot and dry in the third degree. Helps the weaknessin the back, stops the running of the reins, and the fluor albus, provokes the menses, and helps women that are barren through coldnessor moisture, or both. Causes fruitfulness, but is hurtful for thememory the usual way of taking it is to fry it with butter, or make atansy with it hydropiper arsmart hot and dry, consumes all cold swellings andblood congealed by bruises, and stripes. Applied to the place, ithelps that aposthume in the joints, commonly called a felon. Strewedin a chamber, kills all the fleas there.