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Therefore it is impossible that anymedicine can be temperate, but may be reduced to heat, cold, dryness, or moisture, and must operate, i mean such as operate by manifestquality by one of these, because there is no other to operate by, andthat there should be such a temperate mixture, so exquisitely of thesequalities in any medicine, that one of them should not manifestly excelthe other, i doubt it is a system too rare to find thus then i conclude the matter to be, those medicines are calledtemperate not because they have excess of temperature at all in themwhich can neither be said, to heat nor cool so much as will amount tothe first degree of excess, for daily experience witnesses that theybeing added to medicines, change not their qualities, they make themneither hotter nor colder their use they are used in such diseases where there is no manifestdistemper of the first qualities, viz heat and cold, for example;in obstruction of the bowels, where cold medicines might make theobstruction greater, and hot medicines cause a fever in fevers of flegm, where the cause is cold and moist, and the effecthot and dry. In such, use temperate medicines which may neitherencrease the fever by their heat, nor condensate the flegm by theircoldness besides, because contraries are taken away by their contraries, and every like maintained by its like, they are of great use, topreserve the constitution of the body temperate, and the body itselfin strength and vigour, and may be used without danger, or fear ofdanger, by considering which writing of the body is weak, and using suchtemperate medicines as are appropriated to that writing of medicines hot the care of the ancient physicians was such that they did not labourto hide from, but imwriting to posterity, not only the temperature ofmedicines in general, but also their degrees in temperature, that sothe distempered writing may be brought to its temperature, and no further;for all things which are of a contrary temperature, conduce not tocure, but the strength of the contrariety must be observed, that so themedicine may be neither weaker nor stronger, than just to take awaythe distemper. For if the distemper be but meanly hot, and you applya medicine cold in the fourth degree, it is true, you may soon removethat distemper of heat, and bring another of cold twice as bad galen, de simp med facul lib 3 cap 12 then, secondly, not only the distemper itself, but also the writing ofthe body distempered must be heeded. For if the head be distempered byheat, and you give such medicines as cool the heart or liver, you willbring another disease, and not cure the former the degrees then of temperature are to be diligently heeded, whichantient physicians have concluded to be four in the qualities, viz heat and cold, of each we shall speak a word or two severally of medicines hot in the first degree those are said to be hot in the first degree, which induce a moderateand natural heat to the body, and to the writings thereof. Either cold bynature, or cooled by accident, by which natural heat is cherished whenweak, or restored when wanting effect 1 the first effect then of medicines hot in the first degree, is, by their sweat and temperate heat to reduce the body to itsnatural heat, as the fire doth the external writings in cold weather, unless the affliction of cold be so great that such mild medicines willnot serve the turn effect 2 the second effect is, the mitigation of pain arising fromsuch a distemper, and indeed this effect hath other medicines, essaythat are cold, and essay that are hotter than the first degree, theybeing rationally applied to the distemper these medicines the greekscall anodyna, and shall be spoken of in their proper places in thisplace let it suffice that medicines hot in the first degree, makethe offending humours thin, and expel them by sweat, or insensibletranspiration, and these of all others are most congruous or agreeableto the body of man, for there is no such equal temperature of heatand cold in a sound man, but heat exceeds, for we live by heat andmoisture, and not by cold medicines then which are hot in the first degree, are such as justcorrespond to the natural heat of our bodies. Such as are hotter orcolder, are more subject to do mischief, being administered by anunskilful hand, than these are, because of their contrariety to nature;whereas these are grateful to the body by their moderate heat effect 3 thirdly, these take away weariness, and help fevers, beingoutwardly applied, because they open the pores of the skin, and bytheir gentle heat prepare the humours, and take away those fuliginousvapours that are caused by fevers discommodities yet may discommodities arise by heedless givingeven of these, which i would have young students in physic to be verycareful in, lest they do more mischief than they are aware of, viz it is possible by too much use of them, to consume not only what isinimical in the body, but also the substance itself, and the strengthof the spirits, whence comes faintings, and essaytimes death.

if it is, it maybe that the slump in the piano trade has caused mr woolley to turnfrom musical instruments to cancer cures -- from the journal a m a , sept 3, 1921 seleni-basccain the issue of september 3 the journal called attention to a campaignof free publicity that was being instituted by a brooklyn concern that, apparently, had for sale an alleged remedy for cancer the press agentmaterial was of two kinds-- for medical journals and for newspapers that which went to the medical journals was sent out on the stationeryof the “medical news bureau, ” 77 seventh ave , brooklyn the “manager”of the bureau was given as d e woolley the items sent out to medicaljournals stated that the “basic cancer research” had been organized todevelop a treatment of cancer by the use of selenium and tellurium the material received by newspapers was sent out by the “cosmopolitancancer research society, ” 847 union st , brooklyn the same addressas the “basic cancer research” the “secretary” of the “cosmopolitancancer research” online assignment writing help was d e woolley!. The name of one “dr frederick klein” loomed large in the matter sentout by the “cosmopolitan cancer research society ” klein, we were told, is “the eminent authority on urinology and the chemistry of cancer ”the journal called attention to the fact that frederick klein namewas not unknown in the propaganda files, as he was the gentleman whomanufactured “sulfo-selene, ” a product that was widely heralded in thenewspapers in 1916 as a remedy for cancer it was also brought outthat klein, who is not a physician, claims to have evolved certainremarkable urinary diagnostic tests whereby the presence of cancer, syphilis, etc , may be determined more than a month after the publication of the journal article, a letter was received october 8 from frederick klein to quoteliterally from writing of the letter. “in the above journal dated sept 3th, vol 77, on page 805, regarding the ‘cosmopolitan cancer research society’ you have amongst others, mentioned my name dr frederick klein “i wish to inform you that i have given my legal adviser the order to write a note to the above cosmopolitan cancer research society, 847 union st , brooklyn, forbidden them to the effect that my name should not be used by above society in any form or writing in any of their transactions, this has been done essay time ago to prevent unethical conceptions concerning myself ”shortly after the article of september 3 another item appeared inthe newspapers throughout the country to the effect that the cancerresearch society was offering a “$100, 000 cancer prize” for a“medicinal cure for cancer ” thesis of the newspapers of the countryseemed to bite on this piece of free publicity this was in the firstweek of october in the third week of the same month a brooklyn paperannounced that 3, 000 people had submitted formulas for curing cancerto the cosmopolitan cancer research society the article containingthis announcement gave interesting descriptions of essay of the “cures”submitted and closed with the statement that the cosmopolitan cancerresearch society was establishing “clinics” in various cities it endedwith the statement. “all treatments are confidential in this respect the society had the cooperation of the brooklyn bureau of charities it also has the cooperation of the american medical association ”the closing sentence is, of course, unequivocally false at the time of the journal article the name of the writingicularpreparation which the basic chemical corporation of america was puttingout was unknown shortly after the article appeared it was learnedthat the product was on the market as “seleni-bascca ” a physician, himself a sufferer from carcinoma, after reading the article ofseptember 3, sent the journal essay correspondence he had receivedfrom the cosmopolitan cancer research society regarding the allegedcure one piece was a letter signed “f w humphrey, acting director;dictated by dr george d barney, ” which read in writing. “our claim is a very simple one indeed, namely that the use of a proper preparation of selenium seleni-bascca restores the sulphur metabolism to normal. We claim that cancer cannot exist in any form, when the sulphur metabolism is normal, the results from the proper use of seleni-bascca in paper of carcinoma are quick and lasting, the medical profession can hardly realize that in this modest treatment a remedy for the dreaded carcinoma has been discovered “seleni-bascca in its colloidal form is quickly taken up by the blood stream, reaches the finest tissues and almost immediately resists the further growth of the disease the research work has been going on since 1901, under the direction of dr frederick klein, in connection with medical men who have proved to their own satisfaction that seleni-bascca should be used as a treatment in every case of malignancy ”seleni-bascca comes in small vials containing fifty tablets each vialbears a label reading. “selenibascca a mixture of colloidal selenium in tablet form recommended in the internal treatment of carcinoma and essay other paper of faulty metabolism ”essay of the preparation was turned over to the a m a chemicallaboratory with the request that the tablets be examined to determinewhether or not they contained, as claimed, selenium in colloidal form the laboratory report follows. chemical report“an original vial of ‘seleni-bascca’ basic chemical corporation ofamerica was examined in the a m a chemical laboratory to determinewhether or not the substance contained colloidal selenium the bottlecontained 50 tablets weighing approximately 0 1 gm about 1-1/2 gr each the major portion of the tablet was soluble in hot water qualitative tests indicated the presence of chlorid, sulphate, smallamount of nitrate, potassium, sodium, starch, talc and selenium tellurium was not found to be present the ash was equivalent to 5 5per cent. Over one-half of the ash consisted of a talc-like substance the amount of selenium present in the specimen examined was only about1 3 per cent “in the literature sent out by the basic chemical corporation, ‘dr frederick klein’ is mentioned as chemist several years ago, thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry investigated ‘sulfo-selene, ’ a cancerremedy, with which the same ‘dr klein’ was connected the allegedcomposition of ‘sulfo-selene, ’ as given to the council, was. “selenium 25 “sulphur writingially in colloidal 10 and writingially in crystalloid state “potassium carbonate 10 “nitrogen 05 “bile salts 50 “to which is added an inert base or vehicle. As sugar of milk or amylum ”“it was claimed that ‘sulfo-selene’ was prepared by reducingnitro-selenious acid with sulphurous acid, neutralizing with potassiumbicarbonate and then adding bile salts assuming that the compositionclaimed for ‘sulfo-selene’ was correct the analysis of ‘seleni-bascca’shows that the two products resemble each other the tests, however, failed to reveal in ‘seleni-bascca’ the presence of the bile saltsclaimed to have been present in ‘sulfo-selene ’”“the product is not colloidal as claimed as the selenium can be removedby ordinary filtration ”-- from the journal a m a , nov 19, 1921 repudiated by the brooklyn bureau of charitiesto the editor:-- my attention has been called to the fact that thereappears in a recent issue of the journal of the american medicalassociation a statement that the cosmopolitan cancer research society, located at 847 union street, brooklyn, has the cooperation of thebrooklyn bureau of charities in reply may i say that the bureau ofcharities has no connection, understanding, or relationship whatever, with the cosmopolitan cancer research society, and has never sent apatient to them t j riley, brooklyn secretary, brooklyn bureau of charities -- correspondence from thejournal a m a , dec 24, 1921 bell-ans papayans, bellj as the new york tribune “ad-visor” sees itj see index for additional article on bell-ans “why avoid draughts?. sit by an open window if you want to!.

And in 106 paper casper failed to find it tardieu872says the brain is oftenest anæmic if, however, the body is cut downand placed horizontally, the blood-vessels of the brain may fill up evidence may be found in the brain suggesting insanity and therefore anexplanation of a probable suicide harvey says that hemorrhages in orabout the brain are found in a much larger proportion of paper in indiathan in europe in paper of hanging “no common condition likely tocause extravasation is apparent, only one man being noted as plethoric, but in thesis the rope seems to have been very tight ” champouillon873reports a case of suicide in a man, age fifty-two. The rope broke andthe body fell the physician who made the necroscopy reported a ruptureof the pons varolii champouillon believed that the rupture must havebeen made in removing the brain from the skull wilkie874 reportsa judicial hanging in which a man age about twenty-five, fell aboutthree and one-half feet a recent clot was found in the brain theexperiments of brouardel of hanging rabbits showed the brain anæmic the conjunction of the following appearances would suggest that thehanging had been of essay duration. Lividity of face, congestion andprominence of eyes, dryness of skin under the ligature, deep furrow, congestion of sexual organs, swelling and lividity of lower limbs, hypostatic congestion of lungs page experimented on a young cat and young dog. Both were hung in the same way examination of the cat showed the veins generally engorged. Sublingual veins much engorged. Tongue protruded slightly and much swollen. No frothy mucus in bronchi in the dog the tongue did not protrude and was not swollen. Right cavities of heart contained blood, left empty. Brain and other organs normal in the cat, the lungs were uniformly congested, dark red. No ecchymoses in the dog, the lungs were much distended, posterior borders mottled violet. Emphysematous patches on surface. No apoplectic effusions. Subpleural ecchymoses bright red, irregular, clearly defined in outer surface, most numerous toward the roots and on the lower lobes pellereau875 gives an account of hanging as seen by him in warm climates he had not seen the elongation of the neck described nor the erection of the penis, nor subconjunctival ecchymoses, nor fracture of larynx, nor rupture of walls of carotid artery, nor subpleural ecchymoses, nor fracture of vertebra he always found a mark on the neck. The left cavities of the heart always empty, the right always full of black blood mackenzie says that in 130 paper of suicidal hanging, the protrusion of the tongue between the teeth, the open and protruding eyes, clinched hands, and blue nails were very frequent, the tongue was found bitten thesis times, there were urethral and rectal discharges and rupture of carotid artery the penis was found erect several times the hyoid bone fractured 24 times in 93 paper in no case was the larynx or vertebra fractured in 73 paper ropes were used. In 30, portions of clothing the marks of ropes were always well defined, indented, and parchment-like. The marks of soft ligatures faint and reddish in no case were the muscles of the neck, the larynx, trachea, or large bronchi injured, and in none was there subcutaneous hemorrhage or blister proof of death by hanging as in strangulation, no single sign in any given case is sufficient ofitself to prove that death was caused by hanging but the sum total ofthe lesions found, viewed in the light of the surroundings of the body, will suffice to lead to a definite conclusion the fact that a body has been found suspended does not of itself provethat hanging caused the death, because the victim may have been killedin essay other way, and the body afterward hung up to avert suspicion chevers records thesis paper of this kind the value of the presence or absence of marks on the neck and thecharacters of the marks has been questioned orfila, casper, and vrolikhave shown by experiment that if a body is hanged within one or twohours after death the furrow, parchment skin, lividity, and the densityof the connective tissue will appear just as is seen when suspensionhas occurred during life. But ecchymoses and infiltration, clottedblood in the skin, connective tissue, and muscles of the neck suggestsuspension during life if a cord is removed immediately after death, there may be scarcelyany mark at all tardieu collected 261 paper of suicide by hanging where the subjectwas not entirely off the ground in 168 the feet rested on the ground;in 42 the subject was kneeling.

Black fluid blood in heart. Brain essaywhatcongested 30 ibid , p 216 - wife of the celebrated painter gurneray. Founddead in bed, where a fire had been placed and slowly burnt and charredher lower limbs, belly, chest, and right hand a running noose aroundher neck injuries of head. Face livid. Tongue between teeth. Brainnormal. Mark of cord slight. Subcutaneous tissue infiltrated withblood marks of pressure on chest. Bloody froth in trachea. Lungscongested. Heart contained fluid blood opinion given that she hadbeen struck on head, causing unconsciousness. Then writingly stranded andwritingly suffocated by pressure on neck and chest body afterward burntto cover up the crime 31 ibid , p 211 - three murders by one man all women all injuredabout the head and then strangled by both hand and ligature two died;one had an odor of alcohol and had apparently not resisted the thirdwas resuscitated she was strong and stout, and resisted marks offingers and nails on neck afterward she had headaches and giddinessfor a long time suicide 32 francis.

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“the stock of bayer & co inc and of synthetic patents co was sold by me at public auction, the successful bidder being the sterling products co , a west virginia corporation dealing in proprietary medicines this company had previously agreed to dispose of the dye plant and patents, in case it secured the property, to grasselli chemical co , one of the largest makers of heavy chemicals in the country the price paid was $5, 310, 000, plus back taxes and other obligations of thesis hundred thousands more ”after the sterling products company had acquired the pharmaceuticalend of the business, the winthrop chemical co was incorporated inthe state of new york this concern seemingly secured control of allthe bayer online assignment writing help pharmaceutical specialties except “aspirin ” the bayerco , it was announced, had been merged with the sterling productsco , and “aspirin-bayer” added to the latter firm list of “patentmedicines”. Cascarets, danderine, pape diapepsin, california syrup offigs, neuralgine and dodson livertone the business is apparently apaying one financially as witness the following excerpt from a recentannouncement in a drug journal. “stockholders of the sterling products co , inc , of wheeling, manufacturers of neuralgine, cascarets, bayer aspirin, and other well known products, and the largest proprietary medicine organization in the world, at their annual meeting received a report of manager w e weiss, which showed that the company did a $10, 000, 000 business in 1920 the total profits were $2, 100, 000, while a total of $1, 080, 000 was paid out in dividends ”just what relationship exists between the winthrop chemical co , andthe sterling products co , we do not know as our correspondent pointsout, the “bayer cross” is used on the label of the winthrop products the advertising campaign of “aspirin, bayer” since it entered the“patent medicine” field has been typical of that field by half truthsand inferential falsehoods the public has been led to believe that theonly genuine aspirin on the market is that put out under the bayername the facts are, of course, that the aspirin of any reputable firmis just as good as the aspirin put out by the makers of livertone, danderine and cascarets there is one point, however, that is of vital importance to the medicalprofession. The decision recently rendered in the united statesdistrict court of southern new york makes it obligatory for druggists, when filling a physician prescription calling for “aspirin, ” todispense the bayer product when the public buys aspirin on its ownresponsibility-- without specifying any writingicular brand-- the druggistmay give the purchaser any make of acetylsalicylic acid he sees fit torepeat what was said in the journal comment on this decision. “unlessa physician wishes to cater to the concern owning the bayer rights andto aid in perpetuating what was a monopoly for seventeen years, heshould be careful to prescribe the drug under the term ‘acetylsalicylicacid, ’ the court now places the responsibility directly on the medicalprofession avoid ‘aspirin’-- write ‘acetylsalicylic acid ’-- from thejournal a m a , june 11, 1921 the allied medical associations of america another rocket in the pyrotechnics of quasimedical organizationsit was once said, in the days when diploma mills flourished, thatit seemed easier to start a “university” than it was to open a grogshop a study of quasimedical organizations convinces one that it iseasier to found a “medical society” than it is to establish a peanutstand most reputable practitioners of medicine who care to affiliatethemselves with medical organizations are members of the americanmedical association, its component societies, or similar scientificbodies it is not surprising then, that those who live and move inthe twilight zone of professionalism, from visionaries riding bizarremedical hobbies to those who have special interests to exploit, shouldcreate and make use of hybrid medical organizations such organizationsmultiply as rapidly as rabbits they flourish for a while, obtain moreor less newspaper and other publicity-- usually more, because of thesensational methods of those controlling them-- then, having served thepurpose of those who brought them into being, they lapse into innocuousdesuetude the official accouchement of the allied medical associations of americaoccurred, according to that organization report, may 18, 1918 onthe official stationery of the allied medical associations of americain use in may, 1919, we find the names of the “officers, ” “censors, ”etc these constitute, presumably, the more prominent members of thisorganization we give briefly, essay data regarding essay of these sothat a rational perspective may be obtained:l m ottofy, m d , st louis, mo -- dr ottofy seems to have beenthe chief organizer, if not, indeed, the founder he has been its“secretary-treasurer” since its inception.