Oedipus The King Essay

The internal secretory glands, lancet-clinic, sept 19, 1914 ”the g w carnrick company also advertises a “hormotone withoutpost-pituitary, ” each tablet of which is said to contain 1/10 graindesiccated thyroid, and to “present” “hormone bearing extracts ofthyroid, anterior pituitary, ovary, and testes ” this product is justas irrational as “hormotone ”-- from the journal a m a , aug 16, 1919 formaldehyde lozenges report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has voted hex-iodin daggett and miller co , inc , providence, r i , formitol tablets e l patch co , boston, andcin-u-form lozenges mckesson and robbins, new york city inadmissibleto new and nonofficial remedies, and authorized publication of thereport which appears below w a puckner, secretary essay years ago, the council published the journal a m a , aug 28, 1915, p 816 a report on formamint, a proprietary medicinewidely exploited as a peculiar chemical compound of sugar of milk andformaldehyde the formaldehyde was said to be liberated slowly by theaction of the saliva, oedipus the king essay and because of this liberation of formaldehyde, formamint was claimed to be a powerful germicide extravagant claimswere made for its curative and prophylactic effects the council foundthat the therapeutic claims were grossly unwarranted and that itsexploitation to the public was a public danger during the recent epidemic of influenza, a variety of tablets orlozenges were advertised, and are still being advertised, havingformaldehyde, in essay form or other, as the nucleus around whichrevolve the therapeutic claims in essay paper, the advertising clearlyindicates the character of the formaldehyde compound that is claimedto be present. In others the statements are vague and indefinite ormisleading it is hardly necessary to remind physicians that the use of tabletscontaining hexamethylenamin or other formaldehyde compounds can neithercure respiratory infections, nor even confer protection against suchinfections to be effective, formaldehyde would need to be suppliedto the entire respiratory tract continuously for essay time or else inconcentrations that would be distinctly irritant and damaging to thetissues saliva-dissolved tablets, obviously cannot reach the nasalor tracheal mucosae directly. And the application of quickly actingconcentrations of formaldehyde is out of the question this altogetheraside from the fact that hexamethylenamin, the basis of essay of thesetablets, does not liberate formaldehyde in the mouth, and for thisreason alone would be quite useless for this purpose!.

It bears thesis flowers, and those of a bright, resplendent, yellow oedipus the king essay colour i do not remember, that i ever saw any thing yellower virgins, in ancient time, used to make powder of them to furrow bridebeds. After which flowers come small heads, essay spiked and rugged likea pine-apple place they grow very common every where. Unless you turn your headinto a hedge you cannot but see them as you walk time they flower in may and june, even till september government and virtues this fiery and hot-spirited herb of marsis no way fit to be given inwardly, but an ointment of the leaves orflowers will draw a blister, and may be so fitly applied to the nape ofthe neck to draw back rheum from the eyes the herb being bruised andmixed with a little mustard, draws a blister as well, and as perfectlyas cantharides, and with far less danger to the vessels of urine, whichcantharides naturally delight to wrong. I knew the herb once appliedto a pestilential rising that was fallen down, and it saved life evenbeyond hope. It were good to keep an ointment and plaister of it, if itwere but for that cuckow-point it is called aron, janus, barba-aron, calve-foot, ramp, starchwort, cuckow-point, and wake robin descript this shoots forth three, four or five leaves at the most, from one root, every one whereof is essaywhat large and long, broad atthe bottom next the stalk, and forked, but ending in a point, withouta cut on the edge, of a full green colour, each standing upon a thickround stalk, of a hand-breadth long, or more, among which, after twoor three months that they begin to wither, rises up a bare, round, whitish green stalk, spotted and streaked with purple, essaywhat higherthan the leaves. At the top whereof stands a long hollow husk close atthe bottom, but open from the middle upwards, ending in a point. Inthe middle whereof stands the small long pestle or clapper, smaller atthe bottom than at the top, of a dark purple colour, as the husk is onthe inside, though green without. Which, after it hath so abided foressay time, the husk with the clapper decays, and the foot or bottomthereof grows to be a small long bunch of berries, green at the first, and of a yellowish red colour when they are ripe, of the bigness of ahazel-nut kernel, which abides thereon almost until winter. The rootis round, and essaywhat long, for the most writing lying along, the leavesshooting forth at the largest end, which, when it bears its berries, are essaywhat wrinkled and loose, another growing under it, which issolid and firm, with thesis small threads hanging thereat the wholeplant is of a very sharp biting taste, pricking the tongue as nettlesdo the hands, and so abides for a great while without alteration theroot thereof was anciently used instead of starch to starch linen with there is another sort of cuckow-point, with less leaves than theformer, and essay times harder, having blackish spots upon them, whichfor the most writing abide longer green in summer than the former, andboth leaves and roots are more sharp and fierce than it.

1, 750 c c is the maximum, and anything aboveis macrocephalic. While the minimum is 1, 206 c c , which is rather toolow than too high according to topinard nomenclature of the cranialcapacity, macrocephalic in the adult european male are those havinga capacity of 1, 950 c c and above. A large skull is one of 1, 950 to1, 650 c c. Average or ordinary, 1, 650 to 1, 450 c c. Small, 1, 450 to1, 150 c c. Microcephalic 1, 150 c c and below it would seem that theskulls of the insane are below the type, a measurement of sixteen maleskulls giving an average of only 1, 449 c c scotchmen head the listwith the most voluminous skulls, and according to a tabular statementmade up from welcker, aitken, broca, and meigs, the english come next, with a capacity of 1, 572 c c then follow eskimo, 1, 483 c c. Germans, 1, 448 c c. French, 1, 403 to 1, 461 c c. South african negroes, 1, 372c c. Ancient peruvians, 1, 361 c c. Malay, 1, 328 c c. Mexican, 1, 290c c. Hottentot and polynesian, each 1, 230 c c.

Being applied to the temples, stops the rheums that flow to theeyes, helps green wounds, and fills hollow ulcers with flesh, stopsthe bleeding of wounds, though the arteries be cut. Being made into anointment with vinegar and hog-grease, helps the itch, pains in theears, inflammations in women breasts commonly called agues in thebreast. Beware of taking it inwardly, lest it cause madness turpentine is hot in the second degree, it heals, softens, itdiscusses and purges, cleanses the reins, provokes urine styrax calamitis is hot and dry in the second degree, it heals, mollifies, and concocts. Being taken inwardly helps the cough, anddistillations of the lungs, hoarseness and loss of voice, helps thehardness of the womb, and provokes the menses ammoniacum, hot and dry in the third degree, softens, draws, andheats. Being dissolved in vinegar, strained and applied plaister-wise, it takes away carbuncles and hardness in the flesh, it is one of thebest remedies that i know for infirmities of the spleen, being appliedto the left side. Being made into an ointment with oil, it is good toanoint the limbs of such as are weary. A scruple of it being taken inthe form of a pill loosens the belly, gives speedy delivery to women intravail, helps diseases of the spleen, the sciatica and all pains inthe joints, and have any humour afflicting their breast camphire, it is held by all authority to be cold and dry in thethird degree, it is of very thin subtile writings, insomuch that beingbeaten into very fine powder it will vanquish away into the air, being beaten into powder and mixed with oil, and the temples anointedtherewith, eases headaches proceeding of heat, all inflammationswhatsoever, the back being anointed with the same, cools the reins, and seminal vessels, stops the running of the reins and fluor albus, the moderate use of venery, the like it doth if it be drank inwardlywith bettony-water, take but a small quantity of it at a time inwardly, it resist poison and bitings by venomous beasts. Outwardly, appliedas before, and the eyes anointed with it, stops hot rheums that flowthither opopanax purges thick flegm from the most remote writings of the body, viz the brain, joints, hands, and feet, the nerves and breast, andstrengthens all those writings when they are weak, if the weakness proceedof cold, as usually it doth. It helps weakness of the sight, old rottencoughs, and gouts of all sorts, dropsies, and swellings of the spleen, it helps the stranguary and difficulty of making urine, provokes themenses, and helps all cold afflictions of the womb.

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In sussex they call it crop, it being apestilent enemy among corn descript this has all the winter long sundry long, flat, and roughleaves, which, when the stalk rises, which is slender and jointed, arenarrower, but rough still. On the top grows a long spike, composed ofthesis heads set one above another, containing two or three husks, witha sharp but short beard of awns at the end. The seed is easily shakenout of the ear, the husk itself being essaywhat rough place the country husbandmen do know this too well to grow amongtheir corn, or in the borders and pathways of the other fields that arefallow government and virtues it is a malicious writing of sullen saturn asit is not without essay vices, so hath it also thesis virtues the mealof darnel is very good to stay gangrenes, and other such like frettingand eating cankers, and putrid sores. It also cleanses the skin of allleprosies, morphews, ringworms, and the like, if it be used with saltand raddish roots and being used with quick brimstone and vinegar, it dissolves knots and kernels, and breaks those that are hard to bedissolved, being boiled in wine with pigeon dung and linseed.