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And on the night of september 6th the wolf laid over one hundred mines across the northwest approach to the entrance of the singapore harbour going up the java sea, we were continually sighting vessels, and it was only the barefaced gall of the wolf that saved her from destruction less than a month previous to this the australian government had sent wireless messages broadcast stating that there was a raider essaywhere in the south pacific or indian oceans, and giving a complete description of the wolf yet here we were, steaming calmly along as if bound for singapore, meeting thesis merchantmen, and at one time one of the officers said he could see the smoke from five torpedo boats steaming along in squadron section when the wolf would pass another vessel close to, she would usually have only a couple of men about the decks doing odd jobs of painting and repairing i believe that it was the innocent appearance of the wolf which led to her safety she ignored all signals which is characteristic of the merchantman the night before the wolf mined singapore harbour we had a narrow escape from being discovered at 11:30 p m , just as i was dozing off to sleep on my bed on the floor, i heard the call to stations and sprang up to see what it was all about i looked out-of-doors and saw the two ship's surgeons passing aft, both with their first aid kits strapped to their waists slipping to the rail i saw that all four cannon were swung into position, clear for battle, and i could also see that both of the wolf's torpedo tubes were protruding over the side just on the port bow was a small cruiser or battleship from where i stood i could see her funnels and two masts, also the outline of her hull she was travelling without lights, the same as we were i slipped back into my room, closed the door and switched on the light i dressed my little girl while my wife got into her clothes this did not take long as we always slept with our clothes in such a position that we could get into our "emergency outfit" in short order every moment while dressing i expected to hear and feel the crash of the wolf's guns, but fortunately the other fellow didn't see us, and in a few minutes the signal was given to swing the guns in new sat essay scoring the danger was past, but there was a mighty nervous crew of men on board the wolf that night on the other hand, it was perhaps just as well for the japanese cruiser that he did not spot us, because the minute he had made any signal and given us any indication that he had seen us, the wolf would have launched both torpedos and given him a broadside, and at that short range they could not have missed very well personally i was satisfied the way things turned out, as i did not like my chances of getting the family into a boat under the circumstances, neither did i have any wish to be present when the actual firing began while counting my chances of getting the family safely into the boats, should an engagement ensue, i thought of just how much chance the poor devils down in the hell hole had of being saved they would have been battened down and probably would have gone down with the vessel, should she have been sunk, without a fighting chance for their lives even if the german crew had released them at the last moment, what chance did they have of being saved?. under the most favourable circumstances the wolf's equipment of life-boats and rafts was probably sufficient for only three hundred and fifty at the outside, and there was a total of about seven hundred on board it would be only natural for the german crew to have the life-saving equipment themselves and our poor chaps would have been left to drown, there being no articles of an inflammable or floating description around her decks on the wall of my room was a typewritten notice over commander nerger's signature, stating that in event of the wolf's engaging an enemy a boat would be lowered and the women, children and medicos would be placed in same, under my charge this provided that there was sufficient time and the weather conditions favourable i could imagine just about how thesis chances we had that there would be sufficient time to execute this manœuvre however, this sign served the very good purpose of alleviating the women's anxieties to a certain extent it is quite possible that this was the only reason this notice was given us however, i am grateful for the writing it played the preceding was the tensest crisis in the wolf's fifteen months' history commander nerger sent down word to me afterwards that it was a japanese man-of-war, and to keep the news from my wife if possible the next night, september 6th, the wolf, which was primarily a minelayer and not a raider, laid ninety-eight mines at a distance of from seven and a half to ten miles off shore the lights of singapore were plainly visible from the port-hole on this occasion i was locked in the room for about two hours, but it was not difficult to count the "eggs" as they were being laid, for the mines came up out of no 3 hatch on an elevator and were conveyed aft to the "chute" on a small rail car which had a flat wheel, and i could hear it going along the deck "humpety-hump, humpety-hump " i estimated that it took about one hour and forty minutes to lay these ninety-eight mines from off singapore we practically retraced our steps back through the java sea and entered the indian ocean on october 9th, passing between the islands of java and canor we then proceeded to the northward and westward until we arrived on the trade route running from colombo to delagoa bay here wolf cruised around slowly for a day or so, crossing and recrossing the route at regular intervals while lying here waiting for the prey, the wireless man told me he could hear several cruisers working their wireless and that there was one british cruiser patrolling the straits of malacca, one at bombay, two lying in the harbour of colombo the venus and the vulcan, i believe and another at a naval station in the mauritius islands all this time the bird, i e , the wolf's hydroplane, had been down below in the hole undergoing general repairs from an accident she had had, which nearly ended her activities and drowned both of the operators essay two weeks previous, while she was rising from the water and at a height of about sixty metres, essaything suddenly went wrong with the balancing mechanism and the plane made a dive for the sea, which she hit at a terrific speed. The back wings and the pontoons or boats were completely demolished the mechanic and the observing lieutenant were catapulted into the sea and had much difficulty in swimming back to the wreck, which had the appearance of a gigantic bird sitting on its nose with its tail standing up in the air it reminded me of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand the bonnet around the engine and mechanic's seat, in all seaplanes of this description, is watertight, so that in case of an accident of this kind the weight of the engine will not cause it to sink however, in this case, one of the struts supporting the pontoons had caused this watertight bonnet to leak and, although both operators baled for dear life, the water gained on them steadily when the rescuing launch finally arrived alongside the machine it was just on the verge of sinking the crew of the launch tied the machine to the launch with ropes in such a manner that it could not sink and the whole outfit was hoisted on board the wolf all six cylinders of the engine were cracked and the "bird" appeared a total wreck however, the "aeroplane" squad set to work and repaired the planes and put spare cylinders on the engine. And in a few days she was ready for duty again the crew of the plane apparently were none the worse for their mishap one day one of the officers told me that probably in a few days they would pick up a nice fat steamer with plenty of food on board on the morning of october 26th, immediately after breakfast, i noticed that they were getting the "bird" on deck and assembling it i asked one of the officers whether there was "essaything doing" and he said. "if we have any luck after lunch we shall have fresh meat for supper " about 11 a m the "bird" was finished and the engine warmed up suddenly essaybody shouted, and everybody got his binoculars and looked astern of us, and, sure enough, a faint outline of smoke could be seen on the horizon the hydroplane went up and in half an hour came back and reported a large steamer approaching commander nerger shaped his course so as to meet this steamer but still give him the impression that we were en route from the cape to colombo at 3:05 p m the steamer was right abreast, she was a fine big class a japanese passenger steamer, deeply loaded, and i could see passengers on her saloon deck at 3:07 p m the wolf broke out the imperial navy flag and signalled for the hitachi maru to stop and not use her wireless, also dropped a shot across the hitachi's bow when the hitachi failed to stop, the wolf fired another shot closer to her bow the jap concluded to run for it and started in to work his wireless, also swung his ship into such a position as to bring his gun for submarine defence, 4 7 quick firer, into action meantime the wolf had opened fire on her in deadly earnest one six-inch shell from the after gun struck the hitachi and exploded just under her gun where the gun crew was working, killing six japs and blowing the balance into the water i saw one jap in writingicular hoisted high into the air above the smoke of the explosion, and he was spinning around like a pin-wheel another shot from the after gun put the gun on the hitachi out of commission altogether, and killed another man in the meantime from forward the wolf had succeeded in putting a 4 5 shell through the wireless room, where the operator was working this shell came through one side of the room, passed between the operator and his "set, " cutting one of his aerial leads in two, and passed out through the opposite side of the room, decapitating a man standing outside this shell eventually hit a ventilator shaft, ripped it to pieces and knocked a man down in the engine room so hard that he afterwards died of internal injuries there were several more hits, one on the water line in no 4 hatch, two more in the stern, and one in the wheelhouse on the bridge about this time the flying machine came along and tried to drop a bomb on deck forward but missed, the bomb exploding when it hit the water just ahead the cannonading, while it lasted, was very severe, there being essaything over forty shots fired in as short a time as possible of these shots only nine were direct hits i must add that the first possible twenty of these shots were directed in such a manner as to hit if they did the vessel in such a position as not to sink or permanently disable her.

This wasfiltered off through extra fine filter paper and washed repeatedly thepaper and precipitate was heated with potassium cyanid solution overnight, filtered and the filtrate electrolyzed in a platinum dish theincrease in weight of the dish was 0 00018 gm , or 0 001 per cent intothe platinum dish essay nitric acid was poured, then diluted, and a dropof hydrochloric acid added a turbidity was produced which cleared onthe addition of excess of ammonium hydroxid solution silver thefiltrate from the nitric acid treatment was electrolyzed, this time ina platinum dish, and the liquid carefully removed, washed carefullywith redistilled alcohol and ether the mercury, which could be seeneasily by the naked eye, weighed 0 1200 gm , equivalent to 10 89 percent of mercury iii arsenic and antimony -- about 3 gm of the powdered specimen wasdigested with sulphuric acid in a kjeldahl flask one-half portion which was evaporated almost to dryness and treated with 5 c c ofconcentrated hydrochloric acid was submitted to treatment withhydrogen sulphid, diluted, and saturated with hydrogen sulphid theprecipitate was treated in the usual manner of the group separationwith warm ammonium sulphid solution the filtrate from this treatmentwas acidulated with hydrochloric acid, the precipitate removed, andtreated with concentrated hydrochloric acid the substance insolublein hydrochloric acid was treated with more concentrated hydrochloricacid and a crystal of potassium chlorate the solution was tested afterthe gutzeit method of the pharmacopeia ix, for arsenic a very smallamount was indicated the hydrogen sulphid test was not indicative thesolution which might contain the antimony was tested with hydrogensulphid in one case only was a slight orange coloration produced noantimony was deposited on platinum foil in the presence of granulatedzinc these tests were run in triplicate iodid -- iodid was determined by the carius method a 0 7412 gm yielded 0 1112 gm silver iodid, equivalent to 8 09 per cent. b0 5319 gm yielded 0 0751 gm , equivalent to 7 80 per cent the iodidand mercury were in proportions comparable to mercurous iodid ash -- a 0 9159 gm when ignited to constant weight yielded0 0232 gm , equivalent to 2 52 per cent ash. b 1 3008 gm treatedwith water and the residue filtered on a gooch filter and ignited the ash of the residue was 2 51 per cent the mercurous iodidvolatilized the ash was calcium sulphate sucrose -- 1 3008 gm of the sample was treated with water andfiltered by suction through a gooch crucible the filtrate and washingwere carefully transferred to 500 c c volumetric flask, and allowed tostand one week. 50 c c portions were used to determine sugar accordingto the daufresne-oullivan method the weights of cupric oxid averaged210 mg , or 72 per cent ether soluble material -- 1 6998 gm of the powdered specimen wasextracted with ether and the ether extract evaporated to dryness theresidue weighed 0 0600 gm , equivalent to 3 53 per cent syphilodol ampuleswater -- the liquid from one ampule was distilled over very carefully the freezing point of the liquid was 0 1 c , and it was neutral tomethyl orange and phenolphthalein arsenic -- the contents of one ampule was placed in a small florenceflask, 20 c c of concentrated sulphuric acid added and heated to70 c. 0 5 gm of potassium permanganate was added in small amounts the procedure was then carried on as described by engelhardt andwinters in j am pharm assn , 1915, p 1469 to the mixturefrom 5 to 10 c c of hydrogen peroxid solution were added drop bydrop until the color had disappeared the liquid was diluted with20 c c of water, boiled fifteen minutes, diluted again and boiledfifteen minutes, then cooled and made up to exactly 100 c c a blankwas also run alongside five c c of this solution was then testedquantitatively for arsenic according to the u s p ix method, usingall precautions comparisons of stains showed less than 0 00001 gm ofarsenic as -- from the journal a m a , may 18, 1918 cerelenecerelene, a paraffin preparation for the treatment of burns, wassubmitted to the council by the holliday laboratories, with thestatement that it was composed of 84 per cent paraffin, 15 per cent myricyl palmitate, and 1 per cent purified elemi gum to which is addedoil of eucalyptus 2 per cent and betanaphthol 0 25 per cent it wasexplained. “myricyl palmitate is a purified form of beeswax, free from all impurities, acids, etc , which is solely manufactured by this company ”it was also stated that on “special order” cerelene has been madecontaining oil of eucalyptus and resorcin, oil of eucalyptus and picricacid, and picric acid alone the following report on the preparationwas presented to the council by the referee to whom cerelene had beenassigned:cerelene is another compound wax for the treatment of burns accordingto the work of sollmann j a m a 68:1799, 1917 it is highlyimprobable that compound mixtures have any advantage over simpleparaffin of low melting point cerelene must therefore be considered asan unessential modification of paraffin, and as in conflict with rule10, unless definite evidence of superiority be submitted cerelenemixtures containing medicinal ingredients also appear unscientificsince the evidence that the ingredients do not leave the wax has notbeen successfully contradicted finally, the claims made for cereleneare rather extreme, and would need essay revision before they could beaccepted the a m a chemical laboratory reports. The physical properties of cerelene are as follows. melting point by u s p method 50 0 c ductility limit 30 5 c plasticity limit 26 4 c not strong at 38 0 c adheres moderately well. Detaches with “pulling ” on heating, readily loses eucalyptol, and a small amount of resinous substance forms in the bottom of the beaker if cerelene be heated to 145 c and cooled, the resulting product no longer has the properties of the original cerelene after two years’ delay on the writing of the manufacturer, the councilauthorized publication declaring cerelene inadmissible for new andnonofficial remedies because its superiority over single paraffinshad not been demonstrated and the unwarranted claims had not beenabandoned -- abstracted from the journal a m a , feb 15, 1919 dr de sanctis’ rheumatic and gout pillsdr desanctis’ rheumatic and gout pills are sold by edward cleaver, 13clerkenwell road, london, england the american agents are e fougeraand co , inc , new york the package is a round pill box and containstwelve pills and a circular, which directs that one pill be taken everyeight hours until relieved in the package there is also a circularadvertising dr desanctis’ gout and rheumatic paint, with directionsfor its use on the cover of a box, which contained six of the retailpackages, is the statement that these pills have been in general usefor nearly 100 years, and that their sale has been built up withoutadvertising desanctis’ pills are round, uncoated, and have a light brown color there was essay variation in the color of different lots, one lot inwritingicular being gray rather than brown a little arrowroot starchwas found in each box, this evidently having been used as a dustingpowder the pills were very hard, rather brittle, but quite difficultto powder the pills were not readily disintegrated by water or dilutedacids, even when warmed, but when warmed with a dilute sodium hydroxidsolution they readily disintegrated ten pills weighed 3 213 gm , an average of 0 3213 gm , or 5 grains thearrowroot starch used as a dusting powder was removed as completely aspossible by rolling the pills in a cloth several dozen pills were thenpowdered and the powder thus obtained used for the analysis a microscopic examination of the powder showed powdered colchicum seedin abundance and also traces of arrowroot starch, no doubt from thatused as the dusting powder since colchicum seed was so abundant, the powder was assayed by theu s pharmacopeial method for colchicum seed u s p ix, p 120, slightly modified so that less of the powdered pills than directedthere could be used in one assay 3 75 gm gave 0 0204 gm of colchicinor 0 54 per cent in a duplicate, 5 gm gave 0 0234 gm of colchicin or0 47 per cent. Average 0 5 per cent the alkaloid obtained had the characteristic appearance and odor ofcolchicin when separated from the seed under these conditions thesolution in water and acid was yellow. The aqueous solution wasintensely bitter, and the yellow color intensified with acids the dryresidue became intensely yellow with concentrated sulphuric acid. Withnitric acid it became violet turning to yellow, and with concentratedsulphuric acid and potassium nitrate it gave a yellowish green color, turning to violet and finally to a wine color all these reactions aretypical of colchicin from 1 gm of the powdered pills there was obtained 0 0425 gm of ash, or 4 25 per cent when the powdered pills were extracted with chloroform in a soxhletapparatus, a very uniform quantity of extract was obtained from 5 gm there was obtained, in one case, 0 581 gm. In another, 0 5755 gm , andin a third, 0 588 gm , the average being 0 5815 gm or 11 63 per cent on still further extracting with alcohol, a small amount of extractivewas obtained, the amount depending on the length of time the extractionwas continued on extracting with hot water the residue left after exhaustion withchloroform and with alcohol, a further extract was obtained in onecase, it amounted to 0 4763 gm or 9 53 per cent , and in another caseit amounted to 0 470 gm , or 9 40 per cent.

B before an operation, in order to give tone to the patient, mobilise the tumor, destroy its toxins new sat essay scoring. C after the operation, as a tonic and anti-toxic, and in order to avoid frequent relapses which are always possible ”essentially the same statements are made in the more recentadvertisements f i urological and cutaneous review, feb , 1919 opposed to these loose statements are the results of richard weil the journal a m a , 1913, sept 27, p 1034. Ibid, 1915, april 17, p 1283 weil avoided pitfalls of subjective impressions and usedas the essential criterion of efficiency “the demonstrable reductionin size of a tumor, of a kind not to be attributed to the naturalprocesses of evolution of that tumor or of its associated lesions” l c 1915, p 1289 the available evidence for cuprase is far from meeting this criterion that published by the manufacturers and agents presents only vaguegeneralities, and no definite data the evidence gathered by weilhimself permits an estimate of the value of cuprase and it is entirelyunfavorable he states l c 1915, p 1288:“colloidal copper has been used in recent time for the same purposeby gaube du gers and by others i have recently examined the effectsof colloidal copper on malignant tumors in man, and have been unableto find that it has any therapeutic value furthermore, a study ofthe distribution of the copper in tumors obtained at operation or bynecropsy from individuals so treated failed to show that the copper hadbeen deposited therein ”in view of the extravagant and cruelly misleading therapeutic claims, and the indefinite statements of composition, the council votedcuprase ineligible to n n r , and authorized the publication of thisreport -- from the journal a m a , april 12, 1919 collosol preparations report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted and authorized publication of the report whichappears below declaring “collosol argentum, ” “collosol arsenicum, ”“collosol cocain, ” “collosol cuprum, ” “collosol ferrum, ” “collosolhydrargyrum, ” “collosol iodin, ” “collosol manganese, ” “collosol quinin”and “collosol sulphur” inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies, because their composition is uncertain conflict with rule 1 in thefew paper in which the therapeutic claims for these preparations wereexamined, the claims were found to be so improbable or exaggerated conflict with rules 6 and 10 as to have necessitated the rejection ofthese products w a puckner, secretarythe anglo-french drug co , ltd , london and new york, in november, 1918, requested the council to consider the products “collosolargentum, ” “collosol arsenicum, ” “collosol cocain, ” “collosol cuprum, ”“collosol ferrum, ” “collosol hydrargyrum, ” “collosol iodin, ” “collosolmanganese, ” “collosol quinin” and “collosol sulphur ” the term“collosol” appears to be a group designation for what are claimed tobe permanent colloidal solutions, marketed by the anglo-french drugco , ltd were this claim correct, “collosols” should contain theiractive constituents in the form of microscopic or ultramicroscopicsuspensions, protected against spontaneous precipitation by thepresence of proteins or essay similar “stabilizers ”according to the original patent specifications for collosols, themetals are precipitated or treated with “peptone, ” which acts as thesuspending or stabilizing agent the method of using the peptone makesit doubtful, in the first place, whether the major writing of the metalsis present in colloidal form, or merely in the form of peptonates, i e , as ordinary salts moreover, the later patents indicate that theproducts have been unsatisfactory. “experience having shown that essaymetal colloids under certain conditions not yet fully understood havethe tendency to break down after a certain period” u s patent no 1, 116, 247 phenol, it is claimed has a tendency to counteract thisdecomposition, and the patent covers the use of phenol for this purpose it is difficult to see how phenol could possibly have such action infact, it obviously does not, for a number of the samples of collosolssubmitted to the council had separated for instance, “collosolhydrargyrum” was not a colloidal solution at all, but a suspensionof a coarse powder the ampules of “collosol ferrum” contained aconsiderable quantity of flocculent precipitate if either of thesepreparations were injected intravenously as directed, death mightresult, making the physician morally if not legally liable the recklessness of the claims is further illustrated by the advicethat these indefinite mixtures of poisonous metals can be injected inunlimited quantities thus, henry crookes stated chemical news, may 7, 1914, p 218 that collosols “contain so small a proportion ofmetal, viz , 1 in 2000, that even a poisonous body like arsenic can beused with impunity ” he stated that they may be applied as a lotion, intramuscular or intravenous injection, and that “one pint or more canbe injected intravenously ”in the case of “collosol cocain, ” as was brought out in the councilreport published in the journal, april 12, 1919, the manufacturers haveadmitted that the product is not what they have claimed-- and stillclaim-- for it the report of the a m a chemical laboratory showedthat “collosol cocain, ” instead of containing 1 per cent cocain asclaimed, contained, in fact, at most not more than 0 4 per cent cocain the report of the a m a chemical laboratory on the collosol productswas sent by the council to the new york office of the anglo-french drugco , ltd , in duplicate in order to facilitate reference to the londonoffice this was essay months ago the information which the councilrequested has not yet been received, nor has the anglo-french drug co , ltd , indicated its intention of supplying such information on theother hand, claims to which specific objection have been made, continueto appear in current advertising accordingly, the council authorizespublication of this report, and declares the collosol preparationspreviously named ineligible to new and nonofficial remedies additional notes on collosol evidencein addition to the preceding the following notes of the referee on theevidence so far submitted were sent to the anglo-french drug company, ltd , for consideration:collosol iodine. The leaflet which describes collosol iodine containsclaims that are improbable, not in accord with accepted facts norsubstantiated by evidence. For instance. “this preparation contains iodine in its most active form ” “the disadvantages of ‘iodism’ and nausea frequently associated with iodides never occur with collosol iodine ” “in the case of colloidal iodine the whole of the iodine is absorbed and enters into molecular combination with protein to form an iodo-amino acid and exerts a reducing action on the lipoids producing a different condition of the blood-- hence the use of iodine as an ‘alterative’ ” “intravenously the action of collosol iodine is more rapid in paper of pyemia thus showing its absolute non-toxicity ” “‘per se’ colloidal iodine is only slightly parasitotropic and bacteriotropic but micro-organisms are very greatly influenced by its action, and not only is the effect of a subsequently administered remedy greatly increased but also the insoluble colloidal protein of serum itself is reduced to smaller writingicles, thus increasing its surface and adsorptive capacity and consequent germicidal power in essay paper the serum, thus aided, is enabled to throw off a milk microbial invasion the above action can be readily demonstrated ‘in vitro’ by means of the ultramicroscope ” “in cancer, the intravenous injection of collosol iodine relieves pain, even where large dosage of morphine is ineffective ” “in rheumatism the ionic method of treatment with collosol iodine is strongly advised ” “in recovery from alcoholism the internal administration of collosol iodine restores the normal condition of cell activity, ensuring rapid recovery ”collosol hydrargyrum. This is said to be a preparation of colloidalmercury and would therefore be similar to electromercurol new andnonofficial remedies, 1919, p 167 colloidal mercury preparationshave been used to essay extent.

Catalog surg sec army med mus. Specimens298 to 302 - execution of wirtz rope one-half inch diameter. Dropfive feet. Knot under left ear several slight shrugs of shoulders, after which body was quiet. Let down in fifteen minutes no involuntaryevacuation face pale, placid eyes writingly open. Pupils dilated. Slightinjection of conjunctivæ mouth open. Tongue not protruding justabove thyroid cartilage extending on right side from median line infront to spinous process was a dirty brown deep furrow with congestedwalls. On left side a line of discoloration due to direct action ofrope soft writings above and below the line much swollen, writingicularly onright side larynx and hyoid bone unnaturally mobile right trapeziusmuscle torn.

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The female patients who are in a similarlydeplorable condition receive an “injection of the cow gland extract ”we have not yet learned whether the los angeles examiner hasdeprecated dr rahtjen use of mexican bovines remembering theattitude of the hearst papers toward all things mexican, one may lookfor the suggestion that mr rahtjen use 100 per cent americanbull -- from the journal a m a , nov 26, 1921 sodium cacodylate in syphilisto the editor:-- i was much interested in the study of this subject bydr h n cole the journal, dec 30, 1916, p 2012 in 1913 i treated a series of paper of syphilis with sodium cacodylate;but, not getting the desired results, i discontinued its use in 1915, i became interested again because of the writings of dr j b murphy, and applied it in three paper in which the patients had initial lesions:case 1 -- j m , man aged 21, single, shoeworker, came to me withan initial lesion of the penis to the right of the frenum i beganintramuscular injections of sodium cacodylate, 5 grains, in ampulesmade by parke, davis & co , every day for ten days then i haltedfor ten days and repeated ten more injections the sore on the penisentirely disappeared about the ninth day there was a slight, faintlymacular eruption of the forearms and abdomen, which soon disappeared there was no alopecia when he returned, after the last series often injections, there were mucous patches in the throat and essayinvolvement of the left tonsil i put the patient on mixed treatment, which cleared his throat he had, at end of twenty doses of 5 grains ofsodium cacodylate each, a positive wassermann reaction after mercuryand potassium iodid new sat essay scoring for two months there was a positive wassermannreaction to date, after three salvarsan treatments intravenously therehave been two negatives case 2 -- f s , man, aged 28, married, machinist, had an initial lesionon the penis treatment with sixty injections of 5 grains of sodiumcacodylate gave results as follows. The initial sore on the penisdisappeared in ten injections. There were severe mucous patches of themouth. The tonsils were badly infected there was a positive wassermannreaction there were syphilids of both arms and shins. Marked papulareruption. Malaise, and a slight trace of albumin in the urine iplaced the patient on mercurials and at last give him three salvarsaninjections three weeks awriting the result was a negative wassermannreaction, the skin was clear and the patient felt fine case 3 -- d c , woman, aged 21, single, seamstress, had an initiallesion on the left side of the cervix, and a macular eruption on theface, neck and shoulders, and also, though faint, on the forearms thirty injections of sodium cacodylate of 5 grains each were given theinitial lesion disappeared in one week mucous patches of the mouthappeared and persisted the wassermann reaction was positive i gavemercurials and potassium iodid for seven months, and salvarsan once the wassermann reaction is now negative my conclusion after two trials of the use of sodium cacodylate in smallor large doses is that it has no effect toward curing the condition. Infact, the throat symptoms were seemingly increased in severity by itsuse it has no effect on syphilids of the forearms and shins, and ifanything makes them worse it improves the appetite, as one would expect it has essay effect onthe kidneys, as noted in case 2. It has essay effect in healing theinitial lesion, as noted in all three of this series. Why, i do notknow i am entirely satisfied that it has no beneficial effect on syphiliticsand have discontinued its use entirely in my practice i am glad to have read cole excellent article, as it shows me that iwas correct in my decision not to use it again, as it was worthless william g ward, m d , lynn, mass to the editor:-- dr william g ward letter the journal, feb 3, 1917, p 390, and the recent admirable article by dr harold n cole the journal, dec 30, 1916, p 2012 recall to mind dr j b murphyclinical note on the use of sodium cacodylate in the treatment ofsyphilis the journal, sept 24, 1910, p 1113, and the experimentalwork of cap h j nichols, u s army the journal, feb 18, 1911, p 492 the results of nichols’ work conclusively proved, at leastfrom a laboratory standpoint, that this drug was of very little valueas a spirocheticide in combating syphilis prior to the publication ofdr murphy letter i had employed sodium cacodylate extensively as aremedy in psoriasis, and i still continue to use it in selected paperof the disease adopting dr murphy suggestion, i gave the agent an extensive trialin syphilis in all stages of the disease the results were extremelydisappointing, from both clinical and serologic points of view morerecently, during the scarcity of salvarsan, i gave the drug a secondtrial, employing it in large dosage in the hope that the previousfailure had been due to the employment of insufficient amounts theresults were not tabulated, but, judging roughly from my experience ina score of paper, its therapeutic value as an antisyphilitic was nil afew of the patients underwent a temporary improvement, probably owingto the tonic effect of the drug, but in every instance the serologicfindings were unaffected r l sutton, m d , kansas city, mo -- correspondence in the journal a m a , feb 3, 1917 tablets.