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Unsuited for diabetics voit ”26 seifert, otto. Die nebenwirkungen der modernen arzneimittel, 1915 the contention that formamint, when mixed directly with mediumsand left in contact with bacteria, will kill the organisms wascorroborated thus the statements and pictures in the booklet, “thegospel of prevention, ” which is enclosed with each bottle of formamint, showing the inhibition of growth of air bacteria on plates containingformamint are no doubt true and authentic finally, the claim that formamint is an almost perfect throatdisinfectant was by no means confirmed, as a glance at the tables willshow one hour after it is taken, even when a tablet was used eachhalf hour for twelve hours, the number of bacteria in the throat waspractically the same as when formamint was not used even ten minutesafter taking a tablet the number of bacteria in the throat was nevergreatly reduced, as is maintained by the manufacturers has no selective actionformamint exerts no selective action in killing off the very delicateorganisms which are more apt to be pathogenic when the comparativecounts were made on blood agar which would favor the growth of thedelicate parasitic organisms, no reduction whatever was shown by theuse of formamint the number of streptococci was found to be the same, within limits ofexperimental error, ten minutes after taking a tablet as it was beforethe tablet was taken therefore it seems that formamint fails, as any such germicide wouldbe expected to fail, to kill bacteria in the crypts and recesses ofthe throat, for when dissolved in the mouth it cannot reach and remainin contact with the organisms long enough to kill them before it isswallowed summarysummed up, the investigation shows:1 that the claims made for formamint are extravagant and misleading 2 that the recommendations for the use of these tablets may be, inessay paper, fraught with danger and are a menace, not only to thehealth of the individual, but also to the safety of the community 3 that the claim that formamint is a definite chemical compound isfalse 4 that the use of formamint may produce marked irritation of theintestinal tract 5 that formamint is not a throat disinfectant, as the manufacturersmaintain, but its action on the bacteria of the throat is an almostnegligible one and dependence on formamint for the prevention ofinfection and for curing disease is not only unwise but dangerous 6 that formamint conflicts with the rules of the council falsestatements are made with regard to its composition rule 1. Grosslyunwarranted claims are made for its therapeutic properties rule 6, and therefore its exploitation to the public rules 3 and 4 is apublic danger it is recommended that this report be published, to call attention notonly to the falsity of the claims made for, and the danger in the useof, formamint, but also to emphasize the utter inefficiency of all suchmethods of “disinfecting” the throat -- from the journal a m a , aug 28, 1915 hydragogin report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryhydragogin c bischoff & co , new york, selling agents is advertisedas “a most powerful diuretic and cardiac tonic ” the composition givenis. “fifteen writings of the remedy contain 0 5 writings oxysaponin, 1 5 writings tincture of digitalis, 2 5 writings tincture of strophanthus, scillipicrin and scillitoxin, the active principles of scilla maritima, and alcohol ”it is not clear from this statement whether 15 writings of hydragogincontain 2 5 writings of tincture of strophanthus, plus unspecifiedamounts of scillipicrin and scillitoxin, or 2 5 writings of a mixture, in unspecified proportions, of tincture of strophanthus, scillipicrinand scillitoxin the activity of strophanthus, after it enters theblood stream, is about fifty times that of digitalis. Hence, if theformer proportion is the true one, in giving an amount of hydragoginwhich ensures the full therapeutic effect of the digitalis, one wouldadminister an almost certainly fatal amount of strophanthus whateverthe proportion of strophanthus may be, however, the administrationof a mixture of digitalis and strophanthus in fixed proportions isindefensible at times it is advisable to follow one of these drugswith the other in the treatment of cardiac disease the simultaneousadministration of the two continuously in fixed proportions, however, is injudicious, because of the great difference between their rates ofabsorption and in their activity after they enter the blood stream theaction of digitalis, moreover, persists much longer than does that ofstrophanthus an advertising circular contains the following claim.

In severe paper the advantagefrom using levulose, milk sugar, etc , is only slightly greater thanfrom using bread and flour only in certain paper does it appearto me that the special form of carbohydrates possesses any writingicularsignificance ”on page 92 of the same work von noorden tells us that of thecarbohydrates dextrose is the worst, with maltose almost as bad inspite of the fact that kellogg exploits his “meltose, ” the “newcarbohydrate, ” as of special value for diabetics he also says thatlevulose increases glycosuria only about half as much as dextrose, when used occasionally, but with long use it is as bad as dextrose andstarch page 5 the company refers to sugar as “possibly also causingdiabetes ” sugar or any other carbohydrate may under diabeticconditions cause an increase of glucose in the urine, but i do notbelieve that any food or any diet can cause diabetes page 7 “that the large use of meat and eggs is not only detrimentalbut positively dangerous in thesis paper of diabetes is now a well knownand recognized fact ” the dietaries of well known authorities ondiabetes are not in harmony with this statement page 13 “it has been discovered that the complete suppressionof carbohydrates from the dietary is not only unnecessary but ishighly detrimental and even dangerous ” “the complete suppression ofcarbohydrates from the dietary” is the only means the physician has todetermine the diabetic carbohydrate tolerance if carbohydrate-poorfoods are so “highly detrimental and even dangerous, ” why does thecompany exploit foods like “pure gluten flour” and “pure glutenbiscuit, ” whose chief claim to excellence is their comparative freedomfrom carbohydrates?. Page 17 “cream is an emulsion, and, with the exception of egg yolk, is the only form in which animal fat is found in an emulsified state ”milk, nature most wonderful emulsion, is apparently overlooked page 19 “ these foods will be found of great value especially as substitutes for the breads and meats which are the mostobjectionable features of the ordinary diet, and which should, as faras possible, be interdicted in this class of paper ” this is simplyspecial pleading for the kellogg vegetarian diet page 19 “our glutens are all thoroughly standardized, so that intheir use the physician and the patient know just the amount of starcheaten ” this standardization is largely mythical for instance, “puregluten biscuit” claims 0 to 5 per cent “carbohydrates starch, ”whereas i find 14 84 per cent carbohydrates with 4 02 per cent starch “40 per cent gluten flour” claims 40 per cent gluten and40 to 45 per cent carbohydrates, whereas i find 33 63 and 55 35per cent , respectively “pure gluten meal” claims 0 to 5 per cent “carbohydrates starch” whereas i find 16 77 per cent carbohydratesand 6 77 per cent starch i have a record of six analyses each of “40per cent gluten flour” and “40 per cent gluten biscuit, ” which showthe hollowness of this claim of “standardization ” the flour showed33 6, 35 0, 42 9, 36 8, 35 6, and 40 9 per cent of protein, with from40 8 to 55 4 per cent of carbohydrates. The biscuits 32 7, 33 2, 39 5, 43 3, 33 9, and 41 2 per cent of protein, with from 41 1 to 54 0 percent of carbohydrates in fact, my experience shows that the kelloggproducts are more poorly “standardized” than most of the diabetic foodson the market page 20 “may be made to carry a large amount of fat in the form ofbutter, a most desirable thing in the treatment of diabetes, ” while onpage 16 the company claims that in an experiment of minkowski on a dog, butter “passed through the body without change, none being absorbed”;these are certainly contradictory statements the explanation is thaton the one page the company is exploiting its biscuits, and on theother its nut preparations page 20 again the incorrect claim is made for “40 per cent glutenflour” that “we believe this to be the only standardized gluten flourmade ”page 21 the claim is made that flesh foods are “objectionable onaccount of the large amounts of ptomains and toxins which theycontain ” i was not aware that fresh meats contained any ptomainswhatever on the same page the claim is again made that by the use ofthe kellogg nut foods “diabetics lose their thirst, ” a claim which ithink is more than doubtful page 22 “nuts are a whole food, containing all the elements requiredfor the perfect nutrition of the body ” a marked characteristic ofnuts is that they are not “a whole food, ” as with the exception ofa few varieties, such as the chestnut, they are extremely poor incarbohydrates, which fact gives them their value in the diabetic diet page 23 “with the exception of the potato, the beet and the carrot, vegetables contain little sugar or starch ” corn, beans and peas areall vegetables which are relatively high in carbohydrates, and for thisreason are specifically excluded from the diabetic dietary from the foregoing considerations i would recommend that the companyanalyses of “40 per cent gluten biscuit, ” “40 per cent gluten meal, ”and “20 per cent gluten meal” be accepted as correct before thecouncil can accept any of these products, the following steps should betaken:the company on all its labels should correct the impression that“carbohydrates” and “starch” are synonymous terms the labels of all the preparations examined should be changed inaccordance with the criticisms given above in all paper in which analytic data are given, it would be preferableto state only the minimum of protein and the maximum of carbohydrates the booklet, “practical suggestions about diet in diabetes, ” shouldbe radically changed along the lines noted above -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1916, p 56 iodo-mangan omitted from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryiodo-mangan, made by the chemische fabrik helfenberg a g , neardresden, gerthesis, and sold in the united states by the reinschildchemical company, new york, is a solution said to contain iron, manganese and iodin in combination with peptone it is claimed tobe a reconstructive tonic and blood-making adjuvant, with favorableaction in affections of the glandular system it was admitted to newand nonofficial remedies in 1907, before the council had adopted thepresent rule 10, which provides that no article shall be admittedto new and nonofficial remedies which, because of its unscientificcomposition, is useless or inimical to the best interests of thepublic or of the medical profession in 1911 the council consideredthe question whether or not this product was still eligible anddecided in the end to retain it as probably having essay merit todetermine if iodo-mangan was eligible for new and nonofficial remedies, 1917, the reinschild chemical company was requested to send in thecurrent advertising matter as this advertising was not sent in andas apparently the product was not marketed at the present time, thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry voted to omit iodo-mangan from newand nonofficial remedies at the same time the reinschild chemicalcompany was informed that the preparation might be submitted forreconsideration at any time -- from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1916, p 64 liquid albolene report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryas now marketed, liquid albolene mckesson and robbins, new york, isclaimed to be made only from genuine russian oil and hence to possessdistinct advantages over “ oils purporting to be russian, most of which are imperfectly purified and thesis of which are positively dangerous for continued use ”on the other hand, a short time ago, mckesson and robbins claimed thatliquid albolene was then available “ of as high a quality as we had supplied before the european war thanks to the research and scientific achievement of our chemists, we are now able to offer liquid albolene, using as a base a specially refined domestic oil that is in every way suitable for medicinal purposes, and having the same viscosity as russian oil ”the advertising matter suggests the promiscuous, thoughtless andirrational use of liquid albolene and of a number of albolenepreparations by extravagant claims, such, for example, as the following. “albolene will never fail to bring a free, easy stool, no matter what condition may be present, from obstinate atony of the bowel to fissure, fistula, or even malignant disease, and in spite of the failure of ordinary purgatives to which the patient may have become habituated “aromatic liquid albolene is actually the first laxative presented to the medical profession that seems to have no drawback “it will not have been lost upon the physician who has read the remarks on the use of aromatic liquid albolene to regulate the bowels in surgical paper, that there are thesis instances where it would prove equally valuable during the treatment of acute diseases in the exanthemata, in pneumonia, for example, to cite only a few of the conditions where it may be used to advantage, an absolutely reliable laxative that will not in any way weaken or distress the patient, presents obvious superiority to any of the agents heretofore in common use ”the council held liquid albolene ineligible because the product ismarketed in a way to encourage its indiscriminate and irrational use bythe public rule 4 and because unwarranted therapeutic claims are madefor it rule 6 -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1916, p 65 naphey medicated uterine wafers report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrynaphey medicated uterine wafers were submitted to the council by themanufacturers, naphey & co , essay years ago and were rejected naphey &co has recently requested reconsideration of the preparation, and hassubmitted advertising matter, trade packages and sample packages thelabel of the trade package contains the following. “naphey wafers for the local treatment of diseases of women, indicated in catarrhal conditions of the vagina, and of the uterine cervix as a sic!.

After which come long andslender flat need help with essay pods, essay crooked, essay straight, with a string runningdown the back thereof, wherein is flattish round fruit made like akidney. The root long, spreads with thesis strings annexed to it, andperishes every year there is another sort of french beans commonly growing with us in thisland, which is called the scarlet flower bean this rises with sundry branches as the other, but runs higher, tothe length of hop-poles, about which they grow twining, but turningcontrary to the sun, having foot-stalks with three leaves on each, as on the others. The flowers also are like the other, and of a mostorient scarlet colour the beans are larger than the ordinary kind, ofa dead purple colour turning black when ripe and dry. The root perishesin winter government and virtues these also belong to dame venus, and beingdried and beat to powder, are as great strengtheners of the kidneys asany are. Neither is there a better remedy than it.

And this is usually mortal in the former, suppose the brain be too cool and moist, and the liverbe too hot and dry. Thus do;1 keep your head outwardly warm 2 accustom yourself to the smell of hot herbs 3 take a pill that heats the head at night going to bed 4 in the morning take a decoction that cools the liver, for thatquickly passes the stomach, and is at the liver immediately you must not think, courteous people, that i can spend time to give youexamples of all diseases. These are enough to let you see so much lightas you without art are able to receive. If i should set you to look atthe sun, i should dazzle your eyes, and make you blind 2dly, to such as study astrology, who are the only men i know that arefit to study physic, physic without astrology being like a lamp withoutoil you are the men i exceedingly respect, and such documents as mybrain can give you at present being absent from my study i shall giveyou 1 fortify the body with herbs of the nature of the lord of theascendant, ’tis no matter whether he be a fortune or infortune in thiscase 2 let your medicine be essaything antipathetical to the lord of thesixth 3 let your medicine be essaything of the nature of the sign ascending 4 if the lord of the tenth be strong, make use of his medicines 5 if this cannot well be, make use of the medicines of the light oftime 6 be sure always to fortify the grieved writing of the body bysympathetical remedies 7 regard the heart, keep that upon the wheels, because the sun is thefoundation of life, and therefore those universal remedies, aurumpotabile, and the philosopher stone, cure all diseases by fortifyingthe heart theenglish physicianandfamily dispensatory an astrologo-physical discourse of the human virtues in the body ofman. Both principal and administering human virtues are either principal for procreation, and conservation;or administring, for attraction, digestion, retention, or expulsion * * * * *virtues conservative, are vital, natural, and animal by the natural are bred blood, choler, flegm, and melancholy the animal virtue is intellective, and sensitive the intellective is imagination, judgment, and memory the sensitive is common, and writingicular the writingicular is seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling the scope of this discourse is, to preserve in soundness and vigour, the mind and understanding of man. To strengthen the brain, preservethe body in health, to teach a man to be an able co-artificer, orhelper of nature, to withstand and expel diseases i shall touch only the principal faculties both of body and mind. Whichbeing kept in a due decorum, preserve the body in health, and the mindin vigour i shall in this place speak of them only in the general, as they arelaid down to your view in the synopsis, in the former pages, and inthe same order virtue procreative the first in order, is the virtue procreative:for natural regards not only the conservation of itself, but to begetits like, and conserve in species the seat of this is the member of generation, and is governedprincipally by the influence of venus it is augmented and encreased by the strength of venus, by her herbs, roots, trees, minerals, &c it is diminished and purged by those of mars, and quite extinguishedby those of saturn observe the hour and medicines of venus, to fortify. Of mars, tocleanse this virtue. Of saturn, to extinguish it conservative the conservative virtue is vital, natural, animal vital the vital spirit hath its residence in the heart, and isdispersed from it by the arteries. And is governed by the influenceof the sun and it is to the body, as the sun is to the creation. Asthe heart is in the microcosm, so is the sun in the megacosm. Foras the sun gives life, light, and motion to the creation, so doth theheart to the body. Therefore it is called sol corporis, as the sun iscalled cor cœli, because their operations are similar inimical and destructive to this virtue, are saturn and mars the herbs and plants of sol, wonderfully fortify it natural the natural faculty or virtue resides in the liver, and isgenerally governed by jupiter, quasi juvans pater. Its office is tonourish the body, and is dispersed through the body by the veins from this are bred four writingicular humours, blood, choler, flegm, andmelancholy blood is made of meat perfectly concocted, in quality hot and moist, governed by jupiter. It is by a third concoction transmuted intoflesh, the superfluity of it into seed, and its receptacle is theveins, by which it is dispersed through the body choler is made of meat more than perfectly concocted. And it isthe spume or froth of blood. It clarifies all the humours, heats thebody, nourishes the apprehension, as blood doth the judgment. It is inquality hot and dry.

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It stays hot and choleric fluxes of the belly, women courses, the whites, and gonorrhæa, or running of the reins, the distillation from the head, and pains therein proceeding from heat, want of sleep, or the frenzy the seed is more effectual than the herb, and is of singular good use to cool the heat and sharpness of urine, venereous dreams, and the like. Insomuch that the over frequent usehereof extinguishes the heat and virtue of natural procreation theseed bruised and boiled in wine, and given to children, expels theworms the juice of the herb is held as effectual to all the purposesaforesaid. As also to stay vomitings, and taken with essay sugar orhoney, helps an old and dry cough, shortness of breath, and thephthisick, and stays immoderate thirst the distilled water of the herbis used by thesis as the more pleasing with a little sugar to work thesame effects the juice also is singularly good in the inflammationsand ulcers in the secret writings of man or woman, as also the bowelsand hæmorrhoids, when they are ulcerous, or excoriations in them theherb bruised and applied to the forehead and temples, allays excessiveheat therein, that hinders rest and sleep. And applied to the eyes, takes away the redness and inflammation in them, and those other writingswhere pushes, wheals, pimples, st anthony fire and the like, breakforth.