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Mittheil d wien med doct colleg , 1878, iv , p 45 - a man found hanging the examiner declared that he had hunghimself niche 2000 no essay scholarship eight years afterward, suspicion of violence a commissionappointed the protocol had shown the blood fluid. A red-brown dryfurrow around the neck. Ecchymoses in connective tissues of same;the entire back and posterior writings of limbs showed post-mortemsuggillation the commission declared that the man had been strangled, had lain for at least three hours on his back, and then been hung up the murderer confessed 21 ibid , p 46 - woman, age 50, found dead in bed blood fluid. Twoecchymoses size of beans in crico-thyroid muscles of each side. Patchof hepatization size of fist, in lung. Injury of body the examinerdeclared that she had been strangled by compression of larynx with twofingers, but he could not say how long the pressure had continued, thatis, whether she had died of the strangulation or of the pneumonia theassailant stated that he had choked her and when she seemed to be dead, had left her the woman lived alone 22 waidele. Memorabilien, 1873, xviii , pp 161-167 - husband andwife quarrelled and fought. He stated that he choked her with herneck handkerchief, and as she turned round toward him, then chokedher with his hand until she died the examiner declared that she diedof asphyxia. There was a brownish-red dry streak on each side of theneck in the laryngeal region corresponding to the handkerchief, andalso two small abrasions of skin which might have been made by thehands.

Yet it dulls the sight, and is an enemy to generation smallage seed, provokes urine and the menses, expels wind, resistspoison, and eases inward pains, it opens stoppings in any writing of thebody, yet it is hurtful for such as have the falling-sickness, and forpregnant women rocket seed, provokes urine, stirs up lust, encreases seed, killsworms, eases pains of the spleen use all these niche 2000 no essay scholarship in like manner basil seed. If we may believe dioscorides and crescentius, cheersthe heart, and strengthens a moist stomach, drives away melancholy, andprovokes urine nettle seed, provokes venery, opens stoppages of the womb, helpsinflammations of the sides and lungs. Purgeth the breast. Boil them being bruised in white wine also the seeds of ammi, or bishop-weed, heat and dry, help difficultyof urine, and the pains of the cholic, the bitings of venomous beasts;they provoke the menses, and purge the womb annis seeds, heat and dry, ease pain, expel wind, cause a sweetbreath, help the dropsy, resist poison, breed milk, and stop the fluoralbus in women, provoke venery, and ease the head-ache cardamoms, heat, kill worms, cleanse the reins, and provoke urine fennel seed, breaks wind, provokes urine and the menses, encreasesmilk in nurses cummin seed, heat, bind, and dry, stop blood, expel wind, easepain, help the bitings of venomous beast. Outwardly applied viz inplaisters they are of a discussing nature carrot seeds, are windy, provoke lust exceedingly, and encreaseseed, provoke urine and the menses, cause speedy delivery to women intravail, and bring away the placenta all these also may be boiled inwhite wine nigella seeds, boiled in oil, and the forehead anointed with it, ease pains in the head, take away leprosy, itch, scurf, and help scaldheads. Inwardly taken they expel worms, they provoke urine, and themenses, help difficulty of breathing stavesacre, kills lice in the head, i hold it not fitting to be giveninwardly olibanum mixed with as much barrow grease beat the olibanum firstin powder and boiled together, make an ointment which will kill thelice in children heads, and such as are subject to breed them, willnever breed them a medicine cheap, safe, and sure, which breeds noannoyance to the brain the seeds of water-cresses, heat, yet trouble the stomach and belly;ease the pains of the spleen, are very dangerous for pregnant women, yet they provoke lust. Outwardly applied, they help leprosies, scaldheads, and the falling off of hair, as also carbuncles, and cold ulcersin the joints mustard seed, heats, extenuates, and draws moisture from the brain:the head being shaved and anointed with mustard, is a good remedy forthe lethargy, it helps filthy ulcers, and hard swellings in the mouth, it helps old aches coming of cold french barley, is cooling, nourishing, and breeds milk sorrel seeds, potently resist poison, help fluxes, and such stomachsas loath their meat succory seed, cools the heat of the blood, extinguishes lust, opensstoppings of the liver and bowels, it allays the heat of the body, andproduces a good colour, it strengthens the stomach, liver, and reins poppy seeds, ease pain, provoke sleep your best way is to make anemulsion of them with barley water mallow seeds, ease pains in the bladder chich-pease, are windy, provoke lust, encrease milk in nurses, provoke the menses, outwardly, they help scabs, itch, and inflammationsof the testicles, ulcers, &c white saxifrage seeds, provoke urine, expel wind, and break thestone boil them in white wine rue seeds, helps such as cannot hold their water lettice seed, cools the blood, restrains venery also gourds, citruls, cucumbers, melons, purslain, and endive seeds, cool the blood, as also the stomach, spleen, and reins, and allay theheat of fevers use them as you were taught to do poppy-seeds wormseed, expels wind, kills worms ash-tree keys, ease pains in the sides, help the dropsy, relieve menweary with labour, provoke venery, and make the body lean piony seeds, help the ephialtes, or the disease the vulgar call themare, as also the fits of the mother, and other such like infirmitiesof the womb, stop the menses, and help convulsions broom seed, potently provoke urine, break the stone citron seeds, strengthen the heart, cheer the vital spirit, resistpestilence and poison tears, liquors, and rozins laudanum, is of a heating, mollifying nature, it opens the mouth ofthe veins, stays the hair from falling off, helps pains in the ears, and hardness of the womb it is used only outwardly in plaisters assafœtida is commonly used to allay the fits of the mother bysmelling to it. They say, inwardly taken, it provokes lust, and expelswind benzoin, or benjamin, makes a good perfume sanguis draconis, cools and binds exceedingly aloes, purges choler and flegm, and with such deliberation that itis often given to withstand the violence of other purges, it preservesthe senses and betters the apprehension, it strengthens the liver, andhelps the yellow-jaundice yet is naught for such as are troubled withthe hemorrhoids, or have agues i do not like it taken raw see aloerosata, which is nothing but it washed with the juice of roses manna, is temperately hot, of a mighty dilative quality, windy, cleanses choler gently, also it cleanses the throat and stomach achild may take an ounce of it at a time melted in milk, and the drossstrained out, it is good for them when they are scabby scamony, or diagridium, call it by which name you please, is adesperate purge, hurtful to the body by reason of its heat, windiness, corroding, or gnawing, and violence of working i would advise mycountrymen to let it alone. It will gnaw their bodies as fast asdoctors gnaw their purses opopanax, is of a heating, molifying, digesting quality gum elemi, is exceeding good for fractures of the skull, as also inwounds, and therefore is put in plaisters for that end see arceushis liniment tragacanthum, commonly called gum traganth, and gum dragon, helpscoughs, hoarseness, and distillations on the lungs bdellium, heats and softens, helps hard swellings, ruptures, pains inthe sides, hardness of the sinews galbanum hot and dry, discussing. Applied to the womb, it hastensboth birth and after-birth, applied to the navel it stays thestrangling of the womb, commonly called the fits of the mother, helpspains in the sides, and difficulty of breathing, being applied to it, and the smell of it helps the vertigo or diziness in the head myrh, heats and dries, opens and softens the womb, provokes the birthand after-birth. Inwardly taken, it helps old coughs and hoarseness, pains in the sides, kills worms, and helps a stinking breath, helps thewasting of the gums, fastens the teeth. Outwardly it helps wounds, andfills up ulcers with flesh you may take half a dram at a time mastich, strengthens the stomach exceedingly, helps such as vomit orspit blood, it fastens the teeth and strengthens the gums, being chewedin the mouth frankinsense, and olibanum, heat and bind, fill up old ulcers withflesh, stop bleeding, but is extremely bad for mad people turpentine, purges, cleanses the reins, helps the running of them styrax calamitis, helps coughs, and distillations upon the lungs, hoarseness, want of voice, hardness of the womb, but it is bad forhead-aches ammonicaum, applied to the side, helps the hardness and pains of thespleen camphire, eases pains of the head coming of heat, takes awayinflammations, and cools any place to which it is applied juices that all juices have the same virtues with the herbs or fruits whereofthey are made, i suppose few or none will deny, therefore i shall onlyname a few of them, and that briefly sugar is held to be hot in the first degree, strengthens the lungs, takes away the roughness of the throat, succours the reins and bladder the juice of citrons cools the blood, strengthens the heart, mitigates the violent heat of fevers the juice of lemons works the same effect, but not so powerfully juice of liquorice, strengthens the lungs, helps coughs and colds things bred from plants these have been treated of before, only two excepted the first ofwhich is, agaricus agarick.

It is a sovereign remedy for hectic fevers, andmarasmos, which is nothing else but a consumption coming from them letsuch as are subject to these diseases, hold it for a jewel aqua limacum magistr or water of snails college take of the juice of ground ivy, colt-foot, scabious, lungwort, of each one pound and a half, the juice of purslain, plantain, ambrosia, paul bettony, of each a pound, hog blood, whitewine, of each four pounds, garden snails, two pound, dried tobaccoleaves eight, powder of liquorice two ounces, of elecampane half anounce, of orris an ounce, cotton seeds an ounce and a half, the greatercold seeds, annis seeds of each six drams, saffron one dram, theflowers of red roses, six pugils, of violets and borrage, of each fourpugils, steep them three days warm, and then distil them in a glassstill, in sand culpeper it purges the lungs of flegm and helps consumptions there if you should happen niche 2000 no essay scholarship to live where no better nor readier medicine canbe gotten, you may use this aqua scordii composita or compound water of scordium college take of the juice of goat rue, sorrel, scordium, citrons, of each one pound, london treacle, half a pound, steep it three days, and distil it in sand culpeper a tasterful taken in the morning, preserves from ill airs aqua mariæ college take of sugar candy a pound, canary wine six ounces, rosewater four ounces. Boil it well into a syrup, and add to it imperialwater two pounds, ambergreese, musk, of each eighteen grains, saffronfifteen grains, yellow sanders infused in imperial water, two drams;make a clear water of it aqua papaveries composita or poppy water compound college take of red poppies four pounds, sprinkle them with whitewine two pounds, then distil them in a common still, let the distilledwater be poured upon fresh flowers and repeated three times. To whichdistilled water add two nutmegs sliced, red poppy flowers a pugil, sugar two ounces, set it in the sun to give it a pleasing sharpness;if the sharpness be more than you would have it, put essay of the samewater to it which was not set in the sun aqua juglandium composita or walnut water compound college take of green walnuts a pound and an half, radish roots onepound, green asarabacca six ounces, radish seeds, six ounces let allof them, being bruised, be steeped in three pounds of white wine forthree days, then distilled in a leaden still till they be dry tinctures tinctura croci or tincture of saffron college take two drams of saffron, eight ounces of treacle water, digest them six days, then strain it culpeper see the virtues of treacle water, and then know that thisstrengthens the heart essaything more, and keeps melancholy vapoursthence by drinking a spoonful of it every morning tinctura castorii or tincture of castoreum college take of castoreum in powder half an ounce, spirit ofcastoreum half a pound, digest them ten days cold, strain it, and keepthe liquor for tincture culpeper a learned invention!. ’tis essaything more prevalent thanthe spirit tinctura fragroram or tincture of strawberries college take of ripe wood-strawberries two pounds, put them ina phial, and put so much small spirits of wine to them, that it mayovertop them the thickness of four fingers, stop the vessel close, andset it in the sun two days, then strain it, and press it but gently;pour this spirit to as thesis fresh strawberries, repeat this six times, at last keep the clear liquor for your use culpeper a fine thing for gentlemen that have nothing else to dowith their money, and it will have a lovely look to please their eyes tinctura scordii or tincture of scordium college take of the leaves of scordium gathered in a dry time, half a pound, digest them in six pounds of small spirits of wine, in avessel well stopped, for three days, press them out gently, and repeatthe infusion three times, and keep the clarified liquor for use so is made tincture of celandine, rest-harrow, and rosa-solis culpeper see the herbs for the virtues, and then take notice thatthese are better for cold stomachs, old bodies tinctura theriacalis vulgo aqua theriacalis ludg per infus or tincture of treacle college take of canary wine often times distilled, vinegar in whichhalf an ounce of rue seeds have been boiled, two pounds choice treacle, the best mithridate, of each half a pound. Mix them and set them in thesun, or heat of a bath, digest them, and keep the water for use tinctura cinnamoni, vulgo, aqua clareta cinnam or tincture of cinnamon college take of bruised cinnamon two ounces, rectified spirits ofwine two pounds, infuse them four days in a large glass stopped withcork and bladder, shake it twice a day, then dissolve half a pound ofsugar candy by itself in two pounds of rose water, mix both liquors, into which hang a nodule containing, ambergris half a scruple, muskfour grains tinctura viridis or a green tincture college take of verdigris, half an ounce, auripigmentum sixdrams, alum three drams, boil them in a pound of white wine till halfbe consumed, adding, after it is cold, the water of red roses, andnightshade, of each six ounces culpeper this was made to cleanse ulcers, but i fancy it not aqua aluminosa magistralis college take of plantain and red rose water, of each a pound, rochalum and sublimatum, of each two drams. Let the alum and sublimatum, being in powder, boil in the waters, in a vessel with a narrow mouthtill half be consumed, when it has stood five days, strain it physical wines vinum absynthitis or wormwood wine college take a handful of dried wormwood, for every gallon ofwine, stop it in a vessel close, and so let it remain in steep. So isprepared wine of rosemary flowers, and eye-bright culpeper it helps cold stomachs, breaks wind, helps the windcholic, strengthens the stomach, kills worms, and helps the greensickness rosemary-flower wine, is made after the same manner it is good againstall cold diseases of the head, consumes flegm, strengthens the gums andteeth eye-bright wine is made after the same manner it wonderfully clearsthe sight being drank, and revives the sight of elderly men. A cup ofit in the morning is worth a pair of spectacles all other wines are prepared in the same manner the best way of taking any of these wines is, to drink a draught ofthem every morning you may, if you find your body old or cold, makewine of any other herb, the virtues of which you desire. And make itand take it in the same manner vinum cerassorum nigrorum or wine of black cherries college take a gallon of black cherries, keep it in a vessel closestopped till it begin to work, then filter it, and an ounce of sugarbeing added to every pound, let pass through hippocrates’ sleeve, andkeep in a vessel close stopped for use vinum helleboratum or helleborated wine college take of white hellebore cut small, four ounces, spanishwine two pounds, steep it in the sun in a phial close stopped, in thedog days, or other hot weather vinum rubellum college take of stibium, in powder, one ounce, cloves sliced twodrams, claret wine two pounds, keep it in a phial close shut vinum benedictum college take of crocus metallorum, in powder, one ounce, mace onedram, spanish wine one pound and an half, steep it vinum antimoniale or antimonial wine college take of regulus of antimony, in powder, four ounces, steepit in three pounds of white wine in a glass well stopped, after thefirst shaking let the regulus settle culpeper these last mentioned are vomits, and vomits are fittingmedicines for but a few, the mouth being ordained to take innourishment, not to cast out excrements, and to regulate a man bodyin vomiting. And doses of vomits require a deeper study in physic, than i doubt the generality of people yet have. I omit it therefore atthis time, not because i grudge it my country, but because i would notwillingly have them do themselves a mischief, i shall shortly teachthem in what diseases vomits may be used, and then, and not till then, the use of vomits vinum scilliticum or wine of squills college take of a white squill of the mountains, gathered about therising of the dog star, cut it in thin pieces, and dried for a month, one pound, put it in a glass bottle, and pour to it eight pounds offrench wine, and when it hath stood so four days, take out the squill the virtues of this are the same with vinegar of squills, only it ishotter physical vinegars acetum distillatum or distilled vinegar college fill a glass or stone alembick with the best vinegar to thethird writing, separate the flegm with a gentle fire, then encrease thefire by degrees, and perform the work acetum rosarum or rose vinegar college take of red rose buds, gathered in a dry time, the whitescut off, dried in the shade three or four days, one pound, vinegareight sextaries, set them in the sun forty days, then strain out theroses, and repeat the infusion with fresh ones after the same manner is made vinegar of elder flowers, rosemaryflowers, and clove-gilliflowers culpeper for the virtues of all vinegars, take this one onlyobservation, they carry the same virtues with the flowers whereof theyare made, only as we said of wines, that they were better for coldbodies then the bare simples whereof they are made. So are vinegarsfor hot bodies besides, vinegars are often, nay, most commonly usedexternally, viz to bathe the place, then look amongst the simples, and see what place of the body the simple is appropriated to, and youcannot but know both what vinegar to use, and to what place to apply it acetum scilliticum or vinegar of squils college take of that writing of the squill which is between theoutward bark and the bottom, cut in thin slices, and placed thirty orforty days in the sun or essay remiss heat, then a pound of them beingcut small with a knife made of ivory or essay white wood being put ina vessel, and six pounds of vinegar put to them. Set the vessel, beingclose stopped, in the sun thirty or forty days, afterwards strain it, and keep it for use culpeper a little of this medicine being taken in the morningfasting, and walking half an hour after, preserves the body in health, to extreme old age, as sanius tried, who using no other medicine butthis, lived in perfect health till one hundred and seventeen years ofage it makes the digestion good, a long wind, a clear voice, an acutesight, a good colour, it suffers no offensive thing to remain in thebody, neither wind, flegm, choler, melancholy, dung, nor urine, butbrings them forth. It brings forth filth though it lie in the bones, ittakes away salt and sour belchings, though a man be never so licentiousin diet, he shall feel no harm. It hath cured such as have thephthisic, that have been given over by all physicians. It cures suchas have the falling sickness, gouts, and diseases and swellings of thejoints. It takes away the hardness of the liver and spleen we shouldnever have done if we should reckon up the writingicular benefits of thismedicine.

We shall speaka word or two of the internal, and niche 2000 no essay scholarship so conclude take notice, it is amercurial herb, and therefore of very subtile writings, as indeed allmercurial plants are. Therefore take a pound of the wood and leavestogether, bruise the wood which you may easily do, for it is not sohard as oak then put it in a pot, and put to it three pints of whitewine, put on the pot-lid and shut it close. And let it infuse hot overa gentle fire twelve hours, then strain it out, so have you a mostexcellent drink to open obstructions of the liver and spleen, to helpdifficulty of breath, bruises and falls, and congealed blood in anywriting of the body, it helps the yellow jaundice, the dropsy, and blackjaundice, and to cleanse women newly brought to bed you may drink aquarter of a pint of the infusion every morning it purges the bodyvery gently, and not churlishly as essay hold and when you find good bythis, remember me they that think the use of these medicines is too brief, it is only forthe cheapness of the book. Let them read those books of mine, of thelast edition, viz reverius, veslingus, riolanus, johnson, sennertus, and physic for the poor all-heal it is called all-heal, hercules all-heal, and hercules woundwort, because it is supposed that hercules learned the herb and its virtuesfrom chiron, when he learned physic of him essay call it panay, andothers opopane-wort descript its root is long, thick, and exceeding full of juice, ofa hot and biting taste, the leaves are great and large, and wingedalmost like ash-tree leaves, but that they are essaything hairy, eachleaf consisting of five or six pair of such wings set one against theother upon foot-stalks, broad below, but narrow towards the end. Oneof the leaves is a little deeper at the bottom than the other, of afair yellowish fresh green colour. They are of a bitterish taste, being chewed in the mouth. From among these rises up a stalk, green incolour, round in form, great and strong in magnitude, five or six feetin altitude, with thesis joints, and essay leaves thereat. Towards the topcome forth umbels of small yellow flowers, after which are passed away, you may find whitish, yellow, short, flat seeds, bitter also in taste place having given you a description of the herb from bottom totop, give me leave to tell you, that there are other herbs called bythis name. But because they are strangers in england, i give only thedescription of this, which is easily to be had in the gardens of diversplaces time although gerrard saith, that they flower from the beginningof may to the end of december, experience teaches them that keep it intheir gardens, that it flowers not till the latter end of the summer, and sheds its seeds presently after government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, hot, biting, and choleric. And remedies what evils mars inflicts the bodyof man with, by sympathy, as vipers’ flesh attracts poison, andthe loadstone iron it kills the worms, helps the gout, cramp, andconvulsions, provokes urine, and helps all joint-aches it helps allcold griefs of the head, the vertigo, falling-sickness, the lethargy, the wind cholic, obstructions of the liver and spleen, stone in thekidneys and bladder it provokes the terms, expels the dead birth:it is excellent good for the griefs of the sinews, itch, stone, andtooth-ache, the biting of mad dogs and venomous beasts, and purgescholer very gently alkanet besides the common name, it is called orchanet, and spanish bugloss, and by apothecaries, enchusa descript of the thesis sorts of this herb, there is but one known togrow commonly in this nation. Of which one take this description. Ithath a great and thick root, of a reddish colour, long, narrow, hairyleaves, green like the leaves of bugloss, which lie very thick upon theground.

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Sanders white and red, spodium, rhubarb, ofeach three drams, red roses, violets, the seeds of purslain, succory, barberries, gum tragacanth, liquorice, cinnamon, of each two drams, thefour greater cold seeds, of each one dram, make it into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper it may safely, and is with good success, given in acute, burning, and all other fevers, for it cools much, and loosens the bodygently. It is good in agues, hectic fevers, and mirasmos you may takean ounce of it at a time, at night when you go to bed, three hoursafter a light supper, neither need you keep your chamber next day, unless the weather be very cold, or your body very tender diaprunum solutive college take of diaprunum lenitive whilst it is warm, four pounds, scammony prepared two ounce and five drams, mix them into an electuaryaccording to art seeing the dose of scammony is increased according to the author inthis medicine, you may use a less weight of scammony if you please catholicon college take of the pulp of cassia and tamarinds, the leaves ofsena, of each two ounces, polypodium, violets, rhubarb, of each oneounce, annis seeds, penids, sugar candy, liquorice, the seeds ofgourds, citruls, cucumbers, melons, of each two drams, the things to bebruised, being bruised, take of fresh polypodium three ounces, sweetfennel seeds six drams, boil them in four pounds of water till thethird writing be consumed, strain it, and with two pounds of sugar, boilthe decoction to the thickness of a syrup. Then with the pulps andpowder make it into an electuary according to art culpeper it is a fine cooling purge for any writing of the body, and very gentle, it may be given an ounce, or half an ounce at atime, according to the strength of the patient in acute, or peracutediseases, for it gently loosens the belly, and adds strength, it helpsinfirmities of the liver and spleen, gouts of all sorts, quotidian, tertian, and quartan agues, as also head-aches it is usually given inclysters if you like to take it inwardly, you may take an ounce atnight going to bed. In the morning drink a draught of hot posset drinkand go about your business electuarium de citro solutivum or electuary of citrons, solutive college take of citron pills preserved, conserves of the flowers ofviolets and bugloss, diatragacanthum frigidum, diacrydium, of each halfan ounce, turbith five drams, ginger half a dram, sena six drams, sweetfennel seeds one dram, white sugar dissolved in rose-water, and boiledaccording to art, ten ounces, make a solid electuary according to art culpeper here are essay things very cordial, others purge violently, both put together, make a composition no way pleasing to me. Thereforei account it a pretty receipt, good for nothing electuarium elescoph college take of diacrydium, turbith, of each six drams, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, myrobalans, emblicks, nutmegs, polypodium, of eachtwo drams and an half, sugar six ounces, clarified honey ten ounces, make it into an electuary according to art culpeper it purges choler and flegm, and wind from all writings of thebody, helps pains of the joints and sides, the cholic, it cleanses thereins and bladder, yet i advise you not to take too much of it at atime, for it works pretty violently, let half an ounce be the most, forsuch whose bodies are strong, always remembering that you had betterten times take too little, than once too much. You may take it inwhite wine, and keep yourself warm if you would have my opinion of it, i do not like it confectio hamech college take of the bark of citron, myrobalans two ounces, myrobalans, chebs and blacks, violets, colocynthis, polypodium of theoak, of each one ounce and an half, wormwood, thyme, of each half anounce, the seeds of annis, and fennel, the flowers of red roses ofeach three drams, let all of them being bruised, be infused one dayin six pounds of whey, then boiled till half be consumed, rubbed withyour hands and pressed out. To the decoction add juice of fumitory, pulp of prunes, and raisins of the sun, of each half a pound, whitesugar, clarified honey, of each one pound, boil it to the thicknessof honey, strewing in towards the end agarick trochiscated, sena ofeach two ounces, rhubarb one ounce and an half, epithimum one ounce, diacrydium six drams, cinnamon half an ounce, ginger two drams, theseeds of fumitory and annis, spikenard, of each one dram, make it intoan electuary according to art culpeper the receipt is chiefly appropriated as a purge formelancholy and salt flegm, and diseases thence arising, as scabs, itch, leprosies, cancers, infirmities of the skin, it purges adust humours, and is good against madness, melancholy, forgetfulness, vertigo itpurges very violently, and is not safe given alone i would advise theunskilful not to meddle with it inwardly. You may give half an ounce ofit in clysters, in melancholy diseases, which commonly have astringencya constant companion with them electuarium lenitivum or lenitive electuary college take of raisins of the sun stoned, polypodium of theoak, sena, of each two ounces, mercury one handful and an half, jujubes, sebestens, of each twenty, maidenhair, violets, frenchbarley, of each one handful, damask prunes stoned, tamarinds of eachsix drams, liquorice half an ounce, boil them in ten pounds of watertill two writings of the three be consumed. Strain it, and dissolve inthe decoction, pulp of cassia, tamarinds, and fresh prunes, sugar ofviolets, of each six ounces, sugar two pounds, at last add powder ofsena leaves, one ounce and an half, annis seeds in powder, two drams toeach pound of electuary, and so bring it into the form of an electuaryaccording to art culpeper it gently opens and molifies the bowels, brings forthcholer, flegm, and melancholy, and that without trouble, it is cooling, and therefore is profitable in pleurisies, and for wounded people. Aman of reasonable strength may take an ounce of it going to bed, whichwill work next morning electuarium passulatum college take of fresh polypodium roots three ounces, freshmarsh-mallow roots, sena, of each two ounces, annis seeds two drams, steep them in a glazed vessel, in a sufficient quantity of springwater, boil them according to art. Strain it and with pulp of raisinsof the sun half a pound, white sugar, manna, of each four ounces, boilit to the thickness of a cydoniate, and renew it four times a year culpeper it gently purges both choler and melancholy, cleanses thereins and bladder, and therefore is good for the stone and gravel inthe kidneys electuarium e succo rosarum or electuary of the juice of roses college take of sugar, the juice of red roses clarified, of each apound and four ounces, the three sorts of sanders of each six drams, spodium three drams, diacydonium twelve drams, camphire a scruple, letthe juice be boiled with the sugar to its just thickness, then add therest in powder, and so make it into an electuary according to art culpeper it purges choler, and is good in tertian agues, anddiseases of the joints, it purges violently, therefore let it be warilygiven hiera picra simple college take of cinnamon, xylobalsamum, or wood of aloes, the rootsof asarabacca, spikenard, mastich, saffron, of each six drams, aloesnot washed twelve ounces and an half, clarified honey four pounds andthree ounces, mix them into an electuary according to art also you maykeep the species by itself in your shops culpeper it is an excellent remedy for vicious juices which liefurring the tunicle of the stomach, and such idle fancies and symptomswhich the brain suffers thereby, whereby essay think they see, othersthat they hear strange things, especially when they are in bed, andbetween sleeping and waking.