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On the preliminary examination as to his qualifications as awitness he should be frank and open in answering questions he shouldstate fully the extent and the limits of his personal experience and ofhis reading upon the subject, without shrinking from responsibility, yet without self-glorification sixth. He should be simple, plain, and clear in his statement ofscientific facts and principles, avoiding the use of technicallanguage, and trying to put his ideas in such form that they will begrasped and comprehended by men of ordinary education and intelligence seventh. He should avoid stating any conclusions or principles of whichhe is not certain, but having an assurance that he is right he shouldbe firm and positive he should admit the limitations of his knowledgeand ability where a question is asked which he cannot answer, heshould not hesitate to say so. But he should refuse to be led outsidethe subject of inquiry, and should confine his testimony to thosescientific questions which are really involved in the case, or in hisexamination of the case eighth. And finally, he should always bear in mind that at the closeof his testimony an opportunity is usually given to him to explainanything which he may be conscious of having said, which requiresexplanation.

Such as are bitter, say authors, must be soakedin warm water, oftentimes changing till their bitter taste be fled. Buti like not this way and my reason is this. Because i doubt when theirbitterness is gone, so is their virtue also. I shall then prescribe onecommon way, namely, the same with the former, viz first, boil themwhole till they be soft, then make a syrup with sugar and the liquoryou boil them in, and keep the barks in the syrup 5 they are kept in glasses or in glaz’d pots 6 the preserved flowers will keep a year, if you can forbear eating ofthem. The roots and barks much longer 7 this art was plainly and first invented for delicacy, yet cameafterwards to be of excellent use in physic. For, 1 hereby medicines are made pleasant for sick and squeamishstomachs, which else would loath them 2 hereby they are preserved from decaying a long time chapter ix of lohocks 1 that which the arabians call lohocks, and the greeks eclegma, thelatins call linctus, and in plain english signifies nothing else but athing to be licked up 2 they are in body thicker than a syrup, and not so thick as anelectuary 3 the manner of taking them is, often to take a little with aliquorice stick, and let it go down at leisure 4 they are easily thus made. Make a decoction of pectoral herbs, andthe treatise will furnish you with enough, and when you have strainedit, with twice its weight of honey or sugar, boil it to a lohock. Ifyou are molested with much phlegm, honey is better than sugar. And ifyou add a little vinegar to it, you will do well. If not, i hold sugarto be better than honey 5 it is kept in pots, and may be kept a year and longer 6 it is excellent for roughness of the wind-pipe, inflammations andulcers of the lungs, difficulty of breathing, asthmas, coughs, anddistillation of humours chapter x of ointments 1 various are the ways of making ointments, which authors have leftto posterity, which i shall omit, and quote one which is easiest tobe made, and therefore most beneficial to people that are ignorant inphysic, for whose sake i write this it is thus done:bruise those herbs, flowers, or roots, you will make an ointment of, and to two handfuls of your bruised herbs add a pound of hog greasedried, or cleansed from the skins, beat them very well together in astone mortar with a wooden pestle, then put it into a stone pot, theherb and grease i mean, not the mortar, cover it with a paper and setit either in the sun, or essay other warm place. Three, four, or fivedays, that it may melt. Then take it out and boil it a little. Thenwhilst it is hot, strain it out, pressing it out very hard in a press:to this grease add as thesis more herbs bruised as before. Let them standin like manner as long, then boil them as you did the former. If youthink your ointment is not strong enough, you may do it the third andfourth time.

Nh₄i₂, a no essay scholarships 2015 nitro hydrate iodate. And nh₄i₂i₂, per iodide, a molecular compound, which i claim, they all being of a nh group, so what can be the objection of nitrogen hydrate of iodine?. of course when your chemist, with the aid of heat, drove off all the iodine, he naturally brought it back to a nh₄i there where he gets the a m i claim a molecular compound the oil of iodine i sent you by mistake was a 1 per cent and not a 5 per cent as marked i claim it is made from the resublimed iodine in mineral oil and not the b iodine i claim a 5 per cent has heretofore never been accomplished, so i therefore can claim essaything new tr iodine contains alcohol and potash as a base, the alcohol a dehydrater and potash an escharotic, and all other soluble iodines like the tincture have a metallic base mine has not my iodine is compatible almost with all the salts, alkaloids, tannates, and even the metals you can’t say that for the tincture or the others now why should mine not be superior to others?. preparations as yet are not on the market and a few pamphlets were printed to meet with the requirements of your rulings and approval and shall be corrected if we only can agree on a proper name as you may suggest yours very truly, the b iodine chemical co by john bohlander, a m, m d p s we are sending you under separate cover another sample of the oil of iodine which is a 5 per cent solution, and allowing for deterioration will test at least four per cent the referee in charge of the preparations submitted the above letter tothe council with the following comments:the principal statements in the letter are essentially erroneous ormisleading.

Being made into an ointment with hog grease, ittakes away black and blue spots occasioned by blows or falls, and helpsboth the gout and sciatica pellitory of the wall descript it rises with brownish, red, tender, weak, clear, andalmost transparent stalks, about two feet high, upon which grow at thejoints two leaves essaywhat broad and long, of a dark green colour, which afterwards turn brownish, smooth on the edges, but rough andhairy, as the stalks are also at the joints with the leaves from themiddle of the stalk upwards, where it spreads into branches, stand thesissmall, pale, purplish flowers in hairy, rough heads, or husks, afterwhich come small, black, rough seed, which will stick to any clothor garment that shall touch it the root is essaywhat long, with smallfibres thereat, of a dark reddish colour, which abides the winter, although the stalks and leaves perish and spring every year place it grows wild generally through the land, about the bordersof fields, and by the sides of walls, and among rubbish it will endurewell being brought up in gardens, and planted on the shady side, whereit will spring of its own sowing time it flowers in june and july, and the seed is ripe soon after government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury thedried herb pellitory made up into an electuary with honey, or thejuices of the herb, or the decoction thereof made up with sugar orhoney, is a singular remedy for an old or dry cough, the shortness ofbreath, and wheezing in the throat three ounces of the juice thereoftaken at a time, doth wonderfully help stopping of the urine, and toexpel the stone or gravel in the kidneys or bladder, and is thereforeusually put among other herbs used in clysters to mitigate pains inthe back, sides, or bowels, no essay scholarships 2015 proceeding of wind, stopping of urine, thegravel or stone, as aforesaid if the bruised herb, sprinkled withessay muskadel, be warmed upon a tile, or in a dish upon a few quickcoals in a chafing-dish, and applied to the belly, it works the sameeffect the decoction of the herb being drank, eases pains of themother, and brings down women courses. It also eases those griefsthat arise from obstructions of the liver, spleen, and reins the samedecoction, with a little honey added thereto, is good to gargle asore throat the juice held a while in the mouth, eases pains in theteeth the distilled water of the herb drank with essay sugar, worksthe same effects, and cleanses the skin from spots, freckles, purples, wheals, sun-burn, morphew, &c the juice dropped into the ears, easesthe noise in them, and takes away the pricking and shooting painstherein. The same, or the distilled water, assuages hot and swellingimposthumes, burnings and scaldings by fire or water. As also allother hot tumours and inflammations, or breakings-out, of heat, beingbathed often with wet cloths dipped therein. The said juice made intoa liniment with ceruss, and oil of roses, and anointed therewith, cleanses foul rotten ulcers, and stays spreading or creeping ulcers, and running scabs or sores in children heads. And helps to stay thehair from falling off the head the said ointment, or the herb appliedto the fundament, opens the piles, and eases their pains. And beingmixed with goats’ tallow, helps the gout the juice is very effectualto cleanse fistulas, and to heal them up safely. Or the herb itselfbruised and applied with a little salt it is likewise also effectualto heal any green wound. If it be bruised and bound thereto for threedays, you shall need no other medicine to heal it further a poulticemade hereof with mallows, and boiled in wine and wheat bran and beanflour, and essay oil put thereto, and applied warm to any bruisedsinews, tendon, or muscle, doth in a very short time restore them totheir strength, taking away the pains of the bruises, and dissolves thecongealed blood coming of blows, or falls from high places the juice of pellitory of the wall clarified and boiled in a syrup withhoney, and a spoonful of it drank every morning by such as are subjectto the dropsy. If continuing that course, though but once a week, theyever have the dropsy, let them but come to me, and i will cure themgratis pennyroyal pennyroyal is so well known unto all, i mean the common kind, that itneeds no description there is a greater kind than the ordinary sort found wild with us, which so abides, being brought into gardens, and differs not from it, but only in the largeness of the leaves and stalks, in rising higher, and not creeping upon the ground so much the flowers whereof arepurple, growing in rundles about the stalks like the other place the first, which is common in gardens, grows also in thesismoist and watery places of this land the second is found wild in effect in divers places by the highwaysfrom london to colchester, and thereabouts, more abundantly than in anyother counties, and is also planted in their gardens in essex time they flower in the latter end of summer, about august government and virtues the herb is under venus dioscorides saith, that pennyroyal makes thin tough phlegm, warms the coldness of any writingwhereto it is applied, and digests raw or corrupt matter. Being boiledand drank, it provokes women courses, and expels the dead child andafter-birth, and stays the disposition to vomit, being taken in waterand vinegar mingled together and being mingled with honey and salt, it voids phlegm out of the lungs, and purges melancholy by the stool drank with wine, it helps such as are bitten and stung with venomousbeasts, and applied to the nostrils with vinegar, revives those thatare fainting and swooning being dried and burnt, it strengthens thegums it is helpful to those that are troubled with the gout, beingapplied of itself to the place until it was red. And applied in aplaister, it takes away spots or marks in the face.

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The first specimen bore no serialnumber but the five later specimens were designated respectively, no 89999, no 89998, no 89997, no 89996, and no 810995, representingbatches from which shipments are to be made on contracts placed by thegeneral purchasing office, medical dewritingment, u s army, with theabbott laboratories of chicago 2 procain-novocain no essay scholarships 2015 brand, 4 specimens. These were designatedrespectively, a56, a57, a63, and a67 the first two specimens werelabeled “manufactured by the farbwerke-hoechst co at the h a metz laboratories ” the third specimen not in original containerwas labeled “h a metz laboratories” and the fourth was marked“manufactured by the h a metz laboratories ”3 procain-rector, 3 specimens. Each bore the statement “manufacturedby the rector chemical company” but had no “lot number ”from this examination it appears that all the specimens of procainreceived complied satisfactorily with all tests of identity and puritywith the following exceptions.