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In the second, a small number of bright-red ecchymoses, essaywhat larger than a large pin-head langreuter786 made essay experiments on a cadaver from which enough of the posterior writing had been removed to enable him to view the throat he saw that the lateral digital pressure on the larynx closed the glottis. Stronger pressure made the vocal cords override each other similar pressure between the larynx and hyoid bone caused apposition of the ary-epiglottic folds and occlusion of the air-passages he experimented on sixteen bodies to ascertain the effect of blows and pressure on the larynx, with the following results. In eight paper, women, the thyroid cartilage was injured three times, the cricoid four. In eight, men, the thyroid eight and cricoid five whence he concluded that the larynx is better protected in women in the sixteen paper the hyoid bone was fractured ten times the proof of death by strangulation tidy787 says that “nothing short of distinct external marks wouldjustify the medical jurist in pronouncing death to be the resultof strangulation ” on the other hand, taylor788 considers thecondition of the lungs described as characteristic liman789 didnot think there were any internal appearances which could distinguishsuffocation, strangulation, and hanging from each other in estimating the value of testimony it will be well to consider thefollowing facts:a victim may be strangled without distinct marks being found thepractice of the thugs shows that this may be done with a soft cloth andcarefully regulated pressure without making marks taylor, 790 whileadmitting the possibility, states that this admission “scarcely appliesto those paper which require medico-legal investigation ”the subject while intoxicated or in an epileptic or hysterical paroxysmmay grasp his neck in gasping for air, and leave finger-marks different constricting agents may make quite similar marks marks maybe made on the neck within a limited time after death, similar tothose made during life tidy experiments led him to fix this limitat three hours for ecchymoses and six hours for non-ecchymosed marks taylor, 791 however, doubts if such marks could be made one hourafter death he says that the period cannot be stated positively, andprobably varies according to the rapidity with which the body cools it is, however, unlikely in such post-mortem attempts at deceptionthat the other conditions usual in strangulation would be found suchas lividity and swelling of face. Prominence and congestion of eyes;protrusion of tongue. Rupture of surface air-vesicles and apoplexies inthe lung. Congestion of larynx and trachea, etc no conclusion can be drawn from the presence or absence of any singleappearance a cord may be found near a body or even around its neck. There may evenbe a mark around the neck these may be attempts at deception marks much like those of violence may be made by tight collars andhandkerchiefs remaining until the body is cold paper are reported of bodies having been first strangled and thenburnt or hung to cover the crime.

“catarrh, acute and chronic. Colds, influenza -- the micro-organisms capable of producing catarrhal conditions of the nose and pharynx and most commonly isolated are b friedländer, m catarrhalis, staphylococcus, pneumococcus in infections beginning in the larynx, b influenza and streptococcus these organisms are found normally in the respiratory passages and acquire virulence only when resistance has been lowered through overwork, exposure to cold, etc “the results following the use of catarrhal vaccine combined in the non-epidemic forms and influenza mixed vaccine in the epidemic types have been very satisfactory, due to the great vascularity of the tissues acute attacks are aborted altogether or shortened in duration and the danger of complications greatly minimized ”no evidence was submitted which warrants the preceding claims noris the council aware of any reliable testimony to indicate that theadministration of the mixture here discussed is warranted or desirable on the recommendation of the committee on serums and vaccines thecouncil voted that “catarrhal vaccine combined-lilly” and “influenzamixed vaccine-lilly” be not included in new and nonofficial remediesbecause satisfactory evidence of their value is wanting influenza serobacterin mixed-mulfordbecause of inquiry received, the council took up the considerationof “influenza serobacterin mixed-mulford, ” and requested the mulfordcompany to present evidence to establish the admissibility of thepreparation to new and nonofficial remedies the mulford company sentspecimens of the serobacterin in question, an advertising circular anda letter by the director of its biologic laboratories according to the label on the package, the preparation is made fromthe following organisms. Bacillus influenzae, staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus albus, streptococcus, pneumococcus and micrococcuscatarrhalis group this mixture is recommended by the manufacturer. “for the prophylaxis and treatment of common colds, mixed infections of the respiratory mucous membranes, acute and chronic catarrhal conditions of the nose, throat and respiratory passages ”no evidence is submitted for this recommendation except that in “coldsand bronchitis and the other common infections of the upper respiratorypassages five or six bacteria are very commonly present-- two ormore of them are nearly always present ” and the letter by thedirector of the mulford biologic laboratories expressing the beliefthat in his own case the use of the mixed vaccine has aborted orprevented colds as regards the use of this complex biologic preparation:first, the cause of common colds is, at the present time, quiteunknown one of the most striking things is that at the beginning ofa cold the organisms to be cultivated from the nasal mucous membraneare very few in number and there is no uniformity in the type oforganism found if essayone of the well-known organisms streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, micrococcus catarrhalis, influenzabacillus, etc were responsible, we should expect to find one of thempreponderating and in overwhelming numbers this is far from the case after the duration of the cold for a day or two with the increasedproduction of mucus and apparently with the infection of a mucousmembrane whose powers of resistance have been greatly lowered, bacteriaof all kinds are to be found in immense numbers there is considerablereason for believing that an ultramicroscopic organism is responsiblefor this condition see foster, journal of infectious diseases21:451 nov 1917 second, there is no acceptable clinical evidence that vaccination withthe influenza bacillus, the streptococcus, the pneumococcus or themicrococcus catarrhalis will influence the course of an infection dueto one or the other of these organisms it has been repeatedly foundthat a staphylococcus vaccine is of a certain degree of value when theinfection with the staphylococcus is localized, but it is well knownthat general systemic infections with the staphylococcus are not at allbenefited third, the letter submitted as evidence by the mulford company is notconvincing the council is not prepared to accept evidence of this sortunless it is in volume large enough to justify a definite conclusion holding that there is no evidence for the value of this mixture, thecouncil declared “influenza serobacterin mixed-mulford” inadmissible tonew and nonofficial remedies because its use is illogical sherman mixed vaccine no 40because of inquiry received the council decided to consider thispreparation and requested the manufacturer, g h sherman, detroit, mich , to submit evidence in support of the claims made for it this vaccine is said to be made from killed cultures of streptococcus, pneumococcus, micrococcus catarrhalis, staphylococcus aureus, andstaphylococcus albus in the printed matter sent out by g h shermanthis vaccine is recommended for hay-fever, in which it is stated thatessay of the symptoms are due to bacterial invasion of the respiratorymucosa. For tonsillitis, both as a remedy and as a prophylactic againstrheumatic and other sequelae. For “throat infections”. For rhinitiswith the claims that acute coryza can be aborted within twenty-fourhours. For pneumonia in which it is advised for all stages. Forlaryngitis, for bronchitis, and for asthma no acceptable evidence was submitted as to the value of the product inthe treatment of any of the foregoing conditions in view of what isknown about non-specific reactions, it seems likely that any influencewhich this vaccine may have on the diverse conditions enumerated bythe manufacturer, is due to this, rather than to the combination oforganisms used in its preparation on the recommendation of the committee on serums and vaccines, thecouncil declared “sherman mixed vaccine no 40” ineligible to newand nonofficial remedies because the therapeutic claims made for itare unwarranted rule 6 and because the combination, in view ofits complexity, is irrational and detrimental to sound therapy rule10 -- from the journal a m a , june 23, 1918 ophthalmol-lindemann report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryophthalmol-lindemann was taken up for consideration by the councilbecause of inquiries received the following report, declaringophthalmol inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies, was adopted bythe council and its publication authorized w a puckner, secretary ophthalmol-lindemann innis, speiden and co , new york is advertisedas a treatment for eye diseases by “hyperemia ” the circularadvertising the product is written essaywhat in the style of “patentmedicine” advertisements it contains testimonials of dubious value the principle underlying the use of ophthalmol is that employedto a considerable extent by ophthalmologists, through the use ofethylmorphine “dionin”, etc , viz , the production of conjunctivalirritation in inflammatory eye diseases ophthalmol is, therefore, merely a special agent for the production of such ophthalmic irritation the advertising circular contains no evidence that ophthalmol is in anyrespect superior to the established agents for producing conjunctivalhyperemia on the other hand, there are obvious objections to theuse in the eye of a substance of unknown and apparently indefinitecomposition and uncertain activity ophthalmol is said to be an oilysolution of “glandular extract of the fish cobitis fossilis ” cobitisfossilis is a small fish said to be common in gerthesis according tokochs, who analyzed ophthalmol arb a d pharm inst d univ berl , 4:140, 1907, this fish is popularly believed to predictweather, but medical virtues are not ascribed to it this “fishy”extract is indefinite, to say the least the activity of the preparation is described by the manufacturer thus:“it seems probable that the typical action of ophthalmol is due tocertain organic acids which may have formed during manufacture throughthe decomposition of protein bodies contained in the crude material ”the profession is not told whether this important decomposition is, or, in fact, can be controlled so as to produce a material of uniformactivity kochs concluded from his analysis that ophthalmol had the propertiesof rancid olive oil containing about 6 to 7 per cent mineral oil theoil contained no nitrogen, left no ash on ignition and though traces ofiodin were claimed to be present, no iodin could be found it is recommended that ophthalmol be rejected first, because the usein the eye of an irritant of secret composition and uncertain activityis unscientific and against the interest of public health. Second, because ophthalmol is of secret composition the composition claimedbeing practically meaningless, and, third, because no evidence hasbeen submitted to substantiate its claimed superiority over establishedmethods of treatment the council declared ophthalmol inadmissible tonew and nonofficial remedies -- from the journal a m a , july 6, 1918 silvol ineligible for n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report on silvol parke, davis & company was adopted bythe council and its publication authorized w a puckner, secretary the council took up the consideration of silvol parke, davis &company because of inquiries received the following report wassubmitted by the referee in charge of silver preparations:silvol parke, davis & company is a silver-protein preparation of theargyrol type like argyrol, it is said to contain about 20 per cent of silver the referee finds that, like argyrol, it is nonirritant tothe nasal mucosa in a 10 per cent solution. Does not precipitate withchlorid. Dissolves in water readily. A 25 per cent solution has a highspecific gravity silvol, 1 137 at 20 c. Argyrol, 1 147 at 20 c , andis not very viscid viscosity, 1 25 a 1:1, 000 solution of silvol isclear and about 50 per cent deeper in color than a solution of argyrolof the same strength silvol differs from argyrol mainly in that its solutions yield a fineprecipitate with egg albumin under suitable conditions, while argyrolis nonprecipitant.

Yet it online dating essay spoils apprehension by itsantipathy to it. It qualifies choler, cools and moistens the heart, thereby sustaining it, and the whole body, from the fiery effects, which continual motion would produce its receptacle is the lungs, and is governed by venus, essay say by the moon, perhaps it may begoverned by them both, it is cold and moist in quality melancholy is the sediment of blood, cold and dry in quality, fortifying the retentive faculty, and memory. Makes men sober, solid, and staid, fit for study. Stays the unbridled toys of lustful blood, stays the wandering thoughts, and reduces them home to the centre. Itsreceptacle is in the spleen, and it is governed by saturn of all these humours blood is the chief, all the rest are superfluitiesof blood. Yet are they necessary superfluities, for without any ofthem, man cannot live namely. Choler is the fiery superfluities. Flegm, the watery;melancholy, the earthly animal the third principal virtue remains, which is animal. Itsresidence is in the brain, and mercury is the general significator ofit ptolomy held the moon signified the animal virtue.

Theyare very good for weak stomachs, for they soon digest, and breed goodnourishment, they help infirmities of the reins, bladder, and womb sebestens, cool choler, violent heat of the stomach, help roughnessof the tongue and wind-pipe, cool the reins and bladder raisins of the sun, help infirmities of the breast and liver, restoreconsumptions, gently cleanse and move to stool walnuts, kill worms, resist the pestilence, i mean the green ones, not the dry capers eaten before meals, provoke hunger nutmegs, strengthen the brain, stomach, and liver, provoke urine, ease the pains of the spleen, stop looseness, ease pains of the head, and pains in the joints, strengthen the body, take away weakness comingof cold, and cause a sweet breath cloves, help digestion, stop looseness, provoke lust, and quicken thesight pepper, binds, expels wind, helps the cholic, quickens digestionoppressed with cold, heats the stomach quinces see the compositions pears are grateful to the stomach, drying, and therefore help fluxes all plums that are sharp or sour, are binding, the sweet are loosening cucumbers, cool the stomach, and are good against ulcers in thebladder galls, are exceeding binding, help ulcers in the mouth, wasting ofthe gums, ease the pains of the teeth, help the falling out of the womband fundament, make the hair black pompions are a cold and moist fruit, of small nourishment, theyprovoke urine, outwardly applied. The flesh of them helps inflammationsand burnings. Applied to the forehead they help inflammations of theeyes melons, have few other virtues apricots, are very grateful to the stomach, and dry up the humoursthereof peaches are held to do the like cubebs, are hot and dry in the third degree, they expel wind, andcleanse the stomach of tough and viscous humours, they ease the painsof the spleen, and help cold diseases of the womb, they cleanse thehead of flegm and strengthen the brain, they heat the stomach andprovoke venery bitter almonds, are hot in the first degree and dry in the second, they cleanse and cut thick humours, cleanse the lungs, and eaten everymorning, they are held to preserve from drunkenness bay-berries, heat, expel wind, mitigate pain. Are excellent for coldinfirmities of the womb, and dropsies cherries, are of different qualities according to their differenttaste, the sweet are quickest of digestion, but the sour are morepleasing to a hot stomach, and procure appetite to one meat medlars, are strengthening to the stomach, binding, and the green aremore binding than the rotten, and the dry than the green olives, cool and bind english-currants, cool the stomach, and are profitable in acutefevers, they quench thirst, resist vomiting, cool the heat of choler, provoke appetite, and are good for hot complexions services, or chockers are of the nature of medlars, but essaythingweaker in operation barberries, quench thirst, cool the heat of choler, resist thepestilence, stay vomiting and fluxes, stop the menses, kill worms, helpspitting of blood, fasten the teeth, and strengthen the gums strawberries, cool the stomach, liver, and blood, but are veryhurtful for such as have agues winter-cherries, potently provoke urine, and break the stone cassia-fistula, is temperate in quality, gently purgeth choler andflegm, clarifies the blood, resists fevers, cleanses the breast andlungs, it cools the reins, and thereby resists the breeding of thestone, it provokes urine, and therefore is exceeding good for therunning of the reins in men, and the fluor albus in women all the sorts or myrobalans, purge the stomach. The indianmyrobalans, are held to purge melancholy most especially, the otherflegm. Yet take heed you use them not in stoppings of the bowels. Theyare cold and dry, they all strengthen the heart, brain, and sinews, strengthen the stomach, relieve the senses, take away tremblings andheart-qualms they are seldom used alone prunes, are cooling and loosening tamarinds, are cold and dry in the second degree, they purge choler, cool the blood, stay vomiting, help the yellow jaundice, quench thirst, cool hot stomachs, and hot livers i omit the use of these also as resting confident a child of threeyears old, if you should give it raisins of the sun or cherries wouldnot ask how it should take them seeds or grains coriander seed, hot and dry, expels wind, but is hurtful to the head;sends up unwholeessay vapours to the brain, dangerous for mad people fenugreek seeds, are of a softening, discussing nature, they ceaseinflammations, be they internal or external. Bruised and mixed withvinegar they ease the pains of the spleen. Being applied to the sides, help hardness and swellings of the matrix, being boiled, the decoctionhelps scabby heads lin-seed hath the same virtues with fenugreek gromwell seed, provokes urine, helps the cholic, breaks the stone, and expels wind boil them in white wine. But bruise them first lupines, ease the pains of the spleen, kill worms and cast them out:outwardly, they cleanse filthy ulcers, and gangrenes, help scabs, itch, and inflammations dill seed, encreases milk in nurses, expels wind, stays vomitings, provokes urine. Yet it dulls the sight, and is an enemy to generation smallage seed, provokes urine and the menses, expels wind, resistspoison, and eases inward pains, it opens stoppings in any writing of thebody, yet it is hurtful for such as have the falling-sickness, and forpregnant women rocket seed, provokes urine, stirs up lust, encreases seed, killsworms, eases pains of the spleen use all these in like manner basil seed. If we may believe dioscorides and crescentius, cheersthe heart, and strengthens a moist stomach, drives away melancholy, andprovokes urine nettle seed, provokes venery, opens stoppages of the womb, helpsinflammations of the sides and lungs. Purgeth the breast. Boil them being bruised in white wine also the seeds of ammi, or bishop-weed, heat and dry, help difficultyof urine, and the pains of the cholic, the bitings of venomous beasts;they provoke the menses, and purge the womb annis seeds, heat and dry, ease pain, expel wind, cause a sweetbreath, help the dropsy, resist poison, breed milk, and stop the fluoralbus in women, provoke venery, and ease the head-ache cardamoms, heat, kill worms, cleanse the reins, and provoke urine fennel seed, breaks wind, provokes urine and the menses, encreasesmilk in nurses cummin seed, heat, bind, and dry, stop blood, expel wind, easepain, help the bitings of venomous beast. Outwardly applied viz inplaisters they are of a discussing nature carrot seeds, are windy, provoke lust exceedingly, and encreaseseed, provoke urine and the menses, cause speedy delivery to women intravail, and bring away the placenta all these also may be boiled inwhite wine nigella seeds, boiled in oil, and the forehead anointed with it, ease pains in the head, take away leprosy, itch, scurf, and help scaldheads. Inwardly taken they expel worms, they provoke urine, and themenses, help difficulty of breathing stavesacre, kills lice in the head, i hold it not fitting to be giveninwardly olibanum mixed with as much barrow grease beat the olibanum firstin powder and boiled together, make an ointment which will kill thelice in children heads, and such as are subject to breed them, willnever breed them a medicine cheap, safe, and sure, which breeds noannoyance to the brain the seeds of water-cresses, heat, yet trouble the stomach and belly;ease the pains of the spleen, are very dangerous for pregnant women, yet they provoke lust. Outwardly applied, they help leprosies, scaldheads, and the falling off of hair, as also carbuncles, and cold ulcersin the joints mustard seed, heats, extenuates, and draws moisture from the brain:the head being shaved and anointed with mustard, is a good remedy forthe lethargy, it helps filthy ulcers, and hard swellings in the mouth, it helps old aches coming of cold french barley, is cooling, nourishing, and breeds milk sorrel seeds, potently resist poison, help fluxes, and such stomachsas loath their meat succory seed, cools the heat of the blood, extinguishes lust, opensstoppings of the liver and bowels, it allays the heat of the body, andproduces a good colour, it strengthens the stomach, liver, and reins poppy seeds, ease pain, provoke sleep your best way is to make anemulsion of them with barley water mallow seeds, ease pains in the bladder chich-pease, are windy, provoke lust, encrease milk in nurses, provoke the menses, outwardly, they help scabs, itch, and inflammationsof the testicles, ulcers, &c white saxifrage seeds, provoke urine, expel wind, and break thestone boil them in white wine rue seeds, helps such as cannot hold their water lettice seed, cools the blood, restrains venery also gourds, citruls, cucumbers, melons, purslain, and endive seeds, cool the blood, as also the stomach, spleen, and reins, and allay theheat of fevers use them as you were taught to do poppy-seeds wormseed, expels wind, kills worms ash-tree keys, ease pains in the sides, help the dropsy, relieve menweary with labour, provoke venery, and make the body lean piony seeds, help the ephialtes, or the disease the vulgar call themare, as also the fits of the mother, and other such like infirmitiesof the womb, stop the menses, and help convulsions broom seed, potently provoke urine, break the stone citron seeds, strengthen the heart, cheer the vital spirit, resistpestilence and poison tears, liquors, and rozins laudanum, is of a heating, mollifying nature, it opens the mouth ofthe veins, stays the hair from falling off, helps pains in the ears, and hardness of the womb it is used only outwardly in plaisters assafœtida is commonly used to allay the fits of the mother bysmelling to it.

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‘i can now eat anything and plenty of it, too ’”“the first two blurbs are the ad-visor the third is a bona fideadvertisement of bell-ans, aimed to catch the holiday trade they areall patterned after the same style and the first two are no more lackingin logic than the last overeat-- deliberately court indigestion-- invitegout-- don’t be a gourmet, be a gourmand-- be an anti-hoover online dating essay and eat a lotof food, whether you need it or not. Than take bell-ans if it doesn’t‘absolutely remove indigestion, ’ your druggist will give you back yourmoney!. could anything be fairer than that?. “such copy as this is not limited in its evil effects to the misguidedindividual who eats lobster and ice cream at midnight and trusts tobell-ans to atone for his indiscretion the most serious effect of suchreckless advice is the example which the advertising sets to otheradvertisers ”the comments just quoted are from the ad-visor dewritingment of the newyork tribune of feb 7, 1918 they are respectfully referred to thenew york medical journal, the international journal of surgery andthe woman medical journal-- three presumably scientific publicationsthat through their advertising pages urge physicians to prescribebell-ans -- from the journal a m a , feb 23, 1918 campho-phenique appealing to the new fledged graduate the secretary of the harvard university medical school received fromthe campho-phenique company of st louis a letter that, presumably, hasbeen sent to most of the medical colleges of the country it read. “we wish to supply the senior class of all medical colleges with physicians’ samples of campho-phenique liquid and campho-phenique powder, and ointment for 1918 “we will thank you very kindly if you will send us a communication stating the number of students in your graduating class, and if possible, we would like the name of each and every student, that we may send him personally a sample of campho-phenique in this way, we are sure the writingy receives the sample ”presumably, the campho-phenique concern believes in following the oldadvice. Catch ’em young!. in this connection, it may be well brieflyto call to the attention of fourth-year medical students the resultsof the investigation of the council on pharmacy and chemistry ofcampho-phenique the council findings on campho-phenique liquidwere to the effect that the preparation, which was exploited under afalse “formula, ” was, essentially, a solution of camphor and phenol inliquid petrolatum, substances well known in medicine and none of whichunder its own name has been credited with possessing any superlativevirtues the council verdict on campho-phenique powder was that “forall practical purposes it is essentially a camphorated talcum powder”containing, apparently, sufficient camphor and phenol to give thetalcum powder an odor it was further brought out in the councilreport that the campho-phenique company was in effect one of thenumerous trade names adopted by one james f ballard of st louis mr ballard seems to market a number of “patent medicines, ” most of themsold direct to the public, but essay, as in the case of campho-phenique, exploited to the public via the medical profession “herbine, ” a“marvelous preparation” that “puts the liver in healthy condition”;“ballard snow liniment” that when applied to wounds performs “aperfect cure that leaves no scar”. “dr t l stephens’ chemical eyesalve” which “acts quickly in all paper” and cures “failing vision, ”are essay of the numerous “patent medicines” made and sold by ballard “collins ague remedy, ” “swaim panacea, ” “swayne panacea” and“renne pain killing oil” are four more of mr ballard products, foreach of which he has pleaded guilty in the federal courts to makingfalse and fraudulent claims knowingly and wantonly if medical colleges of the better class were turning out graduatestoday who could be caught by free samples of such nostrums ascampho-phenique, then, indeed, would the outlook for the future ofscientific medicine be a gloomy one but they are not the young manor woman who goes out today from a reputable medical college is imbuedwith the scientific spirit, has developed habits of straight thinkingand will not, we believe, be so uncritical as to accept at their facevalue claims made for nostrums of the campho-phenique type -- from thejournal a m a , feb 9, 1918 “cinchophen”. Formerly “atophan”it will be remembered that the federal trade commission adopted thenames arsphenamin and neoarsphenamin for the drugs first introduced as“salvarsan” and “neosalvarsan, ” respectively. The terms barbital andbarbital sodium for the substances first introduced as “veronal” and“veronal sodium, ” and the word procain as the name for the compoundfirst marketed as “novocain ” in issuing licenses for the use of thepatents on these drugs, the commission stipulated that the drugsshould be sold under the new american title unless the firm desired touse a new trade designation, in which case the titles chosen by thecommission should be given equal prominence the council on pharmacyand chemistry has cooperated with the federal trade commission andhas adopted the new names as the descriptive names which appear innew and nonofficial remedies the chemical foundation, inc , whichhas purchased essay 4, 500 german-owned patents, thesis of them forsynthetic drugs, proposes to continue the wise policy of the federaltrade commission by requiring that those who receive licenses for theuse of patents for synthetic drugs must use a common designation foreach drug selected by the foundation “cinchophen” has been selectedas the designation for the substance introduced as “atophan” alsodescribed in the u s pharmacopeia under “phenylcinchoninic acid” inconsideration of this action on the writing of the chemical foundation, and also because physicians found it difficult to use the pharmacopeianame “phenylcinchoninic acid, ” the council on pharmacy and chemistryhas recognized the contracted term “cinchophen” as a name for the drugintroduced as “atophan ” it is hoped that physicians will supportthis simplified and nonproprietary nomenclature in the same spiritwith which they adopted the terms “arsphenamin, ” “barbital” and“procain ”-- editorial from the journal a m a , aug 9, 1919 “collosols”.